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gtr2, omg fun

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i wont ever take english again, so i can boff her and it wont be unethical
i have to wait whole semester before attempting soc teacher
i have clear j left
i miss ex/tmp gf sex
all electronics has a print cat
be way harder to find matching parts tho
macegr: i found some single side boards if you want quicky prototype
prob next to free + ship

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news link is on the front page
(kid is ok)
i think my trig teacher is ghey
but maybes hes just indian, or kinda girly
he cool tho, he have him a violin and told him my whole 'if you dont let me add, youre are ruining my life' story
i gave him
i did not catch the ghey!
there i two teachers i wanna put my peepee in right now
he is not one of them
o, i should email the english teacher

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sure and top brite

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macegr: hey
trig is just right triangles all day long or some shit?
am i gonna be hella board?
did i fuck up should i have just been 'yeah fuckit, put me in the calc, ill figure it out'
whatever fuck this im putting my socks on
macegr: haha @ 2ppm/year

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cspan redid sight
maybe new stream protocol!
so youre trying to hop the pins up?
i bet itd work, some locks
maybe need something to tensions the lock
i wouldnt wanna use the key itself
cuz like, youre gonna hit it with a hammer, heh
lizard-x: do you have to do it hard?

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lock hax0rz

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truth, happened to me
they didnt have me registered to vote, but like they sent me voter info thing telling me where to go vote
so my vote was counted provisional

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yeah huh

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haha agassis ^
i thought so

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nike pumps were 3r337
almost no one had them
reebok eventually whored their pump into every other model
and nike had a better system
it was ankle support
not inflatable tongue
thats reebok
or maybe nike had one
but the nike pumps were these hitops with pumps on the side
on the hitop part, with a release button in the back
and the pump was like under a leather bulge i think
it wasnt a plastic piece
but yeah, almost no one had them, compared to the reebok ones
haha: http://www.ngv.vic.gov.au/sneakers/all/images/81701_600.jpg
thats it, those were the original nike pumps
almost no one had them

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macegr: WHICH? SAY!
leaning towards those
thse is pimp, tho: http://images.puma.com/usstore/catalog/products/34615004.jpg
$50 more, tho!
yeah im okay at schoes
i have friends who are obsessive, rubs off
but yeah, they got like 50 diff kinda of same shoe im like WTF
have to match cloes and shoes (really im almost as bad except i systematically clash)
one of them its because like he bitched when his mom got him cheapo shoes
when he was a little kid, because they werent nikes
so his mom socked him and told him to take care of his shoes
so now he has 50 of the same nikes, and he takes care of them

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ask them about my pumas moon

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congress is bitching about circumventing no-call lists
k that last one
okay then you better help me pick quick
no, these are pumas, moon

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if its a normal looking resistor, safge to assume 1/4w
like, almost half inch long, they prob made out of cylindrical plastic cases
carbon, woot
yeah, 1/4w is likely
if you replace, replace with at least that
axial lead, carbon for exact replacement, metal film for good replacements
0805 is a good size to work and design with
lower is def doable, but just more a pain and usually it wont be for huge improvements
0402 is almost silly to try
like, you could do it
but you prob wouldnt want to anymore after the first one
yeah totally
yeah fucked up

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hehe at 1210
theres smaller 1/4w thru holes resistors
they make those mini ones
i think some of the short resistors are 1/8w
theres 1/8w resistors smaller than 1210, heh
0805 is awesome to work with
like, 0805/soic arent much harder than thru hole
soic spacing is almost same as dip when you consider the round pads
are they thru hole?
you kinda have to go by spec, label, or test for temp rise
smaller things will heat up more, big things spread it out, hopefully dissipate

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me and teachers hands touch during high five!
she touches her gina with that hand, i know it!
almost like having teacher gina on my hand

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bitch i have brownies

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they killed it im pissed
no stu they didnt like literally murder all the shoes they just stopped making it
there is no like, decapitated shoe vids
hehe, k i gotta go school bye
yeah but i deflected, see
yeah but i dont have to do GRRR,RARARARA
i can do it up here
in my mind
(like manson at parole hearings, get it)
k bai

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i might get those
i cant believe the killed anjans
i wish they sorted by era
if they had that, but with a real sole, id be like 'here, $, give'
i gotta decide on new shoes my anjans are like 2 or 3 years old and i wear them everyday =\
if i wear special anjans, universe will shatter
type of puma

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it took my two ratshit tips to finish a project
the hakko tips are still pretinned, sharp edges, years of weekly to daily use
*took me

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they are "journalists"
i hate rich girls
they were like millionaires when they were 4

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unit41: im at least normal-clocking
its like Celeron M 900MHz @ 650MHz
prob for power saving as much as heat
beans are good

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or maybe to rip off the front panel
fuck a dell

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maybe hax more cooling into it
omg big
thats so 2003
they should have put a 120mm fan there instead
then it wouldnt need a thermometer
for everything, right?
like just drop os and hit button?
oh ok
so you didnt really get ripped of
its just really really fuckin ugly
thats like 2x the width of my case!
no, bigger
stacked on their size
just someone board with a 3d modeling app, timecop

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is it like a 1" cube?
amd better come up with something quick
thats a start
fuck the oc
hehe, eee underclocks wtf!
ima try and oc that shit 10%, make it an official GHz machine
prob blow up
stu: its a 900MHz native proc
well im gonna fix it so its normal
so thats not really oc'ing
thats like, un-underclocking
yes that is expected
i can turn it down if it goes nuts

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man how come autotech get all the girls
how come there no girls in electronics
stu, even youre bad attitude is not multicontinental in scope
no fucker
no in here
i dont care about in here
efnet has girls, just not here
i mean like, in real electronics places
ratiuo is like 100:1
yeah so has everyone
some people dont even know it =O
stu: okay, not gonna argue
it could be 1:99999 for all i know
no i kinda agreeing with your made up statistic
dude i bet theres 3 chicks who are pretending to be guys
thats happens, you know
and if its an electronics chick, its a smart chick
so like, more likely
20% is kinda a low count i think
stoppit timecop !
cube wtf

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macegr: neat
okay soon is the time for gorgeous polish sociologist
okay so obviously it is unethical to boff teachers during a semester, i mean cmon duh
but how about throbbing red LED? is that unethical?
okay what about on an FR4 heart

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blackmoon: i think she was pissing
theres a pee spot right under her
thats what the isrealis call this littler pill camera they made
digipen sent my hype email and like links to their student projects page
im like 'haha you dont give a shit about CE much do you'
all games, no hardware projects, lame

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what it is?
man fuck that shit
that why i didnt have a computer
wtf i need that shit in my life for
okay i have this thing that always moves and wiggles and stuff
its called my firewall systray thinger
im cool with that
okay well ive never used screen savers
how much is one?

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thats just rude, yo
wow way more stuff to add
yeah i figured, 3rd party stuff
that a theme?
okay thats something im prob glad i missed
the little google and news gadgets are neat

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macegr: igoogle is their little yahoo front page dealie?
oh nice look i have already customized my igoogle at some point
weather, the reg, and techy news, plus times
i wonder which times
wtf at 'TIMES' like theres just one
oh, nm its TIME
no its like, TIME/LIFE/CNN
so like, i fell asleep, but did anyone win?
i know the billary and obi were kinda tied up when i crashed out
man fuck TIME this is some bullshit
haha, wtf m$ gave sp1 to oems but not to public?

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blackmoon: haha like hebrew school during the first gulf war
everyone like callin saying 'i blow up your synogogue, you die'
and wed have to go kick it in the parking low all night
apperently it is effective
hahaha yarly
the was the best b&b ep
today i get to tell sexy polish teacher i dont have to drop her class
haha i was going to ask about scholarship soc department does, but she interrupted me like, 'sociology club!? yes i still do that.'

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