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.5 millimeters = 0.0196850394 in
soic is .05, tqfp is um, like .03 or something
wtf is that huge smt thing i thought that was tqfp
yeah thats fine
grayscale furniture, pls
its like super qfn
oh shit nice
haha you prob dont remember banning alot of people
dude wtf queen
serious, wtf is that thing for?
shes a nice lady and all
but serious, inbred weirdos semi leading the country but not really but fuckit well pay for them to live like buffies anyway
dude where is your collective brain?
oh cmon why do you think they have such funny ears and noses

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dude im in los angeles
think of like a wrong gym
we have that
we have awesome ones too, actually
adversary: just downtown and hollywood
but thats not really LA
its just downtown and holyywood
like, we have desert LA, snow LA, layered rain forest LA, semi-arid brush LA, urban LA, 100 pockets of suburban LA, beach LA
also san franciso LA
san deigo LA
sacramento LA, central valley LA, ventura county LA
path0s: irl people =(
adversary: wt eh?\
path0s: domestic violent
jail, and cops tell her she can stay
i think he did
but maybe not
whats the pitch?
you fucked up
unless you mean .05

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also, in my earlier times, i survived thru things which squish most suburban white boys. i actually see those years as an advantage
yeah but youre the one who constantly criticizes
you dont say to each their own
you constantly go on about how this and that is totally lame and you are doing it right because you make ching
of course not
timecop: yes very
stu: how so?
stu: give up?
stu: hello, i enjoy the time spent here
so you complain about spam
then create it
failure, stu, total and utter
at trolling me, obviously
do i drop packets?
stu: i dont like gyms very much =\
all the dudes hanging around naked im like, yo ill pass
tho i want a lap bar
and like 8 lbs

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well then wtf are you doing
killing time till mayan end of the world?
well if thats what pays your bills and you have no plans in stopping, i believe that makes it your career
we obviously just have totally different definitions for the word success
like, when someone goes 'im successful' and 'man fuck i hate my job' i kinda think thats silly
my hair smells nice!
people have made comments
okay thats nice
thats so dead at 29 or lame at stuck at 35
naw she aint
i never seen pics (i dont think) but somehow i know
stu: anyway, to me it is success
because my mom gets rent moneys, i get to go to school, and in my spare time to do the electronics/cnc h4x

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okay unit41
space is way farther than than 600ft
im almost 90% sure about that
see thats all you can attack with
because you suck at electronics
and i program better, and i suck at programming
and youre ugly
so yeah, you have to make up some 5th grade attack shit
yes you are ugly!
im secure in intentions
so i can look at a guy and be like 'ugly' or 'girls prob wanna do that guy'
dude you hate your jobs
you talk about it all the time
you are like my definition of career failure =(
yeah thats the point, exactly =D
ok stu, only in my wildest dreams

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or buy a real calc because they usually have engineering notation mode
and pc calcs seem to not know wtf im talking about
we know about the crusties in your ass
and we get your daily report from the fucking train
and work
and the pub
or a pub, i dunno maybe you have many
silencers: no rly i <3 stu
see what
stu: youre a bitch
see i can say that because we are buddies
no i dont!
i dont call anyone
people call me
exgf doesnt like that habit =(
stu: oh cmon i do much more stuff than that
name it sally ride
and paper mache it with liquor store pr0n

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machine control
it dont get more critical than that
because thats a known correct answer
.08 in to mm
.05 in to mm
yes it is
2.54mm = .1"
i hope it fails so we can meet in a convienient location and battle
just use powertoy calc and cut the spam

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that + alt grid = easy smt libs
of course i wont
you never really used it
yeah you gotta get over that
its not at all?
yet it works perfectly
UI is admittedly shit
but id go as far as saying its CAD backend is badass
yes perfectly
and its optimized for specific use
its just a bitch to learn
stu youre a bitch
no rly you are weat at arguing
you realize you are beat, you bust out some 'omg you have dreads'
or 'omg you can use lunix'
or 'omg you can still smoke weed'
or 'omg you go to school you lame' argument
because you have little real argument
windows cant do realtime
linux does it fine for audio and machine control
linux also does desktop shit fine
rosebud i think its called
pretty much

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serious he just typos because he gets too excited to read what hes typing
oh neat, little filter block
the only irssi prob i have is some themes bork on bsd clients
just make em so it fits and so they stick out so you can hit with an iron
okay yeah
i would make them about even with the lead width
stick out the pads are far as youre comfortable
hehe, eagle you just put pad dimensions in XxY format

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so i do
paid someone $100 to do a hack move
he wanted attention and to justify hes ridiculous excuses for previous typos
he is a self fullfilling mindstate

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yeah but for like server dinky, apache is fine
if someone made me make them a server thing after i begged them not to, id prob do bsd os a very light lunix anyway
no thats not why give a functionality
fuck tinyhttpd i cant stand the little httpd
so is anything
does your windows server thing run explorer and a gui?
howard stern is a bitch
hes like the ultimate in not funny
his writers are kinda okay
okay well i think entertainers should entertain

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or just use windows
i wonder if the intent of failure is documented
jezus fuck that does sound scary
even running something from cygwin sounds more sane
pacoeste: yeah but it totally works the same
its just awkward
even config went the same
yeah its net api
yeah i dont do alot with it, leave most stuff default/commented
i would prob use apache but thats because im used to it and know itll work fine
long as my windows isnt bork
but yeah its just a weird mental fuck to see apache in systray
config files are kinda hairy to figure out
but once you do, its neat because it can do whatever you want
lighter httpd are usually kinda hackish or gimp or something
well i dunno everything i want is prob like 25% of anything youre doing

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thats dumb
what is this?
i only read up a little bit
or its some random shit?
seems maybe random custom install
stu: say
or no, ima crash out i think
sister came over and ate two hours of routing time
sister: 'i was totally gonna vote for hillary. then like, i saw her speak'
bush has a press conf i havent seen i should check that out
the fs fucks up?
so the nt thing is partially a funky mount app
wtf why didnt they just use linux

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stu: wtf
stu: apache in windows is weird
like, totally works fine
it just feels so wrong
i was wtf at perl and non native fs
because permissions?
prob becase doesnt have 777 style permisions

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ive routed it before
its just finding an eloquent way to do the spi mess
no the eth connector
two layers is fine

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im prob gonna flesh out spi stuff tonight
yeah, pretty much
everything not spi is routed in my head
the eth and two logic chips maybe take some juggling to do nice
kk, ty
yeah its been moved around
the traces to the connector arent hard

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hahah, clinton is trying to act like she never been down with nafta
right now shes talking about what shes done to help companies damaged by nafta
obama prob gonna come out like 'bitch, you were down with nafta'
k sec
^dx^: http://www.darkertechnologies.com/image/dxavreth03.png

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god i hate that bitch's fake smile
macegr: cspan has it since the day after
she bitches about getting first question
states she doesnt mind
but complains for another minute
then states again its okay she doesnt care
shes just dumb
if this fuckin insecure defensive passive agressive coached bitch becomes president, im fucking moving
fuck engineering, ill be a tech in costa rica or something

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obama = smooth
mufucker is chill, hillary is about to start yelling and crying and shit

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dude this bitch needs to be stopped
shes trying to be slick like bill but she got no content
shes like the definition of fake
fyrefox: pure water is a shit conductor
so adding anything to it that conducts is basically tuning its resistance
omg obama mopping the floor with her face

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damn cspans flash player is totally gimp
21:25 -!- ctretsch [~Change@c-24-19-143-161.hsd1.wa.comcast.net] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
prov 3sec desync
only 3min in
be neat to make a water pot

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bush has totally managed to keep himself out of the news lately
ctretsch: dont

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blackmoon: omg ban

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clothes too big cuz they came from your older bro or sis or mom
i wear short hang off my ass like that alot
useless without a belt
sry getting rdy for school, already late
if it was way earlier
i was nbapping and this chan was active so no beep/hilite
"looks like its gonna rain"
"oh, naw man thats just the acid rain that comes down every night"

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basically just how poor people dress
ha, loose pants is like institutionalization and hand-me-down influenced
its dressing like a big kid
and loose pants is awesome
like samurai pants, lots of room to move
a lot of it in LA is east LA culture
goes back to like the 30s
like mexican gangsters dress up like theyre getting ready for a dance in the 50s
pressed khakis and shirts
khakis or work pants
see yeah, i wear big work pants like that
but big like size 40
not like, size 54
ccfl_man: hand-me-downs and institutional uniforms

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i forgot suburbia starts with a rottwieller mauling a baby
oh, nm its ok
i just remember later on they totally fuckup the dog pack
suburbia has nothing to do with urban?
punk != urban
yeah but punk isnt really an urban thing
ccfl_man: kinda not so much

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but i try and get everything connected up by tonight
so i can spend tomorrow just kinda polishing
single sided: =(

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like 75% roughed
SPI is like totally 20%
but thats ethernet, SD, and isp
then i connect up the power, once i got the traces laid out, i can go thru and optimize placement and spacing and figure out the split ground plane
a ton
like, i could prob do it with much less drama
oh dont worry
ill solder em in if you want before i send boards off
i use .010 wire
string up vias like laces
then just hit with solder, snipsnip
i gotta go welding

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apperently ive decided to leave spi routing for last
dickhead i wish you made a normal schema for this instead of mr stub farm schema

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^dx^: napped and routing furiously
eagle has caught fire multiple times because i checked off the box in drc marked "120% capability."

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google vortualbox
i need a nap

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its fast
dont even need to schema
maybe deadbug is faster, but thats it
board with holes for thru holes
= perfboard
with or without pads
have fun, take notes

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ive had CD media layers shred inside my cdrom
semimetallic label confetti all inside the cdrom
also, you know the spacers for cd cakes?
the little 1" OD rings?
i dropped one in
and it auto closed
and when i opened it, ring was gone =\
still works
with a spacing ring and label confetti up inside
like, itd prob be really bad to turn my computer upside down
especially while burning a dvd
i wish i had perf board
nice i found perfboard from brooklyn ebay

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not much farther at all
school, done now tho except welding tonight
and i have to kill off your shit to work on makefair shit
what your dev stuff?
or os/hardware fucked up
did you do a fs check?
if its ntfs, if you can get it to do an fsck itll usually fix itself
oh yeah you blobbered something probably
er, clobbered
blobbered (c) renco All of The Times
ha nice
bad hardware
maybe just dirty laster or something

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The meter has two control dials. The larger dial, known as the "tone arm", adjusts the meter bias, while the smaller one controls the gain. Auditors manipulate the tone arm during an auditing session to keep the E-meter needle on a marked reference point.[
kinda obvious why they dont label those

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he didnt mention that =(
charles: weird stuff huh
it makes like fucked up amounts of sense

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gcode based controller?
his explainanation of the all that glitters is not gold thing is awesome
so am i non bubu-kiki because i instantly rejected the obvious choice because it in fact was the obvious choice?

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stu: pretty much sums it up
charles: get to the phantom limb visual feedback stuff?
he makes the most awesome joke about that

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for example, blain is a fuckin weirdo
when he talks to people, they seem awkward/defensive like right off the bat

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blaine is weird
i get bad vibes
someone should nuke SF
but keep the rest of the bay area
we can erect a 20' thick polycarbonate wall around the city
then nuke it
then cali wont have giant east-coast style pimple on its nose
yeah i like him
hes not so creepy
hes actually kinda friendly like
he just seems better at socializing, i guess what im trying to say

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charles: its on digg videos
from maybe 3 months ago
but basically its like a neurologist reverse engineering the brain by comparative analysis of higher functioning people with different know brain damage
alot of it speaks like bussed logic architecture
lookin for it on digg
all i can think of is 'brain'
should have searched mind
the guys a good lecturer
stu: street magician?
some of those guys are scary

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pi mufucker?
load, load, load, load, load
charles: i think the brain dr was on the same site
charles: have you seen?
aaw, poor middle age white woman
does he do more than multiplications and squares?
naw he knows tricks
and he remembered patterns
oh the other guy
mathematicians know weird tricks tho

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2 hours of MIG welding left
and week 4 defeated \o/

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(like vampires, fureal)
omg no!
omg business class wtf
welding > business

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book was fucked up =\
movie was almost The Shining Lite (book was that WTF)
its okay it just loses it at the end
but any movie that does crazy special effects dimensions shit with 60s and 70s special effects kinda does
'omg were sliding into another dimension'
pfft no youre standing in front of a blue screen waving your fucking arms around with kalidescope in the background
dune was okay
main actor is too buffy but it was the 80s or 70s or whenever
hey sting is neat
i think one day sting and bowie will battle for the domination of ultra-caucasion music
omg they both prob got 20 or 30 years
bowie is also pretty gay
gays = immortal

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but yeh like charles said, takes forever
rab: <3
i tell myself that eyes wide shut was just his excuse to see nicole kidmans base ass posing in a mirror with just a bra
kidman ass dimple = #1
so yeah, kubrick: mad dedication, even in the voyeurism
the book had more than one ending
also i think it mentioned they did a stage production with another ending
but im might be confusing bradbury forward for the one for clockwork orange
i gotta find out when and crash his class
be like 'dude, my first internet nick was GuyMontag. I love you.'
charles: omg yes
rab: its asscones
but yeah
dr stangelove, full metal jacket
if he only made those two, hed still be like one of the greatest directors ever
was odd compared to book

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so cartoons okay, but not from japan, regardless of art quality or story
omg ninja scroll even?
i dont even remember much of it
i remember being bored in the theater
no i mean AI
tmnt is neat
they were alot meaner in the opriginal comics
they all had red masks, so maybe they were all pissed like raph
AI had alot of neat scenes
cool sets and costumes, etc

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im just trying to figure out where anime ends and animation begins for charles
09:11 <@Charles> anime != cartoons
ur a loon =)
so is robotech shit or not
i just want an answer on that
omg fuck that teen girl drama shit
charles: yes, no, yes?
its not a comic
well, they made one after the cartoon
also books, like maybe 10 or 15 of them
it was 3 japanese series
redubbed into one
wow you said robotech sucks
no im trying to get you to define your opinion

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they sound like girl underpants
stu: low cut = french cut
no idea why they call it that
teknique: hehe played fallout?
stu: i dont invent the shit yo
take it up with the lingerie industry
teknique: a good minigun death is just person dissapears above waist in red blur
well yes in france im sure they consider all panties french cut
you can set bloody mess as a perk in the game (char creation)
and it has no effect, but everyone dies like you shot them with a minigun
like all the time
charles: what about cartoons?
what about Robotech?
is robotech shit

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cute (not it)
but yeah, french cut panties, turbine gens, miniguns, couldnt resist
who cares
charles get over your 3r337ism timecop emulation
dx has decided to be timecop simulator
theres good anime
theres also shit anime
i swear its like you guys are n00b at life or some shit
yeah like i said
grow up
if you think vamp hunter D is shit, youre a lame
im flaming you for being generalizing closed minded sheep person
she not super hot
but she got the stare
if she <3ed you, she would minigun other people for you
and thats hot
if you think vamp hunter D is shit, youre a lame
dude im not european i dont know what knickers are

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i know the girl
girl + minigun on c130 gun platform : sexier, and just a pic
mil spec girly, w00t
omg old, no idea
found it
i think i need to do that patched windows thing
for the mad parallel open connections

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the pixels are like as big as the little girls head
1920 for RGB elements
so like
they swapped 4 for 9?
nice 5x10 terminal
er, 10x5
tho i dunno maybe it was portrait and not landscape layout

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timecop: figured it out?
sculptor: beauty is a reason to hate
like pc fans?
you should replace them.
panaflows or those german ones
i want to say pabst but thats a beer isnt it
whatever man, bearings are gone
those aint the fans you loved anymore
fans change, its okay dude
there are other fans
better fans
fans that will stay with you forever.
macegr: check out the high res on LED wall
i was jokering!

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