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wow i have the slightest burn on my right forearm
not even a burn its like an almost suntan

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couldnt get it through congress
which is like, all your job is as president
or youre just the dude with the stamp
dude she just doesnt get it
shes running on this 'i been around, i know whats up' platform
everyone knows, no one wants that
she still bickers like life is dems vs repubs
no you cant
thats not bad
timecop: is like 2 days to us, same service?
sweden was like 4 business days i think
fuck ur paste
like this channel
it used to be pretty consistent note in the topic
you both such at electronics
my hotdogs are prob burnt now
your efnet ID number and experiation date

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cut by 20% or something
the single ones
wait whichever
fuck this no more thinking
ima do my hot dogs buns and then watch obama pwm hillary
dude she is such a bitch
i hate her slow head nod
its the whole 'i know, because im am old, and wise' head nod
the 'it takes a village, really im worth something and im not just here because my husband was president' head nod
i do not want a girl with confidense issues in the white house =(
i want a real hardcore bitch like boxer or fienstien
someone i would run away from
i would not run away from hillary
id be like 'bitch you aint shit. your husband fucks people who arent you.'

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macegr: how is current limited?
resistors or its current limited by the IC
i think foods is done

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macegr: neat @ $3
is good for first run tho
$2 is pretty good
im making hotdogs =\

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looks its honda!
mexicans killed honda =(
now shes has a corolla
(i named it honda)
also check out neato earrings she made
they are like glass question marks
hehe, thats what i did in second life
okay so i need fish oil
i never eat fish
thats prob why im nuts

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yeah sorry i dont have 30GB of webspace to be doing that
which has omega3?
that stuff is supposed to chill you out
make you chill like a ninja who doesnt have mani depression
sometimes ninjas get that =(
incubus[]: mad respect
i havent watched him in years
but yeah if i married a chick, and conan stole the girl
well life goes on you know, how do you outdo conan
i dont respect him enough to let him lick my ass
chuck norris is a bitch
he tried to fuck with bruce lee
bruce lee fucked his ass up all over the colliseum
(not just in the movie, like in fureal life too)
you mean his mullet?
i dont give a fuck
if he misses the first kick, i can stab him
i think i got a pretty good chance
suburbia is finished downloading

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your peener is little itty bitty tiny compared to a baby
sore is normal
im not a hippie
which is pretty amazing considering i have dreads
you are prob more a hippy =(
how do i stink?
hi youre a bitch
i could answer by going on about the truth of the matter
but ill just leave it at, omg, you bitch haha
no shit?
do you take omega3 stuff too?
or its in that
i have chondroitin in the glucosamine

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yeah thats gonna be where i inventory all my crack and meth
BJT is really dub rock of coke
MOSFET is rocked coke
ETCHANT is supplies to rock your own coke (pan, baking soda)
i eat at Thai Pot a few times a week
they used to have tshirts with big mint leaves
all like THAI POT
heheheh, "mint leaves"
yeah its chewy
its a sativa i think
not what im into, typically
no you cant ruin them
you can stick your whole head inside there, it will be fine
they put whole babies thru that hole

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it is non expanded penis
i love that pic
(its me not her)
hahaha yeah really
thats the only permanent pr0n on my machine since i started this whole computer mess situation
also not her
hmm pic of fur not on the web server
k selecting
rockshox: uploading

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i can make you new shoulders and spine and legs
itll be neat
solaric is java that runs unix
so i dissapeared, and then showed up one day
because everyone is like 'wtf you guys are going to be friends for ever and ever. DONT FIGHT IT.'
so yeah, no probs since
we both been fine, have our relationships, hang out no issues, generally have greatest conversations
also, i idolize her dad and have had a crush on her mom since 3rd grade
sounds like NO2 + synth hallucinogen
^dx^: (she is my definition of girly beauty)
k dont tell secret
i dunno you prob seen her she is the glass blower girl
all girls have small penis

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thats funny because i tell that to my girlbuddy friends and they laugh at me
(because secretly, in a very obvious way, i want to put my penis inside all my girl buddies)
(and they prob know)
(but i am polite anyway, thats why im so goddamn cool)
yeah its weird
^dx^: i have a girlbuddy we really close for like 10 years
sometimes so close one of us (usually me) gets pissy and freaks out and decides to never talk to the other one again
this last 6mo or a year
then we get bored and hang out more
neff: please to read clearer so as not to make a fool or yourself
fuckin n00b shit talker gonna like try and rub shit in after i qualified it
like im repeat my shit just for him
she kinda pissed me off at some point, because she was having issues because we have 'feelings' for each other
but i had been chillin buddy style for years im like wtf
so i dissapeared
pre cell phone, i moved, and my number changed, and i didnt talk to my best girlbuddy for like 6mo because i decided we were very horrible at the friends who have prev boffed thing but are chill and whatever about it anyway thing
youll be fine
if not, i have to make hips for myself anyway
prob got 5-10 years dev time on that before installation

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and apperently for my sister, because she has a skin condition, tanning is good for her
like, her skin to thick or something
so if she doesnt tan, she get kinda flakey, its almost like excema
but yeah her skin condition might be: made for mexican tropical sun 24/7
haha im darker than my exgf and shes full mexican
everyone fucks with her about that, haha
yeah you can hyperventilate
and then it becomes a physical problem
okay like maybe 6 or 8 years ago...
i was having a REALLY bad night
than i thought OMG WHAT IF I WAS GAY
and than i freaked out because like, if i was gay id totally have a psychotic episode or something
and than, after freak out anciety for 3 or 4 min, i realized...
wait i like girls
in fact, most of my anxiety has been caused by girls
and i dont even really like being around guys at all unless theyre my homies
so then i was okay

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oh neat
i actually burned myself in welding today
1st degree on my thukmb, pussy burn
yeah i was rewiring the wirefeed
i have to do that alot, something weird with the machine
but i didnt have gloves on
pushed a plate stuck to the table to move it out of the way
put a beed maybe 1" away from the edge 2 or 3 min before
i love masturbating while smoking
actually i love fucking while smoking
blackmoon: totally
blackmoon: instructor said once, a dude picked up a steel plate, heavy thing, to show him
no gloves, just welded
they watched it slide out of his hand
he never came back
prob 2nd degree at least
blackmoon: ha yeah totally
^dx^: one proceeds the other
and for you, yes
for me, less likely

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^dx^: i gaurantee you were thinking about at least 3 or 4 other things at the same time tho
its not short term loss
its short term caching
i do that
^dx^: its totally that
your tangent more often
so its hardto to stay single track
uncollapsed chest
i do
just american spirits tho
god i <3 those pics
^dx^: it is like the historical artificant of that era of #electronics
'the time when they were rebuilding ^dx^ with Ti'
can you feel the plate?
its like underneath or behind?

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so yeah, she actually picked something up
ha ty
but yeah
she did 9min, was pretty awesome
like, i can tell her to do shit she actually know wtf to do
like whole back
neck to lower back
i got her to do around my shoulder blades
i fucked up tho
i waited till min 9 to tell her to not use the balls of her palm
to use her finger tips
omg last minute was awesome, she was getting into it too
naw i dont mind
but it works better with finger tips
more penetration
incubus[]: its all diff
trick is you change up constantly
you build tolerance to anything
really your just as high
but your brain adapted
yeah it takes 3 or 4 days
like, its funny because you think youre not stoned
until like, you pay attention to yourself for awhile
and notice youre still doing stoney things, youve just formed habits to compensate
herbs is weird, yo
old is fine unless its ancient
dry weed is actually way better
^dx^: sounds about right

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the rest is immediate parameters, function unlocks bits, integrated branching
^dx^: i think maybe by summer enough of us in here got it figured out enough diff ways it should be easier to break into
basically, ints and asm startup is an issues
and debug hardware is a pain
openocd is totally functional, but it aint super polished
it could use a year or two of UI finish coding
yeah its the open jtag interface for arm7
haha yeah i thought exact same thing
timecop: did you have to change the linker script or makefile for ram debug?
^dx^: he was ram debugging, he built it for flash and the bin blew up, too big now
dude i got a massage!
the trouble maker girl finally learned how
last time ms brown paid off debt with a massage, it was so sad after 30sec i told her to stop and just gave her a pass on the dub
like, she got a job desk at an emergency room
and a dude has been giving her massages
dude is trained, so hes prob fuckin amazing, always does same routine

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like, itll work i think if you just unlock the lower flash sectors
but it wont program, so if your rom bin gets to big, itll foobar
also, you may want to grab the atmel SAMBA shit
i know that affects the lock bits when you hit the sam7 with it
however it might just make it worse (lock them all, so itll only work if you unlock or use SAMBA)
i dunno how much control SAMBA ui offers
timecop: one of the docs in my big pack has startup asm from atmel
pdf with a breakdown of what needs to be done, and asm examples which i guess should be drop in if your linker script is correct
most examples source this, to one degree or another
so like, all else fails, look in there and try and catch the omissions
its dense fuckin reading, tho
ARM7 asm is nuts because 32 opcode space, but the opcodes themselves take maybe 4 or 5 bits only

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check c libs if youre using them and the CFLAGS shit, my guess
wonder wtf thats about
either you have unlocked higher rom
or it just shows as locked becayuse it doesnt exust
yeah i dunno dude you know this gcc shit better than me
telnet ocd bullshit
but your ocd cfg has to be right or the flash cmds just wont be there
do you know the tutorial for 'make program'?
openocd tutorial for 3 or 4 diff arm7 chips
it says in that at the end of the sam7s section
you just login, if your config is right (and you can always do this manually in telnet instead of using a whole config)
(like if you dont like yourself, or something)
then you just check status with one command, unlock bits with another
you have to check first because theres a diff number of lock bits on each sam7 (directly related to flash rom size)

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one of those three bitches is gonna be our first femme pres, because they fureal, hardcore old school resps and senators
non of this name recognition, my husbands powerful and i got wallmart board charperson on my resume bullshit
gimme a real political bitch
yeah i wanna see
i almost did go to welding
she basically had 1 hope
that she bated obama, and he looked worse stumbling for answers
than she did doing it to him
he bulletproof, man
mufucker can talk, and mufucker wants to chill niggaz out
timecop: whats the line of asm at $18?
oh wtf
you cant use that asm dude
whatever you get working, it wont be that
yeah my ocd got fuckey too
i dont have the motivation to figure out wtf i did to fix it last time
i assumed it would stay fixed
are you using printf or gcc optmizations?

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so the technical challenges from missiling have been dealt with with decent results
ill tune the mill and try and measure backlash somehow before doing your board
i been doing okat, but i havent touched the leadscrew backlash nuts in 3 or 4 months
and i never measured the backlash in my pcb work area
ill try and buy some linear indicators and a base but they be here till next week
heh, its just practice
after awhile you start looking at other PCB designs and you can kinda critique them, try and figure out purpose
formal RF training helps alot too i guess
yeah i wanna go through and triple check everything with you
or as rumsfeld so gracefully put it in iraq war reinvention #6, "New eyes."
excited to see it working
New Eyes was def my fav
rummy and the bitch condi were spraying that shit all over the press club type shit and congress denial session
dude i <3 barbera boxer and diane fienstien
even the pilosi girl
clinton is politico trash

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hello my shit worked
naw man its over, you lost
you are like talking shit from the bottom of a 12' storm drain
macegr: what current?
wtf youre like totally wrong context
bacon grease is so tastey
macegr: scope your ballast resistors
timecop: ram debug?
fuck if i know
it still loop at $18?
or i guess now since you are trying other asm by now
dam missed by 2
well, somewhat
ive done pcb over this large areas and at this space/trace res

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then next day i work out split ground plane and finish tracing
like right now eth and logic IC are the challenge
like, the spi routing is prob gonna be the biggest mess
well, yeah its the loop backs and SPI bussing that makes it hard
else its just about making it fit
hehe, naw its cool
im having fun
psu routing wont be hard
topside is pretty clear
ill take pic but its still pretty messy
i only told you a line
rest was for tc
im the nub?

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20:54 < ctretsch> unless you have startup code that is designed to work with predefined C handlers, you have to do it yourself
thats how the int hanbdler works
dunno ours works
but i think we have a diff linker script
ctretsch: all the asm does is load the pointer from a common reg and put it on PC
then when your c return, the asm loads the link register value on PC after correcting it
(because it would have to forrect diff depending on arm or thump code
naw i was at school
board is maybe 50% roughed out
i def got a plan
par port and rs232 are routed
yeah pretty much
maybe details to finish up
but its functional placement and tenative tracing
like, i throw everything down rought by tomorrow night hopefully

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omg ray tubz

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so why does everyone say ground plave under an xtal is bad?
do they mean ground plane between the traces to the xtal pins and the micro xtal input?
because that makes sense, as theyre differentially loaded, so you want them right on each other
but like, the xtal body are often grounded
i dont see how it would be very different
a ground plane underneath, or a grounded xtal body
please some, explain
go go go
this strikes me as maybe something often said but kinda dumb like 'heat the part, not the solder' and 'its the current that kills you, not the voltage'
people have some splaining to do.

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$3 says rockshox totally hates me

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