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fuck eeepc 8g are gone
fuckin bitches why didnt they make enough

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feed them to the bananas.

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naw, i <3 samsung
i <3 samsung phone, i <3 my moms samsung hdd, i <3 my samsung printer
they cant be ocp
okay that robot doesnt have feet
thats not really ocp
hehe yeah really
the machine gun has a dropdown menu
dude the black one has a standard samsung logo
you would have to pay someone
thatd make you lame, like samsung
and TAKE the code
fuck ur smrt.

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taking on mi6 with olpc
dont do it!
naw hes already been burnt buy timecop adware so he got nothing to lose now
survelliance device
naw dude
elaborate on the olpc controlled cannon
that shit is a funny visual
02:35 < macegr> turn it into robot gun aimer
no not eeepc!
yeah eeepc not for that kind of evil
for cyberevil, not terrorevil
olpc is terrorevil
haha totally
you think its start a gang society in the african wastes?
blue olpc heds vs green olpc heds
the real hax0rs will control the gun in terminal
aalib and shit
realtime ascii battlevid, ph33r
samsung is ocp?

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yeah fureal
the kids are gonna try to hack banks because fuckit there is food in prison anyway
im only semi-joking about that
you think those eastern european kids are bad...
[same statement as above]
im down with it
didnt you see the data, macegr?
more pirats == less global warming.
welcome to the next generation of gurilla warfare

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for reading docs and for takin notes at school
dude big laptop on a school desk is like a bad joke
these people are annoyances
little one handed pc = cool for single desktop
like, i only used my laptop in my CNC classes
for CAD to generate g-code points
and we had bunch of double school desks all pushed together
everyone always goes, 'oh you mean olpc?' when i say eeepc and they go hu and i go really little laptop
like who told anyone they wanted or could even buy an olpc?
olpc redirects to eeepc on newegg
wtf it IS a speak and spell

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dude it looks like a toy
fuckin $1200 speak and spell
i can buy 3 eeepc for that
yeah i figured
itd have to, lookin like that
else people would break it trying
timecop: okay is that like $400?
timecop: jp is supposed to get a 16G
timecop: CONFIRM
timecop: oh shit nice
confirm no, or will not confirm
i dont care if its stolen
better i get the stolen stuff than bad people
dude look at it macegr
it throbs with power
its just got rounded corners that say 'i need energy. bitch.'
okay i want my tiny laptop
i might even buy it tomorrow
its a fix car vs little computer decision

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more pirat is the key.

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Generated : AT91 SW Application Group 08/18/2006 (15:29:25)
it conflicts with the datasheet, the register structures for the peripherals have some registers grouped, making them useless for accessing one of the 2 or 3 registers
some of the comments are just wrong
like, two bitmask definitions for the same register commented as doing the same thing (they dont, obviously)

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fuck this we should use out own damn pointer and mask info
C on SAM7
i couldnt do it on avr
i knew the asm to well, the c just pissed me off

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damn i should make a little motor on my cnc
out of 6061
tiny inline6 or something
thats weird
but makes sense, prob cheaper

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you should just find a B&S motor with a starter on it

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see im boring
timecop: who you trust more, atmel c monkey or atmel datasheet writer?
im thinking datasheet

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just permanent engage it
try and use an electric clutched pulley from an AC compressor accessory
heh, bet that would work
make it engage when the starter switch is on
those compressors gotta be a bitch to turn, it can prob handle the torque to turn over a 3hp motor
okay back to being pissed at atmel c monkeys
timecop: do i get more or less hits than lordpil?

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junk yard, yard sales
this is shit we assumed you knew already so we never went and learned
they have solenoids to engage the flywheel
yeah, i think its usually replaceable
but yeah, old car starter, makes grinding noise instead of engaging flywheel sometimes
like, solenoid didnt push enough to engage
same when you start car when motor is already running
its the solenoid pushing the sprocket onto the already moving flywheel and failing

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always: 'yeah'
so you guys see me bitching about me atmel header this time?
KEY: Password
Should be written at value 0xA5. Writing any other value in this field aborts the write operation.
#define AT91C_WDTC_KEY ((unsigned int) 0xFF << 24) // (WDTC) Watchdog KEY Password
doesnt that just makes you wanna stab?
pfft ok now youve gone delusional
lordpil buys stuff
i have no money
end of comparison

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its a very 80s into the 90s look
dude, little incandesents in the frame of the LCD = classic sex
remember the LIGHT button on casio watches?
total uselessness
like those were prob expensive
tiniest fuckin bulb, wtf
the LED backlit LCD are pretty neat
then they blow you away
'suspect pointer a laser device at my face, so i used lethal force in self defence.'
you maybe need an inverter
i hate EL backlight
prob responsible for most useless laptops ever
'hi, it stopped working but its like on'
'can you see your screen when you put a flashlight on it?'

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you would go both sticks out to jump
and i think both stick in was boost down/crouch or something
but dual stick controls for a 2d land vehicle would be awesome
have like roller ball wheels and shit
total roational and lateral control
race that shit
have to rewrite the books on taking corners
AM demodulation?
that shit is soooo easy to decode
encoding isnt a ton harder
AM decoder = Diode, Cap
thats it, yo
shit you dont even need the cap
not like the speaker is gonna go that fast
yeah all has non backlit displays for like nothing

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over like, banked turf
and obstacles like gravels and shit
blades running
dude you know what would be funny and make my point perfectly?
put lawnmowers on a high speed banked oval
and record them during the bank
prob like, falling over
tank controls = #1
yeah because its like total controls
once you get it down natural, you have like infinitely variable steering
only thing you cant do is lateral
and you can do lateral with dual stick controls
what was that 3d robot fighting game called...

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shit thatd be easy to mod for tailing arm suspension on the rear
er, trailing arm
dude wtf
get a real racing machine
like, if you wanna be redneck, race unloaded semis
that shit on road courses is AWESOME to watch
but like, sponsored lawmmower racing wtfwtfwtf
do they still have blades?
cuz i mean thats not even racing, thats just offensive
okay good
as entertainment yes
as racing no
race drivers should be like highest priority in racing rules
see thatd be the shit tho
autocross or ralley style lawmmower racing

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its superbowl sunday?
you bought SL books
oh wait i think i maybe heard you confirm earlier
yeh my bad
did you get any other books?
i want to but i need to finish the ones i have
apperently virtual light/idoru/all tomorrows parties are a trilogy
i didnt want to read them, but now i guess i have to, ive read 1/3 of it
okay so its really superbowl sunday?
are the raiders winning?
(just say yes, bitch)
you had a brawls with raider fans since you moved in?
maybe caught on flipping over your car or something?
see fuck that
get a real minibike
thats how you roll, when you roll a lawnmower engine

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those who believe otherwise are phychotics
"i like to make statements which technically make sense, but have no meaning'
been there done that open to repeats
i think im going to ask my english teacher out to lunch of coffee or whatever she does
like, hi, [personal life update, as requested], im not gonna ever have you for a class again because i hate academi literature, wanna have foods?'
dude she hugged me when i went to say goodbye on last day
she didnt hug no one else
like, i was gonna ask for cool lesbian black chicks phone num,ber
but it distracted me
all i said to cool lesbian black chick was 'omg teacher hugged me'

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prob talk a lawnmower down pretty easy
she not gonna get any calls without a bent over cheeks open pic
because of the girl or your poorly thought out diet or what?
heh, cool
mutually exclusive

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clickin like revelations is yesterday
oh man
i wanna lick that drawings cookie
A picnic in the park with a bottle of wine and the one you love
they mean wine and a bag of reefer, right?
its like, 3 piss boring food or book related activities
or skydiving (suicide)
macegr: you just have to flare the tops better
5 to break the tie
Fuzzy slippers
Hiking shoes
Italian leather boots
High heels
you called any of them?

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yes i didnt say 'i dont know what a milano cookie is'
you asked if we liked them
i said 'no'
those are some buffy wannabe rich-fucker cookies
even the name
'Milano Cookie' sounds like something some fucker in Monte Carlo would eat
"Remember?! When we were eating the milano cookies and drinking mocha mint lattes in the cafe by the bay, and that waiter...'
'JOHN PIERRE!'</i></b>
no shit
deep, yo

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heh, no stoners do anything in 10min
i call your bluff!
serious, when a stoner says 10min, they prob not even got their shoes on after 20min
thats your lead time
im saying like, your sources lead times
i need to save up some herbs and make baked stuff
everyone else fucks it up one way or another usually
'okay and then i baked them at 450'

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then yeah, gotta blog it\
reza_: doesnt matter, its still half the caloric intake
so in the end, hell need to pull that energy anyway
how is joomla workin out?
whatever my wordpress is CMS modded
comments off and blogroll renamed to links
if it was going to, it would have already done it likely
because eating is harder because your stomach all shrunken
weird benefit, i guess
yeah i totally eat till im done
done is either found something better to do, or no more
i need to finish watchdog interface
i have weed now
that means i can code now
wtf dro
okay when i sad 'weed'
its prob what you mean when you say 'bomb as danky dank from mother ja'
swag is impossible
serious, i would give you a lead time of like 2 to 4 weeks
if you asked for swag
lead time for herbs from dead empty tank is usually 2-12 hours

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well, i mthinking the reason it helps noise immunity is it gives energy spikes generated by the body a path to flow thru
the sense probes being high impedance
yeah thats what i mean
try and keep the person from being floating potential
and static and absorbed EMI a place to discharge
finger beacon?
reza_: if we knew we would have told you and we wouldnt be guessing
but it makes sense that it would be to keep the person from holding a charge and having a floating potential
person is capacitive
take forever to discharge thru Mohm input probes
but itll dump instaly thru gnded probes
you feeling better at the end of off days now?
reza_: a floating person might couple EMI better than a gnded person
im not sure, but it eeks out in my heads, so i dunno
irc'ers dont need blogs
we have real logs
we dont need the fuckin web to hold our documentation
unless you need pics or charts or schemas

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its better for noise and distortion too
_m_: thatd be my guess
but no reason to break out the shielding to a probe in that case
tho its possible theyre not connected internally
but i doubt that
reza_: possibly to bias one side of the probes towards gnd?
like, stick near -probe to insure the + probe is higher in order to get consistent readings
but that seems kinda hax
where on the person?
or ir can go anywhere?
maybe its just to bleed of static voltage or something
low impedance shunt probe to make sure person is discharged
actually, that maybe even makes sense
yeah on a diff system i wouldnt think it matters so much

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tl08x != instrumentation amp
theyre decent amps tho
but yeah, 8 opamps is enough, heh
like, 4 for buffer and gain, 4 for bandpass filtering
well, 4 channels, youre down to one amp for buffer and gain, one amp for gain and filtering
fuck yeah i have herbs again \o/
two tl084 per channel?
hehe, thats 8 amps per channel
yeah, tl08x, x is channels
not really
goldfish ftmfw

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yeah but youll get error
the closer your closed loop gain is to open loop gain, the more your amp lies
its all inter related
if you really wanna know, you have to learn non-ideal opamp equations
yeah, basically
its interesting stuff to know
yeah that says alot, too
basically where your open loop gain eats it, hits unity

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wtf is SPACECRAFT //
i dunno
i think, never played
warcraft 2 was fun, tho
zug zug
heh, i didnt have a computer til 2001
just had what was loaded and running on the friends pc machines in 1996
you want the hiZ input
so the EEG probes arent loaded
probably something like that
human -> buffer -> amps/filters -> adc
maybe something like that
but you can integrate that into one section, or split it up into a bunch
hehe, youd want to do that multistage
like, those gains are beyond typical opamp capability
even in open loop mode, which you dont want to do ever, really

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id guess its mostly interface crap
well, yeah psu filtering is hardcore on any piece of medical gear
but the circuits for signal input, prob not overly complex
prob like, instrumentation amps and some active filters
seravitae: could go either way
but yeah, theyre primarily buffers
hiZ in, loZ out
i hope youre playing defcon or something

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ah, dramatica

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for savings $?

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wtf where is my mj connect
i should spend all my money in my bank account tonight and fill out my fafsa
so when it asks how much in savings i have i can put like $23

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do you plan to use code or what?
im pretty sure you can access parport with code
my printer worked for years on the lpt, after all
is outb() a windows api thing?
that seems way too easy
i had to put my printer on usb so i could use parport for jtag
prob a bitch win-nt based
naw man wtf
that would be way to useful
yeah its prob not a direct PCI-LPT bridge
neat maybe after all the c for embedded ill actually be able to code for windows
c syntax not so scary now

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that is port address
anyway, thats nother thing i find ridiculous about standard american
they sit there and talk shit about latin people, like there is no diff between an american citizen who is brown, a legal immigrant who is brown, and an illegal migrant worker
like, 'hi, i am your racist mass mindset. i think white people own america.'
santa fe beacon sim v2?
mm7: define "directly"
and when im done, i will say to you "i dunno"
but yeah maybe someone else can help if you provide MUCH more infos

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my mom is mexican immigrant since she was a little kid
im not jewish, and my dads pissed off that side of the family, so i basically dont know them, so arguably im not 'of them'
and i dont speak spanish, so im not that brown either
no im zero jew
my mom isnt
go ask any hardcore jew if im jewish or not
thats cool tho, i dont mind not being of the jew crew
like, of the 3 judeo/xtian religions, traditional judaism is prob the most acceptable
but yeah, not so into it, just think its the least offensive and blatantly destructive of human life and freedom
my mom?
dude shes had a green card since she was a little kid

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strella 2 = ruskie?
haha, nice
learning russian would be neat
ha, fuck my dad for being against us learning spanish =\
pretty lame i cant speak that already
pretty much
not white, not mexican, not anything really
but yeah, half my family speaks it, my dad didnt want us to fuck up our english by learning spanish at the same time
so i never learned that shit, and i cant stand learning languages now
hehe, failed HS spanish like 2 or 3 times i think
tho i failed tons of shit
not really
my father is eastern european (from pittsburg)

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KEY: Password
Should be written at value 0xA5. Writing any other value in this field aborts the write operation.
$A5, right?
check this out:
#define AT91C_WDTC_KEY ((unsigned int) 0xFF << 24) // (WDTC) Watchdog KEY Password
sam7 peripheral handlers
basically redefines and init code, mostly
thats SAMs foo
and Surface to Air Missile is a category of weapons, not a weapon itself!
was it?
dunno about that

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yeah mod sine is cheap
heh, they make plugin car lighter ones say theyre good for a few hundred watts
im not sure i believe, tho

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they prob mean peak watts * 10
because marketing is bad at maths, you know

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[about a girl being born with mental disabilities]
Most afflictions like this are caused by sins committed while still inside the womb. If she can repent for what she does god will embrace her and make her as human as you or me but if she chooses not to she'll always be like this
[Replying to 'as for not seeing evolution it takes several million years... incase you missed that memo...']
several million years for a monkey to turn into a man. oh wait thats right. monkeys dont live several million years.
nite ninja

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One of the most basic laws in the universe is the Second Law of Thermodynamics. This states that as time goes by, entropy in an environment will increase. Evolution argues differently against a law that is accepted EVERYWHERE BY EVERYONE. Evolution says that we started out simple, and over time became more complex. That just isn't possible: UNLESS there is a giant outside source of energy supplying the Earth with huge amounts of energy. If there were such
apperently no one told that fucktard xtian about the sun
well be fucked by poll shifts first
What I believe is going on here is this: These objects in space have yet to receive mans touch, and thus have no sin to weigh them down. This isn't the case for earth, where we see the impact of transfered sin to material objects. The more sin, the heavier something is.
touched by his noodly appendage

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put a resistor in parallel with it
like 100K or 1M
h,, dunno then
electrolytics should have an eject button

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what if new values is more?
take forever tho

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not at that speed
thats maybe doable
you can do cool stuff if you have a big enough buffer for everything
might work
yeah, dunno how smooth its work out tho
you wanna like somehow split the diff up
and then just add values

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yeah youd have to start clocks at the same time
okay and theokay thats pretty neat
hehe, not gonna get faster than that really

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is that all you have to update?
clock and serial buffer?
yeah thats about when they get funny
two clocks and a serial buffer?
or just two clocks
oh nice
remember clocks counts are n+1
besides that, you maybe dont even need to touch the clocks besides init?

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just like the diodes, if you dont find whats loading up the circuit, fixing psu parts is pointless
have you checked under the board?
nutter: i had a $100 antec psu shower my pc internals with sparks once
fuck antec psu

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and then drop the last two bytes of the answer
or use the last bytes as fractional values (1/256 or 1/64K, etc)
it wont help
you need to find the bad part or the short
17:39 < Rab> During the 30 seconds have you tried feeling for heat in the power supply?
seriously, something is getting hot during that 30sec
else it wouldnt blow
pop a fuse in and pass you hand within a few mm of all the parts
tap the transistors and chips with your fingertips
look for tiny amounts of smoke
hell, smell for it if you can smell something

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something prob getting hot
yeh what rab said
a blown cap would prob be less than 30sec
if it blew short
yeah basically
they just add/sub/mul integers
multiply by the inverse, shifted for fixed point
then truncate to account for the fixed point shifting
very fast, accuracy is how much you want to shift and do carry math
like, do value * (.000234 * 2^16)

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you maybe have a shorted cap
check for heated/burn traces around the caps
feel if any are hot when you get it running
maybe he means smps controllers
'fet regulator' by itself kinda says LDO to me, but he could mean FETs driving by switching controllers
er, driven by

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for value?
you cant really test them in circuit
caps especially, because you wont be testing a single cap
youl be testing everything in parallel with it (if its a supply cap, basically all the supply caps)
plus any resistance prob fuckup the meter reading
well, ohms changes
if you test a cap with an ohm meter, usually they test as shorted, then ramp up towards infiniti ohms
test the voltage across them
the bad one likely wont look or feel like the others
that might work depending on board
you cant really test in circuit without taking into account the whole circuit
yeah, the diodes fucked up because something else fucked up
so if you dont fix whatever overloaded them theyll just keep popping

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fuck that rab
scopes are neat
all excuses are valid
yeah getting a scope when learning electronics is like if you started out life without eyes
then somewhere around 3rd grade, they gives you eyes
and then shit starts to make more sense
need to learn about inductors and caps
for audio, thats not really a bad technique
like, as long as youre not burning parts, doesnt matter what youre doing, as long as you think it sounds cool

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you can get a new TDS for like $1000
twingy just got a tds2001 i think it was, for around that
or maybe it was 2002b
you can immigrate

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youll be fine
you likely wont be changing outputs more than 1MHz unless its for ninja shit anyway
macegr: impossible!
i dont think youll get more than bursts tho
you prob have the space too

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why not fix the leak?
where is it leaking from?
the mean seals?
er, main
yeah thats bad
your motor is running, but its broke, too
crank is prob some ugly one piece thing
mmmm, petroleum slip n slide
blackmoon: spotlights!
go jack some street lamps
lope: looks h4x
hehe, p2p soldering is hardcore

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killing yourself
wait is the mains powered?
er, s/the/this
if its mains wiring, you wanna shut off the breaker to that circuit
even if its not direct to mains, the ac is on a mains line, who knows how they have the thermostat chained up to it, i would still shut off that whole circuit
yeah but i mean the thermostat thing
if its taking power from the a/c, youre prob okay with the a/c breaker flipped
anyway, best bet is finding a manual and wiring it up based on that
wire colors dont really mean anything

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mains voltage can kill you
but maybe you are lucky and its some low power DC thing
does it have a manual?

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they drift
in value based on temp
yeah then prob no biggie
like, for long term use prob better off with .5w R

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omg you guys didnt know that?
just think about it like as poo mixed with blood clots from girly period
would be pretty dark

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but in this case, if you want to keep your VReg from dropping out...
bigger cap on your bridge rectifier output helps
the voltage should be fine tho
if cap V rating is what youre worried about
well, 1000uF for every amp is some set amount of ripple
more capacitance, less ripple
more turn on thump to your transformer
and bridge diodes
prob not an issue for you (or most things)
wow bled the fuck out on the inside
gotta feel awkward

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okay, standard alternator mount
tap the bracket and use a socket head screw =)
course it was
dude: drill, tap, insert bolt
its not rocket science, its less parts for same function
lope: its subjective

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homebrew alternator or motor setup?
you just using an alternator?
ha fun
custom being what, plywood or welded random steel?
need to put brakes on it
oh nice
buy some big rubber feet
oror just bolt to a big tire
car alternators output a ton
friction = nemesis
have a tensioner yet?
or its just flappy

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yeah, pretty close to the 317 dropout voltage, but if the output is doing okay you prob good
maybe get some dropout spikes from the unregulated supply ripply, but i dont think that can hurt anything really
heh, maybe take a tiny tiny bit longer to charge
the voltage lowers
like, basically part of the ripple starts showing up
so yeah, if you needed straight lines for power rails, itd be an issue, but in this application, it wont fuck anything up
get less voltage, not more, so its safe

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superware: its a retarded design
superware: trust, weve all seen that app note, weve all pointed and laughed
yes, because its best for isolation
and for phase error considerations
okay well do it right

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there were other options
you have this connected to a 10A triac
your priorities, sir, are fucked
btw 10A means 2200W in your country
so yeah, waste 2W on ZC for an actual time, or waste less and get a phase shifted time
we gone over at least 3 options
for how to do ZC
that dont involve resorting to the retarded atmel one where you use the protection diode functionally

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superware: dude its two resistors
for the pullup, damn near any value prob work
okay thats nice, im not gonna do the math
how much current is going thru your opto LEDs?
rms or peak
well, it doesnt really matter
either way, wtf at half a mA
its like you are trying to systematically fuck everything up, one part at a time
okay lemme ask the question again and you can answer again
how much current is going thru your opto LEDs?
dude, you dont know about design, how you gonna know about low power design?
you been drinking ton of water at least, no?
okay .45mS is retarded
the max rating of your opto is 100X higher
the test current is like 40X higher
stop being fucking retarded
no fool you should go for 20-30mA

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omg wtf
oh they jusr reskinned it
layout is still same
i dunno what that is
ac-optos are easy, youre doing it wrong else itd work
unless you already managed to kill it
hopefully you bought more than one

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whatever e is
10HGz can fry you tho at a few watts
whats e?
3.1x10^8, around that, no?
so it should be like 2.7cm
hb9crt: okay whatever, cell phone freqs at high output can damage you
you can feel 10GHz gunn diode output at waaaaaay under half watt
heh fureal
and i think 10mW or something was max safe at 10cm
something like that

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fry you brain
13:48 < HB9CRT> radiological hazard
are you a retard, or what?
theyre microwave transmitters
just brain cancer
10GHz is like 3cm or something

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datasheet prob says what os bad in the abs max section

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some mentioned and i checked, total wtf
yeah maybe
tho as long as you dont way reverse the voltage in relation to the adjust pin, prob okay

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but yeah, you can drop voltage across a resistor to keep your LM317 cool
but your just transfering heat from one thing to another
like, if its really an issue, you prob need a big resistor, or a big heatsink
okay yeah
you just gotta make sure the resistor doesnt drop out the vreg at the highest current youre using it
yeah, you wanna put it on the high side
on the input, so its in series with the pass transistor inside
if you use it on the output, you gotta take feedback from after the resistor
not sure how well that works, but again, long as you dont move the output up so much it drops out the vreg, its prob okay
high side, input voltage is current dependent, but PSRR should be okay on tha part
so its mostly a dont drop the vreg out by dropping to much voltage across the resistor issue
ha, dork
i want to buy some cannabis research books
apperently some people done an okay job and compiling a bunch of research
ha, ya fureal
i should be a case study or something
yeah i didnt find out till it was long gone

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no macegr
hehe, neat
SL takes so much time
i had to stop because i was being like 'homework? wtf is homework...' cuz i was playing SL
like, i spent a weekend modeling 5ft LEDs with particle effect glow
have you played defcon?
from teh mak0rz of Uplink: Hax0r Er337
ive played the demo, is fun
because you suck at focusing on the web?
switch on j00r tunnel visionz
hey fu i dont call you names

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why do you need a book just get into the game and start building/scripting shit
theres tutorials in the game
its like the simplest 3d editor ive ever used, and the scripting is like stripped out c syntax
oh, train timekill
yeah, i like books
i think i might get eeepc to read docs and take notes at school
$400 for the 8G, pretty sure
,aybe $450 taxed and shipped
er, maybe
for SL?
you only have to pay to transfer money into lyndons and for land
battletoads in SL would be neat
did you ever do anything scorched earth?

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