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which comment
of course it does
unless its proven to be harrassment in the court of laq
never been
timecop: do you know kaph33n?

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ur a dork
topanga was also the name of the crush in boy meets world
because topanga canyon is a major thing in LA
its like what connects the south-west valley to PCH
old topanga is prob highest profile small town in the santa monica mountains
where is the LA one?
they have sent me no emails
im like, hi im me, i know how to do these things, i want to help
like, um thanks for not spamming me even tho thats why i gave you my addy
ha weird
what is that
yeah, pasted into #cnc hours ago

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like my linksys!
i know it is good because the plastic is blue

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rising fool are you blind?
see when its falling, they do the crossy thing
thats when things can change state
because its not latching in
when its steady, no acrossing, and the clock transistions, its latching in the data
or latching out
yes and knowing is half the battle.

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it kinda sucks emailing an english teach
You have to be all like this. Like you're some kind of normal person communicating in society.
im guessing theyre really fat
maybe paper shims or something
do something creative to wedge some paper in there to hole them in, the pull out when the motor is located
like, thick stuff, card paper
yes that would prob be a more sane way of doing it
(they did after all build it, some how)
okay really i like typing like this to much. I have to do more typing like this.
Maybe English teacher relations won't work out.

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serious, wtf was he anyway
i think that means i need sleep ok bye

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prettiest pic
can do 8x[legal] probably
unclad perf
and solid wore wire
teh ebay
okay i have to goooo pick up stuff and email and crash
whats up with yul brenner

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hehe, maybe because the inner and outer radius kinda match
sharpies are neat
people coming over but i want too sleeeep
plasma cannon
you dont want a fix?
is pretty cheap, i think they dropped prices
im maybe confusing myself tho

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meh, my way works
lazy setup, just trying to finish (i suck)
yeah, using .01 wire for vias
oh, yeah drops to the bottom
no thru hole plate
its off by maybe .007
i guess like 5mil just from eyeballing with the conical tip
didnt wanna bust out the edge finder, needs new collet for that tool
i like the smt corner rounding in eagle drc settings

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im not sure im even exagerating!
path0s: interesting
who is fighting?
meh at etching
macegr: did you see recent mcb failure?
milled circuit board
milled then drilled
is bottom, that was the setup i drilled on
the referenced for the flip were eyeballed, so likely that and dirty fixture reason for it being off
but the the smt stuff turned out neat
yeah, i think some shit underneat the clamp on the topside
doing all drills first
just proper cnc way to do things
i can ref on any drill after i flip

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apperently we are too noisy for lopta
he does a good asshole, heh
he looks huuuuuge next to tom cruise
its like dolf next to stallone
no idea
dolfs not that tall
the ref must be a midget or something
polly is def a midget
i have new rambo
is it out yet?
oh i guess it just came out
damn new rocky and new rambo
path0s: nuh uh
hes like 60

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my sister too, we used to stare at the sun as kids
like that guy in pi
he plays bass
hes cool
omg are you in #cars?
oh, no i guess not openly
"you so drunk doc, you prob see two of me!"
"i got two guns, one for each of you"
real genius was pretty neat
yeah that role was so awesome
im like fuck russel, i wanna see doc holliday goddamit
doc saves snake pliskins sorry ass
he so made that film

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yeah thats the one that costs money
the rest are lying around on the carpet and shit
haha what
its okay you just feel strange because now you have an arm
macegr: hahaha
change it to some stylized japanese caligraphy font
i like val
local kid
dude chuck norris is dead to me
chuck norris does show emotion or cry, because chuck norris is on psychotropes and has had so many face lifts his tear ducts have closed up
does not does not does not
man one day im going to get shot in the face for that typo habit
path0s: dude they did a chuck facts commercial
omg i used to have nightmares
CRT shattering in my face
electron beams ow
path0s: it was sad its like they didnt get the joke =( =(
i dunno i have 20/20

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im trying to get Eee users interested in battery based extended input psu
not car adapter, because charger and two stage smps for variable/dying input
so all those pov things are just accelerometer based?
like, output timer is function of acceleration
no ur a dong
i dont mean u have a dong
ur dongs
no tiny have 1K
512 is max
its what atmels fucking up on
because tinies with like 2K would be killer
macegr: what is input/
no to dong portal
macegr: okay that is no so inspiring?
macegr: what is cost before connector?
like $6?
just say yes
jezus fuck clicky the pic timecop

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it need stuff foolio
front page is like, dark mysterious
ha so dark on some monitors i cant even see wtf that shit is
yeah, be not so hard
maybe 10 modules, either unique or cheap
greycz doesnt count
i think in the end, we were some part of a master plan to prove some dude in a yahoo group wrong
and when we didnt really give a fuck, he booked
he prob also pissed off a cop and fgot paranoid too, or some shit
macegr: ooooo
what is this hid thinger based on?
i didnt know many details
just the lagyada story really
macegr: thats perfect for emulator control
also machine control
how much?
for spi?
like 200% markup?

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oh neat
she wants to make led poi
i guess poi are her kevlar thingers
they blinked?
she lost my not blog url
shes like 'i go to darkertechnologies.com but there is nowhere to click!!!'
with your weirdo arm?
and you dont always want ground plane to be huge copper surface
in fact, a broken copper surface is almost always better
star ground, bish

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33 is totally hot
else im the older one
im sick of being the older one
ron paul stopped emailing me
i hope nothing happened to him
he stopped calling too
=( =( =(

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hell fuckin yeah
hehe, if i didnt know she was giving it to her dad, i would have begged

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she prob likes making them
theres a piano player one with amazing hands
one on the right is trying to breakdance
is hard to breakdance without legs, yo
sucks i cant find best one
i need gallery software

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the head isnt touching the platform
its like 2mm above
can almost see it in the pic
thats kinda cool
the other way seems okay is like downpressure regiong of a thermonuclear blast
naw all her stuff like that
but yeah, her thesis was basically 3 pages of text and some pics from her show
maybe like 6 platforms, bit more than 10 pieces
ha, not really
well, not any more than usual
most of it is issues + no talent, shes pretty good when she get goin

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there was maybe 30 pages of high res pics from her show
her show was actually pretty awesome
she made a torso-less thing that was me
like, that stood on its hands and was held up by his dreds
that ones one of the cheats, used steel rods (its amazing anything survived firing, shes been bitched at by her grad student instructor over it)
'people dont like buying stuff that might break'
poor art student

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you need digikey paper cat.
okay i have to read this whole letter now
its like front and back of a 2007 calandar page
like, she bitches about having to write four pages for a thesis
only rights maybe three
but can spray out like 5 page equiv to me
wtf art students

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she got superman S tramp stamp
which is stupid on guys but its funny on her
im going to email to her
the other one is weirder, because genders are less clear
grandma dead =( =( =(

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its its hollywood or LA, maybe
all those greasy spoons kinda blend
okay, yeah i think ive eaten there
no idea where it is, but i know i seen the sign and im pretty sure i been there
macegr: okay scanning, uploading drawing soonish
okay yeah, LA
i think i been there after a show
but yeah, all those places blend

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they soak em in gas or some shit, spin em around like hippies
yeah she did drawing of us doing it and stuff on her letter
she is much better at ceramics
i thought the first one was like an old lady from mother goose fables or some shit
naw, not horrible, good for doodles in margins
no, much more details
when i got it i was like, oh thats not an old womans face
thats me
i almost want to scan
i have to scan and blow up and send back to her
i should read the letter i guess or im some kinda asshole
its a diner, no?
i think maybe
if its valley, probably

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i use halid flux, water based
omg #`1
er, halide
very safe, too
ex gf sent me a pic of me
ay desk, i could lose 20 lbs
also her writing my name with throwies, and her playing with her fireball things
macegr: rolls of kevlar fabric on kevlar lines

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ac-130u: panasonic FC or FM or equivelents are good esr
dork buy a real iron
and soic spacing isnt much diff than dip
because dip has the rounded bads that are way wider than the actual pins
er, pads
so spacing ends up being like 20-40 mils anyway
ac-130u: you can parallel caps
lowers esr
path0s: rat shit irons degrade fast as fuck soon as whatever that cheap ass finish it comes with oxidizes away
like, after that youre constantly filing them down to get a non oxidized surface to work with
and they dont stay tinned worth a shit

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tooo muuuch bike
i maybe got into TIG
know on tuesday
im in arc welding, but i dunno if im gonna get a tig seat
blackmoon: haha
heh, i used a bunch of normal esr caps in parallel
NHG, w00t
ok norly, i used chemicon =(
haha @ smt sockets
sometimes i see those on old mobo and cards and hdd
like they didnt wanna pay for the fab resolution
so they got a socket instead to use the chip

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my butt hurts i dont wanna ride my bike
i need a gel seat or something, fuck the matching haro seat
gel seat, glucosamine, bowls, money order
fun weekend

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i gotta ride my bike back to school
and then when its all over, i gotta ride bike
or instructor is still sick
and i have to ride 4mi, with on small break to sign yellow door paper
tomorrow someone is coming to look at the honda
hopefully they will take to their shop place and give it a new soul, or at least rebuild the one it has
and then i will have fullfilled promise to honda

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thats so low
like, we bribe you with food
they gave me pizza and soda
anjd i ate it while i bitched at them because they sent me someone elses board
advanced circuits
for dominos, pizza and 2 liter
also they sent popcorn
not a coupon
actual popcorn
they sent one of my boars to like pittsburg
the guy put his company info on the board
so i called him and asked for my board
i still have his board
i was supposed to sent it back immediately
im wtf, you send it back, prototype assholes
actually they did, i just had to take it to a fedex location
i asked if we could keep the boards since they were overnighting us both new ones
theyre like 'NO, NO, YOU CANT KEEP IT'

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what im not really mexican
i dont even speak spanish
most white people in LA are more mexican than me

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teknique: wow i think his amp placement is permenent
theres no exposed cables, theres prob mad holes drilled into the hardwood
that seems kinda annoying to have you amps all over the place, in the way
so you have to get on your knees or ass to adjust anything

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okay so that would be neat
dual opamp, dual power opamp
like, pre x-overed, 24db/oct linkwitz riley
i think if gain is in two stages the calcs maybe arent so nuts

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teknique: itd prob be less noisy done in the amp, tho
be interesting to play with active filtering on chipamps
just to minimalize the circuit even more
macegr: ha
the spacing sounds right tho, like .4" or whatever it is
weird i wonder how horrible it would be to do a 2 pole active filter with a power opamp
yeah i dont see why it wouldnt work
theyre pretty versatile, act like normal opamps (usually have shit open gain, but whatevers)
ti makes a good app
i dont lots of active filters, playing and for xover boards

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theyre okay at linear, you can do feedback with tubes same as solid state
they just act way diff when over driven
and theyre usually transformer coupled, so tends to amplify the whole lack of sharp edges thing
theyre just a waste of money and power and copper and ferrite and theyre fragile and inconsistent
i want to make a class-D tube thing, just to be an asshole
be like putting a chevy motor in a mustang
people would hate, heh
i did QA on audio tubes for like 6 months
jezus fuck did they need QA
well, sound is subjective, so you can argue all day
good chipamp is better than shit audio tube amps
preamp should do it
tho high end roloff isnt neccessarily bad
above 10KHz really just hurts anyway
macegr: wut

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i have more envelopes
this printer sucks at evelopes
it printed it al sideways
it all turns to analog at some point

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my printer ate my envelope funny

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hmm, no
what chip?
fits the led perfect
i need to buy read LED or paint my white LED red

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i have to go usps, so might as well get pills and pullouts
damn i think someone just rubbed their car all over the next apt building
^dx^: who rips me off least for money orders?
wtf checks like im even gonna look for those
and i think im going to go to sev

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haha 'two crackers and a token nigger doin the juvenile kid' wtf
i have to pay pomona with intent letter thingy
man fuck i cant pay online
wf mail
now i have to get like special mail so i know usps didnt just decide to lose that shit and go fuckit

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i bought my shoes!
they only had one size left! my size w00t!
macegr: no this is no good
its about religious people freakin out because they had two hits of a joint
hahaha 'a modern spiritual'
hell yeah, praise ja

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and outed that they new they were full of shit as they outed the Iran=Threat bullshit
well, whatever its not about evidence
its about the CIA going fuck you this time, instead of 'war? hmm, ok'
CIA new before everything was bullshit, they helped create it
but yeah, we wont invade because theres no fuckin reason to
also because, yeah, iran has a real military
which we havent had to really deal with since the 70s

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dont crash fool
you got the van?
they say click only once but i want to click more
i got those
the infidels
duh, path0s
how do you think they upload all those images with secret messages encoded in them, macegr?
well, CIA said bush/cheny was full of shit

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$80 UPS Ground - Bike
oh maybe thats for the bike, because everything else is shoes
yeah fuck shoemart

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make a urbandictionary or something
ima take a nap
and by nap i mean bike 4 miles for glocusamine and glass pullouts
freud would say guys dont care about their dads
that you would say UR DAD and they would go YEAH HUH
they have that color in only my size

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ima get those shoes too
i have it
i thought it was stallone
isnt it old by now?
did i steal some unreleased shit?
huckabee made a chuck commercial
they were doing chuck jokes but they were doing it wrong
NO FU macegr
i want acupuncture but im too lazy to go to chinatown
because if i can do that, i can go to shopping districts instead
and you can ebay shopping district stuff for monies
but if i go to chinatown, chinese dr takes my money, and makes me feel better
but i still have less money
ur mom is 10 times smaller than the wavelength of visible light
okay maybe not
blow it up, foo

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if im drinking shit, its either beer i cant see thru or some form of wine
bubbly wine is pretty neat
im like, fuck a 40
gimme a bottle of cheap champaigne, well see who gets fuck up and who makes less 'OMG IM DRINKING PUKE I THINK' faces
mickeys/old-e = puke.
new rambo
okay ima do it

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she stuck around, but she more hardcore than alot of the guys
ha i didnt know her name forever she kept saying 'hi [my name here]'
im like 'hi you'
cuz machine people and autoshop people same building, but only classes together are like, tech math
yeah i hate that
macegr: HI DUDE! SUP!?
hahahaha stfu
norly cmon
no stfu
im like, you guys pay bills and shit
how the fuck you dont know his name
im going to try and avoid that
pomona has some financial aid/housing money setup for system kids
they found me and spammed me im like 'ty'
so maybe i get to live with some crazy kids, for hella cheap or nothing
or maybe they just like 'here, money, use to pay the rent'
crazy kids would be interesting
dude beer bong is so junior high

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like fine i guess plasma can do the same thing
but fire + o2 jet is neat
like, torch thing on rails?
yeah we have one
im like, wtf you have to push this thing?
where are the axis motors
i was lookin under it and shit
i guess ours has little wheel thing or something
we have a bunch of cutting tables, like copper slats, kitty litter trays on casters
so we take outside and go nuts on scrap
teacher reccommends, says you cant weld worth shit if you cant even cut
hmm, maybe ours it a rack
who knows
i think so
did she do good?
we had a big chick and a hot chick
but dropped out
we also had victoria
who is autoshop
i aint saying shit cuz she prob kick my ass, cute tho, smart at mechanic stuff

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now electrocuted, i can see myself doing that to myself
'pfft i know about elecrtricty[BZZZZZZZRRRRRRR]... ow'
oxy gas is like same shit, but take all the energy and spread it out over time and metal
the gas jet cutting was awesome tho
like, 2nd try on thick shit, i cut across 1" thick plate, maybe 15" cut
like, the heat was kinda warping the plate and making the metal seperate behind the cut, like i was unzipping it
it took like 20sec
i turn that shit off and was like what the fuuuuuuuuuuaaaaagggh

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ha neat
i just want to learn TIG because i dont think i can do on my own as easily as MIG
plus i like the heat/rod thing
yeah fureal
like, i hated the blowback from the torch flame
that was the only thing bothered my about the oxygas torch stuff
its fun
like, kinda trick to get the right heat without burning the metal
getting the torch to deflect how you want to it just dont shrink fit your gloves and make you pullout every 10sec
but i imagine most the heat stays in one spot
well, oxygas you basically have a 4" flame tip
and youre using maybe 1/4" of it
so everything else is like deflected
so it gets weird, elding in corners and odd angles
apperently i did it wrong
even tho i got an A
because youre supposed to get burned if youre doing it right
i dont even think i 1st degreed
and thats not even a real burn

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the hearing was within the last year
i guess the event was prior to 2006 dem takeover
no i fuckin ran out i need to get more
shit i should maybe do that right now
i was gonna take a nap, but fuckit i can bike 4 miles instead
whats the diff, 8 miles, 12 miles
well, my hip hasnt bothered me
but almost-deathcold went away
oh i was taking like 2-4g
like 8-16 a day sounds about right
theyre 250mg of glucosamine and condroiten
is that good?
maybe you just wanted that to happen so you chilled the fuck out
i think all my classes gonna be okay
welding instructor was gone
yeah you said he was only mean online
naw im in MIG already
but he got sick
so i didnt get a chance to beg for a TIG seat
if i cant get TIG, ima ask for oxy/gas torch again
fuck metal crayon
i dont wanna do that for 4 months, ill just end up outside all the time on the oxy-jet torches anyway, cutting shit to pieces

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timecop: k putty-tray = awesome
sculptor: old!
haha, but yeah wtf
the vid is awesome
like, 5sec trying to get the key in the hole
shit slides in and unlatches it in half sec
our voting system got jacked, yo
the guy who did malicious code for them testified in a state court or congress
he said he got contracted to make some code to exploit the machines, he thought he was doing legit security work
then he hands it to them and the politicos doing the voting machines are like 'awesome, now we need you to make it so it is undetectable'
'you know, so we can use it.'
so he said he just walked at that point

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but i mean its sad, mccain and rebubs will like kiss ass every place they go
'[state] is the best blah blah blah because [some bullshit], in the nation!'
like wtf you said that at the last 3 states
you aint from these places, fake as mufuckers

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haha maybe i should get asics/onitsukas instead!
haha no okay i buy 901 i think
what did they say?
thats because the delagates in the little places cant count their shit
ha shitty
^dx^: it doesnt matter really
theyre tied, theres still alot of primaries left
he are, we knows
we really should have a national primary with established rules
this shit is kinda a joke
mufuckers droppin out cuz they ran out of money
billarys campaign ran out, she had to lend herself $5M
still like a month or two of primaries left i think

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no just color!
+ one more model kinda neat i found
new model: http://images.puma.com/usstore/catalog/products/30170402.jpg
the last are nuts
but yeah, id almost wanna put it on my wall more than wear the huge puma
yeah hes a loser
i bet he does vice for mccain
i think he was nice to mccain
yeah one two blue
i cant decide between the ones you said
901 is darker, black swoosh
i should prob go with those, im gonna prob be wearing these for like 2 years
puma soles last way long wtf
its weird too because the soles are like usually more rubbery than other brands

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oh so in relation to topic...
oh hi stu
look i prob got 50 lbs on that dude
i think i can whoop his as
okay wanna help me pick shoe colors?

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but yeah, something that does maybe 1024x600 or something would be awesome
i just wanted one quick for notes, missed my cheapo thinkpad
but yeah, that aside, id prob wait 6months or a year for better ones
everyone gonna prob try and build a clone, too, now that its clear demand aint just africans
they prob move the speakers down to the palm rests or something
im totally like fuck the webcam if thats whats keeping them from fitting a bigger res screen

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its only 1" smaller on both sides compared to the main section of keys
prob, yeah
okay, you know how the keys on a board are tapered?
so theyre spaced out, with gaps between the keys?
the keys are like the same size as the normal key tops
just crowded, no gap from taper
its really not that bad, unless you got huge hands or something
for average guy its totally usable, its prob a better fit for avg girl hands
like, thats what was most surprising, its not that much smaller than a standard kbd
dunno, havent tried
but i do word, and web, and pdf
its kinda shitty, 800x480 native res
yeah, it is, but just barely
winxp drivers have a 800x600 hack mode
vertical mouse panning, kinda like the X windows zooming
but yeah, for notes, or portable web, its awesome
beats the fuck outta a cell phone or palm or something
cell phone net is like a bad joke or something =(
like, for the $$$, im happy
yeah, but theyre fucking up
i think so
thats prob why they made the bezel so big
but the next gen bigger screens arent more res
low dpi
im like, why are you going backwards

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kk just welding class and school week 1 defeated
just 14 more minibosses before big boss (omg finals)
heh, Eee is so neat for notes
takes up like 1/4 the space of my pen/paper notebook
yeah weeks ago
4G got winxp and slackware on it, dual boot
like, i have a standard 104 key board

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like, the shuttle is basically that but 70s design/build
okay i gotta go bye

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launch soon
pray to voodoos, those things are getting oooold
i usually only remember payload when they mention military or intelligence payload
and i think most that shit goes up on rockets
or i just dont notice when they say it anymore, heh
i think nasa got jacked by all the black projects for good lifting body tech

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i mean, i dont understand why SWAT doesnt just show up and light up houses with M60s or AKs or something
prob do less damage and save alot of time and money and people compared to how they always trying to handle it now
just like, do concentrated horizontal sweeps of the house with your assault rifle, then youre buddies storm in 3sec later from every door and window
wtf is this 10 hours, tear gas yourself, get a cop killed, burn out all the evidence bullshit
haha, *standoff

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standardoff, battering ram, threw tear gas, wind blew back so they ran away, prob caught the house on fire, burnt up all the evidense in a possible triple homocide
AP just says Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley neighborhood
good job guys, you only narrowed it down to like 150sq miles

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