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its small enough thats its kinda annoying, but its still a real computer
well, apple s $300
er, $3000
eee is $300
yeah cuz it dipped and everyone realized it was hype

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fits in my backpack
i got it a messenger bag style case for it
made for 13" wide notebooks, so it should be floppy almost
eeepc comes with its own sock thing, neorprene/nylon feeling envelope with velcro
well, i think its perfect for school
normal size laptop in a school lecture is fucking annoying
person dont have enough space, shuffling their shit, laptop bumping into people in front of them
causality: ?
dude its still small when youre using it
see fuck that
i want a small computer
not a phone, or a watch
blackmoon: 104/105 is more common
because windows and menu keys
this thing has sold a million i think
eee is doin okay

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i think its dumb theyre gonna give the eee bigger screen with the same res
thats like, worse, wtf
theyre going the wrong way =(
its actually not as bad as i thought it would be
and the windows driver has a h4x 800x600 mode
vertical panning, so you can do tall apps if you have to
causality: uh, that was done days ago
and yeah i do
its not that bad really
like, i use full screen, but like if the app doesnt need to be huge, i use more stuff sometimes
i autohide the taskbar
which i never normally do
like, cuz ill go to hit a button on the bottom of a cad app and the bar pops up and then i hit another tak button and now other shit is in my face and i just wanted to toggle osnaps or something
but any smaller and its not a laptop
its like a baby thinkpad

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that sentence means i need sleep i think
ill stay longer because i love you so much tho, charles
just like the abused to blame themselves

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because it makes the web look small =(
i just dont like how youre working with one app at a time
like, if im doing stuff with gimp, i might want to have a few images open at the same time
photoshop went back to the modular ui thing again, i think
so if you fullscreen, so itd be same as gimp, seems optimized for multiple windows

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id rather have 8 in one screen with overlap for quick switching
and for referencing
than like 8 bigass terms
sure causality, because what you do is real
and what everyone else does isnt
stu check thi out, i dont care about your big office computer systems =D
sure stu, when everything is clicky clicky and you need a gui to run the os
omg stu again, who cares!?
like, lets avert the conversation by calling it irrelavent
because you know i just make fun of cmd.exe and its crap term window
so anyway, software programmers, hardware devs, people who would use terminals, i guess they are ireelevent stu
but maybe 80% in here
um, this is where the convo is happening
not in your office and on the train
damn you just this convo to ++stupid
uh huh

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multiple monitors on multiple desktops works
you can have sets of apps
one with media player, irc, etc
another with terms
another with fullscreen web
whats the point i dunno it works and its useful?
so i can bring up 5 related apps with two clicks of a scroll wheel thats why
instead of what, clicking on 5 button, pfft cmon
sets any wm hotkeys you want
it might be integrated into fluxbox
blackbox is basically original, old stuff, pops out with a version every couple years
sure if you want to
then why do you even need a wm
use ion
i hate that shit, tho
full screen terms is dumb

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i hate it when i lose the Copy... dialog in windows
im like, is it done, is it done... did i lose it... can i disconnect the drive...
dude if you have 20 windows, theyre prob on 4 or 10 desktops
and i wold just use scroll whell desk switching
and fluxbox has a normal taskbar
and the menus are fast, its the fastest responing wm that isnt a non-ui style wm
like, middle click, mouse down, and youre apps are listed
so like, managing large numbers of apps is easy
while in windows, you just have a mess with like stacked icons
tiny little blocks
using what?
i used that shit for years dude
either blackbox, openbox, waimea, fluxbox if thats all a distro had
heh, waimea was cool
you could set your desktops in a grid
and use mouse gestures at the edge of workspaces to switch
so you would like punch into the next desktop
causality: its stacked, and then the icons will just be too little

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theres 3 or 4 desktop/file managers that work pretty whell with it
its very light and has almost no dependencies
maybe non actually, because the colors all all gradients and patterns
on the winxp bar
heh, thats why the macosx thing never seemed revolutionary, i always had like 20 icons lined up on my taskbar
explorer shell on the osx *nix backend would be awesome
i cant stand aqua
i love that shit
he just doesnt care
naw i was just saying because it doesnt need an image lib to do taskbars and backgrounds
i dont think it has dependancies
im sure fluxbox does
but yeah, you dont care blackmoon

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usually you set so it autohides and/or isnt on top
yeah but its quick
its not really taskbar as much as a status bar
fluxbox can do many apps on the bar
all clickable
also has tabs on windows
kinda ugly
but some *box have scroll wheel desk switching
very quick
like, 4 desktops in a second, easy
yeah, the window frames have tabs so you can say like have a bunch of terms on on window
i dont like tabs, theyre ugly and i dont use them much
rightclick on bg is menu, middle click on bg is a workspaces/icons menu
icons is when you minimize, they call it iconify
so middle click and you have a menu of all workspaces and all running and minimized apps
but it they call it that
thats why i think its weird, heheh
it does do desk management
but it leaves leftclick unused
so its easy to integrate desktop managers

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well yeah, so its prob 256 color style ugly
what happens if you right click on the background?
i dont really like taskbar thing
blackbox has just enough taskbar so theres always a bit of BG showing so you can always get to menus
oh, sec
maybe i have one of mine up still
the thing on the side is called the 'slit'
you can put little bb apps in it

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how many ring levels?
like, 2 or 4 priorities or dynamic or what
oh, weird so its based on resources
whats ui like?

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people made apps for it?
which is:
and no fu dude, i asked something about it and you made a ur mom crack
okay then ban my charles
i wanna know

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wtf is an object
and youre only mildly funny at your best

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you guys cold?
im really cold

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Makefiles are dumb like that

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ceramic insulated
space/tab bullshit

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yeah 1i really like eeepc
-(yeah 1)
how you do that?
its a transistor for a relay or something?
oh damn so its doing the low voltage coil switching?
crazy cart modules
i wouldnt be surprised
but yeah, theyre usually just coil packs
you tests them with an ohm meter

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yeah like if i installed the same type of system
it didnt cp them?
so i should just make
make clean, make, then archive
no i want it built already
no make clean deletes stuff
and then i archive that
cuz its for eeepc
i wanna do a min slackware build
yeah its always gonna be same kernel
yeah its like 10mA
give or take a mA because of Vf
haha wtf is 1030 ohms
they come in 1031 color?
prob a standard 1% value

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they wont hold well enough really
the cup ones are best but your flat area too small
okay so if i built a src
and i make install
i can seal that shit up right
and then make install from it whenever?
cmon you guys know about c im like: gcc whaaaa?
if a build a src dir and make install from it, i can jusr archive it and then make install from it whenever, no?

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like, those will bite a bit, but they prob like a 2mm wide contact area
mcmaster might have something better
maybe less quantity so cheaper even tho more per unit
yeah if you need to remove it, it might be hard
yeah theyre fun
shit i ave to wake up my mill
been a month since i milled stuff
blargh2: http://www.mcmaster.com/param/asp/PSearch2.asp?reqTyp=parametric&act=psearch&FAM=set&FT_1381=55706&FT_125=503&FT_1349=51280&FT_136=45170&session=set;125=503;1349=51280;1381=55706;136=45170&sesnextrep=672045088945968&ScreenWidth=1024&McMMainWidth=657
yeah that shouldnt mess up the shaft
you dont want a point or ball

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itll bite the shaft a bit, you might have tourble getting it off, prob not a big deal
i think it worked
i wonder what default PREFIX was
yeah i wasnt sure but i figured
the D shaft flat surface is only 1.5mm across?

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the single is american?
or branded import?
all the cheap stuff is import, unbranded
either labeled import or enco
yeah but thats how they price there
youre buying one tho
oh they dont even let you buy one haha
thats like if youre making kits for a retail part
or some piece of kit for a ton of techs
haha all the sets go down to 1.5mm

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i actually moved my bins and slept on my bed today \o/
hehe cool
sounds neat
and yeah normally prob use a 4mm hex or 4.5
prob a stronger head
and also you wont torque it as hard with a 4mm
yeah but these are screw designers
this is all they think about all the time
well because they are thinking about the head and how much force should be put on the thread
so like, a smaller tool will start bending quicker
so people are less likely to over torque, plus you have more metal in the head
because countersunk heads hex sockey are low on metal anyway

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you can get diff strengths
theres like maintenance hold thru permanent
you dont need alot
its a 3mm screw, you need like a drop on a toothpick
hehe, cuz yeah if you get it all over, you maybe strip it before you get it out
mil time?
or what?
haha wtf thats warped
like 10 hours of 100min or something?
i need to finish cleaning my room tonight

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like, just one set screw, youre basically limited by the inside finish and strength of the gear
like, in this case, a rougher finish would actually be better
the shaft?
D shaft
are made for set screws
thats the diff between normal machine tooling and CNC tooling
CNC tooling will have D shaft profile for maybe .5"
well, you just want someplace for the set screw to bit
remember the screw is smaller than 3mm
because the threads
and the the tips always taper a bit
its not threaded?
yeah, just thread tension and threadlock stuff if you want
well it like pushes back against the threads
when you tighten it against the shaft
but yeah, stuff like that can loosen over time
yeah sure
you can get that maintenance hold stuff if you know you want to use the gear again

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normal screw tip is usually kinda rough in a way that works, tho
they have different tips to kinda byte
or they have ball tips so they dont mess up the surface
thats a very good way to do it actually
just do a few passes with a mill to make a flat area in the shaft
what the screw?
just long enough to get to the shaft, really
but the flat thing you described is how CNC tooling is clamped into the tool holders
for the indexed quick toolchangers
yeah timecop_ the humor is a bit diff
these are people who slide around greasy floors on their backs and like it
well it depends

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with a screwdrive or allen wrench
anything else?
um, 3mm threads
um, okay that works
dude is asking for advice an idea in here?
just join, ask
blargh2: i dont understand what you are confused by?
would you like a special screw?
possibly a ball, cone, or burr point?
its a set screw
dont drill the shaft
just clamp it with the set screw
just triction fit, really
but you can get special screws

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blargh2: is that what the math says?
id never buy sony drivers
so yeah that would be 100*, assuming awesome drivers
ghostm: because i would buy import stuff instead
with like, test data, and no stupid plastic
i bet that have stupid plastic
fuck brands, get what fits desired price/spec
tho dayton audio is the house brand
thats the stuff they import
timecop_: im not clicking
but its prob a choice between suck and suck, but functional
i doubt your lust for passionate engineering
youre going to cars?

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what like gunaaaaaaaaaaah
diff in power for 90db and for 110db is huge

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oh look timecop on the skrbl
um, ok
i <3 my sam7 ty
blargh2: http://skrbl.com/64964292
take it to the skrbl, yo
omg timecop ur head is empty

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dont paste circuits to #cars

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aluminum is electrolytic
you want 10% ceramic caps and metal film 1% resistors
whatever youre comfortable with
if its for breadboard, get 1/4w resistors and ceramics are pretty high voltage usually
get like 50V or something
ttmustang: yes

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to buy just to have around?
.01uF, 1uF caps and 100R, 1K, 10K, and 100K resistors
theyre useful values
1% is three significant digits

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use flikr or something
i closed that site it was flashing paypal buttons at me just because i wanted to see a pic

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most of us here use LEDs, yes
oh, less of us have used those
those shits are expensive yo!
um thats a webhosting link

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light is EM, they act similar
how to i make old school blackbox desktop switch with scroll
hehe, nice answer

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like if you had two spinny things, you can position anything in their overlapping coverage
radar requires a transceiver
thats it, pulse RF, time how long it takes to get back
okay radars done
yeh, everything else is derived based on wavelength and pulse delays
well you need a computer of some sort
even if its just some analog amps
i was talking more the really fast embedded kind
yeah, get a better fix
big waves go right past stuff
tiny waves reflect around like light

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you would want to get readings from two or three points at once
if its fixed, you can always just take readings from multiple locations
the more readings you take, for angle or amplitude or both, the better your chances you can map the source
if its fixed you can drive or walk around with a directional antenna until you get there
if you wanna do angles, get a directional antenna
if you wanna do amplitude, you need omni antenna
hehe, then yeah thats prob the way to go
it takes less points for a position lock
the unit is a bit more complex because it spins (omg so complicated)

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oh nice bunch of decoders
you could use it for that
ebim0: one, you would move and do it again
if you want to try and map a sources location
ebim0: if youre tracking something moving, with variable amplitude, then yeah

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yeah you could do it like that too
with angles instead of with amplitudes
i guess in that case you only need two good points

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ebimo: long as the source you want to monitor is within the recievers bandwidth, sure
you need a way of measuring the signal input level
and you want a tuned antenna and you prob wanna get it pretty high
like, huge amounts of power could maybe saturate a lower frequency amp
like AM
but like, its take a HUGE transmitter
they wouldnt need triangulation, you would be the big spiky tower with the little box next to it
maybe, depends whats around, and what wavelength
he wants to triangulate a signal source
(no idea why)
loop is very omni, no?
oh and like point it?

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need a huge transmitter
ebimo: in metro areas, yes
yeah zeffrin thats why we have capacitors
you would only mess up direct coupled recievers
which is like, maybe none of them
most antenna wouldnt even see it

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if you used matched amps and antenna, you mostly just need to match the RF delay
which at microwave wavelengths is like an imaginary goal
but commercial radio freqs, i bet you could pull it off
yeah but theyd would have to be perfect
else they can prob figure out and track both sources somehow
hehe, id be more worried about the cost in time and $$ if you got caught
not even
thats like if youre half using off the shelf amps and antenna

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ebimo: exactly
timecop_: no its really that simple
you get 3 distances at 3 points, and where they overlap is your source
hehe, we did it with earthquake data from the 73 sylmar quake
like in 7th grade i think
if its a fixed source, and it has fixed power you can just drive something around and take readings from an omni antenna
basically get a bunch of circles
yeah you would prob want multi point synced transmission
that might fuck ith it
haha set it up so it looks like its coming from inside yep
but its doable if theyre fixed transmitter

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three recievers
you canculate distance from each and triangulate
yeah if its moving, you need three fixed recievers
if its stationary, and fixed power, you can use one reciever and map from min three points
do earthquakes same way

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it gives you real units

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oh wait youre doing 24mhz now
timecop_: it does 2 bits per cycle, you just double the clock for Mbit/s
yeah but its mega like *1024^n
if youre gonna do it in bytes
so like (68000000/8)/1024^2
i just gave it, for MB/s

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multiformat card reader for cnc machine
so i can put NC files on SD card and stick it in
ur useless
well unless i wanted to pirat tv in japan
hang out for a few years itll make sense
64bits in 32cycles
wtf no more weed
its (100000000*2)/8

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its okay if tc was wrong he can get someone smarter to figure it out
i think i wasnt done sleeping =\

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i got a card reader for the cnc machine and it made me think of lordpil
is charles was here i would tab complete his name and be like 'asshole'
or maybe i can call him a mucking foron in random private messages
GRUB Legacy has not been released publicly, but you can still get test releases from the ftp site ftp://alpha.gnu.org/gnu/grub.
2nd most widely used linux bootloader, and i think the one with the more functionality
and they claim its never been public released
per second

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because its not *1024^n
incubus[]: you have to say 'stand up' twice fool
get up, stand up / stand up for your rights.

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macgyver0: GRUB Legacy is the current invocation of the GRand Unified Bootloader - the stable version, no longer under active development. It is a fully-featured bootloader, and has a large user and support community out there.
GRUB 2, still pre-release - will contain many new features.
they called it legacy before theyre even done with the replacement
bootloader coders = weirdos
do it
divide 100M by 32, multiple by 8
man you do suck at maths tc

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theres like teeths up in there and its too short
and then they hang out with me and theyll be like 'bot omg, it was so pokey!'
so do i use grub legacy
which is what theyre calling the good version, that works, that they dont like
or do i use new grub
which went from a cli style config to a lame c syntax version
shit best be back compatible
i dont even think its that old...

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so lilo cant do a 2.1MB bzImage?
no wonder everyone uses modular kernels
i hate how theyre trying to redesign grub 100%
you know alot of chicks dont really like big ones very much
or at least, long ones
they are like 'ow it was so pokey'
and the guy is like hanging 4" out the gina
like i guess its a trade off between possible angles of attack and penetration ratio
zeffrin: mouths?
who cares about mouths?

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m manson is a dork
and his little band, too
^dx^: make my ethernets work
its was just one box
worked fine on the eeepc
ti.com not loading on this box
firefox or comodo dont like it
yeah so prob firewall
okay unit41 youre doing that thing where we somewhat understand youre references, but you sound crazy anyway
you are like a vessel of some indifferent deity
who has no real power over anything
except like, your brain squish
ye neiah, i say it, wutwutwut

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all that shit prob dont even come close to $25
educated black girls = sexy
tooth girls of all racial alliance = wtf =(
er, toothless
tho a girl that looked like a tooth would be pretty freaky too
rab thats what lips and skill is for
i been scraped, not the end of the world
hello, lips

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see what size cap it says to use, its prob within a few pF
of the avr datasheet value
wow low
low side of normal
yeah i dunno if you should use the avr spec'ed cap or data spec'ed cap
but yeah, but like 10 of all those parts and then a ton of 20pF caps
because youll need them for all your avr stuff
er, 100
because resistors and caps get cheap at 100
dude you wont use those up at some point?
its just 100
dude its like 5 diff values of C and R

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and i cant forget to add the isp header
dude it has leds already
directly wires up
you dont have .01pf
.01pf is like two wires held side by side .25" apart
fact, one of the funniest comments blackmoon has made is about how those low pf caps are prob just two wire dipped into epoxy
ttmustang: do you ever get from digikey?
next time, get like 50-100ea of .01uF, 1uF caps and 100R, 1K, 10k, and 100K resistors
that way you have the around, you prob gonna use those values most
rab: haha
rf hax0rz
you have datasheet for your caps?

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rab: hehe, optical prob sent a very smooth signal
yeah, most of them are just pots
either pots on the pivot axis, or on a push lever, or on a gear setup
the ceramic wheel pedals for the whells they all <3 are slide pots and a push lever
its 3 pots
two trim pots and a slide pot
the trimmers adjust the amount of adjustment range
do you just need on/off?
just use an integrated hall effect sensor with open drain output
like, sot23, magnet, some caps and diodes to protect the sensor/amp IC
i need to design the buzzer circuit for vfd clock
then schema is done and maybe 20% routing left
eeepc and arm are distracting
i have two pins left
magically, the pins are rxd and txd

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i think he maybe just tapped the other ports on each controller
(i know cuz i been readin dmesg alot)
yeah ttmustang
you prob want the lower value too, tho
if you use a 10uF, you want a .1uF or .01uF right on the avr pins
yeah dunno if his external usb works normal now
yeah use what the datasheet or the xtal sat=y
incubus[]: make a fucking lever and some sensor that know how much it moved jezus fuck
pot, encoder, or hall effect
k, GO
efnet, im justified
yes we joked back
see how tyhat works, we have the humor as well
are you intimidated now?
one million
well, uF is *10^6
unit41: nice
why you laughing?

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sup neiahs
eee built itself a kernel while i slept
normal xtal?
zeffrin: theyre pretty neat
hardware supported by standard kernel would be neater
but meh
ttmustang: hc49u is standard xyal package
the one that looks like a little upside down bathtub
like it should be a monopoly character or something
zeffrin: yes, no doubt
hooked it all into the usb system
um, hell yes?
pedal mechanicals and a pot or encoder
u, local to the avr?
or for the whole supply
supply primary decoupling depends on supply
but for the avr, i usually stick a .1uF across it
and maybe a 10uF (because i have many)
zeffrin: all the usb controllers report as having two ports
theres 3 usb controllers, 3 ports

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