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the routing for the darlington arrays and bank of 13 sot23 pmosfets and pullup/down arrays worked out so awesome
timecop: does diptrace has a DRC for non-multiple of 45 degree angles in traces?

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i wonder if digikey has teal 0603 led
theyd go better with my VFD

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not gonna argue with that

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but only once so i guess hes calming down
hes not stupid tho, is whats fucked up
hes just like so bad at people
yeah sounds like him
yeah but really cmon
no hes not
thats like he considers himself a lunix advocate

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oh gone
blackmoon: how big is your load?
what does that mean
pissed, drunk, what?
he could mean like he has gas, its stu
at who?
oh i automatically figured family cuz of xmas, heh
eheheh, avrfreak msges me 'fuck you' today

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timer0 = buzzer
timer1 = cme8000(wwvb) clk
timer2 = standby LED throb

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yeah i got one
was like $80, sam7, jtag parport dongle, parport extension, usb A-B cable (to actually be able to use printer port)
got it from sparkfun
hey and now ill actually be able to use the toner monitor on my samsung printer

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but yeah, the sam7 are like same price as better atmegas
be pretty neat to learn c on
avr was just pissing me off cuz i already know the asm
dev environment is more $$$ still
its not open-ocd supported i guess, so jtag not thru atmel isnt really funtional
also i want to learn ARM just because the cores are in so many chips
just seems like a more useful thing to know

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no, i can code
my shit works
fuck all that C on an 8bit micro is lame
like you can do conditionals without words like if or while or do case switching without a special word
i have to learn c better when i get funky with my ARM
ima try and do some asm shit first tho
gets here maybe monday
got an olimex header board
yeah arm7 is pretty neat
like pure micro, doesnt need external junk
arm9 is kinda like crazy mini computer shit
i have 3 toshiba gigabeat mobos tho, they been rockboxed
so if i want to i kinda have a thing to play with

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no wait maybe, thats why i turn off ints in mainloop code to do 16b registers
works now?
macegr: night
all 16 bit peripheral registers
i guess, havent used it
but if its 16b, yes
and by 16b i just mean two bytes
its C who knows
the buffering?
the buffers are hardware
i dont do C
dude you C coders deal with issues im like, wow thats like 20sec of thought and 4 lines of code for me
i dont waste my sram for no reason at all
i have exact control of my interrupt timings
my sram overhead is my stack
so its still doing it in asm
and not everyone does that
maybe you do

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but even if thats not the problem, you need to fix it
because probs like that will break init code for timers
which means you statistically fail at 50% of 90% of all avr code
assuming like youre totally random with order
you could never learn that i guess if you were just lucky and really consistent
i dunno fuckin inline asm it
prob left to right or opposite
whichever way C goes
i wonder if theres a timer on the buffers
no cant be no way

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it wont be great
if they actually grip, they might just break it pretty quick
its buffered
triggered on the low byte
when you read the low byte, it loads the high byte
you write opposite for 16bit registers (like timing registers)
you write the high byte, and when you write the low bye, itll update both
its to make sure you get a single sample, instead of just halves
reading the low byte loads both
reading high byte will load an old value
so even if that was the problem
you need to fix it
i dunno thats a C detail
it should

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copper is expensive
it makes a diff when youre buyinf 500,000,000ft of cable at a time
its not abnormal, either
headphone coaxial is usually some form of completely fucked up
like, they kepy buying smaller and smaller gage wire
and it still kept working
and they were like 'alright we dont go out of business for 3 more weeks!'
harder than hand soldering QFP
because i know i can do the QFP
like .8mm pin spacing

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because reads you do low than high
writes you do high than low
because its triggered on the low bytes (16b io regs)
i wonder if the freak ever learned that
that drove me nuts maybe couple months
because sometimes itd work!
no ive never touched the foul shits
its prob inside the 'yarn'
you prob broke it
prob the crap ass foil shield
because its shielding
they want that
look for tiny enameled wire inside
yeah pobably
its cheap

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how is it failing again?
maybe its just really good
maybe he has to manually reset the flag
did he do that?
whats that?
i hope so
because youre not servicing an interrut, you may have to manually reset the data ready flag
or it might reset automatically on byte read

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on an avr?
depends on the mod
theres a free running mode where it just updates as fast as it can, and you can just grab from the data reg whenever
omg everything in c is a pain
ADCSRA = _BV(ADEN) | _BV(ADPS2) | _BV(...
thats setting those bits?
wf _BV
make sure your adc clock isnt to fast

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and 10K it prob couldnt move fast enough
thats why im saying you need alot
fuck everything else, just get like 50K of those, and a shitload of tactical nuke cruise missiles
you be fine
plenty of deterent and actual bite
see thats a weapon you can use
instead of having red button attacked to ICBM
you attach to a matrix of ballistic cannon
like, you get some place in alaska and you build like 500 cannon and when someone fucks with you, you rock them, multiplexed
swivel chains, heh
i have to route the gpio into the bus
pray to voodoos for schema

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they for ship defence
they put them on destroyers and shit
just dont fly near the little ships!
hahaha thats funny
dude weve never fought anyone
weve never had a real air force come at us since then
those are 80s tech i think?
lit up
poor thing
hehe theyre slow as fuck it prob hit it like 1000 times
because of the way they wanted it to rotate
i dont think you can remote feed and have it turn cicles the same direction all day

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aircraft cannon mmm
you just need alot of these
like one on each shoulder
like, in my army, i just want those and tactical nukes
no one will fuck with me
they will all die

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i would use synthetic insulators
cuz yeah fureal prob draggin electrons all over those things
its non explosive
it doesnt fubar infrastructure
i dunno details it just sounds fucked up
like you might have to blow something up, but supposedly the neutron kill things
whichout like blowing them up
er, without
just takes one more
anyone sets of a nuke, and like we dont instantly decide to launch all nukes into the sun, limited tactical nukes are on the table
earth will be a weird place =\

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thats so fuckin awesome
'we need to destroy the magnetic field at once'
'destroy it with fire'
human beaings, #1
path0s: you sure you dont mean blow up nukes in the air?
they tested a nuke in the pacific that shut down hawaii
it really prob wasnt intentional
it was an accident
like, 'wow neat it took out all the aircraft carriers, all the destroyers, the test reef we hijacked from natives, oh shit honolulu too'
supposedly they got this cool thing at JBL tha remagnetized speaker coiles
ha, its like transformer mounting tips
but fureal this time

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emitter resistor is like eating my powers i think
9pin avr are r0x0rz
i have tiny85 i need a badass 8dip avr project soon
i am
im using two of each
1R smallest R i got
so its stealing some power
i wonder what the HPF on 8R/100uF is
i should be okay i wanted to use closer to 1KHz
dude like...
a nuclear fucking bomb makes an excellent EMP generator
you can maybe fit something in a box, but youre prob not gonna be okay if youre near that box when it goes off =(
yeah you need to blow shit up
with huge power supplies
so youre still going back to explosives to make it small

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but i need emitter resistors because i need parallel MMBT3904/6
emitter resistor fucks up power output
also i need bigass 100uF style cap
else i think that shit might suck power forever
so im like, 4 sot23, an axial electrolytic, 5 resistors
with like .2W output with 4R and 8R speaker, because the 1R emitter resistors kinda limits i think
or fuckit
i have a badass headphone amp
this is a total misuse of its powers
absolute total waste
but its perfect
class B complimentary emitter follower buzzer driver

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blackmoon: cheap 1w speaker driver circuit, 5v, no power use when not being used
what say you
you bastard
im prob gonna use class B amp
i thought it was shitty h4x class AB
but gpf says its class B i think he right
no ono extra parts
no more buy
so preferable BJT because i have npn and pnp
im prob an idiot and didnt buy any more .11 pmos =(
yeah mines all shit like that
drive it how?
too many parts
i think i shutted down LTspice
sucks because i dont have any little resistor
1R is the smallest 0805 i got
that sucks with an 8R load

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i dunno either i think maybe we will understand in 6 years

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yeah but it fits fine
i think one extra pin
which im gonna put on the end of the 7seg out port
its neat this one has full ports with reset and xtal on dedicated pins
no fuckin cheating bullshit
like yeah hi im 20 gpio but really 16
atmega166p in tqfp
but dip is same
er, 164p
you just made me type 'wut' into eagle
i hope not
i backspaced it out just in case tho
cuz yeah i dunno i wouldnt be surprised at all

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macegr: imagine without buses ^
the pmos are all upside down i fixed that
i have to add an avr and a buzzer drive
i killed a fan dimming it
$.11 fets
i dunno, i think something in the little speed controller dealie
but i had it down to were it was stalled to long i think
yeah it kinda pulsed a bit then stopped =(
ha yeah totally
WWVB reciever IC
serial out, but takes as many fuckin pins as parallel
and datasheet sounded like maybe it maybe wants to be power cycles after power up
plus it needs to be clocked
what connector?

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wall in the sliding door was enough
ghetto like 1991
fuckit man im just gonna complain
wait for global warming
i have a coiled fleuro in a lamp base with a broken switch
hanging by a knot in its cord from a cieling hook

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im pretty sure those things run hotter than people
i have a little space heater right now
so like half of me is very warm
in the living room we have a gas space heater
but we have 20ft cielings
and connected living room and kitchen
with two glass sliding doors
and the top of the 20ft tall room is more windows
heaters and a/c dont do shit
its an apartment
its just a weird building, no idea
i just wouldnt
use the place up, move to next one
the place next door has ever higher cieling
and a loft with a balcony looks over the court yard
its a weird building
im building a cieling!

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and like he makes money, comes back in here and tried to rub it in
and no one cares =(
this is true
but i mean either way he prob goes nuts and gets banned
youre back now, no?
you guys prob have functional heaters and shit
my buddy who moved to WA will sleep with the windows open when its like 35F
they had a power outage when i was up there
electric heat
fucked up night =(
haha it was like me and his cat on the couch
i was stealing its heat \o/

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or possibly you were here when i brought it up as an example of why he didnt deserve his nick
or maybe he is the exact definition of thhat nick
it was like one line and it maybe wasnt you
his best idea was totally the train beacon thing
but it was like he picked out the parts and final design details before considering reality
had to be zigbee
and then he wanted to do a one million unit rollout
yeah, no VC
he was gonna do it all himself
he was gonna bootstrap it with the santa fe beacon sim
so i guess we are there now
see id be amazed if he got all this shit working
he actually sold 2000 of these beacon sims, someone convinces him to sell train thing to someone who can actually do it

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even before the pointless mill vs lathe thing that he doesnt get is a thought experiment more than a machine shop business plan
like, i told him the lower 16 regs on an avr were fully functional
he even tried to say immediate opcodes werent important
werent fully functional (omg worst typo habit)
this was back when he was like 'i downloaded ALL the avr datasheets and app notes, ive READ THEM ALL I AM THE GREATEST'
so like whenever id prove him wrong at avr, i could give him datasheet and app note links and pages
and he HATED it
like A YEAR later, this is him, i think in #nop:
wait you were here for that!
i remember because you say an operating system always loops
he tried to argue of course =(

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this is all paraphrased of course
i guess hes gonna actually roll out santa fe beacon sim
i swear at some point he said he almost had parts for 100 of something
in 5 years?
oh fuck sounds advanced
is it gonna be GPL, or you gonna put your fake wives kids thru college with it?
why not java for speed, asshole?
i think that was my fav part about freak
like some n00bs wouldnt understand
then in the middle of a tech discussion
he starts calling people asshole, starts going nuts, bringing up shit from 2 years ago
do you know why hes mad at me?
like, originally?

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there prob 5
clones himself and shit so he dont even have to blow into his thing
can just kickit and not move while clones blow into tube
k bye
i never got what schools avrfreak went to
all i know was there was a few and he never finished a program
i forgot details or we couldnt get him to type steady enough to understand
he got his SSI backpay, he says $12k is spent
we couldnt get a BOM
but yeah stu is like: you bitch wanker you gave people my flat addy, you dont have any pounds to spend, you dont know what its like to me
and avrfreak was like: oiwuefh yefshd ieurfh $12K spentDIOUWUHDUOIWDH!

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wow avagadro is way more than i thought
like i didnt get it in 10th grade i guess
just dont hit a cloud
yeah you need a tanker thing to hold whatever fuels
dont wanna roll in no pencil
ive never done it so cant say if it works
really precise optice
so you can see the dust like billion miles ahead
and adjust like .0001 degrees to miss it
thats what i was thinking
you need to creat some sort of simulated aerodynamics
so the particles flow around
you need anti gravity.
just project that shit forward and dust will move
you gotta undo that when you get there
thats why you need antigrav lance

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msged me 'asshole' prob like 400 lines
up arrow + enter style, one line at a time
and hed stop when id say shit
so i wasnt being ignored
he was harassing other before that, after he got banned, i guess
hehe, today i got a solitary 'fuck you'
jezus fuck
he still goes on about how a lathe can make itself but a mill cant
i mean, two years ago shit!
i might be a better machinist, but hes better at machine tool design
im like wtf WHO CARES?
i dunno at that speed is the particles dont somehow deflect
like, thats bad, yo?
thats prob not that much
10^20 kinda
but like, theyre atoms
test33: haha, yeah, being empty space and all

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yeah well basic physic will be laughed at given 200 years
wtf email, ghey
macegr: blasters
doesnt quantum stuff prove him wrong?
wow so a cloud in space is like two dozens molecules within the same square miles probably
my avr is almost done
i just need a buzzer driver circuit
yeah thats kinda what i meant, eheheh
macegr: were you here for avrfreaks meltdown yesterday?
i think you were like in travel mode
said he wouldnt care if he was banned
bitched at everyone, baited charles for a LONG time before charles did anything

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teh wind broke my screen door
wtf is c?
dude youre on crack
shit does speed of light ALL the time
wtf do you think all the electromagnetic shit we plays with goes?
wtf is mass?
mass is just shit going at the speed of light changing direction so fast it doesnt go anyplace
mass is going the speed of light all the time
the things that make electrons are going the speed of light
well make the energy stop oscillating
okay GO
is your matter on the other side of the solar system yet?

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ks: a proper autorouter should know RF/microwave fundamentals
already it is smarter than some chess genius

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20:20:12 BlackMoon: and a much corser grid

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itll do isp/jtag/par programming
no debug

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no like do the whole circuit before you put down traces
like, schema and layout, then traces
dont forget shit anymore, heh
mega16 was my first avr
yeah good, kinda old now tho
they sent me some of the 4K ram 20MHz DIPs
heh, like almost $50 worth of chips free
reza: damn those are many dollar signs
get an avr dragon
use that?
oh weird

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dont use vias
via is a plated thru hole for jumpering layers
did you make a schema?
should prob try finishing it before you start routing
i know its hard to resist, but itll help

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sometimes with pullups, sometimes with two devices in alternating saturation
ha, most likely
wtf are you one of his droogs?
doesnt he hang out with you guys or some shit?

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def some end of the world shit happening
im doing a digi synth right now
its just gonna be a tone gen/ADSR module
then i wanna do VC modular and midi and hardware interfaces
test33: fpga + dac?
or fpga + LPF (pwm)
then base at 0V and emitter at 8V or 12V is too much
test33: yeah its like just a ton of gates
russruss: yeah
its using all your parts in saturation, basically

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most definitely
dont even have to crack or melt the case
itll stop working
it might short, blow open, maybe just derates to unusable state
maybe pops its package
maybe melts
maybe vaporizes a pin
8V prob wont kill it
youd have to have the datasheet
12V can fry all sorts of thing
hell i could prob burn a transistor with 2V
those paia kits good?
someone said a modular synth kit from there was pretty good
ha blue9 wanted me to make their mod synth that could fit into a suitcase
wind is goin nuts here

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Vbe = Voltage at Base referencing Voltage at Emitter
when its conducting thru the collector, yes
pnp makes it work because youre driving high side
from active low
yeah should be fine
any transistor
use a 2n4403 or 2n3906
kinda yeah
its a diode drop
nothing, or it pops
depending on max Veb
4403 does more current
3906 is faster i think
both will work
yeh, just letting you know

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how come buzzer circuit is so hard, hmm?
bae voltage is directly related to the emitter
man this is getting repetitive, did charles give me ?? access?
Vbe is always around .7V
like .5 to 1.5V, depending mostly on current, temp
but .7V is a good general number

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my clicker is unclicking
either my mouse is fucked or windows did some ghey accessibility shit to me
wow less power with 4R load
stupid 1R emitter resistors
stupid 100uF coupling cap

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i guess
if the erc and drc check out its fine
ty timecop i just dont have the heart to say
speaker driver makes 200mW
okay 4R load

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stacked caps ^
thats kinda funny, no?
for 100uF

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tants are dumb
stacked ceramic is good to like 1uF
after that is like between that and electrolytic
for 1% under 1uF, all about polypropylene
so like poly, ceramic, and electrolytic all you really need
yeah they come up to almost 100uF now
i saw double stacked 1210!
poly is dumb for tons of stuff tho
theyre awesome for filters tho
like, my active xover tested like it was a simulation
thought i was in the matrix or something
blackmoon: yeah like 47uF in double stacked 1210
with like a metal bracket
yeah they like electrolytics
10% is pretty good

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carefull not to blow them up with the soldering iron

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okay LTspice = Favorite.
18:08:28 avrFreak: fuck you
just out of the blue

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oh that just sounds weird
like they fucked it up or something

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i have to use 2 extra transistors and 4 extra resistors because mmbt390[4/6] suck
like complimentary transistors?
yeah, im using both
because i have alot of both
mmbt3904/3906 pairs
i almost made a bias circuit with a Vbe multiplier
but then i was like, wtf its a buzzer with square waves
its never gonna sound 'good'
its going thru a 100uF coupler and prob 8R load
so it doesnt come out so sqr
heh, sparkfun is CO
i did 2 day shipping
fedex is using my box as a seat for dunut break
means its not picked up
but its paid for

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so i have to use parallel unbiased AB pairs
clipping and xover distortion with sq wave src
perfect for alarm clock buzzer
no its AB push pull
its just horrible!
oh and eagle on back annotates names and values and net labels
er, only
you can do circuit changes in board editor
B is just one side, no?
theyre both conducting
what makes it not AB
no mine is B then
based are tied
i dont want it using power when not in use

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all their old shit is hand drafted
i have an old tube diff scope
switches are fuckey
im making a class AB buzzer driver with no feedbacks
heh, my old tek has like 10 sets of initials on it
like every tech who did work and QA
yeah no bias either
xover distortion yay
i tried to do it with single sot23 3906/3904 pair
but the math said after temp derating they were right on the edge of death

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test33: neat pic!
i cannot recognice the transistor very much
i think all that stuff is melted plastic
thats bad

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really you can go with 20mA(opto led)/100(Hfe(beta))
so 200uA is the minimum you should use
500uA would be plenty
your transistor will be hella saturated
yeah youre trying to unload something
so its like, how much to current to use that will saturate it
but not like make using a buffer pointless
Hfe to limit working current is on crack
like one of thoe Art of Electronics BAD CIRCUITS
Hfe will limit shorted current
but transistor will prob die anyway in alot of applications
the base current will limit the output current, but not so much
itd prob heat up and Hfe goes up and everything dies

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to 200mA
before it kinda drops out at all temps
this ones got nice graphs!
its only 50Hfe at -40C =D
can prob design with the 25C value (100)
and some eheadroom
voltage allowed thru =(
ks: transistor is a current based device that you design with in voltage mode
because of a consistent Vbe value
yeah what GPF said
thats teh secret
it changes with temp and current and everything

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and base current has to be more than Ic/transistor_beta
beta is usually like 50-200
yeah we confused him =\
yeah gotta have more current!
but cant blow port pins, thats way n00b =(
one can only hope
he does have a very large NPN tho
hehe so who can say
you have sot23 parts?
ah, has all of them not just the mmbt
continuous collector current 1.2A
ha, Hfe = 50-175. temp dependant

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its like 1V
at 30C and 10mA
(have the datasheet)
that def wont kill it
and thats def more than 5mA
so thats a good number
blackmoon: its too bad none of us ever really started counting
who is doctor_c!
where is the dr! (bruce lee ref)
WAX! (same movie)
gpf is doing the whole circuit
so you dont have to be confused anymore
i gave you the base resistor calc up maybe 30 lines
really you do like base_current = (V_qt110_output - Vbe) / R_base

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1K probably work
yeah with a 12V supply
and really less
because the base resistor will choke out useable base current
really you do like base_current = (V_qt110_output - Vbe) / R_base
and base current has to be more than Ic/transistor_beta
beta is usually like 50-200

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pnp in saturation or npn in emitter follower
well, it depends if he taps the led circuit high side or low side
i did that with my boards, dunno why
works the same pretty much, less output voltage
get maybe .5V more with good saturation
not really its just one way to wire up a transistor, heh
gimme few secs ill find one
yeah thats what i was lookin for
yeah kinda
oh yeah he has pnp
that one is what you want
GND on the base resistor is your qt110 resistor
er, output
when it goes high, led is off

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hahah, yeah np
(its not a uC yet)
oh, i guess it is if you mean microchip, not microcontroller
no npn buffer works
cut triac driver circuit input to like maybe 100uA
it can prob drive like 200uA without complaining tho
like, right now its running between 25% and 100% absolute max
can just do V follower buffer with his circuit

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its your circuit + an npn buffer
yeah i have a bunch of little boards and optos and triacs
mines active high tho
hes driving from the bottom
QT is active low, look at his circuit
it doesnt really matter tho, heh
hahah i swear ive done like maybe 8 hours, 50% duty cycl
like, it took me 4 hours to order my ARM board because i kept timing out while paying helping him

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gpf_1: no it makes sense
it drops about 1V
so 4V
minus what his IC pin is dropping cuz of current limiting
whats your supply voltage?
yeah it looks like the pin on the IC is dropping down to maybe 4.3V
its almost 20mA with 5V on the opto circuit
which is like death for the touch IC
qt110 or whatever, spec was 20mA absolute max
any pin
superware: i can sell you a buffered optotriac board

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your opto circuit is okay, you just need something more capable to drive the led
well, with his resistor values it shuld be okay
its 10mA
i think its his touch IC
shit like almost anything
yeah so its dropping voltage to limit current
so it prob stabilizes at a lower voltage/current
he can test voltage across and do the maths too
what resistor?
yeah it should me more than 10mA
which is prob dropping the pin voltage
yeah because it was only loading the IC a little bit
yeah thats prob too much for the IC out pins

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youre doing like 10mA
with a 360R and around 30C ambient
thats how much those optotriacs can handle
min gauranteed is 5mA for yours, but you can do up to 60mA
so you prob want more than the 5mA your touch thing is made for (least thats what you said)
also temp variation
you want a buffer and like 10mA at least

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like its kinda on the threshhold
i think you mean M1/M2 or A1/A2 but i dunno
i dont think it mattered on your triac tho
yeah you need a new cap
hehe, dont use the decoupling from the IC
oh, your pulldown is small
for the power triac
thats prob not it tho
superware: optotriac datasheet
i know you have the link you did it yesterday

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okay it says 20mA continuous
how many amps do you have going thru your opto?
did you test or do math, ever?
or you just used a good resistor for led at around 5v
did you test the current
did you do the math?
did you sim it?
so how do you know how much is going thru the opto anyway?
thats a weird idea gpf_1
but yeah if the chip is pulsing or something, shrug
superware: find a link for the optotriac and paste
no gpf's idea is much more extreme!
wtf gpf isnt dumb
do it!
yeah but he never even did the math for the opto
so its maybe just not getting enough current

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touch sensor?
making it higher lowers the current
it means the triac wont work
superware: how much are those?
wtf dollar signs
no seratch, numbers with decimals and one of those: $
i dunno wtf a shekel is so dont be saying some number in that
you should be tellin us why mode matters

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its called an npn buffer
you can get even more than 1mA
you can get all the mA
youre gonna break your chip
5mA max load = dont load me directly
you dont even know if 5mA is real
they might have tested 3mA all day and got one 5mA test and then called it a day
because 3mA sounds pussy
3mA might as well be 1mA
yeah hopefully
R1 being the opto led resistance?
because you knocked out your qt111 chip or whatever the fuck it is
wtf is that?
because you loaded up the pin and its voltage dropped out

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i told him that he didnt care
thats a min value
well, its a max value, but its the very minimum you wanna feed it
thats like 'absolute minimum led current to design for'
so if its absolute min is the other things absolute max, you have two devices that are running at the edge of burning
its the same prob you had before
except now its the chip instead of the power supply\
i told you to use an npn as a buffer
i know you have one, thats how you were driving the triac originally
lemme check, sec

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haha wtf at topic
we prob say that like twice a week
someone just now noticed?
timecop: they ship on xmas?

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