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macgyver0: hahahaha
cnc project defeated by babies!
no probably, pics

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what eh?
design change?
man im like super busy for next 10 or 15 hours =\
ti samples come from digikey?

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well you fuck up the anodizing
except for monitor status data line

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they obsoleted the linking ones
they only sell the little ones in 500+ quantity, old ones
oh, all of them
just accessories are low quantity
the holes on that are countersunk
yeah thats weird
if your panel isnt countersunk like that id be pissed

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timecop: do yours export?
either way its taking like 5000 miles to get here
theres gotta be a local extrusions place
rab: yeah
the hook into each other, i like that
naw theyre okay
i would build bench supplies into those
just needs a nice panel and back for commercial product
they dont link
omg its a panel who cant machine a panel
i can machine a panel
yeah you can hook two into each other
thats what the shit on the sides are for

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timecop: those local or import?
ok neat
is it poorly machines and finished or some shit?
front and back?
oh you need panels for those
the panels suck?
i was just gonna machine shit out of 6061 Al
i can do extrusions
i would use like 1/8" al and countersinks, flat screws
or counterbores, and socket head cap screws
cuz those shits look tek
you would drill then use a countersink

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like, my best friend used to sell cigarettes to staff
because you know, youre sleeping your whole night shift, you wake up, you really wanna smoke

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he used to tell my friends mom about my case, what was going on and how he felt
so my friend mom would tell himi, and hed tell me, was pretty weird, heheheh
i assume it was fake herb
dunno maybe he bust out the real shit, but i doubt it
industrial cannabis or some other herb mostl likely
it looked like dank
but my friend had told me about when he smoked a bunch of the stuff he had left in his moms room
did like nothing to him
im sorry, even if the weed is total shit, you get fucked up off 4 bowls
in fact the shitter the weed, the more 'fucked up' you get as opposed to 'high'
this shit did nothing
it was either industrial (hemp, eheheh) or it was nothing
rab: hahaha
and get assigned some other random social worker?
fuck all that
when youre a client of the system, you have no rights
the court is your mom and dad
if you bitch, eventually it gets to the courts
courts wont rule against itself
yeah in this case, no one will listen
youre on drugs
and youre a minor
and youre a ward of the court, youre full of shit by default in court

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i know because he was dating my friends mom
and my friend jacked his weed and said it tasted, smoked, looked, smelled like regular sensi indicas
but he smoke like 4 bowls and it didnt do anything to him
to build trust, duh
it was him pulling me out of one county fascility (drugged out of my mind of psych meds) to take me to another
i just looked at him and went 'naw'
gave him a wtf is wrong with you look
like we got into his car, he opens the center console, and theres an art glass pipe packed with what looks like dank herb

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no dude throwies
git yo hed outta da gutta, son
no i bought parts to make 100
it was just not very innovative
didnt break new grounds
meme duration of -3 seconds
and yes i have dredlocks, why?
hehe i just trimmed in between them
they kinda look somewhat professional when i pull them back
fuck high times
n00b stoner bs
i think i read half of one in like 8th grade and thought the fake weed ads were lame
i had a social worker try to smoke me out with fakeweed once

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i could stick in dragon and just use its breakouts
or i guess thats dumb
i can just put the pins on the surfboard the other way
get a dragon
theyre prob like around $100, dunno anymore
but it does the jtag and debugwire stuff
and its just headers for isp, jtag, supply
debugwire is integrated into isp because its all thru reset pin
the sim thing is nice
i learned how to program an avr in like a week mostly with that sim
where is my fucking package?

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possibly even profitable
thats like a $2 board
no im saying to produce
header, sockets
is it one socket?
if its one socket im thinking $1 board
pcb production cost is $0 until i run out of boards
which wont happens for awhile
but thats dragon style
and i can tell you, its not great really
ZIF + breakout header in the dragon is kinda a bitch
well, its about same i think, no?
beause the ZIF is prob way more than the sockets
prob like 4x to 8x more
making smt surfboards with pin breakout to 40pin zif be kinda neat

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macegr: is pretty useful
macegr: i have the rs232 spare hooked into my single serial port, and i program it by jumpering the avr dragon to the right isp port
so i can do debugwire capable chips with it
wut that
adapter for something?
can make it
eagle it up and ill machine up a couple
the adapters all plug into the breakouts on the side, shouldnt be hard to figure out
fun even

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timecop need terminal sex0rz

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haha wtf
powertoy calc is somewhat neat
i have <3/h8 relations
yeah powertoy calc you gotta hit a taskbar menu item
kinda sucks

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timecop: wtf is up with x and binary?
how come it doesnt know what 0b00000000 is?
how come printf wont output binary, but it does hex?
yeah but why =(
okay say you wanna see if an adc or anything is truncating bits
omg reason
or you wanna specify a mask by bits
youre doing it when you input hex or do shifted 1 defines
yeah but thats lame that it doesnt know about binary
i dont want the code to do it
well, i guess i do
but i want the preprocessor to recognize it too

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omg where is upsex
theyve like melded into the same focal point of frustration and anger for me

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but yeah, more chance you just flip it in a turn
macegr: it was sideways in the curbs of the turns, hopping with all the little bumps
handled fine, is a proper little racer
like, most the turn he hart the kart in full opposite lock
not as fast but less dangerous, more fun
they should put a roll hoop and bigger tires on it
id rather have gixxerkart than a gixxer

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hot chick drives gixxerkart vs viper
dude for a girl in a racer thing shes hot
yeah look, it doesnt hop at all when it spins
totally flat
when it was oversteering sideways thru the turn, totally flat
the tires dont have enough grip for it to flip
thats prob why they keep them so little
they dont even have a rool hoop behind the seat
thats kinda fucked up
not with those tires
but yeah bigger, stickier tires, you could take the engine alot farther before it breaks the tires loose

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blackmoon: like, he prob spin the tires eaily in high gear
er, easily
well it needs a real racer layout
and bigger tires
like small open wheel racers, bit smaller
the big engine offset to one side that much cant be good for anything
looks fun tho
and i think he lost it and spun end of first run
so its not a flipper
just dont run into things =(
cheap tool make machinist jezus cry

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the put a gsxr into a kart?
omg no
omg hes sitting in it wtf!?!?!?
haha needs more tire
haha, thru the turn with opposite lock
i want
it really needs more tire tho
it can go faster
yeah bike engine is high rpm
yeah for a kart that to much offset weight

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when you shift out of gear, into neutral, the shaft with the clutch is free spinning
so when you slam into another gear, it has to match up the revs on the shafts before mating them up
yeah and cutaways are always fucked up because of weird fluid channels in the castings
auto trans are weird =\
and you know torque converters are basically propellers and hydraulic fluid, no?
i think most of them lock now
but yeah its like a boat =\
so yeah, like if you want to, you can be very concious of manual transmission parts
and like match up shaft speed before shifting, while braking (because you are shiftninja)
what do you mean treat?
shit i think all the buildup of fucked up belt would make them work better

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you aid your brakes, and set up your transmission for accelerating out of a turn
then if youre really sexy at it, you learn to brake, clutch, match revs, downshift, unclutch
all three pedals
with rev matching for quick shifting and easier load on the shaft synchronizers
when you throw a shifter into a gear, and it kinda pauses for a sec
and you here a whining noise like something spooling up
then that stops and the shifter falls into place
those are your synchonizers
when those fuckup your gears grind even when youre doing it right and you look like a total goon
heh, i think theyre conical friction based things or somethings
transmissions fuck me up, manuals mostly make sense, but my brain goes wtf at drawings of automatic transmissions
but basically, you have to match the input shaft to the output shaft

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you dont shift either =(
see you need to learn to control speed without brakes
like if you wanna do shifter cart or car or motorcycle or whatever
especially little stuff, you can control speed with clutch and shifter and gas, on auto you need to brake
so auto worse on gas, worse on brakes
no opposite
when youre going way fast and hitting your brakes in a useful way is gonna put mad wear on them...
then you use engine braking
or going down hills
or slowing for lights
only time you wanna be on the brakes is slower city driving, small quick adjustments for speed, final stop, and OMGWTFEMERGENCY stuff
pfft fuck that
everything else, you can throttle modulate and engine brakes
thats why downshifting is sex

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hehe, i think you play more arcade style than sim style race games
you did seem to <3 the NFS series
you play sega outrun 2006 or whatever it was?
omg best arcade racing ever
get this in some turns, they will rotate the world so you can make the turn
thats some insane physics
you basically cruise at 90-200 mph the whole game
and you get to pick from ALL the ferraris
blackmoon: dude everything is so fast its hard to notice
but theres a few where you do 90deg turn at 150mph
and you notice they just rotated the whole world just so you could hit the turn that fast
that fuckin arcade style racing, yo
fuck all that
ps2 dualshock 4 life
because its based on the ps2 controller
which is a direct ripoff os a SNES controller
and the SNES controller was the coolest shit ever when it came out
wtf sega genesis, yeah how to i hit A button and C button?
thank god in sonic all buttons did the same thing
else i wouldnt have had any fun on a genesis
get a dualshock
and a ps2 controller ->usb adapter
get a real 1st party dualshock, dont get some imitation crap or a 3rd party one
best controller ever.

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like, fastest way thru a turn should be early braking, hit the apex in like the last 1/3 of your turn
longest straights
but thats reality
no one slides in F1 anymore
except montoya, but he was pretty much neat because he didnt know all the rules in F1
like, no one passes in F1
or, no one fights for a lead so hard they punt the other driver AND themselves
montoya was neat, pussy gave up tho
yeah but thats not racing
in reality, you just sidelined you and the other guy
yeah but it takes no skill!
i mean, ill race fucked up like that when i get frustrated
but ill give it like two or twenty honest shots first
you get just ahead of dude and put your weight on him
so you have more effective traction
that wouldnt work in alot of games
and yeah in a real race, you guys both just lost
and yeah, its not hard, you just gotta make sure your center of gravity is in his turning path

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like a CVT
yeah but im saying instead, you can just use that
makes stoping and starting a ton easier
well yeah at first
then you gass them and the belt gets pulled outward
its really like a CVT
yeah i just meant the mechanics and use
implimentation isnt quit as good on the gokart ones eheheh
they have a weird spool up
ha nice
im pretty sure most kart racing places use those kinda clutches
i wont play racing games in auto mode
like how you downshift to bust the rear end out befor turns?
see that playing vs code
you race like you should race a car
and then judge the codes ability to sim reality

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under your butt
if it works, itll wheelie you
you want it in the middle someplace
worst case, you want it directly above the rear axel
new toyoto mr2 style
yeah but that + torque spin
6hp is alot for a bike
that whit will flip you
and break its mounting all to shit doing it probably
haha prob not
spokes are strong dude =\
cuz theyre just threaded steel and theres like 30 or 40 of them depending on bike
hehe, or like 10 if its a race bike
or like 2 or 3 if its a CF r ace bike
does it have a shifter box attached?
macegr: eh?
heh, gokart shop
or motocycle shop that does little minibikes
macegr: mine get here tomorrow
but theyll have the gearboxes and clutches you need
prob best off with a slip clutch
one of those centrifugal things
blackmoon: prob been done
yeah theyre fun, weird to get used to

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i gott finish up clock pcb
they run really cool, so i put them like on top of each other
maybe .05 spacing between them (my footprints are very slightly overbig)

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haha i wonder what the fab house would say when they got a board named 'BOMB DET'
haha eheheheheh
rab: hahahaha

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because i mean, youd have to be some kinda tech genius to really be able to defuse all sorts of trigger mechanisms
its not hard to default a system to explode
yeah they usually like shotgun them with a robot
ozzzy: thats so messy!
shit just make all the wires black and have mad redunandancy and visually shielded input/output on the modules/explosive
i mean fuck why are we even using wires at all?

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okay neat
throwie parts on a truck to my house, havent got here yet
but they close
hehe, 100x cr2032
no but by tonight maybe i can!
i think ima but some double sided sticky foam squares
did i tell you how im making them with clear heatshrink and kapton film trigger strips?
yeah realy they got my prints =\
and your dimes are like smaller than hour pennies
er, our
theyre just trying to make it go away =)
do you really think the average bomb tech is as capable as the sub average electronics tech?

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art of electronics
national.com application notes
ti.com has some very good ones too
but you need to learn basics to understand that

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everything interesting?
cmon man thats not dc
why does the boatrd need to be 14"?
use multiple boards?
yeah that too
get a good book

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id check the header of the gerber too
so do i work on vfd clock board
maybe 80% complete
or do more C for arm
okay at least the schema
all i have to do is route led and add buzzer
heh i got a funny lookin piezo from digikey

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im using their sam7 header board
how it says?
crayons and love
dont forget labels
you dont really need dimensions
macegr: cutting them out duh
gerber editors mmmm

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man some people in here have major schema layout issues
the transistors are fine, in saturation mode with base resistors mode
and yeah the wiring is fine
you dont even have to dip the traces
use wire tool to flatten the dimple, heh
yeah that works
you can rotate a few more deges

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eagle does like everything except diff topside/bottom side thru hole diameters
nice, grid snapped i think
but yeah you can just text input it

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i thought it was neat tho
lay out the leds how you want
and just do that shit one sided till you can give up and do a bit two sided
not that hard
only what maybe 3 buses?
only two of them are totally on top of each other
the spi bus prob doesnt need to tangle with the led shit
yeah it does
rotate tool, text input in the toolbar
pretty sure it does weird angles
yeah, works

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okay i need to binge buy one more item
then pay
hmm i wonder if ebay has red/green/blue/yellow 3mm led cheaper than i got at digikey
like same price
more after shipping
those are white

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you can do that shit with an .80c shit tinyavr
not worth the time
causality: i have tiny85
dips tho
like 20MHz 8pin with tons of flash (for a tiny)
integrated linear ftw
you aint gonna do it better than semicorp engineers for cheaper most the time
we should start an #electronics business so we have something meaningful to argue about
oh you have pics of the leds?
i forgot
oh shity i have to pay ebay-china
china isnt free =(

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see because way at the end of the micro datasheet there is a section called electrical characteristics
and this is where the reality happens
yeah what macegr says, also
okay well i dunno what youre talking about
were talking about led
thats like 5-50mA each
so youre hitting those VCC/GND limits pretty quick
and i dunno how you avoid blowing out the low side pins
omg what the fuck up with all of you calling me weird girly names
okay well fine in that case, mcu #1
seravitae: you dont have to but its better that way
you can emitter follow the high side, dont think there would be a problem
they just dont saturate when you run them like that
but you just subtract Vbe from your led math
how much are A6280?

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darling arrays are total sex
two transistors in awesome mode in a row ready to fuck some shit up
you want.
yeah, beta multiplier
beta=1000-4000 for most integrated darlingtons
what can be done with one micro?
k bye
not likely causality

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motivation to do the spi interface for the sam7
chip failure mode: sucks

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timecop: what if the register was holding data that just happened to be 0xBADC0FFEE0DDF00D?
self destruct, or some shit?
oh that was status output?
coming from
oh okay
macegr: do it with discrete gate logic, yo
cmon you just need like a count register, an avocado, and a corkscrew
yo i need a smooth as fuck voltage ramp thats not a pot
what do i use
oh wtf RC nm im being retarded
oh huh thats not a bad idea
cuz like its a 1024 adc
i have digipots somewhere

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its funny cuz theyre all 32b
okay thats not funnt because its not hex
see were making words from hex so that doesnt count

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yeah those are pretty neat
nice angle on the cutters
hey can you think of any valid hex words besides 0xFACE?
how do you know its not muscle atrophy?

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so buuuuuuuuuurn
er, i mean idle
haha nice
where the rack units meet?
or where the racks meat the units?
oh shit how much?
fuck that normal prices
was all excited
timecop: you got a metal coil cleaner?
the coils are flexed
er, fluxed
well at least the hakko coils are fluxed
who knows wtf they put on the kitchen scrubber shit =\
oh nice
i need to get new wire
ive had mine for like two years now =\

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timecop: just take any stranded core wire and seperate the strands?
well, not like 12awg
dude its less effort than ripping apart transformers
dude, strip, untwist
did you lose all your fings in an accident or something?
just snip off what you need
cmon man think harder youre letting me down

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