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okay sexy
i can flip the aux led on the olimex board with openocd

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this shit is piussing me off
atmel has tables with location offsets for each sam7 peripheral
but it doesnt put the base adress
and doesnt seem to have a table of all base addies
neat found it

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wtf is moderation?
blackmoon: why are they making up words at me
haha look its stoned
haha byte, very silly

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wutchu say
like wine
except disgusting

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my windows pc is poisoned by the precense of too many open src dev encironments
somehow my cygwin install thinks its part of my irssi install

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okay then use all the FM caps
those are panasonics badass ESR series
even better than FC, but not as big per voltage rating
well fuckit why dont we just make the lightening hit something with water in it
and then use steam turbines
ceramic/steel/titanium matrix alloys
we can invent them tomorrow

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whatever moon
just but 10,000 FM caps from digikey
and parallel them
you have to parallel them with like copper plates
so the connections didnt increase the fuck outta the ESR

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man my cygwin sucks
wget: command not found

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just path\file names
i dunno yours prob set to h4x
oh, yeah i dont think it had tab complete
xp prob has it because m$ users jealous of the lunix fanboys
but yeah, case sensitives windows, w00t
run has a history thing
dunno if cmd has history by default
yeah, even nonsense cmds
tweakui has shit for that
usually stored in the reg somewhere
dont think so
heh, bring a jacket

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tho who knows, russian pedals maybe pull 3A
for no reason
so its smaller than a shoebox?
dude i learned computer shit on a bash prompt
dos shell is shit
dos shell is like 'hey, what are features? can i has features?'
microsoft was like 'BITCH STFU'
terminals to infiniti
till my ram melts down
also decent tab complete wtf at cmd.exe tab complete?
wtf is that?
but its okay because cygwin ended up on my box at some point
i dont remember why, and kinda like wtf, but whatevers is better than having to use cmd for the openocd shit
yeah it kinda sucks tho
i dont think on executables, either

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rem in .bat is kinda like a comment, no?
wtf rem?
gpf_1: explain to me this DOSness, you prob had a computer in 1986
rem = remember, remove, what?
arent you?
that makes sense
i said that
17:06 < renesis> rem in .bat is kinda like a comment, no?
stfu that works?
i get bash help =(
(cygwin term)
oh, yeah
blackmoon: yes i knew
but i didnt have a computer til like 2001
so by then DOS had become ninja, and then useless
interitus: most likely

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if it doesnt go .equ[chataccters][=][number value], you ignore it
figure it out
check for 0b, 0x, $
yeah its not so bad just for this one thing tho

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yeah but the asm file is .equ PINB = $9807
.equ PINB5 = 5
yeah, so theyd have to write some to declare the defines after parsing the asm include file
or just make their own
they prob had email flamewars over it at some point
you make a conversion util
cmon i could code a conversion util
its code for asm tho
so like you just look for new lines to terminate code, and theres two comments

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theyre good, tho
about consistency
within the megas and tiny families, most of the naming conventions and bit locations are similar
ive heard some of the C defines are not so clear
but i think it might use the same file as the asm assembler
so its maybe just old problem, the def files all have compatibility for older stuff, so maybe fixed
okay so it has its own files
prob atmel independent
thats retarded, yo
PORTA is defined tho
okay but its a different file
oh, okay i see what youre saying
because the define syntax is different

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after doing the time to learn the asm on it, doing it in c seems like a step backwards in performance
well, its useful when you run out of registers
its not very slow, just two 'ldi' to load the pointer pairs
3 cycle overhead to import data
compared to just pulling from a reg
and after that you can pre/post inc the pointers
you can do C stuff for the preprocessor
in avrstudio
and theres conditional extensions, so if you wanted to be ninja and write super portable code
and i think IAR will actually let you inline C in asm, heh
keep teh faith!
fight teh power! (hippies are teh power)
its not really runtime stuff
its just to swap out sections of asm
so its good for like defining program constants and doing code for multiple diff hardware platforms
like write a timer init macro for EVERY avr and every timer
ozzzy: yeah theyre AC things

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it seems to be a speed thing
shallow conditional code
well r13 is stack
r13 is stack pointer, r14 is the link pointer, r15 is the program counter
r13 and r14 are banked in all modes
non volatile
between mode shifts
yeah it prob saves a few cycles
maybe couple bytes, shallow code
no this is arm
i dunno but if you wanna do conditional asm, you have to do stuff so it doesnt clobber
like, you pseudo regs in the code, so i can allocate regs so you dont clobber
couples regs and then everything ram or io space
yeah, the regs on avr are helpful, you can get stuff hella optimized one youre towards final code and you know what resources youre gonna use up
yeah im not sure about that stuff tho
thats why i didnt want to learn C on avr really

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yeh, pretty much
user, system, fast int handler, int handler, supervisor, abort, undefined
stack pointer and subroutine address are backed up
those are the banked regs
program counter is shared, stack and jump values and status are banked
yeah like when it jumps based on a certain conditional command
it pushes program counter onto the link register
so code later can get back
i guess to deal with long jumps
instead of using the stack
instead of stack pushing, it uses that i guess

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blackmoon: that sounds like alot of all fucked up
arm7 core seems neat
has 16 gen purpose registers, and like 5 run modes
when it switches run mode, itll switch certain registers to run mode specific registers
every mode (except use mode) has a special register to backup the cpu status/mode reg

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kevtris: india -> ca?
if you dont get X-Day shipping, theyll sit on packages sometimes
cuz i think its like up to 5 days, or something like that?
what is t

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so you could sense continuous rotation
heh, encoder dac
theyll prob have r2r networks
you have to opamp buffer them or the load kinda messes with it
r2r are really good tho cuz you can do it all 1% with 1 or 2 values or resistance
yeah im saying for general use of a parport
gnd lines from a pc prob not much better

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dunno, think so
carvin makes these effects sections on their mixers that use full continuous turn pots
and the pot position also determines which effect is in use
so im guessing someone makes them
ones prob common
possible two
can prob r2r dac it if you want more precision
just use 10k and 20k instead of hunting for multiples
but yeah someone prob makes pots without stops
oh i thought you wanted some pot that kept turning

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they gave me like 5 free before they were even at digikey
i dunno what to do with them
8K flash, 512B sram and eeprom, 20MHz
ill only buy or samples 20MHz stuff now
twingy does it to PICs
theyll drop bits and do stupid shit like that most likely
i dont see the point in overclocking at all
its running a part over max spec
like, if you need to run it faster for your shit to work, you did something wrong (maybe just wrong chip, but whatever something is wrong)
oh like single turn trim pot with no stops

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can do double socket with mount holes
run cables from it to the drive
not as sexy, tho
interconnects maybe the only mechanicals that survive
get head and shoulders!
yeah that is the cheapest way
clear, nice
maybe .5" x 1"
dip, soic, qfp, qfn
fuck that

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yeah, looks neat
you cant find pc mount plugs?
Disk Drive Power Connectors
i got no listings under the column headers tho
oh nm those were just links
ha, they have 3d models

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i dont go down very easy
id just have to reach into your side and pull out your spleen or kidney or something
then youd prob let go

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just lumped in with 'natural flavors'
drop the mayo and tomato
add bacon
sour cream
now you get all carls jr with it
haha i always take the onion rings off and eat them first
they have bbq crispy chiken sandwich and bbq burger
with cheese and bacon and onion rings
no pussy garden shit
heh, and jack has bacon bacon bacon cheeseburger, or maybe just bacon bacon cheeseburger
its cheeseburger with too much bacon + bacon bits
its kinda awesome in a 'omg im going to die from this burger' sorta way

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omg i want bagel
or some form of awesome croissant
with like eggs and bacon and cheese
because gpf said donut
those are so overkill!
sesame bagel, #1
incubus[]: dude like 30% of the time this channel is about food
no food no brains
no squishy brains, no electronics
okay but yeah i cant just eat ginger ale all day i think i need food
haha remember when avrfreak said he used to drink like 10 2liter sodas a day?
for years
but ginger is!
ginger isnt even in the list of ingredients =(

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oh hah

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page 11?
vertical, tho
not 100% that thats them, either
yeah thats prob best they prob get that question a ton
cuz like three of those kinda look like it
if you want connectors on the end you typically buy them premade
yeah you can prob get the box connectors
digikey and hobby electronics places
theyre AMP, they have connector stamp and die tooling ninjas
fuck i dunno i look in the paper cat for this like that
er, s/this/shit

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use your other arm?
or it just hurts anyway
i always use my other hand
i think im starting to understand the iar arm asm syntax
i should grab an opcode list
causality: pretty sure you can
i dunno that theyre available
yeah but opcodes is the sex
i dunno, need credit cards and patience, no?
heh, the connectors are weird theyre like snap on with little edges cut into the ribbon

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but theres like 10,000 AMP MATE-N-LOK
ha prob like a handful are the right ones =\

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like at this point, SOIC is actually easier for me than dip because routing is simpler
its not a big diff than dip spacing
because dip pins are twice as big, and need round pads
so they end up like .20 or .30 spaced anyway
thats soic
you can still see in between the pins

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they listed up to like 350GB but on up to 12GB is in stock
you dont even wanna know the prices, heh
actually you might
look like they come in sata/pata/scsi
16GB is $3500 =\
$1200 for 8GB
i dont really like gifts they kinda make me uncomfortable
half dips

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they make soic-8 fets
like one whole side as the drain
smt plug and socket with 2 soic8 would be pretty sexy
flat on the bottom
dunno if you need big fet or what, tho
yeah but you cant sink SMT stuff great usually
so 5A is a ton
gotta be fast, too
yeah as long as it dont go nuts be okay
how long has digikey had an SSD section?
yes go look!
non stock, no docs =(

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ha i wonder what the speed controller is
hmm, dunno then
ones i remember were fat thru hole
they prob have them, i see them on hard drive
oh, yeah SMT sockets would help alot with that
like, back to back with maybe .1" spacing between pins, have like 1 x 1.5" on the bottom for the parts
yeah TH kinda fucks that up, or makes it way more challenging and less sexy end product

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oh its like its its own little electrical box?
or big electrical box, relatively speaking

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it it a knob?
yeah you can prob just a new faceplate and knob
you maybe have to get a blank plate and drill it or something
but doesnt even have to be neat because the knob will cover the hole cut in the plate
ha, yeah thats more a challenge
it depends, dunno
but yeah a light dimmer might be bad for fan and dimmer
dunno, need pics dunno what youre saying exactly
heh, ok but im not an expert on light switch plates

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causality: theyre expensive
digikey has them tho, but they have like 500 other mate n lok connectors too
so its like diggin thru the lego drawer for that one special piece you only ever had two of
i think theyre AMP/Tyco parts at digikey
djmart: maybe
it might blow up the dimmer tho
and the dimmer might burn the fan coils
if it can dim down to below stall speed
djmart: kickback from the motor
because dimmers just for bulbs, mostly resistive load
motors are very inductive
if its putting power thru the motor..
but the motor isnt spinning, itll draw tons of current
might burn out the motor coils
you might be able to put a new face and knob on it

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