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wtf are you buying inverters for?

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those al usually have specific M codes, and you can map those functions to io on your serial or parport or whatever
and then i think theres just like auxilary output stuff on most software controllers
yes, possible
i need sleeps, tho
k, bye

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but yeah, fixtures are a good idea
you just gotta be really careful when you design them if its a multifunction fixture
hehe, i get all confused becuase the relative feature locations shift around for each setup
<3 solidworks, you can totally throw your part into a fixture and move it around to check finished fixture functionality before even buying the stock
i need to practice more mastercam
heh fun
you can drive relays direct
most controller apps impliment it in the M codes
but certain stuff, like coolant toggle, lube toggle, spindle power, axis power

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seravitae: the big block, if i was doing it on a manual mill, i would just make all the blocks
and then drill them all, and then bore the big hole in them all
that way you can reference off the fixture, because all your edges are finished up
yeah if you can, you would use a cutoff blade or band saw
to cut up the big stock into little stock
and then you would finish the little stock bits into finished blocks
and then you would do a setup for drilling, and try and make it so you can just do the drill XY point once
and then just throw new block in, drill, throw new block in, drill, etc etc
then you would do the setup for the other hole, repeat on all blocks
its a bit diff than with a CNC machine
i would prob do the big hole, then face the top and two sides, for maybe like 4 blocks at a time
then like cutout on a band saw or mill whatever
then put in vice, do the bottom and the two wide i havent got
i dunno how i would handle the other set of holes, very beginning prob best

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but yeah if you can get it done local, id go for that and save a ton on shipping
thats like some big drills and a boring bar
hehe, flycutter for the facing
like, if you can get access to the mill, you can just get a ton of Al and practice
even if its a shit mill, you can do things to get good parts
well, you would make the block
i think superware ran off
ya rly

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yeah, cuz figure like $20 to $25 +tax +ship for every 4 parts
assuming those ebay and mcmaster prices, they were about the same
who knows, i wouldnt be surprised, its a fuckload of metal
to me it prob wont even be that bad
mcmaster is awesome at shipping
i get next day, every time, standard shipping
well, if i do it i prob cut you a better deal than that for the labor and machine time
seeing as how youre already gonna get royal fucked on shipping
but yeah that sounds about ballpark
yeah, i can kinda get shit done while its running because its in my room
but you have to babysit it, stupid robot

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naw, prob better to send you out sample blocks
like, if you got no way of measuring them precisely, i guess you could send, but otherwise is not so huge a deal
if i do this we can get into details about tolerance and stuff
but yeah, just the metal will prob be like closer to $200
for all the parts you mentioned, like 24 parts about that size?

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yeah good plastic in blocks that big might not even be cheaper
blackmoon maybe know
if they dont, i get most stuff from them overnight, i can ship off to you at usps international rates if smaller amounts
usps international is actually not so bad
yeah, takes like a business week or two
heheh, shitty
big shop has advantage over me, if they smart they can do all the parts in like three or four runs

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6061 Al is cheap
i should see whats up with local injection molding and metal coating
custom plastic would be neat
having a machine shop do molds and dies is fucked up
yeah because its one off, usually
just a few pieces in a standard size block
itll get better, tho
fully automated CNC gets cheaper
i lost a youtube of this bar machining center that will like reclamp a piece and machine the bottom
check mcmaster.com too
$20 for 2x1.125x12" 6061
you save money/time by buying stock that kinda fits your parts

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yeah, prob few hundred
the work
like it totally depends on the shop, tho
how much they need the work, how much time they have for you if they dont need the work, and how many the machine can pop out in a day
so they might just be like '$2000'
even tho its maybe $200 in metal and no so much machining time
youre just kinda getting in the way, if they have jobs already running
shit i dunno if the metal would even cost that much

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if it can be short, by like .1" or so, i can face both sides pretty easy
and i dont think it will effect part functionality
im assuming on side is like mating edge and other is just for the bolts to clamp by
so the bolted side you can maybe shave down a bit
because then you can make it out of 2" wide stock
and you dont have to buy precision stock, just normal stock and clean it up with a mill
how many do you need
AL is not so much money, and its a simple part

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omg old
yeah kinda
what do you want your part made out of?
and what dimensions are critical
and like tolerancing, etc
well because one dimension is like 1.9685
so if i buy 2", itll be a bitch to keep that exact tolerance, and face both sides
i redid with a SW drawing in inches
yeah but ill be machining in inches
the 2nd to longest dimension
the longest is 2.3622

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okay i have to finish my winter cleaning session and get back to like, burning electronics and scrapping parts and shit
hehe, not sure what you mean but sounds well thought out
i have yet to empty my shop vac
its got mad Al and pcb chips in it =\
some wood, just for kicks
i have a craftman with a normal filter
ima get a hepa filter
ha water pump

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like, flying, racing, sheltering type stuff
like, its a saw with bits as wide as the pipe
i dunno what they called exactly
but its got a cylindrical cutter
and you use it to cut into the pipes at angles so it mates with pipes the same diameter as the cutter
like, its just the funny cutter and some fixture to set cut angles
its sim, its supposed to be boring if the driver is good
V blocks and similar are for holding cylinders centered
sometimes you clamp to V channel fixture, sometimes you would just use vblock to hold the part level and then clamp in from the sides
so you can do lots of sizes with one fixture

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seen pipe bender dies?
stfu omg
sim game
sec i get youtubes
you will laugh at the in car view head bobble (very well done)
dude theyre huge chunks of metal
like, nothing special, prob just forced blocks with no finish
but yeah, BIG blocks of metal
its a neat tool, tho
they have those pipe saws on them usually, so you can saw pipes at angles, get perfect mates
you should see if they have pipe saws too
pipe bender + pipe saw + stupid money in saw bits and dies + welder = make stuff
like, way cool stuff

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but yeah, one of those pipe benders/saws would be awesome with a MIG
well, youd be an exhaust shop, basically
just buy yourself some import mufflers and 3" pipe to hang on the wall for looks
blackmoon: i bought logitech driving force pro
and gtr2
dont you have wheel thing?
get gtr2, is like $20, we can battle
it will be fun, you will lose alot because you play all those arcade racing things

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i can change the base units in emc
from like 1.0 to like 1.001 i guess
or .999, depends which direction, dont remember
also there is backlash compensation in emc
bvut i havent tried it yet
i need to get some linear indicators to measure my backlash after tuning and running for some hours
else its pointless doing soft backlash comp, youre just as likely to overshoot and fuckup as much as you are to help
naw, theyre cheap
you can get $100 mititoyos, but china import shit will do for .001"
its basically a micrometer with a plunger
on a stand, either heavy or magnetic or clamping
like, you could move the table until you got movement on the indicator
then zero axis for convienience
then you do steps in the other direction
.0005 steps or something
when the indicator moves, you go back one and thats your backlash
pipe benders are huge

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the mills are like 3x more
2x i guess, the lathes with basic tooling are prob like $500
the biggest CNC ready mill (one i have, but not from them directly) is like $1800 i think
and you dont get steppers, just couplers and a CNC (read: consumable) backlash nut
its got a shit Y
its 12x5.5x6
its pretty cool really
but it could use like 2 more inches on the Y
you could need to redo the headstock and the table assemble to get that extra 2"
yeah little stuff its neat
if you code with backlash in mind (so there is no backlash issue, basically)
it can prob do like .001" over an inch
the longer the parts, the more off it seems
tho it could be my caliper mics
but i think more likely the leadscrew
off by like .001"/in (0.1%, w00t)

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FADAL gave us a machine, but it sat for two semesters because they never sent anyone to do all the setup
and then they installed the 4th axis table
so now they have to wait fo rthem to come back and take that shit off
because its just in the way and the kids wont use it
its another thing to get fucked up
so then when they have a reason to use it, itll be fucked up
ron wont even let us do thread tapping cycles
because it reverses the spindle at high speeds
and hes like, no fuck that
but hes right, if it breaks, it aint gonna be fixed for months
something happened to the pneumatic assist on the Z axis on the haas mill
that shit did run for like half a semester
usually no
its stressful for the metal
youre like slicing into it perpendicular, you can avoid tiny cracks
so the roughter you cut, the more stress youre putting across the axis of the metal
theres a dial
thats why i wont by a taig lathe
it has no feed/threading screw
so you cant thread, unless you did full CNC with a servo or stepper spindle
which would be awesome, but expensive
yeah those prob better, bigger too
taig lathes are maybe $350

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because the way the instructors scheduled them, i got the computer to let me take all 3
it didnt check for prereqs, and because they are scheduled TBD for the working people, it let me take overlapping classes
heh, i was taking CPU programming same semester, the cnc machine were cake compared to the 8085 trainers
i thought you meant fast proto style
i was about to go nuts for a url
naw, using real tooling would waste the machine
like, they have scars already
theres a bent drill chuck in the haas lathe
because 'crasher' did it
and we are not to forget crasher
like, basically you prove you can work the machine without damaging it too bad
and then if you want to do a project for credit or personal in metal, they wouldnt have a prob
the machines are precious
theyre a bitch to get, bitch to have installed and setup, and a bitch to get maintenanced
so they take care of them (theres only 4)
we have like 10 manual mills and like 10 lathes to fuck with, they do metal on those every day theres a class
from day one

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even with wax you can fuckup the machine pretty hardcore with a fixture/table crash
you can take a projects course or just do personal shit in metal
all the coursework is wax and foam
the CNC courses arent about machining, theyre about progoramming and machine control
youre supposed to learn speeds/feeds/tooling/fixtures in the manual machining courses
yeah, thats basically how it works
first semester, you take beginning maching and bridgeport cnc mill
er, machining
and you dont do any parts
you just use the pen tool to draw on a clipboard fixture
spin a felt tip at 1K rpm, land it on some paper, draw the part
yeah, so you learn to set tooling offsets, and how to land a tool on a part
and how to work the machine
its a bitch 80s digital UI machine
so its simple, but eccentric
heh, tiny spirals in the lines
you can control spiral radius by how far down you pus the pen
it was spring loaded with .25" of play or so
2 and 3rd semester you do haas minimill and lathe
also doing manual machining courses
heh., i did all 3 cnc semesters at once

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did seravitae go away?
appears so
need to know what he wants this part made out of, what dimensions are critical, what stuff can be shortened a bit to save money on stock
i think he mentioned test pieces for fit
foam and wax are both fun
machinable wax is pretty badass actually
thats what i did most my haas lathe coursework with
itll hold .001 tolerances =\
didnt change much depending on temp
yeah its super hard
because like, school cant buy metal for students to learn on
its waste metal, wear out tools, and prob damage machines

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okay well they were ata100 drives, obviously i wasnt getting that
so i dunno, yeah i got 70MB/s actualy speed from drives that go 40MB/s actual speed and 40MB/s actual speed
i would consider that pretty neat, nice 20MB/s jump in speed for no money
but its linux
so obviously im wrong and it was total failure

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was first sunny morning in like a week in LA
5 year old pata drives?
70MB/s isnt even so fast, this was 3 years ago when drives were breaking 100MB/s
yeah but it worked fine for me for years causality
must be some sort of low level phantom failure
it was raid0
no, but any raid0 array is gonna eat it in a failure
you mean like a software failure or data loss?
also no, and i could recover the arrays easily from other kernels with md built-in or as modules
teknique: hdparm -Tt
wtf is an advertised speed?

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raid1 never goes faster
raid1 = for the weak.
tho it is neat you can just use the partitions like normal without the raid
hehe, kernel raid?
i did a kernel raid0 for like 2 years
got like 70MB/s reads from 50MB/s and 40MB/s drives

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raid0 is faster
raid0 = more hardcore, less sane
no its not
it should be
but it never tests that way
k you tell them
yeah, raid1 should be able to perform as well as raid0
but it never does
because i dunno hardware is dumb and doing a literal mirror
unless its raid0 or raid5 if youre paranoid
and even then, 500GB of the same family of drives prob faster seeks
the largest most bloat, best documented operating system ever, maybe
i dunno make one up
raid1 is a dog
its good for /boot partitions in a software setup
4 discs, no?

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why dont you get like 4 350GB disks
we prob disregarded your answer as silly
i think ima try and build a compy by like may or july
raid1 is for the weak
the strong raid0
tho the wise raid5
if it was implimented well, youd get way quicker reads
but i guess it never is
you should do raid5 with 3x1TB
really you should buy like 4 500GB
buying the best shit is dumb
in 3 months it wont be best anymore anyway
they were $110 last i checked
and that was months ago

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you prob get a newegg sticker
if you get the combo
i slap it on other peoples cases
'here is your puter machine. i put sticker.'
what about shipping
yeah and get a free printer and ball mouse, too
of course, youd have a dell
having a dell is not a good thing
yeah he got caught buying crack or something

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if seagate released one, seagate
ha funny i almost came back and pasted that
seagate is a seagate, get the seagate

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i was using it, and i watched it spray sparks thru the vent holes on my chassis panels

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dayum son
for $250 does it come with a desk and a chair?
dont buy antec psu
i paid like $120 for an antec 480w psu
showered my pc internals with sparks
loud arcing noise, ozone smell, it was great
timecop: dude i just told you about my antec shit exploding
no reza
im not a fuckin retard
i had been running it maybe a couple months

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jezus fuck i was shivering so hard it was like i was paralyzed
almost couldnt breath, back all locked up, wtf cold
thats it?
$ or watts?
quiet = 120mm fans, only
and even thats not gonna be that quiet
its just gonna rock for the level of sound it produces
rosewill is nice cheap shit
you shoudnt have to buy a psu unless youre buying a $100 case

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macgyver0: yeah hes pissed
about banning wallwarts too
just gonna fill up landfills

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i dont have a microwave, bitch
the rental nuke broke down
aint aint trying to fix that shit its theres they have to bring a new one
toaster oven is tastier anyway

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hahaha @ wired article on scientology vs anonymous

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ghostman: just say
dont forget xtianity
judaism is the least scamish, in its old form
hmm, you are possibly right
Chanology has called upon GameFAQs members
utterly classic

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the not mains side genius
shit happens often
so um, 4ch is at war with scientology?
fuses can help you troubleshoot

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electrician = HV/labor
fuck that
have you interviewed him yet?
maybe he found another job
haha wow
no luck, you guys
i wanna see that list of quesrions

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i already have two of those rulers

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cal poly pomnona engineering department invited me to open house
and gave me clear green plastic ruler grift
er, gift
Measures Taken Today Will Determine Your Success Tomorrow
anyway, thats disclosure project
35min in is a design engineer for skunk works sr71
its an 8" ruler
naw, kinda neat
6" rulers are common, sometimes too small

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timecop: solidworks, ewb, eagle, autocad, not free =)
open src sucks at cad/cam with the exception of direct CNC control
in which case it kinda whupe typical windows install, and dos for cnc makes me cry
seravitae: post everything in a zip or something asnd put it someplace i can download it
my DCC might work by im not gonna be around for a bit to accept anything

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ah, this is in n cali
this is no of importance
ccfl_man: duh, timecop lacks analog skills in general
ha fucked up
gas fumes right at the end
they prob already rinsed or foamed it tho
it dirty!
aint like cheez-its
you cant just pick that shit up off the ground
okay have fun filtering gasdirt
seravitae: plans and images would be best way
i might have it installed still

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teknique: yeah i installed IAR trial stuff, but havent really used it at all
cuz like, i was planning on doing this for more than 30 days

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but yeah, with the $45 sam7s256 header breakout board, dev environment for me was like $70
jtag programming/debug $20, parport extension cable, $5
the chips are like $6-$12, low quantities
in qfp, so like comparable with mid range atmega in price
and very good atmel docs on at91sam7s stuff

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yagarto is native
im using gnuarm in cygwin tho
but my openocd binary is from yagarto
just playing with at91sam7s stuff right now
i have an olimex headerboard with sam7s256
were mostly writing low level api stuff for all the peripherals
i dunno google gnuarm
they have a download page for a bunch of platforms + source
but yeah i wanted something better than atmega for about the same price
with cheap dev environment
heh, sam7s is cheaper than alot of atmega, specs blow the avr away tho
OMGWTF at the opcode
get creative with 32b of opcode, i guess
but like, built in condtionals, built in immediate with shift, weird shit
avr is actually really nice to code for

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teknique: seen tube mobo?
heh, got a dual triode preamp thing for output
yeah it was kinda like something from fallout

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dont want to be a jimmy/jim/janis/kurt/john/chris, do you?
er, s/jimmy/jimi
jimmy survived
bonham survived to 32

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the guns are locked up so you cant get them and shoot them
naw, tho i guess other units were rioting
anyway, i saw two drs while i was there, both said they didnt think i needed to be on any medication and didnt think i needed to be on any kind of psych hold
one: 'haha i never seen someone have a real anxiety attack before!'
'haha ive never had one before!'
welcome to reality
half the force is prob younger than me now
heavy recruiting
theyll put two rookies or two girls in a unit now
never happened before
didnt i tell you already?
dude you do smoke to much weed
27 and 29 big ages to survive

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i explained what happened, and noted the my court summons was issued from IRC
IRC = Inmate Reception Center
so yeah, they couldnt find record
but judge was cool and took my word and released me of all charges
and then...
they put me in the medical unit because of medical history from like 8 years ago
and then kept me there for 4 days on accident
the shift seargent almost shit himself when he saw my paperwork
'why are you freakin out kid, look, it says status: release'
[sgt looks at paper] 'oh, shit...' [sgt hurries off]
i was put on the first line down to IRC
which was actually a line to another prison. they had to call down and pick me off that line
sheriff girl on the elevator down:
'do you feel better now that they put you on your medication?'
'i havent been on medication in like 7 years'
'oh, im really really really sorry'
yeah, because i had to get my clothes back
not orange
they dont shackle you in there
they just beat you

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twice they kinda fucked up while handling me in custody
and theyve fucked up my fine and court documents a few times
like, pay mufuckers $500, even tho they tell you that you owe $0, then have a judge tell you you aint pad shit and youre going to jail?
fuck all that
they put two $200 payments, on diff dates, on the same reciept number
and then my last payment, they dated 2008
this was early 2007
so its understandable why they had trouble finding it
also, they once left me in twin towers jail medical unit for 5 days
and i was supposed to be released overnight
and it took me either having or faking (dunno) an anxiety attack for them to even check and notice i had been release status for 4 days
even the release paperwork and court summons i got when being released reflected the earlier release date
i was literally supposed to spend a night, but they asked me a question about my medical record on intake, and i was honest
so 4 extra days
and then...
when i went to court to finialize this case, they didnt have records of me being in jail

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everywhere is harsh now because the fed is harsh now
i have a potshop two blocks away
and prob 5 or 6 within a 5mi radius
theyre not really clubs anymore
theyre mostly just shops in commercial spaces
um, hello yes
you have to have an ID card
you get the ID card based on a Dr's document
no, but it costs $200-$300
im actually somewhat retarded for not getting one yet
they wont press charges for possession if you have one
and when i get possession charges, so far its cost me about $2K in grants for academic aid
and im transfering to a uni
so thats prob gonna ramp up to $20,000 or so
omg wtf
do you have no idea about the law or LAPD?
lapd is a name on a badge and a mood
they enforce whatever the fuck they want, when they feel like it
i think maybe they got shit for fucking with me 3 or 4 times since i lived in this place
they dont bother me when they see me anymore

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prob up there with the "frosty hydroponic cannabis" youre smoking
shwag dont exist much here
hell id love to get some mids (mids = no standard prices, always a deal)
fucked up kind (seeds, or too early)
or awesome sativa (from brick weed seeds, but grown up right, sensi)
that would be mids
fucked up crop, didnt kill the boys
well thats good it means your source isnt an idiot
aint paying for what basically amounts to trash
heh, thats like normal here
blackmoon prob got both of us beat
but usually me by just barely, but i think hes paying retail, so significant
haha, dude he lives in BC
even the cats smoke
LA used to import a ton from BC, prob not as much, but still huge amounts
and herbs isnt hard to find in Seattle/Tacoma area, even if you a total stranger

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you keep saying this stuff, over and over and over
it makes us think youre not studying like you should be
no, macgyver0
yes you
13:23 < incubus[]> ugh someone help
bit slow this morning?
got killed by some regs?
is it kush?
if its not kush, its regs
and wtf undamaged
the regs here is high end sensi indica

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