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yeah actually
i stopped watching
well, i peek
wordpress has shit image upload

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be neat to have a club that was cool enough to play random demo shit on monitors
yeah but its not running some fucked up OS
actually ive seen shit like that
but i mean like, good shit
not cookie cutter 3d humamoids in some halfassed render
too much shit like that
like this would be interesting

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turtles games were easy multiplayer
was like a blur of flying green shit and fucked up dead foot soldiers
stu: snes had a neat sound chip
everything after that was kinda towards sampled analog stuff
snes still had funk synth music
no dont think so
cmon thats huge for a demo stu
oh wtf

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oh, as a young kid, i guess i was athletic
sega controllers were so bad
you havd to like put it on your lap to play with all 3 buttons
that was the mid 90s
in my apt building there was maybe up to 8 of us
loser hands it over
i sucked, because really i dont give a shit about fighting games
except samurai showdown
and some of the 3d ones
the one with the pirate mofo cervantes
soul caliber i think
that shit is mad fun
i think so
its very blocky, no?
thats neat
its like race driving sim arcade thing almost
see for the 90s thats pretty badass
like, for perspective:
SNES MODE7 was badass
because it could basically scale a single texture plane in 3D
thats why fzero was flat, heh
fzero was like the fastest shit ever in early 90s
silencers: haha yeah
wed play just for that, sadly

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was pretty much like, hiking, trail biking, console video games, the arcade (we had a few back then, just like two maybe one now)
and then at some point, it was all the same stuff + weed
then the earthquake happened
i sold my SNES in like 95, i guess i just did drugs and socialized and hiked and went to some shows until i got a computer in like 2001
theres like 2 years of county group homes up in the time period
so yeah, drugs, kicking it with bros and troublemakers and failures and crack babies
many will enter, few will survive, fun stuff
hha wtf
yeah really in like 92?
i dunno dude i was like, playing football and snes

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it sucked to be a kid in the 70s yo
i went home and played SNES
i had those on atari
even NES had a few
they were basically text + inventory
deja vu and some other stuff
only thing i remember about PC was duke nukem
drugs, socialize
as a kid, yeah i gamed alot
like, socializing til juniopr high was going to a friends house and playing their video games
then they come over and lay your video games
and then you would let each other borrow games permanently
and go home and game by yourself
some kids would try to play baseball or basketball
oh, lots of hiking and trail biking on cheap BMX bikes

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if you know very basic electronic, bjt biasing is cake
its just kirchoffs and resistor voltage drop math
well, its ohms law and understanding chirchoffs and BJT
resistors ratio on the collector and emittor determin gain
go learn why
Vbe allows you to set the voltage of the low side resistor
the base bias resistors determin your idle voltage across the low resistor, which determins your max voltage swing
and also your idle current draw
once you realize all this shit, youll see that class-A is shit for anything other than signal power, and youll learn about class-AB, and longtail pairs plus feedback, and the world with be happier for you
dude you do something all the time or your skills fade
no lesson, common sense
didnt you play RPGs?
no i mean hardcore shit
base stats, derived stats, selected skills, experience pts, level up bonus
or variations
pen and paper role playing was lame
but the books were awesome
like, they coded the game engine in english wtf

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okay wells yours is better
5mb files
i just want a cms
all her shit is for making slides and shit
going to organize my gallery shit, and see if i can script something t convert all her files that i have
truespace: because he is a bitch who just creates problems
hell just get banned in two hours
and half the channel on ignore
so he never gets wtf is going on
its his own personal show
pass the torch yo
aint your prob

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but yeah, its world industries water drop
stu: somewhat, but it needs to have a gallery engine
and hand huge files
my server wont
is mostly for exgf
for her art pics
but im prob just gonna scale everything to like 1600x1200 or whatever it likes
stu: no big images tank
because not enough mem
90% of stuff is okay for my shit
but like 0% of her shit was drop in
i think im learn to gimp script so i can make her a clicker that will put her images to max size if they are too big
actually maybe no she has mac and photoshop because she is artist and thus just wrong
'but i need mac for art, right? no? =('
her bigass image files wont process

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i use it, its fat
does it thumbnail?
i wanna figure out image processing php
but my server is shit, 16mb mem limit
kinda kills the fun
no i like drupal!

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macegr: im am like half done editing pics to throw on thing
is like, some chipamp stuff, some analog stuff, some cnc stuff, some diy h4x stuff
sounds good?
i have to redo psu parts of the block diagrams
cms = neato
how is that?
h yeh
you have a drupal logo
which is totally the world industry water logo
er, world industries

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ur mom did ur dad and thats why you are alive
can you see it?

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i dunno about engineers
college is weird
somehow beating each other bare asses becomes not gay to white people when they get accepted to college
macegr: pls to comment on phenomena
pls to have more content in ur insults
empty statement only scroll needlessly
maybe ur mom should learn to make some jello
and then she could make some for me
dude fuck that i dont care as long as it has flavor like jello
how do you know
did you fuck her or something
macegr: deep

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why would you past a macro
timecop, poles dont mean things you put in your ass to techs

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timecop: why do you click just to fail
and then tell us
i wonder if i could build an active filter under a panasonic stereo pot
prob stick out a bit
i guess a 2pole filter but not a 4pole filter

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haha wtf at kiki slow motion
haha battle axe!
hahaha at night filter

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stick figure style
stick figure is air guitaring
took me a bit to figure that out
40sec in
do it do it
44sec exactly
thats some awesome shit
hell yeah
hes into it
you know that stick figure is fureal
1:10 is even better
sry 1:16
wtf you tricked me

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whatch the youtube
the one i linked is the the best trash humor i seen this week
bush straight up told powell whatever
then he told powell to hush up
macegr: sadly they did the dub well
macegr: naw man
thats the best naruto ive ever seen
i love that shit like 'HEY ZAFFA WHATS UP' 'nuttin' 'thats cool'
macegr: wait
blackmoon: click on macegrs last one
dude naruto doing 'tintingtongnotongtongtin'
cmon that was worth it

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no dude that wasnt tungsten cables
that was tungsten flavor
dude TIG welders play with that shit like its whatever
grape scsi cables
oh fuck
no i dont
i know what youre talking about
fuck you is that Full House?
no fuck you
i love this song
im not sure

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but shit might as well be on fire, temp in the filament prob pretty nuts
tungsten is like 3000F metal?
higher im pretty sure
what do they use instead
they just arcing off steel or something?
oh like the very tip so it dont drip off or something
no but im sure HPS/MH bulbs do
theyre usually way high watt tho so not the same thing
its used a ton in industry
shit is ultramega respect status in high temp applications
wkr4k4r: no
its invincible, relative to shit like steel and Al
okay so i figured 4000F melting
tungsten = godmetal

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its some wtf shit
im bike light them as soon as i have a spare two days to do a machining/pcb project
i had 10mm led that were nuts, but like because 10d cone
literally like a 12" spot on a wall 30ft away
and they were aimed well too
i put 20 in an array
and the shit make one bigass dot
damn macegr
those arent normal 10mm leds
always thinking
you are broke
and you came here
because you thought we could save you money
well you fucked up
why dont you do that
too many more questions and we charge too
well then you should definitely take it to them
yeah those shits are like on fire
theres gas in there so it dont flare up

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it looked like, draw a circle, draw a perpendicular circle, drag the second circle along the line of the first cicle
omg sphere
yeah all stuff is feature refed
you just need to go nuts making guides i think
which is how i pimp autocad anyway
dude that shit is going to blind me
one of those led in white, with maybe 200% current, flashes my eyes about as bad at slight slash on my MIG
fuck that
im not making games with my 3d shit
just a single white
in that package
like, i did calcs
according to spec, the calc and some matsh says they are as bright per watt as the luxeon shit
but its the lens
so yours has 3 led in there?
mine is like, one big led with two wiskers
they are diff package tho, no?
thats maybe okay for the whites
but the low power is almost why i got the ones i did
theyre bright per watt, and about the same price as the big ones too
like, i got 100x .04W and 100x .064W LEDs
for the price of two 5W luxeon
mine are 135

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they will launch a blade at your face fureal
macegr: is very neat, actually seeing, ty
ccfl_man: no was just noting the package feature
for almost no reason
but see macegr's led pkg is like mine after all
i got 100 led like that in white
well 90 because one tube is dumped all over my desk
and 100 in red and 100 in blue are on their way
each array is 24 red, 24 blue, 2 white
2 arrays per unit, on the prototypes
dunno that look like vanilla sketchup to me
stu: google has help
with tutorials and stuff
i learned alot in like 20min of poking around
yeah you gotta do hax rotate around a reference stuff

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macegr: hmm
excel render pimping?
im going thru all my pics
oh neato
The requested URL /5x10led.skb was not found on this server.
Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.
failed reprting failure
mine dont have a notch
like, mine have cut corner
dude dont fuck artound with those things

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macegr: hi
that pic is the coolest thing produced by the greycz pmux project
i wish her hoodie was pulled straighter so you could see her little jolly roger better
he burnt himself on like EVERY reptile forum
because he basically drowned savana monitors
and then saved them when they gave up and stopped struggling
so they would see him as their savior
he tried to push this on some forums
and people called him nuts
so he went back and chenged his notes page
so people called him insane and malicious
so now one of them is dead
i assume because everyone told him that letting the fucking lizards roam your house 'like they are family' is bad for them
not enough heat
ccfl_man: yes
google danceswithsavs
danceswit is the name he went under in here forawhile
because he wont use greycz anymore because ill just bitch at him because hes a tard
ccfl_man: they are cold blooded they need warmth
one died, it was like 2 years old
a baby almost
maybe sec
actually no i was working on shit with irc detatched

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usually will
if its output protected, itll least bake it and surrounding parts pretty good
blackmoon: i fried a bridged chipamp
blackmoon: arctic silver drip down off the sink after heatink up
shorted pins
omg loud
this was a 50V spread bipolar thing
capable of like 200W
1000 farads
or just dont do it at all
dude you have a trunk?
because thats not where subs go
thats where the supercap goes
subs go in back seat
the back ledge

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Al head is probably the gearing assembly
like 4X as much
put three in parallel
you need a 4ohm amp
then put them in parallel
yeh what moon said
blackmoon: heh
no it was working correctly
perfectly correctly
3 in parallel is 4R
which is okay for you amp
thats why it sounds better than 36R wtf

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kk ima go download that shit and edit photos and etc bbl

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n00b893: if its not digi, theres an RC somewhere
^dx^: k i try and look at schema by morning
my friday is free tho
someone might drag me to an art museum for a couple hours
but thats only if im lucky
^dx^: send me the lib files you made
im not sure i can pull them from the schema
weird i dont know how that works
but ill go thru and make the drill holes correct so ERC/DRC stops bitching
i think maybe
you can maybe pull the libs from a schema, but i never done it
i just need the lib files you did that i used
parts list has it im pretty sure
i feel like my computer is such a mess

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your tools are all so h4x
bigger than a coke can?
jezus fuck
hit button, thing prob twists itself like 45deg on some axis
haha wtf
fail speed
macegr: omg RC timer + bjt + relay or something?

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like a slow glow into faded carbon
^dx^: neat
you now know how you summer free time will be spent
dont you feel so liberated now that you life is planned out for the next 6 months?
n00b893: no man just fuckin put some current into that shit
if it aint glowing, youre doing it wrong
wtf pulse
yeah 120Hz flipped sine pulse
i need to get ready to go to pomona
and prepare to eject from america if need be
because im fucking serious, if hillary wins, like 80% chance ima gtfo of this mess
i put all my fucking shit into boxes
and find a fucking place to live
i should check up on mine
i should be getting grant check this month
about $1k
so spent some on makefair shit
for school

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sometimes i burn 1N914
and pretend they are LEDs
but then they stop glowing and i have to throw those ones away =(
they need to make a varient of the 1N914 you can burn forever, its like the prettiest ember of light
stupid shit never works
haha yeah once i do my vfd clock i still gotta code that shit
shouldnt be hard
like, either the WWVB IC works, or it fails and i suck
if it orks, it should be cake
when is planned rollout?
n00b893: YES! YES THEY ARE!
no but rough estimate

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man fuck that routing
im nuking my windows and partitions this weekend
level conversion in SPI bus
dude it tool leaving it till the end and staring at the schema and board to figure out wtf was going on
dont be felt great to finish up
i got details to sort
but the layout is done
now its basically like, make pretty (optimize) and make heatsinks for the to220
not they really need it
but fuckit what else is the board doing right there
because they look cool
and thats what electronics is all about
making shit that looks cool, so by the end of the movie, YOU have the cute girl

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yeah i think this is their '8bit not dead push'
look at early megas compared to late megas
like, megas from last year to the base model megas
its a huge leap
so imagine mature xmega
fuck dip
sad they dont come in soic, but whatevers
they can make them faster working t 3v
like, g1 has a 35MHz internal oscillator wtf
because 5v slew takes forever
and fpga go fast
then you prob dont need an fpga
then you need high speed?
theyre pulling like 32b class peripheral features down to avr

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macegr: atmel will make tinyFPGA in next 3 years, bet you $20
atmel can read our minds
they know what we want before even we know what we want
they are prophet
so i should grab the eth controller datasheet
i guess the mega256 dayasheet, and the max IC
just to check pinouts and io circuits
yeah thats cool, i usually check 100 times anyway
i always forget exact number after 40
big avr with silly block diagrams with too many ports
they need to take the ram limit off the tinys
asmodee`: yeah, lets maybe try and get a MB first?
baby steps, man

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alanis: [cock out of mouth] but it doesnt make sense!
producer: shutup bitch i make ya famous
alanis: yay!
but no rly, i <3 that dirty girl
like i said, id make god take a shower and wash her butt
the meta-ironic thing is nice tho
because it is ironic that a song about irony has NOTHING to do with irony
rab: omg pls 2 learn these datasheets
bitch didnt make it rain on her wedding day
wasnt her fault
she was maybe dumb but we dont know
yes but they suck
theyre ARM9 competitors
its not a uC, its an embedded processor core + stuff
xmega is going to pwn hobby and small business market

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then we gonna bbq
only if thats what you are thinking in that very last second of your life that seems to last eternity
macegr: ranchera steak, duh
piles of it
also meatloaf burgers
then me and god gonna chill on some lounge chairs
watch some cspan
laugh at all the fuckers doing it wrong
then ima do god, because god is a hot geek chick
if i mentioned he was a guy before, that was a fakeout
like how they say samus aran is a he in the metroid instruction manual
thats just nintendo, fuckin with you
then id fuck her
after i made god take a shower
wash her butt, etc
'isnt it ironic?'
no bitch its unfortunate
its not ironic, its just fucked up
and only if he predicted to be sunny
else it wouldnt be ironic
it would be predictable with a degree of error
ya producer was like 'honey, i think we gonna have to make it alot simpler'

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thank that bitch greycz for this if its still there...
that guy was an ass anyway
or maybe it wasnt him
no nm that was another dude, he was drop shipping from china im pretty sure
you do
we have detailed files on your timecop
wtf it comes with half a nokia?
actually no i been lazy and staring at pics instead of editing them
i dont
i was gonna invite him to my afterlife
me and god gonna chill, play some SNES, smoke some bowls, talk about meaning of life and other stupid shit we know doesnt matter

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typically, routing tool is for woods and foams and drywall and pcb, etc
and endmills are a machining tool
so like, a router bit can look like almost anything, incuding an endmill
endmill pretty much as one basic shape
because thats the shape that goes thru metal without dying
itll just wear down the tool
might break it, but thats just how shit goes with worn tools, heh
but yeah, it its an abrasive burr, itll work fine but then itll just stop working at all
ha wtf
like, if you find a good speed and feed combination, they might last a bit
but doing shit manually, youre pretty much ball parking it
sec, i get you ebay link

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ya rly
HP scopes: 2349
Tek scopes: 4
#1, all of the times.
haha i love teks logo its so retro-future
like, this is what the future looked like in the 50s
hp and fairchild stuff is like, dunno, cold generic boring
my 504 (i think) scope has a perfect silk of the old logo
i wanna make a big grey hoodie with a big blue national N logo
new logo
but tek shit looks straight out of video game or cartoon or some shit
did you take pics?
blackmoon: routers are more likely to be burrs or fluted for softer material

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all electronics has lots of old gear sitting on shelves and on top of the bines
er, bins
that reminds me of all, except all the shit looks clean
cat tech
'don play dis tesgear'
sexiest pic so far
i dont think he has digital HP stuff
or maybe its just hiddin behind one of the monoliths
i love how you can spot the tek scopes in a room of scopes like instantly

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macegr: piezo pillow dude
jezus fuck i feel like an asshole for even saying that out loud
okay time for some heavy ice creaming
er, i mean photo editing

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all over
chest, neck, thighs,

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so angleis basically how fast your puddle moves and how deep your weld digs
^dx^: pomona prob has good welding
calpoly pomona is basically tech school
engineers and techs
like if i really do hate BSEE because of all the theory, i can get a BS in electronics/computer engineering tech
what is
youre a bunch of BS
we established that either this is the case our your are a fraud artist
with poor cover skills
ph33r mcmaster-carr was you, no?
you have enough brain to know claiming none gets you father than having a big head about a big head
oh who was that?

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stainless is neat but i dont think id use it nearly as much
yeah im getting that
im hella board at might
hes like 'done any vertical down?'
pointed to some plates with like 10 beads 'all those'
its easy
like, managing MIG puddle vs oxy-fuel is like cake
yeah wtf
haha yeah i bet
shit just so hot
yeah i seen that
i kinda do that tho
he never really taught us weaving
but i been doing it since early in oxy-fuel
because its the only way to really get the puddle moving without overheating
MIG upwelding is totally diff
i do circles and zags
i was like chasing it
er, tig
it instant puddle like MIG but theres nothing obstructing it
yeah but im used to that
because angle in like 75% of torch welding\
*is like
like, youre basically welding with the inner flame tip while preheating with the flame tail

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prevent burn thru?
because im like, wtf is too much current or not enough for 3" steel
like, 400A not enough
600A too much
scary =(
okay makes sense
else how else you know if it got into it
and then like lay in layers on top?
thats so easy to do with mig
i was like making 3" wide beads with .035 wire
yeah i bet
i havent done stick yet
i think i was supposed to
but i parked myself at a MIG station
befcause he kicked me outta TIG after my first night
because its basically 3rd semester arc
and im only 1st semester with 1 semester of gas
well, ours is same
but in beginning hejust trying to make sure everyone gets a station
later on he wont bitch if i trade with someone
i want to learn Al welding
^dx^: i bet i learn TIG easy
i was doing okay beads like first try
instructor right, oxy-fuel is hard =\
yeah i only done steel stuff
we have stainless and Al plates too
im going to ask if i can switch my spool with Al wire
ive heard
i just want to learn carbon steel and Al really

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it basically oxidizes the metal and thats almost the fuel
its unreal
when you hit the o2 jet falve, the metal just goes away
yeah fine but caveman tek #1
yeah but if you do o2 just right, its almost the same'it doesnt slag up alot
it just goes away
blackmoon: yeah i seen CNC setups, it just burns lines in metal like its paper
MIG is like instant puddle too
metal is solid to liquid in under any perceptible time
arcs are insane
i did like 2 hours of TIG
it was like oxy-fuel with no real preheat time
same teknique tho
drag your puddle, stick in your rod
its localized
flame welding is exactly what youd think
like, doing angle welds and corners is fucked up
because it deflects right back at you
siatica further faded?
spine drilling!
^dx^: neat they fixed you
ozzzy: yeah
^dx^: kk

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itll explode ur regs and shit if you get it mixed with o2 at that pressure up in your hoses
flashback arrestors ++
if your regs explode, fuckin run
yeah, asbestos, charcoal, balsa wood
they soak acetone into the filler medium
and then dissolve acetylene into the acetone
its to unstable to just fill a tank with it pure
but the acetone is soaked into filler
theyve used diff shit, some tanks been around like 80s years
yeah because you want the pressure to be equalized
you dont want it to slosh, slam into a side, and have momentary higher pressure
very bad scene
tig is so awesome when you see it filters
its like a flame jet
except its like electron spray plasma
instead of burning fuel plasma
kevtris: OMG
1" thick steel
like maybe 18"
1/8" cut, took 20sec
thats like hours on a machine tool
and not really possible because 1/8" doesnt really come in 1" length of cut
it would be a weak, h4x endmill for too much $$$
kevtris: the metal unzipped behind my cut
kevtris: acetelene is preheat
once the o2 hits, it basically creates its own local heat

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dude i was thinking like, fire hydrants and street poles
LN2 bombs, or something
i mean, you got that mjuch, you can afford to experiment to perfect your infrastructure destroy techniques
because most of it will boil away on contact
^dx^: neato
^dx^: i <3 him
hes a bitch tho
horrible father
but i <3 him
^dx^: scans pls!
blackmoon: you havr to figure a way to keep it from evaporating except where it hits where you are trying to effect
because most of it just gonna spread out and a bunch prob just gonna boil in the air
you need like a focused jet of LN2
kevtris: =\
kevtris: school is like a forest of 2000psi o2 and argon cylinders
which isnt scary so much
but its stored right next to acetylene cylinders
which is hella scary
'dont go over 15psi on the fuel'
'it gets unstable and explosive at 15psi'
'wtf why dont you say 'dont go over 13psi' or something??'

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or i want to characterize their real life parameters for the people who designed them
this is obvious
and no one doubts the power of maths
and me and moon use it constantly, sometimes subconciously, for design and analysis
it only gets you so far
at one point, you gotta let go of the numbers, and just see it
fuck values, fuck timing, fuck proportion
kevtris: heh
kevtris: they know theyre gonna get vandalized
people smoke outside
zzzz_: hi
zzzz_: http://www.darkertechnologies.com/notes/make2008
kevtris: its all chemicals!
no rly
heheheh, normal people are such dorks
blackmoon: he didnt even like maths
zzzz_: summer at earliest
i am but i got no time and 2 or 3 project backlog
also i should prob like, start doing schoolwork and shit
kevtris: yeah someone drove that shit out like whatever

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if you know the non-ideal opamp math, theres a divide by zero involved i think
some amps will latch up, some will just distort to shit
if youre lucky, it will chase its tail forever
but you wont make it works with math, because it is the result of breaking math
the original idea was not from math
the development used math
we develop a very specific set of technology
we know most the math we need, and we can figure most of stuff we dont need much
and yet the positron has brought us here
and we still work in positrons, for all intensive purposes
people who use current flow schema are in fact bitches
not by math alone
i can
the level of engineering math used to say, design a chip resistor, as opposed to using a chip resistor, is a world of difference
i dont want to make parts
i want to make things with them

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its when you interface the inside out shit with the normal shit
and now the math gets totally wtf'ed
its reality
blackmoon: its like derive 100 things and in the ends, its still pressure, flow, and dissipation
^dx^: the math wont help you as much as say...
the math for calculating coils isnt that hard
the reasons behind the math is voodoo
but using the diameter/dialectric/turns/current equations is no hard
we dont hatre one math
we realize it is limited
and in electronics, eventually the math is all the same
you dont need an equation to tell you that cap and that resistor is gonna rolloff in a freq range
you just know because you worked it out a ton before with real values
theoretical values are neat but its not so helpful
circuit structure and the ability to see component blocks of a larger system
math aint gonna help you for shit with that
when youre done designing, math will help you calc filter poles and watt dissipation
math will help find you efficiency
^dx^: exactly
by a programmer
in a tool that we use, but dont have much desire to develop
i know how spice works
i could maybe even code a basic spice like sim
i dont want to, they already did
yeah oscillators break math

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harold knows that in the end, i can win if i want
thats why he likes fuckin with me, makes him feel big
but yeah, put my hand on the top of his head so he cant bite me
and he just stops now, gives up
yeah they dont even think to get your wrist
grab on with both arms and flip around
haha yep
yeah but its not normal reaction
they hate it when you are someplace they cant get you
thats why they dont like when you rub their lower stomachs alot
they cant get there very quick without kinda throwing themselves off balance
like if a cat is standing up and you mess with its belly, it almost has to do a backflip with twist to get you
they h8
oh yeh
?? basics
the first link is elliot sound
hes an engineer, diy audio
read all the articles, reference the projects
sound is analog
analog is all of electronics
RF is analog
digital is analog
its all just built up blocks of basic analog shit
blackmoon: dude its literally analog inverted
like, its actually not hard one its own

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i think its funny how they installed heat and air for management
and shit has such poor insulation it doesnt work anyway
dx why are you rooted
omg are you cutting yourself just to test peroxide?
oh, those
they get puffy, its weird
denielson: OMFG
^dx^: OMFG
^dx^: you know what declawing is?
but yeh, its basically cutting off their last finger digit halfway
blackmoon: ha i play rough with mine

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if you bombed times sq no one would notice
blackmoon: looks neat
like a techy abstract art project
i dunno if id wanna work in it...
i think it might be all window
dunno if thats texture in the concrete or window slats
google image fails as bush + federal building obviously brings up other hits
blackmoon: http://blogs.sfweekly.com/thesnitch/federal_building.JPG
it looks cool
maybe by green they mean green tinted glass

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The lack of internal climate controls has left some workers too cold and others too hot. A happy medium has proved elusive. And while the managers' offices do have heat and air conditioning -- a two-tiered approach fitting in a building named for Bush -- the "green" design apparently has messed with the effectiveness of these systems, leaving these top staff as physically uncomfortable as the line workers.
kevtris: even the hipocrisy was fail
architect Mayne has stated that federal office workers do not get enough exercise. To address this, he installed elevators in the building that only stop at every third floor.
blackmoon: naw man, they using the disabled persons elevator
when the service elevator is busy, they use the disabled elevator for gear
so wtf happens when an actual disabled person needs to use it, heh
blackmoon: did you catch the buildings name?
2nd paragraph
do it now!
trust its like the most fitting name ever

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^dx^: basically
what denielson
its usually a shunt to ground
for example, a sener based reg is a shunt psu
i need to eat and like catch my breathe and shit
naw its E field
no current, except for capacitance on the gate during switching
^dx^: that and slew rate

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lockheed skunks are better than typical =)
lack of ninjas
we nuke, america is over
macegr: i prob take test and come home
i can prob have initial site with pics and some commentary for context by late tonight or early morning
dude, when china wants US, we are theirs
what is the world gonna do blow up all 2B of them?
i think not
i think the majority of the world goes 'haha'
macegr: maybe be back in a couple hours
test, cant hooky, bbl

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macegr: corp industry are gone, tech in peoples hands is like the only way now
people either build industry from smaller shops, but in a way that matters, or america is out of the material production game
software, media, services
well still make money, but in a mechanized war, we are toast
meh, back to school
because we cant militarize our industry
because we dont have indsutry
so in extended mechanized warfare, we lose quick
^dx^: watch them all dissapear in arc over
cmon i doubt were the only ones into space based defence
not like them
and not like before
we were industry
^dx^: yeah but if it comes down to just that, its over
maybe US survives, but the people are fucked
if we have to bust out black projects, its close to the end
we become evil empire, and thus enemy #1 to everyone
we will take the world, or we will be occupied
yeah we crash them too
b2 is bullshit
it should have went to lockheed but they already got the f117
it was over budget and late
and not to spec when delivered final
it is typical aerospace engineering

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^dx^: its the push for quantity
they are going fast
they have the skill
they dont give a fuck because thats not what people are paying them for
people dont expect them to be .0005" precise
so they aint gonna waste time trying
a machinist who gets every part within .002 when spec was .02 is a failed machinist
wastes dollars
they have the will to work now for a future
we dont see past 4 years
we lost focus after the cold war and dropped the ball
it doesnt matter
theyre having an industrial revolution
their people are still relatively styupid
they know they need engineers now
in 30 years, their people wont be as stupid
indias people are already non stupid
americas youth only gets stupider
this is like an obvious outcome...
its ebb and flow of ecnomy
well make gains
but in the end they will make more gains when its their turn
we dropped industry
we can pull out if we distribute industry to millions of small shops
and make kids smarter
and stop stigmatizing blue collar goals
we set up blue collar as failure
no one wants to work hard because we said thats failure

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classic wisdom
kevtris: eventually the counterfeit will be better than the originals
as soon as china doesnt need to buy the super precision tools from america, we are fucked
'hi mr america, we dont need ur CNC machine anymore. would you like to buy some CNC machines?'
people are in denial
people tell me no
im like, if you see china as the enemy, you lost 10 years ago
its gone kevtris
they all want to retire
they are tired =(
old people runnin our whole grid
accountant: 10 parts from china for $100/ea, vs 5 parts from america for $120/ea
QA finds that 3 of the china parts are bad
its like, in the end it makes more sense to but 1000 of something bad
and actually test and throw way half
then to buy 500 of something good

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we import and exploit shit like that in wholesale lots
well dude
its ricci
shes my age!
maybe even same year, i forgot
but yeah, its wed. adams
post your wife
is she asian?
no it would explain your location actually
shes not a blonde
shes actually hot
and eher eyes say smart/lethal
is that her kid?
thank voodoos
kevtris: what did they do?
macegr: drew barrymore
kevtris: duh, a huge microwave transmitter in the center of the earth

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that bitch is drunk
mutherfucker is looking into her ear wtf\
the one on the right would have to be mad dirty when you got her alone
i <3 white girls
they were my peer group growing up
its a generic blonde chick with big tatas, so what
yeah nice cheekbones, fucked up her eyelashes a little
fuck the white girl tan
thats like 'hi when im 40 if i dont have skin cancer ill be ugly like i did anyway'
theyre mid/late 20s
or early 20s and haggard
too much alc and meth
all used up
i prob wont ever have a wife
imagine that
THAT is a mufuckin white girl with A1 tits
cmon impress me dont toss me this stupid blonde shit
remember i live in southern cali

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hacked``: you need to go hide in hole full of datasheets for a year and come back
you will have less problems and will thank us
no thank us then

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Net2Chef Box of WTF
thats gonna get thru marketing, no problems
awesome, now nothing can stop us
or you, if this thing is failure
^dx^: what is upgraded?
people are only made to last 20 years
we are running in B52 mode
we are like 60 years beyond planned maximum duty
bone snaps
cartilage is wtf shit
i mean cmon, sharks are made out of it completely
so it must be the best shit in the world
they gone like 100M years with that setup
^dx^: neat i do that
ha wtf

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nyquist was a minimalist
fuck nyquist
sample freq = high freq * 2 is some wtf shit
unless you spend more money on active filters
nyquist: serial 10101010 = viable sine wave
40KHz sample rates prob why the high octave of audio recording is almost always complete throw away trash
thats not a 15KHz tone
thats like 'noise mode: ON/OFF'
did they put more nutrient in you?

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60hz my nuts
those 60hz is pretty as well
macegr: yeah i want to use this as a basis for my own
but i know its gonna be like days of css/php wtf
anyway, sine waves is like so last year
positive feedback
you break math, and some opamps will chase their tale
others will latch up
and other will just spray random
its literally a broken circuit
digitally at high speed with DACs and filters
or a circle of active filters
one of them with gain
the phase delay creates positive feedback from negative feedback configuration
wein bridge stuff is a fucking joke
alot of stuff looks like a sine wave
spreadsheet wavetable -> rom -> dac = true mathematic sine

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thats the low res one, on a coarse DSO
your teknique is trash
hello opamp
those are spreadsheet generated sine
mathematically corrent
analog oscillators are a joke in comparison
unless its a huge circle of buffered filters
naw, you can do that on a 2313
with any opamp
those are all unfiltered
no thats the php gallery timecop
thats not the blog
that is darkertechnolgies public file mess
hacked``: its called, take a fucking 8bit word
and put it on an output port to an r2r dac
its called: easy
macegr: it makes me kinda feel awful
hacked``: those are 768 sample waves at 1.5KHz
if you could read a scope, youd know that

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but yeah im gone in about an hour
or maybe no, because i can just call this my 'wtf make' poor attendance week
yeah what
for coupling?
for what
for passive xover?
please to be 100x more specific
my god where do you find these chips
its a low speed DDS chip
jezus fuck
use an avr and a resistor dac
cost: $1
no ur teknique is trash

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^dx^: kk
fuck, people
macegr: i have to go to welding, test =\
thats pretty much why i said friday, because i dont do shit
but is also why i can stay up indefinitely thurs night

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omg his girlpenis is going to blow up

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thats neat, just been a couple days
permanent puberty

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thai foods is yummy
yeah i dont think roidheds get that way because it was just so tasty
siatica fading?

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(excite diode and fear diode)
for replacing the stupid theme logo that came with it
so i made up electronic symbols
and they looked like faces
it was like a YAY diode and a WTFOMG diode
there are two other combinations
but those would be actual working diode arrays
do not want

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^dx^: because of make2008 page or because i knew how they are going to turn a wasteland into middle class housing 10 years ago
why marketting
you make me sad =(
^dx^: yeah standing makes sauce perfect
like when you start eating it its soupy but when you are half done its like perfect
dude it is
jenny dragged me up there to show me (i actually had mad deja vu)
only time i had sex0rz with her, we did it on the couches we got from gandma
^dx^: not so much
wordpress, its heavy
but its like, the standard, i guess
im not trying to be some sort of php expert and trying out diff blog apps
i just use it for CMS so its not so annoying
i need to jack this theme and make it more mine
i have logo idea

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and theres more money to be had now than collecting rent on fixed trailer homes
anyway, i think EPA cleared boeing of most responsibility for the research center
and because almost no one showed up at the public meetings over the issue, im pretty sure they got what they wanted
(boeing wants to get rid of it, res developers wanna plant houses on it, NASA and gov thru with it because its so fucking high profile now)

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my sister always fucking it up
doesnt even remember to drain
like thanks for the hamburger fat oil slick
man i need to clean the grill up
^dx^: my friend and her bf got evicted from their santa susana trailer home
=( because of the loss of the excellent view and hiking
=D because she prob better off without the radiation, the chems, and big missile trucks blocking her way to school
=\ because theyre are selling all that toxic wasteland to res developers
theyre going to put santa suana under the dirt, maybe even put houses or a park on top
i think they were late on rent a couple times, also they been having issues cuz of dudes meth head sister
she kinda gone, but not at all
maybe she stole $150 in glass jenny ordered
fedex says they left it
but yeah, i guess shit is crazy enough sometimes theyre not really surprised
also many suspect theyre trying to get mufuckers out
because no one will leave\
because as toxic as the santa susana wasteland is, its the best view for the money

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possible automatic with the DMA and event handler stuff
macegr: pls read the darker macetech vu meter description and see if that works
okay i have thai food cooled for an hour
it is suitable for quick consumption now
it has absorbed all of its own flavor
haha k
i prob put a row of eagle design exports
i def wanna put the arm7 thing
because the audio landing pad was basically prototype amp layout for soic and 0805
it has its moments
we dont have a microwave
so i stored hamburger helper in the fridge
no for after after
but yeah i dont want to eat it now
if i reheat it on the stove itll prob come out funky
mine never had much fat
i cook the meat, then drain and rinse and draind and rinse and drain and rinse
then i put the heat on high, put some carbon on that shit
it retains most of flavor but is like super non greasy
doesnt matter how the meat started by the end it is prob like 3% fat
oh, yeah but not nearly as much

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theyre gonna ramp up the speeds prob
make 3.3V the stable high speed voltage instead of 5V
didnt see what hmm?
holy fuck
^dx^: peripherals
32MHz internal oscillator
i hope they take them to 60MHz
i think the DAC gen
this shit is so prelim they wont even call it a datasheet
wow @ 12b analog
^dx^: like 18 cycles, init and fetch and load

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its just any pin state change
its not hard to do better than PCINT
its like, real external ints (two), half assed external ints (everything else)
macegr: http://darkertechnologies.com/notes/make2008/
and im try and gets some rows of pics up
other altoid tin projects, some hax biamp filter school projects ive done, chipamp project pics, some machined shit
maybe get some block diagrams up and a section of the schema (input section on everything is pretty common)
macegr: do you think you can make a edge to edge placed array with your LED in sketchup?
like 5x10 clear
pretty much like how your little sketchup demo for the rgb led and ic are
because its same pkg
board just like leds and maybe 4 mount holes
whats max speed?

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= graphics
ATtiny with ext ram interface = killer chip
fuck the manuals, im emailing and begging for datasheet
yeah you just need a carrier oscillator
thats why the IR thing is neat
but yeah IR and microwave tx would be sex0rz
virtual register just means alot of registers
and then a common user reg
heh, logic level microAPI
common or seperate?
PCINT is pretty standard now, even on tinies
usually interrupt per bank of 8 PCINT
also its not level selectable

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macegr: see page?
shit id be happy with 8b usable at that rate
gtfo mofo
they did not put a 12b adc
its time to hit atmel up for samples
^dx^: ive gotten chips before they were on digikey from my atmel distro
when they rolled out the 20MHz upgrades with decent flash/ram for the $
like tiny85 and mega164P
^dx^: neat!
i want to do something with irda
i got IR assortment from elec goldmine to play
IR + crypto = erotic
macegr: fuck winavr
honestly, after short experience with ARM7 asm and c
c definitely has its useful places
im still not convinced avr is the place
because the asm is just so fucking good

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it means itll handle shit in the background
not just loading ram to a stack
not just initializing interrupts
when stuff happens, the peripherals will actually do shit together
they wont be forever
its still 8bit
they all look like they got the same feature set
dude thats awesome status: praise voodoos
^dx^: i imagine using dac is like 'out dac_data_out,data_reg'
well, thats not super exciting because you can go like 10x as fast with a resistor dac external
its just exciting they put it inside

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oooo, dma controller
AES engines
AVR = great0r than ur 8bit uC
why is DMA funny?
ive never seen it
im finding out just like you
blackmoon: SAM7 has a DMA backend
with most of the peripherals
so it automatically dumps into limited ramspace
this is so sexy
8bit will never die.
they rolled it out for like all the AVR platforms
jezus fuck its like 'what should we do this yeah?' 'destroy PIC' 'okay sounds good'
macegr: atmel loves us

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nice way to gaurantee oil contamination
dude you have to take it apart
and clean the fuck outta it

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maybe then russia will target all its LA missiles at palmdale/lancaster (current location of southern cali defence contractors and gov research)
tho really this is wishful thinking, because if i am russia, im am wanting to kill the bunkers and tunnels under the valley attached to the useless anti-missile missile silo system
for all russia knows that is where US keep the strangelove device
you dissassemble3 the engines first and then clean the fuck outta the oil channel when youre doing that, right?
or youre just like 'whatever the oil filter will catch the chips'?

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omg my best friend and her bf got evicted from their santa susana trailer park home
which is like totally shitty and totally awesome
as its bad for health to live like .5mi from a toxic waste dumb and nuclear reactor meltdown site
they selling all that land to residential contractors
which to me says boeing going to plow santa susana into the dirt
because they can barely do shit now, 3mi from dense suburbs
cant be rocket and jet engine testing for NASA and black project research in the middle of a neighborhood of $0.8M homes

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bos_: hahahaha

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that came up for 'julia roberts cock graft'

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colors = lame
10:20 hide_colors = ON
colors is for troll chans
along with 100 line ascii and droll of AIDs
no this is a chan with trolls
its a sci/tech chan
nice 404
see fuck you for not mirroring that
you fucked up hardcore this time
do not let it happen again
man no way julia roberts and cocks are gonna get hits for that

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stu everyone knows you care, so everyone knows thats basically how you say 'omg fuck i lost this one'
same with your 'youve been trolled' statement
ok stu
rab: i dont mind, its a long term counter-troll strategy
what is this?
did he bust colors?
dude fuck irc color
i havent seen colors since like 2002
fuck that
this is efnet not aol
fuck that
black and grey, neiah
because its gay
becaue clients handle it diff, because it makes them do bullshit blink on crowded fserve channels, because its useless
if offers no real benefit as far as comm other than telling fserv and xdcc spam apart
and i like looking at nicks for that anyway

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she knew i was just playing, saying shit out load to continue conversations but not really thinking about it seriously
basically just trying to drone thru a session while hurling passive agrresive insults and my parents
she was basically giving up and laughing about it when she said it
anyway, stu you suck at talking shit
youre really gonna have to hit much closer to home, youre still like 3rd grade white kid status
maybe i can use my eee for evil and find something better to do in class

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any 101 class is gonna have complete clueless drones
ya rly
we had like 10 papers
my 102 class cool
thats with the teacher i wanna boff
status: chat of personal things in email
i found out ms sexy poland is remarried
so she is now of academic interest only
also fun to look at while 'paying attention'
so now i can focus on geeky sexy english teacher
who is like 45 but looks 35 but acts 25
unmarried, no kids, just into her story h4x
she is like my role model, i <3
8 or 88
was the greatest think a psych teacher ever said to me
psych dr
basically: i act immature when its convienient, which is i guess often

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lecture is like 'Hi, I am your bored as fuck teacher. This is your bucket of obvious.'
okay that typo fixed
dude, CC is open admission

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macegr_: are you like, jobbing now?
okay pls to proofread for speeling errors, k? ty.
i totally did
it was late and spell check didnt complain
and i was like 'no fu'
but i was too tired to think
damn this early im already not blogging
intro business in an hour
man fuck that class is boring

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