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you can access with spi
you mean a fat system for sd/mmc?

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rab: why would he want to avoid thru hole?
i have drills, wtf
i have like all the drills
from .012 to .063
you just have to make sure you can get at the pins to solder
top and bottomside, if you need it

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i hate that shit

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i dunno man i dont do c

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i fuckin hate gnome apps
eeepc 4g, wap54gl, 2x 2gb SD cards
the mufucking wireless mouse
you have all the gnome libs and bg procs running, might as well run gnome

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should work, just need to mount the pulleys secure
okay im getting eeepc
eeepc status: BUY
eo_: NO U DIE

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should i get eeepc?
macegr: DIP-Tube whalepod is on its way
usps machine said two days, first class
hello, i need attention
more eeepc opinions, pls
anyone says olpc after right now, ima stab
google 'eeepc 4g'
pc int change on any state change
blackmoon: eh?
not really
half the opamp specs are useless without a ton of math
well yeah its digital
most math involves 1s and 0s
blackmoon: draw pics

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because pressed is a pointer location to portb?
how about this
why dont you write it like fucking normal
and see if it works when you use if{}{stuff;return 0; return 1;}
are true and false defined?
maybe compiler is crappin out on you
just write it out with ifs and returns and see if it acts the same

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not true read what i said
dont make me bust out the datasheet
oh thanks i didnt clicky yet
naw makes sense
most regs on avr are read/write
okay fureal, i have to go now
i know superware i made a mistake
but we found something more interesting to talk about
see i taught blackmoon something, dont be jealous
but yeah i didnt know that till maybe 6 months ago
maybe a year, but a long time playing with AVR already
makes doing interrupt based clock code more compact

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causality: ha you stole his nick
efnet is so hardcore
because your in is set to output
you hit pin register
so it toggled the register
ya rly, pin register toggles
bet you didnt know that
wanna know how i know that superware?
try months, superware
check your ddrd
well, no writing PINB actually
no its not
dork, see even you dont know
in output mode, you can write 1 to pinb to toggle

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i need contact info
i need to call and be like: WTF WHY NO TECHSHOP IN LA. MUTHERFUCKERS.
it just says los angeles
might as well say 'new techshop in the western united states'
ok fine

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then i can be like OMGBUY
and we can all wait for upsex together
im like 5.5" Y
so around 5" no prob
remember the inside cuts will have radius
you can do it in pieces but hand fun lining that up
you could do it in halves, and thatd be easier to setup
you can maybe buy one
have you checked mcmaster?
like 12"
about 11.5"
k i gotta go, tho
when techshop come to LA?
so i can be like: i want job. bitches.

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bitch if its big arrows always a stem holding it together, i add extra points to compensate, stfu
okay, more eeepc research lter, when i am armed with loaded bank acct

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cover it in saran wrap except where to etch
use the pcb cutters, just go mil at a time at low speeds/high feeds
itll be awesome
no because saranwrap
yes but i have cnc 4ft from me
okay bish
hehe then pcb gcode it
yeah ive thought about shit like that
line it up so i frame the asus logo
how long is warranty?
wait a year?
okay your lucky i need cigs
cuz then i might as well go to bank and post office
i thought it looked like a stab tail fish
but sandi said it looked like a whale

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the pic yeah but im talking about an eeepc
i want one for school notes and doc reading and writing papers
actual release wont be APR
so prob:
omg no computer for school or ARM doc reading
if i really like it, i can get myself another in may for my bday
then i can h4x the 4G
no fu bitch u get a pink one
yeah because chicks like gheys
yeah im going to put stickers on it
stickers for eeepc and welding helmet
next time my lazy ass get to record shop, ima do it
well, i could get my little pony stickers for my welding helmet
because yes that would be ironic
i can cnc etch it

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actually sony made some cool shit
i forgot the model name
not as tiny, but very small footprint
i dont like any of their other laptops
and that was kinda limited run
see whats gonna happen is this stu
im going to get a 4G now
because finding a fair priced 8G isnt gonna happen
in a few months they will come out with a better one, i will feel slightly stupid
but then i will get the better one two

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theyre getting smart, the 8G is expandable
they have the SSD on a minipci slot, so all they have to do is make a 16GB minipci SSD and pop them in
that prob has to do with why theyre gone, and the 2G, 4G models are available
i think maybe new hardware revision, not enough, and getting ready to release a new one
but yeah at this point, its like, i can get another one if i want it
yeah but this thing is neat
and school starts in a couple week, i dont have time for fuckin semicorps and computer builders
dont remember
sonys was goofy
asus did good, its a mini-thinkpad, dude
er, sec i look
okay yeah thats ooooold
that prob lasted 30min on a battery
link is newegg images
and nothing is gonna be sexier than that
because styling in black == mini thinkpad

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solid state darddrives go upto 25000 instead of crappy 5400 ona standard laptop !!! LEARN YOU FACTS posters.
25000RPM SSD
maybe they do it with nanos inside the chip?
hehe, 4bit platters
no one in the comment gets it
you can get usb to rs232
thats how i ran my avrisp from my thinkpad
ive heard weird things about the keyboard
but dude you irc from a fucking phone
and all laptop keyboard are somewhat weird
yeah i liked mine
alot, it fuckin died and i was almost happy for it
shit was a little warrior, prob dropped on asphault like 4 times and kept working
i think 16G

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causality: ty, watching
well, no theres 10" monitor rumors
possible the reason for the large bezel
but prob not cuz i guess thats where the speakers and the cam go
causality: 1280x1024 on a vga output
thats what i run native (stfu)
so like, you could get a 20" monitor for it
okay i think im going to get a black 4G

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Standby_ON Standby_OFF
its on default (standby = 0)
er, by default
haha porkies
isnt there pedo scenes in that?
i only saw it once and i dont think all of it
this was prob in the 80s
okay today is the day i must decide on yes eeepc no eeepc
well not i must really, but i want to really really bad
dude you have real income
you should have like 2 or 3 by now
like, 8G is hard to find at MSRP, sold the fuck out
and it has the expandable main SSD (minipci i guess)
but im like fuckit, i get a 4g
if i like it, i can get two, tell them apart with big stickers or something
yes its ssd
with an SD card port
so 2, 4, or 8 GB with up to 8GB hot swap expansion flash

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there should be a self destricy register in arms and avrs
like, something thats two bit serial input, that you have to bittbang a passkey and countdown timer value
then itd like, i dunno, short all pio to the center of the core, or something
oh no on avr it is gpio
or gio
i dont remember
RE that code, bishes
cmon thats so much flash
mine is like, bittbang in 10 cycles
and thats just because im making self destruct access extra protected
okay youre a dickhead for bringing that up
hehe, theres a 1reg 1bit controller for the arm7 vreg
coding that [peripheral was awesome, c file was like 10 lines long
half of that is includes and space lines
well no

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