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man fuck how come i dont have rail to rail opamps
thats what ima get from Ti
fuckit ima do three in parallel so the 1R emitter resistors arent as big a deal against the cap and 8R speaker

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oh, guess now
er, not
prob only for average watts
with average watt calc, its right on the derated max watts spec if ambient is like 35C

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blackmoon: there?
junction temp is an average watts thing, no?
well either way i am good

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woah nice
i want to know wattage across this bjt right
so i add a trace all like (V(n001)-V(n004))*Ic(Q1)
and LTSpice labels the graph mW because it just knows

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prob was output coupling
now i got a proper clipped wave with xover distortion

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its like a barbed wire wave

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heh, class-AB, no feedback, no base bias!

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man this sucks
i gotta make an AB buzzer driver, or use a huge coupling cap
or burn my speaker with some hax saturation setup
neat weed and exgf get here at same time

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double sided pcb at home! http://darkertechnologies.com/notes/wp-content/2007/12/vfdclk_psu_done04.JPG
i wouldnt do it without a cnc machine =\

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for like, connectors
well like, user connectors

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Arm Liposuction $3400 - www.dralanbittner.com - Permanently smaller arms in 1 hour. Drive yourself home.View our prices
wtf gmail sponsored ads
that came up for a sparkfun confirm email
just use a soldering iron
shit i do it with unmasked boards
smt on masked boards is prob ++easy
yeah its just that one, everything else it adapters, dev kits, cables
the one along the top is like 'you ordered liposuction?'
you should prob stick to that description more

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timecop's end

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its like everyone sucks at p-doped shit

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the cap isnt flat on the board like the resistor
you can actually overlap them on the design, they wont interfere physically
timecop: i wasnt even gonna check till tomorrow night
fairchild dont give a fuck!
not my board
hehe yeah
not any overlap in that board really
unit41: youre pretty nuts man, you should see the shit you say sometimes
its prob mostly you
which are nmos?
355 no?

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was it there when you put the part down?
yes, no?
its a keepout region
nothin is wrong its just making sure you dont put components under it
you can doublecheck with the layer/fill color/pattern
yeah i dont like keepouts
that works
it doesnt matter tho
those bridges are supposed to be installed off the board
space for cooling
theres like >.050 space between the pads, doesnt really matter
looks better
haha, i design my shit closer than that intentionally usually

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either that or its a keep out region

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blackmoon: oh cuz from 0V 0A it wouldnt lag so much, no?
ks: also alot of it is towards microwave speeds
so like, alot of those traces are doing crazy shit
like, routing RF signals more than electrons thru copper
yeah PC bus architecture is mutant crazy shit
its weird that something so common and generic is basically the edge of tech
blackmoon: kinda get it, still hurts my brain
inductors are fucked up
i need to make a buzzer driver circuit

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i need one =(
i cant forget next time i have extra monies
stupid electronics ate all the monies for games =\
i hope my exgf or tempgf or whatever has herbs when she comes over
my regs connect works on xmas
sry was on phone
shit thats like $1M a seat
thats prob not even a huge exageration

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not the whole thing
whole thing they kinda crap themselves
or take 3 days
assuming youre ninja at setting the route parameters
(personally i hate them, they dont have ANY electrical sense even if they can connect the dots
too much words
wii is awesome tech
xbox and ps3 are sad hacks made by companies who in the end give fuck all about games
fuckin dork
yeah logitech has cams that can track your eyes

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it depend on the gage and length of the coil winding versus inductance
so motors gonna be all over the place, and nothing is ideal
so theyll never lag 180
oh huh
but the higher the motor inductance, lower the coil resistance, the closer itll get to ideal 90d shift
resistors dont have rotational mass, they dont lag =)
yeh basically
usually autorouters work well when you do sections of the board at a time

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it took me like 3 or 4 years to figure out inductors =\
purely inductive, its doing zero current at peak voltage
turbine analogy, the turbines are changing direction, havent spooled up yet
not in reality
yeah because of the resistive component
so it doesnt flip the phase perfect

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the coils current response to voltage lags
so itd still be pushing current at the V ZC
makes sense has to do with how much the current wave is gonna lag the voltage wave
like, the more inductive, the more the current is gonna lag the voltage, the more its gonna kick when you shut it off at V ZC

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im gonna turn teh stereo up cuz this one drops neat (http://dnbradio.com/hi.pls)
k everybody hold on
huh cuz highest V delta
wait no wouldnt mid switch be higher? now i dont know

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superware: i am no snubber exp
damn i just tried to tab complete expert
superware: ask gpf_11
yes you are smarter at snubbers
well thats cuz she never needs help with her electronics
magnets flying around next to coils wtfwtf!
what were we thinking!!!1on1oN!on

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dude he has no right to be critical of people for silly irc shit
hes like tellin people he gonna hurt them and shit
not like in a haha fuck you joking funny way, like hes fucking pissed off and obsessive and damaged over it
haha if he whoised my sites hed get contact info from 1986 =D
a bit spammy but worth it
15:10:23 avrFreak: asshole
15:10:25 avrFreak: asshole
15:10:25 avrFreak: asshole
15:10:27 avrFreak ~tjkeller1@h139-055-239-217.adsl.navix.net requested CTCP PING from renesis: 1198624208
hes trying to DoS my 10Mbit connection with the word asshole!
the funny thing is, the guy who runs his bot
this is his box im on!
hes prob DoSing his own bot
see i told you optotriac is better
its not his real wife
i dont remember how he worded it

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15:03:43 avrFreak: asshole
avr is spraying me with that
like maybe 100 lines so far
straight up-enter, one line at a time
well i thought about it
he wont get flood kicked!
so i guess its worth the extra effort
youre nice to him
well, more tolerant at least
no one argues when hes not around
and me, and anyone else who tells him the truth about his behaviour
dude hes still typing asshole at me
thats why hes stop bothering you guys

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not thats the kinda stuff theyre for
that atmel ZC detector is on crack
just use the $.30 AC-in NPN-out optoisolator

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his technical help is like 'dude put a zigbee on it'
stencils are neat
yeh i think thats right

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theres no R?
yeah that resistor needs to be someplace else
i never saw that
backup: avrfreak stfu
yeah make sure the 5v is switched!
i thought he didnt care =(
hes so dishonest!

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oh we have one?
?? stuff
is broken =(
oh no its not, its polite
incubus[]: dude i corrected him about a technical thing like 2 years ago
he hates me since
maybe more, i dont know
yes but im not holding a grudge for 2 years
charles: and okay about ?? access
omg superware i cant help you anymore i think ive prob spent like 6 hours on you in two days

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we talk about everything
but when youre not here were not arguing about it
serious, this goes back to the whole 'if you dont like the chan you can leave' concept
you didnt like it, thats why you left
yes you do
youll start msging people when he does
yeah dioxide is busy
i dont kiss either of their asses
everyone can attest to that
im not a complete asshole about it
shit i prob been banned more than avrfreak
omg bots
bots arent allowed anyway!
wtf is ohm-guru?

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man why are you such a negative creep
hes sensitive
which adds +30 to his senility stat
dude like he has me on ignore and he still talks shit
this is just normal with avrfreak in the chan
hes been like this for like 3 years
no one here is as abusive as you
when youre not here, we talk about electronics
well, not really

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es no for teh runtimes, mang
itll maybe tell you why it cant so you can fix it
compilers are smrt like that somtimeas
wonder what the C is for
its a define tho its prob just preprocessor stuff, no?
just do it in asm and stop worrying!
be free! free yourself! do it! you deserve to be happy!
you know you can do C stuff for asm preprocessor
its not like, doing your code in hex

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5p, longest winter nights
noop, not in the north
prob not even in the middle this time of year
Civil Twilight 6:47 AM EST 5:04 PM EST
actual sunset is earlier
Civil Twilight 7:12 AM EST 6:02 PM EST
Atlants, GA
maybe 800mi? diff of an hour

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use the grid that works, put the origin a place that makes it work
a pot is a resistor and an arrow
set the fucking alt grid to .005
set normal grid to .025
and draw it
dude its like blue skies no clouds and fresh air here
wtf is snow?
(and yes the air really is fresh in LA. 30mph wind gusts w00t!)
i should
theres def consistent air flow patterns
like, it swept all the leaves to one side of the balcony
northeast i assume

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yeah i remember the pic, it was pretty neat
oh, alot of the weight is prob in the boom arms
thats prob why, i remember them being pretty long and sturdy looking
fuck that!
haha i ordered an SAM7 ARM header board 2 day fedex
have no idea when itll turn up
they prob work new years ever?
er, eve
if sparkfun mails it right after xmas, i maybe get it friday or monday
blackmoon: ask him if he wants a symbol or footprint
why would you draw freehand in cad?

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34g4vghs674 EDljm S4t.
damn he just said hed shoot me
i am the crazy one?
dont be tellin mufuckers about the lower 16 regs on an avr!
ignorant mufuckers will cap on ya for tellen them they aint all fully functional!
meh, thick block of Al would work
yeah be hard to locate the tip
i can barely use the shit magnifier came with my solder helper thinger

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and i have personal generic libs
but almost every project has some part or 5 i gotta cad myself
hes still mad because im always proving him wrong at avr wisdom
ive even done it when he doesnt know it was me!
hes alot nicer when i help him as someone else =(
the plane ticket alone would prob be $300 round trip
id be unlucky, hes prob like 200mi from an airport id have to rent a car
i dont think hes transient, but possible you mean a mobile home, so i dunno shrug
blackmoon: ahahahahah

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'over 10,000 library parts included' or something
i would give you mine but youre an asshole
i have panasonic pot footprints and symbols
see i wont even take the time to sort
if i do, id take EVERYTHING except ref-packages and toos them
and i wont use any of the ref packages without modifying them first
for personal parts
you cant trust that shit
ref-packages ftw
custom library per project based on ref-packages, or previously made symbols
hes paying his bills tho, likely
i wouldnt be here if he wasnt
i use custom footprints, and i made my own symbols
im trying to build up generic libraries
for discrete and common IC that i use
oh when i create a lib most of the parts are reused if i can

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teardrops are kinda neat, especially since im milling boards
you see teardrops on tons of commercial boards
yeah im always working on building up my own libs
i like drawing tho
if i didnt itd suck
is the beta stable?
blackmoon: ha so you can prob do libs in like 2min now too?
i need a juarez version or i dont want to play
is it full?
or freeware gimped?
blackmoon: most of it is contributed or im guessing contracted
i turn them all off
if im doing no schema, i just use ref-packages
i just make my own
i have a decent discrete library building up
no silk over copper either
alot of their footprints would come out nasty with some fab houses
its just for bragging rights

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well, itd be hellish on very big projects
or with symbols/footprints with a stupid amount of polys
but yeah not really
it has issues with alot of graphics drivers in linux
yeah in windows
in linux with certain drivers is kinda of fucked up
like, zoom will eat cpu
so it might have to do with that
yeah its just weird logic in their code
its all over the place
yeah, seems easy but who know how 'color' is implimented heheheh
if the code is anything like the UI, theres prob a reason why eagle never really changes much between versions
it wont update
looks like nothing happened
blackmoon: yeah i think really maybe thats it
cuz the UI is totally effective, its just on crack
a functional crackhead is a weird entity, blackmoon
but like thru hole pads with diff top and bottom shapes/sizes is the only thing i can think of it doesnt really do
and teardrops

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`nerobro: stoppit!
ks: if youre rich or pirat, electronics workbench (ewb) multisim, ultiboard, and ultiroute are good
yeah but until you figure out what specifically does it, it just seems like broken CAD update

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a lot of the retarded shit in eagle turns out to be for a reason
like, pour fills dissapearing isnt a bug its a feature (no really)
but at first it just comes off as shitty CAD gfx refresh habits
some big company needs to pay them like $100,000 to make a real UI for it
or charge them $100,000 to do it for them (prob better solution)

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the kinda neat for idea if youre absolutely stumped
but you cant undo it in eagle
so its like work to get back to where you were
no dude
its totally un-userfriendly
there is no a bit about it
like, its got a fucked up learning curve, but its capable of alot
i think maybe the only thing it cant really do is thru hole pads with unequal top and bottom shapes
which orcad can do
but in the end it was one of those things about it that kinda blows
too much shit to triple check before calling it done
like, the way copper pours interfere seems shitty at first
but its really easy to bridge nets with it
for example multiple ground planes to a single ground input point
you can do the multiple planes in the schema as diff nets and use the copper to bridge them
erc and drc will bitch
you just gotta make sure thats all its bitching about

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like, so big grid is always .050
and i try to use .025 alt grid
but obviously that sucks for tons of stuff
and like i cant really use .010 grid
because then nothing lines up with the .025 grid
and wtf haha at .0125 grid
so i always end up routing with .005 grid =\

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yeah i think this shit in gonna work, maybe even get board Y dimension down
well, my main point is that im me and that she want to do that with me
so yeah, highly doubt it
yeah i wasnt saying like shed consider the butt lovin in of itself rape
this is cool, if i keep the anode/grid traces tight, i can maybe cut 1" off the height of my board

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i wonder when my exgf is coming over
okay i think all this shit i actually gonna fit on this board
cuz shes down here for xmas
what, aids?
well, from me itd be welcome, from you itd prob be rape

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which is less than .25W, no?

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P=IV V=IR, derive it and test it

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ignore the capacitor
the capacitor will only take current from the cap, reducing its power
however at lower frequencies the cap will appear as an open load (no load, relatively speaking)
thats not what i mean
oh, yeah s/cap/resistor
the capacitor will only take current from the reducing, reducing its power dissipation
you dont care about C1
you just wanna know worst case is for R1
so ignore C1 pretend it isnt there
use V^2 * R
oh whatever it is after you derive the equations
(the ^2 ones always confuse me)

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superware: wouldnt hurt
yeah, do the maths

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why would you think a voltage spec has to do with current

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itll probably work
but its the same issue as before, where youre psu wasnt giving enough current
youre running one thing at its max and one thing at its minimum, generall not good voodoo
you check the opto buy doing it right and seeing it work
thru a diode drop if theres enough current thru it

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qt110 is 5mA max?
you dont run things at their absolute max
just like if 5mA is the max value of turnon, you dont run at 5mA if it can take 30mA no prob
an buffer = npn + 2 resistors
or 1 resistor in V follower mode
if a $.15 bjt buffer is too complex to make sure your circuit works, quit electronics right now
even timecop can do discrete buffers

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superware: your moc3063 circuit is fine, is basically identical to the one i used that works
read the datasheet
i remember it being closer to 15mA
and i think it had a max of 30mA
so ~20mA is prob what you want
then use between 10mA and 15mA
it means that no matter what it will trigger at 5mA
nuh uh
what uc?
wtf is that i thought you had an avr
buffer the the led with a bjt, and subtract .3V from your led math (BJT sat) for the opto
no leads are not inductive
er leds
a coil is inductive

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