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yeah duh
cmon im not a programmer
id rather roll around in resistors
yeah i got some 30 day free things
and i read somewhere theres an unlimitted assembler only version
i think i kinda figured it out
i think now i have to figure out more C stuff or init assembly or something
im watch movie and crash, tho

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wow the text editor background in iar turns from white to grey at line 80
thats awesome like cup holders, why dont all text editors have that

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woah i think it worked
iar didnt bitch and then splashed dissassembled code in a panel on the right
im like at $80 for jtag dongle, sam7s256 header board, parport extension, usb cable so i can still use printer (was on parport)
no money on software
with like 2 diff working dongle drivers
and like multiple working c compilers and debuggers,
for $0 in software
real fuckin expensive, blargh

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im like wtf just lemme put the bits inside the chips squishy brains, pls, and no one gets hurt
HJTAG looks like it can do that in a 'ok whatever, done' sort of mode

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timecop: yes gui olimex dongle debug driver, also with flash programmer gui
just works, options all made immediate sense
i read the license and its for personal use only!!
im going to try and figure out low level openocd stuff too
openocd = jtag driver + script (config file) interpreter
but like in debug mode i think it can maybe hijack the chip, run opcodes direct without debugger application
free personal license one
i got openocd working with insight debugger, but i dunno what im doing in C

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did they say it like 'lock and loooooadggggrawrarararar'
'let us lock and load'
'why certainly'
this sounds boring

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timecop: progress is being made

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yeah chinks have this crazy fucked up mentality
theyre totally fuckin nutty delluded
they think if they work really really hard, they can be #1
who the fuck knows where they picked mentality up
were setting them up as the enemy
were fucking up
give isreal a $100b lockheed-martin gift certificate
and gtfo
timecop: you have sat descrambler?
or is that new thing
old thing is cable?

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oh i thought he meant for like ARMs run in abs max ninja mode
dude som proto houses dont even give you a mask

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timecop: you know chinkpcb is like unusually cheap for those qty, no?
btw you have to tell me what specs you use comes out okay with them
i wanna do a big board thru them i think
his shit basically is low qty
like he gets 10 for what other places do 3-6 for
blargh: wonderful, you win

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i think like a jetta?
DRC: No errors.
i need to try diptrace sometimes eagle pisses me off
nutter: i lucked out the hardest part almost routed itself
took half the space i thought, and then the atmega tucked into the vfd driver circuit perfect like
my board is almost gonna be 1" less in y dimension than i thought
yeah its very functional
you just have to get used to all the stupid ui stuff
library editor is good, it just has a shit ui

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again, with the personal insults
you know it makes you look like some sort of frustrated bitch
you dont mind?
try putting a closed poly inside another in the dimensions layer
dimension layer does edges for post processing
dunno if itll do inside cuts tho
select multiple, unroute tool, right click
fucked up, huh?
blargh: ohno get a lawyer
yes, you can be a bitch
nothing is stopping you
you could do that, but again making yourself kinda look stupid, no skin off me
not really
i think that has to do with DRC
Tools > DRC, maybe?

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um, 'avr32' vs 'arm7 arm9 arm32'
avr32 only wins vs arm32
man you keep like being on my side
you should try harder, yo, youre like hitting yourself in the face
atmel isnt an old company?
which is why its unsupported and expensive
and only has 3 available parts
compared to arm7, yes
well then atmel has a fucked up gap
because an arm7 wup an atmega like 1000 diff ways
arm = multiple flavors of badass, right now
avr32 = maybe next year

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$116 quad flat packa at digikey
my planets ARM production is awesome!
er, not $116, 116
yeah, exactly
AVR32s other drawback, as my no brains ass mentioned before
its 100x more likely to have an ARM in it than an AVR32
prob a few hundred blargh
you think they machine every screw and do every single part and chip in house?
its not competitive
its a neat idea
maybe next year itll be better
but blargh, its okay nothing i say matters because i obviously know nothing of what im saying
my ARM7 is atmel
i <3 atmel documentation

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yeah it does jtag ocd
thats why i got it
heh, flash programming is like a biproduct of the jtag access
'arm7' search, in stock microcontrollers: 159
down to $7, QFP packages
no, obviously blargh because i dont know what im talking about
i must be on some other planet, using some other planets digikey

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even expensive dongles from atmel, ARM is less monies
i seem to have confused myself, but yeah in dollar signs: atmel AVR32 > atmel ARM + open tools > olimex ARM + open tools
digikey has 3 AVR32
two are BGA
all over $18
dude i didnt say i was an expert
you said i didnt know anything and that avr32 is cheaper

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omg i got the revision number of device id never buy wrong
i must be some sort of delusion retarded fuck
you dont seem to understand
doesnt seem to be the same jtag dongle
they have a $130 sam7 dongle
also the $300+ jtagicemkII
so now youre only $110 more for a less mature core made by one company
instead of all the companies

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because theyre at mk3 now, maybe mk2 is rs232
yeah itll do the spi stuff over parport
so anyway, if i get code on my $7 arm, with what ive bought so far, according to your im fucking schizophrenic
and then tomorrow i can play more with my $7 avr
and wonder how im going to afford $7 ARM, since theyre so much more money than even avr32

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open debug and programming tools
$20 for a arm programmer, $350 for an atmel avr32 programmer
no one has avr32 compatible jtag, its specific ocd stuff isnt implimented in any kind of open source tools
getting code onto the chip and doing debug
the hardware isnt
okay, ty
free for asm, and theres open src toolchains
that work with the existing arm hardware
so yeah, avrstudio32 is free, their jtag/ice dongle is $350
regular avr is under $100
for debugwire and jtag
for a dragin
and programming can be done with like $5 parport setups
compatible with avrstudio
for like $200?
is the old one less now?

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blargh: free
if you use the right amount of paste, the pins and pads should wick the solder so no bridged gaps
its mm
you printed and measured?

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you prob needed to flip a switch
you just didnt have an accounting ninja standing there to make you look stupid
yeah bigger
its the small end of the ultramega avr
sure as fuck hope so
go arm if youre gonna do something rash like that
ha avr8
or you can learn arm core
and have like 1000 diff controllers at your disposal
avr32 needs better community support so it isnt like $400 to buy in without a struggle
programming and debugging avr32 is expensive
there is no non h4x open solution
maybe next year

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300 years?
define amplifier
and long
pay me for my professional opinion
then it wont work!
why dont you sell the amp on ebay like everyone else?
spyware from timecop industries
if its new itll work
if its broken, 95% chance it isnt new
sitting for 4 years has very little if any significance
coils and mosfets dont dissolve
thats my guess
it prob broke in 1993
unless someone dropped it

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vegas off usenets
do you mean images?
or like transcoding and all that
or like transcoding and all that
sry, lag
imgburn works for images
why whatcha doin
heh, nice answer

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you should learn spice sim in a program independant sense, because they all use the same models and parameter specification
that way you can use whatever is available as long as you can find the spice models
else you have a library issue with simulation as well
yeah i dont trust any of those, heh
plus alot of the schema art sucks
well it depends
sometimes it makes thing easier because you can use the connectors as the board mounts
because timecop couldnt learn parts ine agle
pissed him off, so he made loltrace spyware

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unixd0g: unixd0g LTSpice for sim
or Multisim/Ultiboard
but yeah i use eagle
i complain about it alot, but it works extremely well once you figure it out
LTspice really is awesome for a free spice app
ewb multisim is sexy too tho
you make them
eagle isnt a sim package
its a schema drafting and capture and pcb editing package
like, if thats why you dont want to use eagle, you should prob just learn to use the library editor in eagle
because eventually you will hit that obstacle with any program
but if you can make a good part in eagle, making one in another app will prob be cake
then youll never have the library problem ever again

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thatd be fat, and something else, no?
i always assumed wire size was part of the spec

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blackmoon: HSS will work on steel
its just very touchy about speeds and feed
and itll wear down slowly instead of chip

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why you want me to machine something into a box?
you have it already
well he probably mean with like cnc ninja technology
you know, better than .1" accuracy

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funny how titanium makes you look normal
you feel better besides being sore?
you missed he
mass unban
he melted down
after he got kickbanned, he msged me 'asshole' like 1000 line
up enter style, one at a time
then like the next day, he msged me 'fuck you' just out of the blue
dont see why not
keep speed way down so it dont melt
yeah i think

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^dx^: omg
are you ok?
do you have Ti pieces?

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also calcs for switching freq caps and ripple calc for output caps
i had to spreadsheet it, was so much fucking bullshit
haha yeah
TI and i think ONSemi has the datasheets
dunno who cloned who
no im saying my switcher
like a bunch of companies make them
but TI and ONSemi have the best datasheets, and its totally like one just scanned the others in and replaced the headers
like, i think maybe they changed resistor values
lemme grab the links i wanna see again, heheh
blackmoon: what is timecops device?
decryption from sat or cable or what?
my friend wants something that does that i think
i think sat is the one hes not done with tho
yeah its stream decryption

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yeah its like 5 equations
o cmon ripple calcs dont count!
my 12V-1.5V switcher at 100mA is like 1.501V on the fluke
$0.63 switcher #1!!!!
oh cmon its just a 1A supply!
ha, like comparator and ramp gen and shit like that?
they had mad equations
based on L and D parameters

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and one that burns!
i dunno i didnt think it was so hard
i did it right and it worked and i was like omgwtf!
the math part was kinda weird
there equation list is all out of order, and they did something that i think is somewhat crackish

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its called a transistor
tho in the old days, they used relays

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wtf is a queen for, causality?
like serious, wtf is the point
so they forgot why

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150mA at what?
thats pretty neat
shielded solenoid?
rim exit?
is that how brits say feces?
so the brit way, is what youre saying
im sure
well, when we say it its english, and its feces
as well as other but yeah we mostly jacked you
we stole the name too stop bitching

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150 degrees Celsius = 302 degrees Fahrenheit
can we cook pizza at 300F?
remember, we are not heating all around
so we prob want to cook a bit slower
yeah but then you have to swap out transistor every pizza probably
but 300F will prob crisp a crust without browning it very much
so thats maybe okay
MOSFET pizza cookers
why you want us to hack your voting machine or something?
thats so not true!
ive never been in the marines or in prison
just jail but im crazy so they put me by myself in medical
causality: ha, i have stories
magnetic locks are fuckin powerful

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you could do it with like two of those and some sort of temp IC
you only need two for even pizza cooking
maybe one with heatpipes
i think i wanna use these for a PSU tho
i have 10A/25VAC toroid, so something like that would be cool for most anything it could output, adjustable voltage
wouldnt need to parallel
but yeah for pizza cooker, like 24x $.50 FETs prob the way to go
im not sure IC come in 200C?

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wtf these are like god's mosfets
i think i know what im driving power supply project with
i can make the pcb like an altar to the single godfet

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wow at DC SOA
20V, 40A, all day long
800W WTF!
Rth_CS = case to sink?
Rthjc is .12C/W
96C temp rise

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shit itd only take like $5 to get pimp and sense temp
maybe some mil transistors
(im actually checking, heh)
yeah, youd have to make some sort of current reg circuit to drive them
well i dont want to use transformers
cuz i mean, itd just be so unweildy
temp sensor feedback!
digikey has 49 KW mosfets!
$20-35 for the ones in stock

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yeah, use some ROHS shit so moms dont complain
okay but really tho
bolt the fets to a pan
say like, 10 x 5 grid on a cookie sheet
then like, pot a NICE cookie sheet on top
find a common tab circuit
actually itd maybe be effecient, no?
youre putting all the heat onto the pan
instead of just into all the ait in the box
like, you put it in an oven
oh no doubt
do like a 50V+ psu to get watts up
so we have: 50 FETs, a cookie sheet, a cookie sheet size PCB, many 1/4" steel standoffs
50 bolts, some circuit thats common tab for that FET
and then cookie sheet on top
thats a portable pizza machine yo
i thinks within spec, no?

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i told him to put a .1uF from base to ground
and it worked
wtf no more turkey!
turkey is over!
mmmm, pizza heatsink
yeah pretty sure
actually yeah he had to have
lemme get his crackhead schema
if you rotate is CCW it kinda reads easier
even tho words are upside down
oh he maybe took it down
how sad

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gpf_1: superware did it!
LPF before the buffer, killed the 'heartbeat' or whatever
stupid touch sensor! heartbeat? wtf
those things are kinda neat tho
no heartbeat is just some 'im alive' signal on the output
the recal is done in some risc core, has a 14b adc
naw it always does it, he was running it in toggle
the timeout on toggle is just when it starts recalibration sensing again
after it toggles
but it does that stupid heartbeat shit in every mode

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still trying to figure out

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so you get one of those little blue xformers, bridge and reg underneath transformer, and then like 2 of those touch sensors and a uC, ZC detect off the transformer, duty cycle modulate a triac thru an opto
and use the touch sensors to turn the dimmer up/down
prob fit into a standard light switch panel
throw some TVS parts across the transformer and opto

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#electronics: Building better light switches for the Isreali Defence Force.
thank god it wont all be spent on superware
you know what would have been sex?
one of those 1.0x1.0x0.75" transformers, single primary/seconary
build the reg on the back of it
fuck phone

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k, np
if you remove the buffer, youll need a bigger cap to achieve the same filtering effect
but i wouldnt do it
yeah i know
cuz you need a bigger mains RC cap
360 is maybe 10mA?
not with a zener, not if you always want it to work
you already failed for power saving when you decided to use that psu
that was your tradeoff for cheapness

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neff: yeah man, just dont forget to vote

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try .1uF or something similar
values between 1uF and .01uF are prob effective
LPF = low pass filter
it wont let high voltage delta signals thru
smooth them out, if the signal is fast enough, and the load is small enough (ie transistor base) it wont even really see it
if you rotate your schema CCW, so its text is upside down, its kinda more conventional in layout
input top left, output bottom right

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make R5 between 100R-240R
(5V - 1.0V - 0.3V) / 520R = 7mA
turn the heartbeat off or filter it out
but put over 15mA into the opto led
itll take 60mA to burn it, i suggest 20-30mA
you want to LPF the output
change R5 like how i said, and then try putting a cap from Q1 base to GND

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why is it 2MB?
next time, load in gimp, switch to indexed color and do like 128 or 256 colors
then save, if you feel like you gotta do it in png
its documentation, not your family photo album
24kb what?
schematic.png is 2.8mb according to firefox
its like 90% already
meh, you need to learn schema drawing conventions

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wtf i mickey?
wow how 1963

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hes a dorky texan
i dont see how he resembles a peen any more than bush

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that might help the switching time on the buffer
need to write down all the bass lines i want to learn
heh, this bass line is awesome and its not even hard to play

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i could be wrong
im not gonna help you anymore unless you make a full schematic
with part labels and values
you have a camera
you can draw on in 30sec on a piece of paper
leave room for labels and values and for voltage/current measurement notes
jimi hendrix and band of gypsies - machine gun
do you have that?

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itll cancel out your base resistor when active
unless you use a huuuuge pullup
i didnt

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