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sinjare: dude we like on autopilot
yeah basically
another time you might have just gotten a 'stfu rtfm' or 'no u'
okay guys
im going to burn new bios into my main pc
so if i dont come back, its because im like 'meh fuck irc on eee im going to sleep'
or maybe im am jailed for setting my room on fire
because epox will die if it fucks me
well, like physically
ok pray to voodoos bbl

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electronic regulation is basically the same as gas regulation
just swap pressure for voltage
sinjare: yes, but most metal is very conductive
okay then yeah
because it would block all but a tiny amount of current
yeah those numbers dont exist anymore to you
infinite and zero are lies
thats what i should get
that is NOT my board
its my board + everything its missing =(

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current describes the speed of the flow of electrons
nothing "has" current
things have current going thru them (electons flowing at a certain rate)
no but more than he did before
for sure, heh
cmon how long did you guys just tell him voltage is constant from most supplies
sinjare: by both
sinjare: a higher wattage bulb will be lower resistance
k try and explain that
yeah but he survives anyway
voltage is pressure
sinjare: you know those gas tanks?
like, O2, CO2, fuel gasses
or compressed air
you know how they have regulators on them?
like, it doesnt matter what goes in one side, pressure coming out is constant

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(use class-d example)
(blow him away, do it do it)
thats wrong
voltage is the water pressure
current is the water flow
resistance is the pipe diamater
it does moon!
i cant make transistors or diodes work =(
well, MOSFETs are easy
heh, inductors and capacitors
can 'pull' power
sinjare: its very weird at first but youll get it if you keep trying because it makes 100% perfect sense
it the weekend foolio
about to renew my windows
maybe this week

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i can add more shit but itd be repetitive, and rushed
ooh, maybe i should do that array
yeah definitely adding stuff as i work on it
the colored array tho, that was a neat idea
sinjare: really, go read about this
for like a week
well we helped you more
?? basics
go to those places
oh i should get that
i have chosen to leave behind my ocean of application installers
it does
but it takes a long time to understand reactive stuff
its basically electron flow thru conductive material
like, its basically super advanced micro-plumbing
more voltage thru the same resistance is more current
more voltage and more current is much more power

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R is the diamater of the pipe
a potentiometer is a faucet
10V is a weird value
use 9V or 12V
haha fuckin up his math already
do power!
R = shorthand for ohm
K = Kohm, M = Mohm
any number with no units on a schematic, assume ohms
okay fuckers
stop distracting me
i need to reinstallor my windows
im am like fuck this backing up shit
im done
im outta here
ejectejecteject, etc
im repartitioning and reinstalling my drivething
macegr: yes
macegr: wait do you needs my halp?
cuz ill wait

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those kids either turn out like, perfect or nuts
blargh2: why would we know
current is flow
voltage is pressure
power is watts and is literally a measure of heat
is electron flow
its actually opposite of electron flow
amps is basically how many electrons per unit of time
blackmoon: positrons!
er, blargh2

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naw dude
there was some point where i realized grown ups were really different or anything
most are just better at acting chill
but they go nuts the same, because deep down inside, theyre fucking idiot selfish childish fucks
blackmoon: also, lots of very small children act 'grown up'
like super responsible and shit
like alot of functional families with messed up parrents, alcoholics or drug addicts
the kids will be handling all sorts of adult shit
yeh =\
i always love kids helping their parents fill out forms
kids with lists written in kiddie ink, like in kid journals or something
like, doing the shopping
ive known people like that, theyre usually okay people just addicted to something
yeah, because what macgyver0
kids dont just end up that way, someone taught them

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now she is like whatever
me and the sis programmed her, w00t
except kush
she always complains the kush stinks up the whole house
its funny when the kids at the schools she work at try to be all underground about the herb talk
shell be like 'hey i know what you guys are talking about'
like she can tell them what all their herb slang means
they dont like that, heh
naw adults are stupid moon
naw cmon we get much deeper than the traditional terminology!
no but she can like repeat back what they said in english
no moon it is because we trained her
also, she unconciously swears alot
she doesnt realize
she says 'WTF' all the time
like me and my sister wonder if she does it at work when shes frustrated

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monday is a dr day
mmm, hot shower
maybe i can get the troublemaker girl to give me a massage again
timecop: shower = a place for drugs
yeah its a skill
recommended kit:
cricket electronic ignition lighter
if wet, blow out, continue normal use
also, bathrub = instant gravity bong
i should do that
blackmoon: oh
i thought you mean bathtub gravity bong
haha get out of the parents room
i uh, just smoked my bong
and then my mom would come and bitch
and id be like, uh huh
and then smoke my bong

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blackmoon: along the 99 freeway up cali, there are lots of power and phone poles by the side of the freeway like that
some of them are like clean sheared
so like they are hanging 5ft off the ground, half a pole
convertibles are built like bricks
snapped by bumper, flipped by grill/hood
so like if you did it right, it might almost flip up over the windshield
yeah they shear the bolts

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they seem to have combined the worst of both worlds: non-portability, wireless-unreliability
okay yeah
everyone is like =O =O =O when i go 'hey you firing microwaves thru your head strong enough to talk to that cell tower like 1/4mi away
bluetooth at least you only firing low power signals to your hip
then you are irradiating your reproductive bits with the microwaves to get to the cell tower
like i wanna know how many biologically sustained human brains theyve subjected to legal microwave power levels at point blank range for two decades straight
pl2show me datas
that would be landline reliability
which i didnt complain about
because yeah, the phone system almost never dies

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149 what per month
timecop: why is that better than a cell phone with a good plan?
like a normal fail phone
if you at your desk, you can plug the cell phone in for power
except like, i can go across the street and get a drink from sev while having a convo
the only good thing about land lines is that theyre not wireless

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cmon you cant live on xmas island
im not even sure they really have internet
well like you prob can
im saying you prob wouldnt want to
timecop: then what did you say what at

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i got my games, my pron, my juarez, my school stuff
Barracus Hussein Osama
photoshop that shit into one guy
rab: can just do the gold and the ripped black arms
the earings
its cool man i dont care
if she wins i get to see the world
like, besides .ca and .mx
you want to get bombed, you stay
oh go mccain and in 3 years wonder how we ended up policing post nuclear vietnam
please to be more specific about your confusion i covered a few things right there
timecop: you know mccain was vietnam POW, no?

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ignore the LED stuff, works the same normal diodes
they dont have resistance, just a voltage drop
i has a pain in my left index finger
i think from hitting cherry kb keys to hard
pretty much
back off like 80%
(yes, this is how the pros do, heh. they just do it alot and keep track)
for 5mm size led, 10mA is safe
?? led
find the Vf of the diode
forward voltage drop
probably bit under 2V
but likely more than 1.5V
well, current thru it
if you have a DMM use a diode tester

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sinjare: is it just a diode or LED package, or is it an IC
okay yeah 10mA is probably safe
20mA is prob towards limit
its a normal 5mm led lookin thing?
sinjare: thats actually how they bench test alot of compenent for power rating, heh
they obviously dont use finger
they track how much power its consuming
and how much temp it rises
bigger parts or parts with good heat conduction take more current to rise the same temp
but there are internal limitations, too
like the tiny wires that bond the silicon die or electronically active marieral to the pins
or the silicon die itself
sinjare: heh, depends on resistance
?? laws
I is current
R is resistance in ohms
?? led

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drill a tiny hole in it
almost to the die
insert tiny thermocouple probe
refill hole with same material as you made hole in
okay now regulate power thru it, start very small
more curremt, check temp
more current, check temp
no im being pretty serious
when it raises, i dunno, 30C
call that its power rating
LED and detector diode are available in IR

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mine is like, mechanically couple turbines, one way valves, sprung pistons to absorbe pressure differences
coupled with a series turbine to further smooth the fluid pressure
two balloon
touching butt to butt
okay two port baloon
but yeah
inductance is like mass of the turbine, pitch of the blades
capacitance is springiness of the flexible membrane or sprung piston
and resistance is just how much whatever blocking the flow resists

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wtf dashpot
inductor = turbine
resistor = any flow restriction
capacitor = membrane, or piston in a cylinder open on both sides
it doesnt matter if the math matches up
you cant describe an electronic circuit with your system
mine is like directly parallel
fluid analogy can teach a kitten electronics
okay design a non regulated PSU with your method

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back to backing up stuff
^dx^: turbine

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timecop: mostly the prob is conical cutters
im going to experiment with CNC drilling then fluid etching
he prob all fallin off the net
image DoS

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so theres prob like .005 backlash worst case, uncompensated or under/over compensated
absolute worst case, that will turn a .015 trace into a .005 trace
^dx^: with adjustment, possibly
yours might have been under the machines min line width

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gas mask + balcony project
ttmustang: k
vias cant be under parts
and connectors and some thru hole parts need to be routed from the opposite side
milled board without thru hole plate calm down niggy
oh thats nice
thats charles?
my traces are like .005
but theyre supposed to be like .015
it backlash
dude my cnc does metal to like .001
it hard steps at .00025 and soft steps at one eighth that
but yeah, its not tuned and i dont have backlash set in any sane methodical manner

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but its mostly done actually
hmm, dunno triple checking everything
DRC errors are killed
i have to go thru and adjust DRC settings
ERC is splashing power net errors
but everything is corrected right
dude it means digikey paid for it, our parts prob not even on the truck
theres 10 tiny transformers
ooh, nice
workin on sunday, digikey got them pimped
theyre neat
small enough you can parallel them and shit for more power
i like how they are just 1" tall
i gotta clean up CNC work area
shit thats what i forgot i wanted to buy linear indicators to measure backlash
for a board?
im just machining a board im not doing anything else right
dunno, $25 setup, $5 per board

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timecop: link to 2d/3d wtf game
or name, something

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see thats funny be i called you an executable tool
timecop: is docx like new doc or new chm or what
oh for media inclusion or something?

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haha i did that shit for the old man tech cuz his labs are so fucked up
im like 'yeah i know i redid them for you'
paint cant do that shit
i dont got time to do shit one pixel at a time
it would suck
he hated me, id never follow his wiring diagrams
and id use the digital scopes
i wouldnt even use wires id just stick all the parts on the pins
so id have to do it on the old tek analogs too

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awpdk0de: its a very good general practical electronics books
almost no pointless physics
what do you think ate the cr2032
a) organic flux
b) water in the iso alc
i dropped a throwie in a water glass for a few sec and it rusted overnight
so they def suck at water
everything else is more specific
any college digital, RF, and analog design text prob be fine
just make sure its standard flow, not current flow
sometimes they have both versions

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breathing the smoke is what makes you a real tech

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macegr: ph33r
i just dont go there

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15:39 < macegr> SSDs, not flash, starting at 8GB
they all have SSD
internal SSD and an SD card slow on usb bus
no its an SSD
theyre putting it on the minipci
the 8G they already released were like that
2G and 4G have fixed SSD
and its not a via prob
er, proc
its intel celeron M 900MHz underclocked to 650MHz
timecop: find a web archive
it used to be way worse
no im saying the previous
it wouldnt be a switch from via
timecop: scary shit, it was like a whole hakkkoman city

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dude you have ribbon cable
magnetize iron wire, weave, dip in rubber, ph33r

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blackmoon: haha at reusing 0402 and tiny custom smt parts
oh, electromechanicals meh
blackmoon: lots of the parts shops have them
africa is the new big spot for new homes for abused pc

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blacknova: im not trying to create any kinda executable, heh
^dx^: there seems to be a UI for gimp script-fu
so yeah i think once i get wtf is going on, should be quick
i dunno if you can do conditionals
im not installing adobe bullshit
im evacuating this installation right now

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do it in asm, ninja
fureal, if you learn any asm ever, learn avr-asm
i dont
i dont want to learn that shit looks creepy
^dx^: do you know about image processor scripting?
dunno im asking if you know how to do it with any programs
i think im going to try and learn script-fu
for gimp
i just wanna be like if image < 1200x900 (scalle 1200x900)

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^dx^: FFT is just cutting up a wave and measuring slopes?
its weird, i seen algorithms for it
well yeah but how do you do it
yes i know what it is how to do
blacknova: no, power engineers are all busy working becuase no one to replace them
GPF does good deal of industrial tech work
^dx^: i likes my chair
i got it with bubba-banana-diesel funds

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sculptor: no
^dx^: what
backing up sucks
sorting albums is a bit more fun
but not really
sculptor: do i need it?
my fonts look fine in word
and net
hmm, k
k i book marked
and now im exporting bookmarks

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as long as he can explain how he did the whole thing and why its useful and how his is different

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draw a + if you do your own schema symbols

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it depends on the price/F
whether its a benefit or not
you can always parallel smaller ones to make a big one
a big one you basically have one option (in order firing at high speed)
small ones you can have the circuit configure as one big one for the same effect
or you could run them on independent channels
for parallel operations
and you would be buying more units
which always saves money

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you can prob settle for 30Hz (movies go that fast)
its not very time critical
you can do it with a HV relay
oh, i thought you were going to use alot of caps
you can just use cap banks and fire off one while you recycle others
if you cant fill one up fast enough
no but you can do like 8 caps or something, so you can have like 8ch parallel operation
or very rapid single channel
im pretty sure it works out that you can use more smaller caps
which is usually cheaper

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denielson: to meter what?
dude you just fill up a cap to HV levels with enough power, and then short it thru a spark gap
its industrial type shit, so its usually hella simple using really fat parts
tho i dont see why you couldnt do it with a ton of parallel low-ESR caps
ms precision is slow
average micro, thats like 1K to 20K opcode executions
fireworks are human perception timed devices
you goal is like 100Hz

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oh cmon, this is like 1000BC china tech
tubes, ignitors, timers, buttons
you can use that fuse wire as timer and your lighter as the button
spi io extender, power switches, done
maybe relay power locked for safety
relay coil on a switch and a key in series
get a nice steel box and some fat screw terminal headers
whatever, theyre doing fireworks
you just say dont be hooking shit up while working around the explosives
the safety lockout shit just keeps them from accidentally going off cuz oper was a tard

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oh okay
its a box
its not a chip
haha nice, 2A source/sink on some of the DL05
how does it connect?
oh nice
thats pretty neat, thanks
well for like starting at $100, with quick setup from pc, thats pretty useful
like, most dev kits are more $$$
yeah, devkit is like 'Hi! Damage me!'
looking at that stuff right now

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gpf: is a microcontroller?
oh hmm
im reading http://support.automationdirect.com/docs/whatisaplc.html
yeah, sounds like industrial spec microcontrollers
k grabbing datasheet

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eclipse is shitty because its java
i think tc is using it with the arm stuff

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okay i think today is reinstall windows day
whats that
eclipse is good because its cross platform

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yeah, power saving mode to in the atheros util
but if i just leave it on when im not using it, itll kill battery some
but i have it on when its plugged in at home in standbye
and i forget to turn it off when i wake it up at school
i really dont understand why they didnt add the lock LEDs
led indicator in the caps lock key would be neat
power led would work as caps lock

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yeah its called i remember
did you map an LED to it?
no i dont know how i was asking
literally, i just remember its on or off
that actually strikes me as the weirdest thing about it
battery, power, wifi, ssd
no num, caps, or scroll lock
pretty sure theyre all like that, even the new prototype ones
battery i can extend just by adjusting the power savings in windows
i have presentation, max battery, and portable profiles
yeah that sounds right
wifi will cut your times by like an hour or two
depending how much you use it

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but yeah dunno all the details
basically everything would go after the 7805
except the FET
yeah, probably

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so even tho the high value might work on your bench, it might fuckup someplace else
not sure how your circuit works
yeah, else you gotta buy special fet
usually more $
is the 7805 powering anything else?
yeah, kinda depends on the FET and the circuit
well, you could use 7805 to run a drive circuitry, and then FET drain and pullup to your unregulated voltage
thats actually kinda standard for switching higher voltages with logic bits

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teh pullup/down
floating electronics = bad for ur mom and small children
if 200K works all the time, dont go higher =\
(its already kinda way high, if a fairy blows on the line it might false-enable or disable)
stuff like this depends alot on the power supply (shitty noise resistance) and the local environment (totally inconsistent noise)

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only if you use mirc
Konversation is KDE irc?
decouple ripple on the supply line
teh smoothing caps
bigger is better, its load dependent
so we need to know more before we can say
well within reason and if you transformer can handle the thump
and youre not on a budget or even buying parts
thats why you buy FM and FC and equiv!
or NHG if need to be little
^dx^: happy?
yeah neat
athabasca: your shit is r00ted prepare to be hax0red
sounds like it works

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yeah can even use a normal fet
no NCH you want drain positive
or, wtf more negative side of the load
itd need charge pump or onboard boost smps or some shit
definitely in the realm of sexy/expensive
and youre running fake ident
change that shit too
i dont care if he gets pwned
i dont care if someone pwns him and then uses him to pwn someone else

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which open its up
thats a PMOS but the circuit is the same
the Zeners are only there to drop voltage because its a logic fet
the gate on that only needs to be pulled down a couple volts
R10 and Q1 is basically how you do a high side switch with a FET, so yeah you just need sonmething to hold it low or let go when you hit a button
microcontroller prob easiest/cheapest way, but you gotta know how to program
its about $40 to build a small microcontroller dev environment if youve never done it before
yeah NCH you would do low side
or use some sort of erotic gate driver
itd need a charge pump or something
which would make it pretty sexy
yeah what charles said, is like waaay easier/cheaper
basically the circuit i linked, but upside down

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look at Q1 and R10
normally, if VFD_EN is open, the pullup keeps the PMOS closed
but if you pull the VFD_EN line low, it pulls down the gate of the PFET

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