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and if the SSD burns before jan 2010, asus should fix it (my ssd is soldered to board, heh)
according to asus support
what is this someting you coded in junior high?
that is ambiguous as to whether you mean your statement or my response
pls try harder, irc kills
cakedrink had cool tshirts, yo.

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no its fine
nlite xp and slackware 12, asus and kernel.org kernels, have a method for booting isolinux from sd, (tho some kernel init scripts are smater than others about finding the SD)
else you have to get a usbcd drive
im like fuck an extra $40 for a chassis and dvdrw
im doing something retarded with the linux wifi
i can see my network but it wont connect
but yeah, everything in windows works great, device manager is clean
so im going to run reiserfs, ntfs, swap, pagefile, persistent logs
like a real computer

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so heavy disc writes, journaling fs, persistant logging, swap/pagefile, none of that voids warranty
but asus is like relaxing hardware warranty polcies on the fly, so people arent sure wtf their new public warranty statement means
so i just called, twice, and got names
they just want their ram back so they can refurb it

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no one knows, asus seems to be relaxing their policies
the thing came with a sticker over the ram door saying warranty void is seal broken
no its fine
but i called today and asus support said 2gb of ram is fine, just dont send it back to us with the 2gb sodimm if you need service
it has seam sticker on a seam on the battery
er, seal sticker
theyre fucked up, really sticky, crumbly stickers too
they did, but its vague
yeah, sticker engineers
also, they told me that SSD failure would really be investigated much for causes
as it would mostly be impossible

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heh, okay neat apperently im first hand evidense for the whole 'warranty vs 2GB ram' eee pc issue

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i didnt like the diablo because it just looked like a countach update
they have some license with someone
big brute
haha, have to sit sideways
but the countach is basically same thing
but it was revolutionary, nothing was like it when it came out
sega outrun 2006 is awesome, you get to unlock like all the porsches
er, ferrari
but they start you in a 246GT Dino
which is awesome because thats my fav ferrari
i cant think of one without cops
but how does ruf get away with that?
like, its still a porsche

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911 is basically a flat6 version of the 912 which was basically a sport beetle
is it mid engine?
they cheat on the GT cars sometimes
i think the 90s GT3 was all mid engine tube frame, just looked like a 911
hehe, a ton of those prob havent been wrecked yet
they have to make like 100 or 500 or something
theyre going to redo the 928
hopefully porsche redos the 928
and lambo makes the muira concept
and maybe ferrari can lag coupe years behind with a dino
the little one is neat
big one kinda ugly
murcielago seems like a diablo update

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shit defies physics, weird car
hehe, the old turbo race 911 looked insane to drive
like the 80s stuff
like race footage looks like if you got into accel out of a turn to early, you would just fly off the bank into space
die in a nearby forest
well yeah, because rear weight bias and rear drive and fucked up insane powerful
you had to be almost straight when power kicked in, and they had big turbos so throttle lag was an issue
ninja race car driver timing shit
well, the 911 are still jacked up
but they just got the suspention figured out after like 40 years
porsche is like vw/audi
so really since like post WW1

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yeah they big
the older porsches are big inside too
no humps, except for shift linkage, and minimal dash, low seats
haha someone stopped in front of my while i was crossing at a light in an old mini
looked like a taller guy, and like his feet should be somewhere by the headlights
i was like if he got too close i could just kick the car over
causality: session expired
haha really?
911 is just a monster with slight understeer

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causality: i dont really like 911
i respect them, tho
i just really love alot of other porches
550, 914, 928
the new boxter coupe thing is pretty neat
well, its debatable
yeah its little
even the 924/944 are neat
they have 50/50 distribution because of the transaxle
poor things are ugly, tho =(
omg i want
those were the sexiest ones
like first S4 was 1986 i think
truespace: its a strange car
tho a 914 with the same engine destroys it at autocross type stuff
but yeah porsche would never do that to the 911
dr porsche had a flat-8 race engine hardtop 914, heh

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torsion bar setup might be cool if you can figure it out
but yeah if youre not using springs, you should probe make the chassis kinda flexible else youll just break it
or make it heavy
but then itll be heavy, and heavy is the nemesis of sport
well you have welder thing so you can play
you seem to avoid death pretty well somehow
but yeah you should research different suspension types
and maybe try something out that looks simple to you
hehe, fun
suspension = thick foam seat padding

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frame flex is like an active part of the suspension
gokarts barely have suspension, heh
if they dont, the chassis is basically it
thats why the 911 is kinda amazing
its a bad engine configuration, but it was a very good sports car
because they just fucked with it every year
for like 25 years
everything street kinda sucked in the late 60s, heh
like, if you chassis is to stiff it might vibrate your brain into gel
well, assuming youre running minimal or no suspension
else you want to make it stiff as fuck to make your suspension geomtry consistent
its the frequency at which bandwith is atnnuated 1db
as opposed to 3db
it would be 1db gain
because you didnt say -1db
are you using springs?

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omg suspention geometry stu?
bit early in the morning =\
good geomtry is ninja shit
the 993 suspention is probably magical
yeah but its performance compared to early 911 isnt hurt
those things like hopped their asses around turns
that porsche was like 30 years continuous development with no complete redesigns
shit like 50 if you consider it an evolution of the beetle

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i didnt find it any more or less stable than explorer
both of them eat shit when certain apps go nuts
explorer hard locks alot less (almost never last few years, heh), but xorg you can usually fix without taking down the system

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no, bad app, locks x
its an x bug
it shouldnt lock x
but yeah, x will lock, but the system usually stays functional
you just have to figure out how to kill x without your keyboard and mouse, in the very worst cases
like, i only remember it happening consistently with unstable release mplayers, tho technically it is an x bug
no client app is supposed to be able to take down the server, but really is like 'hahaha' at that bullshit

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you cant close source after its been released
because you just cant, someone has it, and you agreed they could use it if they GPL it too
youre supposed to read the fucking license before releasing your software under it.
you do not understand what i just said
gpl is never stable
yeah but x might lock and take your io
so you need to ssh in and kill it
no i realize how awesome that is
in windows i just had to reboot
my lunix didnt fail daily
i had like 100+ day uptimes on a shitty home box at one point, x and stupid apps on gentoo
haha, thats all i used
most x lockups have to do with apps compiled with insane optimizations (mplayer)

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has directories mounted to tmpfs or something?

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ha my SSD kicks that CF cards ass
doe it run from a ramdisk?
or like straight from CF filesystem

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monitor the cpu load on the machine while doing it

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what the net speed?
put a 100MB file on it, and send to something, maybe they even have "time" program
oh haha
with or without x86 media extensions?
does that even help nipponese tv?
do you want to test disc io?

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like $10
1GB work, 512 seems close
ok have fun
dude its not like im compiling code for my arm on my arm

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bust a uname -a to see if they appended a clver kernel version suffix
dude 2.4 is ancient
wow thats not even a new 2.4 kernel
they are 15 subversions behind kernel.org
omg youre kidding because you know, like i do, that redhat is failware
kernel src is like 250MB
more, unpacked
how big is the system?
it might burn out
just get a 2GB SD card

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ahaha 'now' wtf
the next moment is where ren woould say something could, and it would just be understood that ren was fired.
haha time for sleep
s/could/cool, s/woould/would, s/sleep/bye
cmon you use vim, you love swap statements
maybe something was misunderstood

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just like webmail?

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really weird

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4chan is a warrior for peace and equality on the interweb
haha, ok not rly

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ax332: use a spice app?
01:53 <@TekniQue> lol minor non-notable messageboard
haha wtf
thats like saying the sun doesnt matter to the solar system

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blackmoon: flavor blasted goldfiash are so awesome
goldfish goldfish

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tho moon loves those scopes
hes got his all tricked out
manual in pdf format means he got it used
donk tek
mine has a DSO and decent autotriggering
dick suckin lips?

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i fixed ur mom with an xacto and thin wire
she was buggin
so i fixed it
yeah hot pins will melt plastic kinda the same way
it looks like tiny dogs chewed my breadboard
ant dogs

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routing for milling and etching isnt different
routing for thru whole plate and non plated is different
very tiny wire
blank = shift in 8 zeros
man i dont want to wire shit u to make a 1KHz tone to test piezo
i wanna just like, beam 1KHz into the wires with my eyes
he bitches

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if my car is functional or i can bust some hi CH stat shit and get a ride, im going
yeah prob, huh
timecop_: cali is home
shit SF is just the far suburb is LA

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^dx^: FUCK YOU
omg macegr!
right angles bad!
do you think this is 1975?
theyre quarter turn inductors
at low speeds they dont matter much
like, audio, they dont matter at all almost
but if your circuit couple noise, its likely at points like that
or just weird andles in connectors, etc
yeah also right angles are more prone to failure
in the fab process
but again, low speed, and fat traces, its not even an issue

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you did it again
autorouter is for the weak
never ever
well, unless a fat trace
even then, never, just less never

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check lordpil.com
there will be a point of dead time between me and lordpil
seen danceswit
because lordpil is gone
haha no i hope not
i think charles just banned him
for rug blogging, i guess
like, os/2 warp, okay
rugs not okay
i really dont understand that
by 3$ did you mean $33,000?
mercury in the sushi
or the water

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goth was never cool, fool
goth was cool like candy ravers were cool
in fact, moth of the goth lamers became the candy raver lamers
that a weird transistion to witness over and over again, goth to raver
naw but lordpil wasnt just about rugs
he was abour rugs, and arm c code
wiped from history

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incubus[]: why you msg me

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itll show up as root device and partition devices
mount that shit
plug it into windows, google rsftool and explore2fs
yeah its not great
its functional tho

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it cant do arc traces?
loltrace doesnt even do curvies?! =O =O
dude if i were romanian id be like =OOOOOO
no because not happy
dude thats like all i understand on those forum pages
like, if they go like =)))))))))
thats when you know the code/config/cmd they pasted worked
no one types out dotdotdot anymore
this isnt an iso, you mean like a hard disc?
if its not iso, fuck if i know, but im sure you can do it
you cant just plug it into a cf reader?

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timecop_: say
19:07 < ^DX^> what the fuck is load capacitance of a crystal
ha nice
see i told every 'timecop can learn' but everyone was like 'naw timecop dunce'
for what?
is this for avr?
for avr use 20pf
because thats what the datasheet says and thats whats always worked for me
for the 20MHz
for the 25MHz, i dunno id check the ethernet datasheet, look for typ application note, if nothing, id be like fuckit and use the 20pf i used for the avr 20MHz
charles failure board?
search 2222
2n kinda designates a package type
2n basically means 'old'
look up mmbt2222
i bet thats what fairchild calls theirs

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wow this is so easy

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thats almost an imaginary amount of flow

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pspice is goofy
my school uses it for sim

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omg wtf 317+170v?

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programmer is $20
and and openocd and gnuarm are free
ks: google jtag wiggler schematic

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try #finance
if you think i know all about money, youre an idiot
im sure my credit is still half thrashed and i cant recall the last time i paid taxes

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okay ima take off eeepc shell
i wonder if that voids the warranty

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you still dimmin your lights on boot?
yeah vid card are nuts
oh yeah crt are hogs
i have up to three running in my room =\
i want 2GB ram now
tho i guess 1G is enough
but fuck 1GB, 2GB is way better deal
because shipping/GB
ha i cant spend aymore money on eeepc =\
i have to test out the db9/db25/centronics dongles i got for it

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$1M/seat apps =\
i bet they just get deals
like, pc hardware is a bit high profile to do pirat
well, like accessories and shit
i guess yeah, always a few weird off brand mobo company
pop up for a year or two
but accessories and alot of cards...
you can tell the companies are just buying shit from same factory
putting their own stickers on it
so yeah that stuff, totally wouldnt surprise me
you dont see nearly as many mobo or gfx cards like that tho
i bet those companies can get deals, maybe payment plans, if they cant pay for new software

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and now the true purpose of ps3 is realized
yeh well, 90% is alot
these sodimm are pretty neat, bga oh leadless ram on both sides
traces doing all sorts of goofy loopbacks
comput0r rout0r

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under 1", but it has feet on the back and battery bulge, to about 1.25"
they kinda styled like thinkpads, but only the black ones you can really tell
serious i need to clean up
i cant find my mini screwdriver and its freaking me out

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but, clinton (much, much better english) confirmed what james said
but also added the reality that finding the cause of failure is next to impossible on a failed SSD
and that constant writes is really just normal usage (yeah really, wtf internet)
and that if i had a problem and needed to send it in, i should put the old mem back in
and then it wouldnt even matter i had 2GB in it
i shall notblog this and present to the eeetard forums
journaling fs, pagefile/swap, and 2GB ram upgrades are ok, w00t
and i have a whole 2 years to burn ouy the SSD and get a new one
solid state disk
long life superflash
no i got an eeepc, they come with it
ssd with sata interface

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okay time to call up james again
okay 2GB isnt officially supported
because the xanadros OS is kernel gimped to not do 1-4GB configurations

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fuckin sticker engineers

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im going to ask if they cover hardware failure due to misconfiguration of software, which they are not responsible for
i think he said all hardware is covered
tho i guess if the SSD is thrashed, how will they know what i was running, anyway
i guess maybe they just fail a bit
naw for eeepc
the journaling/pagefile/swap/logging to SSD issue
people are running ext2 linux and fat32 winxp and no pagefiles or swap and mounting var/log into ramspace and shit
trying to baby the ssd
also there was question about ram upgrades voiding the warranty, because there is actually a sticker over the ram cover like:
warranty void if seal broken or removed
so yeah, i can see why people are confused
i mean neat sticker, but bit misleading
fucked up, its a non friendly too sticky crumbly sticker

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that thing is huge
i have sot23 hall effect sensors with integrated amps and open drain output
i coule prob fit 30 of my hall effect sensors into that big one
most definitely
for just atmega maybe no
do maths
but yeah, put ambient up to like 120F if its gonna be in a kitchen
ethernet what?
dip heatsink wtf?
is it supposed to get hot?
not warm like, 'omg i am high speed digital silicon look at me slew'
like hot like 'i am a vreg doing 1A with no sink, im hot.'

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okay neat
james at asus notepook support (sounds like hes getting better at english!) says they cover hardware for 2 years
battery for 6 months
i can upgrade to 2GB if i want to
and they are not responsible for software related problems, but they will help my put xanadros back onto it if my software configuration sucks
however he says any hardware failures are covered, so if SSD dies due to software config, they still cover it
they just wont help you figure out your software mess
okay so i need to call again, try to get notjames, and see if new person confirms
are wonder where my tech support is located!

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make it
yeah rly
buy after
asus customer support just put me on bad music hold
then hung up on me
"a 'soos"
dorks say their company name stupid

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oh i should call asus and school
much hate, he has

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ha my first hdd was like 40gb
maybe 20gb
see why you such an asshole?
incubus[]: stfu
omg i just had weird dream flashbacks
these are weird dreams about places in the mountains around the valley that dont exist
and if they did, they got bulldozed

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i wonder how many people eat the silica gel every year
but i got a targus bag for the same price, and it was thin nylon bullshit
plastic clips
this thing is *tough* nylon canvas

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heh, i have serial, db25, and centronics dongles for eeepc (cetronics was a fuckup)
thats alot of raid, reza
oooh, possibly for sale stu
causality: omg such anger
cheap sumdex laptop cases > cheap targus laptop sacs
yeah this is me going, whatevers

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20 hours per 1AH
if its been doing 50mA constant
they totally gold plated my usb->db25 connectors
hehe, pretty neat for $7

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we have our own urban areas now tho
its sprawl, its weird. our skyline is pathetic
but yeah, we have snow out towards the desert, in the mountains
kinda where edwards air force base is (spy planes, nasa, black projects, woot)
and the also kinda more south, by lake arrowhead and big bear
but yeah okay, so i never been in falling snow
was always already just there
but then i went to montreal
and was walking to my friends place from the cab
and it started snowing and i didnt know what it was
and i started going into arms flailing omg bugs mode
brain all confused
yay i got newegg

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like i almost never hear about it, i hear about opium more, and opium is barely ever around
ah, yeah thats bit more common
i never hear of people buying it tho, usually from some friend or relative who knows how to make it
so yeah, prob expensive
theres lots of weird hard to find stuff like that
heheh, iujuaska?
i butchered that
but it a south american root and it makes you trip in shades of blue
yeah you brew it up usually
so its kinda hard to dose
man fuck rain
haha ill regret saying that by april
yeah but its been cold too
so the rain hit and it kinda hurts
+ wind
okay well, kinda as a kid and since
but it wasnt falling
because we have mountains pretty close with snow, and it snowed once at night here in 1986
no we have tons of snow in LA county
about 30-45min from where i live
also big bear and lake arrowhead
well, the city is tiny and almost no one lives there
and then like, theres alot of communities that are LA proper, but not really the city
like the valley i LA, we have lapd, but its kinda suburband

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'projecting emotion?'
yeah but they dont sell new things everyday for cheap on fuck.com
or maybe they do...
it appears to be a pr0n site
so i guess, in a sense, they do
i think its druges or droogs
i can check the book
or maybe no, it is across many obstacles
no for his homies
his droogs are his gangsta
all matching underwear and jack protectors
milk+ was drugs
they were doing adrenochrome, but you could get mescaline and something else too
in the milk
er, jock protectors
yeah but it was in clockwork orange first
he called it drenchrome i think
and synthmesc
when he was all explaining what was in milk+
synthetic and rare

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clockwork orange is written person, in english with heavy polish slang
future slang, even
but future polish slang from like the 60s
whats on woot?
just like emotive woot?

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i think they maybe got bitched at for wasting their time on me tho couple of times
i lived here maybe 3 or 4 years, they leave me alone now, heh
another time, a shift officer took a call about a break in
and then tailed me and my friend, and arrested us with like a chp unit + 5 normal units (like 12 cops)
gunpoint, tell us get on the floor in the street, etc
hehe, shift officer telling his droogs everything he saw happen
then they bust into the house i supposedly broke into
and were shocked to find my best friend, his 5 year old little brother, and a cartoon playing on the tv
read a book, stu
anyway, i never heard a dispatcher yell over a police radio until i heard them from the back of a cruiser, in handcuffs, all like:
so yeah, lapd, wtf
its a clockwork orange reference
so likely a polish term

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yeah but its not as bad anymore, except in the worse area
kinda low level spread to suburbs
but its chilled out, some people think because herbs gotten so much better, more common, last 15 years
plus yeah they really kinda broke the city in 92
hahaha, youre a fuckin dork
yeah if youre white you just kinda fall into the 'young troublemaker' category
hehe all the dork kids who aint punk got emo haircuts, so baldies stand out bit more
like, basically, youre not white american with a decent haircut
yeah well, meet the LAPD stu
shit half of them like prob younger than me now
sherriff is like dealing with a whole department, and policies, a 'force'
lapd is dealing with a name on a badge and a mood
very random, i have as many stories with happy endings as bad ones
whatevers, its home
aint gonna let no police make me want to leave

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never had a prob with bouncers or chp, tho lapd kinda get pissy half the time
other half the time they think youre funny and let you go
how lucky of you
well, here it would mostly be because youre white
but youre kinda a baldie, so cops would prob fuck with you too if they were board enough
yeah your hair is on the very short side
i dont think you understand the context
you have buzzed hair, no?
well ive seen pics where your hair was short enough youd be a baldie to lapd
maybe just a lazy one who hasnt bic'ed it in a week
some of them are, tho
baldie = gangsta
there was a time when wearing certain colors could get you harassed
baldie in a nice car = dope slinga

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um, ok haha
damn stu i guess youre gonna have to ban me and charles to teach us a lesson
does that mean you dont want to see the pics of the jbd or the brain swirl?
because you make statements like you a bouncer or something
so i make statements like i do to bouncers
to authoritarian dweebs, yes
hahaha, no, never happened
tho one almost threw my friend off a roof after a party =\
but me and bouncer #2 chilled them mofos out
no just the ones who bother me

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ms brown owes me $30 actually
oh no wait my bad her bro covered it
hehe, thats how i paid for the 160gb toshiba usbhd
those stems are awesome tho
its a green star stem, its what makes a green star better than a roor
because roor have glass on glass pullout bown and downstem mating
and a stupid projected glass on glass piece on the bubble, so it sticks out dumb
and breaks, in the same place
roor fans usually have had multiple roors because of it
green star is same big beaker design, glass-on-glass pullout, but normal rubber grommet for the bong/downstem mating
so they never break, basically
haha, damn
theres 5 brand names in that pic
no notes/ is not for that
else it would have digivape on it

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i dunno, lucky, or inexperienced, or not using bongs <12"
that ones dead btw
and it is the best bong ever
not in that configuration, tho
haha, whatever thats not practical
the one i have now, art glass with beaker base, gold fuming, standard grommet downstem
i just did, heh
supposedly the guy who used to own Heavy glass company made it
and ive smashed it against shit maybe 30 times already where it could have broke and i couldnt bitch
haha, i got it as a bday present for someone
like, $100 for a $250 bong, cuz shes a cuty and me and the shop owner felt like we got fucked
haha but yeah, she did some dumb shit, and she owed me a $100
so i walked into her house, took the bong back, had a convo with her brother and grandma and mom about me taking it, and the stupid shit she did
and we all laughed
and i have a really nice art piece

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so yeah, priorities (im supposed to be the smart one, wastin all my time in school, i guess)
i really miss those sunglasses
^ neat glasses
thats prob nsfw if your boss is lame
more water = less chamber
also, that stem isnt perfect for that bong
optimally, you get one long enough for the flared base
and then you fill to like the very bottom of the bubble
notice the ice ring
the grommet has headroom
itll bend maybe 20 degrees
but the ice ring, and the flared base + bubble...
no water on your lips, ever
it was the perfect bong
i cracked it trying to put a glass on glass diffuser downstem into it

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but then yeah, string of roles where he played total primitives kinda ruined him
i dunno john kinda got a dumb grin on his face too
i need to get new laces for those shoes
camo suede anjans, mmmm
cant really see the dreads
okay lets see pics of youre pasty ass and well talk about stupid lookin
like insulting my bros and shit
haha both of them get by well
one has a mercedes, one has a house

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my devices are still there, ath_chan_set is bitching it cant reset wifi channels
for the record, i never wore vests or abstract button ups
i did go thru a hawaiian shirt over black tshirt phase
dude theres tons of pics of me
she was my gf at the time
most are old
haha yeah
that was the role that ruined brendan frashiers career
school ties wasnt a horrible movie
he was like a more serious keanu reeves
guess which is me

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now my devices are back
wow neat kernel module autoloading actually works
slackware, but this isnt really distro dependent
its like hardware wifi switch vs ath_pci module vs my monolithic kernel
like, it didnt detect wifi when i had the hardware turned off
i rebooted with the wifi on, and it detected it
then i turned the hardware off, and kernel bugged about it
turned it back on, kernel stopped for a bit, now its buggin again
pfft, or fix it
i think maybe because i compiled madwifi with the asus kernel, now im using kernel.org kernel

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hmm, sucks
where did my eth devices go

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flash maneuvers
unless they moved
i guess that has to do with lag switch skill
my modem has a lag toggle button
all this time i thought it was lame and useless
who knows it was for er337 gaming

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wtf is crysis?
okay so i have to try and make a target for new computer build day
it need to be like fallout3 projected release day, with a month or two for breakin
i start puts moneys in the secret hiding place (savings account)
2 wtf 2
fallout 2?
hello macegr, welcome to 1998
haha breakdance movies, #1
welcome to 1988
because they keep breakdancing, macegr
because of uprocks and cripwalks
uprocks is the bruce lee bouncin shit
playable is a very personal level of functionality
light, i thought lag situations in online games were playable
because i would often excel in the high lag situations
patience, leading

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nomoon: they used to deny support if re reinstalled the original OS
dunno if they still do, but thats pretty lame

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