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fuck all that
^dx^: wakeup
^dx^: !
we need to do china order
you have you cyber mod now and you can kinda type and stuff

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wow laser printer + usb = hit button, printer starts, no delay
and free parport for teh jtags
ive run out of ports =(
i have one broken out to a hub in my 17" viewsonic CRT
so you can imagine how old it is. prob not 2.0 =( =( =(
i need to get a new case
im over the novelty of the made-in-usa-heavy-steel-early-90s-style-full-tower case
blackmoon: buy me lian-li case, i will pay you $20
you make $20!

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wtf is cocoa?

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the K2 stars are bigger but some of them are like towards twice as good

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can get ones that do 100 at 350mA

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ooo, ty mr test33
white LED (prototypes)
150 lm/W
comparable to LED
wtf prototype
wonder what luxeons do
aaaaaaaw jeeeeeeeah
so maybe this become an issue of heat removal

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fuck whos up
so failure for LED plant lighting is HID/HPS prob more light/W, right?
so for same heat, less light
but reflected fleuros work

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from sparkfun
PA29 PA29
its not a big deal, theyre in order
so its not hard to figure out
its schema + pinout, the pinout is slightly wrong
i have eagle part lib
ima install diptrace and do it in that cuz i wanted to try but been lazy

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its like 18mA + .5*4.7mA

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no idea, kinda busy

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if youre using a DMM its probably an RMS value
we were calculating for peak
i dunno im not really paying attention to your maths
if it works i dont know why youre stressing
if you wanna know that bad, you need to scope it

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how can i forget
macegr: SN10502, SOIC8

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you mean for non insudtrial use?
cuz yeah, fuck that
waste of carbon

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okay cool
i just gotta pick out a rail to rail opamp
damn only 13
4 amps in soic with rail to rail in/out

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so when i actually showed up (did alot of for credit work at home)
i was like full gas/dust mask for 8 hours
or i was riding my bike home sick feelin and lightheaded

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i dont thing so, i think he has some sort of 'touch', or like he has 'the welders edge', or some shit
does weld demos on the torches, no gloves
haha, 'you guys better be wearing eye protection'
look around, half people arent
doesnt even make a reaction, just like 5sec pause
then goes to it, throwing sparks everywhere
was doing a metal identification demo
based on spark color and length and branching
naw he told them, thats all hes really responsible for
yeah im like full welder mask, flip up shade so i can see without lifting mask
and some protective glasses and respirator underneath
yeah totally
he wears protection
just some clear glasses or some welding goggles
he mentions it, but he aint gonna beg anyone, they all adults
we did whole days in the machine shop, my last two semester of manual machining
saturdays, 8a-3p

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got your face protection?
maybe just cut up your arms a bit =D
k i finished footprint for my olimex header board
this is truth
might have just been bad
ha my instructor did shit to the cuttoff ginder blades i would have considered total abuse
to the tool and the blade
tool didnt care, blade didnt chip, heh

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macegr: home?

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ttmustang: yeah its called a dimmer

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timecop: error in olimex pinout
two PA29, no PA28 (inspiring)

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blogger: k
its a notblog!
charles: old
actually, old
timecop: okay i maybe have more neat stuffs
did they release your pkg?
09:47 <avrFreak> hello, moron. You're wrong, our bot is NOT hosted at aimcomp.com, dumb fuck
hehe, gave up getting into dioxides bot and got his own finally
avrfreak growin up!

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wow those are big lcd
omg led
there was one in montreal
on the science museum building
kinda bust up, bunch of pixels and panels
big tho, and its fucked up weather there
but still im like, you guys should be okay at waterproof by now, cmon

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oh hi
going home!?
i think i want rail to rail opamps
i have to find some sexy ones with rail2rail in and outs
sample quantities, why you know cheap for ton location?
ti, cuz you wanna do the trade thing
but yeah i guess we dont have to trade same companies
wow, now this is more complicated all of a sudden

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