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i did like abs max timecop/dong hybrid
okay, now i race
im like the takuma sato of #cars gtr2 =\

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what stamped or milled?
yeah stamped ones look pointy
anodizing is the shit
yeah if its not production stuff
yeah, thats maybe cheaper
yeah, less cheap
but it depends if they do their own anodizing and how busy they are and how many you want
like, if they do all anodizing in house, they may not care if you want it done before or after
theres coaters in the valley someplace
they did the wrench for the westech cnc project in black oxide
ha nice
okay i gotta eat then race k bye

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its the ESR and the ripple
if you swap with better ESR caps theyll run cooler
no bad!
more voltage is higher ESR im pretty sure
why its not good to go overboard with voltage overhead
more likely to burn the caps, oddly
wtf is that

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macegr: twisted

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timecop: do you have any issues you wish for me to bring up in my sociology of religion class?

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hurf is my next projects name?
can i call it darker hurf?
Darker Hurf Dongometer
see how i can make any name better?
Darker Dong-O-Meter
Darker Dongcop?
why are they called illuminati
check this out:
i think im on to something big
i found out in class jews are like .5% of world population
i would ghave guessed like, 10%, 20%
no, thay are no percent

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my acupuncture guy is dr wang
so max for some of my IO pins is 2mA
on the sam7
its not in the abs max section tho, its in the io characteristics
im thinking if i pull to much, itll prob just sink a tad voltage
because i used the 680R 0805
thats 2.4mA yo
timecop: sot23 buffers would be asthetically displeasing
altho 2mA totally brighter than i thought
for other dudes, ima do 1K
with what
the sam7 audio thing?
timecop wtf is hurf
i think you made that shit up right now

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timecop: lady ada is fat?
wow that kills it totally
i seen like one blurry pic
is minty boost the battery charger?
oh lame it is
so are you still married, timecop?
no but really
van damme, wtf?
macegr: wtf is rock chip
i gotta go solder some more

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omg TIG welding is fun
he said i gotta go back to MIG next week tho, =(
my cat is super dirty
wtf he is chewing on an emericy board and clowing the Eee sac
crosshair for wiimote?
emery, clawing
swiss army wiimote?
fuck if i know

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they exist
i dont get it =\
does mmc work normall started?
ha, weird
see thats really why i dislike windows the most
sometimes its just inconsistent and difficult to troubleshoot
linux is the kinda shitty i can work with
okay i need like 800Rish resistor

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go from the rails to ground
if you want, you can stick caps across the rails too
but yeah, you want from rails to ground, minimum
rab: i have no idea, but i seen it
you might want to reselect caps
use 1uF and .01uF, or .1uF and 1000pF
like, if you use two caps, you want to try and cover a range
yeah, .1uF is kinda typical
.01-1 is pretty common for digital IC and analog bits

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if you dont filter out high end close to the amp, couple very high freq to both inputs with a small cap, dont decouple the feedback
rab: i was just blowng up preamps i was hoping the amp was smrt =(
ha poor tweet0r
hahahaha wtf
yeah but you want to decouple the rails at least
for all the amp
because signal fluctuations can cause the battery voltage to fluctate slightly
and again, voodoos line up just right, other amps will maybe oscillate
the filter one prob okay
sometimes they kinda oscillate a little bit at high freq but work fine at lower freqs still
like its not clipping out the rails at 100KHz or something

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unless youre the type to intentionally spray his gear with RF
ways around it, diff input, caps on supplies, filtered inputs
^dx^: haha what?
the closer the path is, the less chance it picks up EMI
ha funny
hehe, im putting off soldering that
i got the opamps down
yeah you want to have a consistent path directions for signal flow
like you dont want to wind output back towards your input
because high freq stuff might couple, which gets amplified
which couple, which gets amplified
which couple, which gets amplified
yeah like you listening to music and like your opamps detonate
but you dont know why, and the music sounded fine for a little bit
is prob because it picked up some random emi and it make the opamps wig out

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avg default install = silly, might as well run windows
so just use 1uF and .01uF, or similar
the small caps are mostly for EMI, not psu ripple
like, ESR in big caps makes them shitty for high freq despiking
seravitae: emi issues dont always come up in testing

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timecop, youre talking about professionalism
you deface wikis in your freetime
hahaa, ok
so to you, professional = same gui toolkit?
no because 99.999% people in the world dont know about computers
except what the tv says to buy
when balmer come at you like a used car saleman...
you say OK because you dont want to die
macegr: why yes mr gr, you can
actually timecop
thats just a windows clone gui
so yes, professional does look something like that
dude, windows is ugly too
not on mine, i just got what i put there
we established long ago you had shit lunix skills
you seem to know a bit more than default installs

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i shit i should email buddy back
its fucking group for pictures
oh, hi
i dont even understand wtf a rtos for embedded is
im like, thats just how you code for embedded
wtf is that like a headstart or what?
process handler
and be lost when you hit their bugs
its a microcontroller not a fuckin pc its prob only going to be doing a handful of things
true parallelism
code for tha bishneiah
you code for a living
so because some ass is retarded at grub linux sucks?

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blackmoon: polypropylene are 1/2/5%
and yeah, i think leakage is low
i used them for my active crossover, thing tested like it was a sim
macegr: nice
you saw pcb, yes?
i dont remember
new one?
new one is better
i gotta tune the mill and measure backlash instead of just wild guessing it
the weird floating scratches are in the ziplock bag
i kinda want to do a 50K spindle
just for 1/8" shank
put all the money in ABEC bearings
macegr: ha wtf

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blackmoon: polyester (shit) or polypropylene (awesome)
if theyre orange/red, they might be vishay polypropylene
bye shitface
my shoes are so neat
they are like perfect shade of grey

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okay foods bbl

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maybe less amb
yeah neat huh!
i dont think 0603 LED were real in the 80s
i need a broken one of those
$2k wtf

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im doing red for 0db and then im gonna have a 2 or 3db red
so like, clashing red isnt neccessarily bad
it means you should be adjusting something
but yeah, cyangrnambred would be neat
blue kinda too much
haha like wrap around the back
blue is fine by itself
like, water clear lens blue is cool look
dude the blue LED throwies last weeks
the drop more voltage, no idea how thats affecting the batteries
theyre usually brighter
like, they tend to be more like white led in spec than red/grn/yel
okay but yeah, grn grn grn grn grn amb amb amb red red
ima go with that

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cyan is equal or greater than pink?
cyan is teal/blue-green
of course it is greater than pink
oh you mean linke cyn/cyn/cyn/cyn/cyn/cyn/pnk/pnk/pnk/pnk?
yeah fuck all that
would be cool
its be cyan and green unless something was wrong
well yeah, that works too

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macegr: i got my shoes!
also, how should i do my VU layour
er, layout
like, colors
no stu thats horrible
i think grn/grn/grn/grn/grn/amb/amb/amd/red/red
keep it traditional like
oh shit
i should totally send back stanley sample form
they have the cyan 0603

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i really like these shoes!
the redhead girl in my speech class has the same style in pink
like, pink and white wirh magenta puma and puma-swoosh

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thank god i didnt go to school
this ups dude totally doesnt like me, or is having personal problems, or something
because youre stuck in a shit job situation too?

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unless maybe i can fir a whole 0603 circuit under a dip
no qfn is kinda wtf
remember we saw pics

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.50 will fuck up 1" if you hit it a few time
and damn itd be fucked up to be inside one of those things if the control systems blew out =(
im thinking theyd be oversized
maybe some synthetic ceramic based armor
so not so rigid, but thick
yeah but a tank cant deal with alot of stuff as well as an ideal medium size stompy thing
say 10-20ft
yeah afghanis fucked up the russians with rpgs
because they fuck up a tank in a canyon, and other tanks just kinda stuck
okay i found my iceez
okay bai
soic is fun!
im totally like no dip phase or something

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but yeah, urban combat, you got an AK, maybe some RPGs
you fire one something like that, it just keeps coming, im like fuck that im running away
ya rly, not my problem
also they could spin them as aliens and do some hardcore military coup shit
everybody knows they do planes and satellites
and drones, now
this would be the easiest shit to hide, and prob the scariest fucking thing on a close range battlefield, ever
make it remote or autonomously operated, and now its fearless
now make 100

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then theyd make it
war dont really cost 4 trillion dollars
naw, airplane is 100x worse
even if these things jump, its not gonna be as bad as testing airplanes
which they have done, very well, for like 6 decades now
rab: you bank on it changing everything
also, you are a black project
you forgot wtf money was prob somewhere in early development
haha, so fake

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so like, fuckit why do you even need a body, just use a vat brain and make that your control and processing
less money spent developing life support
no you need that
if youre using squishy brain
also ribs will break
like, normal ribs
but you cant just use off the shelf torso
well they are the lightest frames
i bet thats the real reason why migs were small
its so they could have hot chicks fly them
i think the public power armor shit is just some bullshit research fluff
they prob have bigass stompers
shit like that is easy to hide
dude if you can do a project without haveing to worry about hundreds of sqr miles of airspace and mile of runway, youre not gonna have probs keeping it under wraps
like, warehouse, done
air force is practically NSA/CIA
they can test it underground

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ha, yeah it never really came up
it was just a 3 hour net meme
'look hes swinging'
blackest projects: mecha units for urban defence and assault
lockheed watches techy anime
you KNOW they do
PEOWPEOWPEOW[plus missiles]
well, not so much now i dont think
the work was prob 50% safety before
make sure you dont splash the squishy brain thing in the cockpit
so now, they dont need squishy pilot
hard pilots.
ha okay
i think you just put a nanotube structure into a brain
for heavy G load support
that was insane, i give you props
but yeah, dont matter
mach5, 12 Gs, pilots arms are all over the place anyway
so like, youd have to wet wire the pilot to the ship

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yeah unfortunately that would be an option
no one seeing pink and thinking 'emergency'
well, unless you horny and your mind makes jumps like that
ha weird
but to light dependent
that works
but possibly too much like emergency backup lights
im thinking like blue or teal
green is usually used in the machine indicators for one of the modes
ron paul sent a vid msg
he wants my help
primary is over, mr ron
hey what do you think of sudan?
should we invade?
i thought bush would invade russia in the winter
but he seems to want to invade tribal wastelands next
why is my package not out for delivery
those fucks are stealing my shoes
okay so i guess im doing laundry and solde ring and bitching at ups
im like, thats a who cares outcome
saddam wasnt fuckin with LA, yo

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ur dads are slaves to legionism
()i still think like half of them just went 'YEAH FUCK THAT ASS' but whatevers)
ima track my package
if it hasnt been delivered
im staying the fuck home
omg i went into the living room
and putin was on the tv
so i turned the fuck around
i need something in there i think
oh i needed to turn the tv off so i could hear the buzzer for sure
fuck i have to like, get all up on putin and shit
a taser
yes actually
LED indicators in anything besides amber and red

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okay no rly, i have to go to business class
but if i dont, i have to do laundry and finish soldering on of those boards
hey laundry is an electrical device thing
mine has digital 7seg interface and everything
haha @ gnaa politics
because it like kinda defeats timecops 'politics is lame and useless' thing
its like you guys are trolling yourselves!
wtf @ vice president, how many holland mofos you got on that boat?
is it more than two?
non anonymous is legion
you are efnet trolls
ur moms are legion

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anyway, i run winxp on it, everything works
slackware, everything except eth works
and people have it working, i just dont care because i dont use it
some of the stuff there is silly
failure mode was they didnt trust it so it cost them alot in testing
thats not failure, thats paranoia

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i got a celeron-M
i havent OC'ed it yet
thats what i will read about instead of getting ready
macegr: but business class!
justburn: eh?
'their' software?
they just built that shit
it aint theirs
they just unchecked 1-4GB support in the kernel mem support
you can fix xanadros easy, and kernel.org kernels work with their linux code
their win xp drivers are off the shelf
i think the ONLY linux driver has issues with common kernel is their eth driver
and it just needs some variables renamed or some shit

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okay well, too small tho
need to take notes on it
but yeah did not know they were that cheap
they are towards $200 non-w00t?
sega made dreamcast, and it had net before high speed was common
it was a way better system what sony and nintendo had out
total flop
your wiki is dead too?
yeah dreamcast is neat, easy to hijack
ive played lots of snes emu on my friends
armada, #1
man i kinda gotta go =(
if i start leaving now it wont be like all emergency style
yeah see thats usable DPI at arms length
i thinking the 4" at my res is pretty but too small to use like 12pt font in word
ha weird
then it was ill concieved, its not that old
ha neat
only nvidia cards will run that

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i use for school notes
are they more res?
i think its more res tho
oh, wow its same res
i like the DPI on the eee
its like edge of usable
oh daaamn
but its little so i guess holding it closer to face while using like a phone isnt so weird
that to small for like arms length use
no im just saying LCD use distance

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SYSLINUX for windows will make a floppy or SD bootable automatic
well, with -a switch
SYSLINUX for linux, you just gotta make the partition on the SD bootable with cfdisk or something
yeah ive seen that page before actually
hehe, yeah when i was going nuts trying to install shit from eee sd

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if the bios sees usb mass-storage, it will treat it like a normal pc drive
so like, mbr with bootloader, make partition active, itll boot
you could put grub on it and theoretically boot anything
theres install tools to get xp installation from SD working
alot of people didnt wanna buy external cdrom just to install on eee
theres a script
makes an SD or usb stick bootable, and then handles some weirdness
like, xp wants to boot from hdd during 2nd stage of install
but it fails
so there is a script that works if you always boot from SD during install, until youre 100% done

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you just gotta test for shorted or open caps
blackmoon: your psu blew up and its working better now?
that sounds like a blown cap
like a cap that shorted before blowing itself open
if its a two diode rectifier, sometimes one diode blows
and it turn into a half wave rectifier
tho some of them are actually just half wave rectifiers
so if the diode pops output just gone
heh, boot from usb w00t
oh ha floppy
do you have a usb stick?
oh, yeah that way is easiest
but i did a writeup of livecd to SD/usb stick
for Eee pc, should work in general tho
no ISOLINUX from usb stick
lope: sec

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badreset the router
upgrade the firmware too
ha, not enough backspace or something
was prob gonna say bad firmware or something
so this crack basically shifts a single line of pixels
its that tiny
fuck i need new everything
fucked wart?
scope it, usually easy to figure out what went bad
theyre usually like 2 or 3 parts besides transformers
oh unless smps
or a diode

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so um, theres a hairline imperfection in my crt
totally horizontal hairline thing
i hope not
dude, i had dreams
for years after i first got as compy, that a crt would blow up in my face
so anyway, yeah
thats prob a crack, huh?
its the viewsonic, damn
that vid output looks all messed up
i think she propped some leads flexing it like that
oh thats prob a he
rab: not sure, might be imaging it
getting teh xacto
my crt has a hairline crack
was maybe half back cap dropping a rail
blew open
thats my fav mode of failure
'dude it was like blowing up! then like it fixed itself!'

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