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ha my hair is almost like that when i dont have dreds

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ima document this all on the notblog, there doesnt seem to be anyone who did it yet for a pure SD install
like, all you need is: dvdr in usb chassis
wtf thats no challenge yo
sine: heheh and then they die and fall off?
sine: sure im thinking you just need enough coils
moon and kevtris are better at magnetics
yeah be fun experiment

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i can do both stu, ive had the technology for like 5 years now
yeah i know its so strange!
im installing windows onto 2.5GB, leaving about 1.2GB left for lunix, which will likely be slackware, but bootloading will be with grub
you are just having trouble parsing what i already said
encino man
after the city
it was brendan frashiers first primitive idiot roll
with pauly shore
(heheheh @ pauly shore)

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timecop: omg xp is going onto ssd now!
yes i know!
no i wiped out everything and just made a C:
like 2.5GB
im putting xp on the eeepc
you dunno what xp is or eeepc?
if you do windows after linux, you have to go back and reinstall the bootloader
im a grub fan, even with slackware
maybe do gentoo but prob not
so install slackware then wipe out its lilo with grub
no because i want xp
you are really weird sometimes

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i should make one
i did all the screen caps to try and show avrfreak how
but he couldnt figure out how, even with like 50 pictures in order
get used to it

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BIOS 0703
Revise the year of copyright strings from 2007 to 2008
totally worth flashing your bios for that
xp wasnt nearly this bad when it came out, was it?
omg 91%
its was just shitty because it was new and had teletubby gui by default
vista is some new experiment in bullshit

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68% \o/
im not even gonna look
just yes
omg thats soic

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for alot of movies and prob iso now too
exgf had to buy a cake, they were awesome because they were actually under $1 each
thats how fucked up
oh weird
i thought you were saying the max of your disk
nm i was confused
copy files 68% \o/
oh i was wrong 8 was 0, 61% \o/

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need DL DVD

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sealed lead acid
dude little thing
might as well do the ghostbuster fusion reactor thing
like prob bit bigger
omg copy files 50% yay
kinda yeah
but 12Ah
you might get into a fight tho

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some people like the lunix, timecop
you were abused by a penguin as a child, werent you
haha nowai?
yeh yeh
remember its slow machine
tho its weird, the SSD makes up for it sometimes
very off balance resource compared to normal setup
the ssd isnt slow compared to normal lappy drive
ima make an SLA battery pack
omg 46%

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timecop: copying files
amazing speeds (for an underclocked to 650MHz celeron-M)
export BOM
file export BOM
make sure you fille out all the values
timecop: i am going to put xp and the lunix on it
timecop: does this make you angry, yes?
are you seething
o, steaming as well
man i am so in love with baby thinkpad

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becauise winnt.exe is inside there
ima try this shit out like a fuckin car crash
(rip wesley willis)
haha that shit is 419MB
man ima burn this SD card out first day
yeah its neat theyre like carts
modern tek fd
what is this qnx?

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mr timecop: will windows installer run from the SSD?
will this just fuck up winnt.exe
not yet
because im looking at it on my hard drive going WTF 4GB
some 9in1 pirate thing that i use for everything
timecop: okay all i need is the i386 from the corpy folder?

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so timecop
how does 700MB disk moved onto hdd become 4GB?
what is this bullshit? how is this to be?
cmon FAT is that shitty?
cdr is that good?
im using SD card
it only works with 98 i found the manual
i have a 98 dos promt on the eepc
timecop: okay so what now
how do i do this from the ssd
can i start winnt.exe from the ssd?
make it fool

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you have whalepod, nice
have you defeated the skin?
macegr: i have eeepc with win98 splash screen to c:\>
you have the IC yes, they are good, no?
heh yours was like a flatbox
mine came in normal digikey halfcube
0402 timecop
0201 is fucked up
0402 you can still make out the ends
no call it notes
or 'notblog'
haha blotes
yeah 0603 wasnt too bad

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slack or gentoo
debian is shit
sry =(
no wut
yeah so winnt.exe will copy
sry i dont do this dos shit
dont call datasheets 'they'

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oh is ram
ooooh, okay so im putting the files into ram manually, and then starting it up
smartdrv will copy to ssd?
or winnt.exe
fuckit, ima do it bye
im doing it
yeah dos i guess

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timecop: so get a boot cd, rip the boot file out, use hp thinger to write to SD, copy CD files to SD
yes, no?
i have a 2GB SD
yeah yeah
whats smartdrv
okay mr timecop
timecop: use hp thing to make DOS bootable SD, run smartdrv to copy files from SD to SSD or ram or what, then run winnt.exe
yes no?

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yeah i wanted a laptop for school, so it worked out
haha, primitive steam hax0r!
but yeah
i plugged wireless mouse into eeepc
eeepc runs it parallel with touchpad no questions
how come my battery mouse doesnt have a switch?
really wtf?
its not rechargable
its like its some battery marketing device
wow so i guess i must have been totally wrong about it being mad ripple on your supple
wtf was i thinking

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i think this
it sees a usb cardreader device as a bootable when i put the SD in
i dont want to but a usb dvdrw
but i wouldnt mind so much really, either
ok i think i ran across that when i was way more confused
haha, i tried to copy files from a CD to my SD
shit filled it up wtf?
kk, reading
oh its a 2GB SD, so im thinking maybe allocation table from tons of files got huge
or something
xp and some light lunix
the thing it comes with isnt horrible
its just to 'easy'
i got wpa wifi up, its streaming radio from net
res isnt really that bad

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hey anyone know how to get a bootable image onto an sdcard?

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will xp install is 3GB?

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causality: its tough!
it really feels like a mini thinkpad
they keyboard isnt so bad, people compaining must have huge hands
batter came charged up
the UI for the asus OS is goofy

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(i got it)
(teh eeepc is here)

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what socket?
mains socket?
they make testers so you can see if theyre open/short/reversed/etc
theyre like $5 or some shit at home depot
just stick it in, compare lights with key (prob on a sticker on the unit)
oh wtf
call an electrician

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fire are bad
wwvb vfd clock board starting to look awesome =D

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heh, neat my page is 2nd in google image links for vfd tubes

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requires 1800W

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serious where is my airbrush

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making $ is making $
i should try my brush with a hosed paint feed
shit where is my brush
programmed art
ground breaking.

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oh noooo thats looks neat maybe
dont get their black electric compressor
i went up to gfs: we were blowin up matress, shit just dies
wtf air mattress?
rab: ive yet to be convinced to do it
i just see so many stories about people happy with their return policy
people shouldnt know so much about a companies return policy
because things should just work
rab: so like...
it that like a wick airbrush?
whats going on there?
rab: yeah but im an enco fan
i get the upscale china crap
rab: yes i think so, ive never seen such a thing
k that looks more better
i learned alot ditching school and watching that show
the carpenter girl looked like gadget from chip n dales rescue rangers

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also inspection, manual machining, and some CAD/CAM
that looks like for painting houses
and it looks like maybe just one way control
dunno tho, got knob on the center axis of the tip
yeah most ones with little jars have adapter
like a little funnel that slides in
yet you are here and commenting
as if you are actually looking at the channel, right now
someone hax0red calgar /o\
multiplex the colors
ya rly
well, i dont think so at all with enough pressure
rab: is that their black electric compressor?

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ink pens make the coolest designs at 3KRPM
yeah we had holders
with like .5" sliding Z
so you could kinda land them, and control how much spiral wobble
even when we were using cutting tools, we mostly did foam and wax
cheaper than metal, tools last long time
we do metal for projects if we want to
but anyone can register for a CNC class
so they try and start it off non destructive for a year or so
enough danger in the manual machine classes, and we have tons of those machines
mach2 is a g-code interpreter
yeah but its all called g-code
because g are the functional codes
m is control codes, alot of machine specific stuff
all the other words are usually paraleters for G or M words
like, if you open gerber files
or drill files, from pcb apps
thats g-code
rs274 is the gcode spec, rs274d and rs274x are for pcb photoplotters
so we basically learn to hand code rs274
and work a machine controller

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you can just use airbrush paint and then acrylic topcoat or something
calgar: its not a bad idea really if you impliment it right
6 axis would be awesome
Z being air pressure, C being spray focus
and then you would have to have X/A and Y/B axis controls
then you be making some fuckin art
give it a laser to cutout its own stencils
heh, we learned to control the big CNC machine at school with felt tip pens
crashing ink pens is exciting, as opposed to expensive and possibly damaging

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you can just connect the IV drip line to the painter you dont even need the container
theyre little
(so paint dont come out)
yeah but thats gonna maybe change the pressure
being higher like that, its the weight of the paint and the suction from the airbrush pulling it
else i think it would go upwards because of siphon effect
rab: should be okay
they work pretty well at diff angles long as your paint dont fall out
more pressure!
i think its normally the paint feed, why you cant tilt them forward (you have to adjust the feed so it doesnt dump out)

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you could just connect it direct probably
most airbrush are gravity feed
dunno, work fine, you still need a compressor or tank
you not be able to use normal drip bags
you maybe just have to leave them open on top
i wish you could track your UPS truck with google maps
but then i guess people would hunt teh upsex
why would the pain need to be pressurized for an airbrush?
its venturi, the produce a lower pressure and it sucks the paint in
dude normal airbrushes are either gravity feed or sucked up from a tube
like, sucking upwards against gravity
presurizing the airbrush paint just sounds like extra work for something already implimented in the airbrush design

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he does everytime he joins, within seconds
forgetting that (as was done many times before for fucks knows why)
just leads to few hours of avr rambling hate, then him getting kb'ed
09:13 < Calgar> seriously, this is supposed to be IRC no a fucking soap opera
cmon dis EFnet, its totally geeker soap opera
thats like saying, 'serious this is a soap opera, not a fuckin soap opera'
charles2: does it proper search now?
!quote a
i can even jog it, move it back, restart
emc isnt the best at stuff like that (none of them are if you dont have all your tools indexed)
so it maybe takes brain anc calculator
someplace to paste your current coordinates
drip bag is not a bad idea actually
i should tell that to exgf

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charles2: hello, then how would it deliver its payload?
'LOL' whatever
avrfreak had a very real effect on the channel

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thats just gonna stream out paint
unless you have a very good nozzle
you want some sort of venturi system like an airbrush
however instead of making that, you can just buy...
3 cheap airbrushes
dot matrix hammers, yo

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ozzzy: dude seriously, avrfreak has issues
needs professional help

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causality: i took 'introduction to business'
instead of 'anthropology of religion, magic, and witchcraft'

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yeah you would need one to control the tip and one to control the air pressure
or you could just lock your tips for the application, but thatd be kinda lame
the trigger is like plunge down for more air pressutre
and forward/back to control how far the needle in the spray is pushed in or out
kinda like SR71 engine cone
but if something bad happened and the engine went backwards

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i think if you machines something like an airbrush, with three focused tips, prob work better than non pressurized injector setup
my honda needs a 28psi system
the carb setup it has now is only like 3psi or something lame
seravitae: get an airbrush and take it apart
or find really good pics or a broken down airbrush
its doable machining
you just gotta but the needles
er, buy
airbrushes are venturi things
theyre not super complicated
you can maybe get three cheap ones for a RGB setup
then you just need a compressor, and some brass adapter to break it out to the three brushes
heh, yeah those are for dispersing gas into big channel of air
heh, could rid two servoce or solenoids or something
er, servos

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use airbrush paint
i need airbrush paint and a compressor
or some co2 tanks
damn, $90 one way to seattle from burbank
omg both ways, thats cheap
and just mount that on an NC rig
i met someone was doing that for his grad project
to teach kids how to make repeatable art, and teach them NC programming at the same time

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they tested panasonics up to 100mA
panasonic industrials in the datasheet i linked too
are yellow, dunno what the ikea ones are

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i just use 7z now cuz itll do rar and i dont have to search for a winrar fix
meh, dunno
its way better than winzip
i used it for a long long time, but its hard to say no to free shit does same thing
how much current can 9v do?
prob a bit huh because i remember from childhood, they get hot when you short them
woah sexy
bright fuckin yellow

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omg 't'is
7zip == 7z
LZMA features: [blahblah] 500-1000 KB/s on 100 MHz ARM, MIPS, PowerPC or other simple RISC CPU.
that seems fast is that not fast?
rars not bad

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can you track load on individual cpu?
i need to build a compy for fallout this year
what you 7z or something?
what 7z?
they make a lunix one
lunix monitoring wasnt hard
cmon 15mb or 45mb is more standard now
thats what tis for
those i think you can 7z in volumes too
7z seems to be some sort of rarkill application

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dunno, now they pwn two very widely used db systems
thats good, right?
well, for them
now they can PIMP opensource and commercial worlds
oh i thought that was sun now
which maybe drops out solaris userbase
i hope i dont have to wait all day for my UPS
last time they came like at 8:50p
no, laptop from UPS
is much more than laptop, is like 4 boxes of shit
stupid they are delivering
teh upsex only middleman
but yeh i have like 6 tracking numbers from this order wtf =\
dude he was a good actor
that shit destroyed his career
was encino man
encino is up the street btw
literally like a mile or two away

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dunno mysql is pretty widely used

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i need one of those hard plastic carpet mats
with the spikies
chair always stuck
i dunno, long?
yeah wheely chair, needs to be hard

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