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no energy need flavor
flavor then notblog

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charles: yeah fuck blogging about electronics lets droll on about off topic OS shit
okay im rdy, hit me
by a magnet?
sometimes they use tiny hall switches
heh, w00t
oh its not a phone its a wannabe computer
haha user reset
'can i call you back i have to rebootz kthx brb'

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macegr_: omg ur sleep

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are you trying to propose to me or something?
no stu
stu: racial hatez
but its cute
its not super funny, even

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macegr_: notblogging furiously
macegr_: what to call crossover project?
Darker Macetech RGB Block VU Meter
trust its not mac, heh
mail him something sometime
okay but i got grow leds and curious strong component audio all buletted out
to multiple levels of bullet even
(at darker technologies, bullets make laser blaster noises)

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nono, smps ic
i gotta make phone call and hax a page together

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yeah resistance can be an issue if theres lots of freq dropout or if you get lots of voltage spikes
how much current and what freq?
100uH prob fine
oh, then maybe even way lower
yeah its load dependent
load and switch freq
well, duty too
you just have to make sure at your duty cycle, its not on enough to dump to much current into the coil
because the current thru the coil and diode ramp up, the higher the uH, the slower the ramp
yeah but it kills efficiency
it might just break it, id have to think about it
some of them have current limit set resistors
itll drop out if not enough uH
so you know you just need a bigger one

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stu: yeah its basic electronics at unreal levels
school bus sized caps back at the distribution stations
actually no
but i would assume they exist
however you can hax feedback
variable resistor would do it
spi digipot is prob the most adaptable way
stick on the high side resistance of the feedback path
i think so
there are 1024 state ones
but you know how its all kinda fuzzy with the adc dac stuff
it just means you can put 1024 diff numbers in, you might not get 1024 diff states out
its like low end of usable for alot of apps
100-200uH is like good size without too much bulk
well you can find any value
in any size
its current handling tradeoff
i have a 1mH coil
but its a sense loop
well resonant freq depends on what caps are in the circuit around it

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you guys dont run bipolar power?
i thought you guys were split 440
is is the lightning rod
were both ways
and yeah, they might just do it at the hookup if you guys are getting it direct from the ground
stu: i would maybe consider getting into city power engineering
just to be that aware of the city grids
its high very demand, tho
everyone decided they wanted to be digital or RF or embedded engineers
no one wants to do big power so now everyone is fucked for intelligent management and labor
its basically all old guys who really want to retire now
its prob the next big shift
digital is cake
but some form of mass energy production is gonna be next engineering killer app
if you can put up something clean that can power couple hundred thousand houses for low cost, you are like status: tek god

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denielson: if its capacitively coupled
then yes it will have slight current and slight voltage
but nothing like electrons haulin ass at 10A
neutral has almost no electronic field component
the world
not kidding
but it doesnt have electric field energy, it has magnetic field energy based on current flow
while hot lines will always have 60hz E fields, and then have a magnetic field when current is happening
i think so
at the transformer
and then earth in your house is spiked into the ground at your house, im pretty sure by the power company box
to earth
yeah, its literally earth
denielson: honestly i never noticed them

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macegr_: they still prob run them side by side
but yeah i think half would be head line
although it might have E field, even tho current
id have to see the switch layout again
haha switch layouts: WTF HOW DO I DO THIS?
[diagram seen] oh wtf DUH SRY RETARD HERE
it wont always carry current tho
neutral wire wont have E field
just H field
and only if its carrying current
no current and no voltage = dead line, antenna, funky capacitor
im up in ur wallz, capacitating ur howz
we need to do 'icanhaselectronics'

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'if you love me you would understand'
because she aint no mans bitch
good for her
(i really mean that)
no doubt
itd have to be pulling current
theyre all run together anyway

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damn do you want his schedule?
ude some chicks dig fat guys
some really hot chicks
sometimes its not even a control or fallback thing
you just have to find a chick who presents herself as not wanting love
that way when she falls in love when because you are so awesome, you can be like 'what? that was not in the lease, yo.'
wtf house at 28
yeah nice anchor
so worth it
nice common areas #1
im like fuck that

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for the fuck
and for the greatest reason of all
'because its time, dawg'
'what about love?'
'huh? oh yeah luv, that too. well of course i love here. right'
its because someone told them that if they didnt get married by 30 they are fail
that if they didnt have house car kid puppy milk man and back door, they would not be happy
back door at least has a triple meaning in this sense
like, no one can argue than when considered in the context of non-siritual humanity, religion and god is rather incidental
it is an iside, it has no place in practical thinking as anything it can contribute it can take away, and thus takes itself out of the equation

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oh but i said some shit to sexy polish teacher and she was like 'i will use this in my battle with my husband'
and i your welcomed her
and in my head we had this moment like 'in another very similar life...'
i am like 1/8 polish, so...
blackmoon: !
macegr_: 'aetheism is based in an unprovable believe, and holds onto a notion of having a supernatural power which involves knowning that which by every definition can not be known. it is based at its core ONLY in faith, as is every religion.'
she like woed at this
which surprised me because im like isnt this what sociologist talk about over coffee and lunch?
she will attack the atheist husband with my word
the agnostics will prevail
heil science

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skipped cycles, weird resonance chaos
open baffle is clarity
ill take clarity over power any day
db dragging is for fgs
i think he meant material
lexan is too hardcore or too clear?
macegr_: oh i found out today my divorced teacher crsh is remarried to an aetheist
so while i can obviously destroy his feeble mind
i feel it is prob best to leave it be
blackmoon: yes i giggled at that as well
blackmoon: omg you are going to far!
put holes in all your weaties
perfect circles
just cuz

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yeah, it seems like geek trade show stuff
i been to comics, cards, it seems like same kinda deal
unsocial people being social! ph33r
xtrollah: fuck that
they sound good
like, no port noise issues
no sealed enclosure pressure issues
totally free voice coil movement
like, youre actually gonna get the spec'ed response
macegr_: itll just be circles and holes!
dude they test them open baffle
your spl gain?
the was an spl loss when the coil was moving backwards
and that doesnt mean you get more power going forward
because then after 20min of listening your speaker voicecoil would be down the block
you get distortion

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hmm k
so grow leds, altoid stacked audio, and crossover project
does color themed VU sound okay?
seems doable and a good demonstration of led blocks
okay so then thats pretty final
and then i do as many components as i can
starting with essential stuff
i wanna do it anyway
coffee can open baffle speakers
diff sizes for diff speakers
i wont present as my project, just as support for the actual project
like 'oh yeah we this isnt my projects, altoids is just to small for speakers. sadfaces'
also, you can just make something in acrylic
literally like a bent piece so it stands up and then cut mount holes into it
open baffle is actually a decent way to setup speakers, it just looks ghetto
and isnt exactly safe

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ke you wanna both do sites and then we can link and do crossover thing kinda on both
your idea up to you
i will rework diagrams and try and gets some libs for connectors drawn
then get a few rough placements and maybe you can figure out how to sketchup
macegr_: okay so wanna try and have submission ready 1 week from now?
that gives a couple days to figure anything out if we need to
no 15 is deadline?
okay yeah then by sunday try and have presentations final
oh they dont wait?
okay then by friday i guess

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reza: ideally its zero, i think they usually spec output impedance
you maybe have to glean it from short circuit currents
basically gain should only be output impedance dependent in wtf crisis situations
in 1900 cats were shitting iron

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okay what did you want to do
man we having horrible convo latency
okay but i know what i want to do and i have idea for the crossover project
(VU from stacked RGB blocks with color themes)
okay and one of both of us should host a page

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macegr_: macegr_

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debug cant do shit about that unless it totally fakes interrupts
it can basically remap everything except those

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i made sense of it once
its basically like, asm goes first, flash goes here, ram for allocated variables
stack allocation, etc
dude #electronics needs to figure this shit out fureal by summer
these cheap are too awesome for too cheap to only get working halfway
the debug shit has to be smart, expecially about vector remapping
because the proc will hardware jump to the flash or remap addy

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looks proper
timecop: http://rafb.net/p/Ebd98s94.html
what is that
it starts at addy 0
your new past starts at adress 200000
ctretsch: yeh
its not hitting that code
it might be doing it wrong i think
debug and see what addy gets hit on interrupt
yeah, its loading something into ram before your crt.s
fuck if i know dude
but it aint starting at 0000
which leads me to think something in the linker isnt working with the ram debug
which is honestly outta my league

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is that your asm?
because if your asm isnt b [here], fuck i have no clue
i suspect the linker but i cant even think of alot of logical reasons
that looks proper if those labels are defined
look later in the file for them
yeah but make sure theyre actually in the code with asm after
no make sure theyre functional tho
they might be all in a row, right
just blank
same adress
timecop: it should be loading the asm literal
but it needs to do relinking to debug in sram
because all the adresses are diff
like, normal int operation isnt to jump to ram $0
oh shit
timecop: try turning the remap on
maybe you need your code to hit the ram space vectors
my best guess is whatever the debugger is doing to make it work in ram, it isnt doing it all the way

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actually it does
which would be failure
unless they hand another set of jumps
for no reason
because the handlers arent one word long
yeah not possible
i suspect your linker fails you
there is another possibility
there is a feature which overlays ram onto flash
you dont have anything in 0000
if its jumping to flash and using that as vectors, it might not be initialized
which is why youre see weird opcode
but that seems odd too
because they opcodes arent ALL the same
but if its not the linker, i suspect something odd with the ram debug vectoring
or possibly it is incompatible with your linker, so the linker isnt bad it just needs modification for ram debug
no he means the decoded hex i think
what is it now, in failure mode

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hell i would call that a program crash
chick reminds me of my sister
it should be loading your .s file literal
yeah what
that looks proper
uh what
you actually decoded the hex?
thats a branch to 0018?
your shit is broke
see if theyre defined labels
um, because your asm isnt branching to the handler labels
its doing something else

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macegr: hihi
your asm is failure
wait the asm in sram is not the asm in your file?
but is it using it when it loads into ram
if its all b to itself its not fine

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dude you tube told me to 'be cool'
i feel awkward about that
i wouldnt?
jezus fuck thats an easy question

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21:24 < macegr> he keeps clicking on youtube links
21:25 < macegr> he never learns
haha classic
macegr: do you think he actually clicks or do you think its aliased in his irssi?
maybe its actually a script

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macegr: kk

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national law is meaningless now
world business is unstoppable, you cant just flip a switch

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timecop: peanut butter = <3

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okay i has a plan

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dunno, that looks kinda normal
like a topped plant
just short
i was expecting a 8" budding plant =(
i do too
ima fix that problem
well flat top is kinda normal
on topped plants, because you just cut off their main stalk
denielson: you should make more local friends

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it wont fit 3" drivers
and 2" dont seem to come in round bezels

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Altoids Tangerine Sours Tin are candies so strong they come in a metal tin.
i like apple
At 78 mm in external diameter and 25.4 mm overall height, the package is designed for portability and fits conveniently inside the consumer's hand.
its an article about the altoids sours tin, no bullshit

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im like gee thank, how i feel right now is prob why they never do that in front of patients
dr with degrees from russia, mexico, and america
so i got a new dr on a more expensive st

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ita pain not numbness
siatica = pinched big nerve
so somewhat expected
fucked up tho, i hate when my big nerve gets pinches at my hip
phantom paints behind knee and under foot, sucks
wtf @ polarized LED
two LED in inverse parallel
yay i am happy for you
thats so awesome
some places they just seem to throw jello at you at let you watch basic broadcast TV
dude last clinic i went to made me pee in a wax cup
then their tech did the treated paper piss tests in front of me
then dumped my piss into the sink and washed his hands in the sink

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^dx^: ARE YOU OK
neat you can make words your hands work!

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cnc time would prob be close if i wanted excellent finish
excuse to buy 1/16 or 1/32 endmills
bbl company

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rab: its neat put it actually distorts a bit
and any speaker im going to buy is gonna have a fat rubber surround
so its going to be mounted external
instead of behind the panel
thats the other reason i want to use the base instead of the top for speaker mounting
the speaker is going to basically take up at least 80% of the diamater, prob close to the whole thing
thats neat tho
if you could get precise pattern with the etching, it would be neat for like the tops, for ventilation
i think i wanna be a biter and write something in morse code in the amp vent holes
will that work?
i could just machine it off
actually i could just machine holes
so as neat as it is, i already have a big expensive tool for holes in steel

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that might fit into a sours tin sticking 1.5" out the back, heh

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and fix with at least two bolts
timecop: makefair
so im making altoid component audio system
pro shit.
macegr: i will make drawings

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but i dont think its as nice a look
prop rod = lame, because it would be fixed, an the hinge basically non functional
because they wont close
i was gonna do like speaker to tin bottom
tin bottom mounted to tin top, perpendicular
so the tin bottom would be facing up, altoids label showing
and the speaker would be mounted in a .75 plain steel cylinder
take the lid and put it on the table
because it is, get over it
take lid, put on table, take bottom and put on its side on top of lide

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altoid mint stack system with open baffle altoid sours main speakers and 4" woofers mounted in cdr cakes
and now there almost is no power limit, within reason
1W was a battery limit
15:52 <+Legalize> http://www.cnn.com/2008/WORLD/aids/AIDS/AIDS/aid.s/
i really <3 that guy
the woofers/sub?
the altoid speakers?
they cant
speakers are all too deep
if you can fold them you just cut out your mounting metal
naw with decent sp4eakersm, the hole is the whole backside
same effect, more rought edges, still have to make it stand up
its .75" deep
well you have to break it
thats why
mints are hinged
sours tin tops come off
you can prob them up

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yeah i was thinking rubber gasket block
youre thinking those other candy mints
fruit things
they come in circle contrainers made of plastic
sev has those =(
dude have you had those?
theyre fucked up addictive
sours come in a round tin
apple, tangerine, lemon is common
sometimes passion fruit
red tins is apple sours, theyre fucked up good
oh rasberry too i think
wait no
lid is base
lid is base and bottom is speaker mount
more stable that way, look better too
okay yeah
i was gonna do 2 and keep it tight
but with 4 i could even make it tall
(tall in like a relative sense, not like fureal tall)
okay that is neat

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no reciever
its not a portable thing anymore
you would have to break out the antenna or hack your own onto it
speakers = altoid sours tins
open baffle, use the bottom to mount the speakers
and the top as the base

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its weird because i didnt hear about that
i heard about the gy who got jailed over a spec of herb found on his shoe
which is worse
but i dunno that dude, i know grooverider
rab: yeah special cans and flavors for valentines
passion fruit is seasonal
heh, i can make a non component consumer amp out of the altoids sour tins
altoid src selector
gotta have signal src selection
damn now it begs for an RIAA input and a radio tuner component
macegr: okay this has become like #1 scalable project ever this year

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man who the fuck schedule him in dubai
id rather not ive never been into large black men
ive heard
he was booked in dubai
curiously sterong preamp, equalizer, crossovers, 1ch amps
cdr cake subwoofer
maybe open baffle altoid tin speakers
and VU output unit
yeah 15 days

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man fuck
2.5gr of herb and pr0n
not even an eight
thats like $30 retail
fuck that, grooverider fucked up for going to a bad place
avg junglist isnt suicidal
no doubt

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its not really a sink
fuck no sentencing
the radio said 4 years
how come we arent invading them
we need to save grooverider
brits will invade their allies to save two soldiers who were sabotaging allied mission
but they will not invade an ally to save grooverider
theyre our buddy

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wouldnt take long to do a C/W test on them
fluke + AD597 module (i have bunch of little boards) + thermocouple
solder to chassis, drop 1W across an active load
depends how much power i dare to put in a candy tin
under 5W you can get smt chipamps that spec to ambient
rab: yeah its great until it heats up
then it holds it
rab: keep in mind theyre thin tho
its not ideal, but its not futile either
i can always machine some custom Al sink
and drill some vents on top
actually, what proper amp component doesnt have vent holes
neat, a reason to learn morse code for a night

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some of them are
because the signal gen isnt meant to power circuits
so at a uni, TAs run the labs?
this seems to be a common theme in stories
ha, big student/teacher disconnect right there

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i would use it in a lab
like 75% of what i do in LTspice is model filter poles for AC response
because most circuits can be proken down into very specific sets of passive device circuits
so i dont even model whole circuits for most design shit, ill model like the input section of a preamp or put simulated loads on a source circuit
pspice is ok
multisim is similar, i like it more tho

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but ive killed off like 3/4 of their tech department
i wont get welding cert, but ive done two semesters of welding lab, finished machining/CNC, and finished electronics
only thing left is autoshop
and while that would honestly be really neat, i think ill pass
i dont have a high school diploma
i gtfo of that mess
i go have a GED and a 1350 SAT tho
i just got detoured half thru and alot of things beyong my control made it impossible

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(i also showed up late)
so like, he calls everyone in from outside who finished the test
and just starts the class and goes for like 150 more minutes
going over time limit before he decides to stop teaching
and he takes roll at the end
which honestly i have zero prob with
if its on his time
i think he maybe just forgot
he gets into it, hes a cool little dude
because like, people usually stay inside for breaks
so it was kinda like what happens when breaks are over
ima be doing like a year of prereq at pomona
i dont even meet their transfer requirements for non engineering students
i meet their base minimum units for finishing the application
like, my electronics department head went there for tech BS
and i have two tech degrees from a public school
and a lib arts AA
so i think they just kinda went 'hmmm, ok'
ive been at my CC for 5 years now

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serious if i had car failure on some of LAs ramps, id crawl down them
toes and palms
i could not be paid to stand up by the rail
not a fuckin rail thats shit is like knee level
thats a fuckin trap, yo
switchbacks up mountain sides?
erope has tons of crazy shit like that, is why you guys has so many pavement rallys
or i dunno i guess not you guys i dunno where you live
cars make alot of power
never underestimate massive downgearing
some vw prob making like 30hp, people get them up steep hills in 1st not so much drama
well, unless is one of those death heat days...
but yeah last week, trig teacher:
'you have this much time for test'
so ive done none of the homework, so im like actually working shit out and then actually checking my work to confirm to be sure
so i use up all the time

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dude its a 2mi bikeride
i do it 4 times a day three days a week, and 2 more times on monday
that can be worse
like, dealing with traffic is a whole other kinda frustration
my shit just wears me out
but its good for me and it gives me time everyday to think without being distracted
oh hahaha
dude nyc traffic is unreal
its real traffic
its always moves, just slooooow
LA is wtf traffic, either stop and go or 80mph bumper to bumper
its hard to explain to people how sometimes traffic dont go slow here
test33: dude i hated driving in NYC
LA heds are spoiled by our civil engineers =\
seriously, if you follow the speed limit on curves on freeways interchanges...
and you avg size car, you can do pretty much all of them no hands
like, we have ramps 100ft in the air that are awesome to drive on
tho if you had car failure, you be walking along a 2ft railing with the road at like a 30d slant
test33: yeah i went twice
one i went with friends, and we brought a car
it was interesting
we knew people in brooklyn, so spent alot of time there
car isnt so bad
car in manhatten is like total fail
macegr: yeh

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okay neat then we should do that
like, most h4x method: LM391x + hard set blocks
and the hook would be its all the same blocks, with diff color themes
i have school at 7
but i might not go
because 3 hours of trig makes me hate life
3rd hour is like spontaneuous combustion level of DO NOT WANT and we took test last week
and this teacher goes over and cuts short breaks constantly
i hate being angry at the gay indian dude, hes a good trig teacher
i find my self prefixing my sentences with 'hey... [declarative statement]' in my head like him now
i have early classes and late classes
so its not like im waking up at noon at getting out of class at 10p
im like, waking up at 8p to get to 11p classes on time
then come home by two
then yeah, either 6-9 class or 7-10 class
i might not go
he pissed me off last week

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kirchoffs current law, the current thru the fet and the topside, lowside loads are the same
so if you change the load, the ratio of voltage in the topside and lowside loads is different
because voltage is based on resistance
by placing a less resistive load in parallel or in place of a higher idle load, you change the gain of the circuit
this is why you can destroy some class-A configs by operating without a load
the gain becomes out of spec, very bad things, etc
you adjust the output by setting a gain with a DC resistor in parallel with your AC coupled load
class-A is shit
feedback and proper active output biasing defeat class-A in damn near every parameter
i think grow lights and altoid component system
headphone amp and battery stuff can do later or never
maybe we can do an altoid VU interface for your led blocks

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stu: its just a file like: time1 volts1 time2 volts2 time3 volts3
sounds like a job for spreadsheet and cop paste, heh
its biased by the source and drain loads
changing those changes the gain of the amp

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in pulse, there is a dimmed out Additonal PWL Points button
okay nm
that button is always there it undims in pwl mode
stu: PWL FILE option + ninja text editor
stu: can you gen a wave file of it?
heh, pwm pink noise

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like, volts@time scripting
oh hmm
yeah the pwl thing can prob do that but itd be alot of manual labor or some erotic text editor scripting
AC analysis just works with a sine sweep
sec lemme open i dont remember there being anything like that for the pulse gen
they update their jig examle alot
i should check those out some more, i think theyre prerolled circuits for ltspice switchers
okay weird

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i was pretty amazed at the variety when i started looking at switcher IC
didnt expect so much >1MHz stuff
everyone hates coils tho
heh took me years to do anything useful with a sim
LTspice is pretty neat because most most solutions are very cross platform for spice sim
like, even when you use the gui to manipulate the spice directives, it still shows you the spice code its producing
ha youre doing something insane with caps or coils or an opamp im guessing
dunno, context?
i think thats the one where you can set voltages and time

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stu: set it to 0
decrease shunt capacitance or series resistance or increase load resistance
above audio to few MHz
for efficiency, low freq towards audio is common
higher freq you get less efficiency to to high ratio of slew time to level time
but you can use smaller parts, so for tiny shit or cheap shit towards and bit past MHz isnt uncommon
so yeah, 40-100KHz for efficiency, maybe 500KHz to 3MHz for small reactive components

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custom acrylic fab would obviously be simple and sexy
but it kinda kills the random junk chassis theme
i guess i can do tiny open baffle speakers

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oh hmm
you want a 5second period?
period = freq
its gonna turn on for 20uS
macegr: so i was thinking at school
DC input is alot better for component amp
much, much more freedom
macegr: what to make speakers from?
you can put speakers in altoid cans
even 1" speaker will fit ut the back
so i want to do 4" subs in CDR cake containers
but i dunno what to make the main speakers cabs from

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i hope they kill each other
well, theyre not extreme neo-con evangelist backed right
our biggest enemy was our biggest ally 25 years ago
we made a rambo about it
rambo played goat polo with them
nice chassis
thats basically how i wanna do grow leds
except with a heatsink Al back
thats what i use for sim
go to advanced menu
pulse, i think, you can set period and duty
you set the period?
you dont have to set most things

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if you kill innocents and feel it is justified, you are a devil to them, by any common definition
calling backlash terrorism because you opponent cant afford tanks or fighter jets is a bit thin
whatever its tech related
we gave them stinger missiles to kill an evil empire
soldiers on horses pwned the most ph33rsome helicopters in the world with them
american weapons tech > all
macegr: exactly
basically, extreme rights and extreme muslims killed an evil empire together
and both sides decided it was time to kill the last remaining empire
(each other)

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anything short of announcing politically to the world, 'sorry, we fucked up' is failure at this point
prove to me there are terrorists
i dont consider CIA trained rebels pissed off at america terrorists
i consider them CIA rebels
they dont hate us because we are free, they hate us because we fucked them and we left them behind
over, and over, and over, and over
rest of the world doesnt have a 4 year memory
also, fighting terror with conventional weapons made for a 19th century mechanized war in the mild climate of eastern europe:
same goes for fighting gorilla armys without uniforms
when you bomb non industrialized countries from 40K feet, you are an evil supernatural power

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so like, central america is like, OMG IM RICH BITCH status
rab: the big score seems to be finding work in south or central america employed or contracted by a US company
but this isnt so much a career choice as a i really dont wanna get invaded or nuked choice
not that a nuke will kill me
but itd prob be lonely when all my fav places and people are vaporized
rab: yeh, lately it has been less of a concern
another 4 years of corpy ass licking will destroy this place and likely genocide another region, ill kindly take my citenship elsewhere

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costa rica, northern europe, canada
new zealand
maybe thailand, i dunno if id wanna live there
but they hardcore peoples, as far as east asia, never been taken over
rab: politically stable
bad shit there = crime on tourists
rab i live in los angeles
everywhere except center of NYC and san francisco is cheap
rab: i can understand, i can speak, i dont practice
i could learn in a monh if i had to
(half my family its their first language, so its been around me all my life)
rab: i know
los angeles isnt much diff
people get paid more here but everything costs more

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i love how hillary is trying to spin last night as a big turnaround for her
like, one significant win, one big loss, and basically two ties, and it looks like she might fail in the TX caucuses
and shes basically just as behind in delagates as she was before
the only way she can win:
blowouts in every remaining primary
or superdelagates
which is major fail for dems if they choose a candidate that the voters didnt
i will leave the fuckin country if she wins
serious if voters in america are that retarded, and cali wont break off, im off this train
macegr: few people at least
mrmister: ^
maybe costa rica

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i got sesame bagel + bacon + egg + cheese
with arizona watermelon drink

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the fact that im answering proves it
and youre here daily too
k bbl

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macegr: hex socket cap screws for PCB mounting/component feet
damn okay now im totally late at scociology teachers class
this morning school + night school schedule is fucked up

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#2 is sweet
altoids that go to 11
VFD display attenuator
9V wart supply is smart tho
naw its neat its still kinda early
so now would be the time
heh, like before schema are drawn and parts are selected
because yeah now i want to make a boss dc wart based system
because i kinow they have fanout cables for their pedals and its mostly the same barrel plug
can def do magnetic stacking now
neo magnets can go where the batteries go
maybe they are strong enough i dont have to do magnets top and bottom i can just do pairs on the pcb

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macegr: if i did smps it have to be in its own altoid (shielding) with mad caps
but yeah, itd be neat to make a bipolar supply from any input voltage at good efficiency
ren y sis
omg so h4x
maybe bridged 12AX7
(because i love those little preamp envelope dual triodes)
yeah but no power
12AX7 are dual and they might be able to do 1W out

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its supposed to be a portable thinger
tho i dunno, i guess i could make it a house unit
well, its space and noise
and people will flame
because its minimalist audio
like, a seperate psu altoid
with tiny toroids, would be sexy
okay but fureal, if i decide theyre a house unit, i can drop all batteries
do bipolar regulated power with shielded stereo cables amd some interesting connector
alternatively, you just do 9V barrel plugs like on BOSS stomp pedals
on everything, and then use boss fanout adapters to power all the little stuff
from one wart
okay that is maybe smarter
because that kills off alot of issues

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well, exact circuitry depends on the sensor and the sense circuitry in the ECU
macegr: meh at smog
<3 the bus strike, i used it as an excuse to drive the 280Z i had to school
shit was like permanjent non smoggable, someone fucked with the EGR stuff
hackish: get an amp with adjustable gain
well, assuming its a voltage mode sensor
southpark got so not funny at some point
its like katamari ball games
instead of continuing to progress, at some point they just started trying to act like themselves
fuck i gotta go to school
macegr: i think everything will fit
into the altoids tins
ima use 9V batteries in signal power stuff, and then 4AAA for the power amps, batteries in an H config so room for pots and connectors
i used eagle schema for cad =\

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you could develop it with a single ADC
then for installation you recode so it uses both ADC
(you cant program 8pin ATtiny normally if you use all 6 free GIO as you have to disable reset)
prob about $2.50, not including connectors
$1 uC, $.75 dual opamp, $.75 in transistors and passive
you want an active current sink circuit, which will pull the same current you set regardless of voltage
then you set the voltage on top of the sink circuit
basically fake (or create, meh) a resistance
fake a resistor, create a resistance
yeah its neat, very standalone
like, if youre just trying to fake the shit all the time at a good working level, it might be simpler
but yeah i can imagine that most ECU might be wtf hmm at startup

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you also should find out if the input cars about current
not voltage
i didnt think about that, but yeah its maybe just a current sense to find sensor resistance
?? basics
mr elliot has articles, too
heh, you just need to make a current/voltage faker
now a uC starts to make more sense, and analog solution increases in parts, but the uC is still about the same cost
th uC would have to drive analog circuitry
but it can drive all of it, and the circuitry would be same for both chans, and just output drivers
well because i would imagine it like this:
1ADC = MAF, 1ADC = O2, 4 PWM for two channels of current and voltage control
i8ts actually the perfect 8pin ATtiny project

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but does it expect 1V TO 5V or 1V OR 5V
because i think o2 sensors are analog, in fact i know because some car tuners go nuts over their linearity
so the ECU might have an ADC input, or a comparator input
if its a comparator input, i dont think you have a huge prob
it prob isnt smart enough to know youre tricking it
if its adc, and you do anything weird, it might just process it as a fucked up o2
im sure its not the same on all ECU
yeah, that would make sense, boost amp and then you process it however
measure current and voltage across to get a resistance and a diff o2 value
see if you just slam from runtime o2 level to nothing of full at once, the ECU is MAYBE smart enough to realize an o2 sensor should do that
variable current sink
you control the voltage on the current sink
and the control current thru the sink
an opamp and transistors is the best way to do adjustable current sinks
you prob dont need it

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because programming the $.50 on is no fun
charles: he just wants to fool an ECU
so its likely logic hi/lo or analog input from the o2 sense
so its flipping a GIO or using the PWM as ADC thru a LPF
er, DAC
i was confused too
to make it switchable and ajustable, etc
and small
a single opamp and a switch
(comparator + enable/disable on a ref)
cant know for sure until we know wtf the ECU expects
slamming it hi/lo might make it have a psychotic episode
but yeah, you can maybe just do an opamp with negative gain on a switch, or a comparator with filter on the output
like, the prob i can imagine happening is the ECU goes wtf and just sets a flag saying the o2 sensor is broken

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wtf at 555
no im saying why
opamp with Av=5 setup, microcontroller ADC, then rs232, parport, usb, whatever to the PC
or logic hi/lo
if ECU is what you mean by 'the computer'
opamp = .20, uC = 1.00, connectors = $1-5
i dunno wtf youre shopping for
AVR is $.50-$15
you need a $1 for this

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