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ha, ghey
yast2 infection!
but whatever youre just talking about package managers
i dont like suse much, but its the best of the big crappy ones
windowmaker is kinda ugly and weird
thank you lets argue scemantics so we can all be so proud of how smart you are at words stu
jezus fuck you guys are lame fanboys
the doc apps are all ugly
wtf is confusion, i have a menuwhen i click on my desktop with all my apps
menu i make, with a os defined submenu
yeah because you lose at software
k, bye stu

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causality: were you being sarcastic?
slack + blackbox = sex.
have not found this to be the case, no

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omg you guys are so helpless
why the fuck are you running fedora?

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new zealand
its supposed to be like ultramega california
like, huge range of climate and geography in small area
not attached to fucked up county
ooo, also neat
see wtf
this coder is having the core do shit the preprocessor can do
like hes having the core do the offset for the different stacks with subtracts

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'and this function is to get the core stuck. and this one... and this one...' WTF =(

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okay pls2specify kde/gnome gheys
hell yeah
flux is bloat and slow tho
i always end up going back to original ancient bb
shit is quick like 70lb ninjas on meth
seravitae: they all suck
AT91F_Default_FIQ_handler: b AT91F_Default_FIQ_handler
wow that line is genius
abnoxiously named labels attached to code that does absolutely nothing

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omg like kde isnt totally the same type of failure
ha whatever, linux runs my cnc machine
windows sucks at it
#1 j00nix wm = anything blackbox
fuck all this windows explorer emulation bullshit
timecop: have working windows and lunix SAM7 toolchain
what is this realview
haha its the 5th
hehe, im learning asm cuz the init file we have sucks =\
haha, my ass is so backwards
its the most familiar file ive seen in the whole build dir
not even worth loading

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tons of cores spin way faster than 20MHz
and they prob didnt think in terms of single cycle opcodes
like, fetching and decoding and all that shit was prob a cycle each
cores are all pimp now
and then like improvements in architecture
yeah but the mid 70s, all sorts of solid state computers
fuck i hate it when i fuck up and hit bid instead of snipe

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kevtris: wtf why
like, did he give some elaborate reason involving silicon chemistry and switching speed and like wtf?
i save money if i buy from ebay china is i buy in brit currency
(cheaper shipping)

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lionus: please do not mistake absolute maximum specs for love

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yeah semicorps prob shoot me for leakin the juice
wow. this n00b gets it

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wow neat paypal has been refilled
Extra consideration given to war resistors, draft dodgers, Quakers, Greens, political refugees, Landmark Education graduates, Macrobiotics.
Working with others, Problem solving, Critical thinking, and significant use of your brain. THIS JOB REQUIRES THINKING, ALL THE TIME.
yes many
you dont think people who make chargers think, do you?
they just look at typical application and put into schema capture and wire up the pcb and maybe make money

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but yeah the cap values i used were for like 10mV ripple on the 1.5V amd 5V lines and 100mV ripple on the 25V lines
but the 25V are multiplexed and chopped all to shit in the application anyway
yeah, made it easy to figure out what the max out was for my Vin/Vout based on peak switch current
hehe, the TI and AD datasheets are almost identical, same equations and schemas and page layouts
diff values, heheh

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prob not very much
i originally tested them with a huge unregulated 28V supply ive used for chipamps
theyre max is 27V
theyre running at 25V
well, i could use a linear reg on the 5V
because its not that loaded, that supply is way overkill
but it feeds the wwvb IC
and i wanna test it just to test the chips and coils towards their max spec
because i never done switchers before
yeah at least i didnt cross the streams
yeah those look nutty
this was way easy
like, hard part was making the 6 or 7 equation make sense to make a working spreadsheet
like, shit just worked, still not smoking, im like =O

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green apple color led = neat
switching the vfd supplies
the unswitched rail is 5v for logic and leds and etc
like, i want blue-grn to match the tubes but they seem non stock at digikey and gone at mouser
max Vgs on the pfet
half asleep when ordering those, didnt see the Vgs max, only +-8v, and thats a 12V supply
they get pulled to ground, it pulls the fet gate down like 3-4V, turn it on
just a stupid buy, but i have bunch of sot23 zeners so fixed it
yeah they will do inverting too

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rab: because trace width led are neat?
i dunno
i was using 24
yeah, i have ton of 0603 leds
cost per part = free (i dont really remember paying for them, shrug)
im trying to be post-blue
its not bad for them
analog reciever circuit on the same board as the vfd driver stuff
like off in a corner, little IC and related stuff

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reza_: about 3min
ripple would be my nemesis except in this case its my bitch
hard to src blue-grn 0603 led =(

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keep ripple and height low,
wwvb is atomic clock transmitter
yeah also looks sexy
but also because its a fuckin crazy EMI generator 3" away from a analog reciever circuit
hehe, like 3" antenna signal output okay
2", kinda bad... 1.5", omg!!1
hmm, sec lemme adjust and upload
cap values are wrong compared to final board
how embarrasing my symbol font sizes dont all match
nope goes to list
all hippies are sellouts man
dude its everywhere
its been here for years
oh fuck if i care

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the vfd tubes will be directly above it
trying to keep all the noisy shit in one place
get which?
the cnc or the tubes?
the cnc is a taig 2019cr + xyltex stepper driver
steppers are like 100oz/in-ish
harbor freight is always a fun experience
heh, i chose a real low switching freq
for effeciency and to keep way out of the WWVB spectrum
i can hear it

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at 10b its still an awesome spec for the 3 colors mixed
cant fuck with 24b color
somewhat, i have a test socket and a psu
yeah i got little preamp ones
with grid pins
haha yeah that was fun
1.5v, 25v
its actually the bitch of the three rails (+5v digital rail), doing it linear would make the clk a big heater
thats the tube and the psu
yeah i <3 the preamp size envelopes
machines the board on my cnc
its like that so it can sit underneath and slightly behind the main board

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but yeah if you can stand the freak, more free IC is more free IC
i dunno how much yours cost
all mine were pretty cheap
they let me have 10 of the vrefs and mc34063
mc34063 are the switchers i used for the vfd clk psu
still not on fire
well else did i get
some 2MHz switcher things, some external switch switcher things, 3.3v ldo, youre thingies, the rail to rail amps
like, im not doubting it, i just think its overkill by two bits

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macegr: okay if TI ask, im making standalone internet mp3 stream player
with led bling
cuz then the rail to rail amps and vrefs make sense
ask dx
hell do a trade

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heheh, i used to rip 3-6 netflix movies a week =\
wow sucky
computers suck, yo
easynews tells me!

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kevtris: hi
i hate c =(
hehe, i got a toolcain working for my arm7 thing
set res to 640x480
hehe, nvidias have that
oh because it wont change res on vid start?
all my movies not by netflix are from netflix

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2.048 vrefs, woot
woah theyll let me have up to 10 of those
become part of me and macegrs sample ring
^dx^: so we can get more than max limit
ttmustang: yes
but you prob want them from china

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looks okay but who knows
for pcb you want like under .005 backlash to do .015 type stuff
doubt it

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you can hax it
but yeah buying is better
your prob gonna have to h4x a table you get off ebay
its nema mounts, leadscrew couplers, and an adjustable, somewhat consumable brass backlash nut
yeah so it dont wear the leadscrew down vry much
so leadscrew eats it
but you can adjust it, so its all good
brass is soft without being pussy
high lead content i think

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i can just just V cut them so they snap
i could do perf too i guess
prob about the same time, drilling or doing milled V cuts
by cheap you mean like around $1000?
per axis
you can get a manual taig for a few hundred
whole thing
short X
think so, sec
youd have to throw the NC shit on it
numerical control, the CNC shit
$700 for a short taig
for the nema mounts and couplers, adjustable backlash nut
netional electronics manufacturers association
i think
they spec all sorts of motor mounts and electrical boxes, etc

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which is like around 60Hz
youll prob want a few in parallel
thats 120Hz
in your case, 100Hz
parallel with source resistors
yeah i have those

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are they gonna charge me shipping per part?
like if i get 8 diff sample parts, they gonna make it 8x?
haha everytime i add a part it resets quantities to 1

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confused =(
macegr: which IC you wanted?
16 Channel LED Driver w/DOT Correction & Grayscale PWM Control
in teh pdip format
haha fucking ti, 'mailing adress', and 'shipping adress'.
no shit?
PWM PIMP indictor for a sec toy

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no im saying the alternating gnd lines act like signal shields
so better EMI and cross channel interference resistance
macegr: i think thats right, the soic, no?

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^dx^: i like 10pin
people say the extra gnds are a waste
but i know better
80lead IDE > 40lead IDE

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yeah but socketed chips are like .5" tall
and thats ass

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okay i know what i want from TI
i forgot what you wanted, tho
and i have to go to post office 10min ago

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lcd fixed itself that time too

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the liquid will freeze?
wtf the probes liquid will freeze?
omg they ned to be stabbed
wow mexicans came and swapped out the warped board under my sink in under an hour
that was fucking awesome
put all the shit back inside and everything
yeah ive frozen mine accidentally
left in freezer
comes back
i once took apart a phone with a screwdriver i made out of an exacto blade
so i could blow the water out
and then press the ttactile pads manually because the rubber pads was shorting them out cuz the fabric backing was moist
had to call a mufucker after fallin in a stream

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oh i forgot the part where he wished me good luck on my projects
which i mean is cool, maybe, but its kinda weird when the compiler calls and says 'good luck'
like wtf, do i need massive amounts of luck for some reason?
ERROR: (Line 0) Unsatisfactory LUCK parameter.

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wtf IAR called me
'hi you downloaded our software yesterday?'
'like last week.'
'are you looking to buy a compiler.'
'im a student im just trying to get my arm devkit working.'
'okay do you know how to get back in contact with us if you need help?'
'you have a contact page on your website.'
'okay thank you for choosing our compiler.'

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causality: no really it was a trip
im lying there with a bunch of needles, like...
'wtf am i gonna do for 30min, this is fucking boring wtf...'
then i woke up 30min later, feeling awesome

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acupuncture is awesome

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woah guys check this out
REVerse ENGineer
thats almost a real word!
calgar: when i sleep, when i go to school, when i hang out with people
i dont sleep a ton, schools out, and im not hanging out with people unless they come kidnap me
because i got teh ARM.
pls2join #uninteresting
i will if you will
man you need a new job you are mediocre at best

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we dont need a stats page to tell us moon doesnt care enough to learn to spell eheheh
blackmoon: cuz we never sure
'i think'
yeah im all about adjective modifiers
fuck optomism
optomism is walking blindly towards your death
yeah i get along with people or totally piss them off
oh is he pasting the map?
thats a pretty neat irc map output
coderjedi, cmon
it means i dont go outside very much
and like, i have friends, hahaha so wtf is wrong with me?

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i pay $.25 for every text msg
i have a 1000min plan
free nights and weekend
fuck all that im not paying $5 more
because thats a ripoff too
just want mufuckers to stop texting stupid shit
and this guy, he fucking like sprays
coderjedi: dude ive been here for like 5 years
so obviously im gonna be higher on the stat site list than you
yeah but this is like my home
you are like in my home, you are some new person who is louder than average
oh yeah im like 5-20K words a day prob
this is old news coderjedi

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like who can remember just quote indexes?
no just !quote is random i think
random is hard to impliment with one quote
make it work right!
cmon !quote is like a standard cmd, unspoken spec, GET IT RIGHT!!
!addquote <AVRfreak> asdasiuhdole
!search avrfreak
man im stoned
!quote avrfreak
charles: make it search proper!
charles: how do i do ?? you said i could get access?

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my friend had a dream where you had to prepay for items at the drug store
theyd give you a receipt, then you get your stuff
i of course lost the reciept (sounds like me)
(i was in dream)
they gave him scratchers instead of the items he paid for
no like lottery i think
!quote underwear
dunno kinda sucks

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thats why you shouldnt be laughing =(
yeah really
we used to take out the light posts in placement group home like that
so we could smoke our herbs proper, in the dark
bbgun works
blackmoon: hahaha
macegr: heheheh
if you dont know, it probably wasnt
you can if it has tubes and is shiny

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i dont think the borg can understand the concept of crack
break away stu!
whats omega?
see i dont watch these shows/read these books
i dunno what youre talking about
yeah borg could prob use that, for something
rx part
yeah exactly
omg just buy an IR rx module
what like $.50?
yeah but the tv might kill you
and no one here will notice you are gone until its to late to debate calling 9/11 for someone on irc
maybe you wanna give us youre address or something just in case
yeah really
they bash.org it

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and no i dont watch stargate
trekkie stuff makes me frustrated
like, they did utopia, and it worked and everyones happy
yeh right
honor, or some stupid shit
communist mind programming
i bet they tortue the fuck outta the people that fuckup
the darkside of trek
hahaha picard and kirk consume crackdust
it does all make more sense now
i wonder who runs the crack distribution ring
prob the romulans

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be nice to ecko!!!11!1O1ne
im gonna watch johnny mnemonic
maybe i was wrong when i thought it sucked, like the first three times i saw it
i dont know moon, i just dont know
well cuz thats kinda what he does
stores data in his brain in some sort of audible storage language
naw worse
just datastreams
yeah he speaks compressed data and apprently his corruption rate is gauranteed zero for a few days i think
then it fries his brain
yakuza left some shit in his brain
gotta get it out
like, instead of molly character, the movie has this sick fucked up whore character
like, they de-awesomed molly
i think ice-t was a lotek
why he was all rat looking

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