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explorer came back
i hit the wrong F key or something
wow, bb4win desk switch and windows taskbar

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im stoned and i will finish spi.c and spi.h by 10a
no excuses!

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timecop: get your ARM to spin yet?
were using usart
hehe, i have that shit all jacked into my stk500
and wtf you dont have a box full of maxim samples with the odd 4ch rsxxx chip?
what its like instant leds/switches/rs232

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neat it works
theres a bb4win plugin that fixes putty death on windowshade
causality: im running blackbox and cygwin on my winxp
and nothing has caught fire yet, its been like two weeks
its very awkward
its like the most awesome desktop setup ever, im having trouble believing

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wow nice
i got a $1K pell grant
and i just checked, it was for last semester \o/
i guess if i do full time, i get same amount for next semester
tho i dont think i can because of their gay appealed class retake policy
omg they broke the website and i cant check my grades
oh nm i turned off because its gay
stupid server doesnt understand that the interweb is a 24/7 kinda thing

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AM pulse transmitter
and a directional antenna

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just wait by your door with a fuckin baseball batr
how al queda

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that thai tea, not boba
you can get boba in anything
you mean timecopfest?
cmon theres prob like 5 or 8 wives

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#1 tasty non carbonated beverage
wtf DUH
im into the red apple arizona tea
i think is red apple green tea
theres also thai tea, but if you have that all the time you ruin it
no boba, plsthx
heh, i get it because it reminds me of my friend in montreal
cuz shes like want bubble tea? im like non boba
shes like, no bubble tea
so i thought i was gonna get some awesome carbonated tea
but no, it was boba, her ignorance tricked me
wtf is reavers?

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Kern's Nectar Peach, #1

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yeah we prob lose mad energy from EMI transmission from power lines
60Hz is huge wavelengths, but power lines are stupid long
the reason we use HV is because it doesnt lose as much power
because current the the lines is power loss
so yeah, prob ac to convert from the HV to the mains voltage levels
so i think the AC isnt a power saver, the HV is, oddly enough

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oh neat

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you wouldnt have to
youd use typical app circuits and app notes and do the maths
plaj10: yes thats what timecop, and everyone who knows wtf theyre doing, means by "IN SERIES"
hahah dont confuse him
break the circuit and put the meter in series
you might have to change a fuse, but i think you said just a AA battery so prob not
dude its 3v wtf
plaj10: do whatever you want
put your fucking tongue on it

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uhoh, someone shorting out supplies?
plaj10: u can has halp from timecop
how are you measuring current
yeah if you stick your dmm in a mains socket...
and it flips the breaker, its in current mode
if it doesnt, its in voltage mode
you need access to the breaker panel or at least within audible distance to use this method
yeah if you shut it off quick it might create a low voltage spike on your io
well, low, than high, than less low, than less high
etc etc etc
but it can maybe fuckup your micro, depending on the current needed to use the relay and the inductance of the coil
no sec

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k bye

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64K block sizes for a 13GB vid scratch partition
good idea, bad idea, what?
its ntfs (duh)

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hey so if i wanna use a partition for vid scratch drives
i should prob format with huge blocks, no??
save journal space, maybe bit faster read, writes
fuckit ima set to max big
yeah i didnt get it till kev showed me some stuff and explained shit
still dont totally get it
i just found free build zones, big sandboxes
and built shit and try to learn scripting
there are places with tutorials and free clothes and shit
you prob dont care about anything except finding modeling and scripting tutorials
the help island shit?
all that stuff is kinda useless

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nice lag
kevtris got a pet!
omg hell freezes

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AD is good about samples
dunno to you tho
Linear wants shipping wtf
cuz you in .jp, they dont care about me
shit came quick
hmm, maybe not the parts i wanted were free ship
just find one like mc34063 that does 1MHz
i think i just sampled a 2MHz one
you just need a handful of parts or some shit?
theyre not much $

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its like ninja every situation smps
they ship with ninja stars
slower is effecient and cheap, yo

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you need boost smps?
ooh, ok dunno then
mc34063 is like maybe 4 extra parts
besides the coil and diode
oh you need something pussy
i wonder how much cheaper pussy regs are tho
buck is voltage drop
boost is voltage gain, inverting is called buck-boost or inverting
yeah but 6v is weird

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like, hello just gimme your address pls, stop with the ghey we all know how to email its not 1998

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i have scroll wheel desktop switching in windows
its quick like in bb4lunix
i hate that shit

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16:14 < macegr> not on purpose
16:14 < macegr> i pick up heavy stuff a lot, i built a huge loft, etc
like youre trying to avoid it or something
get a lap bar
and put like 20 or 40 lb on it
can do leg extensions too
yeah one of those bent up weight bars
you just gotta support your knees
yeah i wont even run unless its sprinting
jogging might as well be called stomping
yeah get a lap bar, build you arms and legs a bit
do squats for leg stuff
then youll lose weight quicker
you maybe gain a few lbs at first'
but thats usually good with weight training
no idea

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i desfrosted trimmed filled chiken breasts
well maybe
or maybe i dreamed that last night...

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big open case
prob got cat hair on my mobo
calgar: except on hot days
when its passively heated by its mag alloy chassis
dude my case is wide open
with a box fan next to it
thats a big fuckin filter

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those imacs built into an lcd monitor hardly have any ventilation
they have vents but its pathetic art project shit, instead of nice big functional shit
so like, lcd circuits, hard drives, processors, ram, power supply
and fans wouldnt even help because the vents are so useless
they should ban fan sizes under 120mm
make them flat
and yes especially on fgx cards
no make them flat and 120mm
kevtris: i dont have a fan now =(
i ripped it off cuz it siezed and it was blocking most of the sink
have a big box fan now

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sounds like something a textbook would help
i hope youre not trying to do some over unity shit
you need to join #waste_of_10_or_20_years_of_your_life for that kinda help
how do you know its pathetic if you dont understand?
so this is from your text, but we are to believe its not homework
science is not always clear
secret: shit dont fall at the same speed in a vacuum.
did i just rearrange your reality?
slayed: yes, sounds like it
sounds like you need to understand this concept before you cant start crunchin numbers
sounds like you read to many textbooks
kevtris: heh, lcd runnin hot?

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of an inductor
Z = impedance
L = inductors
no pls
omg no =(
is avast free?
does it have soft firewall too?
i dont even remember what the one i liked was called, but its gone now, and new softwall kinda annoys me
i try that
is avast german?
because if its not german, how do i know they REALLY care about security?

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it did some ninja shit and sound a trojaned copy of avg free in a zipped, stripped 'portable' version
weird when your AVG antivirus tells you your AVG antivirus has a trojasn
it can run in the background and check your stuff
its not scanning every file 24/7
free version will check once a day for you, dont remember if you get to set time
but itll check files you open, i think depending on a mask you set
it has an email scanner
believe so
im not in a hurry to check really

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did you test 70KV with it yet?
i need foods
macegr: ok sec
so go sleep
avgfree works

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its basically hardware with open documentation
and a license that allows copying
oh you mean you dont see the point
well yeah thats all debatable/subjective/whatever
well thats the thing, when theres alot of open src tools, you save time
because theres alot of free tools that usually work available

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free == no cost
ive never paid for lunix anything
xchat for windows is shit
and you can compile from src if you want, i think its GPL
screen(1), #1.
thats like saying SUSE isnt free because they dont have a DNS lookup client on their netinstall cd
like damn, put some effort, ninja
gpl = free beer
also sex
okay not rly but, its always free no $$$ code
yeah basically
because their hook is security, not open-ness
open hardware isnt software
hardware costs money, that doesnt make it not open
oh i dunno i just got here\
stu: hi'

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