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you prob dont mean the racecars

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timecop: wtf are you on drugs?
if no, get some

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i thought it was harder, so better hold
meh, need sleeep
k, bye

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okay so food and sleep then board then gtr2
blackmoon: ice bugs!
thats what im forgetting
blackmoon: did you see pcb from earlier morning?

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okay i think i needs sleep
before soldering up mcb
er, i guess i have to do all the parts values
and i might as well mill two predrilled boards instead f soldering on this one
i bet i will fall asleep on the couch on the way to donut shop for bacon/egg/cheese sesame bagel
maybe instead of sleep and food i should play gtr2
i wouldnt have to move as much from right here

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omg i <3 teacher
she thought eee was cute
tho she said it will make me go blind
also she informed me class starts at 11:10, not 11:45
rab: i think i will make her throbbing red led board for valentines
if my business teacher is guy, i was say like 'to the best looking teacher i have this semester'
im going to put one in the middle of a heart milled into the copper

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oh ha
ron paul just called me
he wants me to vote for him tomorrow
to bad repub primaries are bitches about indy voting, and he cant break 10%
i dunno if my sisters pink eee didnt come with the neoprene feeling sock, or she took it out already
yeah basically
im voting anti-billary

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wtf is eagle3d
the thing you linked to?
46A nominal
OMG $5
case to sink, flat greased surface
lets buy 100
in here?
i need to go make myself smell nicer for cutie sociologist

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omg im so cold and i have no long sleeves except canvas jacket
also, sam7-h64/256 footprint fits perfect
im sure countless undocumented times

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yeah i could double cheap the board flipping with drill bits, too
maybe i should take pcb to school to show teacher so shes knows im sleepy from doing academic stuff
not because like, im on drugs, or i dont have a crush on her, or something ridiculous like that
that was prob 1999 when all websites looked tacky, macegr
rab: OMG!
man im cold
rab: in my next life?
that would be pretty neat
like, sure the option is nice, but a gaurantee of no kids for life doesnt sound so awful
are you trying to say you are sterile, blackmoon ?

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rab: oh, also i should drill first
which is counter intuitive on a homebrew board but best way to do machined stuff
the copper on those pads was holding on by like .010
etched boards?
heh hardcore
use a template to punch center or something?
yes youre stu, dork
with a .00025" step, 1/8 microstepped cnc machine
he uses bx i think
he is like just holding onto his client for dear life
irssi is #1 stu
bx is like irssi if you compiled in a really fucked up full script
causality: does your client have cd player control commands or was that just my bx?
causality: but its there, yes?

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make it spray more until you trigger butt switch
i dunno, solenoid on the throttle lever

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ewb 3d stuff
macegr: ha woah, nuts
it needs a butt switch then
hijack the ecu firmwares

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its computer assisted drafting
before eda, schema were done in cad
no reason you couldnt
autocad is fine for schema
autocad #1
wtf are you trying to that with it for D= D= D=
im not gonna do a schema in 3d
that is just way to confusing, yo
yes very
thats neat
but kinda deadbug attitude killer
usually youre trying to get away from eda if youre dead buggin it...
3d block diagrams for complex systems would be cool
like a 3d layout of mobo circuits or something
you use the 3d modeling in ewb?

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average machinist thinks in mils all day
his whole life is the thousandths inch
sometimes he fucks around with thousandsths of a thousandth
but their whole fucking life is based on .001
its the same thing prof
mil is easier to say than thousandths
they would be dunces
an liable for scrapped parts
if its specified as mil, not mm, they fucked up, really, really bad
because in that case the shop was fucking stupid
no they will just convert or ask you to put it in inches if they cant figure it out
which would be sad
anyway, you said you dont consider acad cad
converting from mil to inch is direct
no errors possible
you did
09:49 <+renesis> eagle, autocad
09:49 < Professor> yah, I don't think of that as cad, but you're right. t hose are cad
you said you dont think of them as cad
neat okay, by i got sexy polish sociology teacher in 1:45

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we all wait
virtualbox prob do it
dude i dont even have an hourglass yet
fuckers, you guys are wrong
stu i understand
but wtf prof
how did you open it first yet figure that out last stu?
i just went to the units page in properties
its standard
its old school
its before america gave a fuck about metric at all
machinists use it
i know several
i know 3 at least, all work or worked for gov contractors
well if theyre using an intelligent cad/cam app, itll just know

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school in like 2 hours
i wonder what class
my cad apps say mill
im sticking by it
you can jack us, frenchie
only because ive been inside a quebecer!
eagle, autocad
hello my machine instructors all use mil
you dont think autocad is cad?
okay im going to leave now
because the convo just turned lame
ok my machine instructors, and my welding instructor, and my electronics teacher know what mils are
its in eda and cad apps
rab knows about it
so its an industry standard, yo
if you fuckup because you think a mil is a mm, thats on you
its prob in solidworks

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swedes are odd
they taught me much lunix
cad programs: 1mil = .001in
standard in cad = standard in world
the only people i heard confuse mil with mm was kids in the shop at school, because they were wrong
they stopped doing that
but this is an english speaking shop, so maybe doesnt apply to you europeans
haha see how i insulted you twice, there
because i called stu european and and said english speaking doesnt apply to him

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rab: http://www.darkertechnologies.com/image/audiosam-10.jpg
see the burrs just look scary on the scanner
like 6mil
thats 6mm
is germany metric?
they agree mil is thousandths
thats makes no sense
their base unit is decimeters?

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heh i need to find <.012 wire
neat, 80 lead IDE cable #1
then thats what this is

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i need to dump it out, should get a hepa filter for it
im prob just gonna leave it and solder the funny poked up pads to the pins
oh bit the little dots on the good drills come right off
just kinda poke with finger, or pop thru during assembly

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unf, prob spinning to fast and not quite deep enough
feeding to fast maybe
i drilled during that sides setup (drills line up much better)
prob just need to feed slower
the holes that do go through look okay
the holes i changed to 1ipm before running look best actually
you can with fine sandpaper
its actually not so bad that just magnifies it
i could go slower (or get a 50K spindle...)
its in the cnc enclosure
i suck it up with shop vac

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its closer to 7mil, not so bad considering i eyeballed it
gotta bust out the edge finder to set the refs fureal
with i had a compressor to blow shit out of the fixture gaps
the bottom side drills are like dead one
er, on
prob a dirty fixture/eyeballed ref issue

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aw, im off by like 5mil

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when i flip, i put the origin based on a ref on the other side of the fixture, same distance
okay f this i wanna see how close my drills got

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router diamater is like .094 (wild guess) so thats like .047 radius, so x.47 y-.47, x-4.147 y-.47, x-4.147 y1.647, x.47 y1.647
okay that looks sane right
no fu im tired =(
heh, okay i think so
i always almost screw up because the negative thing
no bottom right
which is weird because i think ive prob done like the other three way more
and never done it like this except for mirrored pcb
yeah i think i did it right
well, i keep machine coordinate all negative
and the i try and keep part coordinates all positive
that way i can glance at the coordinates on the display and just know what its displaying
yeah i i do my workspaces positive
origin lower left
yeah, i use two of them to keep track of fixture references
so i track distance fron one point doing one side

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safety dance
like 3 lines at the beginning, 2 at the end
okay my bad 10 lines
like my machine has half that
i am the motor control relay, yo
wtf blimp
4.1, 1.6
bottom side, so X is reversed

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sculptor: neato
blackmoon: yeah you dont really just plug in a CNC
you like wire it into the shop
on his thinger
not yours
okay i have to write route code for the pcb
stupid eagle script failed
no route, like its done and drilled i need to cut it out
its like 8 lines im just sleepy and stoney
good enough for day 1 at school
but kinda sucky for writing machine code

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my table actually had a dot from where i kissed it with a .250 carbide cutter
hehe, first day, doing setup
yeah pretty much
ive hit it with some fine sandpaper to debur, stuff slides across it like its not there
it is
the table is only like $120
yeah, like 18x4x2" of mostly solid steel
well, kinda
the table is the X axis, sits on a Y axis assembly
which sits on the machine bed, in my case big chunk of square iron tube
(is only an 80lb machine)
itd be neat to steal greycz's idea and make a micro cnc
like 1/8" shank, dc motor
moved it yourself?
haha, hardcore

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yeah theyll break on a big NC
those things have scary power
thats it?
big servo drives or what?
i might get switches for the taig
i kinda wanna redo the whole headstock
limit and home switches
im using soft limits right now
yeah, open loop and soft limits, w00t
if you careful it never crashes its axis
and its not powerful enough to fuck itself up
at worse, take apart the table and tighten the backlash nuts
i guess a setup with bigger drives, itd just strip out the brass coupling nut
yeah mine will do that
i mean by crashing axis

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and the strip in on the + side?
the datasheet is dead linke at bourns?
haha i wonder if they put them in the printing machine backwards or something
its not a converted mill is a factory cnc
yeah looks biggish
1" is big
anything as hard to break as 1" is big

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thats cnc, not conversion, yes?
fat cnc lookin spindle assembly
hehe, its weird how rough freshly cut Al looks
like, every cut edge catches light, sometimes i cant even feel the cutmarks
baudthief: no!
wait are you sure its not a zener?

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oh i totally missed vampire pr0n
wow thats pretty fuckin lame
i told it to generate mills for the board, and it produced gcode that lodes a tool, does nothing, and ends the cycle
thats new
w00t, nico in the topic

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neat how the cars just kind rolls down hills, driver kinda looking dizzy but 100% okay
dude downhill bikers eat it, and they look like pulled out of a high speed car wreck

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