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make a c function with the same name as the branch label

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timecop: FIQ fr sure, and im pretty sure twingy got FIQ working
er, IRQ working
think ur wrong
why do you say that
whats wrong with that
youre saying its wrong because theres no branch?
oh wait
is our fiq handler an led blink?
yeah i think irq handler might be led blinker shit we dont use
its like, inc fiq_count variable and flip led and return
you can put a branch to a FIQ handler

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timecop: yes
sam7s are all pretty much the same
i dont know anything about sam7x

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you know why
you just said why
youre using some h4x example startup
that just does fiq
oh well thats lame
i think so
yeah pretty sure
Peripheral DMA Controller
yah we dunno about that yet
yes it seems sexy
uh huh

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like, you need a fast timer for good pwm resolution, but you only have to update at your sample rate (under 100KHz for audio)
its doable with the arm pwm
kevtris: avr has that stuff =)
also phase correct pwm, and h4x fast pwm
some preference dialog i think
timecop: pwm for the arm is pretty simple
has 4 dedicated chans i think
3 or 4, i think it starts at 0 and goes to 3
the audio io board i made for it pwm channels into 4 pole active filters
i think i wanna make a new version with 6 poles and the extra io pins broken out

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what did they do wrong
or better said, what did they say they were going to do that they didnt do
did you get your shit?
its over
kevtris: they do now
oh, actually im not sure, i see what you mean
well not they have a stars system
er, now
yeah i dunno if its the same for buyers and sellers
i havent sold shit in like 6 months
i just stick all 5s in it
yeah but they changed shit =\
so i dunno how it is for sellers right now
peoples <3 me because i pay like right after bid end
timecop: sure, just another kind of dac
you have to filter it
and then you change the duty cycle to change the analog level output

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didnt mr linux leave transmeta?
does that shit even run lunix?
Published Tuesday 17th June 2003 10:45 GMT Linus Torvalds leaves Transmeta
quite awhile
youre gonna give someone a neutral because they are busy?
because they wont give you your feedback or what?
$60, final

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heh, im blowing all my spare time on GTR2 with logitech wheel
omg #cars people kick my ass, im like a takuma sato
theyre like 5-10s a lap quicker =\
yeah, i dont have time
also it fucks with my financial aid if i make too much money i cant hide
ha, yeah $12K a year is kinda significant
i thought you moved already
stu: interior pics

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heh, so its like a mad parallel software tone mixer
im kinda looking forward to being forced to take all this math shit
maybe complex dsp stuff will start to make more sense
like, i get it when its explained in english but then theyre like, 'here are the equations:' and i dunno what any of that shit means
like, even if i could get it working, no fucking clue why
its so easy
i had to stop, it got too fun
but the event based scripting worked pretty neat
like, wasnt a ton of stupid details to learn, shit just worked

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timecop: you have tons of flash
you could just make samples for phonetics and then do very simple sequencer code
kevtris: okay it wont sound pretty, at all, but itll be recognizable, no?
you you like scale amplitude and frequency or something
er, so you
man, i hate it when i wake up and you guys are being interesting
so theres prob some fundamental freq/amplitude, and then theres prob some sort of algorithm that modulates based on next phonetic
yeah sounds right
mp3 is like fft h4x, no?

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22:58 < macegr> it would be a solid rod of wire with a CPU on top
haha wtf

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omg troublemaker girl finally learned to give a decent massage

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hello, mr l33t
okay i almost got discrete parts placed
i think dx just freaking out cuz hes ME this dont seem super hard

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one is his AND level converter hax
for the eth IC
yeah, car avr stuff
are they alot of $?
or you dont normally do avr
thats not bad, i would have guessed 2x
yeah theyre specialty atmega, i think
haha, thats a semi-badass avr
i think thats like their old ultra-40dip thing
no, but mega64 does im prettu sure
i think those are just qfp and qfn

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53 is alot
well okay not rly for int xtal
but yeah 53 is alot!
thats like >15s a year!
fake time counter
is ext xtal a ton better?
like dx has 4 logic IC
but its all stub and ratwires im like WTF WHAT ARE THESE FOR
oh, neat

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most the time you have to use a generic part that is similar, or figure out how to model it yourself from datasheet parameters
a good design should depend on extreme characteristics of a part
in case companies fucks you and decides to stop making something
er, yeah
this is led driver?
rockshox: ecu hijack?

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like, once you figure out how to add part definitions, its easy
yeah, thats a prob with spice apps in general
ewb and pspice and big corpy sim apps usually have tons of libs
ltspice is free and has tons of LT analog IC, and then generic stuff
i mostly use that stuff to model filters and test circuit loads
so like, i might be simulating part of an opamp circuit but not actually using an opamp
just doing like discrete input section, or modeling a feedback network
opamps are not so hard to work with, as almost every company has a ton of models, you just have to learn to include them
specific discrete shit can be more a problem
maybe 10% of the time you are lucky and the datasheet for the transistor or whatever will have a spice model
like, basically a couple line of text parameters

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its pretty good sim, better than pspice, so much bigger/bloater than LTspice is not even comparable
i think before i stopped using it i had part and layout editing down
had to of, i made all those parts with 3D models for the rca jacks and pots and switches for mixer boards
rockshox: its very vanilla spice
so its a bit of a pain, but its worth learning because most of what you figure out applies to almost all simulation apps

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but the cad engine is good, the export stuff is good
library editing is good, except for the sub-file handling
dude stfu!
just redo the quick keys windows style
cntl-z = undo on my eagle
haha you have to do it for all three editors =(
but yeah, its not user friendly
it is powerful, and very affordable
its kinda the non-professional/small business standard
but yeah, youre not wrong
ui is on crack
it seems broken for awhile, until you learn all the stupid commands and right mousing options
yeah boards are so cheap now tho
they prob keep going down too
ewb is neat
but multisim is kinda odd as capture

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busses are for sane people
okay but city busses, depends on city
LA is actually got half decent pub transport now
of course, MTA almost bankrupted the city doing it
but fuck the city, i can get places
we have a fureal subway
macgyver0: just learn eagle
it is fucked up
its a really good CAD engine with a shit ui
well, thats also the wierd thing
its not a shit UI
its just non intuitive, and totally non-windows standard
its not
its just totally optimized for doing it another way
once you learn the ui, some more complex stuff can be done pretty quick
like, lib sub-entity handling is totally on crack
its not broken
its just horrible wrong and incomplete
but it works
keep a scratch lib to copy shit into and out of

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like, dx figured out only net names matter
so his whole schema is like, labeled stubs
like, you thought busses obfuscated routing complexity
that so fucked up =(
yeah i think so
you maybe have to have tiny stubs, tho
for schema to actually know it has a net
or a dot bus, with all your nets
thats be a fucked up schema
bus with ALL nets, just snaking by all you parts laid out at random
okay so dx avreth schema is that
without the bus
well you have to label nets
going into busses
or youre just some kinda fucked up woerthless prickholes

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^dx^: kinda 20%
im mostly doing layout stuff
well, placement stuff
hello, mr gr
dude, years
before the greycz shit
which was like 2 years ago maybe
fuck if i know
i dont think hes entirely new
there are many
srs there are like 10 active people
and maybe 20 bots
so like, who are the other 60

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^dx^: i did avr -> logic ic -> parport thing, psu stuff, SD connector stuff,
and speaker
im trying to get all the passives next to their parts

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my mom is cussing out the tupperware because all the tops are gone
hehe shes like in the kitchen surrounded by tupper, calling them fuckin pieces of shit, stupid fucking tupperware, etc

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^dx^: no u
its timed images in a linear order
is video
no get a hooker
just make sure you let them know you actually want a massage
some of them might not actually do that, make sure

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everyone seems to complain about all of them
(i like them, lines are short!)
UCLA or USC i guess
honestly i dont have so big a prob with them
but everyone hates
ive walked in, no insurance, no medi-cal, no id, like 'ow it hurts'
and they handled it
yeah they might mail you shit weeks later
but thats their accountants really
one day you will be rich
or something
you can fix your credit then
yes is truth
yeah they can go after my kids
them: fuck no kids now wat
me(dead): haha
so theyd go after my wife and then my business
all the reason to not get married
and hopefully business will be protected by automated robots with laser blasters
that know better than to let people come and like, harass it

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state dr, they are gonna be like 'hey, why havent we seen you in 6 years'
im be like 'last dr wasnt good. you guys closed that place down. you thought so too'
ill be omg okay
and then start a pill collection
then one day when im 'all better' according to them, i can dump out my pill collection
yeah but you consume you pill collection
so its not a collection as much as a bogart stash
oh i dunno i just assumed
because like wtf does xanax have to do with your back!
so you are doing the little surgury?
okay neat
that sounded way more sane than cracking open your spin like a clam
tho it would have been awesome pics
id totally prob puke
okay, thats kinda scary
tell him to take the book =\
oh wow
i dont think los angeles has a best hospital

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^dx^: currently routing
i think the voodoos are with us
ha i went to class, and then totally fell asleep instead of going to an appointment
ur board
teh voodoos
you know
the things in the machine you cannot explain
voooo do.
im very hungry =(
no i didnt fall asleep in class
im too busy staring into teachers eyes
because like, im paying attention, so its not weird, or anything
i rode my bike home
and then fell asleep
i had dr appointment at like 2p
i was supposed to get on my bike and ride more far
but instead i was like, nap, re-energize

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ac-130u: ur representative is up in my tv, speaking for technical education

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my english instructor is totally like 7 years older than i thought!
ha she said i sucked at grammar and spelling in my last email =\
okay i gotta go

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no thats ignoring them
thats only for when they piss you off or try and act like they dont care
they are like cats if you ignore too much they just find someone else to play with
she acted like she was interested
but just because she wanted me to be happy
not because she gave a shit
'just like our first time!'
k school

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omg 'just get slapped'
you know when sandi fucked up?
i was making throwies, and she was all 'ok neat'
and she said she wanted to make some
so she came over, and i hand her baggie like 'this is throwie kit'
and she seems angry we werent just gonna bump fuzzies
she mad a face
then when i was like, 'oh, fine' then all of a sudden she was interested
because she realized it bothered me
(cuz fureal i hung out with her and did a ton of ceramics shit just to like, hang out)
dude whatever
ima use her cr2032 for something else
she doesnt care =(
i seen that
i gotta get neo magnets from all
she could use those actually
to do poi dancing
without like, setting her fuckin hair on fire
'whats that?'
'roll of kevlar! we put gas on them and spin them around!'

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dont say 'are you single'
ask them if they are dating anyone
or seeing anyone, or fucking anyone, depending on girl and context
or shell just fuck you
and then you wont even have to deal with a relationship
blackmoon scores
blackmoon: no you have to make her fall stupidly in <3 with you
true love is just long term consentual codependency
you have fingers and tongue and penis thing
and a high IQ
and lots of time on your hands
yeah like, if you can mess with a girl, go on about your life, like 5 years later you guys are cool and can still mess around
then go on about your lives, etc etc, then m,any years later you can still mess around and hang out like sane people
then yes, this is a girl maybe considerable for long term resident status
im not nice
because i tell the truth

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all hostfile stuff looks normal
blackmoon: its prob in the PWM block
the feedback loop
taken before the fet drivers
heh, 4th order noise shaper
hitting play
macegr: wtf at paddles
girls wont like that thing
they need to put jelly blobs on it or something

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i have a link for a cartoon frame
er, gave
thats so weird
i can get to ti from my lan
but not this computer
yeah i bet i have spywares
rab: have it on the eee
it says closed loop power stage architecture
macegr: no my big computer cant hit ti.com
where is hosts file on a fuckin windows machine?
fucking dog...

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blackmoon: i think i depends how much they did digitally and how much they did analog
but yeah, i can imagine them just doing dacs on pwm switches
calling it a day
feedback can get hair because of the switching
the discontinued natsemi overture class-D has a ton of analog stuff in it, recommended you take the feedback from the power switch signal
instead of the output, and filter the switch signal with a different LPF freq than the power filter
im just saying, on this part, its mostly analog stuff
link to datasheet?
my computer is still failing at ti.com
k using teh eee

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^dx^: eh fu
you board has interesting challenges
its going to make me late for school
i can feel it
doesnt look so bad, tho
macross valkyrie fighter?
look it is rick hunter and roy fokker in the back
its prob internal
it means it has feedback

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avc/agc is like same thing

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it comes in other countries

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dude whatever is playing in the bg just said 'ATTACKTHEMONKEY ATTACKTHEMONKEY' wtf
no u!
$5 says urmom is an AOL user

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subdir with same name as archive = proper
omg, != ghetto pkg manager

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thats pretty rude

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your crt.s sucks
no wai
it cant be hitting flash with 20ms lag
do you still have our crt.s?
they should be pretty self contained, you should be able to just swap out
yeah because your shit is missing shit
ha, your linker script is prob diff too then

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why do you use that instead of branch
anyway, if its not there, he needs the asm handler that stores/corrects the mainloop adress, loads vector to PC
your low level handlers are in ram?
oh, neat
lady jay just killed scarlett
then herself
timecop: your crt.s is not our crt.s
_vec_irq: b AT91F_Irq_Handler /* Interrupt Request (IRQ) vector */

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the low level asm just stores your mainloop location, and moves the common vector register onto the program counter
which jumps to your function handler
when it returns it corrects the adress and jumps back to your code
go lower
the code is in that file
you shouldnt
you need to make it do an irq exception instead of an fiq exception
ha, sam7 asm is nuts
teknique: he means the low low level handlers
im pretty sure thats always done in asm
no dude
theyre not jumps to themselves
theyre jumps to labels lower in the asm file
thats lame
wtf is up with your shit
is that our shit?
well the explains your problem =D
see if theres IRQ handler code lower in the file
maybe you just have to change the label after the branch

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you just testing with an spi device?
told you, you need it to hit the other one
most posted code uses a single FIQ int handler
actually yeah it doesnt, FIQ shouldnt branch
okay then its maybe a stub in crt.s
theres two interrupts
fiq and irq
fiq load the fiq vector address, and is optimize for faster low level handling
during an irq, the aic automatically loads the correct peripheral vector into a common register

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timecop: thats a hardware vector
0x18 is prob and int handler
it might be because youre running from ram
timecop: because thats pointing at flash
but yeah, not sure, the linker would have to be retarded or they would have had to have hard coded labels with hex
which is lame
timecop: yeah, i would hope so
yeah they start at zero
but you can overlay ram onto them
so theyre dynamic

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which i guess works, you just have to load your int handler function pointer into the FIQ vector, instead of the peripheral vector
if aic has a clock, you need to enable it, but i think it might be automatic
well it sounds like its not loading your function pointer onto PC right
like its hitting the hardware vector (the first addresses of flash), jumping to the low level handler, and fuckin up
0x18 is too high to be a hardware vector, but its about where the asm exception handler code lives
yeah use a diode tester on a DMM
if they look normal, load the diodes thru a resistor, and check for consistent Vf
well, probably
wtf b?
yeah but theres more
oh, i guess its b 0x18

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i doubt your low level asm is fucked up, if youre using the same one as us
disable it
it does the FIQ handler for the IRQ int sources
so it wont load the peripheral int vector, itll load the fiq vector
i dunno you have datasheet open you tell me
control reg
its hitting the fiq bit
in the control reg
alot of code just uses FIQ
instead of the priority/vectored handler

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use the datasheet and check aic.c files, he got it working
youre doing aic wrong or your lowlevel jump code is bad
timecop: theres a spi int reg (almost positive)
make sure than setup okay, no unused ints enabled
and i think theres a fast forcing reg
or fiq force is part of the setup reg for the peripheral (the edge/pri reg)
that should be off
unless youre using the fast int (fiq is a single vector, instead of per peripheral, im pretty sure)

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heheh what did i use for vnc client...
oh hahaha, chiken of the vnc, wtf
getting software for macs is worse than software for lunix
wtf timecop
look in the datasheet
the sam7 datasheet
for registers
wt who cares about that
you should have the register/bit definitions section open
(the one at the end of every peripheral section)

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i dont wanna open the doc
so this is mem from almost two months ago
mobilestu: heh in like 3 places
horrible =(
timecop: you have fast forcing off and interrupts enabled in spi?
check the aic.c/.h files, see if twingy did anything way diff
i dont remember it being very complicated

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it is, its getting stuck after the hardware int vector jump
because the asm is bad, or because the vector is improperly loaded
is my guess
try changing the int src (edge/level)
theres low level asm
its the hardware vectors and the low level int handlers
naw its not generated
its basically the jumpoff asm for the hardware exception handler
theres hardware vectors for int, fast int, reset, undefined opcode, aborted opcode
there four options
yeah that sounds right
i thought ext meant ext to the core but maybe (prob) not

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check end of lowlevel.c
if youre still using it
theres a loop to load all the vectors with spurious int handler location
put you function adress in those
no its a jump
it hit the vector and jumped to handler code and got stuck
oh but maybe yours is diff
because its from ram
okay but normally, hardware vectors are $00 to $07 i think
something like that
jero32: free advice
$00-05, maybe, but its the first 6 or 8 or 10 locations
the FIQ is the last location, so FIQ doesnt even have to do a jump
timecop: make sure fiq forcing is off

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you set level trigger (edge or level)
set priority (0-7)
set vector (pointer to your int function)
yeah whatever
well because you will pass the int setup function a pointer to your int handler function
when an interrupt is triggered, the aic automatically loads a common registers with the vector from the appropriate peripheral int vector reg
so on interrupt, the low level code stores current code locations, and puts the common register value onto the program counter
which jumps you to your interrupt handler
i need to play with my sam7 more
damn i am all out of cigarettes

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timecop: that looks ok
twingy did a functions is like almost the same thing
did this happen more than once?
maybe it was a really odd coincidence
wtf at term clear = reboot
teknique: wtf!
external high level
think so
its level or edge, or is faster, but theres a drawback
havent read the docs in month+
well basically:

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timecop: aic in datasheet for reg names
but you mnight have to do bit of init for aic, dont think so tho
teknique: neat feature
theres setup and vector registers for each peripheral
that prob will be bad for reliability
apple = silly company
dude they prob have them in mongolia

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gijoe action figure movie is awesome
gijoe based just got wtc'ed
dr mindbender is a rabbi now
you have to figure out aic
if you low level code is okay, you should just need to setup the edge/priority register and the vector address register for that peripheral in aic

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