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hey where do i buy mod chips if i wanna turn my ps2 into a pirat machine?
i have a v12 ps2
so yeah, i think i do

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if you have a pressure and a flowrate you can caculate how much power is required to move it
it makes sense, its P=IV
well yeah
i dont think its quite a direct translation
and i think the density is accounted for in the pressure
dunno tho, dont really wanna be an ME

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i dont get it

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like, its CFM*PSI
like how transformers are rated in VA
you can like match them up
oh no
one is ^3 and one is ^2

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mrtube been gone since april
you can convert to HP from watts i think

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when did dianora leave
you know thats intentional and coordinated, right?
oh its swish
still on efnet
i think its secret!
i always assume she cuz like its more interesting that way
but yeah (s)he was smrt
shes on freenode/#electronics?
Has been kicked out 84 times

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how did what happened get twisted into that?
timecop: yeah i did his two year project in about an hour one night when i was bored
like 30min of that was getting stoned and reading about lpm opcode flash access
im typically more than one line a minute when im active
that neat because i was thinking about logging
hate it when stuff falls out my buffer =(
yeah timecop, i blew your cover

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Who uses the most words that no-one else uses?
*heh*"(5), "amnot"(3), "machien"(6), "becasue"(3), "workign"(3), "Squeezing"(3),
"TANSTAAFL"(3), "TO220AB"(3), "collectors"(3), "superwarer"(3), "irrelevant"(3)
*heh*"(5), "amnot"(3), "machien"(6), "becasue"(3), "workign"(3), "Squeezing"(3),
paste failure
*heh*"(5), "amnot"(3), "machien"(6), "becasue"(3), "workign"(3), "Squeezing"(3),
double paste failure
free lunch in jail

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thats pretty neat
who is that?
tell them turn that shit back on
its stuck at 4 days ago

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many a pic/avr usb project prob been thrown at walls
arm7 or arm9
they have embedded usb and i think sometimes ethernet
can you program?
okay then yeah, get an arm with usb
and i dunno get some lib, c coders all about using other people code
then give up?
or again, find some very slick eth driver
i dunno, this is your project
do you have paypal?
charles works for very fair prices
im pretty lazy, i dont really work
yeah and for money charles might know it or i can google for it for you
this does the ethernet?

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for usb, i dont
but those ftdi things look ridiculous simple
timecop: stuck?
do they give you a date?
you guessing tho?
fucked up
just sittin
i have to integrate the flash hax for openocd
did i tell you i got jtag working?
oh, but no openocd looks okay
so i dont think using it very diff
like, i had to look up the peripheral ram adresses
but you can telnet into the openocd server
and then view/edit anything in the chip
like, hitting the port enable/disable register to flip the olimex aux led
i been reading about arm7 core stuff, neat cpu
arm7 or arm9
and i hope you can program embedded
doing it on pic or avr is gonna bne a struggle, no one seems to have very good stories

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motor in hub is horrible
massive unsprung weight, so its shit for handling
the motor isnt properly shock absorbed, so failure prob happen often
sure, sexy concept
i want an akira bike
but its shit in reality
50lbs if youre lucky
considering its gonna be all coils and magnets
and +50lbs is like, FUCKED up
timecop: been done
thats the nicest i seen tho
but its a scooter
fuck that
i want a real kineda bike
motors/brakes in the hubs
also he sits in it like a scooter
straight up
closest thing to kineda bikes are the new cruisers where you sit low in the frame
kinda stradle the engine
PIC usb is supposedly horrible

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damn i walked away from computer, a witty response at this point would count for little
pls2not make me defend the intelligence of human beings, be it californian or otherwise

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the new ones are like 1" taller and ugly
NOTHING makes EMI like a computer
like, its a wonder they work at all
im going to beech or mountain
man i cant spell beach wtf kind of californian am i

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variable voltage?
blackmoon: in the end, youre still not burning power in the fets
ideally, realistic is speed dependant
and like, the coils arent burning power compared to the speakers
yeah but compare it to class AB
where youre just dropping voltage across switches
yeah dunno, hard
but totally doable
i need to test my supply
i think ima buy a 2nd fluke
so i can do proper tests
a 111 or 112
theyre so cute!

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dude its nintendo its like a legend
before that, i was rockin a 7800, digdug every sunday morning
like, digdug was fun
but like zelda, metroid, smb, made digdug look like stupid shit
yes see your board has way sharper corners
hard to be a PCB in 1985
yeah the edges of the traces and corners
dude not in practice
class AB, 85% is theorectical effeciency
class D, its reality

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and a cart
have you seen a nes mobo?
its kinda nice, but it dont look neat like a modern PCB
yeah see
thats some corase fuckin resolution
like, doing those lines between DIP pins was prob the edge of capability
either a famicon or a top loader or some h4x replica
its not the greybox nes
yeah cuz the famicon and nes were prob nice boards for the era
hi kevtris
thats because its mask over plate
heh, mask is flaking off thats nasty
timecop: does it really look that bad?
or is it just the pic
like if the mask flakey?
er, is
see make sure you boards are solder over mask

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i did 8085 asm
on a trainer board set up like a uC
programming for avr after that is like connect the dots or paint by numbers or something
(really not so much a pain)
yeah and very good docs
like once yuou figure out one AVRs doc layout, youre pretty much good with all of them
yeah i have very little desire to learn x86 asm
maybe to hijack a mobo and make it do some microcontroller type embedded stuff at ridiculous speeds
but itd prob suck at that due to all the hardware overhead
its just limitted and kinda h4x because of the multiple word sizes
single acumulator stuff is unsexy
yeah and
dude it was 1984

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its need external mem
by modern standards, its hardly a microcontroller
heheh, yeh
you have handfuls or something?
if you wanna use it for something else you dont need to revse the code
just the board
write your own damn code
(yeh, i hates teh code, but what you gonna do)
(theyre stupid, they dunno nothing)

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timecop: lordpil.com isnt even in the top 10 google pages for 'renesis blog' =(
yes it will need voltage. and amps.
it will ned nothing.

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its too bad mazda already pwns renesis.com =(
(omg it just did zoom zoom at me)

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but then you think they would have called it 'timecops'
timecop: can you make it so it has the rest of that chan text while im blogging?
like, parts and joins stripped
that way i dont have to keep logs i can just use lordpil.com
damn, i talk about some cool mufuckin shit
timecop: ty!

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test, 1, 2, test, hi google, test
okay this web site is a page about how timecop, on efnet, cant get laid
timecop, on efnet, is a king of trolls
yeah, thats right, im burning timecop
dude im there, already know its working
okay timecop is also known for the founding and/or promoting of GNAA
also illegal cable decrption devices for the nipponese
timecop is not john claude van damme
timecop is timecop
i dunno is that what they call themselves?
my bad
timecop == illegal cable decryption device
wanna get spelling right, for posterity and all
yeah van damme thing
i wanna know how that happened
timecop is like writing spyware in 1995, decides he wants to be jean claude van damme, or something
tho honestly i dont know
maybe he wasnt the timecop
maybe the timecops were after him

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ha wow i guess about 20,000 words a day
not so bad a guess
omg likes chatting with superware, #1 =(
mufucker i dont care you point your fuckin script at me
you blogger #3 after blackmoon
superware done count
mufucker finished his project prob wont ever come back
new one to take apart?
just knew already
cmon thats pinouts, even if you didnt have to check!
you can prob wipe them off with acetone or something

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think its time to clean up the abode and update the notblog
i downloaded johnny mnemonic
when i downed new rose hotel
heh, maybe its not as bad as i remember the first three times i saw it

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denielson: yeah but in a paralle processing situation, the overhead if nothing compared to the gain
you lose when doing one thing, but when you have 5 things to do, and each is made of 3 or 5 parallel processes, the single core will eat it

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like, what better to unload a cpu than more cpu
like, two wont ever perform worse than one
like, maybe 100 will perform less than one for single process situations
but the 100 will prob kickass in more real life situations
like, imagine if interrupts didnt stop your main loop
they just woke up a sleeping proc
higher level language coders are babies by hardware abstraction
denielson: process priority checking and a table in ram to keep track of busy procs
like, thats about it, just with 100 it takes longer because you have to check and handle 100

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yeah, like the propeller things
like, but im saying, throw a bunch of cores on an integrated chip
and then just start working on mad parallel architectures
because we aint gonna go faster, fuck moore
or poor interpretations of what he said
were processing at microwave speeds
its true in a non threaded envirnment
but yeah, were over DOS6 now
we can do more than one thing at a time
multicores will always fuck up single core in multiple changing tast environment
yeah, its easier with more cores
less juggling
its the same with peripherals in a uC to unload the CPU, or DMA channels in PC architecture

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psu seem non keyed ide is fucked up
like, thanks for saving $2 on connectors
they prob output short tolerance
its all just signal shit
haha, never try and plug a molex in while powered up
they wont mate backwards, but they can contact backwards
instant drive death
least on the CDR i did it to
youd need a fast processor to coordinate it
after 2 or 4, you start having to deal with allocation overhead
like, you need a proc master
i still think ARM style srchitecture is how its gonna be
integrate ram controllers and and some peripherals direct into the core chip

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however if they jack it into 120VAC on the truck side of the circuit, it could blow out all the trucks electronios
like, all of them
thats like random accident waiting to happen
replacing ALL the 12v electronics on a truck prob barely even worth it compared to a new truck
'oh this must need to be plugged in to charge something'
'yo why does truck cab smell funny like arc welding?'
XT was blacks in the center?
AT is like that still
blackmoon: thats so beyond retarded
like, when i learned about that i was laughing
yeah it seemed a really odd decision
hehe, tc says he seen people put ATX on backwards
like, just stomped it in, defeated the sqr pin keys
prob just a pop on startup
then nothing

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not really, if the connections were okay
its by the tank, right?
not in the engine bay?
i assumed they stripped the connectors
but yeah is a valid point
plug cord is usually like 18-12awg
yeah its prob fine for a fuel pump
its just like, engine heat that can really fuck that up
heh, im smoking tar
because it prob has like 1% THC content
blackmoon: fuel pump prob isnt drawing more than a couple amps
thats funny
like they just cut it in half and put it together
like, youre more likely to have a failure related from the plug being pulled

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yeah fureal
youre not being lazy
youre training

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i have a fucked up ball of resin
like, putty resin, no cutting, about a 1/2" diamater ball of it
you shouldnt hit kids
its just dumb

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usually costs more, tho
chems are cheap and effective
yeah supermarket organic just means not sprayed with evil shit
whats wrong with better vision and early maturation?
pizza is ordered
30min till deliverator is here
yeah then you get executed
as a kid you maybe get grounded for 10 days

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but good reg herb, the guy grew it was prob growing for himself too
test33: supposedly thats what most LA herbs is
its not as much a bitch as soil for like a house farm
incubus[]: we get organic stuff too, tho
organic stuff is good
organic here is like indoor with lights
its not orgnic like food organic
its usually no chems, tho, natural nutrients
but they prob doing 24/0 or 20/4 light cycles with HPS lighting
hehe, worm casings and bugs and germs on purpose!
well alot of people dont actually live in the houses they grow in

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and yeah, prob smoked it
thats what the long white hairs in kind herb is
you know this, no?
its all pretty clean here
worst you get is some vermiculite from the soil
id prob be able to taste it if was enough to do damage
dunno, it smells the same
theres variation, but same shit for like 10+ years
you can smell when its weird
he lives in BC
they bathe in it
like, kush is weird smell
nothing else like it, and shit gets you like twice as high
people do tricks
ive heard weird shit like OJ and sugar water
to get them to beef up their gland size
yeah, most people who grow smoke, too
like, kind shit
swag shit is total mex farms

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no just probation and outpatient mental health
its speed
blue cheese is so fucked up
i love telling people who dont actually know
like, why you gonna keep the blue cheese
but throw away the moldy croissant?
i ate it once for sure

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psych drugs are excuses for dysfunctionality
those people cant control themselves because some Dr said it was impossible without drugs
well, thats can kinda
like, anxiety is weird
most anxiety drugs fuck you up 10 diff ways tho
yeah i kinda like that, my friends really bad like that
test33: just because you think a certain way doesnt mean youre permanently broken
brains are squishy
if 80% of everyone needs drugs for brain disorders, its not a disorder
its just a normal variation in brain chemistry
people can usually control themselves if they want to and they have reason
often when they dont, they have reasons
well, extreme schizo stuff, yeh
but thats like a 1/10,000 people thing
like, almost half of the country is supposedly on psychotropes
im not saying psych meds are useless
but theyre overused so much its gonna break us
incubus[]: heheheheh
i was nuts, but only when i stabbed that person
im fine now

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shit like every hour
wtf yeah i do?
im like the channel stoner
i dont talk about it in here so much
i have my pothead efnet homies
hehe, once time on a flight stopover in cvhicago
i ran out the terminal, got in an efnet stoners car, got smoked out two bowls in the terminal loop
back thru TSA, on my plane with 1min to spare
efnet stoners, <3
heh, i dunno if i could do school without it
i stayed with people in NYC and smoked em into the ground
hehe, silly orby and his euro ways
putting tobacco up in the weed!
yeah swag isnt even easy to find anymore
yeah i gotta quit =\
been saying that like 10 years now
yeah its hard tho
its like getting a bodypart you didnt know you had amputated
sounds like a low self esteem kinda bitch

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aint no one poor gettin a fair deal
even the middle getting fucked now
jonny22: its helping them white kids look like fools
and helping them drop white kids to their level of poverty
so yeah, in a way it is helping them
i dont believe that
im not in charge, am i?
poor people are poor and mistreated
there are very high levels of poor black pewople in inner cities
prob isnt fixing black people
the prob is fixing poor people
and right now thats about as likely as earth flipping its axis
incubus[]: well, lots of people disagree
because to them it is a race issue
poor white trash listen to hiphop
no thats lower class white american kid
prob 10x more likely to listen to hiphop than country/western
rednecks are migrating to cities
to become wiggers
haha greycz called me a wigger because i have dreads

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Loss Angleles is how its pronounced
oh my bad im prob wrong
what do i know i was only born here
because i dont speak spanish?
you asking some weird questions
yeah, you dont want something
called me some sort of american
see, youre a bitch
not because youre a spsnish speaker
because youre speaking to someone who speaks english in spanish
and you know english, and thats rude
almost everyone is a racist to some degree
if you say you dont make judgements about people based on visual cues, youre a riot
maybe you dont act on them
but deep down, its instinct, goes back to pattern recognition and judgement
i see poor and mistreated, potentially reactive
im not
white trash is no diff, tho prob less mistreated
so long?
happening right now

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why youre sick of clean dishes and food when eating out?
incubus[]: maybe, most people are
but again, its just an outgrowth of our pattern recognition and judgement circuitry
so its only natural, and it can be controlled
incubus[]: poor people cause crime
if it wasnt them, itd be the citizen poor people
then youll just shift the poor people
most illegals work hard and make me and incubus[]'s standard of living a reality
while there are plenty of examples of poor citizens doing crimes
incubus[]: so is our ownship of this land
but what you gonna do
you wanna make it right?
go home where you came from
los angeles
los angeles is my home
i dont have stupid bullshit like a race or a religion
um, ok
lets look at some maps
oh look
los angeles maps in google brings up maps of my hoke
that was some lead in into your command of the spanish language and its verb conjugation?
you mean you actually thought los angeles was las angeles?
cmon now
well thats okay because i failed spanish twice
whats your excuse?
who is they?

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not all of them
not as effectively
but prob not over invisible people and places in the sky
prob because they were hungrier, faster, lighter, maybe a certain color, maybe their brains just broke in a convienient way
if god is real he invented electrons
if god id pretend, electrons still exist
God = The System
god is the spec for the universe, yo
hes a set of equations and constants
why does everyone always assume god is good?
and not corrupt?
besides that it goes against the reality of our cultures
so it seems like a pretty idea
im saying the whole god person thing is dumb
see thats the fucked up thing
politicians and rascists (republicans) dont diff between illegals
and american citizens
and thats a problem
or illegals
and legal immigrants
also a prob

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youre making one about which keys on your keyboard will produce which letter
making judgement about which pair of socks to put on in the morning
look around you?
i know youre internet node exists
i know youre text is being transmitted
you could be a fuckin timed script and luck for all i know
no one knows anything, if you wanna take it to that level
sometimes when i forget to turn music on in the morning
my judgement is that KNOWING about the nature of god is false
its supported by everything real
there is no evidence that god isnt pretend
im not saying he is pretend
im saying it doesnt matter at all one way or the other
however the CONCEPT of a fraternal god has lead to suffering and genocide on many occations
so yeah, in the sence, FUCK god, FUCK religion, they are wrong
so its irrelevent
violence is a natural outgrowth of survival
violence is natural

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incubus[]: father/authority figure
you look at it like that and it makes 100% sense
'because he said so, and ill get fucked if i dont do what he says'
not at all
im agnostic
i claim anyone who claims to know anything as truth in the matter is either:
a) stupid
b) lying
incubus[]: the nature of it is you cant know
you must have 'faith'
its a very good tool to instill submission to control in people
for example 'dont judge'
wtf, why not?
youre a human being, all you can do is recognize patterns and make judgements
there are no answers
thats just basic science
thats why youre a person, you can recignize patterns and make judgements from them
um, youre making one about me
youre making one about religion

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its the torah and jezus stories by romans
i went to hebrew school it sucked
i def wasnt part of the jew crew
i was raised jewish and xtian simultaneuously
i think im the def of secular
eo_: we just knew it was all bullshit
me and my sister not so dumb, even then
my mom is mexican catholic
so by most jews def, im not jewish
and im def not xtian
bunch of murdering followers
iraq = driven by xtian mentality
this shit is like the new crusades
nosun: haha, yeah totally truth, tho
by the religious and racists mentality, im outcast, vile, something to be dealt with

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fuck the bible, its irrelevant
im not even directing that comment at you
its just a general statement about everything
the bible isnt relavent to shit
like, if i say 9 things that make sense and throw in something that complete shit, that doesnt make the complete shit make total sense
pointing out accuracy in the bible is pointless
14:37 < incubus[]> causality, the bible has many historical events recorded that can be verified by historians
that doesnt make the bible valid as the word of god
hell take it to msg then
why you gettin all sensitive
yeah now they got turing comps writing bibles

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and he basically talked shit to a bunch of native studies profs at a local CSU
his only citings being 'I did my research'
and not any claims to any actual research
anyway, youre on irc and you dont know gibson
wtf kind of a hacker are you?
alot on IRC must not make sense to you =(
cmon that girl is hot
skinny puppy fan, redhead, carries a glock
wtf do eother have to do with william gibson
tom cruise isnt an asshole as much as a schizophrenic who been twisted by scientology
hes not bad as much as messed up =(
i mean, if you lost nicole kidman, youd prob be pretty messed up too
um, katie holmes was prob in love with him in 1989
so no, thats almost sickening
its practially statutory rape
it says alot more about the holmes girl than it does about tom cruise

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ozzzzy: no, not Gibson the Bitch
Gibson the Tech Prophet
i wanna get tables
is stallman rms?
stallman is rms
yeah no, i dont mean like free software guru
i mean an honest prophet of current and near future reality
with a 20 year lead time
gibson is dead on
mel is a bitch
he was badass once
but hes not road warrior anymore
he got real drunk and then got born again
hes a bitch
also, hes an asshole
he did an academic speaking on his apacolyto movie, or whatever

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^dx^: yeh
^dx^: get New Rose Hotel
you wanna see actors and directors doing Gibson short stories justice

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see its when you do stuff like that you seem totally crazy
hehe, is truth

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prob not to hard to simulated an extended transient surge
nutter: yeah same here
lightning is a vert big deal, maybe one or two storms a year if that

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they make zeners too
TVS zeners are like two zeners inverted in series
pretty much same principle
type of diode that can be used in reverse
they have specific rev breakdown voltages
drop .7 in forward bias, and you can buy them in wide range of rev breakdown voltage
good for shitty ineffecient but cheap regs
nope, use em in reverse on purpose
but yeah they work in normal direction too
cant forget that when you design with them
its not a backwards diode
its a systematically broken normal diode

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yeah they kinda look same
but no, ive never seen 4 in parallel
i usually seen two in parallel, so maybe redundant caps or cap + mov or something
Metal-Oxide Varistor, i think
its kinda like a resistor with a threshold
when they hit a certain voltage, they blow open
sinking surge energy
just for short duration transients
usually have ridiculous pulse dissipation specs
theres like 3 or 4 diff type of TVS devices
no they do, they shunt it to GND
hopefully dropping out the voltage

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i think i gotta give arm setup a rest and do vfdclk pcb
its like crying because i give it no love for like 2 or 3 days =(
heh, i arranged the pins so third timer in on stanby LED
some surge protectors are just some radial ceramic caps and a breaker
actually, lots
like, maybe some of those caps i saw were some kind of TVS devices (movs, special zener, whatevers)
but usually just looked like ceramic caps

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mine goes to 400V with 10:1 probes
after that its over input spec and wouldnt all show up on the screen anyway
actually, maybe its not over input spec
it says 400Vpk but i dunno if thats attenuated 400V, prob not
i wont even open them
CRT are free
just drive down a few alleys
okay yeah id prob try and fix that
i like peanut butter power bars

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ha, spikes from switching 600V = OMG
basic judaism is just, like: how to live in the desert with people so you dont get sick from foods and dont get into fights

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and oprah being subtly anti-semetic
how many xtians murder over stupid shit
they look neat for small computer type applications
like, arm9 type stuff
arm7 is more pure micro, usually have everything integrated, few ext parts
i wasnt trying to say it was bad, but its dumb for the kinda stuff i like doing
like, i basically want an atmega, but badass
gpf_1: ooooo, neat
yeah im sick of cheap shipping
save $2 or $3 and it takes a week longer
like he means how much it attenuates i think
is 100:1?

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yeah huh
and without digikey stocvks, i blow him away more
EVERY arm vs atmel avr32?
cmon now
like 1000:1 ratio now
the one avaible at digikey dont have flash
ARM is learning more than just a family of chips
its learning a standard platform developed by ever major electronics corp
like, all of them
they either make ARM or use arm
like i almost fucked up my boxers when i saw the AD ARM chips
'hi i am your ultramega ADC/DAC unit'
like, AVR32 is neat, but its immature, expensive, and its a whole chip architecture
arm is just a core and a cpu interface
ks: so its a family of psychopaths who think theyre jewish

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and im sorry, but FUCK a QFP208 when i can use down to a QFP64 with atmel SAM7
im doing at atmega project, i need an $8 atmega
for 4K sram at 20MHz
the devboard i just got uses a $7 SAM7
with 64K sram and 256K flash
honestly blargh, code size is about the last of my worries at this point
yeah its like waste amount of sram
haha, the avr32 at digikey in QFP only has 32K of sram
does avr32 have flash?
nuh uh
i dont think its flash based
i think its completely sram based
well, not the QFP at digikey

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why you the one bitching about how your way is better
even tho your way is three $20 chips and a $300+ dongle
and your point was its cheaper, and better
i was talking about my atmel sam7, youre like 'you are a moron, avr32 is better and cheaper'
at digikey
3 chips at digikey, 2 are BGA, theres 150 listings for TQFP ARM7

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whats a makefile!
who gives a shit when im using arm7
i thought you were done conversion with me, genius
even arm7 in thumb mode?
im asking, btw, not acusing
and btw, what
hit me with your wisdom, blargh

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im assuming hes in school to be one, if hes not
he seems rather sensitive about it
math problems!
okay so he is a BSEE or MSEE?
curiouser and curiouser
maybe blarghs old nick
QQ is an emote?
aw, sad
one negs the question of blargh...
if ARM7 isnt comparable to AVR32, why did you even bring AVR32 up?
negs (c) renco, all of the times.

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'hi yeah i applied for fall 08, can you maybe start fall 08 in spring? yeah thx'
blargh: because i was doing something else?
fuck the paper
i can do this shit now
so why are you such a negative asshole?
whats going fucked up in your life right now?
is your BSEE experience not so great? too much challenge maybe?
serious, for two days you been going on about how im retarded, because AVR32 is better and cheaper thsn ARM and engineers are better than techs
theres only 3 AVR32
and theyre $20
and programming dongle is $350
i know
i pasted tons of them last night
same thing?
i got mine for $20
the one for ARM from atmel is $120
even from atmel, ARM7/9 is cheaper
how is it not the same thing?
i can do jtag debug with my $20 thing
okay, genius

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blargh: i also have a CNC Programming AS
i did both programs in parallel
because you cant do two year programs in under 3 or 4, so i just did two in 5
yeah, if i go to pierce one more semester, ill have an AA lib arts
so 3 degrees in 5 years, i actually beat the 2 years per degree myth
also, from what ive learned of BSEE programs, im WAAAAAAAAY glad i did the tech programs first
like, i can actually do shit and work a scope
most BSEE grads are not so lucky
cant work a real life resistor =(
hehe silly engineers
blargh: you too
btw my $80 ARM dev environment is working out great
how are coming on your avr32 projects?
blargh: yeah hello because i cant make them start early just for me

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DC, AC, Semiconductors, Schema Drafting and PCB, 3 project courses
is like core, then theres 3 branches for certification
discrete digital, microprocs; microwave transmission, RF circuit; linear circuit, opamp circuits
do everything for an AS Electronics
and im transferring into engineering in Fall 08, Spring 09 at the latest
tho im maybe interviewing for a very sext EL/CNC tech position next month
so dunno exacly whats gonna happen
i dunno what your community college is like
we have mad gear and funding, and this area was the center of west coast defence for like 40 years
so leftover techs and engineers
i know
thats why im transfering into an BSEE or BS Mechatronics program
i dont remember what his deal was
lots of schools he never finished, i believe

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i think ADC might use a ramp DAC and compare
dunno tho, really
ion is a free electron, no?
what were mismatched atoms called?
we covered magnetics and E field in AC class and RF classes
RF classes it was nuts, i only got half of that shit and i think i was doing better than most the peeps in the class
its literally linear electronics inverted and inside out
like, the relations are exactly the same
but theyre related to linear stuff in inverse manner
it was too early in AC class
we did the maths but none of us really got it totally
the semester before, we just played with resistors for 15 weeks
community college in SFV
so most the tech instructors used to do mil and aerospace contracting in the 60s, 70s and 80s
hehe, some of the machine/cnc instructors are old =\
like, programming machines on punchcards and shit

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dialectric = 1
hehe, its how we define 'does not conduct well'
potential = voltage
daveman: for more seperation you need a higher voltage
magnetics is like a change in current thin
so disconnecting a battery might cause a spike in magnetic energy
magnetics and electric fields are fucked up =(
24V has 1/2 the electrons compared to protons

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xsf04: voltage is like pressure
GND voltage is like, crowded electrons making pressure, or empty electrical pressure
depending how you wanna see it
voltage supply is like, not enough electrons, needs more elctrons
they trying to suck new electrons in
+ attracts electrons
electrons are negatively charged
so positive charge means a lack of electrons vs protons

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they dropped 1TB ones?
new era shit wtf
i need to build a computer this year
fallout3 in like less than a year
i wanted a laptop too for school, but i think ima just gonna get an eeepc
haha i bricked my WAP like that =(
it works, but its got wifi and login password i forgot like a year ago
your controller or my WAP?
my WAP has reset button disabled, because i DD-WRT'ed it =(

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500GB prob under $.20/gb now
prob $.20/GB exactly for seagates, now
they were like $120 i think couple months ago

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shitty PSU is the prob?

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but yeah, all he needed to do to that code was adjust the wavtab
heh, 'throbtab:'

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okay my bad i lied
its like 12 lines of mainloop code
i wanna see his version

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lpm is maybe 5 opcodes overhead because of the pointer loading, incriment word, and branch test
so i mean his project, init aside, is like 7 lines of code
i lost the bastebin link so i cant find mine =(
yeah probably
ha i pasted it in his channel with the vid of the sine throw on the LED
the header says ' by ren for avrfreal'
but google dont seem to get that deep into the pastebins
erm avrfreak

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dude why would you ever sim in software
like, software sim is for stuff like math debugging in asm, or debugging layered ints, or some shit like that
or finding where you fat fingered or reverse ordered some shit
fuckin proof of concept for a throbbing LED?
i wanna see code
my code was like maybe 40 lines, no macros
hell prob 20 lines, half timer init
in asm!
blackmoon: haha the table was single line no breaks
pastebin couldnt even wrap it because no spaces between values
the main loop program was like 10 lines
pointer inc, reset if past end, load from flash, output byte

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and i bet i know what his major stumbling block was
timers use 16b regs
in asm, you have to handle them in certain orders for read and write
because its buffered, loading is triggered on the low byte read/write
ya know
i mean like, thats basic
i dealt with that for months at the beginning
code will work sometimes, no obvious reason
ha me and macegr helped someone with that in here last week
vaporware king
like, i have ideas, sure i prob only do maybe 1/4 of them, finish 1/2
but fuck man, move on if you cant do something or it just aint making you happy or money

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originally, it was 'wtf why are you avrfreak? you know a website that is very popular and useful uses that name'
and then it was not so slow process of avr wisdom discovery
he had very litte =(
.net i think?
yeah its a really good site
atmel supports it, its got tons of avr info
thats my main problem with him
like, a full YEAH after coming in all like 'IM THE BEST AT AVR'...
hes in #nop like, 'omg why does my program fly off into flash unless i put a loop to itself at the end?'
i mean like, year later he is still working on basic processor coding concepts
dude i coded his whole project in an hour
and i didnt know how to use lpm before that
so i learned lpm, and coded his two year project, with functionality to make ANY kind of flash pattern
jezus it has built in pwm
all you do is init it, use another timer int for mainloop, and load a value from flash, put it into pwm compare reg
jezus fuck

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yeah but if youre accessing them with ram instructions, might as well be using an 8051 or some old shit
thats beyond retarded
hell using the lower 16 regs when you have open upper regs is almost always a time waste
how often do you have regs which NEVER need immediate-type opcode handling
lower regs you gotta load into an upper and then store again
so like for single values, like two cycles less, but more values, ram kicks low regs ass after two pre-inc'ed reads
ha, this was my original argument with the avrfreak, although not including the sram, because he didnt know how to do that yet
ha, yeah, for a weak compiler maybe
like, i wonder if you do a n/2^x, if gcc will byte shift or do the long division
no, originally the core of the argument had content

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so yeah i dunno, looks same to me
whats =>
thats easy i know that one
you tricked me
blackmoon: i didnt say what they do is same just how you tell it to do!
stab it with pointy!
pPMC is prob the location of the the peripheral PMC, some main clock thing
PMC_PLLR is the offset (which is how they do all peripheral addies, so you have to look at two diff pages)
(because openocd doesnt do register labels, have to hijack chip with actual mem addies)
(i flipped teh olimex LED with ARM JTAG, w00t)

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why didnt they just write it like that
yeah thats part of why i get confused
i learned basic c++ in school
so i know some of the stuff is useless, just dunno which stuff
so ptr_to_y is like a structure location
and y is like the offset
cuz that makes sense
like, start_here -> this_many
its like kinda like >> << stuff except for addies
yeah, the . thing was weird but i think i got that too
i should prob read down the wiki instead of up the wiki
this_value << this_many
this_value >> this_many
start_here -> this_many

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hey guys
what is -> -< in C?
10:18 <@renesis> pPMC -> PMC_PLLR = blah
10:19 <@renesis> = put 'blah' into PMC location of data structure PMC_PLLR?
thats not what i meant fools
okay thats what wiki said
charles: thats what i just said up there in the paste, foo
yeah its weird how that works
its like, everyone is so wrong about wiki
wtf does brittanica know about C
i dont think so
im still checking!
how ass backwards of C syntax

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