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they dont oscillate
and theyre unidirectional, besides dropping pressure dependent on flow

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okay yeah
spring based water reg for diodes
and then for BJT, the spring would physically be connected to a valve
panax: wow neat, now i have working water-models for silicon \o/
spring strength
dunno, they use springs for gas pressure regs

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i hate that fucker, id like to keep him out of water electronics if possible
i dunno what the fuck transistor mans deal is during saturation, either
MOSFET is a pipe intersecting another pipe, T style
with like, inflatable membrane that can block the pipe
no it works
but i dunno how to do diodes and BJT
something with springs, probably
like, fixed drop pressure regs
you somehow have to build the BJT out of that
thats just a resistor, no?the tubes would have to get bigger as the flow increased
which yeah, is back to a spring based thing, or some compressive material

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jezus fuck you just answered your own question and didnt even realize or something
theyre not bad
you just have to know how to use them
no theyre not hard to make
at all
theyre just a bitch to make
subtle diff
garbage man does not have a hard job, it is not something you want to do tho
drkshadow: do you know water model electronics?
inductors are turbines, yo
capacitors are membranes or pistons or two water balloons connected to diff pipes, but rubbin butts
resistors are just restrictor plates
okay now you know all of analog electronics
no more questions
i cant figure those out without adding real electronics to the water electronics
else you need a transistor man asshole

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and you have an amp that cant see GND
so what do you do?
okay but how do you up the voltage without destroying the input signal, possible the output section of the previous stage, who knows
what do you need in between?
please, these are not answers try and use words
why not
caps are used, diodes and active silicon is used
why wouldnt they use coils?
its because theyre big and expensive
because they use up all the metal and all the ferrite and take an impressive machine or a bunch of slaves
theyre heavy as fuck to ship, they couple noise to each other and everything else
rezaphone: yes why?

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okay look, you have a signal that is 1VAC
so it swings positive and negative
you have a circuit witch has a single supply rail and a common(gnd) rail
this circuit cant do begative voltage
wtf rectifier
stfu about rectifiers, has little to do with this
so look, you have a circuit with 5V and GND
it doesnt even know wtf negative voltage is
also, it prob doesnt do input near the rails
cuz this is the reality with alot of input stages
so like, this circuit sees between 1V and 4V
but your circuit swings from -1.414V to -1.414V
all you gonna get is the top bump of a half cycle
yeah fine, out of scope, focus
so you have a GND biased signal
audio, antenna, whatever

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coupling different signal bias voltages
you are new, huh
bias the the DC compenent of an AC signal
go sleep
s/the\ the/is\ the
mains is biased at 0V
i think vim does
something does
that is like asking what is the point of a threaded bolt
because circuits have limitations

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why cant you?
if you do it right, itll work with all kinda of hair
even like asian straight

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i just got off like the last 12" of my dreds
its neat, my heads all light with less damping
im prob gonna cut them off in a couple years and start new ones

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is 74S old TTL?
i forget logic families as soon as i learn them
HCT, VHCT = usable, fast, nice input levels

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OR gates you wanna tie extra inputs low
yeah cmos prob aint the lowest impedance MOS switch in the world
yeah if you got discrete gates, you have to tie inputs so they basically cancel out
OR gates low, AND gates hi
okay say you have 3 input AND
you need to tie it high, that way when the other two are high, all three are high
and the output goes hi
so you converted it into a two input AND gate
OR is same, tie low so it doesnt keep the output high

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you dont float inputs
you float outputs
i think TTL floats high, tho
you just tie them so theyre a known state
and theyre not constantly flipping for no reason, creating noise
well, thats not very high
but yeah, makes the point
because 1.6V is undefined state for some logic families
dont float inputs in logic, ever
you can float outputs no problems
because theyre controlled
AND gates you wanna tie extra inputs low

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just buy some wire and some a wire stripper?
da nana naaa na nana nana naaa
naaaaa naaaaaaaa naaaaaaaaaa
hehe, remember we asked who buys normal maxim max232?

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gnd works too
no, definitely not
what timecop said
just make sure theyre not floating
if its an AND or OR gate, you maye need to die extra inputs high or lo
depending on the logic
get some more wires
not really

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nuh uh.. im decided between two teachers to be in love with this semester, and then im always kinda in love with my best friend

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isnt he pretending to be married or something?

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itll take 2-3 years to mature
m$ will pay off more and more companies to support it
more people will eventually buy it, increasing bug complaints
further increasing its stability
around this time, XP will release its 4th service pack
shortly after XP support will be cutoff
and corp customers who havent converted their workstations probably will
microsoft will then release its new mistake
and it will start all over again
already done
s/faster/more\ parallel

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i have a 60s tek scope
boosh is gloating

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denielson: capilary action?
i just think their holes are better size for water
they kinda like a sponge more than a rag

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itd suck to be a mongol
i used to look into the sun
straight stare
my sister too
we both got 20/20 all our lives
funny level: sienfeld
^dx^: <3
^dx^: just rem,ember if it gets real bad, we can drill holes in our heads and then itll be better!
but youll <3 life

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ima make me some stove top
fuck the chiken, just stove-top stuffing
wtf is -13

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comptroller general
no new-greenspan loves trade
dx is now world leader is physical therapy knowledge
he has a dojo
for trainers
trainer training

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16:37 <+Eggsalad> ^DX^: I've replaced stu's morning coffee with mountain roast diarrhea, lets see if he notices.
halbot, #1

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they have very short focus lenses
and prob not so powerful
just have to get it to reflect back a few mm
oh crazy
yeah but they burn the dye masks
yeah because think how hot it must have to get to reliable burn a hole in the mask at that speed
you would need to put a new lens on it too, to get any kind of range

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15:53 < ^DX^> then again I'd do a bowl of raw eggs
heheh @

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school got a new website
looks like flash
sry tc =(
thats my sexy sociology teacher

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luxeon little cheaper, but this would have a large radiation source
seems to be like $2/W
hehe, about twice as much as common pro audio

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only yellow are blue in the discre piranha section
so .04mW
and .065W
er, .04W
like 25lm/W for blue
like 45lm/W for red
wow thats like up there with luxeons

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hehe, mr sure has like auto feedback response
1.65 lumens @ 20mA
blue is 3.2Vf
red is 2.0Vf
theyre not blue
not the clusters

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damn it says theyre 5x less powerful than the white ones
im do the maths on these leds

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my video game gets here thursday
no shit
yeah i dunno
in red
no pricing dx
those say clusters
^dx^: bottom of list
in discrete led
no pricing
ask him

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because thats how you get fucked on ebay
he will half price it if you ask and buy some stuff at once
but its still $$$
also the list prices are cheaper
naw its cool
itll be like $10 maybe
for all your stuff from one of us
i mail shit to sweden, its not fucked up expensive
parts dont weigh alot, last time i meailed like 2lbs to .se for $9
hehe, big metal crimp tool
oscope needs handling cost because packaging, also very heavy
yeah when i just sent little parts, its like $3, USPS international
takes a week or two
have you tried atmel samples?
atmel might have a new zealand or australia distributor
you sent?
for the ones i want?
ill check, bbiab
yeah i might have to figure which is those
thats likely it
sec i bb
soic and 0805 is cake

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yeah linear is awesome if you can take the dissipation and have voltage headroom
^dx^: you want to buy?
we should do group buy
how new?
new new?
how much for 100 pirahna led
they are like $20 after shipping from ebay
$.20 an led is not happy time
theyre fuckin bright as foook tho
concept4: yes we have his non-ebay price lists =)
macegr: hehe neat
rmrubin, dork
now all of efnet knows my name
there goes my credit
haha what!?
does the MB counter read -3 now or something?
concept4: you ask
macegr: they silk?
or just engrave anodized parts
or both or what

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july 2006, woodland hills
if air temp was that much, it was prob hotter in places with asphault =(
yes that is good
yes fine if current handling is enough
yeah for integrated switch IC those okay
causality: probably
they spam alot
its actually a decent write up, tho
one of the things that made me buy the TI switcher IC
poor maxim
those TI soic switchers are like $.70 or something
oh, yeah fuck mlf
^dx^: okay
ha thats maybe $100 worth of it

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whats that?
heh, wed get that, but because of the smog
110F is the hottest its ever been?
oh hmm

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they come in multilayer?
i dunno about cold weather tech macegr
haha we got more rain in the last week than in like the last three years before that =\
cactus is dancing very slowly (have to watch very long time to see)
here too
it sprinkled earlier
im guessing 70F here
i only have like 4 pair
everything else is light cotton

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omg cold
i need more cushy flannel boxers

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so wonder if pain went away because rain went away
or because aleve works
succulent named cactus is growing furiously

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macegr: get LEDLIFE!!
i made a pizza in toaster oven last night and forgot!
nomnomnomnom, bbl
youre just jealous because we have better led

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they not trying to bust like, everyone
it would break the win95 court computer
more, even
but yeah i already got my borg headset
i wear it while biking now
too long
7 chars, stu
and yeah voice dial is neat
sometimes even works first try
macegr: have you selected your style or borg headset, yet?
i cant believe cali making us do this
stupid bitches in SUV on phones running into EVERYTHING wtf

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i think rain is gone
i can maybe get that guy to look at my honda now
honda doesnt need washing, only interior
its road warrior like that
it also has black widows, ph33r
not at all, sir
spider get cold, spider need home, spider find honda
haha yeah my 280z got spiders too
because i parked it next to the fence with the shrubs in it
there are no webs in the interior, tho
just engine bay and fuel tank area
no one knows
no shit it was jan?
everyone thinks june
it was supposed to be jan, no one knew about it tho

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^dx^: =( =( =(

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hehe, maxim sent me snailmail spam, had a pretty good writeup on basic smps tech
causality: found it
pretty basic, covers buck/boost/inverting
just stare at that and remember inductors produce mad negative voltage behind them when you switch off the current going thru them
or mad positive voltage, in the step up (because your switching the front side)

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im thinking like two to four arrays, and a psu box with like 4 outs
make the led panels so you can hang or stand up vertically
im gonna use those piranha LED from mr sure
hehe, the white one i got are almost too much for bike lights
pwm thru an LC filter with negative feedback
higher the switching speed, lower the inductor value and cap

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that is neato
yeah, i think i can do better than these guys, for $50 retail
use 3 acrylic plates for chassis
i think so
people just afraif of QFP/QFN stuff
i bet you could sell kits with soic, sot23, 1206 no issues
no i know but kit buying peoples
use two holes to check for continuity pls
led are awesome.
i just have to figure out psu and connection details

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waste of space
wtf wtf
why connectors on both sides
oh for chaining
yeah, bad pic
i dont think go
cant tell
maybe DC barrel jacks
top left and top 4 from left
ha, too late i already got an investor for prototype
she wants to grow shelf bonzai and flowers, so i figure like 100 red and 200 blue and maybe 10 white
but yeah it might be stereo plugs
do eeeeet
100 red and 100 blue and 10 white
white on a switch

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used by plants for efficient and healthy growth. By leaving out light plants don't need, we provide still more energy savings over conventional plant grow lights.
yeah, except that no one uses "broad spectrum" lights to grow plants
and no, theres green LEDs in theirs arrays, so they do deliver light that the plants done need
MH and HPS are king
because else the plants look black
i did maths
its like 7W of LED
$6 worth of LED at .03
yeah its be useful for what i want to build
like, a shelf unit for little flowers and bonzai
but you cant use that to grow real shit
those are $20,000 for 1000W
with standard LED, my math says $1000/1000W
$2000/1000W for high discharge LED, and youd get the performance of fleuro, more selective spectrum
haha dork
u nerd

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thumps suck
i watched that scientology conference thing last night
basically: 'all of L Ron Hubbards (but they ALWAYS say LRH) books were destroyed by editors. We fixed. Buy. Tom Cruise, #1.'
heheh, kirsty alley claps like a penguin
she used to be kinda hot
there was a point where she was just thick, still kinda 80s hot
yeah i think a comm officer or something
screw that meme
Targeted Light Output- Unlike "broad spectrum" plant grow lights, which produce a lot of light plants can't use efficiently, LED Grow-Master Grow Lights only deliver the colors of light

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you need to find phone wholesaler or something and buy a case

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macegr: omg stfu
theres no way telemarketing/survey biz pays that much for the headset corded phones

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so tha radioshack one is bluetooth rx + 2.5mm plug?
for $300 you can prob by 8 new office phones with 2.5mm jacks

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(i know in this case phone is stationary, but still funny)
my bluetooth headset cost $20 for like a top brand product
thats so disconnected, $300 wtf
oh direct to the handset jack?
okay still, diff connector, maybe an amp
its ugly

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my phone just has bluetooth
yeah, still be useful
whats lower tech than a wireless dongle into a phone jack
plug in jacks = 40s tech
because its really low power, so safe, pretty reliable
he doesnt want a set he wants a reciever with analog out
omg old
thats from like two days ago
heh, my free phone is awesome
het some phones from telemarketing/survey business
thats funny
because like, you can just wear a phone on your hip, heh

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you maybe you got the leds wet and they melted or something

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