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n00b507: shit schedule
im hungry
Al is okay tho

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cork is only 180F
ha @ 55psi
okay maybe steel from mcmaster is a bad idea
because i wont know what shipping is gonna be
and this is a fuckton of steel
i was about to order 60" of 1" steel pipe
dunno per lb
mcmaster aint trying to tell you weight if they can avoid it heh

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it dies eventually
but yeah, good stuff until it crumbles

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blackmoon: 24x24" .125 Buna-N $17

blackmoon: you want half that?
like $8 for 12x24"
like $10 shipped i guess
or maybe more cuz its funky size
blackmoon: kk im getting that then
yeah but those are more $$$
well, ill figure it out
yeah, maybe cut in half and stick in normal envelope

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is what mcmaster has stocked for gasoline hoses
like same price for buna N
yeah that would work
blackmoon: it is a circle with 4 holes?
maybe i can just buy you a gasket
okay cool

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Neoprene Fuel Tubing
A lot of the gasoline burners grew up using neoprene tubing as the standard of choice, and quite frankly we see nothing wrong with it.
blackmoon: silicone is $15 for 12x12", .062 thick
want half of that?
yeah because its the affordable kickass rubber
resists everything
oh shitty

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just dont put in your gf boobs

oh nm
viton is wtf prices
i wonder if neoprene would work
no ones says proof anymore
damn ambulances
someone got hurt =(
wkr4k4r: wtf are you talking about
viton is too much

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i want gasket rubber
kevtris: i found some clear potting stuff
someone just had an accident outside
blackmoon: ill see if i can find something, i can send you some
you just need a bit, no?
blackmoon: k
blackmoon: 1/8" or 1/16"?
blackmoon: k

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i <3 mcmaster

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i need to get eyewear for my meeting with anonymous
i think big black welding goggles to go with the gas mask
cuz im wearing a dual can gas mask
and either sun glasses or welding goggles
black hoodie
or tshirt ninja
depends how hot
test33: neat
^dx^: im not putting anything on until hollywood
im walk into a resterain, into a bathroom and walk out
diff clothes, diff bag, covered up, out a diff door
its hollywood
i prob wont even be noticed
wtf what sets?

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whats a cobalt blue lens
its circle
that wont fit into my helmet
^dx^: what is neutral density?
ima get a pad for my helmet too
stock one sucks
im like ricing my welding helmet
i should buy stickers too
whars a good sticker shop online?
where i can do low run of my own stickers
polycarbonate or gold coated polycabonate
filter lenses
thats the neutral density one?
Gold-coated models reflect radiant heat.
theyre $10 here
okay so #9 isnt dang0r for eyes?
i guess ill know

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because like im just welding the plates we practice on
im already board on the mig
i made a bead 2" wide 6" long
thats how bored
ill have to bike it to school like totaql road hazard
yeah totally
so i figure i gotta make shit
i di vertical
vertical downwards came out okay
vertical up was kinda wtf
im still playing with voltages and feeds
hehehe iunno
doing 14ga and 10ga and 1.4"
i was doing 14ga, so thats under 1/8" i think
yeah i just done little stuff
only two semester when im done
my miller always jammin up
i can respool that shit all quick now
they got smooth rollers on it but it has these gnurled ones
im ask if i can try those
cuz it got no powuh!
yeah wtf
like, putting on the metal, du dudu

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iunno i didnt get it yet
clear thing
theyre $5 each so i figure i try it out
what is it mean!
i want a 3M autodark
i made some monies recently
ima try and use student discount and play the three local supply shops against each other
i have normal mask i can use for TIG
thats the one im getting the magnification stuff for
is #9 lens okay?
#10 too dark
check this out
.125" thick, 1" wide, length 72"
1018 low carbon steel
ASTM spec
the certified metal is half the price
i want to make a table
out of cut up strips in hex patterns
and expended steel mesh top
for my cactus

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^dx^: what magnification welding lenses should i get?
i was going to get a 1.5 and a 2.5
i figure 2.5 is the ultimate living in the puddle setup
omg man, thats precision
no is clear lenses
i have a 10
i dunno if its neutral density
i dunno what that is
its like a lens cover

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digikey list?
eagle list?
13mm bigger than i thougt
have to move the avre down
do that tomorrow
^dx^: not more voltage, more current
im use them in pairs or quads, dunno

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oh hmm
i think i used 10mm
and 3.5mm
im trying to figure out eagle naming conventions
^dx^: sec ill replace
eagle doesn know what a 1216 is
are you sure?
check check
1206 and 1210 is common

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but from china
0805 kit
cheap shit, tho
well, good caps 5% resistors
oooh huh
oh shit
i knew i checked
theyre compatible with FC caps from panasonic

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the split intake and edges is what made G35 #1
black looks bad unless you have servants to buff your car all the time

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itd be $2K for an early 90s accord
or $2K to have a warrantied engine dropped into my 86 rex
so its like, reliability, or compact-sport
but the compact sport will prob do 45mpg+
timecop: what does your gaycar get?
no wait you got a pedovan
also i have to check if the accords come in stick
i think so
if no fuckit i dont want
early 90s?
i want to try one of those early 2000 mazda mp3
they outperformed last gen rx7 in lateral G
macegr: ?
mp3 was a special thing they did for like two years
fuck that
they fucked it up
now its a wannabe merc
they had edge, the dropped it
edge shattered all over nissan corpy boardroom
fuck that
they all have enough power
they fucked up the best looking car of the decade
its a merc now
its a poor mans merc

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up the fuck, komrads.
up the fuck.
okay maybe i should save all my moneys and buy a new honda
then i can go shopping like all the time
and eat like a healthy person
well its either fix my honda or get new honda
about the same
if i get new one i want early 90s accord
no you want ur mom
if i was leasing or getting car loan, itd be for a last gen prelude
no exceptions
stop projecting!
because i dont want to be in debt for 5 years?
and preludes are hondas
honda is a 20 year car
thats why im considering upgrading from the 86 to the 91

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macegr: no i hate teh malls
i think its time fo incense
2 super hit and 2 nag champa
what png
any png wtf
pretty much
has to go thru and make some traces fat
^dx^: wtf is a whatever your coil is?

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so thats maybe not great
go to those coordinates in schema
i dont think i moved this one
i was afraid to touch it was much worse than the zc board (which i should mill tomorrow i guess)
i want to learn aikido and crav maga
then i can disable people with telekenesis
well, almost

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timecop: hello mr timecop i was just speaking of your uncommon absence
ERC check shows zero errors
but sprays 40 warnings
and i dont really totally understand your stubby schema
i can pastebin sec
sec ill post new pic too
the only ERC errord i get from my schema are from FRAME
which is the net i use to draw my frame and titleblocks

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maybe by wife he means computer thats not on the internet

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you drills on the drill later or use thru hole with small pad
same thing with the SD card
yeah no prob
theres too many layers
you cn stick stuff like that in mechanical or doc
or similar meaningless layers =D
but thats cool
because i just killed like 50 DRC errors bhecause theyre not really errors
you put the SD card dash line on the dimension layer
so it dimension errors on the forward mount pads
and you made holes in buttons with dimension layer circles, so traces to the pads throw DRC errors
now go thru and reduce via pad width see how many clearance errors that cleans up
where is timecop
he must be socializing with his wife or something

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^dx^: dx
your button footprints are horrible
they make DRC errors =(
i think you made circles in dimension layers
instead of drills or thru hole pads
i can delete/ignore the DRC errors
but it might fuck with the pcb-gcode ulp
i might rebuild the SD card lib too
maybe not
i guess not
because the pcb-gcode will go to the limits of your silk with the vertical mill passes
the fills
which will crash my tool
what are the white things
all of the spray dimension distance errors
its because you made the holes on dimension layer
masked dimension layer, holes gone

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you type irssi

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ima select all the traces and set to .015
then go thru and make the ones that neat to be bigger
enable the 135deg check in drc (aaaaw daaamn)
*typos, *grammar bullshit from general logic errors
it makes sure all your angles are 135degrees
so it looks sexy
ask macegr for pic

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honestly, they will buy the business, find investors, fuck it up, get out
prob buy cars and coke
but youll be out of it
they did this to a PC company, a security company
theyre getting into solar
theyre not even finished burning the security guards
but yeah solar + alt fuel
you could prob sell it to them
well assuming they in a frenzy because they have money
but yeah my friend answers the phones, angry investors all the time
fired 30 security guards, keep the girl
she smart and she a fuckin bitch
she aint tellin them shit, and she dont care if they yell
oh sorry
damn i need to close some msg windows or 30

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and then see if i need to split up ground plane
its pretty cut up by the routing anyway
^dx^: this is fun this is like the most complicated board ive done
okay i have to change L to 1206 or 1210? and i have to add pullup on avr reset
and um, how are you going to isp program?
yeah im going to add one
but was it 1206 or 1210 for the coil
oh shit
i dont even know what the looks like
big fat smt like on early 90s hard drives
opposite sides
all the IC on the bottom, connectors and buzzers and to220 and some of the caps on the top
i gotta make sure all the vias arent under parts
oh neat
you still want to sell the site?
or you feel better now
okay well i maybe know something
friend ansers phones for them

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test33: its like dark side electronics
digital is easy
you can teach yourself in 6 months
macegr: im going to make a table
with expanded steel mesh and cut up strips of steel
for my succulent named cactus
test33: its just regular electronics inverted
i was pissed!
it got done
i have to finish route
then miter all trace corners
because fuckit i spent this much time
then do heatsinks for to220

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^dx^: http://www.darkertechnologies.com/image/dxavreth05.png
rough draft almost final
i was angry towards the end =\
haha at JP2 routing

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too tired
oh haha
i did that shit one sided
i couldnt remember how it turned out

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almost kinda

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one of their warehouses
sometimes stuff has to come from another warehouse
okay i need foods
applicator for potting compounds is $25 =(

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hey guys i found it
clear potting compound, mcmaster has it
because i dont wanna get married and im not gay?
why dont you marry it
they get stuff to me next day, its unreal

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no magnifying lens for welding helmet?
6061 is so cheap at mcmaster

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i love spending money on safety shit
like, no one can bitch at me
small or mediumk sized production shop?

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they will see your transcripts

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i can burp and live in my burp
they will usable specify for all coursework or for transferable coursework

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my gas can respirator is awesome
its like personal fresh air

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want to do those, boost smps for leds, and the 7805 thing for ther uC pushing logic fets
pots on adc to control 100Hz pwm on an soic8 tiny
i dont think so
its a big place, i dunno really
i know midway does

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i want to put those in parallel
and like, do center tap stuff with them
banks of 2 and 4, etc
1.15" high
no 9vac on each
yeah parallel on input side
you can do with a switch to do 240V/120V
yeah have to get polarities right
you have to do that anyway tho, with 4 lead output dual secondary

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so youre saying mexicans are there
theyve just been demexified

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lots of actors are like that
so maybe not
like, you prob sick of it after doing a shoot
star wars = pimp
star trek = fantasy bullshit
they dont show you the concentration camps they have in order to mtaintain their earth utopia
sucks how all the mexicans died off
okay yeah that actually makes much more sense
much cleaner
well just lose all this dudes particles
no one is a problem when they are all fragmented into a billion bits of energy in some ram bank

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heh, full spectrum bass heavy slant, 0dB to -20dB
bass knob on the technics amper thing all the way up and treble mostly down
thats right, i put the amp in girl config mode
its neat the bass is like 2x10" @ alot of power loud
but the highs are like nice and clear and audible
just barely
i think i want some import ultra-Xmax 10" drivers

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yeah but does BOOM come next?
yeah man vbecause he bombed those rats on his planet
yeah it was a middle age skinny dude
rab: yes
i need more bass
on tatooine?
no doubt flapjack has his bass on his mixer turned up

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rab: rab eagle has 135d detection checkbox in drc config!
macegr: ima redo ground plane last
theyre going to get heatsinks
what target?
no i mean which particular one in this case =(
the spi is weird because the two fucking logic IC stuck in the middle of the bus
does rab die?
in the movie?
the guy in the movie who is like STAYONTARGET!!!
did he get blowd up
i think he did like after he said that was all dramadrama style
no was the skinny dude wasnt it?
there was a fat guy

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DONT ROUTE ANGRY http://www.darkertechnologies.com/image/dxavreth05.png

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ha man im routing so angry
im like fuck 135deg
if a psych dr saw this shit he would clink me for sure
ttmustang: why havent you set your windows theme to rainy day?
your going to burn out your gpu with that windows theme

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i think a hexagon pattern
and then put strips around edge of mesh
as table top
for cactus (who is my squishy succulent)
cryptic_: actually its similar
as far as being aware of the heat
like, soldering, you can see the solder wick onto things when they are the right temp
and you can tell how hot by how it moved when you touch it
like, toch welding is somewhat the same
you gotta track size and temp of a puddle of metal
and drag puddle across your work
bos_: nice
TIG welding is same as torch welding
MIG is just easy its total electric metal crayon

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bos_: neat
i want to make a spec for my parts and try and document a workflow
like, basically what order to hit it with scripts
but yeah, i can never remember exactly which of three fonts i use for what
and some are to small at certain exported DPI
also line widths for schema symbols and silk
and spacing and max dimensions for simple passive parts
i want to make a table i think
get some pulled steel mesh and strips of steel
like 1" wide .06 thick
and make a frame with welded together strips

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theres scripts to handle stuff like that
.ulp scripts
i dunno the capabilities
just go to cadsoft
and then downloads and theres a ulp section
its user contrib, mostly
i use one for converting eagle to g-code for my mill
yeah thats why autorouters are the fail
ttmustang: put the resistors near the things theyre for

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ya im broken this is the enjoyable time elsewhere for me =\
that was a few hours ago
ive further reduced ratwires
dx tried autorouter
yeah manual autorouter would take a month to find a winning combination
like, shit on the edges was placed
everything else just kinda ended up where it ended up because it fit
also, theres issues with vias
becauuse this is homefab style
so no thru hole plate
(heheh, using .010 wire for vias)
button i guess
schema and libs are all dx
i just route his shit
2pin circle thing is a speaker
but yeah the eth thing on the lower left is 3.3V

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zzzz_: board for dx
im routing his schema
its kinda the wrong way to do a uC board
like, you should kinda block diagram your externals, figure out what peripheran function pins you need, then do placement based on that, then allocate gio based on your board
is like discrete logic, if you do a schema capture with no attention to pinouts, routing gets goofy for no reason
for what?
i would guess im like 10 hours in
but its not like i just do the pcb when im working on the pcb (this aint my job yo)
yours is easy
is art, takes how long it takes
eagle router is shit tho
i dunno if you can selectively route

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eth jack
hello bos
ttmustang: experiment with copper keepout layers
trying to finish rough draft of dx board
maybe 90%

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^dx^: ^dx^ ^dx^ ^dx^ ^dx^ ^dx^

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when this is done, dx gets a lesson about uC design
namely kinda designing board and schema in parallel to optimize routing
i def earned my tiny transformers and headphone amp =\
macegr: do you know how to do pin swap stuff in eagle?
i think thats like the only lib editor thing i dont know
well im saying designing pin swap into the part
macegr: yeah
they always look at the counter when you pay
macegr: i met an RS dude knew what current was in relation to wallwarts!
the must be training them better

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oh sucky
toner cart is older?
oh sucky, maybe its the glossy paper
path0s: matte finish paper has the dots in the tecture

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oh hahai never thought of that
hmm, wait a sec i show you pic of cool toner transfer shit
not pcb
i guess they used a printer with a broken fuser
thats how the toner comes out when you kiln fire it
is would be pretty neat for branding ceramic parts
teknique: is it broke again?

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yeah but theyre artists
they should be 24/7 with respirators in ceramics departments
they hardly ever wear them
like, when theyre mixing glazes
thats about it
lots of asbestos and carcinogenic insulation fiber in those places
all the kilns have that shit just kinda crumbling off the edges and around the vent holes
someone was doing QFP with an etch method
who was that in here?
maybe 6mo ago
fuck, was the press n peel?
teknique: meh fuck that
rockshox: what space/trace do you get?
or whats your smallest package
okay but prob like soic/0805 stuff?
oh okay thats pretty good
what dpi you print at?
i think mine does 600

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path0s: yeah neat stuff
charles: yes if it lasts thats perfect
you just gotta get enough thats its a mechanical clamping
path0s: yeah
but you can get latex and silicon rubber, in raw form
you just like, mix stuff up and pour into mold or onto thing youre making a mold of
yeah i was thinking about that
dipping pcb in clear plastic
transparent device cubes, heh
epoxy is a hella generic term
some does
but yeah most doesnt
you can get mold plastics tho
all kinda, special effects shops have stuff like that
path0s: im sure they do, its prob just not stocked very much
so its prob more $$$ if its stocked at all
because yeah, who the fuck buys clear potting compound
but movie effects and sculptors use a ton of weird plastics
its nasty stuff tho
like most artists who get really deep into plastic media eventually stop for health reasons

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that way you can move around and use any container and not worry about fucking up the seal
charles: its plastic?
and a plastic or glass container?
yeah maybe get some neo magnets, tape magnet to bottom of contrainer, strap other magnet to bottom of heater thing
its neat because its non permanent so you can move it around if you need to for fitting boards or whatever
i dont think so
for the submerged magnet i think something more mechanical
than adhesive, like zipties, but those maybe wouldnt last
and metal hose clamps seem a bit overkill
yeah i dunno what that stuff reacts to
like, im sure plastics are fine
but some prob just dissolves =\
yeah but some metals might be okay
yeah haha
glob of latex or silicon

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oh wow i rock at the electronic questions
i want to try etching a board
ive never done it
CNC drill + etch would be hella fast
heh, heater = easy tech
sometimes i try to solder with it
it doesnt work =(
haha the other day i was trying to solder with a strand of IDE ribbon wire
grey insulation, was all hanging in front of me like my solder wire =\
tinning your iron with plastic is bad yo
i would try magnets

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charles: is all about unclad perfboard
basically deadbug part holder
also very easy to recover parts
because you just have to connect tinned wires and pins, dont have to solder to pads
breadboards are neat but they have to many issues for big circuits, you end up troubleshooting the breadboard instead of the circuit
naw you dont have to
you can just touch with small gage wire
like, itll be wobbly, but works for prototype
i just hate the padded ones because if you fuckup or want a part back, its more an issue
half the time the pads melt off the board =(
well yeah pcb is ideal but im saying for quick shit
hehe, that shit on elm-chan with the double sided capton tape to mount smt to breadboard was pretty neat

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zzzz_: omg i am horrible at test!

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you said old but you prob meant vet
and it is, but its kinda caught on now its weird
normally i would only see it in the congress hearings with the spooks
now they all vet this and have that vetted
yeah but i think because all the spy shit before iraq, because then they made all the cia spooks talk to like all of congress all the time
and people wrote books about the spooks with their quotes

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against LA traffic!
i can fucking die, man!
yeah semester with tech and academic courses sucks
day and night schedule =(
also welding can knock me out
sweat in a leather monkey suit and helmet for 2 hours, okay now sprint home on bike machine
back in the day
junior high i walked to school because i was so pissy with mom i wouldnt let her give me a ride
so i took whiteoak, which was unpaved back then
so yeah mufucker
i walked 5mi thru fuckin dusty trails and mud to get to school
he had one before what was it
we were to vet this
vet is so the new catchy talk like a spook term
politicians say it too much now its kinda embarassing, like, you aint no spy, fat man, sit down
the schema is plageurized!?

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im taking triq right now, my math credit level is shit
er, trig
so they accepted me because i mad tech degrees and maybe state kid, etc
blargh2: fuck high school
macegr: basically, i need to do a year at least of math and physics, bio, chem
everyone said do it at pierce, because its easier
so im doing it pomona
but yeah, i dont have normal transfer requirements
i just have the bare min entry for submitting an application
but im accepted and paid my deposit for BSEE fall 2008
i have two tech degrees from a public school and a lib arts AA
cal poly pomona
i dont want to leave LA honestly
its home
and once people leave its very hard to justify the cost of moving back
didnt apply, not really interested
i like smaller programs
i would do transfer or grad work at caltech
or UofWA
cant think of anyone offhand
dude wtf
i ride 2mi to school
2mi back
2mi to school
2mi back
4 days a week

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because i would rather have the practical experience first than a lot of pointless theory
i aint trying to design opamps or processors or LEDs
i want to use them, and i can now
macegr: which?
blargh2: we get the theory we need
we dont dwell on it
macegr: where im transfering or the one ive finished?
i finished AS Electronics at LACCD Pierce, AS CNC Programming at same school, im doing BSEE at Calpoly Pomona in fall
well, BSEE prereq
because my acceptance is weird, special case i think
blargh2: ive learned something useful in every class ive ever taken
also every bike ride, and every time i went to thge beach or read a book
heres the thing
i have almost no engineering math/sci preq

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well sucks to be you, ive has maybe 6 circuits lectures and labs
DC, AC, Semiconductors, logic, processors, transmission lines, RF circuits, discrete analog, opamps
yeah nice i could look that up in a sec no doubt
design with opamps or design opamps
yeah see thats not the same thing as making opamp circuits
thats an analog class
yeah but if you cant pimp an opamp in 100 ways, how you gonna know what to design for
its not like i dont think engineering is useful
im doing it in the fall
but like, im glad i did the tech program first

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well, is hard to explain to normal people
like, some people not used to working with ns as a base unit
there are techs who can design as well as any engineer
and there are engineers who cant work a scope
i know a very real examples of both
yeah well fuck whats said, when an engineer is fucking sitting there with a clearly labeled scope interface in front of him lost, thats some iconic shit
techs who can troubleshoot know what a nanosecond is
if you dont know what .05us on your scope is, you fail at being a tech
we were on scopes since day one of AC, two to four times a week
after a semester of just fucking with DMM and resistors and DC maths
fucker ken tricked us
has us just playing with resistors like lames for a semester =(

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the guy who is stupid, by your standards, his house is fine, because he knew the local codes, which exist for a reason
because engineers go to tech programs and show how much they didnt learn
to get a degree
because engineers have a theoretical background
and because engineers generally think they dont need techs
that they can just learn the real life electronics as they go along
okay well those are shitty techs
maybe they got a trade school education, i dunno
my program wasnt job training
well then if you dont have their mil thing with their mil procedures, you might not be so impressed
okay thats not a tech, thats a tard, your hiring practices need to improve
100Hz to a human being

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because theyre basic they dont need answering
no because im assuming they mean max current on the output rails thru the circuit
because i dont think you know
the error of your ways is you think you can think yourself to a decent answer instead of just asking someone who gets paid because they know
youre an engineer, you dont learn this stuff
its not youre job, so you saying definitely doesnt make it any less maybe to me
im not an electrician, im a tech, its not my job, so i wouldnt say i was sure until i asked someone who knows, by law
haha, althought i have all the education to becomre some sort of higher level technician
my school was first approved for program (i finished all the courses at my school)
so i just need mad experience =\
sure man
if engineers where that great, techs wouldnt exist
an engineers would make calcs and do it his way
and then some massive power surge, his house burns down

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240V -> BREAKER COIL -> WIRE -> 10R -> 120V -> 10R -> WIRE -> BREAKER COIL -> 0V
you are trying to deal with current on wire by monitoring current thru the breaker
both breaker coils are in the breaker box
both are dropping about the same voltage, equally loaded
both are running 15A
?? laws
how do you know thats the max rating?
its about power dropped in the lines and in the breaker
if thats a max output rating, then polarity is squared out
thanks i learned a ton
are you gonna call the electrician so you can actually tell us?

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youre not telling me anything new
okay so you dont want to pull more than 5A
because you shit burns at 10A, and youre paranoid
what if something bridges the fuse
thank you mr engineer
look, you have two 15A rails
on two breakers
thats 30A
not 15A, regardless of polarity
thats what makes sense to me
everything else youve said is kinda irrelavent
dude, power
square the voltage, no?
what happens to negative voltage when you square it?
do you ever get negative amounts of power?
thats why polarity doesnt matter
by your reasoning, equal rails pull 0A
blarge its okay
avr32 are better

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but 5A is failure mode
omg engineers wtf
well if itll protect a wire in a wall itll prob protect the wires in a motor
you thinkg maybe?
also theyre prob cheaper if youre buying alot
dude failure happens
not allowed wtf
if engineers did shit right techs would exist
critical failure happens
no i mean youre buying alot
like to stock multiple buildings
lower amps = less metal = less money in mad bulk quantities
ive never had an electrical fire
UL or non UL
ive had them burn up
but they dont start fires
critical failures happen tho
and thats how they design this shit
maybe this summer
i need to visit electronics department

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voltage is just a max voltage rating of your electromechanical thing
many times it has to do with isolation
max current is based on the heat the things its protecting can take
not if it exceeds power draw for the source
and not if [insert random local codes here]
watching vids from other chan now
zzzz_: ^
1/5/10 A breakers
blargh2: people who dont want more than 5A on a line?
how about lights in a fixed system
how about a low amps motor on independent circuits
yeah so you can shut down subsystems
yeah what macegr said
because 10A burns the part
5A doesnt

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sure, theyre just blocks of discrete stuffs
spice directive scripts for subschema, basically
blargh2: im assuming its an output rating
in which case, you have two wires going to two loads, both dissipating heat at 15A due to wire resistance
okay well youre dumb
because youre not an electrician
because you would just know and wouldnt be asking
not 240V
youre not dropping 240V across the breakers and wires
okay sure
then why are you asking
no you dont
you drop almost nothing across the breakers
macegr: yeah like, the shit that doesnt catch your neighborhood on fire
yes and the wries too
however at high current, they can generate heat
and hairline breaks in solid core can cause fires

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you have the max amps stated and the max current stated
like, fuses dont convert like that
a 240V 1A fuse wouldnt be a 2A fuse at 120V
im saying it doesnt matter, youre pulling two rails at 15A
and dropping the heat across different wires in the breaker box
so it doesnt just add up to 15A in the breaker
no it isnt
they both dissipate heat
they both dissipate positive amounts of head
wtf why do you think things have current ratings
15A on two wires
theyre both outputs
i know all this shit
i know it like the shaft of my cock
you can do logic
you just have to discrete model it
opamps are same way usually

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you wouldnt double for 120V
these things arent really dropping voltage, they dont care or even really see it
theyre current sense things
it looks like a center tapped transformer
no i dont think so
you have two lines thru the box with 15A
so its 30A
i think youre thinking too hard
theres is two wires with 15A in the breaker
dropping those wires amount of heat at 15A
breaker box
yeah nice okay
so you have two wires doing 15A but you think it cancels because theres no neutral load
i dont believe that, call an electrician or something

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blargh2: call electrician and ask
if they want money, go fu and hang up
but while youre hanging up, act like you got electructed
and they will feel guilty and you can be like haha
you would use two power boxes to feed the breaker box
sound your word out pheonetically you will find you sound nothing like pauly shore
yeah so dont do it
or buy a bigger box and run from multiple sources or something
why /2
what does volta have to do with current
its 240VCT
no its prob 315A MAX AND 240V MAX

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then have all the isolated ground planes teathered to the star ground with like 16ga or something
weirdo jumpers and shit, ground planes on outside
alot of dead bug RF stuff is built into little pcb boxes
thats what happens
i dont like cute stupid girls =(
yeah see
shes a dork
but she look fun
whats that heh
like, 'okay, dont be building bridges now.'
prob not

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ya rly
haha people come over and if im working on PCB i half ignore them =\
for years now
it was even an issue with exexgf
she was jealous of first pcb (bridged-parallel dual chipamp)
macegr: yeah really
like remember those things with the missing tile
and you would slide tiles around until pic showed up
PCB is kinda like that
like SPI will be routed eventually
^dx^: spine hole surgeon?
yeah but is good you know whats up
omg so soon!
when i do audio boards for a mixer, i might run power to the IC in shielded stereo cable
stranded 18awg, looks like
bipolar rails and gnd shield

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^dx^: i present to you spi level conversion mess
rough draft pretty much done except for that and sticking all the caps in by whatever theyre supoosed to be
most of it was fun
really only SPI is frustrating
everything there wasnt anything especially difficult
some stuff can be dne better, when its roughed out ill go thru and optimize trace sized and stuff like button placement
well, alot of it yeah
the traces split up the ground plane pretty well, but ive managed to keep it continuous
haha, macegr suggested a 4 layer board
also, with adjustment of schema, i can make routing even simpler, more direct
for example if you reverse that gate connections on IC5
possible not
IC2 and IC5 were fun to route

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theres probably a reset pin
and no you dont need to reset it
unless it needs to be phase correct for something
you likely need to tie one to three enable pins to hi or lo
youre gonna make me look shit up
you are now at $5
its per every research document looked up to solve your problem
rab has bought several wives alreadfy with is profits
is it going to be bussed?

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xreal: tell me what that chip is so i dont have to look
and maybe
generally, you wanna feed the output of a toggle flipflop into the clock of another toggle flipflop
JK or T FF would work
xreal: ur not helping me help you very much
just hit it with a clock
the low bit should divide your lock by one
er, 2
bit0 = /2; bit1 = /4; bit2 = /8

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i beat you

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happy ending
oh you mean gothi[c]

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