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backwards ass p-doped silicon always fuckin shit up
yeah vaporized pins are pretty sweet
heh, nice bus bars

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heh im gonna have like 2 pins free
okay, i can do rs232 with those pins
all the fets are upside down
i always do that

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almost done \o/
ha imagine that shit without buses =\
the avr gonna go in the empty space on the right
im out of weed i have to stop
oh because this is for pcb
i do that when im thinking
and its notebook paper and grid paper

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okay all i have to do is symbol for the avr
and some sort of buzzer driver

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this board is gonna be fucked up!
i hope so they went thru all that trouble with the differential signal spec

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yeah not just some hack off the street
real pro shit

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you dont know how to do discrete logic do you?
but i can just buy an arm
like a real one
with real peripherals

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adversary: better not to know

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timecop your are making The Man look the fool
(watch out)

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ha like that stoned cop
timecop: yeah is prob a filter

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7x switches, 6x 7seg vfd tubes, tube psu enable = 13 gpio
decoders are so neat
wtf why?
is that $.30?
i think my decoder is like $.30
okay so i replace one chip with another chip 10x as much
and have a ton of extra pins
no extra functionality
at all
great idea, timecop
shit i should just tell you kinda wehat i want and just let you design it from now on

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i think the wind is trying to steal cactus
but cactus is like 'naw man, im heavy and aerodynamic'
i hated socks as a kid, but now i dont mind
i just dont show up
my exgf's mom is all sad for my because im all alone
haha my exgf's mom thinks you guys are nobody!

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yeah i didnt go to my grandmas or my exgf's parents
well, only like 4 more years till the end of the world
so cheer up
yeah fureal
cuz you know, all the millenium cooks were right

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im done with vfd driver circuit schema i think

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damn this schema would look fuckin evil without busses

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olimex stuff from sparkfun = cheap
i ordered today
2 day fedex
but holiday
yeah i dunno

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its like a mid price atmega
for atmel sam7 stuff
like $6-10 i guess
web hax0r

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yeah think about that for awhile
A powerful relocating macro assembler with a versatile set of directives and operators
. Built-in C language preprocessor, accepting all C macro definitions
maybe i can work with this
um, 4x the processing word size, at least double the speed, and a waaaaaay wider range of chips to choose from
everyone makes ARMs, tons of corps even sell arm

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so you mean avr
so i code in avrstudio and i dont use gcc because i dont do avr in c
cuz its lame
yeah i already read
i had to steal it to try it for avr
or i dunno if i had to but i did
thats not super fair comparison as theres prob multiple diff ways to compile each
and theres alot of times when smaller program size is retarded for speed considerations

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no fu
im reading it from the sparkfun blurb
i know what IAR is
i didnt like it
whats EWARM?
nuh uh
you say liked

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what is that?
i have unlimited assembly code size in it
is neat timecop i made an led and then i made it glow with particle effects
like 5ft leds
in SL
i made giant LEDs
and i made a single point particle that lives on the little tray
you know theres like a tray and then a little wire from the metal stamped pin thing to the tray?
i made the wire and i put glowy where it hits the tray
i dunno what to do with them tho
i think they go away wherever i put them because i dont have land or something
thats so mean to say about jews
seen fu

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timecop: okay you study up on arm shit, make report
yeah they seem to have functions for everything as far as text parsing and db access
15min still
look the couch got this one

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wind is fucked up
i can play with eagle, play system shock 2 (oldskool doom 3 haha), or play with SL
or study up on arm shit

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is there a punchline or something
causality: i got an arm7!
i think timecop too
yes seems like it
i got header board
so i can make dev boards and plug it into it

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tiny transformer, diode or 2 or 4, 7805
thats my suggestion
dont forget caos
i gotta go eat bye

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thats neat
i once told a SW flight attendant girl she was hot
but that she needed a haircut
and then she like realized she did, and then made some comment about my dreds =(
he is going from like cold to more cold
crazy fucker
XL is the same, just without the 1/

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i hate that
but when you end up next to hot chicks you have to try all hard not to be 'that guy'
so its not like thats super awesome either most the time
but yeah better than baldie pedo
hippies or buffies or techies or wut
milf have her blutooth and small electronic organizer/communicator device?
they almost all got the blootooth bug now
fuckin i have to get one by july =(
i thought about getting a single ear pilots headset
drive around with that shit
like, in context of a machining process?
that does sound techy
maybe she is hot irl
no i mean more, when shes like doing stuff

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especially the top hat wtf TAKE THAT OFF
just hide!
those little transformers are sexy

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see even at digikey you can get a transformer for $2.30
no only the picture is big
and a switcher!
now we getting effeciency!
dude thats like under an inch
28mm x 33mm
22mm high
macephone: yes with little parachutes
with lines
that pull on a rotor on a generator
try to resist!
see its fucked how they take all your weaqons
heh, that was a total dyslexic typo p and q are other sides of kb
that might just anger him

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yeah a micro is 1/1000000
and i gotta go do other stuff soon
ok ty u2
yeah, divide the uF input by 10^6
heh, nm
no IC in your psu
wouldnt you rather use that?

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maybe get some ridiculous opamps
well they have everything i should just go look
i think they wanted shipping
or they didnt respond, i have to go check the email acct
national and AD and maxim seem to be the most awesome
as long as you dont come at them with a gmail/hotmail/yahoo addy, they do shipping
if you wanna do multiple orders im cool with that
yeah they sent me 2
okay turn of your phone before they taser you
is it windy up there?
we got 30mph gusts here
heheh, cold is fucked up!

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what did he say
is there conspiracy against me now?
oh hes cutting me off at the pass!
shes banned from efnet
im glad she doesnt live with us anymore =
she didnt quite get it, i just show her how to work an xdcc and mirc
ttmustang: she can kick your ass
yeah i guess so
aight ill raid their holds shortly
aar, and all that shit
i dont like dip anymore
soic is neat
they need to make soic 40 wtf
or people just need to use it
yeah but everyone just uses dip or qfp mostly
does BB do their samples thru TI?

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i dont think so, besides a multiplier
yeah 32bitses
sleep on it
i think your calc works
so like you just gotta figure out how a zener works
so you know how much power you really need
then you gotta pick a value between what you need and what kills the zener
macephone: naw he kinda gets it
it means your max resistance minus your cap resistance minus your resistor resistance is equal to four hundred and thirty two
macephone: it means you have 432 ohms of headroom
which is kinda a weird spec
superware: ^

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yeah wassup?
macephone: omg make him use a $1 transformer
macephone: i bought an sam7 arm headboard!
how do i not take over the world with that?
dude your shit sucks if it doesnt
yeah so like it better be doing shit fast
no time for mad code
so what you do all your math based on flash data tables or whats?
there not so pure a microcontroller
more bullshit + external ram
the sam7 stuff is like $7/chip in qfp
and like i have the cnc so i can make def boards and like stomp this thing onto them
er, dev boards
i dont think so
i think linux needs the ram controller and speed on the arm9

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make R1 1.5K
and see what happens
or 1.2 or 1.3
you prob dont need 100mA, but id keep it above 50mA
like calc for 80mA
and see if you can get round number
well, electronic pat numbers
er, part

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yeah thatd work
itd be neat just to make some sort of gfx ui backend with it

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no thats what R1 and C1 do
wtf is a picaso?
that will do vga?
not really, it uses a cap before that
across it, so the zener will have consistent power during the lower voltage portions of the input wave
prob at some point
itd be neat
yeah, thats neat ty
hehe, itd be cool to make an open game platform
with vga output
like, 2d shit
use gif/png input
i can make that
im not paying $35 for it

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dude if you buy 100 theyre .20

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mufucker that your money you are responsible
fuck that, wtf?
$50 all it takes
and thats with blue dual 7segments
and an $8 avr
i wonder how much blue 7seg are now
sexy, rare
theyre not blue
it aint even about the color
i see blue ok
its also because blue leds didnt exist, but meh
whatever you use vim
its open, fool
yeah vim is neat
i dont have your kind of fucked up job

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what values?
i always get the same default values
yeah, or current in
dude you want jtag
so bad
its not just programming
its like ARM chip hijack
haha i was waiting for that
timecop: you use irssi so stfu about gpl
some shit is good
if this shit can get you hijacking a sam7, you want it
so bad youre like peeing yourself
you need to change your pants because youre so fuckin excited

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superware: thats fine, you need more current for your calculation
oh yeah merry xmas, mufuckers
most of you prob do that
yeh, ty
but not so much
in a low power circuit and compared to zeners
timecop: theres usb ones
timecop: you want jtag bad
its not just for programmer
omg they sold out then
timecop: gimme sec
yeah its fucked up
theres a $50 one too, no?
yeah, $52
i had to buy a usb-AB to hook up my printer right
free up my parport
and then i need to buy an extension
cuz serious, wtf really

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oh thats right it was your NPN trigger dealy
superware: anyway, your calulator thing looks like itd prob work
you just need more current
because you need to heat up the zener
1W zener prob sucks at 5mA
you need a datasheet or you need to test it to know
you have to get to the outside box first
you run them backwards!
superware: if you want to use less power, use a transformer and a switcher or just a decent linear reg
whatever youre burning in your circuit, you have to burn in the zener when the circuit isnt using it
+ the zener current

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you dropped the zener current to 5mA
a 1W zener might not like that
so the zener reverse voltage may drop
meaning your regulator failed when your circuit started doing stuff
also, there could be drift in R1/C1/mains voltagfe, with can decrease the current even more
maybe when youre circuit isnt even doing anything using power
++ circuit failure
you can buy a 6.3VAC, or whatever, 1VA transformer
i bet for $1
put a bridge after it, put a cap, an LM7805, another cap
use a $.30 ZC detector opto
he needs like 50mA
not even that
and have a properly isolated, regulated triac driver circuit
less space
because you need the almost the smallest transformer
so maybe not
like, youre circuit might have been flickering because noise on the ZC circuit from mains was driving your avr insane

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yeah, its scary
of course it works
are you buying stuff?
youre buying an optotriac and prob one of those $.30 ac-input optonpn, no?
you bought it already?
i was gonna say, just buy a $1 transformer
you need like a .25VA transformer
they prob make stuff you could fit on top of a quarter
you need to make sure theres always current going thru the zener

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if its a 1W zener, it might not regulate so great dissipating small amounts of power
yes with a RC thru a bridge off mains
im like, just use a tiny $1 transformer
but whatevers
kevtris: do you remember the atmel app note for zero cross detector?
two resistors, functional use of the gpio protection diodes
kinda nuts
he was using that and some odd NPN V follower based driver for a triac
ive convinced him to use an optotriac
i dunno what hes doing for ZC
hes still doing the RC of mains psu

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depending on wattage of the zener
5v * .1A = 500mW
so yeah 40-80mA is prob a decent value
i dont neccessarily agree with that
well, the smaller R1 is, the less power you waste
but the more likely you are to dopout your regulator input voltage
thats your load
micro and opto and pullups
you have to load up the zener, always
so you need to add 15mW to whatever you wanna run the zener at
the zener will pop at around 200mA
you want to use maybe 50-100mA
say your circuit uses 20mA, the zener is still getting 30-80mA

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the zener breakdown voltage is usually around the knee voltage
fuck i hate that parameter
you just need to make sure that the zener always has enough current to keep it above its reverse breakdown threshold
like, the current from the R1/C1 circuit is conna be split between your load and zener
so you need to make sure that at circuit max draw, the zener is still getting enough current to keep it conducting reverse biased
else it wont regulate
heh huge diff
superware: im thinking more in the range of 40-80mA

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timecop: first thing prob porting the synth code
i wanna do it on both, because its simple
but yeah, then like interface and pc comm stuff
its header thing, so i can just make diff boards to plug it onto
superware: yeah
jamoth: thank you
and you want headroom
because c1 is prob gonna be a 5-20% part
and R1 is prob gonna be like 5%
you need more than 10mA
the zener needs current, always
zeners are kinda bitch regulators because of that
they also have weird regulation curves
you have to check the data for that zener
there will likely be a graph, itll show voltage for current, there will be a sharp turn in the line at the zener knee voltage
you want to make sure it stays above that

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also like double the clock rate, faster avr compared to arm7
superware: it works
looks pretty sane
sorry didnt answer before
do like (max resistance * .75)
or .5
also youll need more than 10mA
cuz the zener is prob gonna want around that much
just you want to make sure you have more
if the cap or resistor or mains voltage decide to dift
thats a max value, if you do it right at that, if stuff drifts, youll starve your zener for amps, which will starve your circuit of volts
but yeah, you have a zener to power, an opto led (prob needs 15-30mA), and a micro (dunno, 10-50mA)
plus like pullups and extra whatever
neat opto

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timecop: really?
twingy has one too at work
im prob gonna try and do asm and c at the same time
meh, i learned on ancient shitty hardware
avr took a week to learn to get shit running okay
its just too much power to let some c compiler coders waste]
also i heard the gcc for it is raw, youd have to build it up from the datasheet mostly anyway
yeah the stuff i wanna do at first is pretty simple
stuff like massive amounts of flash and ram just makes it easier on the core
which is already way unloaded because of the 8bit to 32bit conversions
so like, potentially shit could get screaming fast

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oh TF was isolated
thats why it was funny, avrfreak
i bought it

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get out your caliper mics
dude take a to220
im sure you have some laying around
and put it up to it
if it matches get to220
i think isolated tab
not positive tho
hes prob right

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he cant hes ignored me
and now hell say im a moron for telling you that (i didnt)
so you need to know a max resistance
and calc the resistance of the capacitor at 50Hz
and make sure C1 resistance at 50Hz added to R1 arent over your max
keep in mine, you need to run your zener
thats your primary load
the micro and triac led are secondary to making sure you keep enough current going thru the zener
80A is prob a good mosfet
then get them new from digikey in a high temp varient
you found them
ewhat avrfreak said
wow like my cantus is aerodynamic and heavy
wind isnt fuckin with it
which is good because its on a balcony ledge over where the entrance is
fuck which version, just get the best one

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then X_C + R1 cant be over the value you caculated for maximum resistance
thats whats controlling whats going into your zener
and load, but mostly your zener
your load is a micro and an LED in an opto, your load aint shit
hahah, maybe if you pay them
you found them digfikey has tons
errornine: different temp grades, manufacturers, packing and minimum order qty
maybe some other shit but its mostly gonna be that
like, click 'bulk' 'cut tabe' and 'tube' in the packaging part of the search
jamoth: yes
well, 230, subtracting the diode and zener drops

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superware: thats the MAX that the impedance of C1 at 50Hz + R1 can equal
that was for the other circuit
kevtris: yeah, sec ill get it again
you were like gonna conquer php and got distracted
yeah i dunno why i have tried more
its lierally alot of conditinal + html echo
er, havent
kevtris: yeah they do the coolest shit with dirt and fire
and im not sure, but those might be tit/nipple castings
i have to ask i always forget
i think the ridges are a frisbee top
superware: use the X_C=1/(2*pi*50Hz*C1) equation

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in IE?
damn errornine answer a question
but i dont
errornine: if it shorted internally, there would be marks
it just looks like the FETs burned
yeah works now
then i really dont think it shorted internally
have you checked underneat the board?
i didnt check all of them im not that focused
i been trying to buy something all day but you guys are so fucking distracting i have failed repeatedly
superware: hey man thats the maths
thats your max value
superware: okay man, thats not your actual R1

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they prob closed anyway
no worky
awesome current limiting, that
wow that was such an awesome and general and useless statement
is there an arcing location?
can you see where it arced?
if it shorted there would be marks
yes but i have to go eat
hopefully thai food people dont celebrate xmas
link again
nothing, broken
if there are no marks it didnt short
yes no yes no?

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errornine: the mosfets arent bolted to the sink and dont have heatgoo?
errornine: yeah, see lack of mounting hardware
superware: seems broken
errornine: yeah it just have some metal plate across the fets
theyre not bolted directly
superware: yes
yeah theyre bad =\
nothin happen
i gotta go eat bye

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just stfu and pust links pls
thats how all the diodes and BJT arrows point!
you are some kind of joker, huhuh
errornine: thats broke, yo
yeah cuz its broken
yeah, mosfets

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superware: okay yeah
superware: thats sane, you need to make sure that your R1 + X_C at 50Hz dont restrict your power
in the bridge theres two diodes
theyll drop between .6-.75 V in your situation most likely

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also two driode drops * .707
well, (V_rms_mains - ((V_zener + (2 * Vf_diode)) * .707))/needed_current
i guess works better
max R1
because youre using the impedance of C1 at 50Hz in place of R1
also youll probably need a series resistor with the cap, i think
or just a normal resistor in series with the parallel zener and load

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yeah that works
divide the rms mains voltage the resistor
well, (V_rms_mains - (V_zener * .707))/needed_current
i guess that works for a R1 value max
converting from dc volts to rms

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that circuit is good
youre trying to do ripple voltage?
oh i was looking at 1
oh what
but yeah i guess it gives some isolation from the transformer
ha, hax
oh, great this is for straight of mains
$1 transformer is all you need
50Hz, you want X_C to be 5K

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daveman: one is standard flow one is electron flow
meh, need pics
yeah everything everyone is saying makes sense but its not the same thing =\
yeah if theyre connected one is prob a voltage source
superware: what are you doing?
fuck electron flow thinking for circuit design, all the symbols are standard flow
with a cap?
you just need an optotriac
and a resistor
oh man
i gotta buy something dude

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because that way, the -V drops (batteries, inductors) make negative power
which i think makes sense
yeah what brucel says makes sense
itll just work i think
for a -3b filter pole cap
that equation also works to find a specific impedance of a cap at a given freq
daveman: the first is standard flow
daveman: the second is electron flow
electronics current is backwards cuz they were dumb at the beginning
they have excuses, tho, so what out

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hmm paypal is different
maybe you can communicate in drawings or something from now on
its still v*i i think
weird i think p might actually be an absolute thing
or maybe you use the absolute value of i

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i dunno how to do it but i stare at #php alot
it seems to have TONs of formatting and text parsing funtions built in
oh neat
yeah SL scripting seemed so neat
like, so higher level it was actually simple
yeah i like how you can do includes and stuff
its doesnt seem like some weak game script language
its like stripped c for games or something

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ok have pics, picking one and uploading, 1min
yeah i dont think the fine stuff came out black
its just hard to see what color cuz so thin, its prob same colow as the fat leaf
kevtris: its mostly just db access and echoing bunch of html based on conditionals

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dunno, but they crazy art students
yeah lemme take a pic gimme like 3min
she also did big herb leafs
so itll lay down thick and consistent too

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he doesnt see me talking hes confused he thinks youre laughing at him
weird its not backwards
they prob flipped it first
but yeah, its easily like half mm fine lines now that im looking
they might have tricks
i think she did it at a workshop so they prob got a technique down pretty good
plus the tray isnt super huge so they maybe flipped that and transfered upwards
i can ask her tomorrow shes staying over
blackmoon: no just random ceramics workshop
i think it was a mold making one
like theres positive bumps on the tray with concentric grooves around them
they might be tit castings

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i need for school printing
its neat its like maybe 15 pages/sec
blackmoon: dude you cant give them anything it just comes back different and covered in clay =(
like, they go thru electronics quick
boomboxes and mp3 players and dvd players and etc
its weird to see shit working with like globs of clay all over it tho
but yeah, my exgf made my this ceramic tray
and its got chemical symbols for THC on it
i guess they like broke a printers fuser..
and then printed stuff, and then transfered onto wet clay
refired, comes out dark black and pretty fine detail

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in any case there is no exposed pulb on the toner cart or toner cart holding assembly i can see
oh then theres prob more than one way to do it
some just pass the paper under hot wire
heh, ceramics students snip the wire so they can use the loose printed toner
because theyre crazy =(
dude, i aint even try to blow my money on a good laser printer
seriously, im not an office, not a print shop, dont need color, $90 one will do
tho yeah im checking and fuser wire gets hits, so does fuser rollers, so i think they just do it two ways

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theyre all lawyers and prosecuters and judges
isnt europe passing stupid wall-wart and coiled fleuro laws?
it is hear
er, here
winter only lasts 20 hours here, teknique
which helps warm your house
which reduces gas or electric heating
you use light regardless
i thought they just used a wire?
same thing, tho
yeah i think they mostly use fuser wires
i dont think so on my printer =(

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fuoro brake lights would be efil =(
prob need to fix your trigger section
16:11:36 @kevtris: "passed a law barring stores from selling incandescent light bulbs after 2012.
fed congress did that?
cuz this is yet another example of why i think we should have a tech congress
a) they just dont understand
b) they waste ALOT of time misunderstanding
kevtris: prob is congress has to ban it =(
dude the young ones are no better

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tonsofun is a stoner channel person

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powertoy calc does */ left to right i think
okay but .77 is close to .5
xp powertoy calc
just needed more () =)
er, i meant right to left
meh, just confused now
anyway, see why im glad i became a tech instead of just studying to be an engineer?
no one will ever do resistor grids to infiniti

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everything is the same but kinda backwards
i already said it was .5ohm
i already said why
yeah its like 7.6
and i believe i already said my answer might be wrong

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oh neat
wow nice, its like half schema, 3/8 equations and 1/8 descriptions in the text i checked
smith charts!
nutter: its like linear electronics inverted

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unmatched loads, get reflected waves, cancel out the incoming waves
or possible the dreaded standing wave (oh noz)
thats prob not the end of the world
yeah lower is better
they literally reflect back and cancel out the original wave
if your reflected wave is equal to the incoming wave, you prob just completely cancelled out your signal
i think theres a phase shift component but it might just be inverted cuz of the nature of reflected waves
i wish i had paid better attention but RF class kinda gave me the ph33r

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macegr: macegr then defauls to infiniti doesnt exist argument
it aint some shit to get hit over a truck over
but fine its .5ohms
the 4 in parallel * 2 + infiniti parallel resistances
which prob doesnt work either
anyway, why they standing in the road?
i dont think they got hit by truck cuz they were engineers i think they got hit by truck cuz really they were retards who cheated thru school
return loss?
thats signal transmission stuff

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spybert: resistance is zero
the infiniti grid
charles: its in parallel to infiniti
resistance is zero
spybert: yes
(1||1) * infiniti = 0

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wtf is christmas?
dude i celebrated xmas and hannukah growing up
is all bullshit man
wasnt jezus born in the spring anyway?

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we should make you fill in the descriptions on a datasheet db
make you useful and stuff
wtf slot cars
like its 1982 or something
wonder if he knows they have ones than can like do turns without a track now

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and spontaneous coordnated suicide
or maybe its just alot of suicide
who can say

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even more than stu
and that says alot

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[saurated mic]

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i can barely make a 770W amp like that for $100
dude its a 770W amp
for $100 with honest sounding decent specs
most companies dont even put thd at max watts, they do it at like 10% or 50% or something

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natsemi's new parametric search ui
i couldnt find something because they discontinued it
i have to find the ones i have already
THD at 10W, 4, 10 - 500Hz.
< 0.3% THD
for a natsemi overture part
so yeah, comparatively, 110W at .8% doesnt seem great
charles: okay go find numbers for full range class D amps
then find a price
then come back and complain
haha i can take you!
charles: that is
go find numbers
charles hates it because its not supernatural specs for $100
and i doubt 770W of it

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man national flash search needs to be ended

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are you like yay or angry?
dude thats at 110W and very good considering its likely full range class-D
and its .08% i think
because i remember saying it was sub .1%
oh huh
its still at 110W thats not so bad for a finished amp spec

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anyone need a 7x 110W RMS amp?
someone needs to buy that shit
im spending $100 on something else more educational =(

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