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it starts at pin0?
no wait
i just dumped a liter of bongwater on the floor
anyway it wraps in order
pin 1, top view
usb on top
its top left pin
pin 20 is lower left on the right side
doubt it
we used pwm0 on pin1

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nice timing
like how
wtf is ext2-1
those are the headers
no it isnt, weve tested
weve used the pins

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add one dual amp to the board
soic8 + 22 passives
analog yay!
it is a weather channel rack box thing?
local vid input
woah it can upload for the local feeds?
yes i think i understand i am still in shock because you have like discovered weather channel technology
fuck a !weather bot
like, get a rack for your PC, audio, and weather
yeh hes into weird stuff, yo

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and when they say 10 to 100 years, it means they aint got nowhere yet

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mutherfucker are you mad?
(like, in context of hardware and electronics, are you mad)
yeah but thats prob in general
who here does not have the rage
oooo, ruskie tech
i think some of my white people side is from there but i am not for sure
nuh uh
that shit was 10 to 100 years away according to the article like 2 years ago

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$80 chip!?
not for me mr timecop
i cont care about pc shit until im gonna buy one
cuz serious its just to much info gonna be useless in 3 months
okay back to opamp symbol
bitch, one day i will learn you opamps and you will becomes like 3x more useful instantly
i wonder if my breaker can deal with two pc, three crt monitors, three stepper motors and a 1/4hp spindle motor
and also heater
maybe if i keep the heater on low

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you call it your loft?
i dont think you could rent it out as having a loft
i didnt know it was 6ft tall

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quick, you already missed the track with the star wars samples
the dnb was all like PEOW PEOW PEOWPEOW
timecop: are you sure its redundant or direct streamed?
maybe it muxed with the 2 analog tracks somehow
k, no
i dunno, someone in charge was stupid once
and then they printed like 1000 copies of the spec

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dont forget to subtract out the DD from each block
that aint no data
400 sounds right
ks: no just u =)
okay yeah, maybe its somehow encoded with the analog stream
which would make it some wtf shit

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im guessing 8-12
thats it?
even all the little DD
they shouldnt need a ton of corrections
not like reels are for public handling
yeah whats blue fuzz
both sides

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yeh illegal milk was funny shit
fuck that
looks maybe 80x80
i just guessed
after counting 5
its got a littlke dolby symbol in it
are we helping you stay employed again?
GNAA should be paying us consulting fees

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between the sprocket holes
no they sense it with little pieces of tom cruise

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!edit laws P=IV V=IR V=P/I I=V/R I=P/V R=V/I P=V^2/R P=I^2*R V=sqrt(P/R)
?? laws
theres more
!add electrocution http://sound.westhost.com/articles/electrocution.htm
!add mains http://sound.westhost.com/psu-wiring.htm

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!edit basics sound.westhost.com/articles.htm | www.lenardaudio.com/education/01_eduintro.html
?? basics
!add led R_led = (V_supply - Vf_led) / I_led
?? led
!add laws P=IV V=IR
thats too much you just lost half the n00bs

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no i dunno whats up with the bots in this chan
?? google
a carpet cleaning recording just called my cell phone
?? help
!add mujibar sarijil
?? mujibar
!del mujibar
?? mujibar
!add basics sound.westhost.com/articles.htm www.lenardaudio.com/education/01_eduintro.html
?? basics

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what are they using for sensors?
no i mean the conversion circuit
sensor IC?
how much dollars?
the AD one is $5

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yeah i was doing it like that at one point
impulsive windows reinstalls happen
hmm foxmark
hmm custom length and plug thermocouples
mine was like $24

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meh, i need to read thru my RF textbook again
prob make 1000% more sense now
not so much
i would have to sort thru the bullshit after not doing that for awhile =(

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yeah so im not totally sure, but this is why i enjoy when they spec bandwidth as -3db or -6db so its in plain sight
okay but if its a single pole LC, pretty sure it rolls of at -3db both sides, so id prob use -3db for the bw/q calc
thats -3db/octave, both sides of Fc with a single pole LC
oh heh
dbV = 20 * log10(Av)
dbW = 10 * log10(Ap)
its weird, but maybe thats the prob if your answer come up wrong by 2x or .5

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resonant circuit?
cmon basic shit, just ask questions
uhoh, ascii
if its two poles, you would typically use -6db
the filter stage

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sculptor: okay nice job hax0r?

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just do it
iso and mineral oil dont mix
you can kinda get a good cloudy suspension going
but it seperates
they have flash mem or something?
i just deleted an eBay Government Message
whatever the fuck that means

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causality: you know ^dx^ pwns the imported biofuel stink market for years now, no?
^dx^ makes mad monies off the stink
well yeh but like made alc too
hahahah nice

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