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it increases your heart rate and it makes some people paranoid
sometimes full blown anciety attacks
also intentional moments of asphixiation
i could see how that could mess someone with a bad heart up

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um, its co2 to your brain
and co
you realize those bigass hits....
you aint fucked up from THC
thats oxygen deprivation, yo
need to fix digivap
wow so i now have eeepc with 4GB ssd, 4x 2GB SD cards, and 160GB toshiba usb drive

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oh snap, she stabbed him
thats funny, like...
white kids cant snap
so they say it
no doubt
there there wouldnt be talking
only me stabbing back
fuck dying
no stab wound from some girl gonna kill me
thats like #2 on the list after no fuckin nuclear war gonna fuckin kill me
i think ur mom should be fuckin illegal
i think you should be exibit A

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no u
The argument went from the living room to a bedroom when the victim was heard to have said, "Oh snap, she stabbed me."
dude i dont think they were in love
i think they were fucking and living together and he was possibly babies daddy
love doesnt suck, babies and being stuck with stupid bitches for life sucks

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dunno, glass shop
go to a head shop
theyll prob have 30 or 60 to choose from
if you wanna get nuts, get a glass on glass conversion stem
uses a glass on glass fitting for the pullout
but has normal straight shaft for mounting with latex grommet
only if youre a perv
again, doesnt sound sexual to me in that context
you mount pyrex rods in pieces with latex grommets
or molded rubber
but those dry out
the latex will get light and eventually disintegrate too
if you hit it with alc when cleaning, you totally fuck them up
which is fucked, means you have to take the rubber grommer off OVER the fucked up dirt downstem outer surface
actually yeah they suck to mount dry
can rub some soapy water on the rim of the downstem hole so it slides in easy
else when you almost get it where you want, it stop sliding into the hole, and just pushed up the shaft
no reason
surgical latex is cheap and available and seals better than aything

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not always
some non-sensi bud is okay
mids are awesome
no set market value, always get a deal
mids is easy fucked up sensi dank (so it got some seeds, not 100% budded usually)
ha, i prob do that in 15min sometimes
but if its not fucked up dank, its bomb ass stress
like, someone took some of the bricked sativa and grew some amazing shit with it
but its still sativa
it will still couch your ass
argueably, shit weed is alot stronger than dank weed, in alot of ways
matters when the seeds are all crushed
hence the name, stress
i didnt mind
i once got a plastic shopping back full of shwag shake
like maybe 1lb of weed dust
with seeds, stems, bbs, shredded reciept
but it put it all thru a metal seive
and it ended up being a pint jar of smokeable shake
was an awesome few days
you build up tolerance to shwag quick
so you dont get high as much as stoney and sleepy

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pyrex glass w/ latex grommets, or rolling papers
soft glass
glass pullout bowl, duh
thats just dumb
lets just say i know a ton of people who smoke as much as they want
none of them every smoke that much
and some those people say i smoke too much
and i never smoke nearly that much
im like 1/4 a day, if im being nuts
wtf, stop being n00b
dro is just regular weed dude
if it aint kush, its regs
swag aint the regs here
itll fuck you up more

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get more faded off a pipe than a bong
just dont know how to take pipe rips
you dont have the right pipe
something with a deep far bowlm big hole, long chamber
kinda, not so much tho
only use them maybe 2 or 3 bowls before the water is mud
i gott change my bong water out like twice a day
bubbler is like smoking thru mud
gravity bongs
im a big fan of water bottle in pepsi bottle architecture
also pepsi bottle in the bathtub, #1
test33: forced induction
meh, thats gotta be shit
to capacitive
glass is best, no give on the walls
acrylic is almost as good but you can feel it flexing when you take super deep pulls on a clogged bowls
thats sick
i wont use metal anymore, and plastic is some wtf shit

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yeah they said it was because of newegg
and they said sprint charged me using the wrong billing address
im like wtf are they talking about
but maybe its the tarzana vs reseda issue (where in either, depending if you ask the city or the post office, or some bullshit)
they fixed it immidiately
im like 'okay what do i hae to do to fix this'
'sit i already fixed it you could use your card now'
no now i have proof they can fix things without being bitches
the cop who died?
youll go nuts on a quarter
8 hours, no short term
can imagine its disorienting, if youre not used to it (hehehe 'time is going really sloooow)
or 7.075q
if you wanna split hairs
yeah im assuming dx means the n00b stoner cop

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i bet they offended alot
my bank put a hold on my card
prob because of eeepc and ebay
it doesnt seem so helpful when they dont call and ask 'hey are you using your money?'
crazy something arced inside my heater

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incubus[]: i would say, 'no sire, you dont sound asleep to me'
haha i was all sir hiss for a moment there
ha i had an MRI once because i was acting so nuts they figured something HAD to be wrong with my brain

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voltage in current mode very bad for all living things
so spend $35 'now'

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causality: nlite #1.
im pretty much done with installing everything
i have 1GB free on a 2.5GB partition, w/ 256MB pagefile
had to use word because openoffice is fucking huge

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okay, well id rather the OS use hard drive than fuckup eat shit and die
but thats just me

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heh, system properties only has 4 tabs in my nlite install

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