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atmel makes them
theyre called sam7

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haha, last virus thing happened was avg found a trojan in an avg in a usb stick portable apps suite
macegr: serials #1
did it wrong
then its broken
yeah um, i only use the internets for good, not evil
and pr0n i guess
okay foods
i was playing video games and doing drugs and drinking
sometimes girls let me do stuff to them
aaah, public school

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yeah it should
1-4 are pirats
5 are lusers
serious, efnet is like 80% pirat
more will show up as net satlinks become more common
but those are public
you could do /who by joining bigger channels
and map yourself
but i predict there are prob 5-10 very large private subgroups
its diff now
because the p2p and bt
oh me neither
oh well im lying, but i dont get viruses anyway

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i wanna do a sociology project on social subsets of efnet
i need some oper to do a super /who or something
we we determines like 5 or 6
like 5 i think
sci/tech, os/programmer, stoner/troll, juarez/mp3z, social/n00b
theres user overlap, but it is very heavy between chans of these types
im like 1, 3, not so much 4 anymore
in everything on a low level
or in nothing

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do offset runs, or some flag/priority based handler in mainloop
you can do unpredictable shit in non interrupt mainloop
with priority code with ints disabled
that goes sleep or endless loop until a certain flag in the sys tick goes off
and now you have a pretty good dynamic length process handler, that handles periodic code too
macegr: yeah kinda learning curve
like im prob not doing synther till mid spring or summer
your parallel shift reg setup was neat
no idea
use low regs
or i dunno prob c, maybe a pain or slow
i want food and sleep i think
less led per control unit?

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doing it the way i was doing it on avr, i basically have limitless resources, aside from clock
which is better, just not like unlimitted better
i dont want to do arm9 or arm7
i dont want to run a computer, i want to run a microcontroller
full integration and low parts count
i think
it has dma stuff
its funny everything has the identical dma reg setup
so they dont list the regs in the peripheral user interface description
they explain it once in the dma peripheral interface description
like, the 32b wide processing is fuckin mad powerful compared to 8b
path0s: everything i code i guess is an RTOS?
i really dont understand the distinction so much on a uC
what like, it runs your processes for you?
so it basically eats a timer, if its doing it right
like, if youre not handling totally dynamic processes
like shit that is coded to run on the uC (example: game for a console)
then most your processes prob predictable speed, that you can run on a system tick

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atmega whaaaa?
we dont have dma working yet
i wanna make sure we have aic down 100% before we do dma
i think he got working tho
wait no i did it right
okay soon is the time for sleep
macegr: onboard usb, MAD timers
like, 2 general timers, 3ch pwm, long interval system timer, watchdog
4ch pwm?
maybe 4ch pwm
32b simultaneous io access
i do not think you are truly appreciating the power compared to an atmega
what mega?
i almost did a synth on an atmega
the core is done on stk500
but then i started fuckin with the sam7...
no limitations

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i think i did watchdog
most lowlevel.c code has been swapped out with my pmc and watchdog functions
yeah think so
maybe not, dunno look at schema
i dont know if we integrated twingy int code int lowlevel, we both got busy like month ago
for like the best one
in low quantity
or i dunno is their a 512? that the 256 price im pretty sure
64 is like $6
whats that

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you set all port defaults with pio_init() or init_pio(), whatevers
and then you can write to PIO_DATA_HI PIO_DATA_LO and PIO_DATA
does too, it works
most the files are functional
some stuff is just stubs i think, spi needs to be finished
adc, pio, timers and pwm work
pwm works, i think twingy got aic (vectored int handler) working
usart works
er, swap one of those pwm with pmc
voltage reg works (heh almost not worth its own file)

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3 diff things
then i dunno you broke it
find the clock enable
find the peripheral id for pio
flip that id bit in the pcm clock enable reg
you got our gcc dir, no?
look in pio.c/pio.h
why not
it wont make sense unless you look at the redfined in the header
75% of the interface shit i wrote is reg/bit/mask defines
functions to do handle the set/dis reg interfaces in one c line with mask input
init functions, some special functions for the peripheral if needed

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and itll enable/disable simultaneously
its in the pio.c
link again
then write to PIO_PIN_DATA
or something, look in pio.h
i wrote that one, the init automatically enables output_writes for all bits
thatll work if its setup proper
its a pullup
for doing pullup shit
probably not
stfu and listen
turn on the clock in the pmc
enable pio for your bit
enable output for your bit
okay look

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timecop: i told you man you been timing out like ALL day
you did it wrong
pio enable
output enable
yeah thats it i think
enable fast writes
or whatever its called
so you can write to status reg or whatever
its all in the pio user interface descriptions
normally you have to do writes in two cycles
hit the enable, invert, hit the disable
but if you enable output writes, or whatever, you can write to the register you read pin values from

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or it is filled with junk
and you failed to write
you are writing in eclipse?
i should try and use that shit
man i hate this windows
its lasting forever
i wants me some fresh install sex0rz

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i got mine working
in asm, no libs
circuits will work without ground planes if you ground sane or traces are fat enough
might be noise
wont be as good, especially at high freq
almost audio low
wavelength are huge
you would have to do some crackish shit
like, parallel feedback and output traces with current going in same dir
or something
omg tc you broke it

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schema entry seems awesome
like, what else am i gonna do with discrete digital knowledge
ima lose it =(
replace it with 'ur something'
wtf is tubecad
your function?
your ports setup?
did you kill it with fire?
sometimes you have to destroy one in front of the others
then they work better
yeah they fuckup

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they come in qfp?
oh i like that
that layout looks so sensible

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macegr: hi
= success \o/
why is it a "laser:
it works
like, is not on fire, and i put 50% duty 3.3V sqr into output section, i get 1.7V out
same config for hpf/lpf
and stackable, as many poles as needed

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education should be equal and free and public, per the consitutional ammendment
k i gotta go

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i went to priv school early in life
shit came up
and the system fucked me, so i left and got a GED
they should get job training
all school should be public
and free
because its directly related to the health of the society
the gov has interests in it, if it cant teach kids, it has literally NO control over the future
private schools will teach creationism
wanna talk about a stupid population?
go with your plan
everyone should have a fair and equal chance
regardless of parent income
its not the case
we are the top industrialized nation, largely because of our attitude towards education
when we needed engineers because of the cold wars, schools were fine
this is the last 20 years its gone to shit
which is the reason we have no smog
er, no jobs
but yeah, no smog too, because we put our factories in china
its not because of mexicans
its because our rich people sold us out
and didnt care our population is stupid

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its institutionalized
you just trained your kids how to make friends with other hoods in a authoritarian environment
like jail, prison, group homes
good teachers can handle it
yeah fine
but thats life
wtf do you mean by disruptive?
then its a child services issue
thats a children services issue
they should be linked up with a social worker
and then removed from the home if it continues
yeah, and how i said to handle it happens
okay fine
thats policy at that school
you wouldnt get sued if you could prove you were removing a violent child
because youre liable for the safety of other children
ive seen it
its nothing to do with what im talking about
discipline and trouble kids are always gonna be an issue
private or public
in private schools, theyll do whatever they want to kids
to what
if there are no public schools
they can
they cant overdo it
no one gets taken for slapping kids
if you bruise a kid slapping them you fuckin socked them
i know tons of fucked up proiv school kids

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no shit kevtris
its all self fullfilling
it takes very specific active efforts to change it
you have to decide poor people are worth giving a chance
instead of going 'oh theyre stupid, capitalism rocks, fuck them'
because a kid isnt a tyard
hes a kid
and it aint his fault
you cant expect him to be better
you prob werent, and you prob be just as poor and fucked up and retarded growing up in his position
a) no one pumps money into inner city schools
b) you need to overhaul education, no one argues that
you cant pay teachers 25K out of school and expect them to love it
thats you future, and you pay them like a corp janitor
yeah sure
private schools are ass
yeah and all the schools will be ass
you live in a fucked up place (say, the rural south)
and you kid will be educated in possibly some dumbass manner, and no one can stop them
people wanna teach creation as science in PUBLIC schools
if shit went full private with vouchers, youd get even more stupid kids with skewed ed
to what?
wtf, yeah lets make hopeless people
that is smart
timecop: you atleast need to turn on its clock
you figure out how to fix them
or send them to another class
fuck that, hahaha
specials schools is dumb

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a bowl is say 1/4g
okay so thatslike 15 bowls per 1/8
so like, youre up 18 hours
thats not even a bowl an hour
im like, thats casual smoking, shit
four and twenty hours a day
because see, thats when you go nuts...
when you dont take sustained maintenance levels of psychotropes
gotta keep your levels up!
kevtris: thats the thing
its a huge struggle
and it involves luck
it isnt
youd have to be bright, and have alot of self awareness
kids are stupid and impressionable
it is a struggle
kevtris these schools prob dont even have enough books, which are prob 30 years old anyway
yes, i live in california
the diff between suburb and inner city schools is huge
whatever dude
i grew up someplace with almost no racism
los angeles
northwest valley, w00t
why kevtris
thats the point
because its pointless
because you cant learn there
no one wants to learn shit when they hungry as fuck ans their friends getting blown away
haha what
thats inner city
they are
yeah kfc is special because to them, its a meaningful amount of money

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and poor people going nuts because basically no hope
kevtris: im not saying theyre not dumb
im saying theirs a reason, and its prob intentional on some level
kevtris: for every one of those families, their are dirt poor families who are just poor
not because they waste money, because they work hard and have no money
marijuana pays for my lunch
so i dont follow
priorities are leaned
parents can be stupid
so repsonbility in the end is the educations systems
you can just say 'its on the parents'
because its your society they are fuckin up, not the parents
habits are learned
its everythings fault
fault is a non issue
who fucking cares, fix it
parents are stupid, because they came from a retarded ed system
so the education system has to be fallback, it has to be able to raise kids
i smoke maybe 15 J a day
assuming .25g J
timecop: sexy
kevtris: i do it in bongs or vaps
i smoke like a joint a month prob
like 3.5g a day

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its usb or serial interface?
i mean for the programming interface
cuz im not sure if you mean maybe some fpga peripheral
oh, kk
how many burns are they supposed to be good for?
and does it have boundary scan/control type stuff for io?
like for emulation stuff
if itll burn a ton like flash, thats sounds pretty awesome
yeah but i think its intentional on a certain level
thats bullshit, theres tons of other industialized and data linked countries
fuckin estonia all hooked up
anyway, racism is a lot of hype to blame alot of problems on something that doesnt matter a ton
problem is a fucked economy and education system

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see, i learned you incubus[] and now you are smrt
not the woman are stupid part
they are, but because we made them that way
one day it wont be like that
and omg it will suck to be a guy in those time
racism is a front
its bullshit, its something propegated to shadow a very real problem
like, if people understood the reason everything was shitty was because rich people were keeping them poor, they prob wouldnt think it was the mexican dude three blocks away
who btw is trying to kill him, so he has more important shit to handle than like, getting educated
racism is bullshit
its not the real problem
because they prob started poor with no money to manage
but generally, yeah
i guess other countries like teach kids about finances
we dont, at all

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meru: in jails and prison, im positive it happens
they keep prisoners segregated and angry at each other for a reason
deep racism is what keeps them alive
best believe they feed it
its the only thing that keep the prisoners from realize all they have to do is agree to get out
and they can get out
because theyre never armed
many 5 year old kids are deeply seeded in racism
besides rural south, probably in almost EVERY urban inner city
whatever, mad racism in cali
im lucky i grew up in diverse suburbs, i new people were messed up cuz they poor, not cuz they colors
good, you jacked them
i hope they take over your culture and fuck all your daughters
then one day, in 2 or three generations, even texas wont give a fuck
or heavily regulated and owned by corporations
use and distribution controlled
whatever fuck that
we had no probs handling business our damn selves

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its huge, tho
i think he did a printf wrapper and a just send characters thing
i dont want to go back
ive driven thru it at high speeds
and the fuckin sheriff was going faster
i wont get into details
lets just say rural south texas sheriff is some scary shit
i didnt do the usart code
but theres functions in there that work
because i use them
no reason it couldnt be true
id find it more odd a professor would lie about such things
but i could think of reasons, many id call justifyable
incubus[]: do you listen to bad music?
im sure you do
incubus[]: dnbradio.com
k start listening to good music
tell your friends
meru: im sure it still happens

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seattle/tacoma is a cool place
i really <3 tacoma
i used to say i would never leave california
now i make sure to say i never want to leave the west coast
tho often i go as far as saying the pacific rim of fire
i grey up in LA in the 80s
8 year drought, barely knew what rain was
shit is like magic to me, even when im bitching about it, i dont mind so much
i mean dude, its water falling from the sky
our planet does that, wtf thats so awesome
except where it does
then people get angry and hungry
and then they start killing each other, so their families maybe wont die for little longer
i wouldnt care
as long as they got better
and i know they will
for rs232?
or what
oh i dunno
twingy wrote print and printf stuff for usart
u r teh programmer
figure it out and enter a blog entry about it
you dont

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oh you mean soft sim and audio
yeah i was gonna say: soundcard?
i need to make some drastic attemp to remember to stop smoking cigs
like cutting my hands off
i did it for couple months once
i felt sooo good after a week
i bummed a cig from someone on a long bus ride home
WA to LA, w00t
they looked at me like 'if you start smoking again, itll take 3 days and youll feel exactly like before'
and she was right
i didnt smoke much, but within 3 days i felt as shitty as when i was chainsmoking before i quit
i have bro from other mom up there
ive gone up to look at the university, tho
drove that time, hit chico and oregon state too

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it is audio tho, if cost is an issue i can just be like fuckit and get 5%
should be enough spread
haha, 32b io sam7: 16b r2r dac, 10b switched cap filter, spi, status leds or something
no clue what that means
maybe 6b hpf and 6b lpf

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do they make 1% 0805 caps?
i think polypropylene to big
long word switched filter
like, nF range
yeah probably
nF 1% polypropylene werent so bad
like small electrlytic cost
yeah $50 for 100
puffs of what?
8 or 10 sizes per filter
hmm maybe 2% is much less bad
prob not

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not bad for logic design

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i have a log table
kevtris: ha cool
my computer has no sounds
because you know whats lame?
you listen to a live set someone is streaming into their pc
and then you hear windows error DING
in the fucking music
every fucking time you listen to the recording...
DING, BLOOP, [door slam]
sids are a commodity
you run the risk of them deciding to get stupid expensive one day
but yeah for one off, whatevers
how many are there?
yeah thats alot =\

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thats not mini
mines gonna be like, spi + uC + active filtering
thats kinda lame
its a single sided board
they just did the jumpers on top layer, eheheh
rab: i dont want to do it analog
least not this part
wave synth and ADSR gonna be software
ADSR might be done with digital attenuators so its not as graining with descending amplitude
rab: i want to do modular stuff
but i want to do the tone gen cheap and digital
maybe on edge connector
make multivoice synth by plugging in more synth sections
kevtris: yeah, mine is kinda done same as my phase accumulator
except it checks for top, bottom, sustain level

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my audio thinger is plugged in and lit up
nothing is on fire and the pwm filter seems to be working
my tek is flipping out
DSO is flickering =(
you got a usb dongle?
ftdi based?
im try and do the audio synth thing i did on the avr on the sam7
with pwm instead of dac
dotdotdot wat
def with dac if not pwm
omg wavetabs sooooo big
ac-130u: what

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okay yeah
yeah im dumb at c timecop
what what, im not a programmer
getting big numbers?
hehe 32b regs are nice
changes everything
even the opcodes are nuts
you can fit alot of stupid shit in 32b of opcode space
i dunno how to do media decoding/encoding stuff
you just use libraries or something?
so you just work off an algorithm?
yeah i guess thats it, i dunno how to find the encoding/decoding algorithms
(havent tried particularly hard yet tho)
okay so yagarto/eclipse is good?
okay cool

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yes if you google chu moy the first hits are prob signal opamp based headphone amp
its a signal opamp
TI and natsemi make headphone amps in soic and dip
audio tuned amps
using high speed precision amps in a audio design is kinda a waste
now shit?
or pirat shit?
do small writeup or something?
or you followed doc directions?
the reason it looks good is because its big and fragile
chips are ugly an generic
only i think theyre sexy
timecop: i got um...
whatever the gnu/redhat dev thing for gdb is
it was reading vars, but it seems broken
when i saw the redhat logo, it all made sense
hmm, interesting
our code works with yagarto no issues?
i think id just have to change the path in the makefile, might still be installed

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my DSO just told me that its display controller crapped out on powerup
your chip
it splashes the msg
says hit menu key to continue
and seems to be working normal
i guess its just telling me the shit took too long
no thats your chip
3f0f0f0f is why i said 'your chip'
thats what the sam7 on the olimex IDs as
it might be diff for the s64 and s256
i havent even fucked with debugging (or the arm code) in like a week
oh its the headphone amp guy
guy somehow got a NI opamp config named after him
it didnt even has input bias current comensation =( =( =(

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kevtris: my soic/0805 salen key lpf thinger seems to be working
i havent reprogrammed chip so duty cycle stuck at half, but its going in 3v sqr coming out 1.5V line
i dont think i want to use dip or .25 thru hole resistor for signal power stuff anymore
what kinda amp you making?
you can buy a transfermer that will do all the rails you need, im pretty positive
like, filament/plate/grid in one big block

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kevtris: youve never had prob running LDO like .2V down from an smps rail?
yeah, guess if you keep ripple above LDO dropout itd work fine and be almost no loss
because i wanted to do a two state psu for eee aux psu
wide input range, so boost to intermediate voltage then drop
i was gonna use two smps, but a boost and ldo sounds pretty neat
class-D tube amp
ima do it one day, ph33r
(no, rly)

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but you could fuck with the plate voltage all you wanted, the test condition (current from screen or grid) wouldnt change
this wasnt the case for most the other tubes (mostly EL84, 6L6, 6V6, KT88 from russia, east europe, and china)
yeah they were pretty neat
i keep meaning to call tube boss
see if he ever rebuilt the tester
gotta be like, starting fires by now

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you can use single 12ax7 as a long tail pair and run feedback
17:55 < AC-130U> but audio prefers very little to no ripple for best sound?
directly related to amps PSRR
which usually involves current regulating voltage references and active devices
tubes i think its one of their defining variable characteristics
supply voltage is usually on plate?
there was RCA versions of a certain tube we imported that someone paid to have us test
like case of vintage 6V6 or 6L6, metal envelopes instead of glass

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(my active 4p lpf working w/ sam7 pwm)
man everybody stop DDoSing w00t
its loading slooooow
thats the end of wootoff
no one gonna buy that
yeah for that 100' wide projector you wanted to do

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i dont check enough
i have to do a multi tab homepage
fuckin using channel 2 prob lookin at ch1 =\

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timecop: people, bbiab

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hacked``: you can just do one way, but theres no gaurantee itll work with all controllers
might work fine
controller might get confused and ignore the kbd
is a kvm so who knows
pretty sure intel-style pc io controller is pretty standard
i dont use PIC (they suck!)
but ty for link
AVR can do same thing, but a tad faster
oh my i win, done
and atmel docs blow away microchip docs
i learned in a week
heh i do asm

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its serial packets
google computerengineering ps/2
some shit
you were falling off all day
timeouts, i think
yeh (checked)
hacked``: you can really use rs232 because of the clock line weirdness
er cant
man i swear that is the worst fuckin typo habit...
because the clock is two way
well, somewhat
data is two way
clock is device controlled, but the host can pull it low

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haha, have fun with that
its a hax 2way serial thing
its not super hard
but its not like you can just feed it rs232
because its two way serial
rs232 is io on the same line
two way comm requires 3 lines
rs232 isnt on the same io line
my bad
hacked``: its not that hard, but i tried it when i was more n00b and it really pissed me off
but i got it to send shit
you might be able to just fire off rs232
and ignore data in
but if you do it wrong you maybe put kbd controller in some bad state
might ignore you or chop your scancodes, etc
no dont think
the clock is device controlled
host requests attention, and then you clock in host data
yeah youre just injecting shit
everything else you weould pass straight thru
like, you would just want to check for if the line is being used
besides that cant think of any big issues

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what cad app doesnt have dot grid?
fuck line grid
rab cannot tell a lie
he is like teklincoln

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timecop: eh?
timecop: we havent touched it
you mean low level asm or the c based on it?
we used the example asm
i dont think weve adjusted any of it
lowlevel.c loads spurious interrupts into all the vectors
you have to do ints thru the AIC stuff
when an int happens, a register automatically gets loaded with the appropriate vector
so the low level code handles it using the universal register
you should just need to load up the vector and int priority
twingy has IRQ and FIQ working, i havent messed with it to much, thats his code

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just two 2pin header from being done with audio thinger

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any place you would maybe want to put a resistor later
test points
pop off to measure current
kevs dos schema programs is both scary and kinda cool looking
i dont worship shit
no clue
ur weird dude

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get nice 5.0K resistor values and shit

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because some of that shit will sound totally wrong if you just break it down into sine wave approximations
the same if you filtered too low
yeah if you can do DSP, its doable
but heavy filtering into exact sine fundamentals will just sound weird
i dunno what you mean maybe, but when you say exact frequenxy, i think sine wave funddamentals
yah but its not a huge deal
using .5% you get even more exact
likely wouldnt sound very different
only in textbooks

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jero32: you swap out the edge connectors with new ones, and they work great
new edge connector is like under $10 shipped
you should make a dongle
that the coax plugs into
that splits out the audio and video and then like filters the audio
haha, filter the video
okay, like the summer we all did to many drugs
like, i remember i took a vid signal
i put it into my mixer, and then back out to the tx
and then i watched the scrambled signal as i played with the EQ
no idea
he, thats alot of work
you gotta reprocess all the rom audio data
by hand, really
for each rom sound

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it had controllers like, um
the ones with the numpad with overlays
except 7800 didnt have the numpad
but a colecovision controller would work if you plugged it into a 7800
audio dac filter to RCA jacks
yeah the edge connector springs get all compressed
nintendo was the worst because it had that lever thing that would like change the angle of the cart while in the connector
you would find the audio output, if its not modulated into the TV signal with software
okay then yeah
you could put a filter on that
change the way it sounds, maybe better

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the odd kid would want to go outside and play baseball or basketball or something
cool kids would play until they beat that shit
long duration NES shit, no saves
got no time for playing outside!!
atari 7800 -> nes -> snes -> loaned n64 -> psx -> ps2 -> pc -> minips2
n64 was basically a zelda machine
hahaha daaaaamn
i think nes was only $100-$200, depending on accessories
i kinda want to get a toploader NES
tho ive fixed a few box nes, they work good with the ebay connectors
yeah maybe
calgar: i had a 7800 but i had like 50 games from my brothers 2600
7800 could play 2600 games too

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oh, and then after i dropped out and GED'ed it, i got accepted to like 5 of the 6 schools i applied to
this was pending completion of a senior year, eheh
fuck that, if i went to uni then, i would have fucked it up anyway
yeah i read lots of normal books as little little kid so never really big problem
and my moms college books and shit
oh and road and tracks in my dads pharmacy
i read prob like 5 years worth of 80s road and track
im like 8 im thinking abour turn apexes and power/weight ratios =
thats prob the best way to teach a kid shit
just teach it how to read okay and leave books around everywhere
and dont tell them to read them
(because then they wont want to)
i was just lazy and needed something between nintendo or atari sessions
like, socializing was seriously going to other peoples houses and playing their video games

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yeah thats neat, what you did
i got my GED
they wouldnt let my back in my high school for senior year
they said my group home credits dont count =(
so i had to take two buses to get to the high school i was enrolled in for my group home
when i went home
hehe, and do 6 academic periods, 7 for my final semester
theres only 6 periods in a school day =
so yeah, few months of that, like 4 or 5 hours of homework every night, 2-3 hours of bus, i was like fuck this
every other senior taking like maybe one math and all electives, but my shit dont count
so im like GED yay
haha it showed how whatever i was about the test
i scored only slightly above avg (cmon these are GED percentiles, heh)
just for like, literature comprehension and some english thing
(because you actually had to read a paragraph, im like omg thats going to take long)

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youre missing the best dnb, ever
like, 8th grade me and my sister tested for math and reading at 12+
average percentile for those tests is fucked up low
i really doubt canada was better than the US then
it was still cold war
i got a 1350 on my SAT drugged outta my mind on psychotropes
dont even remember doing it
well, i remember right before, being at my high school for the test like 'I cant believe theyre letting me back in to take my SAT. They must not have checked...'
check mcmaster?
just use rubber bushings

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i should try and get notfucked by amazon used booksellers now, so maybe it gets here sometime next week
i wish there were people you could pay to handle all your stupid school book/paperwork bullshit, so you could just go and learn and pwn tests and shit
maybe if i got a student who was doing it anyway to do it i wouldnt have to pay so much

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haha, so yeah soldering some of those C and R should be fun (got skinny chisel hakko tip)

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http://darkertechnologies.com/notes/wp-content/2008/02/dts7had01_schema.png http://darkertechnologies.com/notes/wp-content/2008/02/dts7had01_board.png
eagle works fine for me
yeah i can stack poles forever
i wanna do a linkwitz-riley xover (same filter layout)
like, HPF and LPF salen key filters with 0805 are same, because C and R are same package

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timecop: stop being broken, fix

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if i have to run away because america go nuts, alaska and northern europe are not bad options
i wanna do midnite sun/noon darkness cycle
hehehe, cool
ha, nice
its ice, not faked in acrylic?
heheh, cool
drink quick!

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like a bundle of them
heheh, funnt

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because he got The Tool, yo
adsl is weird
how could you trust your data on phone lines
they barely carry voice =(
interesting theory
this is cable?

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really the only thing i can think of i dunno how to do is diff side top/bot thru hole pads
and i think i could hack it with SMT pads and holes
but that just sounds bad
yeah really
root of #electronics obsession with loltrace adware: timecop couldnt figure out eagle part editor
shit, took me months, haha
its got a really, really good PCB/CAD backend, its just this total shit UI
its not like, shoddy or broken, or non functional, its just like really odd, total non-intuitive
yeah sometimes you get lucky with cable guys
other times its just a guy good at F plug connectors

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when you rename schema in eagle
it renames the synced board
this makes me happy
too french for me, yo
twingy fucked with it a bit i think
we both fucked with geda, decided its like 2 or 3 years from useful as an EDA suite
think hes using eagle lunix and the middle license
rab: yeah, CAD with a ton of weird rules
once you get over its shit UI, its pretty respectable

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oh nice
Blackmoon GET: 222k of 3889k (5%) - 31.63kB/s
few = 38, for moon
yeah, mine worked too, calceled
so this is neat

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rab: my mom did that
i think in a toyota, tho
i that that was the time she was pregnant with me =\
someone asked her if she was okay, and she remember saying yes, but doesnt remember anything else =(
oh cmon stu
i have a list
like, i was known at the local hospital from like birth to age 4
hahaha, lots of head injuries
like i have a vivid memory of being like 3ft tall, running around in circles near my dad, seeing a wrench in his hand
and that all i remember
i got stitches that time i guess, shrug
ur lov0r
ok i stop
thats just any social group
girls will sync up their periods if they live together
i guess so theres as little PMS over the time domain as possible

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because if your rectified it out and put filters in the other chassis, itd be a lower noise setup
thats not what they want you to do with it
but fuck them
external psu #1!
i do that packing bowls down
2nd degree, nice

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blackmoon: the biggest reason that setup is noise reducing is likely just because mains section of psu is in a seperate chassis

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blackmoon: balanced amp -
balanced signal into identical amps with outputs bridged, using bipolar supply
ground circuit doesnt carry power, so like current thru your rails is balances
itd be a neat setup but i got nothing with balanced audio output
blackmoon: $179 for optional EMI/RFI filter
after paying $1200 for a transfer, they want $200 extra for the caps and coils!
er, transformer, heheheheh

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low noise apps, you want as much shit balanced as possible
but yeah, unless your whole setup is truly low noise, prob wont matter so much
you would just rectify it normal
yeah its kinda dumb
just because its just a CT transformer without the rectifier
but yeah, any CT output setup is basically balanced power
especially in a bridged configuration, where nothing is dumping to ground
like, that product is silly
but balanced power in amps is kinda normal (just a bipolar supply, eheheh)

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anyway, windows like to dwell the machine for split secs while handling other procs
or while blanking the screen shit like that
mach is kinda neat
but itd be too much a bitch to try and setup windows for realtime
maybe something stripped out, nlite was pretty neat
it works
i can CNC and browse web
cnc never skips
and im stepping at .00025/8
emc can do like 60ipm with my current settings, the little steppers i got can almost do it
theyll usually lock up at the ends of the table =(
i think i have it set 30ipm now, for reliability (open loop, w00t)
but ive never had issues with it set at 45ipm rapids
blackmoon: actually thats one of those things that makes sense if you impliment well

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well they do it fine
with full position feedback
graphical opengl even
what your describing is just a cnc controller
and they do 2d feedback on hardware controllers
the new/old haas at school has their old controller
new one supposedly has built in CAM, besides looking really sexy
er, s/haas/fadal
the haas controllers and sims are fuckin 3r337
but the old fadal controller is like, C64 keyboard and an old safe knob for jogging
lots of brown and black with primary color buttons
the new fadal and the haas controllers are white techy lookin shit, bubble pad buttons, lots of leds

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what is cifs?
i seen that in the kernel netfs stuff
nfs works, everyone bitches about it tho
worked pretty fast, didnt eat cpu
oh, ok
fuck i wonder if emc src realtime kernel building is way h4x
i hope what i remember reading was just for some specific case
what do you mean by directly?
thru a driver
its just dir/step
from parport
emc runs on lunix
windows is kinda weird for realtime with mach
and dos just pisses me off
linuxcnc.org i think

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its okay stu, stu will be ok
one day =(
i think before i crashed i found all the matching preamp/filter values that match the 0805 i have in my kit
stu: whats best platform independent netfs?
because the cnc machine gotta be lunix
theres prob something else besides samba by now

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well, no one exactly piped up in your defence
and really, like 2min after you call me rennie, vixipixixixpivi calls me rennie
legsy cally me rennie the other night
like, stoner and dnb chan girl people, and stu

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i think maybe he was dealing with some intergalactic forces or something
cats pick up on that shit, you know
omg n00b hax0r
ive never lol'ed unless in reference to someone elses
ive never done it in anger, ever
lol is a real word in your language?
i said in anger fool
i dont give a fuck what stu says is a girl
stu talks like a girl, weve established this many times
he never denies
but thats doesnt even rhyme with my nick

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dualshock2 are the best pad controller
because they are an evolution of the original psx pad
which is a ripoff of the snes pad
which was the the most revolutionary gaming input device since nes pad
like, 8 buttons
6 all immediately pushable, SIMULTANEOUSLY!
xbox is like a failed dreamcast/genesis controller
genesis has the worst fucking controllers
like, couldnt hit A and C
unless you played with the controller on your knee
6 button version was same issue
put on knee and pretend it was the arcade
dreamcast is better
dreamcast was totally released 2 years too early
my cat is totally normal harold now
my buddy has a good theory
he was too stoney, nodded off, woke up like WOOOOOOAAAAAH

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ha, ya rly
open the pokeballs
dead pokemon just fall out
imput my 0805 caps and resistors in an 0805 bag
then my 0805 will be in bags in bags in bags in bags
order 10 its better like that
dieters use mad bags or something?
macegr on a diet
i eat and sleep like shit =(
3 chips

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kor: dor is next to pin 1
i doubt $5
if youre making like 5000 units
its just program rom, no?
oh everything
yeah $5
gc games were neat
like, the minidvd was perfect
even for kids

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my friend got pulled over because he was mexican
so they searched his car
and found like 20 video games in his trunk
because he was mexican, and because they were mostly the same game, he knew they were stolen
he was right
but if it was a white person, he would know that its obviously for charity work
and it would have been ok
backups then
actually, yes
yes they do
video games in every placement, group home, foster home, psych hospital, and childrens court
serious, how else you gonna chill some crazy children mufuckers out?
for $100-200, you get a machine that will keep children busy for literally thousands of kid hours
multiplied by 100 kids
10000 kids if its a kids court unit
i remember my dad bought me smb3
and it was $50
and it was like 1991
so i dont know wtf kids are complaining about
$60 for a game for 15 years now

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yeah really
theyll use them wrong
theres prob gonna be range and power level specs for non lethal use
and they wont care
they were never supposed to shoot rubber bullets or bean bags at people
theyre supposed to be bounced off the ground
for taking out alot of people
but they aim them directly at people, at fairly close range
if you got hit in the eye with a beanbag or rubber bullets, you could def go blind, and maybe even blow bone fragments into your brain
blackmoon: tasers have power settings =(
ha @ minority suspect
hahaha @ saving batteries
yeah cops dont think that way ever
to them everyone they bag is guilty
like they even track arrestees thru the system
i dont think court can even try dead peoples =\
well know they dont have to
if youre a minority, they know you did something wrong
this isnt an assumption
this is something they know

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when is that?
missile defence is fake
well, land based anyway
if they miss
blow up the sat and the missile with the laser
america wins yay
but yeah, no way we dont have space based shit
we did laser research with 747 and decided it doesnt work because of atmosphere
what is this 'maser'?
oh, yes
omg they do that?
focused beam of microwaves is scary =(
the basically why all our microwave shit doesnt kill us
fairly omnidirectional compared to a laser
yeah thats twisted
'they feel it, and it kinda tingles, and so they move'

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slowly i guess
actually, they move quick sometimes
i think most of the tide pool ones are just bony and super armored
so they like the slowest
but ive seen them move the tips pretty fast
hehe trying to find a real one, heheheh
see the deeper ones haul ass
the tidepool ones go way slow
but you see them moving arms sometimes
07:34 < jero32> why the hell are we discussing fish?
why the fuck are you trying to discuss #electronics/
the skinny starfish?
yeah the deep ones are skinnier and not so bony sometimes
they fuckin run

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ha, my friends cat ate her fish, so she ignored it for two weeks
now it hates her
tries to pet it and it snaps at her, walks away
blackmoon: yeah basically
electronics shop
or blog ourselves
back to fishies
blackmoon: all the puffer fish types in local aquariums have like no-fins
like fin stumps
like body bigger than your fist, little side fins smaller than dime
heh, they seem to be able to roll better
i guess because theyre more round, less flat
but yeah they were weird, tried to get your finger, so they roll a bit, try again, roll other way, try again
ramming glass at 1mph from half inch away

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the movies usually kinda get fucked up
like, you couldnt make a movie as technical as a chriton book, without like handing out pseudo-documentation during the movie
theyre not bad usually
congo was really bad
but andromeda strain, jurrassic park, sphere
turned out ok
stu: fishy?
puffer fish are silly
does it follow your finger around and try and eat it?
im sure
they got the beak action
theyre big
like small ones size of a fist
oh, yeah think so
mine just the normal one at all the aquariums
hehe, they will follow your finger around, never get board
ram glass from half inch
thats prob my fav simpson ep
oh yeah thats different
those arent spiky?

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they really should teach DMM and very basic electronics in chem or physics
works in either
okay but:
a) knowing diff between current and voltage modes on DMM
b) knowing avagadros constant
which is really gonna help you more in life?
i mean fuck we do electrons all fucking day long here
have you EVER had to design anything based on the number of molecules in a fucking gram?
thats your answer or thats you dont know what it is
oh, i didnt catch that hahaha
im pretty sure avagadros is the number of molecules in a mg or g
blackmoon: dude because they have to know ZERO practical shit
okay here
who knows more about dinosaurs
4th grader
avg adult
adult prob hasnt even thought about dinosaurs in 15 years
might have been the 4th graders life for 6 months
chriton books are pretty neat

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yeah like hes reading a spec manual or something
i dont think it even have probes
or knockoff in grey/yellow
pic looks nice tho
thats the pic of him not knowing how to use it
the pic is shadowed
prob not a knockoff
shadwed pics = real deal (heard it here first.)
blackmoon: omg that would be the worst tech school =(
usually thats their only saving point vs BSEE programs. tech supposed to know how to use a scope. i think its optional for engineers
fureal they should teach DMM in 3rd grade and scope in 4th grade
like right after you get okay at writing numbers and shit

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just make a sine tab
fpga core stuff for school?
oh framebuffer, fun
yeah thats kinda frustrating
if speed matters, prob cant fuck with offloading sine calcs to a spreadsheet and just dropping a table in flash
just stick in whatever fpgacore is using for program mem
so um, rounding a base two
is that some kinda sick joke or something?

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