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i love how most inverters will sell the mod sine like its a good thing
=( =(
so how did it die?
oh, weird like the brownout shutdown is chattery
well thats not good, heh
do the waves look like on ebay?
wait did you paste waveforms?
vegas and the dvd thing
the free shit knda hurts to use

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how is the chassis?
looks okay
heatsink on the bottom?
sides are just a staped out steel thing, no?
with extruded bottom
yeah i was looking at the other 1200w sine inverter
thats pretty neat
like a medium-big car amp
thats would take a whole extra 20 seconds to assemble
and that would be bad

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50pks, heh
i used to have alot of ziplock bags full of cds
whats the bulk of the circuitry for?
where did you get this thing?
ebay or hf?
hehe, cool
harbor friehgt

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big animal that dont give a fuck about your stationary objects
and shrubs, and grass
they know they can clip thru those things okay
well, no
not always, depends on animals and environment
my cat knows kung fu
when other cats try and fuck with him, he sits on his back feet, kinda stands up, and blacks with his paws
like, you just see his arms flying around and other cats attacks being all deflected
ive so been living in the last 10GB of my drives for like 2 years
its hard when you havent done it in awhile
its almost like work
because you cant do a ton of other shit on a pc while youre copying mad files
ha, nice
i remember burning full cakes of cdr to do backups

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current feedback or low gain modes
like, i guess it works but you dont get specs close to running them normal
hehe, w98 makes me sad =(
blackmoon: theyre pretty tuned for specific application
like they dont have amazing specs for an opamp, but they have amazing specs in typical circuit for an audio amp
so my girl buddys cat ate her fish
so she ignored it for two weeks
and now it fuckin hates her
and shes like wtf!?
pisses them off
ha, sucks
i had a cat for a long time got hit by a car while i was away for a few days
ha, yeah i think my cat learned

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i made bridged pairs, and paralleled two
single amp buffers
anyway these have excellent slew and precisions and are tuned for audio
they discontinued the overture model
they have the data
i have a chip somewhere
dont think so
they even had a matched FET pack
blackmoon: people parallel them wide with output resistors for very low impedance setups
supposedly they dont like running like that as much

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manufacturers dont seem to be pushing large output class-D solutions
metallica is dorks
and theres plenty of D amps, but theyre usually discrete stuff
you can bridge monolithic opamps
works fine
per IC
yeah like bridge/parallel 4 amps into one channel
youre wrong
yes for the chipamps
they bridge/parallel fine
at least overture amps do
you just paralle them
i used .1R output
theres app notes about it
natsemi bridged/parallel design
their design uses servos
i just use simplified circuit

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sshhh, you are not an artist, you wouldnt understand
heh, also class-D is very digital in spirit, even when implimented full analog
national discontinued their analog class-D thing
only people really fuckin with that shit is the car audio manufacturers
weekend techs dont fuck with class-D nearly as much as class AB chipamps and discrete designs
lots of companies have filterless class-D
all of them, i think
its just for micropower shit tho

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but you know how to deal with shit like that so yeah dont think its a problem
yeah heatgun and paste you can prob do it with almost no extra pad
they are so casual about shipping
russia is like 'okay, well get that to you whenevers'
2 weeks
sounds about average for quick ru/ch delivery

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he got all the new blu-ray vids
he pfft, they dont let him outside
oh, right
that bitch dont work
you hand soldering?
prob wanna peak the pads out past the IC plastic
you using paste?
oh ok
well then fix the IC outline or something
like, without paste id peak them out least .5mm
1-2mm prob waaay easier
okay, yeah prob okay
yeah, long as you dont make it impossible to hit with the iton by crowding parts

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i dont think sim is so useful for digital shit
unless its maybe deep fast logic
no one does logic for real anymore, tho
if you have a spice model
yes what tc said
okay well then there are probably several models available
'intel' fan
amd just anounced they fucked up again
osama = works for the CIA
obama = not works for the CIA
cute, timecop

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i wouldnt mind paying for eagle for a business
just the pcb and schema editors
fuck the autorouter
eagle is a good app, it just has major UI issues
the cad engine is fine
ultiboard is neat
expensive, i think
hehe, basically is
multisim to ultiboard
has integrated spice
big bloaty app, very expensive
excellent standard windows UI
i use LTspice mostly
but its all pretty much the same
all spice based
dunno, dont need that
ltspice is coded specific for smps
at least for their parts
if you have a model, ure
yeah timecop does digital crap

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lope: so youre saying eagle legalizer failed?
lope: did you read the readme =)
you used eagle legalizer?
the readme says dont bother him about broken positioning, traces, ratlines, nets
he basically says dont email him complaining if your file gets thrashed
yes, really
no one
done use it
get a proper fixed eagle
or use free eagle, or pay
omg hello i made this pretty clear before you even mentioned using it

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stu: he died?!!?
yeah maybe
does he even have a point?
hes been racing F1 like 4 or 5 years now
no timecop
its the most well paid athletes in the world
dont worry youre not missing anything
ha, kinda
prob trying to get it around to the pits
heh, pits was kinda far
dumb at monaco
timecop: past the pins?
hell .5mm prob enough if you can get the iron tip in

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he couldnt work lib editor
just the UI
jesus built the backend
jp gp has that promo vid with flash gordon musics
hehe, GO TAKUMA!
jezus fuck i bet he is still pay to drive

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just set the alt-grid to the pin pitch and set the pad width to 80% pitch
put the inner edge of the pad at the edge of the IC plastic of the inner edge of the IC pad if its leadless
and make them as long as you want
yeah smt in eagle isnt hard
drop pad, enter size, name pad 1, position
use 1/2 pitch alt grid, put origin in center
then just copy pins around the edge while holding alt key
i like to keep the silk off pads so i dont like using any of the eagle libs =(
i heard of a few board houses doing it
im not trying to have two sets of parts, one for retards and one for good houses

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yeah i always do pads a bit long
tad thick, you aint gonna run traces between smt pins
you just want the gap to be reasonable
you need to like squeegee thp paste into the holes
they have thp kits
no idea
twingy knows where to get thru hole kit for the pcb cnc they have at work
sounds expensive, tho
billion percent markup
timecop: whats your prob?

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and anything that runs on a computer is crackable
code is written in english, not god
nobody rights in god
something more stripped
their os is pretty good actually
winxp clone wm, has tabbed desktop with diff set of very large app icons on each page
its very Easy, for sure
Xanadros linux, their kernel is completely modular
ive done a kernel.org kernel, monolithic, their driver modules autoload fine
i was like 'autoloading works' woah
they used it, i never had before

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its awesome, oone quarter the size of my open regulat pen/paper notebook
*one, regular
macgyver0: yeah its basically just general pupose useful
like, buying one specific for most apps wouldnt make alot of sense, but for complex UI, i think itd be awesome
and like for very quick setup logging or control, it would be neat
like, non-app-specific stuff
like, plug in usb dongles, turn on, start an app, read/flip bits
i was thinking itd be awesome for a car
in a year everything will be diff
there will be competition, so new models and features
i think by end of year, <$250 real computer will be reality
2-3 years
what other io is there?
not a license dongle
io adapter dongle

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the reason it doesnt support 2GB is because they built the kernel without 1-4GB ram support
itll do 2GB just fine
yeah this wont hibernate that i know of
hibernate stores ram contents to hard storage and shuts down everything
even the ram
its intel, driver for gfx in linux is i810
and its not bad on 600MHz
people assume heat is underclocking reason
but im thinking, if it got them an extra hour out of battery, thats a big selling point
they prob never wanted to advertise the proc anyway
macgyver0: yeah i thought itd be neat to do data logging and control with it
make some sort of usb io dongle
long life SLA supply
the one where dude soldered everything and his mom to the internal usb points?
hehe, yeah its pretty neat
its not a laptop-alternative
its a really small laptop, totally a standard pc tho
just got a silly no res graphics issue
they better up the res
i would wait tho, yeah
i just wanted one now for notes
didnt wanna rebuild an ebay junker laptop
and this suited needs

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yeah its got a chassis color rubber plug up in it
guess they dropped modem support
i dont think there are linux drivers
they do have modem drivers in the driver cd, but i think its disable in hardware
hw does not appear to be there
no modem drivers installed, dev manager is clean
i dont remember seeing it, but honestly didnt check
so maybe windows installed it correct
heh, ive had it on standby like 5 hours it still says 90% battery
dunno if i believe it
yeah but thats a little better that it was doing earlier, shrug
$400 for 4GB with more battery
they dont want you to know specs
its celeron-m 900MHz, underclocked to 600MHz

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but yeah, nlite is pretty neat
i did my sisters Eee with my nlite-XP SD install card
its like average install times
once you go thru all the image building BS
yeah its okay
i used it to try and get onto school network outside
omg shit is saturated or something, like 50ft away and getting no reception
but yeah, its usable outside in sunlight
its not great, but like i could see the shit i was supposed to be clicking
does like 3+ hours normal use, ive watched 120min divx movies on it, had battery to spare at end
will kick it in standby more than 12 hours i think
not long enough if you fall asleep and forget to plug in after being on standby all day
3x usb, SD reader (internal usb), and vga/audio
oth, eth port and blocked modem port
er, oh

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i <3 lisa simpson
i have an SSD
fuck defrag
what is this large thing you speak of?
hehe, 4GB, hdparm -t is about 25MB/s
so about half as fast as my seagate, sustained reads
no its internal
its SATA
i think most of them are pretty small
above 16GB
its neat on eee, tho
its challenge like installing on a pre-atx machine
but with a warranty
ive fit xp and slackware on it fine, about 2GB each
who knows how long it lasts tho
used nlite
the post install shrinker sucks =(

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omg there is some switcher in my pc whining its driving me nuts
nm it went away i think
more specific

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^dx^: i got 180 caplets of triple strength chondroitin+glucosamine
i think they were just pointing out the critical failures
i also got a little green bowl, semi-cube shaped
dunno, looks hardcore
except the excess siring and lamer shielded wire termination
yeah but thats just the wiring
connector looks good

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my jabra says leia on it
i should tell pleia2

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blackmoon: xacto blade with tip clipped is working
blackmoon: instead of torx bit
0603 led i think

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blackmoon: yeah not sure still looks big
maybe the ebay
or a well filed screwdriver...

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hey, where to get really little torx and security bits?
i want to replace the led and resistor in my jabra
turning my head into blinking blue beacon
dude its like some ceramic caps and a tvs
and a breaker
its basically better than nothing
jezus fuck i really need a ups
yeah really, i ALWAYS blow the house breaker
never the strip breaker
man i dont want to look like a freak with a bright blue led in my ear
blackmoon: you know where to find tiny security bits?
like, very small
no i have theirs =(
actually i dont have that one
sec lemme see

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dont be adjusting other peoples circuits
okay i have to ride my bikez0r\

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if you cant hold your finger on it, you probably want to adjust the circuit
or heatsink it

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jlzt: more information, pls

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im going back to sleep

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sculptor: yes i found page
you have to add a 74 logic IC and an eeprom, for honda ecu
blackmoon: its prob mostly gonna be import stuff
yeah stu not here
usually not so hard
dunno, mechanic person says he has mad customers who ask about it
buy it now or bid
omg its only 10a wtf

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hey you guys know how to chip cars?
apperently someone has mad customers if i can figure out how to reset and max out parameters on oem ECU

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my pumas arent going to ship til monday =(

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you just dont want the gas sitting there
the full-unscrew high pressure tanks is more an economy thing
the acetylene isnt very high pressure
haha, yeah alot of them do
yeah, its prob only an issue if youre welding like 24/7
what kind of vreg?
car batteries are expensive
blackmoon: weird

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what do you mean system to discharge?
you dont bleed the regs?
well, they just last longer
if you bleed the system and you unscrew the reg adjuster
because the metal diaphragms wear out i guess
yeah but if its brass, and it aint total shit, it should last long time
yeah autodarks are neat
blackmoon: the backstopping thing doesnt matter if you just use it for a bit
but yeah for sustained use, i guess its a waste because youre always leaking gas, even if valve on a torch isnt open
oh, yeah its not so big a deal its just argon
but fuel stuff you want to purge

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hardcore: http://www.voxelsoft.com/spacesim/generator5.jpg
blackmoon: im taking MIG or TIG this semester
i find out tuesday which
blackmoon: are you fully opening and closing the valve?
if you dont backseat the high pressure valves, they leak more
i think i want one of those
the valve on the high pressure tank, do you unscrew it all the way until it stops
yeah youre supposed to
like, its not dangerous if you dont, but they leak a bit unless you do
O2 and the inert gas stuff, acetelene and low pressure fuel doesnt matter
no i mean itll leake from the valve while you use it
before the regulator

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yeah TI is <3
using diff plugin?
09:04 < Lope> hehe "Number of samples shipped to BlackMoon: 1786" "Number of items ordered: 7"
so, so true
sculptor: listen to hiphop?
thermal cam = no money
no money = no problems
your solutional, while viable, is not so much fun
blackmoon: did you see which shoes?
i know you were very excited to find out what the result of my tireless decisions making was

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our government will be dismantled
"utopia" will be establish, anmd EVERYTHING will be all fucked up
mxman: got pics?
its prob something to do with expected load or test condition
08:59 < meru> renesis: by who glass == nuke as in nuclear not nukular
yeah duh
reread everything i said about US gov being dismantled for using tactical nukes
asuming we survive retaliation
mxman: k where is the 100R box

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americans, for war crimes violations
macegr: prob expected load
its the test condition, most likely
lope: then leave, go someplace else
youre are a stupid american defined
so its not even relative
okay well youre not a threat to anyone except yourself
you as in s africa
heh, the copper radiator?
that thing was neat
omg, those would be fucked up dropped from space
prob enough time for the copper to get all hot
maybe even turn into a green fireball
glass the middle east, bye bye america
we will be occupied

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check-mate. stupid soldier.
Guantanamo Legal Adviser Refuses To Say Iranians Waterboardi
its about 1min of a republican rep making a lawyer soldier look stupid
my bad, republican senator
why so you can make stupid decisions like the average american?
okay they wont, and they run your life
what do you mean nobody has been arrested
dude because its war crimes
if they try people, they have to kill them
UN doesnt prosecute alot of shit either
no, obviously not
if we put guantanamo on trial, we have to kill people

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timecop: i think kevtris already did that
or he made a player thing with the nes/snes chips
no i think he did older portable thing
i need more sleep fuck this

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