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and he kicks it 3" from it, i dunno why he isnt on fire or something
the sticker on the heater says nothing for like 3ft
39F outside

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the card i use for midi like, everything stands still, the onboard, the shit most saturated area would drift center
yeah my old tube scope it looked best actually
has a very fine trace, fast enough for audio
i think the DSO tek is noisier inside or something, the trace is maybe 2x fatter
this would be a good theory
sustained manic/psychotic episode maybe
almosy scarier if hes like that without drugs
grind it down with a file
emery board, concrete, sandpaper
causality: my cat does that
my heater has elements grow red with a big metal screen

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is the signal positive or swinging around 0V?
thats not the volts, thats the position
you need a ground ref
if you switch both to ground is the dot in the middle or lower left?
(leave in XY)
nono, switch the input to gnd
like, AC/DC/GND, switch from DC to GND
yeah, works with your AC soundcard
you prob have a bigger cap then me

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plastic card or sticker?
black is ground
if its sideways, switch the other two
03:02 <@TekniQue> renesis: it bounces funny if you have a shit scope :)
read what i said after

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same diff but bigger
you know you are linked off an open source windows program list page, yes?
timecop @ efnet
this makes you happy or full of spite
anyway how do you know you dont have a DC coupled card in whatever you are using?
yeah so how you gonna even say if you need it or dont need it

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got a tek?
you need a DC coupled soundcard
it bounces funny
teknique: ?
it doesnt bounce funny with the dc coupled soundcard
it bounced funny with the ac coupled soundcard
bounces same with the DC card with the scope switched to AC
like, if theres alot of things high in the image, the image will drift downwards
or the reverse
was it positive voltage
and you wonder why it looks shitty

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5sec refresh?
wtf is dstn?
yeah but its really close to 5sec?
like old pre gameboy handheld games?
wow so you have to adjust and let settle?
that sounds annoying

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!add opamps http://www.national.com/an/AN/AN-20.pdf | http://www.national.com/an/AN/AN-31.pdf | http://www.national.com/an/AN/AN-779.pdf | http://www.national.com/an/AN/AN-779.pdf | http://sound.westhost.com/dwopa.htm
!edit opamps http://www.national.com/an/AN/AN-20.pdf | http://www.national.com/an/AN/AN-31.pdf | http://www.national.com/an/AN/AN-779.pdf | http://sound.westhost.com/dwopa.htm
!edit opamps http://www.national.com/an/AN/AN-20.pdf | http://www.national.com/an/AN/AN-31.pdf | http://sound.westhost.com/dwopa.htm
hardcore filter stuff just gonna scare peoples
?? mains
?? electrocution
!edit mains http://sound.westhost.com/articles/electrocution.htm | http://sound.westhost.com/psu-wiring.htm

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!edit books http://www.turingbirds.com/books/ | http://www.dspguide.com/pdfbook.htm
?? books

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im making broth
its gonna be awesome
white chiken + onion + celery + seseme oil + olive oil + bay leaves + oregano + lemon pepper + salt
ima let it boil down like two inches
then im drain out the broth and shred chiken and make matzo balls (mix in chillin) and then throw the egg noodles in
its gonna rawk all the mommies buttholes

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what all common values?
5% values?
but not precision audio applications
figure that ouit
in fact, vintage audio, 5% metal film will ruin it
you must use 5% carbon
for the proper 'warmth'
but yeah, for real audio, 1% metal film
1% polypropylene caps
ranvol: haha
Used: Frequently
Size: 8,153MB
doesnt clean up after itself =(
no 8GB free
fucker didnt even clean up during uninstall

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our code but its not totally done and id have to ask twingy
because i know you might use it for evil
but we have maybe 80% of the peripheral low level api done, redefines and some functions
just put a class-B driver on that brightness pin
that will make it blink

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im installing GTR2
heh, cute
she got just enough jubblies it works
so im about to install a racing game
my cpu is idling at 54C
i dont get it
okay i slid the panel back

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i dont think its illegal, just rude
im sure we signed sort of EULA or TOS or some acronym
or checkboxed, or whatever
i have mad chiken breast defrosted
gonna make chiken noodle soup with matzo balls
naw he never says anything when i mentions jew food
i think thats some he liked about his childhood
haha ya rly

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macegr: did you sen the freak tiny2313 or an empty envelope?
you liked the waterproof armor?
you gotta wrap the envelope in tape first
post office has self service thing takes CC an debit
is neat, very quick, i <3
pops out little custom stamps with scanner code

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that was flyback?
i thought maybe it was
hyes around sometimes still, i think
or maybe im thinking about fruitbag
they kinda dorky in the same way

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blackmoon: who said CANNUCKS alot?
banned alot, like almost 10 years ago now

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pctek: crazy nuts in japan
pctek: i got anothing against jews
they got some good foods
except that fish in a jar bullshit fuck all that
the braided egg bread, #1
sometimes they put raisins in it, omfg
i like my stuff cooked well
so squishy/raw doesnt appeal so much
tho i had some swordfish i think
at some japanese 'soul food'
whatever the fuck that is
swordfish was good, and i cant stand most fish

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i got teh game
timecop: im defrosting meat for jew soup
does tha anger you?

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wow soic + 0805 is working out awesome for active filters

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thats kinda the point
with the better ones, at least

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ha: pump motor, 5.5KW
i dunno carni rides prob more dangerous
not gonna find popsicle sticks stuck into avionics

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it really might just be huge dead shit floating in space
damn, connect issue
its for kids dork
carni ride
they should just sell crust with a little bit of pizza and topping on one edge

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timecop: raiders ascend silly things like pro sports, or athlets
raiders are a dominating force in the galaxy
the be like, flippin alien's mom's cars, pissing on your dolphin girlfriend
dark energy is just raiders floating in space
you cant see thru raiders, duh
joellama: which ride?

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duh, im like 7 years past my freeze by date
they just in oakland until al davis dies
old useless pirat mufucker
when davis dies, we let them come back so they can dominate the known universe again
hes like, raiders #1?

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i wonder how much of my life is spent wanting to go to bathroom but waiting for fedex

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mofo i been there since the beginning
since we developed thats shit
worked the script up from nothing to the refined tool that skeelo hosts for us today
those fuckers in #bonghit stole !synchro!!!
they give the man who started it all no credit
yah, zero
their synchro is knockoff trash anyway, doesnt impliment even half of the useful features
such as drinkro, and solosync, and !raiders
also mepack (synchro override)

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incubus[]: you best not fuck around in that chan, certain people will destroy you if bored
skeelo will be like TUMTUMTUM on ur ass
(traditionally, one of you is supposed to go 'TUM TUM TUM?' right now)
hes not evil or anything
oh wrong channel
heheh im trying to get incubus[] banned from #mj

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pls to take this discussion to appropriate stoner oriented chan
#marijuana is actually newly rejuvenated
maybe 20, 40 lines of convo a day now
i assume he means reg weeds
i aint no english major

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no it wasnt
he is avrfreak2
no one msges him
he msges everyone else

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you can see the beaches from malibu past LA one side of stunt road, and the west half (the better half) of the san fernando valley from the other side
its weird on hot summer days because the temp diff on both sides of the roads with a slight breeze is like 20F or so
stop being an avrfreak
you too
yeah, he was wrong
and he couldnt deal with it

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but theres tunnels under there, and they have transmitters in a little AC/ed hut next to it
but that shit is mad buzzin
panax: yeah cuz LA
so i think theyre using it
i actually had a class mate who mentioned he was up there doing system work
weird geography, someone suggested maybe from all the dirt they dug out for the bunker
i think its commercial now, but the mountains around LA are spooky, could be mil/spy stuff
theyre pointed kinda along the coast in both directions, and ive seen the same type of antenna in northern cali close to the coast
so maybe repeaters, or radar
whatevers, we just hikin the fire trails
thats not a secret place, its one of the more well known lookout points

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well, if i can go higher than 2.4GHz itd be cool
smaller ant
we fucked with 10HGz gunn diodes most of transmission line class
its neat when the waves are that small, its like directing light with mirrors
antenna filaments
very odd class
we did horns and um...
the bolt togther transmission tubes
microwaves are neat
did i show you the old mil microwave tower pics i got?
its semi operational
they have shit like that up and down the coast
thats at a popular lookout spot, so its kinda been decorated and worn down

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okay, but then id have to like wash my hands before typing again
fcc has hot chicks?
chicks in unforms is kinda hot
well, when they civil
when they big headed power trippers, they suck
is he okay?
is this the nuke eng major who doesnt sleep well?
i know a guy haed a system named crash
was a mobo in a cardboard box
cuz he prob fried out social parts of his brain
okay, so guess i should just call the FCC
and be like: yo. how much can i spray and how fast can i shake it.
i know theres a 100mW or 150mW limit on some of the GHz spectrum
no idea on details, web info seems messy
or what distance theyre measuring

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because you like didnt understand the first time =)
so wtf does a dummy load have to do with information on legal levels of transmission?
and how the fuck would i do signal transmission tests with a dummy load?
hello, calculation wasnt the issue, its legislation, im not a fuckin law student
omg just stfu stu
let me know when you learn enough to understand whats going on
haha you went to class?
tell him you have health issues
russian guy gotta respect titanium in your shoulder
13:00 < renesis> i wanna make a little tank for my sam7 header board
13:01 < renesis> i wanna do RF stuff but i dont really know whats legal and i dont want FCC in my bedroom
man stfu already, old

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dummy load fine for circuit tests but not for transmission tests
causality: um, hello i have RF comm certification from my school
so yeah, ive done maybe 100 hours of RF lab shit
split half and half between transmission line and comm circuits
hello, the waves dont act diff in a classroom
wtf is your issue anyway

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for a submarine!?
submarine or nitrometh?
i wanna make a little tank for my sam7 header board
like, 2 steppers and some treads, rararar
i wanna do RF stuff but i dont really know whats legal and i dont want FCC in my bedroom
causality: no its not that so much i just dunno where to look to see whats legal
dummy load fine for circuit tests but not for transmission tests

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next to fried squid eyes
next to tamato flavored hard candy
but omg, the BEST fruit gummis
you gotta record this shit for me
i cant watch 29min of tv for that one good commercial
cmon, you know youll need it eventually
ha 800l

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every bios passed box ive ever dealt with (no server shit, tho) was easily defeated by pulling the battery
heh, i just downgraded from a gf6600 to a fx5200 =(
its stu
hes being kind
fuck that, dolla dolla dolla
pounds are for measuring weight
wtf is orean
macephone: get some candy!
the korean supermarket here has this warped candy aisle
like, choco covered cookie sticks

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reset the bios
jumper it or pop out the cr2032
youre saying it wont work?
center, 1/3 up
do eeeet
charles: NVIDIA nForce 650i SLI
is that not modern? i dont keep up on pc hardware much these days

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texans are so weird!

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i <3 that movie so hard
macegr: doh
(@ burnage)

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but yeah the parallel shift regs sounds fast
defeats the normal prob i have with them

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i say a lot of dumb things you have to be mucyh more specific
hehe, yeah well some of it
can fuck with logic IC for speed
oh, very nice
massive thruput potential
its not interrupt based, is it?
like 300KHz or something?
interrupts add like 6 to 20 cycles
like depending if youre pushing anything with sp

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sexy, yes?
you want to make love with my layout, yes?
input coupling and LPF
output filter cap

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because using a pot for whatever a sziklai is doing sounds retarded
tho i havent looked at the schema

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you maybe fucking yourself for a corp job unless you some kinda brainiac with grades to match
or maybe this drug clinic is cash only shadiness
no i mean like if they fished his medical records because theyre are nosy criminals
man timecop woke me up to early
hehe, tru dat
this layout is ridiculous/awesome
just drc fails because of via/pad overlap and drill sizes
ima try out the .012 drills

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i thought everyday was toke day
if you mean, JUST smoked a bunch of weed, no
i usually smoke a bunch of weed, and like, do shit
deja vu
hello, its maybe your only hope, why are you still on irc
ugh, i need to fix the vap reg
shit just set my weed on fire wtf
ya rly
its likely going onto your medical records

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test at home?
i wouldnt even do that shit
you need to live on the streets so you can get financial aid or some shit
well $30 aint shit for a drug test
you could prob sprinkle hash in the pee and its likely to false negative
whatever i thought you were losing a job or getting kicked out of school

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i dont go to headshops for that
when i pee tested i used bleach drops or i just didnt give a fuck
and some of the times i didnt give a fuck i false negatived anyway
you cant use girl pee fool
theyre not that dumb
they can test it
man youre parents use cheap ass tests

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08:42 < incubus[]> renesis, it's only a drug test for my parents
fuck whatever
fail that shit
hell pee on their shoes and tell them, 'yeah theres weed in it'
they pay for your school?
shit id be pissed if my son spent all my fucking money on weed AND failed classes
maybe you should stop smoking weed
on weeeeeed

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incubus[]: if you have till noon, your only hope is other persons pee
and since you dont seem to know anyone sober, and maybe dont even have a heating pad small enough, id say youre pretty close to fucked
hell if youre on irc reading this, im like wtf why are you wasting time
go find some guy pee
incubus[]: also, water/fruit/juice/coffee/prunes/etc does work
we used to get tested like weekly in a group home
theres lots of ways to drop your levels
the trick is you have to be really really lazy
the day of and day before the test
and like double up on water and juices and fruits, etc
because thc is fat stored
so like, dont go jogging for 2 miles then take your test
no dude
noon today?
you fucked up
either find pee or prepare for failure

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nantyglo: yeah i would just drink the badjuice and pee/poo for days
try not to excersize at all on the way to the pee
just get it below false-positive levels
unless you get caught
then you were actively evading their test
yeah do that for a weak, drink like 4 gallons of water a day
and eat mad fruit
do ALOT of exersize, but not day before
or day of test
timecop: laters
did you unlock the banks?
then you didnt
you have to telnet in and run a cmd to unlock the flash banks
or you can write it into a config i guess
yeah because its a dead port
you didnt program it to do anything
or the code is usb stuff?

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you might be having timing issues
tho everyone seems to use the 18.432 xtal
yeah so deal, smoke weed and help people, or some shit
oh haha missed that
vixipix just did that
warming pad in her crotch, friends pee =)
vixipixi got a never done drugs buddy
go get some golden seal
first of all, youre like in here asking for help
which is a retarded waste of time
you need to go to your headshop
they will help you
then you need to find another headshop if yours isnt cool

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use pot for now
cuz either extreme might be non viewable
omg timecop
well, you can try vcc but for a first guess id use two resistors same value
split VCC
you can short to VCC/GND to see if it needs them
but brightness prob like brightness/contrast
they usually have full black and saturated nothing at the extremes
not sam7s256?
yeah is there a board.h?
okay yeah, maybe just junk

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chiken matzo ball plus egg noodle soup
aaaaaaaaaaaw jeeeeeah
heh, the other day i made matzo pizza, was like it was 1988 all over again
like, instant thin crust pizza, just melt cheese

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but wait
there is more
(calls script.ocd)
dude run the open-ocd server and point it to the cfg
you dont need to type everything out from telnet
tho itd work im sure, heh
i think it actually has capability to define the regs and values, just no ones written open-ocd device headers
timecop: im totally making jew food today

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so fuck maynard, hes riaa trash
program with the open-ocd, theres is make file h4x for make program
yeah twingy threw a printf in and it made the binary like 16K or something dumb
open-ocd doesnt care
he put some stupid c shit in and it made it big, but it still programmed
oh you mean without the makefile?
oh okay
sec lemme find file and pastebin
basically its some shit added to the end of the openocd debug config

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i saw tool live
and maynard pissed me off because he made some shit about the album being pirated a week early
like, it was night before release or something
then at midnight, he made a comment to get out your calcs
no one got the joke except me apperently
they were only scheduled to midnight, they were fucking up coachellas schedule, because their set started like 30min late
so they were prob losing money as per a contract, NO ONE else at coachella was off schedule
and thats fuckin unreal for a 2 day festival
and their set list was shit
im hardcore into the first 3 or 4 albums and i know the 2nd to last okay
and there was like 2 or 3 new songs between ever song that i knew
and the older songs they did play were the radio singles
and the set list never changed the whole tour because its synced to some video crap theyre all proud of
so yeah, i think that album went platinum pretty quick, despite his pissy whining that people love him and already know his songs and are already singing along

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like, to say its not a creative tool is to deny alot of popular music and art
but people can suck at tools, and there is also a lot of terribly uninspiring art and music

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timecop: if i didnt smoke, its likely id NEVER sleep and NEVER stfu
well, no not likely, definitely.. the probability lies in wether its a permanent thing or not
cig smokers
potheads typically lose weight after quitting
if youre hardcore stoner, and you cold turkey, you lose all appetite
like youll forget to eat for a couple days or something
it actually is physically addictive, thats the proof
its just like, hardmless really
like, overdose is sleep, withdrawal is lack of appetite
acute affects is mind would often rather think of other things

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so you just have to not forget what you were going to do
and shit my short term sucks sober since i was a kid anyway, so i gotta make lists and schedules anyway if i wanna get shit done
forget or make lists?
weed is a mind focus fuck
but like, you can distract yourself with interesting things to think about
and its pretty much the same deal
blackmoon: heheheh
ha wtf

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damn dude was right i did overfill the bong
i dumped a huge amount into my carpet, its still usable
how do you think i get anything done?
90% of my electronics labs: on weeeeed
and i was a top student in my program
anyway, it dont make you lazy, it just fucks your short term (not even as bad as most prescription psychotropes)

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damn now im like awake fureal and its not even 8a
because it was just wrong
one schema says LED status is on PA0
or ext1-1
but its on PA8
or PA7
yeah its labeled stat
net label on the pin by the sam7s symbols pins
but thats the diff i found between the two schema versions
he just moved it from pwm0 to pwm3
nice buttons

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i got ext2-1=16
your 20 isnt lower right corner
21 is
theyre labeled after the port numbers
because its pa20
wow you just got that?
yeah he put them in order for you, dork
damn you almost had me freaking out
probing QFP pins with the fat probes
i just didnt get thet you didnt get it

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because ive run power from those pins
header 16, pin20
so ext2-1 and ext2-2

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