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go to sleep, and hopefully shortly after i wake up, ssd baby thinkpad will be arrived
causality: ever see army of darkness alternate ending?

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is 5a
breakfast isnt for like 7 hours
okay im smoke one more bowl

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neat, eeepc is close
ok back sleepies

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look ram is all open like in normal laptop

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not like buying a whole new $1K laptop

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okay ups scanned my package, is prob sitting on the truck at newegg
scheduled delivery tomorrow
nooo, eeepc + stuff
yeah i know, $215 =(
theyre $550 right now
they ran out as soon as they dumped them
yeah dude its 480 vert resolution
theyre saving up mobo for 8G and newer model re-release
supposed to have bigger res
the 4G i got doesnt have the SSD on a minipci
but i dunno if it has an open minipci or not or what
but if its cool, theyre cheap enough i can buy the better ones

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wow that page locked my cpu at 100%, lame
naw dont read foo
just click the vids
you cant because youre flash incapable
yeah so is not for you
maybe someone will encode it into aalib format for you
yeah that was kinda fucked up

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ha, not funny. accurate depiction of tweeker situation

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i wonder if it depends on how they get it into the country
maybe its diff thru diff entrances
but like fuck, its canada, not the sahara or siberia
have you asked them wtf thats about?
yeah cust serv reps aint gonna tell you shit
if they dont have a canjned answer theyll just say 'its just current policy' or some bullshit

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USPS isnt so bad
its nest for domestic stuff if its not huge
er, best
im get holsters for my flukes so i can bust out both my 110 series in each hand
and just kinda stand there looking like an idiot, i guess
hehe, i can tape the probes to the top
wait who is taxing you?
UPS is charging you a $40 fee to pay a $20 fee?
jezus fuck tell them youll do it for them wtf
thats fuckin unreal

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22:13 < panax> what are good ways to bias bjt small signal amplifiers
pls to be more specific
like, a full bjt feedback system?
or just some cap couple vcc/2 biased class-A thing?
class-AB output sections, i like Vbe multiplier circuits
basicallt a BJT instead of two diodes to bias the base of the output drivers

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so its not so audiophoolish
no shit there is cheap
500VA toroids for like $50
shit like that
raw speaker drivers, lots of buyout stuff, so some common brands mixed in with the weird no-name stuff
they got test data on most the speakers
phase/spl/impedance response graphs
their audiophool bullshit (they got some) is pretty cheap

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you can fix it
but you need mad patience
like hundreds or thousands of windings patience
then you likely need to glue/solder it all back together aligned right
new speaker = not so much ching
import speakers are cheap
no not that kinda ching
besides they they get reboxed im sure
so all the ching prob gets recycled by import company
who was aking?
orifice: partsexpress.com
dayton audio is the house brand
hehe, the import stuff they keep, im guessing
they have a titanic line, and tangband has a 8" woofer
they the kings of xMax right now, i think
unless something new with 20mm xmax is out
timecop: for diyaudio peoples

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but you wont find color laser for under maybe $250
for that price, you can get a $100 b/w laser and a $50 color inkjet and extra toner and ink carts for both
it makes sense
laser cells enough to stimulate them, wake them up
but not enough to completely obliterate them
or fuckit maybe they just burning out bad shit so room for good shit to grow in
haha @ remodel home

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lser color is still fucked up
you can get decent color ink for $40
yeah but its cheap
laser is no diff
i paid $80 for my samsung laser toner cart
and they only do 20 pages if you sent them on full quality
then it like pours on ink
like a fuckin retard
the starter cart lasted like 1500 pages
supposed to last 1000
i wouldnt get a color inkjet as a primary printer
id get a $100 b/w laser for docs, and a $50 ink for color
i almost got one last night, got open-box scanner instead
or just get a $50 inkjet
and my gf went months without printing sometimes
then did like 100 high quality prints for her grad school portfolio
amdman: laser printers are awesome for normal use

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my eeepc order is shipping in like 5 different boxes
fuckin newegg has like 3 buildings in city of industry and one in wittier at least
my ex-gf has a pixma
shes an art student, does alot of printing of images of her 3d ceramics and glass work

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you can just bitch at the shop, they can bitch at the wholesaler for you
cuz they prob pissed too

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your stuff shouldnt be there until tomorrow
i hate how that works
they need to make a current channel notice flag

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fucked up
something like that, but maybe one less open in front
thatd be impossible to filter
possibly that

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my tower is under my desk, its huge and useless
mine is like early 90s style steel full tower
back when americans still made shit out of metal
but its only got 80mm fans
i want a lian li with the psu mounted low
wanted silver, but i think i get black cuz matches my drives and cardreader
better for psu
well its neat cuz its unfinished
oh no shit
hdd cages under the psu?
thered enough gap for a fan right there?

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does dollar tree really have them?
i should check mine its like 1mi away
okay i can go to school and do grad office stuff and do that one way back
hope eeepc ships today
i even paid $3 for order rushing
newegg is such bitches now that they all ultramega popular =(

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looks like i saved $20 off retail getting the open box one
just gotta keep it outta the way
i have a shelf kinda a bitch to get to, be fine there
If you purchase this Open box product you will receive an OEM BAREBONE, meaning it is just the item itself. Accessory items are NOT INCLUDED with Open box products. Accessories are shown in the pictures so that customers will know what is missing from the item.
fucked up, i thought i was getting another free usb A-B cable
the usb->serial adapter comes with on
the adapter itself is just a usb B jack and a serial jack

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Cannon CanoScan LiDE, whatever that is
omg 2.5w thru the usb port, no ac adapter
thats like all of it
is okay, no? specs are good
the floppy cover doesnt feel like its gonna break off?
thats what i got

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yay, newegg charged me. maybe they gonna ship today
you did little heads that follow you around?
causality: its not so hard, you just have to find a list of the event variables
it only took me a night
like if you can look at c code and kinda understand whats going on, sl scripting shouldnt be too hard
oh, yeah youre fine
maybe china stuff and newegg stuff arrive same time
hehe, i got an open box 1200x2400dpi 24b scanner for $30

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you code doesnt handle resets well after system initialized state
your psu is shit and dropping out the voltage in spikes youre not even seeing
BOD isnt broken
exactly what i said
im not the c compiler, i dunno what youre micro is doing when it wakes up

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vlackmoon sounds pretty neat
yeah something, you know
see thats so weird tho
like, maybe some of my ancestors got impaled by vlad
damn i have to drop religion anthro
he is attempting to design a system for super low cost
dude if i give you a digikey parts list will you stfu?
and gpf-1
you aint done ordering!

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bmw stuff, no?
i think there was a people car i5
maybe volvo
theyre nuts
they made a turbo wagon in the 90s that could whup most sports cars in accel
and i only saw moms driving their kids around in it
inline engines sound neat
V engines sound kinda random
i miss my 280z engine =(
car was kinda shitty, had rust on the floors
read docs
aw, damn maybe i cant take that bs religion anthro class
damn now youre like romanian

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when we pulled over and lifted the hood, it just smelled like burn oil and gas
it drove like nrmal NA car tho, with the switch off, was weird
the inline6 in the 240z-280zx was awesome tho
supposedly that configuration is balanced on a bunch of important axis
yeah but it ran so, so smooth
and it was almost in the middle of the car because you were so far back
like, you could feel the rear getting close to coming away, so it was scary, not surprising
is like: i6, flat4, 60d v12
supposedly theyre just more balanced
those are the engine configurations that are balanced when running

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we had a turbo 300zx at our house for awhile
turbo was on a switch, and it looked more like a supercharger, shrug
but that shit was awesome at freeways
yeah, that with a turbo
no it was a switched turbo, and i think it sat between the cylinder banks
it was factory
it was weird, made a big diff
then why wouldnt you just turn it off
just bypass the exaust turbine or the intake turbine
stu these are factory engineers, they think they can do anything
well it got fucked up hot the first time we turned it on
yeah it just seemed like a ton of power at once
like it was just dumping fuel in

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no i sold it for $300 i think
i wish i could have kept the engine somehow
it wouldnt ever smog because the EFI and EGR stuff was fucked up
280z is 78
i bought it for $300
i came back from a vacation with $300 unspent
and decided i could buy some cool car for $300
so yeah, 280z or 280zx, only options
yeah theyre nice
but i needed the parking for my car
they were weird
my dads friend had a turbo 300zx
or 300z?
the earlier 300, angular box
id rather have a G35 coupe than a 350z
theyre kinda ugly =(
edge`: really, just explain what youre doing, and explain the problem, an explain what youve tried
be concise, try not to use so many words like 'it' 'they' 'thing'
which is that stu?
the round one or the pointy one?
okay the zx then

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it used to be $13, jumped up as high as $36, just dropped again
for comparison, a CSU is maybe a few hundred a unit
and thats considered a cheap education
(unit is about 1 hour for 20 weeks, or something)
(but we do it in 15, because laccd is cheap like that)
thatd be cool if people rented out garages by school
by 4th week, the back of the lot is pretty empty
no one gonna bump your car there
and theres a few neighborhoods to park in
also, you can get away with parking at the accupational center across the street, without a pass
when i was driving the illegal 280z during bus strike, i used to park there
(sheriff patrol the school lot, so its safe, but bad for car thats regged non-op)

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but yeah, she runs a fun class
i wonder if welding instructor is bad at db entry, didnt to prereqs right
we have a high drop rate
so like, classes can be a bitch to get into
also parking for the first 4 weeks (everybody and their moms thinks theyre gonna be a student)
then by 5th week, everyone hardcore has their parking spot back
enrollment per teacher is usually about 40 kids
but realistically, its usually about 20-20 after the 3rd week, by week 13 or so, youre usually around 10-25
er, 20-30 after 3rd week
free or $20 a unit
fee waivers arent hard to get if you need them

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heh, im taking sociology 'religion and american society' and 'anthro of religion, magic and witchcraft'
bet you im gonna see some nuts
i need something random to finish my lib arts AA
the sociology class is because i get along with the teacher, she said i should take her class again
and shes sexy and polish and a good teacher even
and i need an extra class to keep fulltime status
no i dont need it for my AA
but i need classes to keep fulltime status
so sociology, math, anthropology, welding
oh, no stu said i should boff her
but what about geeker english teacher!?
really sexy eastern euro divorced blonde with kid is prob a really bad thing for my future

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cant help you, ask your c compiler dev monkey
so your supply is shit
and your DMM cant see or is averaging out the spike thats resetting your micro
use a real supply, kthxbye
yes way
so its dropping out
pics of scope or youre just guessing, and so am i

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heh 'anthropology of religion, magic, and witchcraft'
i guess that goes with the sociology class
that means your supply is total shit
youre still using the ghetto RC->bridge setup?
yeah the bug is called mad ripple on your psu
do you have a scope?
it wouldnt be an issues after psu if powered up
thats what its there for

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shes teaching 'religion and american society'
haha i wonder wtf 'administration of justice' department is all about

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ha i can take addiction studies to finish my degree
aw shes not teaching human sexuality this semester
fuck yeah

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okay if i take the class when i dont actually need the credits, that is somewhat stalkerish
but im doing that for welding
and im def not stalking the welding teacher...
well, i dunno thatd prob fuck up my chances with the english teacher, stu
she went back home, wont be back till march
ex/tmp gf
no northern california uni

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hax it
pull the to220 (assumption) gnd pin out, solder an R from it to output, and then another from the pin to the gnd hole
yeah what rab said
you could prob do it all goody and almost unotticable with 0805 or 1210 resistors
?? books
maybe i dont need sociology
maybe im done with my degree
mmm, books on eeepc
hmm, why?
rev voltage thump on turnon/off?

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she told me to take her class again!
i was invited! =D

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iamcharle: no fu
ooh, she teaching sociology 1
awesome, i think i can use that class

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hiding on a usb header

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for what like 100?
theres a fucking cricket on my wall
crawling on the motherboards

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so it can do like everything except an OR gate
thats pretty neat

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that thing is weird

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blargh2: ha wtf .9mm?
rab: why are trying to confuse the timecop!
haha he bashes open src software but he always stating how his ninja vim skills save * and he uses irssi prob more than any other single application
whats that?
like a super JK or something, what?
omg grepped logs!

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its maybe called component side
bottom would be solder
and diptrace would be officially stuck in the 70s, or something (orcad i think was like that)
its prob top?

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g thx cuz i r so n00b at teh inarwebs
omg like half the stores on ebay dont have website
09:24 < causality> dont take my suggestion as your own and try to make me sound stupid
like you just made that shit up right now or something, haha
can we bitch about something else, i asked you to mention shit to see if it would fit into categories
not to be a bitch and vent your frustration over your boring as fuck IT daylife, again
so yeah, name a part, does it fit in category
yeah so does everybody who goes outside stu
omg you are as obsessive as avrfreak
happy happy joy joy joy.

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so i think i just hve to explain small amounts of monies from jobs
because i prob need income soon, sadly
or maybe no, i have to move away for next school, so either job or mad loans
well yeh, im not paying tax on the financial aid shit anyway
i bought eeeeepc 4g last night!
so much better than the save a laptop from ebay solution
cuz semesters without laptop were hard
the cad/cam stuff helps alot, and for writing papers and reading docs
and its little enough i can use it on a single person desk without being an annoyance
and its fucking cheap
i got eeepc 4g, wap54gl, 4x 2gb SD, usb2parport, usb2serial
no diff than doing it on ebay
which ive never had a prob with
i like buying stuff
yeah because ebay fucks you another $.50
yeah and theres a gazillion products and a billion competition there
yeh duh stu

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but say at a sewing company
say they need some hardcore sewing machine replacement parts dailt
parent, i pay her rent
heheh @ tech course
self employed
so selling parts and designing modules and CNC hardware is related to my education, directly
so i guess this can maybe be written off
damn i should get an accountant
maybe IRS doesnt have a bounty on my head
blargh2: well its weird because most of my income is financial aid and untaxed

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when im done, i prob gotten them to pay for 5 degrees
and gotten subsidised loans at the best rates im ever gonna get
gov is paying loan interest for me right now too
causality: yes i know you dont understand this 'educaqtion' concept very well
its okay stu, continue to earn money
you are doing the Right Thing
you like that typo in education, huh?
playing with PC
like bitch about work all the fucking time
yeah because you dropped out
dude its school
you go to learn
no im just saying so to be insightful, i dont really know
okay so if you have job in the industry, you can write it off
what if i have a job as a CNC tech

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it is, no?
what you want your isp to pay you for irc?
causality: um yes obviously
weve already had the reveltion that ive been employed before several times
hello, old
weve been over this
i even had a job on and off for a year while a reg here
while going to school and getting almost straight As
see stu i have better things to do than be a slave for money at a job i have no urge to learn anything new for (paraphrasing u)
and getting free money for going to school
dont forget that, im a professional student, remember
i get paid
state is my mom and dad, technically
so yeah its pretty sad
making mommy and daddy pay for school
yes at my age
for the last 5 years
maybe for 5 more

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so i guess weve learned that when you mark everything up by 5% like stu, you fail
thank you for lesson, mr stu
i assume far too much, wtf
i assume worst case, the IRS fucks me over this
as well as a bunch of other things
if i have a problem with it, obviously
thats how discussions work
well, i have a higher ratio of problems with things you say than the average regular
okay well how is this not educational?
or anything that i spend my money on involving technology?
what if business is part of my education
what if all proceeds go for educational purposes
no problem
you know my family and the IRS have a history =)
noo, you cant make them money in jail, stu!
that not how it works!
they dock your paychecks

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dude, i have mad parts, and i can design modules pretty damn easy
and the shit they sell 5 parts and a pcb for is ridiculous
seravitae: hehe neat
if it doesnt make me alot of money im not having to pay taxes
if it makes me alot of money, i dont mind paying taxes
then the IRS can fuck me and take all my monies
diff being i guess youre employed, or youre selling stuff
well, id be only making like 250% profit at that point
and id be moving parts
which is actually neat, i dont mind moving product
i guess so hes not fucked when he has to pay at the end of the year

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fuckin $0 in debt, jezus fuck
and then, omg i guess stu says i cant get pats cheap when i buy them in hundreds or more, like i normally do
and jezus fuck omg what if nothing sells, then i have a whole ton of electronics laying around
jezus fuck id hate myself if i had a whole fuckton of electronics, just lying around in bins doing nothing
dude you buy 100 or 1000
and you sell a few at a time
real businesses dont usually turn profits for years
see, how is a $2 order $.10 profit?
theyre paying shipping, not me
omg paper envelopes and maybe static bag, some packing material $.25 =O
dude, buy led for .04, sell for .020
and sit on them till theyre gone
your %5 markup scheme is silly
wow, 300% profit
thats rounding down 100% btw
um, i go to post office anyway?
like i havent sold shit and shipped it to people before
i might have to spend less time in here with you
but youll be okay stu, charles will look after you

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okay do the clickies on the left side and see if i left shit out of categories
for example, say something, and we see if it fits into category
see, its like a game, so i dont have to pay you
yeah, ebay kinda sucks for little shit
yeah sure but my stuff will be different than sparkfun
and like .5 the price
because their prices for compenents and modules are silly
route by hand
yeh at this point
i think they might have a credit card module tho
dude where is the loss?
and paypal doesnt eat that much
and ebay would be thru paypal anyway
plus ebay fee
okay markup less than 5%
get real stu
u,, hello ho often am i buying one part
emm hello how
yeh obviously
because you know im in the hole so much setting up this website compared to yesterday

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i def aint quiet
this star trek or something?
'professional' wrestling?

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