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what are you doing?
dhcpcd eth0, no?
i know timecop
okay so that was just a boot script
can you get a terminal or some shit?
wonder why it sucks
it should just need to load the driver if its not builtin, and do dhcpcd eth0
its dumb
haha yeah fureal

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great tool for teachers
heh i wonder ow big the monolithic kernel gonna be with alsa included

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ph33r gearbox internals
manuals are bad, automatics are total wtf shit
thats the real shit
the shit inside ieee db
i know =(
people think writing a paper is about evading the plaquerism search engines
and OMG people using wikipedia as a primary reference
wikipedia = awesome
primary reference = no.
teknique: hahahaha
so you catch the dweebs

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people would just beak shit forever

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neat, also is working
er, alsa

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eee wifi seeing my wap in slackware \o/
no ndiswrapper bullshit either

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my cat came from the streets, yo
just cuz he got it easy now dont mean he not still hardcore
my cat messed up a pitbull
that pitbull dont fuck with cats no more
cool it got better?
they do they when thyre excited thats normal
thats why domestic cats are only like 10lbs
if they were 20lbs when they were fit, theyd fuckin kill you just playing
no lol, furlz.
yeah theyre like kids
like, first 6 months is really important

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aw man
my cat drank my water
cat is having all my water
no it was cold and i wanted it
his now
i went and cleaned my newcastle bottle glass and everything
ha his head fits perfect

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cnc is like 2500+/GF5
either 512MB or 1GB
i built a computer for a friend, he gave me the old box parts
oh the bent shaft?
yeah thatll work, sadly
like, in a horrible, messy, but somewhat functional way
yeah its a junker
bent shaft
main bearing seal is fux0red
okay i want wifi on eeeslack

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people are doing it
some people its stable
some people its not
which sounds like heat issues
well it already has good ram
people think they just got a deal on the faster ram
but yeah, crucial 2GB is like $50
yeah my main box gets memtest errors
consistent, speed related errors
i sent back to geil
they said its fine, sent back
they said they reprogrammed the mem just in case
i was thinking, like, what?
i dunno
but this system isnt stable at ddr400
and then the gpu fan siezed up
i dont even think it was dust
because the bottom of the card is cleab
i think it just got hot and the bearing turned to goo
yeah i dont have ram around
not like a spare 1GB
its stable at ddr333 =(
but my epox lets me run the clock for the cpu at full speed
but yeah its prob shit for performance anyway
so gpu fucked up, had to steal the gf5 from my cnc machine
i think i might have a gf3 ti200 to put in the cnc machine

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oh and boot isolinux from usb/sd issue
wtf at the slackware boot from usb method
like, how to be ninja with dd, make an SD card useless, and make it impossible to load with pkg sets
but 2GB sodimm might not be covered
read lower, they still say they wont be responsible for innapropriate hardware
well i have to call and ask really
because if im not gonna run swap or pagefile, i want 2GB ram
yeah my 1GB system used like 250MB, almost never touched swap
but i want more than 512mb
so like fuckit ill get the 2GB dimm
if i get another eee later i can stick in that

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yayi need to call asus and ask if running reiserfs, ext3, or ntfs voids my warranty or some shit
i might
okay its open
start your exploits now
zeffrin: its an SSD and a very small chassis
like, its run on 2GB ram at 900MHz
er, itll
but they dont ship like that
and they can prob overheat
okay but ive sorted touchpad side scroll and the dma issue

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okay this works, right now, and im happy
or it doesnt work
and i dunno, i stab
no guitars, just stab
23.10MB/s reads on /dev/sda \o/
oh haha i thought i broke usb mouse
but its just not plugged in =\

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oh thats great
they gave me a shell
told me to fix it
i fix it
its like, haha no we mounted it read only
its okay i have multiple backup kernel things in the grubb0r
its just so counterintuitive
okay i know what it is, edit the file, take 3min to stare and make sure its okay, go to write out
[ Error: haha, no fuck you! ]
no now i gotta reboot the old way, change fstab to the new way, select new kernel because now the safe kernels wont work
and pray to voodoos

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hmm, shit
no, doesnt, still complining needs e2fs check
like, okay single user mode?
i want it to die
i know
because its not hdc anymore
macegr: dip yo ass in that puddin!

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used to be the cnc
before that, my mom compy
yeah i had a k6 200 too
they seemed alot faster than they spun
i burnt two dual ppro mobo =(
omg those things were unreal
they would run xp
see im like whatever because i had metroid and fzero
and i only had to plug 2 things in
and it always worked

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i had ppro and you didnt
see, two
serious, i had atari 7800, nes, snes, and then drugs and strife
i had a communal n64 during strife
my friend had a win95 pc and i played warcaft iii
zug zug
that was computing to me until like 2001
i think ive caught up okay
he battled them, fool
i have a k6-333
its somewhere in the pc pile in the corner of the living room

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i heard about computing way back then
sounds like it was real ass
cuz i was a kid and i would have rather played games on a tv with a embedded system
whenever i tried to use a pc people would get frustrated at me and yel 'DO DUR DO DUR'
so i stand up and theyd do it
first duke nukem was fun
the one where you had green hair and it was all megaman style
okay yeah lemme bust out my c64 and get on the intarnets here
yeah uh huh
whats wrong with 40 column irc?

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okay so everyone running eee ssd off /dev/hdc is prob getting shit speeds
because dma wont enable
like, 2MB/s reads
but if you disable the ide pobe, the sata ssd will load as a virtual scsi
and you get normal dma speeds, just got 23MB/s
ha, shit is giving me ext2 check error bullshit on start, but it let me login single user and do the disk check, enough to know its working
these eeeuser.com people dont seem to talk about it at all
stu, windows already works, go cream yourself over it
ok get fucked, thx
serious wtf is an amiga anyway
no im excited, its almost working!
dude, my first pc with a celeron 700mhz with ethernet
whatever i had a snes

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haha wtf

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no juice.

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grr, etc
fuckin hungarian.... i dont speak this...
theyre like !!! and they have the same error message as me
;-) )
thats eastern european for 'really, really good', right?

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look you can reprogram yourself
ima get the fuckin ssd dma to work, goddamit

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macegr: two girls, one cup, the roots
thew one tech in the back
hes into it
white guy isnt even phased
see big dude peaks
webcams #1
shit, i could make vids like that with eee
you know
just pick a diff thing every time
shit man you could just do rotten.com shit once a day for a year
switch to sociology and built a thesis based on the material
edit it up into a doc, sell it to discovery chan

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dude i got some shit years ago
and i just wanted to see if atmel would give me free shit
omg wtf (mlf shit)
fuck you
youre melting!
or i guess you can be two face
then you get a normal suit
damn batmans enemies need to fuckin stay away from caustic chems
somewhere, theres like a section of film
and two face is holding a cup
i bet i bet
dude theres alot
i saw the roots reacting to it
i think the roots might be messed up now =(
they didnt look caught up on the whole shock meme thing yet
the drummer guy, big dude
he looked traumatized
but by the end he seemed kinda disconnected a bit
i bet he survives

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i hate it when they go nuts with vectors in pdf
and like the shit is all having ziezures everytime you scroll
hahaha 9gb yeah right
its prob like 100gb
they wont do it
anything you can sort by price is a bad idea to them
or else like, there would be sort by price button
not always
theres usually only a few cheap ones
so they always caught up in the mix, i always check all the pages =(
blackmoon: because some BOM says maxim max232
and they dunno any better
maybe they even just called up and went 'i need 20 max232, yeah fuckit ill pay that, okthxbye'
100G is weak
shit i think some accelerometers do better than your max232 varient
so like,we know its weakness
we can stop all your ultramega max232 based deviced DX

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everyones getting along to well we need to unban avrfreak for like 2 hours
ha peer got that fucker
_slvmchn_: you got got
these two got avrfreak recovery code
prob some sort of watchdog loop
hahaha NEVER!
well because certain parts would always be sold out
and certain parts would never get bought
and the suppliers would be pissed at them
you just have to know how to work their search
the tape/reel/case bullshit works great
i hate when you think you have a deal and then its like FOR 3000 FOOL HAHAHA

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hehe jleads wtf
rockin smt like its 1982
WOPR was prob all jlead
rab: very be careful
im so coooooooold
like, chair has wheels
i can get caught in the blanket and flip, right?

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failur makes me sad
thrilla: you made me sad
what are you going to do about it?
well, maybe
no i dont think so
tho i dunno, maybe
tc gets around
its like 50 people create it one the same day
instead of the lowlevel 2 or 3
then it memes
cuz none of it is super new really
just one day it up and decides to get popular
4ch prob starts more memes than anything
but it basically is meme based culture so its not very surprising
like, ive tried to explain 4ch jokes to people
you just look stupid trying
yeah but stupidity is funny, rab

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dude i dont care
and was it?
its always reported as 'his loft'
and dude
who gives fuck all
actor died on drugs cuz he was stupid
the help calls the kid from full house
well, half the kid
THEN, cnn says this shit out load
now hes never gonna tell you, fool
he probably died from data mary kate
no follow up, thats the whole joke

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see its funny because he died
okay but fureal, th is is funny:
CNN said that his massage person, who found him...
called mary kate olsen before callin 911
no this is not random made up shit
January 23, 2008 -- The masseuse who discovered Health Ledger's body shockingly phoned his latest squeeze, actress Mary-Kate Olsen, for advice twice before ...

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just for anyone that missed it
ranvol: isnt wkrk4r making one of those?

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car ones are prob okay
car shit is hardcore
zero ohm resistor is jumper wire

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naw thats like normal down there
people live in the big ones
hot down there

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hundredths is .01
tf unit name
its 1/100" or .010" or 10mil
convert it to inch and multiply by 100
wtf 10?
cmon think hard
im taking business 1 next semester
maybe they tell me whats up
dont be mean
=( =( =(
^dx^: *

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its a fuckin servo on a switch
with a big dev kit to run it
yeh neat
ima maybe get on this flickr shit
everything is so wet
what is it?
they put an led on a speaker out or something?
see, we have the technology dx
you are better
we need to run benchmarks to see if you are faster
macegr: thats lame
macegr: no filters or anything

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^dx^: if i hit a prism with an led, i should see the spectrum of the individual elements, no?
so i can see what colors my white LED are
k neat
i dont need exact wavelength
and those are cheap
get dinky academic supply ones
im cold
fuck life
oh wait, maybe my food is done
ha wtf is that

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adversary: where is the funny
i got a package usps
sender: HONG KONG
but rain is coming down sideways and its fucked up cold
hi u too
its like a bajillion pin headers and 100 white led
in the package like the kind macegr got and has failing segments

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yeah huh
well theyre all diff
yeah they get pissed at computers, phones, tv, books
fuck come and just like take down your book then lie on it, then be like 'hi im better'
mine is crashed up in samus aran ball mode
er, crashed out

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okay fuckit
im going to go in the rain shit
obviously not charles
dude dogs aint got sht on cats
dog will try and fuck with cats til the cat fucks it up
then they become buddies
see the reason we dont have guard cats is because they would kill us
just like fuckin around
like, 50lb cat standing over its dead owner, kicking it with its paw

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and its pearl jam
pearle wont get any hits

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blackmoon: haha you had it on programming pins?
i had an audio dac on programming pins
i had to change the dac to another port
it hurt =(
so um
should i go in the water?
for thai?
there is no fire only cold

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donut size toroid
blackmoon: theres usually a range
where theyre somewhat linear

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led is like pacman but instead of dot dot dot its dolla dolla dolla
dude do the math on the watts
so what, 2v Vf?
i dont need to tell you how much power that is right?
like, youre an engineer and shit i think they teach you that
ima laugh at the vid of first test:
how will you supply this beast?
yours is smaller tho, yes?
lke an order of magnitude less insane
dude but thats not 240 amps
its like 100W

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regs arent a prob
holy shit
wtf is that?
$6.44 and a coil?
like, at best its a $1 circuit, with FAT transistors
oh you get a bunch?
but yeah id just use a current sink
two resistors, two bjt
on what?
oh haha
led will break you!

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i think maybe for the money, a wall of wide angle led at 20-50mA each work better
but what are they like bulk?
if its just like $2 cheaper each i dunno thats still alot
flouro bulbs are cheap
i prob get more light from little panels of croded standard LED
er, crowded
wtf $10

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i need red and blue
jfur wants to grow plants under LEDs in her room
she said she would go halfies on parts
people are selling led arrays for plants, but theyre shit LEDs
rab: haha
they are such assholes
rab: did you get the one where they were like doing a eulogy for a company that went out of business?
like they were sad they killed off some competition
macegr: weirdo
sigh, i never delete shit
thats the effeciency of a fleuro
waaaay more per watt, tho
can you get them cheap bulk?
say like $4
yeah but 5x/6x more wont happen
not for a decade probably
thing is theyre little

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i get this noodle + eggroll + beef + nuts + sauce thing
dude i even eat the vegetables
thats how good it is
rab: http://www.darkertechnologies.com/image/drunk_porsche1.jpg
im picking out numbers like a datasheet
i wanna do a bright LED project
aerith_ga: theres new luxeons, no?
i want to do bike stuff
ima tell mr sure i didnt get the parts
dx says he will send more
no charles, they didnt accidentally put my parts in afrika
afrikans dont use parts
they import
cuz they are spoiled and rich.
or maybe other reasons, who can say
those led
no shit?
how much ching?
and what Vf?
well whatever a rough estimate
they come in colors at this brightness, no?

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theyre like 3.5W
is that alot brighter than luxeons?
i dunno if it was 1W or 2W ones did like around 100lm
yeah the solder wants to stick
it likes it!
(get good flux that you are comfortable with)
dude this is ass, i want thai food but there is cold water coming out of the fucking sky
its opposite corner
also its a bit hairy honestly, people are nuts at that intersection
4 times
rab: sec
omg that shit is so good

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matt____: i dont know anything about 555 timers
really, i did one circuit, in a lab with them, it seemed goofy
matt____: your nick is kinda annoying
i dont even have the option to be that flat for that long

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those is bad, macegr.
collect them, send them back to topbrite
hell prob send more
he prob dont want them back either
shit where are my china parts
the ups was just shit from newegg
i dont remember that
they mail lady usually buzzes me
i was asleep yesterday tho
mail is horrible
not keeping up with the net
we need to be sacrificing more postal workers in the name of effeciency
yeah that looks better

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aerith_ga: whats their Vf or watts?
either works
if those are 2W parts, thats awesome; if theyre like 5W parts, i dunno seems average per W
man why do you keep saying Ren
ren, renesis, rennypoo, renz, rens, rennypants
pls no Ren or Renesis, ty
dont fuckin say rene either i swear i will ignore and i never do that shit
dude your house would catcxxh fire its be neat but then its be all like:
if most do its still a defect
well itd be like 1/8 pulse, no?
for the extra current?
they dont come back?

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flux and solder points
dont use the solder to hold the part, just the wires
like, soldered in test holes might be cook if you can get them cheap in the right size for your pins
stripboard is what?
you have floating battery, sir
okies perfboard i think
how much is a cree?
thats alot for a 2W led
or what its 5W? (cheating, two led)
thats awesome if theyre 2W parts

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yeah so you solder quick, shrug
heh, i solder IC and 7seg like you torque bolts on heads
click it
its a breakout to audio cables
thats the soundcard right?
no thats analog out probably
oh, yeah one of them might be a digital audio line
prob that black one
its maybe configurable, also
because ive seen black=center ch/sub
i dunno i dont care about that surround shit
has nothing to do with music
aerith_ga: thru the pins
you mean those luxeon style raw led, no?
yeah make a heatsink with the copper
yeah you might chase down little intermittenly open lines forever

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you got a small ton, tho, yes?
i wonder if tsome of them are heat sensitive
i got the same LED package in white, bet its same factory type shit
with those test holes?
for each led?
i think you should buy a baggy of test holes like superware had
and just route that shit, LED against each other or spaced like .05"
i would just point solder it
bend pins to hold them, drop of solder to hold on wires
dont solder to perfboard
yeah i know you can unsolder a point solder in like a couple sec

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no uppercase letters, pls
Renesis is a copyrighted term owned by Mazda
im renesis
different thing entirely
no fureal go look, they never ever use renesis, only Renesis
its not mine
i said i has a book not i own a book
i believe so
covers alot actually, i should give it back to tal
see i should build speaker things with tal because i dont hang out with him (or anyone) enough
The Loudspeaker Design Cookbook
people get excited about LED
they are like how failed?
dim or blanks?
like flicker?
aw, that fucked
you checked solder and resistor and etc?

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maybe a white led
white led in jabra would look more formal, less vader
oh those are nice
they got each pin broken out to two holes
with little dc cap breakouts
or i guess any 0603
see the issue with that is that theyre offset
you cant just stick .1" headers in it
youd have to like wire it up
twingy has made some neat tgfp breakouts to .1" headers on his taig
er, qfp
but you can breadboard that
i notice, half the pins are broken out to 3 holes
er, cant cant
you cant breadboard dual row headers directly

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ooh, then yeah you must either photo etch your own surfboard, or have it fabricated
or you can just solder wires to the pins
like, get some normal stranded core hookup wire
and seperate it!
so many tiny solid core wires
okay well if you say so but its not so hard you just need good flux and a tinned iron
you dont even really need to feed extra solder with smt pins/pads
ah, yeah regged irons make everything easier
shit i dont think i could stand to use a curling iron style soldering iron again
tho honestly, the biggest prob with those is the cheap tips, the oxidize and become useless very easily compared to weller and hacko pretinned tips ive used
like, maybe a non regged iron from a good company with good tips wouldnt be so hellish
but yeah, if no hand soldering wires to pins, need a surfboard adapter

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why did timecop die or something?
jedix: youll get answers
maybe nothing to do with what you asked
but people say we have brains, or something
this is the rumor on efnet, that #electronics has squishy brains
jedix: google surfboard
'smt surfboard' and 'smd surfboard'
yeah you can just use wires on pins
hehe yeah just surfboard might get you other kind of hits
i dont know if electronics is more popular than the beach yet
well, look in the datasheet and try to find the package type
itll be like SOIC, or SSOP, or QFP, etc
then you buy a surfboaard and solder it to that
alternatively, you can make it on your cnc
just not my cnc because teh cnc has no gpu =(
yes your computer machine tool
SOP36, mmm
thats smaller pitch than soic, no?

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oh, few hours, like a phone
rab: yeah im thinking that too
but i wouldnt mind it if it was red and just not bright
its helpful to know if you left it on
the bright fucking blue ear beacon is kinda annoying tho
i want to know if its on, i dont want to be a sniper target
but yeah i dunno if theyre all blue or just mine
well, not just mine
this is the style of my borg headset
see wouldnt that be more awesome in red?
instead of blinding blue?

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i have dynamic IP
itll be the same for years
i think locally, someone told me you have to disco your modem at a certain time of the week
and like, itll reallocate
ip4 just doesnt have the address space to last much longer
cant start over now
you guys know about jabra bluetooth things?
are they always bright blue LED?
i think i wanna replace the led and resistor, red and less bright
damn so positive charles
lets talk about dayed operating systems instead of an electronic thing
okay im ready
dunno, many days standby

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well, theyre tuned LPF
i guess yeah HPF
actually im pretty sure it depends on what configuration
but basically the box adds another filter pole
so you can tune it, or try and make it insignificant in your pass band range
sealed is no diff
but vented will always have like, blowhole noise
yeah i like tight bass
i would prob run a normal sub setup with single or dual 10" for like 60-200Hz or something
and then have a sealed, EQ'ed, long xmas 10" or 12" for the sub bass
no maybe not
you need really good bottom end and xmax to do the EQ thing
because its somewhat insane
yeah im talking like 12-20mm
bbiab, peoples

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wtf what
ren doesnt make my window light up fool
thats horrible sounding stu
cant like you say it like, let us make sex doing speaker cabinets
or something
dont say love its weird
okay eeepc production style modulare design has failed me
i dont
i have a book
and if i was gonna make subs, id do oversmall sealed boxes
with EQ for the low end rolloff
yes, oversmall, to move the roloff frequency up
since you are using the rolloff functionally, building a custom EQ circuit specific, you can make it too small

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water mamals are badass at hearing
porpoise = 75Hz-150KHz
tho they say humans are 23KHz
which is bullshit
ha i hate that

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its freaky, theyre like husky++
coyote is only small compared to a wolf =\
we have those and cougars
i dunno if we have wolves
but like, supposedly coyote will like walk up to windows people are eating behind
at saddle peak lodge of malibu canyon rd
yeah, you really could
just need like, treats and bacon
you could just do the octave pitches between 20K and 40K
how high can they hear?
says 45KHz
okay so doggies have an extra octave
a beluga whale can heat past 100KHz
er hear

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not so bad now?
yeah youre metabolism prob adjusting too
haha, you are metabolism, macegr.
rain sucks
cuz you get to job or class and youre like drippy
kinda rude
but what you gonna do theres like water falling out of the sky
i <3 it
but it sucks to have to go places in where you have to get shit done
im kinda down with cats on the being all wet thing
yeah some dogs are weird like that
ocassional cats
supposedly those hybrid domestic/lynx cats dont give a shit
theyll like jump into a bathtub like whatever
yeah fureal
some huskies have wolf/coyote in them

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i have mad hunger
macegr: still on alternating days diet?
or given up?
anyway cnc machine is agp/pci
and it needs a new gpu card
actually i need a whole new computer
fallout3, yo

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its running on a 2500+ (1.5GHz? who knows...) with like 50ipm speeds with headroom
like, its pretty awesome at resource handling, i can browse web, and worst case my web bogs down, i never hear the cnc dwell or kinda hopping like i did in windows
resource hog, but when its got enough its double plus shit

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yeah i did turbocnc with 200MHz and 300MHz machines
but turbocnc ui is ass
axis gui for emx is the shit
its rough, but when i complain in #emc, shit happens next release
maybe not the best shit
i should really email their dev list
because they totally fubared axis workspace switching
hey but at least theyre trying, before i bitched they were locking the touch off button to g53 so i was like wtfwtfwtf
and then they kinda changed it up, but now i cant tell wtf the filemenu, the dropdown, the touch off dialog, or the g-code for offset have priority
but whatevers, i set that shit with g92 anyway
the visual feedback in axis is awesome
if you want to do like a 20TPI, 200Step, 1/8 microstepped controller at like 100IPM+, im think you need like a 1.5GHz machine

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check pricing on new units
if its under $1000, its cheap stuff
whats expensive?
thats a 500MHz scope
ive heard of them, dunno of theyre good, looks kinda ugly
its not a DSO
thats just 4ch analog with cursors
oh, okay then yeah, looks neat
you can get a 2ch DSO for same money tho
but prob only 100MHz

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but its not really the wm, its just the realtime crap, i stripped an ubuntu install down and was running like no processes, blackbox wm, with a 300MHz machine
and that shit just ate it when i started emc
theyre cheaper stuff, no?

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it runs on a realtime kernel ubuntu fine
dont need luck, been working for like 6months (since i switched from that ghey freedos shit)
fuck turbocnc
okay winxp blanks the monitor, and the cnc dwells for a second
fuck winxp, joke for realtime
i can browse the web on the ubuntu machine
while its doing a cycle
and it doesnt give a fuck
windows is silly for realtime
mach itself was okay
ui is kinda funky, i personally think it does a bit too much for a controller
but compared to turbocnc, its ui is great (turbocnc kills at the realtime thing, but yeah duh its dos it can only do one thing at a time)
ubuntu + emc project realtime kernel is actually pretty hot
you just need a GHz machine to push it

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andmy gpu card crapped out =(
man i gotta put a backspace button right in the middle of my keys
sucks tho, gf6600 if all glitches
i even left it off all night
boot up, mad glitches
its like when someone kicked your nintendo while you were playing
maybe intentionally
and then like your games still works
but all the sprites are glitched
it was like my gpu was a nes and someone kicked it =(
cnc box has no gpu now
im no ninja like that, running cnc machine headless

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