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During the last rain year, the driest on record locally, a total of 3.21 inches of rain was recorded in downtown Los Angeles -- 21 percent of the normal amount, he said.
wow, so last year was driest, and now weve like gone over our yearly average, and its not even march
like, end of the world or some shit
hello, rain has lightning which is electronics

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sometimes they dont care
studios can be like that, too
maybe they mean NT 5.0 beta?
dunno tho
that would make sense
wtf rain
i bet its gonna be 120F this summer
theres gonna be so many fires in aughust =(
april will be ++, tho

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dude i have a piece of paper saying i can tech GHz electronics
all i know is that the shit is insane
literally take everything you know about analog electronics, and invert it
timecop: how much should that be?
dude if hes an installer he might just come up on shit
like, people who run that shit dont always know the value of it
alot of times they have contractors install systems, and they basically operate a front end to it
so if they were dumb and having new shit installed, installer might just come up on shit
no upgrades, hardware swaps
im not saying hes not a theif
but shit like that happens with high end stuff
like, people buying this shit have mad money

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im fuckin like half mexican i really should learn to speak the language at some point
its pretty sad, i can understand a ton, i cant speak because zero practice
alot of places i go the white people have to translate for me =(
he might just be a tech who does alot of swap outs
maybe, but not likely
hes prob a tech

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yeah prob not so bad for normal people to use
yeah, 104-key people
they have two systems
one is symbolic, one is characters
kanji and katana, i think, i always fubar which is which
timecop: verify ^
so what do i learn timecop
japanese or spanish
50% chance i never leave LA, residential context
r is closer to spanish
ill just assume

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think looks abandoned as fuck but theres no reason you couldnt run it
and thing is fuckin buzzing like mad
they either got a generator or some shit inside the bunker, or theyre using the transmitter
timecop: cell gear is built from all this shit
and civil communication
so prices range from fucked cheap to wtf expensive
more and more every day
they prob get better at internation stuff now
likely have a ton of forein investment now
i think theyre function-shifted keys

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hehe, i <3 playing with teh waveguides
ugh, ugly
its a microwave emitter diode
yeah, good atenna focus
microwave is the shit like that
it fires carrier wave
you modulate it
attack wavequid, pipe it to your horn
haha, waveguide is a trip
you tune them by driving screw into the wave path
one side is like the inductance screw, other side is the capacitance screw
yeah, its wierd
we do a whole semester of transmission lines
waveguides and tuning cavities are some wtf shit
the big radar tower photos i have you can see the waveguide going up to the horns

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i forget because its digital read-out in machining =\
timecop: i dont way more machining than RF =)
no hydroponic weed
which is often homegrown, because its convienient
compared to stealthily trucking in a ton of soil
transmission freq or bandwidth?
aw fuck i cant be buying micrwave TX right now
fuck all i need if FCC walking in
FCC chairperson was in my cspans yesterday
talking about cell/net bandwidth mess
its illegal in many countries
its maybe better, shrug
gunn diodes = fun

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timecop: making a repeater or something?
i thought you was gonna do some pirat tv shit
be cool to see some sat transceiver circuits
prob pretty decent efficiency on even the poor ones
naw, good layout is all
so it dont spray EMI or coupl it signal to other parts of itself
some transmitters are just like, a buffer transistor, and than a fat RF transistor
dual emitter, like a altoid mint on a metal cross
fuck wtf did DRO mean in electronics?

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hehe, i think i use narrower pads
dip and 0805 work well
i dont think i canm justify thro hole resistors anymore
1210 if i need decent power handling
yeah i have alot of DIP avr
i wanna see if i can build circuits on the bottom of 40dip avr =D
put vregs and like, resistance dacs, opamps, logic fets, etc, on the bottom
be a fun challenge
you could do both sides if youre careful and use a ladder socket
ha im pretty sure most of those are made to do axial decoupling caps underneath the dips

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is that a milled case, btw?
yeah the inside radius kinda a tipoff
those are very nice parts tho, im def jealous
heh, they got a machine with a tall Z
(the circle + box height + cutter length, prob a good 8" plus)
you need bigger traces!
thats chinapcb?
thats 1206?
yeah that is big

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it fits very flush?
oh no shit
the standoffs and plate for the usb gap are very nice
yeah, most harder plastic can mill well enough
its just a heat issue
so speeds and feeds are critical
go to fast on a finish cut, you will melt the part, at least a bit
just a bad feeling finish
like, also itll ruin your cutter
because most plastic will kinda foam up
and when you go "OH FUCK" and stop the machine
itll harden inside the cutter flutes
(the channels in the shaft between the cutters)
yeah you gotta make sure your drawings and measurements are 100%
finish that fine
but when you do the end products are fuckin ace, total sex
ph shit
$3 is nice
but its not surprising
you gonna try and do a long run?
like towards 100 or more?
oh, okay well if one covers it

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maybe 6-8 sqr inch each
ratnesting in the pcb editor
yes way
because it has a windows based UI
with windows intuitive quick keys
looks pretty neat
not enough res to do a deep analysis =)
but yeah, layout looks cool
oh, yeah if i put my face against the monitor the taces all look pretty defined
$100ea for the case?
or the product
molded or extruded sex?
kk, ty
oh thats sexy
well, ugly in a retail sense
but sexy in a functional sense
yeah, totally
no one buying your shit gives a fuck about fit an finish
but yerah, that looks clean

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i honestly dont know, low end routers usually just piss me off
and then i feel stupid for wasting 30min playing
kardos: a high end app will calculate trace inductance and i think EMI coupling
its a whole other world, as far as software functionality
but yeah, $1M a seat prob isnt a huge exageration if at all
ha, fuck that
it sounds like hella, alot of fired programmers
er, hell
im pretty sure cadance bought the app thet works with orcad
UI was kinda custom, but it seemed like a decade more up to date
its a suite
the new layout thing?
orcad just seems like monolithic shit from 1991
i think i was using 8
just sucked
i took like a month to redo greycx's pmux design
when i installed ewb after that bullshit, i routed like 5 pcb in one night

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circuits are always made from smaller (often reusable) parts
no diff from monolithic software or mechanical systems
you basically insure all your subsystems work properly, and if your higher level design is proper, it should work
but yes, is all in theory
in production, especially in smaller, struggling shops, shit is usually kinda h4x, to some degree
timecop: i think it had a good reputation
its like a whole other app they bought and integrated
timecop: im pretty sure they the trick is to route sections
like, route sngle busses at a time
yeah theres an autoplace in the orcad suite too i think
i didnt use them, other than opening em up and poking around, pointing at working design
its prob a table of user variable
auto-stuff is some deep algorithms
time and $$$ and staff
timecop: ha
timecop: can you do partial auto?
kardos: in a high end app, you can be very selective, from what i understand
timecop: try doing dimension critical layout by hand
and then select everything else
and see if it does better
eagle shit i dont even think it can selective route

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they would hire you on and make you do a simple circuitry design and/or layout
with alot of oversight
yeah exactly
you have a a head software engineer
and he blocks out the program
works out the sunsystem io, delegates subsystems design, and then workers all make their little functions
and then you got mid level engineers/techs who kinda oversee subcircuits and kinda tie the shit together
in theory
in industry, everything on a schedule and budget
and spoils go to those who cut corners correctly, most likely mothodically
because it is =(
no but im trained by people who have for decades
alot of time in defence and aerospace
commercial aerospace machine shop part inspection practice stories are fuckin scary
shit like they only final inspect one in 5 parts from a shop
they mostly rely on shops to keep tolerances
wkaholic: no, its reality
its also good practive

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its basically where your head at when your producing work
no one can really objectivly call your work or style art or craft
wkaholic: you dont
stuff like that would be alot of job experience
you would be on a team of alot of people doing design and layout
you would be in charge of doing like, part of a circuit
you got a few guys work out a large system design
and then ndividuals work out details for individual subsystems
im saying, this is how large pro projects happen

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BSEE you either kinda sway towards software (CE), mechanical (industrial embedding and control)
or both, like, mechatronics and general embedded
kardos: hahah see i <3 that shit!
but im a trained tech, i kinda just see the future BSEE education as supplumental
(im weird, not exactly a suggested plan of action)
omg autorouting is sad =(
you prob neat a $1M seat app that models EMI to get a decent autorouter =( =( =(
kardos: its called greymatter and a soul
layout is an art
of a craft, depending on your level of comittment
like, to timecop, its prob more craft
to me, its basically a creative extension of me, so its almost by definiton art
oh, no its just different
and really its like an 80% overlap
sculpturs say they are art, and ceramics is craft
because traditional ceramics is functional
and tradition sculpting isnt
its a somewhat lame categorization in that sense

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yeah if they dont find an industrial application, it likely wont fly
but industrial fabric is a large market
oh, well yeah, like most breakthrus, thats likey
their current spec for energy production is laughable
it need to be like 1000x better and they need to make it cheap to manufacturer
and then yeah, they have to invent some sort of killer app
its like quantum gate logic
they say it will be revolutionary
but they say production is 10-100 years off
meaning they aint really anywhere with it yet, as far as research and then investment
and no
major in physics prob wont tyeach you shit about electronics
major in BSEE is 80% theoretical
and wont teach you a ton of practical electronics
if you want physics and electronics, for non research apps, do a dual major BSME and BSEE
electronic engineering is 90% design, 10% tech
tech is like 80% tech, %20 design
like, in either, you can learn the other
but it will eb one your own time
yeah, sounds like a BSEE with BSCE leanings

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timecop: yeah fureal
channel: i got school like 5 hours a day now
you guys gotta pick up the slack
else we gonna end up dead chan, like former #marijuana
well, current #marijuana
half of them are regs here
and theres others i dont mind being gone
serious like half of them are in there to witness the train wreck
or yeah, to get the fuck away from stu
not until they find a unique application and have 5 or 10 factories up
heh, 10-30 years
mt guess
well im counting on nao manufacturing advances of courses
non of that makes sense current mass production fabrication tech

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lope: might be ceramic dialectric antenna
change the speed of light, get smaller antenna shapes

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sociology club is having bowling
should i crash it?

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no for smoke
smoke pressure
i would assume
or pressure + optical
are you making a forced induction smoke machine?
pump teh smoke into the meat
no, hmmm
macegr: youre just grinding the small into fine enough gas particles
i burned my tongue on the wonton soup =(

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omg controlling
go learn electronics
macegr: 120F cap $13 where?
low voltage supercap?
or like a real cap
heh, high efficiency battery
^dx^: $40!
is it done?
did he catch as much shit as we did?
oh ac-130u was asking about vfdclock board?
i should take pic of what i done so far
no its just a statement about your level of tech ninja skills
well we all have to choose at some point
okay well maybe you need to start smoking weed or something to fix that

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alot i think

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i will find out
ya rly
grizzlor, ph33r

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no doubt
but she a robot who is related to JFK
he is her uncle
what was the name of the he man toy?
snap together guy

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then the middle 2008 terr0r strike will happen
and then there will be martial law
and we prob wont be around to talk about politics anymore
shriver is a kennedy, fool
who do you think the governators brain is?
he semifucked educations
but there is backlash
things gonna change now i think
ooh i have to check if that credit fee cap passed
rab: no man his wife is a kennedy
it means he can get along with and be controller be democrats
er, controlled
terminator is her bitch ^

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i bet average texan is like, sexism level: sport
rab: both parties?
only dem and indy is like that here
k cuz wai
rab: neat
macegr: no for primary
for dems
so there are dems in texas
maybe 3000 even
racist/sexist people tend to be republican more
tradition republicans are actually the sane people
but they got sold out to the evangelicals in the 70s
repub got pwned, yo
thats a dead party now
he came from you.
money, voter rigging
stu it only gonna get worse

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dude hillary is gonna meltdown
her persona doesnt do anything except: were awesome, all of us! im gonna make everything better for us! because i am wise.
oh and 'republicans are evil!'
swish: her general appearance lately
bill lost it for her
they played stupid cards against people on their own team
wtf shes pulling a giulliani to texas
ima just ignore all of these 10 states here...
and get this one big one and everything will be better
like, she did that on the 5th too
and at the end she was like tied and she kinda looked stupid
yeah because she sucks
shes lost
she wont concede
shell have them recount all the close states
rab: no, bullshit
texans are more sexist than racist
i firmly believe this
rab: im not saying they arent racist
but like, every texan prob a little sexist at least
texan girls maybe even like it, i dunno

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as gases escaping past might actually form higher pressures around the edges of the valve

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fuck belts
gears and chains
to dual with the higher pressure
everything has to happen faster and seal tighter
when theyre seated
if theyre not seated high pressure might keep them from seating

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like a turborat
k bye later

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like make little puddle dots, let cool, make another
that shit is kinda awesome
like, omg hi damage repair, call me, sir
i filled everything i blew holes into
i was like wtf this is unreal
like, i could put my thumb thru one of the holes
well i cant see
so im doing it blind
so i put the wire on it, flip down my mask, and hit it
then i can see, i usually had to like adjust
sucks when i miss the work
im wait waiting
6" of line later i see the spark off in the distance on the table
standard carbon steel = love
welding, maching
yeah its like, 'hi, i can be ur puddle, baby'
steel: shee been around
i want to make a table
out of pulled steel mesh
and like 16qa strips for edge support
scrap + oxy-jet torch = fun

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wtf like, The Force level power density
im holding a tool weight nothing, is like nothing big
and its blowing a plasma electron jet thing
yeah totally
i fucked up the rod
well, all of them, really
and you could see how the argon hitting it diff changes the plasma cone
^dx^: do you drag of forward weld with mig?
im doing like 14ga steel, if i forward, just flat welding, shit is like HI IM A HOLE BLOWN IN YOUR METAL
also the feed seems less consistent
when i drag is drops into the joining metals nice and feeds very nice
i do patterns, kind bring it back to the puddle
because it maintains the arc really well
i was just fucking around, first time
so didnt clean anything
did like 30 beads on 8 6x2" plates
yeah looks like it
fuckiing looks like a battery terminal jumper
and the way you can deposit metal wig mig

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you shouldnt use below 10 for arc
torch welding is neat
you can see wtf youre doing
theyre all around $250
dude my welding instructor laughed at me when i said i wanted to do TIG instead of MIG
hes like how can you afford that
im like, hello, pro student, oscilloscope, machine tools, computers, on the gov
ugh, you should get higher shades
like on 11 with TIG i was like 'wtf omg i can see this must be like brightness:god.
im like 6" from it
dude its electric torch welding
yeah rly
i realize and i get like close to arms lengths
ah but no
this semester, i am assigned to live in WTF ARC CRAYON seat
academics = true test of gear
yeah i put a short rod and short cap on my tig
and tiny nozzle

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how much ching
like that?

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macegr: neat
macegr: teach me sketchup in 13min
macegr: surely it involves a youtube link
rab: =(
rab: hand made by aliens.
yeah i want polycarbonate
i want the scratch resistance
and i think you can get super clear shit
i just hit it with a .125" endmill
4 points, done
well, 8 cuz outside edge
okat maybe 12 because slight bevel corners
its maybe not as clear as good glass
it probably isnt as clear as good glass
i need an autodark helmet

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8 cap screw bolts in 4 holes in the nylon(from both sides), thread locker gunk), + some sort of mounting sex
yeah really
like fuck did you practive on lead or what
okay i think i can make LED array palmsize and waterproof and VERY sexy
dude, mufucker is mad
he aint thinking about that
he thinking about, swirl pattern rpm and feeds
maybe i can get gasket masterial
and punch my own gaskets
rab: wtf eh
thats aliens, yo
rab: thats from ufo, man

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i think he will turn his own head
like the guy from pi
ok my bad
.125" polycarbonate/.375" black nylon/.0625" aluminum panel sandwich
maybe thicker nylon
24 led, 20 red and blue, 4 white at the corners, cable hard wired to board, machined o-ring channel
some sort of hopefully very clear sealant gunk

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that is sweet
yeah he good
stinger_: yeah i hope the mobo doesnt hurt it
sculptor: ^
oh no
it was stinger_
Below is a dash I did in 2005. This piece was the first time I had do a part twice, as the first time the number of rows was not exactly the same as the original vehicle (someone tracked down a old photo) I did it for free the second time, since only perfection is good enough for me.
omg hes going to go insane
watch out

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its not what theyre thinking about =(
theyve prob been slightly behind for like 10 years
^dx^: route
not if you work at the reserve
he has pratt & whittney stuff

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it should be two buttons like arms length apart
so you literally have to stand up, bit away from the machine, to reach out and hit both buttons
machine designer basically put the operator where he wants like that
trust, they would circumvent anything you designed into it anyway
theyd just pop open the switch and short it, or just figure out how to fool the controller micro
because its huge
yeah but its bad to have something like that foot operated
because of exactly what you said
yeah but thats expensive
series switches is like $2
or you could make it enable with two switches
estop near leaft hand one
and put the switches in a place the operated cant hit them unless hes clear
you can make a fixture to do sliding work easy enough
weld some bars, some friction holder (cardboard, rubber, knurled Al, whatevers)
its a production shop

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if you wanna punch shit, you want a 2 ton press
and precision machined stamp dies
and you like, pull a lever and run away
and shit drops a car on your work
metal shears are awesome/ph33rsome like that too
do the big shears are stompers
its like, not a haudralic operated machine
thats just to like, reset it
they just drop MASSIVE chassis sections onto your work
thru a die or hardened cutting edge or whatever
thats dangerous
shit that big should be two hand operated
series switches
yeah its dumb on big machines
its how people get fucked up

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clamp to shims on a drill press table, and drill it
the reason cheaper drill presses are shitty is also why they are neat
shit is usually built onto a pole or something, and has nothing underneath the table
machine drill press is kinda just a mill with maybe a small xy table, pimp vice, setup for different forces
but you cant like, hang work off its table, because theres is big iron machine chassis in the way
blackmoon: haha drill press hax0r

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ac-130u: no you would clamp the panel to the table
the chassis would mostly be underneat the table
you might have to make a fixture
but most drill press have somewhat floating tables on vertically adjustable mounts
so its doable, more on a drill press than average mill
i hate punches and stamps
what thats practiced
you do like a 1/8" endmill sqr
and finish up the corners
ac-130u: just use a decent fixture or table for drilling and proper feed/speed

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black nylon, 24.x3.x.375", $20
should be able to machine it quick
just cnc it
punches leave punch marks
sure you can
youd need a better machine and a fixture, no reason you couldnt
then drill press it
you can usually clamp stuff to drill press tables, nothing much underneath
meh at square holes
take a .032 endmill and finish the corners
you wont notice a .01625 radius

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okay so whatever i use
i could use AL if i wanted
i need to mill oring channels in it
put a continuous bead in it, seal it up with some squishy gunk
gunk the cable grommet
take pics of it lighting plants under water, w00t
sucks that delrin is expensive enough its kinda a shitty choice for chassis material =(

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its how i wiped labels off chinese tubes
and cleaned the ancient printing press thing
china/russia/east euro
from teh old factories, yo
hello geeker
ac-130u: acrylic isnt ideal to machine
i wouldnt even classify it as machinable plastic
just because actuall machinable plastic is actually fun to mac hine
acrylic is a bitch
slow bullshit, can totally end your cutter
i think so but its the same issue im pretty sure
delrin, and whatever the cutting board material is
yeah delrin is #1
thats delrin stu
fuckit i use what people know what im talking baout
more people know what lexan is than polycarbonate, same with plexi, and tons of other shit
i do to now because its fun to say
delrin > ass-it-all

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yeah and would focus the led possible
says not available =(
pic link pls
yeah i want like 24 led up against poly carbonate
and Al backplate
and the something to mount it all in, preferably with o-ring seal
dude people sell these things for like hundreds of dollars
kk go bye
thats gotta be an awful smell
id prob like it =(
i know what acetone smells like

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you mean like, sheets from diff schema?
fuck if i know that
naw, too fragile
i want like, flat bricks
with a good connector
or just a long cable
prob should do long cable
macegr: sandwich
polycarbonate, standoffs, pcb, standoffs, Al backplate
and i dunno what to use for the middle chassis
delrin would be sexy
but i dont have ridiculous money like that
eggcrate is big?
i want these thing to be palm sized
like half hand
cheap, so you can buy lots
cant find calipers
im useless
macegr: i can make it edge to edge
spacing is ireelevant
ireelevant (c) etc

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okay, one of those
4 of the cheaper piranha
for red
4 white cheap ones, on switch for normal lighting
this somewhat defeats the distributed heat idea
dunno have to check
fucker has so many LEDs
he needs LED subcategories
blackmoon: net names im pretty sure

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wtf is that
ha hes selling that for $1
so i want to do like 1.2W arrays
with a dc supply that can drive like 5 arrays
i dont want voltages to be very high
12v max, so 3 or 4 in parallel
red i can prob do 4
fur says she will throw down $20
thats like more than half the leds
then im prob gonna use tiny transformer, bridge, smps or ldo, dunno

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macegr: theyre going to be edge to edge
polycarbonate panel
so panel would be LED grid, whites at the corner, connector, mounts for chassis/panel
4 cap screws
have a remote adj DC supply for each led array
i want to make some sort of flexible stalks
you can stick these things right on plant leaves
beat the for efficiency
yeah even their page pricing is awesome for loq quantity
im like, why do we hate when they show love =(
ccfl_man: led plant light array
low power high efficiency LED
i did maths, i think theyre about the same as the newer cree and luxeon dealies
like, about neck and neck with fluoro
theyre low power tho, 20mA and normal LED drops
so you can spread head over large area
macegr: yeah its prob about the same heat still
i think MH and HPS are more efficient, theyre just mad hot
for singles or arrays?

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yeah if i dont figure out the openocd thing quick, i prob want to find someonething else to do
i dont want to spend this weekend doing homework and smashing my head into dev kit
also i need to order 200 piranha led
red and blue, for plant lights
what wired?
theyre just 4 lead package
2 pins anode 2 pins kathode
its a single led
per package
whites are bright as fuck
it doesnt need complex control
theyre 20mA led
so yeah, ima make ska checkered arrays with red and blue
maybe 4x5 or larger
and put white led on a diff circuit
in the corners, to light up plants more normal

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haha omg juicy-jays watermelon
ccfl_man: told you
need to make library for new piezo buzzer, then i need to test a driver circuit
i got three
thats two bridged amps, i paralleled them
its a hax of BPA-200 minimal circuitin natsemi app note
ccfl_man: yeah likely
i want to figure out why my arm flash is locked
pretty sure did something dumb with ocd config

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stu, have you seen his boards?
assembly line style, its maybe 30sec of people hours
they seem rather awesome about that
why are we so mad at china
they are trying so hard to be nice to us
they prob work shit out with you
ccfl_man: yeah
blackmoon: eheheheh
stu: yeah its not bad
i have a board
i have to set gallery to 1000 thumbnails per page
because he pwns operation of a project hardware site
shit will happen
and people will go: aw damn

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okay, you know those sony earbugs they been making for 15 years?
same plastic mold, get cheaper every year
okay so, i think they upgraded them
because now they say neo magnets
and theyre 108db/W
no actually these are 2nd gen, everything is pretty flug
theyre not plug phones
er, flush
also they always come with foam pads
50mW handling
but 108db/W
im like, they are lying
i think they used to be around 100db/W
anyway, $11
from my overpriced student store, no less
now you dont even sound like a girl
you sound like a lamer marketing design guy from the 80s
stu: non existant?
haha i am not starting a web store during semester
plus i wanna have boards fabbed for like 6 or 10 modules
blackmoon: isnt everything?

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okay yeah but i dont have $100K to spend on a low end machine
blackmoon: =(
i do not have these machines

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i should try and photoetch something
cnc drill + photetching prob fastest way to do stuff
dunno if i can get same resolution tho
pretty sure i can do like .01 trace, .005 space if i tuned the machine and measured backlash
600DPI is under .002
but because of the unit mismatch, prob good to around .005 or so, very good printer
pretty sure would still have size irregularities
wtf is that

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i can do solder joints where i just pretin and stick on one side and then just dab with tinned iron on the other side, and it looks neat, but its harder to tell that from not quite enough solder
as opposed to when i visually see a blob completely cover tha pad and wick onto the smt lead
did you tin the board?
weird what is that
also i do more than i need to because i want it to vocer the traces
er, cover
omg industrial use only
haha that prob means: place without carpet
have to get me some gas carts for my respirator

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i have like a pair of lifetime spools of .025 no-clean flux core
okay whatever
i blobbed one and felt like they all needed to match
plus i dont use magnification
so im like, 3x to much is better than .25 to little
like, if i can try and pop it off with my finger and it dont go anyplace, its good
why would they dry
er fry
none of those took long
for like half second
hit pad and smt lead with blob of solder at same time, wait till drops onto parts, remove, usually like half second

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blackmoon: did you see my tiny opamp layout?
also, morning mr blackmoons
the single supply bias preamp one is just unity with 100K load, but i left some space to stick feedback R in
rab: no i just used a bunch of solder
and i may have missed hitting the right pad on the lower right resistor in the top circuit
rab: i need thinner solder =\

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^dx^: yes and live earthquake mapping
nevada had a 6?
(6 is somewhat very shakey)

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hmm, raining

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