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it means you aint gonna pickup your amp output on your cell phone antenna
7.5KM work fine for a dipole
get you some mad coverage
put that shit straight up
tap in the middle, aaaaaaw yeah
but they prob got big antenna, and the transmitters gotta be huge
WWVB 60KHz antenna in CO is like a fuckin circus tent
bunch of cables strung out between poles
i have an antenna for it with built in resonator cap
was getting a couple volts of perfect sine carrier loaded up with my scope probe
pretty neat (didnt expect it to work at all, heh)
okay ima make the sam7 make the terminal say pot %

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i wonder if sam7 adc sucks or this panasonic pot has consistent rough adjustment

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nice i get full 0-FF range
gpf_1: hi
more scope infos!
i got all sorts of stuff on my sam7 dev kit working
usart and adc and io w00t

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think 5V kill a 3v arm pio?
up to 5.5V

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hey man i was in there the longest
you guys all lost the faith, or some shit
hehe that thing was neat

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yeah ad infected personal sites ftl
and i dont think thats really his wife
i didnt get details out of him tho
omg avrfreak on my space
is that you or lockheed or MI6 or what?
i <3 my dragon/stk500
nasa gonna git j00, ghostman
you have the usb one or serial?
you got hops, neiah
ur butt

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i think ima make a resistor bin
throw em in there instead of throw them away
RLC bin
RLC = junker RLC
this can work
macegr: fedex says TI stuff here by 10th

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ur moms fucking internets!
yeah thats right, i said it
wtf did i do with all my double row headers =(
okay im buying that from china, then paying the poor guy
after begging for shipping discount
cuz they are like maybe top10 useful things ever
like, im sticking wires up inside my sam7 kits headers
that gotta stop, yo =\
i gotta organize
i have very big bins
kinda like localized piles, really
some sectioned off by ziplock bags
some just piles in a box
yeah i always spend a few hours into it before i just kinda give up
not worth the time

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w00t got teh sam7 usart working
charles: if it dont got a switch on the PSU im like, fuck this, this is old
my normal suggestion to user: yo man you need a new fuckin computer. this shit old.'
except like, dells and shit
$1500, ships with a ball mouse and a 200W psu
alot =(
people coming with like SIMMs sometimes =( =(
dude dell bought like 1,000,000 of them once or something
they still sell computers with ball mice
2007, vista computer, ball mouse, wtf?
yeah the 20/24 pin atx thing is kinda wtf too
'yeah we know the extra platform specific power plug was working fine but we have a new idea. btw fuck you.'

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