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Topic for #[?]: Update 2008.03.01: Earther Ally Sheedy > Earther Molly Ringwald > Space Boffin Molly Ringwald
just in case you were not already aware

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okay ima watch cspan and eat mongolian bbq
till the politicians make me so mad i am glad to work on spi level conversion bullshit more
unit41: im like with with ff and irssi
im up to 49 irssi windows open

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honestly, avr can prob hang with 250mV ripply
like, itd be shit for stability most likely
but they make them pretty hard to burn
k bye
oh haha yeah totally
tho i wonder if you have a very stable ref if its okay anyway
that would be a fun test
two precision ref, one on adcref, one on adcin, see how much it ripples
yeah i like those
i got a punch from TI hiding in a box
KICK its all in ur mind
on a 10b adc (avg adc)
well, 4mV
i got 2.048 too
i wish dx was better at schema

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sometimes the series cap and prob resistance and probe cable inductance and capacitance will do weird things to circuits or measurements
theres prob a knob to adjust vertically
not the voltage scale
well 270mV sounds normal
it might be high or low but it doesnt sound broken for a light load
well thats your unregulated stuff right?
the vout ripple is all the electronic devices see
oh thats shit something is broken
well your values change its hard to tell
theyll wobble with certain loads
kevtris: like nF caps on the vreg inputs?
no its good to decouple your decoupling caps!
rockshox: thats fine

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this is precisely when sims make life easy
(cap selection for unregulated section)
you do the math or you just guess it
yeah it might be bad grounds
rockshox: are the scope and tested device grounded far from each other?
like, the mains sockets
well yeah but where
yeah you might have a loop which is picking up stuff
okay thats far
is there a computer in the room?
(that might be the 400Hz)
okay yeah
the room is prob perfect fer testing emi resistance =\
oh ok
you might be coupling ripple thru the probe
oh, try dc coupling it

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5v ripple?
V_ripple[Vin] / V_ripple[Vout]
the ratio is whats important
big caps
6VAC is like 8.something VDC rectified
oh you want 12v
im all confused
i need foods
omg i have mongolian leftovers!

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i mean 60hz as opposed to 120hz
theres maybe a tiny amount of 120Hz ripple on your vout rail, thats not very abnormal
its related to how much you spent on the vreg, usually
anything else is prob coupled noise
could be something in the vreg oscillating (doubtful with a load)
i think it is but they all come in diff grades
how is the scope hooked up
okay, thats ripple thru your vreg
if youre concerned about it, measure the ripple on the input and the ripple on the output and compare
also 24v to 2v is a big drop

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thats just a normal box half folded up
okay that page scared me dont do that anymore kev =(
oh huh you did
ya man i just click on shit
timecop found a clickable putty client so now im 100x worse
rockshox: can you hear me
rockshox: you need to find a resistor and pull like 10mA or something meaningful thru it
youre loading it thru the probes thats like, lots of megohms
okay are you measuring vout or vin on the vreg
if you see just 60Hz on the Vout its noise, likely ground issue
okay yeah
no but you said 60hz before

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clock and dir, and a button to change rom banks to pull values from
like clockwork
but with big logic IC
resistor + cap saves day
except for measureable time in that weirdo undefined logic level
has to be a joke
not enough cardboard unless its two piece
its on open box
yeah but its a normal box
i dont think its folded yet
or they let it cool down before folding
its either an elaborate pizza joke
or yeah, they h4x two boxes together

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slightly oscillating on your output cap and DMM, who knows
too many numbers
when was this?
yeah before databases where everywhere
no it was smart
but it doesnt matter
because you have no load and a huge cap
you wont have ripple
the ripple is directly related to the load current
thats why when you lab test PSU you use a spread of test currents
kevtris: omg i hope the button had a cap
heheh, i remember when i was learning digital, i wanted to make a sequential logic UI
with 2b grey encoder for a clock

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diode bridge
its from the regulators PSRR
power supply rejection ratio
usually specified in dB, its input vs output ripple
12mV is kinda alot but you might be dropping out
a little bit maybe
check the ripple before the reg
thats important
oh maybe youre hurting it =\
100 years of development.
i think those are natsemi 78x
they are natsemi, they set the trend
kevtris: heh neat
generic stuff rawks
we need to know the load
he never said i dont think
oh then its mostly irrelavent
linear reg maybe just wants a load

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your transformer beeps?
omg at trees and power lines
like yo trees, wtf are you thinking
83% exactly
based on your region
assuming your hostmask isnt a proxy of some sort
insulting blackmoon is $3
we charge now
high demand, you know

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macegr: haha hax
i can do 3 layer
but itd be like .120 thick
all i have are .060 plates
why not
just dont drop stuff on it
twingy has done it, ive done space/trace resolution like that
meh, thats how i do it
shit like mask and silk is like bday pizza to me
omg a proper tinned board ive designed is easily something to cream over
kevtris: ha neat
macegr: ^dx^ has to solder it!
haha indeed
blackmoon: fallout2 style

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he is learning neat
hehe, he thinking the wrong way =(
blackmoon: you turn your frige off to use the stove?
or just use a match
your appliances fail
macegr: halp http://www.darkertechnologies.com/image/dxavreth04.png
heh, MOV is fail resistor
will TVS blow open or catch fire?

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yeah rly
change that shit up
hehe i <3 random floating voltage
blackmoon: the milled PCB have floating planes if you dont mill them away (time consuming)
weird voltage readings on them sometimes
like 'hi am 25V for no reason'
okay well yes if i cared a bunch
but its neater to hit with DMM and be like 'wow free volts'
you can have that question
failure wire
however its a hella hella clean ground usually

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current loops
okay youre not gonna teach him 2ch diff scope =(
heh, maybe!
blackmoon: okay this is a very good point
he is measuring ripple, ground ref shouldnt matter much
long as he can get a clean trace he good
dude its doing thru your wall =(
blackmoon: omg what traces

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blackmoon: okay if hes dies its your fault
catastrophic ripple chain reaction
blackmoon: did you see spi level conversion mess?
rockshox is going to explode his house with psu lab tests
rough draft
note the comfy ratnest =(
(im am aware there are likely better ways to route by adjust schema)
(not my schema)
blackmoon: hurting my brains

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omg he plugged it in and tested the rail finally
what load
does he know its load dependent?
blackmoon: pls to ask rockshox if he is aware it is load dependent

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i love bass
one day im going to build a system
it will be famous
iconic dub-style hardware suitable for worship
it will be powered by batteries supplemented by kinetic energy generator underneath the dancefloor

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omg spi level conversion mess

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^dx^: reset to +5v?
its a 3.3v chip
^dx^: ^dx^ ^dx^ ^dx^ ^dx^ ^dx^ ^dx^

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everyone no 60Hz and 120Hz tone
its the sound your gear buzzes at forever
i bet i could hum that shit within 2%
blackmoon: tell him plus it in turn it off measure again
n00b302: 20:36 < renesis> blackmoon: tell him plus it in turn it off measure again
he doesnt get that when its loaded, the 1Vpp wont be there
hes worried about phantom ripple
its the pain meds mr foolio
or youve cut back?
you fucked up
youre gonna drive your car into an elevator
you wont even have to be in your car

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hahaha nice
serious we need to have a example quote page for advice and services
one opinion a day for free
for efnet heds only
researched answers are never free
$5 for every datasheet run we gotta bust to solve your prob
cmon man dont be mean
dude if rab got paid for opening datasheets hed prob be dead from drugs and hookers many years ago
^dx^: no ratwires on right side of board
left left
he needs to ground the fucking circuit
and make it do something
rockshox is like currently entranced by the static 60Hz on his scope from the floating system with hanging power chord
he is like HOW IS THIS TO BE??
yarly, watch out

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xlr8e: taigtools.com, any of the CR models
xylotex.com, google 'gecko drives' for stepper and servo drives
yes it matter
xlr8e: linuxcnc.org, google 'mach cnc' and 'turbocnc' for controllers
we dont know
jezus fuck ive answered his questions how many times fgucker has me on ignore over bicycles
ask him if his shit is even plugged in
it wasnt before
60Hz on floating gear with a trailing cord dont count
blackmoon: hahahaha
n00b302: sigh, no hes not
hes is #cars people, hes trying very hard actually
yes we do
he provides balance for all the genius up the channel

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define different ground
if itd a bridged DC input, you have a different ground
else you prob dont
no u

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not seeing the connector
fucking measure it with a DMM
you dont mean a bench supply output
what if you plug it in with the power of so its grounded
and then what if you actually use the scope probe ground on the system ground

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tell rockshocks if he grounds the scope wrong he can damage the circuit and his scope
^dx^: tell rockshox pls
or not
ok ty
yes i want rox to survive even tho he is horrible bike rider
and poor debater
^dx^: how are you planning to program it?

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^dx^: there is none?
what do you mean an antenna?
because its floating an unreferenced
someone tell rockshox he needs to plug the device in
and test the psu with it switched off
see if it still gets a 1V wave
hes ignored me because he cant handle being wrong =(
^dx^: ^dx^ ^dx^ ^dx^ ^dx^ ^dx^ ^dx^
reset pullup
you have none?
you shit will shut down random style

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just check your cell phone?

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is more done than that
sister took me out to mongolian bbq
im starting on spi stuff
^dx^: reset pullup? isp programming header?
zzzz_: why
just go downtown and get same thing but fake for $60
nothing offsets low income urban attire like a replica of a $600 watch
you have to take car of them!
hehe, yeah theyre bad tho

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make your own
then theyll only suck as much as you suck at eagle

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omg draw box with three pins

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blackmoon: no?
one is high z?
okay but voltage wise i think it should be differential
but yeah current isnt
E field H field stuff hurts my brains
it should close close, no?
yeah but like how delayed
i guess depends on oscillator circuit
aborted sine baby
yeah i know that
theyre kinda like caps but not really

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kevtris: who do people say dont put gnd planes under xtals?
so they really mean dont put ground plane between the traces?
like, alot of designs ground the xtal chassis, a ground plane with pin clearance almost mirrors an xtal chassis
okay maybe it was just crazies start mythos
in hear a few times and then ive read it on routing tips on peoples pages
i always brind the traces together
because they should be differential
so having them close should provide emi suppression
yeah okay i thought it sounded weird too
yeah that sounds sane
i just bring them together and put xtals close
bring the xtals grounds together underneath so blocking stop from the side opposite the IC
blackmoon: okay yeah
because it should be a diff signal on the traces, you want them right on each other anyway
i put as close as i can

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where is dx
no what u what
his reset is floating
why does he always do this
fuckit ill add it topside when he decides to let me add it
what how is he programming this

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stop trying to put nes spyware on kevs machine

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its prob bolted
i would hope the trailers are bolted, heh
lots of bolts or rivets

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isa was doing ds stuff with c libs
hehe, chibi shootemup stuff
kevtris: old
(#cars yesterday)
hehehe i wonder how tornado proof it is
also sound is prob goofy
because no wheels and all the steel
like, bumping fuzzies, and the whole thing creaks
hard to maintain something like that unless you did it right from that start
yeh =\
most of it is thicker steel
like some of those means would take decades to rust
but yeah, the stairs, and the welds, could be scary
you would know the second you stepped onto it
if it was stable or it was h4x
like, if stairs dont creak like mad and you on the top one and shit dont creak at all or sway noticably in the wind, shit is prob solid

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i dunno wtf youre doing

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but im doing alot of the other little stuff
and thinking about it
i was gonna go on a welding supply shop tour of the valley
but then my mom is like OMG PARANOIA
wormil: what circuit
wtf are you doing
?? laws
25/20, 5/4, 1.25W
divided in half, about

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or a pair of 1911, one for each hand
for when alot of people are breaking into your house at the same time
have bunch of cams setup
that way i can youtube it

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neat they let me cancel her card without canceling mine
damn i wonder how many diff bank cards ive had in the last like 10 years
i think ive gotten two new ones in the last year or two
^dx^: shotgun are so neat
when i went shooting with exgf bro we did shotgun at clays
i hit maybe 3/4 of them, never shot big guns before that day
but yeah id rather have a handgun
like copgun or compensated glock

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i cant go anywhere
my mom got her stupid purse and keys stolen
she told me stay the fuck home, i hope she plans on coming home with a new lock set
or else i will feel cheated out of my day
but shes worried someone might
because she prob has shit with her adress in there
she also has a bank card for my account
so she can just pull money out for rent
i didnt think she kept that in her fucking purse
so yeah, sucks to be me
but yes your point is noted im mostly just angry at everything

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my mom got her purse stole and she is like 'dont go anywhere!'
im like gee yeah lemme get that handgun i dont have ready
if i didnt have school i would so take you up on offer
seatac is nice, vancouver seems like same but in canadia
and canadia aint lookin so bad right now
if obama does get white house, im seriously maybe getting the fuck out
doesnt doesnt
i watched the whole debate last night
omg hillary is fucking dense
ha ya rly
obama has played party or race
hillary plays party and gender all the time
^dx^: hi

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i go to all three, get saleman interested, see how much student discount it, leave them all hanging
i might get a #9
see if its any diff
my eyes dont seem as sensitive to that shit
like i was amazed how fast the burnin from the unfiltered arc i did to myself went away
ive done worse doing stupid shit with mains connected circuits
ive blindspotted myself for a good few minutes like that
blackmoon: heh, the little white LED in overcurrent mode were as bad =\
maybe just a little spark or something
but yeah, hopefully i can get one of the three supply shops to wanna beat the others, and i already get student discount

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why the fuck would i do that
heh, i know its bad
my eyes close as soon as they see arc
tig was awesome
threw a good amount of light
mig the arc is like down in the work and you dont get as much light from it
get more usable light from the puddle, sucks with 10 filter
looks totally diff with a filter
the arc is totally like a oxy-fuel flame tip
tig i mean looks totally diff with filter on
k gordon woods, praxair, and airgas

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i dont want to have to buy another one anyway
im prob gonna go to airgas and the other place
and do student discount
and totally play them against each other
maybe get a pimp one for under $200
i cant deal with being blind
i dont forget
i did it once with TIG
and it wasnt nearly as bad as people said
burnin faded in under a minute
and that was like, 4min into doing any kind of arc welding for the first time
but yeah, i suck at starting
because im blind

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rockshox: ?
it only matters when your sparking off, during mask transistion
havent welded anything, mask can be cold
blackmoon: im not worried about specs
im worried about failures and timing drift

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blackmoon: omg mig is so easy
i need an autodark
i schooled sandi on response times
shes like 'just get harbor freight one!'
im like OMGNO!?

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fuck wasting time trying to change bike laws
change some real shit
or just upgrade yourself
who fuck cares about unenforced laws

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oh huh
dude i think this mobo is trashed
or maybe the psu
no bad caps or burnage, but after a year ddr400 stopped working
24*365*3 =
thats kind of alot

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im getting noise in my blacks
in vid and image
fuck is my gpu toast?
im tempted to be like fuck a car and just buy a new setup for $800 or so
yeah in the blacks, i get white artifacts
the artifacts are like, pixel mapped
for example, if an image on a web page does it, i can scroll the web page and the artifacts will move up and down the 0x000000 areas of the image
yeah dunno
what youre saying makes sense but it didnt do it before
and it does it now
blackmoon: no
but different apps will do it differently
for example, with freejack, mplayer did it more than vlc
but vlc did it

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naw it pours sometimes
but yeah, the daily rain is like thick mist to light showers
i really like it up there. igrew up in 8 year south cali drought =\
rab: yes sometimes
tho you guys get desert rain probably
so i imagine when its bad its like school bus sized rain drops
we drove thru AZ and it rained for a bit and shit was like punching our windshield
fall is nice
spring is the best tho
early summer and spring are fucking amazing
(tho if you have common allergies i imagine it would be hellish)
yeah thats like LA
except we keep the diff weather regionalized
but yeah, big ocean and mountains, get huge climate gradients
i think it was houston had really nice freeways
was confusing to drive thru but looked neat to have for someone living there

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minimizing risk is making it zero risk
by riding on the sidewalk, knowing whats going on in traffic to the right, watching for pedestrians, slowing or stopping to check ALL blind situations
no risc
pls someone convey this to him as im prob ignored and he really doesnt seem to understand
because i guess he got pegged by someone lefting into driveway
los angeles.
fucked up drivers from all over the world come here to smash
at 80mph in bumper to bumper
interspersed with 0mph deadlocks sometimes lasting hours and hours
like, pissed off drivers from places with all sorts of driving rules
like, riding your bike in the road on a rainy day in LA, best have a will and a 'what to do when i die' pack made up for your children
rab: seattle drivers cant drive in the rain, either
i mean, really, wtf

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the whole 'getting hit from behind is less tragic' thing is lame
either is death far as im concerned
stu: suicide
our bike lanes are in between parked cars and a traffic lane
like 24" wide, maybe
yeah i use bike lanes to avoid ped traffic
i dont use them, theyre unsafe
cops dont use them sometimes
rab: yeah we got bike paths along orange line
is nice, i can ride like 2mi with only 4 instersections
um there is a dedicated bike signals
its called the fucking walk sign
rockshox wants to believe a bike isnt a pedestrian
even those it tops out at 25mph but realistically 10-15mph cruise
okay ill try and feed kids in africa
or be a tech in south america
you can fight for the rights of the unheard cyclists
so they can more efficiently commit suicide

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also import tariff
you pay for that when you buy the car
its a non issue
it has nothing to do with riding methods
neither does activism
expecting behaviour of drivers doesnt just make it happen
i ride my bike like i drive my little car
everyone is dumb
everyone is going to make a mistake
no exceptions
everyone has a bad day or a wtf moment sometime
yeah but they are like more bikes than cars probably
lots of places in europe are like that
also your roads arent usually 7 lane highways
like, rockshocks basically wants me to ride on the edge of residential/commercial freeways
yeah that are
3 in one direction, 3 in the other, parking area that can be used as a lane if no cars and in red zones
cars coing in packs at 60mph+
its a freeway with houses and shops
but we have 5 lanes and i think sections with 6
each side
im sure 7 lanes towards some interchanges
LA is nuts
i wouldnt ride on the street anywhere in cali
and when i do have to because no sidewalks, i go against traffice

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i think rockshox got hit by someone making a left into a driveway
id bet $10 paypal
which means he was spaced out and didnt know what was going on to his immediate right
you see them
youre not going fast enough for them to be doing that shit in like no warning times
no its bike rider stupidity
ya theyll tell you to ride on the sidewalk!
the police ride on the sidewalk
i aint trying to be some sort of bike messenger legal warrior
dude you have the same rights
but again, rights are not tangible
they are human contruct
unlike physics
why does he keep going on about the law
fuck the law
wtf does law have to do with safety?
you dont
we dont care
because we are safe already
we dont need to be activists
because shit is already good for us
we are not putting out lives at risc just to be hardcore status
no one willfully runs over or hits anything
but it happens ALL the time
trusting drivers is death
black wire.
who cares]
i think he is a bike messenger
car tax

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you are an obstacle in the driving lane
if youre on a sidewalk, you dont have to be seen
its a non issue
more often than not cars would have to plow thru parked cars with massive forcxe to damage you
or at least hit a curb
dude he got in a a sidewalk accident
because he was going to fast or spacing out
thats what all of this is about
okay so use crosswalks and lights
like a sane person
instead of playing like youre a car
and doing it from the left turn lane
yeah not bikes
people die on motorcycles ALL THE TIME
because of stupid drivers
i would have a motorcycle if it wasnt so dangerous
blackmoon: exactly
rab: thank you
i do my car the same way
trust no one
plan for imminent crisis
assume death is always within seconds
because the reality of it is that it is
i aint trying to rely on THEY in LA
thats like russian roulette with 4 of 5 cyclinders filled
its always safe to be out of the way
it takes oyou out of the eqwuation

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you obviously cant handle a grown up conversation
okay i ride 8 miles a day
so you win i guess
someone obviously has trouble understanding
why the fuck are we going to change things so we can legally do something we dont want to do
because its unsafe
yeah cops ride on the sidewalk
ive never ever had one say anything to me bike related except no lights at night
and when i tell them i take the bike path at night, they dont care because its lit
09:23 < RockShox> cars do not want to hit you
yeah accidents happen because average driver just decided to make it so
(insurance frauds aside)
yeah really
i have to slow and make eye contact with every driver i cross paths with
or i just stand there waiting for the to go away
yeah sometimes
but i wont do shit unless ive made eye contact

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compared to my 50 lbs
blackmoon knows
like rab said, only arguments against sidewalk riding have to do with being inattentive
im not a biking hobbyist
i need to get places
and i prob would bike witgh my friends if i wanted to go trailing
im fine with sidewalks\
and LAPD is too
so LA laws are fine by me
because if im breaking them, theyre unenforced
no it isnt
been to a velodrome?
okay i do
its safe
you way isnt
i dont want to
because riding on the street here is nuts
we have bike lanes
all over the place
only people who use them are the crazy fucks on race bikes
and usually they ride in lanes anyway
i dont think it needs to be changed
if i get anything changed, its making it legal to sidewalk bike where it isnt
its slower because its safer
are you a bike messenger or something?
it is
youre dumb you have a opinion and it will not be changed
because you ride in the street
then youre a lame
pure and simple
you werent paying attention
you didnt slow in blind areas

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the only people who urban assault well are people with racing bikes
who can actually ride them like race bikes
and theyre insane, by most measures (sport, w00t)
anything else, youre just asking to create multiple car pile-ups
like, turning from the left-turn lane on a BMX, WHAT THE FUCK?
but yeah, if youre in day glo tights with reflectors on your butt, and you can pull decent accel and 20-25mph cruise speed
sure go kill yourself
get real
cars own the road
not laws
laws are a human construct
they dont exist in any tangible manner
cars do
they are governed by physics
again, you getting all into it, so i know you have deep feelings on the matter
so if i find more infos, i will keep you up to date
i aint trying to fight the power when it weighs 2 tons

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and i didnt hit her i touched her, but she freaked out
and i feel hella guilty about that
thats like almost a bad bike accident
rab: yes exactly
i slow or stop and check anything blind
in fact it saved my life yesterday
pickup truck out the blind alley!
if you go slow enough, you wont even hurt people if you run right into them
i go thru gas station at full speed
cars always parked being stupid
its either gas station or bus stop with people
i pick gas station because bus stop is squishier than me
yeah they dont that as much here anymore
i guess because why you said, makes a ton of sense

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blackmoon: going to fast!
yeah rly
urban assault in the valley is ridiculous
this aint downtown
people dont go 20mph and stop
people go 60mph in packs and stop
i aint trying to act like a car, trusting drivers coming up behind me, on roads with parked cars in the right lane
dude i go 20mph
if im like going nuts
like, i can beat cars across an intersection
but once we hit the oppiste crosswalk, i am overtaken
clearly cars are more powerful than i!
its like walking tightrope
and then by rockshox methods, you usually ride with traffic
and make left turns from left turn lanes
like a car
instead of following ped rules
because rockshox is like 'if you act like a car' people will see you and treat you like a car'
mufuckin cars dont even treat motorcycles like cars!
yeah our main streets are basically residential/commercial freeways
rab: yeah i walk
also im loud as fuck with the 'right side/left side shit'
like, prob 1000mi of biking since i started going to stu, i think i hip a lady once
like, her wrist with my hand at the end of the handlebars

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no u
also one the main streets, there are almost no driveways
like in two miles theres maybe 2 residential driveways, on corners
because alleys
because i found new infos on the matter
and you felt so strongly about it
how could i not possibly think of you
like serious, all the reasons you gave for being dangerous to ride on the sidewalk just has to do with being def/blind to your environment
also you called me an idiot because i have diff take on the subject
so yeah, i can troll you forever and feel justified
that why
maybe try and be less of a tard when disagreeing with people and you can avoid my continuous annoyance

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what is a wormil
also, i am so hungry!
rockshox: LAPD bike pork was riding their bikes on the sidewalk opposite than me
even the fuckin police think youre nuts

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