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can it pass linux kernel options?
ooooh, slackware install fails at xorg config
vesa driver wtf i didnt install that stupid shit who uses that at least fail trying nv

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hey what are LUNs?
is that scsi shit?
do i want to scan for extra ones?
i dont think i do
okay lets see how hard lilo fucked this up
hopefully they were polite and added my xp install
meh, its blue out and i havent even done a kernel
neat they added windows
aaaaaaaw jeeeeah, ugly ms vga splash

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thats why you need funky grub console program setup, to point to the config files on your /boot/grub and probe for the right filesystem and load the correct chainloader into mbr
ask charles
wtf exams!? you on a quarter system?

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um, i got it to boot dos, windows, bsd, linux, no issues
sometimes even with pretty gimped up splashes
and config isnt that bad because its just grub console commands
and i can boot installs from grub console if i dont have the grub menu setup for something
cmon im a stoner, i cant remember shit, but i can pull grub boot lines of the top of my head to boot any kind of system i would use
interface cant suck that much
lilo trying to do to much in the little boot program, grub boot code is just file system drivers to chainload the grub 2nd stage from your boot partition

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nice, lilo writes the mbr with no bitching
ima grub that shit when install is over
stupid initrd bullshit fuck that
why does grub suck?
lilo sucks because you need ramdisks and the config is fuckin ugly

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wow slack has a make usb bootstick option instead of make floppy
teh new era stuffs
i got the 4GB the the 8G doesnt exist except one ebay until spring
its got an SD reader, so im installing from that
usb-cdrom is easy but fuck that
i installed xp with nlite on 2.4GB, and slackware 12 is almost done going in on 1.1GB
its res is shit
i heard the bigger lcd are gonna be same res
the tiny pixels are kinda neat
its 800x480, and it has a h4x vertical pan 800x600 mode

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causality: okay fine i will put bsd server on the usb hdd which loads the ntfs storage partition
run a bunch of server things listening on
i can use whoreee as the hostname
exteral toshiba bsd whoreee.
slackware done, 200MB free \o/

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installing x11 packages
done with base and libs and non x apps libs
63% of 1.1GB used
awesome this is going to work

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vim is 23MB wtf?
i wont even learn that shit its ridiculous

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okay slackware is installing
current slackware usb boot solution is ass
im going to write a howto and try and get my name on the bootcd. only disc2, tho =(
teknique: you could set up net and wget probably

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heh, i got slackware installer up from SD
my method uses syslinux, and a normal fat formatted SD
theirs uses some dd hack
with a 23mb usbboot.img
fuck that
this isnt a server fool
and id do freebsd because theo is a bitch
slackware cant be made tiny?
see your level of mad elite is suki
you been on efnet too long stu =(

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color pics?
i only saw a board with led that were too far apart =(
on tues i get white led like yours
yeah i think so
i just saw like 16 leds and wires
i did not see breadboard or color
wow nice
those are bright
you should have turned brightness down with gimp or something

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schottky are sexy.

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fat tracks are always better than skinny tracks
if space permits
with fat tracks?
heheh, cludge h4x
chicks dig it when its big

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its okay timecop you are good at other things
btw ti works on the eeepc
fuck norton, fuck thevenin
i hate the shit
kirchoffs, #1.
voltage loop and current node analysis #1
yeh he did opamps in a day

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i did every single fuckin lab stoned
maybe 2% not stoned
and apperently i was good
lots of people in college only know how to cram for tests
dunno how to understand
yeah fureal
i mean youre a fuckin ME
the machine should just be obvious

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timecop: try ti.com pls
hmm but not for me
i need an american
^dx^: try ti
go go go go
wtf mutherfuck
i need a californian
really people why is ti.com not functioning only for me?
i want ti filterpro
fuckit i bet i have it local

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ranvol: i swear C and L compenents are the hardest shit to explain
timecop: whats a capacitor do
thats pretty good
naw i was expecting an 'iunno' or some shit
its just a filter with two break points

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AB is push pull
its a two transistor amplifier output circuit
learn about AB output drivers, and long tail pair inputs
okay, GO

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they are not suitable for normal signal transmission without AC coupling caps
you control the voltage across the 1K resistor with your signal
because of Vbe, its very close to unity
incubus[]: what program is that?
thats your load
A drivers are somewhat load dependant
AB drivers are the shit
thats what your pasted circuit is

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very little current flows into the base
the error in bias voltage is insignificant
the bias voltage lifts the transistor emitter of the low rail, in this case ground
the current thru the transistor is set by how much the 1K resistor is lifted off the GND rail
the higher you bias, the more voltage, the more current
the emitter current controls the voltage drop across the 10K resistor
that dermines your Vce
the Vce determines your voltage swing before clipping
Vb and Vc are DC biased

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we are
oh look, someone has rated your image
you dont understand Vbe
110K and 10K to the left bias the transistor base

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incubus[]: ac coupling, dweeb
you cant just put a biased signal on an audio line
what if some other dweed didnt couple his inputs?
because if you see an AC source and it doesnt specify a DC offset, you assume 0V offset
this amp, it sucks HARD at 0v offset signals

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they both can be run linear
Vbe, saturation impedance
current on the control pin
okay, see you in a few weeks
um wtf
system rescue cd has X now
thats the cost of isolation and electromagnetic control
fuckin windowmaker
how do you use this shit?
im turning all the squares into confetti =\

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they dont have fixed Vbe

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real linux running on the eeepc (system rescue cd)
i dont like the redhates =(

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rab: hehe, the valley is completely in quadrant II of los angeles
so when i was growing up, didnt know anything about N, E, S, W steets
okay im going to attemp linux iso on SD card
wish me luck
everything would be NW

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it reall sucks when the formatting utility doesnt match your explorer drive leter

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why does he hate me?
yeh =(
i am like his nemesis or something
no because both spies cared i dont care so much im just like 'why are you such a freak?'
haha no
macegr about to break onto the scene with some badass shit

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ranvol: thats for calculating power low across the RC, no?
not just the C
they usually characterize it with test conditions or a chart
haha wtf?

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it was only funny when you said it to stu, superware
18:13 < renesis> its 2.4w that transmitted from one side of the cap and received on the other side
18:13 < renesis> its 2.4w that transmitted from one side of the cap and received on the other side
phase fuck
device editor
add the package on the lower left
lower right
make a new device
add a footprint
well, add a symbol
then add a footprint

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its something that characterizes a transistors performance
so yes it varies
superware: i dont know
for integrated darlingtons, 500-3000
i think some up to 3500
its just to transistors connected
Hfe multiplier
unless you got a cap with shit ESR
superware: okay looks
its 2.4w that transmitted from one side of the cap and received on the other side
you get the power back
its okay superware
yeah its a 10A triac for light bulbs
or whatever
so like 100W, and he freaks out about 2W

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magnetics, mofo.
superware: power is being transmitted
i guess that works
power is being transmitted.
like, its transmitted on one side of the cap, and recieved on the other side of the cap
then it reverses
the ratio of Ib to Ic

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no thats your hand, dude
like blurs at the end of your amps
er, arms
man im getting all confused
i dont know
but youre using a cap
so youre not dropping the voltage
yeah but its magnetic
youre not burning heat by dropping it resistively

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and why did you ask if charles was gone?
if hes still using the 8R speakers, hes just clipping the amp. its not happening with shit like TV because input signal is prob lower
gpf: hehe, thats a case where better amps will fuck you
superware: yes

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anyway, youll never kill a 4ohm amp putting 8ohm on it
youll just make it clip at lower sound levels
its not broken, thats user error
if the chip burnt, its because of something else
he said tda2030
dude do not talk to us about brands
superware: ESR
wait so what speakers are you using now?
emilbarto: what speakers

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or just sound bad?
then you prob shorted it
polypropylene #1
1% cap, biaschnieah
say that again
but better
well i told him why
because his 8ohm speaker will clip at half the power
doesnt mean the amp is bad
it just means you hit the voltage rails
i checked the datasheet for the IC
its spec'ed at 8ohm
yeah, the chipamp
chipamps are usually like that
with higher ohms, you gotta use high voltage
for obvious reasons

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joint test action group
or something
and 8ohm speaker will clip at half the power of a 8ohm speaker
its not damaging the amp
it just sounds shit because you want it to do something it mathamatically cant
emilbarto: what was the failure mode
did the amp burn?

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17:31 < emilbarto> what you mean by 'clipping'
clipping is why you vought a new chipamp when the old one was prob fine

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well i keep forgetting about external storage
superware: um, yeah?
im not teaching anyone basic basic electronics
emilbarto: you turned that shit up
because it was making half power
and you thought it was blown
but it was only clipping
because youre fuckin stupid at electronics
so yeah
did you try the old chip with 8ohms, then with 4ohm again, then replace?
you can
you need like 1000 turns

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in fact, the graph says the 8ohm speakers make less power for all levels of supply voltage (duh)
emilbarto: so anyway, are you SURE its the 8ohm speaker thats the problem?
look man
datasheet says you wrong
if you continue this line of reasoning, i will be forced to go to your home and disconnect your modem link
i can not wait for a proper ban
hell common fuckin sense says youre wrong
hehe rab you better clock in
trust, for a mrashal, you dont even need close
^dx^: you bork eagle?
should i put eagle on the eeepc?
everything dissapates power

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really is he french?
im thinking maybe youre turning up your amp
and its not making power
and then its sounding really shitty, like its blown, right?
yesno, yes?
yeah really?
emilbarto: okay
explain why
because i can
the 'element'?
oh my bad
TDA2030 is water heater IC?
so lemme get this clean
you think putting an 8ohm speaker on a 4ohm spec amp IC is going to blow out the amp?
wow look
they spec this chip at 8ohm and 4ohm
and omg, you can do 8ohm and 4ohm with the full range of supply power

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superware: you best pay dx for his troubles
okay that will damage nothing
in fact that will make your amp happier
unless your ass turned it all the way up until it clipped and sounded shit
you wont damage a 4ohm output putting 8ohms on it
you might damage an 8ohm output putting a 4ohm on it
dude stfu genius
dont make us learn you
at the end you will be like 'oh shit, i look like a fool'
so you can just stop now, and we wont have to go thru this, and you wont have to think that
okay why?
because it sounds shitty?
where is charles?
blackmoon: wake up bitch

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haha @ 'is charles gone'
wtf pot + speaker

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more apple disposable trash
that people are stupid
thats what i can say
'apples are better for artists'
yeah because apples are better for people who dont understand tech who want to look cool
because they KNOW its all about image
photoshop runs on everything
yeah gimp rawks.
no fu gimp=awesome.
i can crop and color correct like 3 or 4 images in the time it takes for photoshop to load up

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yeah if i like it alot i want to get another one
like in a year or so when prices prob way down and they have few more models
thats okay i dont want an apple hardware mistake
wtf does macbook air have?

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the 7" looks sexier
i did eagle and orcad on my thinkpad with the digiclit
the touchpad def easier than the digiclit
keyboard clit is kinda meh
so its weird, i can only access my shell from one install
possibly the ssh host is set to paranoid?
the bezel is the speakers
and the cam
hehe, the speakers arent really that big
but i like the idea =D
well it is kinda

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it has office, web, media players, audio and image editing, powertoy calc, google earths
enough space im prob gonna put eagle on it
and avrstudio
dude its vacation, ive watched movies
jezus fuck what is your issue with pointless criticism of everything?
theyre likely going to release them with bigger monitors
rab: i have a wireless mouse with scroll wheel
tho the scroll edge on the touchpad works quite well

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but 4G and up have swappable ddr2 ram up to 2GB
and 8G and future stuff have SSD on a mini-pci for upgradability
the 2G have SSD and ram soldered to the board
i just got the 4G now because school starting in two weeks
and i got a 169gb usb-hdd so an extra 4gb space isnt an issue
the 8G comes with 1GB ram i think
or it was supposed to
supposedly they work with up to 2GB
im still loading software
wtf is it supposed to do?

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26sec, on button to desktop
not as amazing as before i loaded up all the software and it was just OS and drivers =(
well, its loading stuff for gpu and audio in the tray
im wondering if thats taking it a few sec
but its probably the firewall and antivirus stuff
no, dont need it
well, subtract posting, its maybe 22sec
not really
it was over 30sec before
heh, right after install, just drivers, ir was prob 15
the scroll bar after splash fadein wouldnt even have a chance to load up
what, the eee stuff?
well, theyre changing stuff up to make them scaleable
as for mechanicals and chassis, they feel solid

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okay so trip out
setting services from automatic to manual when you dont want them to run sometimes makes boot time take way longer
setting disable fixed, even thope the services i set to disabled were running when i had them in manual mode
jacked up condtional code or something
well, if someone paid me and i had the time, sure its useful shit to know
or you just said would you like
i thought you said would you like to write
sorry, need more sleep, imaging things, d00t
what book?
oh i thought you had suggestions
i wasnt really complaining

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wow i wonder...

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wtf where are my dlls at
my main computer too
not if its fused RC

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oh huh
stk500 clock or xtal clock

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if all your hardwar was being fuckey, its either your psu and/or your mobo
i went to stop windows time service
said it couldnt be stopp,ed because it had a CRC error
then i clicked okay and it was stopped

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you might not need that SUT
startup time, depends on your psu
quaala: the concern isnt misplaced
your psu might be bad
you have a junker card?
ttmustang: no i meant quall
yeah test with that
just see if the computer runs okay on the psu
its not a 100% test, because a new gpu gonna load it up more
but you can see if the psu least turns over and runs windows for an hour or two without blowin shit up
you were getting weird hardware failure?
tried both psu?

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okay but i need foods bye
windows time is enabled and my time is still wrong
fuck windows time
i think it set the fucking time wrong, because i set it right in hardware
i bet it even synced hardware to its own wrongtime

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heh, tho yeah the xtal inputs prob fine with a clock
one side would be floating, other side would be saturating the amp input, prob work most the time
enabled 32pf internal capacitor to ground
xtal 1 is the active clock input with external clock mode
heh, avr is tolerant of up to 2% input freq change per clock cycle
so i could use variable clocking to do cent adjustment in my synther thing

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you didnt use xtal caps?
oh thats right nm
oh shit, stk500 isnt a direct xtal signal
its got a clock IC, its buffered
i dunno man i never have this much trouble i usually just set it to xtal and it works
set CLKSEL to 0000
external clock
sut can equal anything except 11

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its CKSEL=1xx1 and xx!=00

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CKOPT needs to be programmed
programmed might be low
i think fuses were backwards
anywhere, there is tables there with 1s and 0s, and theyll match the avrprog fuse interface
you want CLOPT=0 CKSEL=1111 SUT=01 OR SUT=10 OR SUT=11
SUT=00 is fail, for ceramic resonators
really CKSEL=xxx1
or i guess now

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thats so weird
ttmustang: yes it does, read xtal oscillator sections
CKOPT selects between fullswing and small swing
you want full swing
so that would mean CKOPT = 1
table below says you can only go to 8MHz with full swing
This mode has a limited frequency range and it can not be
used to drive other clock buffers.
so you need CKOPT = 0
this good for above 1MHz, thats you
so cksel 101, 110, 111

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how does CTRL+W make sense for close file
ttmustang: sry, sec
ttmustang: what speed?

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no i mean the uc code
was the uc writing to its own flash at runtime
that sucks it just died
yeah i dont really trust that shit
well, the fucked up 10K write portion of it
they driving any heavy loads?
maybe just bad flash
hehe, w00t sot23 buffers yay
i have a sot23 graveyard on my vfd clock layer
like 13 of them side by side
little pfets with soic darlington array drivers
the fairchild ones kinda wobbled on their own?

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kk sec
done have, grabbing
what circuit?
were you fusing it?
turned down isp speed?
yeah but did you turn down isp speed?
yeah thats why im saying did you turn down the isp speed
sometimes i can program a board at 2MHz, sometimes same board only 500KHz
weird, killed it
was the code writing to flash alot?

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480w $100 antec
back when 480W was alot
ttmustang: hi, okay on my datasheet there is a fullswing oscillator mode
you want that one
ttmustang: so then you go to the fullswing xtal section, and it sells you what to program for 3 of the 4 bits CKSEL
the high bits
the low bit, + SUT1..0 select your startup time and weather youre using an xtal or ceramic responator
ttmustang: prob a diff datasheet
theyre all similar tho
if you gimme the avr part number i can grab that sheet
oh yours prob doesnt have the low power mode then
ttmustang: which avr?

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and the one transistor is fucked up lookin
naw, bfg is good card
dude its a gf6600 its a decent card
theyre like 2 or 3 years
bfg is good rep tho, for nvidia cards
ttmustang: sry
7.2 clock sources
is there a table?
mine shower my pc internals with sparks

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okay, go to System Clock and Clock Options section
its section 7 on my datasheet
gpf_1: or caps blew cuz they sucked
and then the smps went to shit
bad reg
quaala: maybe
wont work when the card is plugged in
i think the onboard smps ate it
haha, bfg are supposed to be the shit
gpf_1: yeah those caps look like the been blown forever
the goo all dried up
just put a dmm across the caps in phm or continutity mode
psu wont kick over
you have another gpu card?

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like, itll prob be 'crystal oscillator, under 1MH'
'crystal oscillator, 1MHz-8MHz'
'crystal oscillator, over 8MHz'
then there will be different startup times
0ms, 4ms, 16ms, 64ms, im pulling everything except 0ms and 64ms out my ass
but if youre not sure, select 64mS
external oscillator?
its maybe external oscillator
okay, so there multiple seemingly redunant external osc fuses, no?
quaala: possibly, i suspect the regulators in your vid card just took a shit
but that could be caused by a bad psu
okay you have datasheet, right?
if no, get datasheet quick

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are you using the avrstudio fuse programming interface?
when you go to advanced tab, and click on 'get chip id' or whatever the button is called
does it say it matches your chip?
if that doesnt match up, youre not communicating to the chip
you should always check that first
you should always be able to connect to a fresh avr
they are fused internal oscillator, usually from 1-8MHz
so you want to try the isp frequency of around 100-200KHz, initially
to set fuses
first think you have to do is make sure the clock divider fuse is diabled
then once you have clock divider diabled for sure, find the clock fuse that matches your situation
you should have the xtal setup on the stk500

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yeah, i almost always use a 20MHz xtal
you have to jumper it right
theres a jumper explanation in the stk500 help in the avrstudio tools help file
think its two jumpers
i have xtal jumper on
and osc select on the lower two pins
i almost never use the internal RC, and even when i do, i usually still have the xtal clk running

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they say 0FA2F
touch there and see if its sticky
i dont think it will be
yeah the pcb is darker
Q = transistor (fuck knows why, i dunno)
yeah, looks like the back is blown out maybe
well, if the failure was because of the caps
like, the ripple heats up the caps, and they shorted
that is what mayb blows up the transistors
or possible that the transistors fucked up
or the SMPS fucked up, fucking up the transistors, and the caps, and maybe a coil

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thats the bfg?
can you read the company logo from the caps?
it does?
what on big res cam pics?
i guess it keeps photographers from keeping their primary archives on them
quaala: whats up with that coil?
L31, front
is it burnt on the left side?
or just shadow trick
maybe had some massive smps vreg failure
says 1R0
and then the silkscreen says L31 (L = inductor or coil)
okay all those caps are obviously bad
but those twi transistors on heatsinks look like they got way hot
but thats maybe just flux from soldering
see those two transistors?

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thats death cold
im am sorry for you
also, this 51F is compounded by the fact that i have a fan under my desk
i need a new case
should i buy a new case?
i was gonna by eeepc ram
but it voids the warranty
id have to preserve the sticker, and re-apply
because i would have to put the original ram back in to get warranty service
they prob gonna notice 4x the ram
heheh, it might burn out my eee, tho
the underclocking and ram limit on the 2g/4g might be cuz cooling in the tiny case
it runs warm, but not ridiculous

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sub 80mm fans should be banned
the bfg fansink?
this sucks i want to go to sleep for a bit longer
but im afraid to leave the little cone of heat from the spaceheater
like, ill hit the bed or the couch and either will be fucked up cold until they have robbed me of my heat energy
like 10min of shivering =(
i live in los angeles!!

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oh nice
mines an assus, no luck i think
i didnt even check
oh huh duh
is the fan totally caged?
like, try and spin it from the middle hub thing, see if it turns freely, should just kinda bump from the magnets
mine didnt even look dusty
i think the bearing oil eventually cooked and it just siezed
but yeah if it feels like, stuck, thats prob bad
like, i doubt it matters, unless the coil insulation melted and shorted
then yeah, psu prob in some sort of current clamping or wtf crisis shutdown mode

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check the motherfucking fan
make sure it spins freely, just the resistance from the magnets
its maybe siezed up
so like, maybe overcurrent from 0rpm situation, burnt coil, short
i took the fan off my gf6600
its actually in very sad shape
i have a box fan next to my open case with the case side acting as ducting to blow onto the bare sink
if i run it without the fan (of the case panel deflector) it will overheat and gfx will glitch and sometimes machine locks =(
yeah try unplugging the fan on the psu
but keep your finger on the atx psu switch
you dont really want to run the gf once the sink heats up
so you only want it on like that for a few sec to test
the vid card fan
its maybe melted coil enamelt and shorted the psu rail
so supply is like 'no fu bad load bad load'
does the fan spin?

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are the electrolytic cans open top type?
or those little aluminum shell cans
check the cans for corroded, convex, or stained tops
oh, yeah did this work before?
i just kinda assumed this worked then it broke
haha, prob because i have a gf6600
check caps, vregs, coils, traces to and from them
look for something discolored, look for popped/corroded caps

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we can call it 'Non-Shitty Law'
maybe instead of constantly patching the law book, we should change laws in large sweeping revisions
like ever two years, or something, NS Law will version
then two years following, only bugfixes for current revision NS Law, no new laws
we should prob make 2 years something like 10, or 20

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at the very least, you can get their kids pulled and warded to the state
yeah, its lawyers
judges kinda the bitch of legislators and lawyers
and most legislators were lawyers
yeah kinda
im not worried about the IRS
IRS dont care about me really
if i was making $50K a year, itd be diff
lawyers same thing
if theres not an angle where they can make enough money, they dont give a shit
implimentation of law in this country is so beyond fucked up
we need to set up a new parallel set of simplified legislation
and start hacking out old shit
and who the fuck cares if shit conflicts, it already likely does, and in the end lawyers and judges do whatever they want anyway

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but the land raises from the road so its completely underground?
like, i walked into a house, went into a basement, went out a door, and was standing on the gorund outside
hurt my brain
excited kid not paying attention
yeah that dude life would be fucked
oh wtf
allowed access?
its private property
the kid tresspassed
end of case, kid broke law, kid died cuz kid didnt listen
kid cant be claimed to be responsible, so responsibility is the parents
fuck that
you are a house, no a business, thats your shit, if people are on it theyre tresspassing
thats common knowledge
a business is diff
youre inviting people, so you kinda got take care of them
but priovate land, if you dont invite or have a sign posted making it explicitely public, its private
by default, status: stay the fuck off my shit
it depends on the two main lawyers and the judge at the case
if they are minors, its the parents responsibility
you can fuck the parents because the kids cant read

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heheh, like when i ride my bike on someone elses grass to avoid ledestrians on the sidewalk, im Doing Seomthing Wrong.
but its faster, and no one gets hurt, and no one seems to give a shit about the strip of grass between the sidewalk and the road
i wonder how they spin that story to friends and family
but either way, shouldnt be riding your bike on someone elses grass
sometimes they care, sometimes its work they did themselves
guys have big slopey lawns?
ha neat
any houses built into slopes?
with levels that are like semi-basements?
the only basement ive been in in los angeles turned out to be a half basement

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and thats prob covered in tons of legislation already
like, if you HAD to walk over icy grass to get to the business, you have a case
good, theyre bitches
like, if you slip and fall on some broken shit in a supermarket, then you maybe have a case
unless you broke the shit yourself, and they have cams usually so not hard to prove
but they chose to do the whole store in slippery tile
so its their responsibility to make sure theres no shit broken and on the floor to make sure people dont fall and die
like, alot of cases it makes sense
okay sue them
landscaping is expensive, im pretty sure its illegal to ride bikes on other people grass
see its punk kids and bitch parents

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i guess sometimes your grass just comes preiced
we have to sit on ice blocks =\
he win?
because thats retarded
i wouldnt pay
so what, its ice
and grass
you gonna ban landscaping?
yes it does
he even told them and their parents not to
fuck the law, its wrong, hes not running a grass slide business, hes running a bank
the parents or kids dont understand, they fucked up
was their a path?
a path is notice to stay off the fucking grass
its rude
then theyre liars and i wouldnt pay
parents need to control their kids
if there is a path, the grass isnt for walking
if there is no path, the owner is at fault
its a public business
if you have a public business, you best have a way for everyone to get to the front door

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maybe we should do that again its prob different/better now
yeah well, that was alot of them
like 'wut? u dont wanna gimme a loan on my home, fool. a) i dont have a home. b) WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU?'
phones are 100% private now, no?
federally regulated, but theyre privately owned and operated, no?
yeah theyre not really public systems
theyre private systems with services available for gen public use
phone system is kinda like google
just cuz everyone use it dont mean you have rights over it to control it
the bank as a slide?
slant roof? what?
they ice block it or what?

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its prob pretty exceptional, compared to the average cable infrastructure
cuz major metro area, and prob few hundred thousand customers, just locally
in the 90s, before they redid it for digital TV, it could get pretty shitty
i think the cable system has better chance at scaling than phone system, mostly because of transmission line style
but yeah, they used to do TV
which is totally non critical
internet is more critical, but not nearly as much as a primary phone system
well, because internet isnt quite the fallback, failsafe thing that a phone system is
yeah everyones fucked up because they dont know how to deal with hardware comm and media integration
yeah but we never used the land line
and wed get mad advertising calls
and surveys
so we just didnt use anything except cell phones for year or two
does it work?
i think we did that awhile ago

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we just dont use it
landlines, either way
phone lines and cable lines are pretty fuckey tho
like, cable isnt ususally issues in running as much as issues as installing and then cable placement
like, if they put phone lines under carpets where everyone walked, phone line would be toast too
pretty much all of our cable problems, net modems fuckin up aside, was bad worn coax cables
and you pretty much gotta flatten them to fuck them up
also, i guess because the lines are so branched in apartments, theres alot of open ended connections
unbalanced signal just spraying into someones wall or carpet or something
well, its huge here
i dont think our cable system is normal

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but that shit is still a phone, landline is a landline, landlines suck
we never use it
thats cheaper then standard
call and ask
heh, my moms got time warner pimped since they were west valley cablevision in the 80s
shes always complaining and hooking up the new offer deals, even tho weve been customers for like 20 years
since way before it was time warner
i dont hear many complaints
weve had fiber backbones on the cable net since the 90s
for the digital television stuff
thats fucked
messed up here but because were like 14million people

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omg wtf
i think when phone guy came and put in the ip phone modem, he hooked up some of the bad line the other cable guys avoid
either that, or phone modem and net modem are battling
my mom got it
i think cuz she always forgetting her cell and shit
we didnt have a landline for a year or two
and theres no diff, cable phone and landline
rates, it depends how much local and long distance youre doing

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omg my net is so fucked up
router dropped DHCP and my moden decided to be all retarded
dont forget shipping
um, that sounds fair
move out the boonies, yo

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