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heh, i wonder if tek uses curvy traves still
i have pot cookies

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um, diptrace cant even do round traces
hello, yes
and miter the corners of your 135d angles with rounded traces
it made rounding the corners around the sot23 alot nicer
supply aint great, so definitely doing 120Hz
in diptrace im guessing i dont even have the option
so if i did want to use it for an RF project, i guess id be assed out

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how do you get f/2?
well, okay yeah i guess direct ram access you could do data at f/2
you need to fetch the data, tho, no?
you can do f/3 i think, unrolled
grab data from ram with post inc, out data, out enable

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time for some more deep kernel config
flavor-blasted goldfish are #1
my cat is like a 10 year old kitten

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cap him
no one would get it =\
i wonder how many serial killers are time travelers

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incubus[]: sec
nice ghetto long tail pair
anyway, your input is floating
so ground it thru a resistor
no but it would be sane
do it discrete with soic 74 series
or youre just not man enough?

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macegr: the white led i got in your led pkg are fucking blinding at 20mA
your rgb led pkg
plastic block with semisphere lens
yeah i dunno is that who they ripped off?
i want to make 7W arrays out of red and blue
for blants
er, plants
actually no
we want to grow little plants on shelves
big shit you would just use 1000W HPS
i dunno basic
stu knows basic
i could prob learn basic
yeah i dont think ill love it
but maybe, kinda seem like shorthand asm
oh fucked
macegr: whats the hardware like?

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would be a sexy chip
they dont say in the parametric table if external mem adressing?
ha fucked up
its because only a few AVR have it

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so i made and corrected tests, logged grades
oh and i got trained to use a gas chromatograph
so i setup an experiment for the class where we made moonshine
and tested the alc content
i would get bored and talk to people or just do other shit
like, one time because i was using test tube with diff amounts of water in a test tube stand to try and make a musical scale
naw she just knew i was bored
she was cool
she could have kicked me out, instead she basically let me run her class
i got out of alot of classes because only a few kids were trained to use the loaned gas chromatographs

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okay 100*(.02*3.5)
thats like 7w?
my HS chem teacher almost kicked me out of class
instead she made me her TA

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ha neat
i think they have their own page in kernel device driver config

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hello online shop not opening soon
so it is doing idle nothing
why do you need something?
you shoul.d buy like 100 of these piranha LED from china
they are fucked up bright
like i kept looking right into them and id have to irc out of my peripheral vision for a few minutes =(
they come in the same pkg macegr got his rgb led, big semisphere lens, blocky plastic
they would never sell any
yeah but theyd loose all other business
those things end up in a ton short run/prototype things
gotta be a chunk of their sales

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is that like $4?

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timecop: ur moms a fat jew
at least thats what me and most of efnet think

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fact: all calculators = weapons

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mxman: omg stfu hi
what about energy?

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macegr: spacebabies, foolish mofo
because they sometimes cling to sats and suck on them
(very hush hush, shhh)
then we would be fucked, moon

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like, latex always clouds up after its been left in alc
then the latex will crack like stretched rubber bands
and then certain rubber just kinda dries out
yeah windex is awesome for everything
its good on electronic chassis, doesnt seem to mess with most plastic
but yeah my moms cat didnt like me or my cat, would sneak into my room and piss on stuff =(
windex > cat piss
haha, hes saying that youre his
cadence, no?
no they have better apps for capture and pcb

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hello, windex
windex or 99% iso
the iso wont leave so much water, less likely to corrode metal parts
windex is ammonia
it should fuck the cat piss up
haha its gonna stink so bad when youre doing it!
but yeah, windex has water
im pretty sure most of it is water
you can get 90% or 99% rubbing alc (iso), and its okay to clean most things, and it evaporates quick
some soft rubbers and plastic dont really like it
but those rubbers and plastics would prob melt up against hardcore solvents

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cat pissed on your pcb?
get your cat fixed
if its fixed, get rid of it
it doesnt like you, give it away

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and then
get spice, sir.
we revoked homework policy =\ =(

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anyway, its like if miniturization and silicon never happened
or it just took forever to develop
because water chips were actually a big deal in fallout
youve seen dr stangelove? no?
yesno? yes? what?
omg youve never seen strangelove?
you guys cant even speak anymore on insane cold war german scientists till you seen that
he still sleeping stupid?
there ya go
thats worse for your short term than herbsw
in fact thats prob why herbs is bad for your short term
fuck that
get yourself some pspice
or ltspice

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i dunno germany came out alright
they didnt get nuked and we got rid of all their bad leader people
shit i wish someone wouldnt nuke us and get rid of all our bad leader people
aliens, denielson
NASA, USAF, skunk works, CIA, FBI = RE'ed roswell tech
go find a timeline
or a couple
and overlay
50 year jump in technology in 5?
have you ever played fallout?
or fallout 2?
you notice how its kind of retro/modern?
aaaw, thats a shame

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ks: war, or less war
which directly relates to the economy
repubs have this 'more war! less tax!' stance thats totally insane
i dunno we came out of WW2 awesome
the on major nation that still had an intact infrastructure

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omg p-tin
pld dont say his name
this is #electronics, not #eviloverlords

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