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a year
the warranty are usually like 6mo or a year

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well then its alot of hunks of metal
wow balsy
we rain hot metal down on people
you know why we dont know about it?
cuz all the people it happened to are fucking dead

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i remember them having chutes but maybe im tripping
they recover that shit and analyze that shit
NASA spends all their money
path0s: ha no wai
they wouldnt let them do that
and its in space
it doesnt even have tanks for the big boosters on board
its like freefall into atmosphere
dude they prob have red lights on the came so they know when its okay to take bumps of coke
they there like 10 hours lookin wide awake
its mil shit
NASA is like the friendly geeky branch of the mil
path0s: nice
kardos: im pretty sure it burns up
if it doesnt, its not a fuel tank anymore
its a twisted mass of molten metal
which is why im sure they design it to burn up

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i love drum n bass
macegr: its just rods, dude
dont worry, those IR monsters cant hurt you
engines off
the cam is on the tank
dude you could see the leading edges glowing
or reflecting
or something
fuck i hope they remembered to bolt a cam to the orbiter
thats cant be it
the flash from the bolts was amazing
dude that was like kubrick shit
cowboy riding a nuke out a bomb bay
kardos: naw it burns up im sure
i think the recover the solid booster

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thats a nice view
(down the solid fuel past the mount brackets)
w00t it didnt blow up \o/
(solid rockets fell off)
main engine: 104% rated thrust
test33: theyre prob rated to like 130%
its a semi-military thing, they prob have like, power, real-power, and military-power scales
because i guess your idea of maximum allowable mechanical stress is diff when people are like firing missiles at you and shit
i think so
im pretty sure, and its should be up by the time its over land again

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dddamn look at that rocket butthole vectoring
thats the real link yo
fullscreen it
macegr: phallic uncapping of solid feul booster
shuttle always has expected errors
alot of the sense systems false positive
they call them 'anomolies'
im serious too, they had to tell congress comittees this shit
its on, w00t
naw its up
your embedded shit is fuckin slow

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im splash in hiphop
what other bigass chans
shit they got small
testing teh flight controls

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i think launch is in like 10 minutes

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thats why i like going out with them because then i know they all get home safe
rockshox: um
legislators created it
legislators = lawyers
almost all politicians were lawyers
okay, lawyers as legislators created it, and lawyers as judges and DA interpreted it fucked up

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okay so like
'oh no she got raped? wait she was drunk? oh fuck that bitch whatever'
fuck all that
you can be drunk in a car
please to be more concise!
you could fight that
then you can appeal when you lose and try and fuck the DA in civil court for being a tard
we need some fuckin lawyer robots
serious, you just take shark brain
put in a humanoid robot
i bet that it i bet its just a lawyer when you do that
give shark brain a crash course on upright walking, thumbs, and vocal chords
and then you take on every corp lawyer you can get to show up
bunch of my friends drive drunk

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campus cant be secure
schools need to be open or they tend to be sucky
makes sure girls dont get raped and make sure you dont ride bike where youre not supposed to
make sure you dont steal campus gear
i dunno
the towers with blue lights and big red buttons that scream when you hit them prob help
um, duh
thats what were talking about
you can stop having flashbacks
so the guy can fuck her, then blow away the witness
real smart
you should do lectures
anti-rape is pretty much their redeeming quality
they help, so do the big red button poles
dude its not illegal to be drunk last time i checked

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other guy: [dremel flexible grinding disk]
yeah when you have computer microscope
uh, no
when you order 50K units, nothing is that expensive

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its like almost all the moving mechanicals in contact with the paper
inkjet = ripoff
^dx^: as fucked up as gaming
gaming is same model, but worse
and no one is planning on sueing
its not illegal unless they are misleading you
so you can sue them for the ink chips shutting off your supply before being empty
or being forced to buy RGB when you only want to print black
you cant sue them for doing good at business
you can like hate them and boycott them, but judge is more likely to buy inkjet company stock then hit em hard with penalties
thats normal
that makes logical sense
they dont want to get 'spotty'
so there they have a valid defence
now your lawyers feel stupid, they are standing in court rubbing their heads
thats how they do in commercial shit
'hey, were not really supposed to have these chips in that country'

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test33: printer prices will go up
they have every right to pay for R&D how they see fit
like, making the ink carts stop working when they have ink still is presecutable
but you can fuck them for overpricing ink
because they can say thats how they cover production costs and let consumers have access to new printers ever couple cycles
its not illegal unless they are intentionally misleading you
i think they could also possibly say theyre just not very good at ink detection
because thats not where they blow their money
maybe get a slap in the wrist
logiface: ha cool
look anyone who knows whats up gets cheaper ink if they want too
i dont mind paying $80 once a year for a new laser cart
because its not just ink

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fuck the second watching was like mind-blow/heart-break
hmm, no actually i dont think so
the dvd was kickin around for awhile but i dont think i caught that
i <3 her
they make such a cute couple
i like to think that that movie is what happens later in life to the lead character of american history X
i forgot that fools name
i cant believe it
something something jr
uh, hello, old
samsung B&W laser printers have shipped with linux installer scripts like since i got mine
3 years ago maybe?
they hate you
literally, there is no reason
thats what print servers are for
i seen so many business running linksys routers and wrt and print server
small businesses got their small networking stacks
is adorable
test33: its ALL of them
even anti-trust prosecutors need printers

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rab: note that the glorious ending to pixies music was indeed made possible by a massive breaking of both rule 1 and rule 2
i dont think i backed up that to hdd
pixies are buried
earlier rule 1 & 2 reference
CC buildings falling
was to the pixies
is pixies
i dunno i think they did good
i am glad mr tyler figured it out by the end so he could keep the girl
poor girl =(

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flashgot or downthemall?

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VERY high freq boost smps
yeah engineers are supposed to say no at each other
all possible chances for engineers to make each ther look stupid should be taken
thats how you build shit that works
engineers agreeing, jacking each other off = fail shop
^dx^: duh, the higher the freq, the smaller the caps and coils
else everyone would smps at 2Hz instead of 40KHz for efficiency

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^dx^: supercap bank
use flyback to fill series HV caps
oh wtf
nuclear fusion
boost smps
VERY high freq
to keep coil and cap weight down

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i didnt believe but someone !googled
and i tell you it was maybe more groundbreaking than the girl who put whole dudes bald head in her gina
blackmoon knows what i am talking about
haha you too
how was that fake
it was a robot girl?
thats a pretty damn nice robot girl
movie shit
nothing is impossible
thats alot of money for one head in pussy vid, tho
its getting their
they dont even notice three fingers if you dont do it at once, 3 fingers is like peen size

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then the next day, we would pass by his room
and itd be very quite on the unit
but hed have a maniacle smile + like $50
underground synth-\pussy market
it exists
wow thats like somewhere between pussy hole and butt hole
butthole = 1/8"
pussy = 1/2"
serious like your finger dont fill it up
i had a tiny half creole gf for awhile
she was trouble maker
like 5", tiny everything
er, 5'
k, spread the phrase
imagine a fairy butthole
thats prob 100x tinier than girl peehole
btw there is google for fuck the peehole

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like, confident big fat dudes might as well be 150lbs 3% body fat
you know penn gets chicks
i know for a fact he swooped on another fat guys medium wife
the other fat guy was his bullshit editor =\
btw im not supposed to be telling you guys any of this
naw you need the whole girls
they have other bones and muscles to move the tits and ass and pussy around with
also a controller unit
the mussy doesnt really work with that controller unit
er, pussy
you are going to make a bio fleshlight?
in the system, they are called fifis
there is often a fifi manufacturer and distribution system within those units
like, there was this black kid, who had a job and shit, went to the local high school
he was the fifi maker, would make a pyramid of like 30 of them with stolem towels and gloves and vaseline
and he have this maniacal smile

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i just got a lot of hugs and kisses on the cheeks from drunk college girls
mmm, a childs introduction to academia
because when youre 8, youre like the cutest dude at the party =
'cmon baby im the perfect height'
'Dora is that you? Do you like this, dora?'
you know you do it to 100 girls
and like 2 or 3 will be down
dora = old person name
blackmoon: naw man you be surprised
some cute girls like big fat dude
except in reality it doesnt work that way
if big fat dude can score hot chick, big fat dude can surelt find a medium chick to bump fuzzies with

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b) unscreen staff abusing physically and sexually of minors
i didnt like that song
blackmoon: actually oddly, my childhood was fine
like, dad was doing coke and who knows what else (pharmacist)
some lights go out because bills not paid
be we never got hit, and we always had food clothes and place to live
we had no clue our dad was a biological drug disposal unit
not until we were old enough to be doing bonloads with him
he pissed me off so i ratted him out to mom
thus begins the end of my semi-normal suburban life
macegr: well, we did drink at frat parties when we were like 8 and 9 years old
as dad was a legacy and bro was frat president
so big holiday parties, i get 'hey kid wanna try your first beer?' like 10 or 20 times a night
like, i remember getting in fights over girls
doing shit like runnin up to big fools and dumping whip cream buckets on their heads
and then getting grabbed by my feet and spun =(
ya rly

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macegr: i could have also gotten like practically free housing till i was 25
im also jump to the front of the line status for any student aid
and permanent independent tax status as far as academic institutions are concerned
so for school im independent, but actual taxes, my mom claims me and gets more moneys back
i wasnt trying to be involved in any system programs
it was kinda dumb i didnt, but i really didnt wanna be anyplace county funded
i have friends who lived in apartments, county paid most of it
Independent Living Program, w00t
probation, mental health, and department of childrens services fund/feed it
unit41: debatable, they fuck kids over hardcore
so its generally accepted anything they can do to keep them out of prison or psych hospitals is a good thing
dude, your taxes are funding child abuse
no one bitches about that
but yeah, try and help the survivors, 'OMG FREELOADERS, MY MONEY, FUCKOFF DIE'
serious, your money helped create situations where:
a) older kids and young adults fuck younger, sometimes pre-teen kids

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they wanna cut my shit off because i didnt go to the county dr for 6 years
and ive missed 2 appts with new drs because of school
they cant say shit tho, like EVERY facility ive been involved with has been shut down for abusive or negligent practicies
(i just found out they shut down the placement facility i was stored at for like 2 years, \o/)
^ lord of the flies, urban style
dude i dont pay taxes all my shit is untaxable
financial aid and FAFSA loans and crazy person disability
not according to them
yeah, every system kid gets a diagnosis, 90% of them get forced on meds
i dont think you pay on SSI/disability
defeats purpose

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some kids sandboxes smelled like poo
i think its nappy time
so i went to the beuaty and hair supply shop
but i got some pretty cool tweezers for $.99
and some awesome tweezers that come to a pinpoint and are like 3" long
those were $9.99
blackmoon: yes avg person has poor firmware
fucked up at the core program
blackmoon: i wanted really small ones
like 0402 duty shit
also, i got some wahl clipper guards
they were out of #1, i could not complete my set
they come in colors now, #3 is blue i was like WTF!
i have some huge shit from afghanistan
might as well be steel auto-chopstix
for hair clipper
the standoff attachments
fucked up

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blackmoon: usps has ur stuff
also, someone handed me a tube of aerospace grade skateboard bearings
Ballistic Missiles, from the manufacturers of Rockets
ha, skaters dont fuck around when it comes to bearings once they get past the WD40+dirt repack phase
but yeah, i guess theyre ceramic-metallic bearings
theres a skater who makes em, he owns a shop does aerospace contract work
so like board bearings are prob fun to make, comparatively
im giving them to my friend (im not suicidal enough to street skate)
i dont even thin i have a cap
i have a bandwidth cap, but not a max data cap
if i do its like 1TB/Mo or something
see thats why you should get your net from the RIAA/MPAA
then they wont bust you

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and the flexible pads and shit will eat all the resonant weirdness
oooooh, wire brush wheel, rarararar
blackmoon: okay ur gasket stuff is on its way, bbl

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or bolt them to Very Hard Things
cams are same way
take better pics if the cam is heavier
yeah they will make the oddest noises when theyre worn in
if you got like 3 or 4 machines working at once its like 'hi my name is dischord would you like your mood grilled or fried?'
anything thatll absorb vibration and dont wear out
everything else is gonna be dependant on the machine =\
because they all ring at diff freq
yeah they will do weird things
because all tall and bolted to concrete
machine tools noises are odd
blackmoon: you basically want weight for stability and to kill most the vibration

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refeuling and rehydration is completz0r
its like 6ft from me
where am i gonna keep it, the parking lot?
the balcony?
yes her name is tinkerbelle
we are intimate
dude if mccillary wins, your house is maybe not far enough
blackmoon: it has an enclosure
its like plywood and plexi built on top of a 2x4' folding table
all bolted up with stair brackets and washers
and the i got the taig mounted with bolts, using 2x2x1" cork and rubber isolator pads
ive had like zero probs on my mill with screw resonance
yeah since i switched to microstepping its not even very loud unless its cutting metal
alot of people use their weight to keep them from oving

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the low res ones it maybe gets weird toward the ends
weird, square the jaw a bit, and thats like almost teacher
minus ten years (lori petty is relatively just a bigger kid, not an adult person like teacher)
or maybe not, lori petty grew up
sculptor_: omg im so hurt
i have dead motherboards nailed to my walls and i sleep with a CNC machine
s/like like/is like

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its not usually log
its dual slope linear
theres a definite point there the response of the pot changes
there is hacks you can do with parallel resistance
however you are limiting the precision of the pot adjustments, kind of
because the log portion only extends a bit past half way thru rotation
i dont know
im really not that mexican
dude i dont speak spanish
and if i learned, it would be as a second language, which only makes me an average white person
rab: yeah pot carbon patterns are weird
im nothing, im a low middle class kid from suburban LA
oh, yeah digi ones either come log or you simulate it
with the high res ones, you can basically fake it

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yeah i have no clue how gas and ph sensors work
haha @ TSA bomb sniffers
that shit was so quick
they has me and my shit rubbed down and sniffed in like 2min
score my box food is complete
passive, for stealth
fuck a tricorder
ha rly
design perfume detector

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maybe get better luck with a pool kit
some have clear tinted plastic scaled next to the mixing vials
i think they were just ph test and chlorine test
oh neat you have a ph meter thing
what are those?
resistance across some treated spongy material?
the ph pens, what are they sensing
dunno how it works electrically,
ha wtf weird
like your shunting a reference material with the test material or something

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macegr: 600KB/s hard cap
40KB up
it used to be 80KB/s
literally changed overnight
the soil was maybe fucked the other way

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sculptor_: it actually works surprisingly well without the ports forwarded
because when i install it, its pointed at a diff range of ports than i have forwarded for it
and sometimes i wont remember to adjust its settings, because itll just work anyway
20min /win 15
(20min until rice-a-roni broccoli herb box is done)

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blackmoon: Buna-N
im pretty sure
viton(?) rubber must be god shit
was higher temp, resists everything, costs a ton

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i think the bank maybe fucked up and cancelled all my cards when i cancelled the card number my mom was using
so im maybe have to wait in line anyway =(
blackmoon: its neat stuff
its kinda like silicone rubber but more rubbery than foamy/plasticy
i hate wells fargo
i think so
its cheap for its capabilities like everyone and their mom uses it

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then we see how much it sends 1x2' 1/8" rubber to ca in a digikey box
ah nm that sentence is all fucked up
ive has very good experience with mplayer for windows producs
charles: check out Super for encoding
its a frontend for a few open and i think non open encoders
it maybe takes stream input, dunno
yeah but mencoder can do shit like that
blackmoon: its too big!
it wont like, fold flat, its kinda thick
i got the .125" stuff
even if i put in a bigger envelope than the ones i have now, id have to cover it with tape
or itd try to bust out by unfolding =\
im pretty sure i can still do it with the machine

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and lori petty is hot
Tank Girl
also nun in that 80s or early 90s series
also the free willy girl
tank girls techy girlbuddy was hotter
damn go and find the freakiest pic
its the eye color + black eyeliner/hair
but yeah, she played a church nun
and then became tank girl, and that
thats hot to me
but not quite as hot as the nun from Freejack
that bitch was a fox
ha i dig the cute punker voice
okay i make foods and rehydrate and slam my glucosamine

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english teacher is geeky sexy, single and into her work, acts mid 20s looks mid 30s and is mid 40s
she is like my role model
looks like a perry farrel/lori petty smashup
if its on a menu its a name?
fuck normal adjusted people
youre here alot
youre not one of them
swish has logs
which is really odd, man
again, list the significance of the research in terms of general society

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like smily 'YES NEAT THANK YOU!' excited
because like it is her job to think about this shit all the time
todays class topic was 'when charismatic leaders die, and the beuracracy takes over'
so she def gets link to the sea-org 3 hour ceremony of revisionist history and death to science of sociology and phychology rant by cults new leader
because CoS is the authority on the universe.
i am not trying to complicate sociology drs life
not its all about the english teacher
milk coffee
*now it's
i dont have time

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but its great in guacamole
you season with it
you crumble it sparingly into beans and tacos and sauces
also, the non salty cheese (cotilla is the salty one) is good
very bland basic flavor
its basically dairy flavor
almost like ricotta
its texture
yeah thats what its usually called
but that just means fresh cheese pretty sure
cotilla is salty, i guess aged
fresco is real basic, kinda fluffy
like it doesnt crumble
but you can make tacos with just cheso fresco
just throw squeeze of lemon or lime and some salsa on it
i gotta eat rehydrate and mail shit
rab: i asked sexy sociology dr if she wanted to know more about netizens vs scientology
rab: she was very excited and had already seen xenu.net
and she said she was happy i didnt go to the first one because you never know, tear gas and such
fuck rules, they are guidelines

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chopped onions, tomato
thats like a mexican meal
beans and rice on the side
drop the small corn tortillas
use a large flower tortillas
roll the whole meal in the large tortilla
take with you
this is the other mexican meal
everything else is pretty much holiday or sunday shit
beef and chiken
you take the not flesh (organs) and cut it up and throw it in soup
dont forget to wash the shit outta the intestines
they call this menudo
there are other ingredients
rab: fuck menudo
^dx^: i know
mexican food = poor people food, tortillas + latin base ingredient variations
like the most authentic mex is just shreded steak and onions topped with salsa in a small corn tortilla
i like homecooked holiday mex
goat cheese
in tasty and salty
real mex dont even use salt as much as it uses the salty goat cheese

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general america is alot like me now
and the trend is that rural america is dying in favor of the multicultural urban centers
theyre synonymous terms =)
mexicans are are like 10 diff things
my race is los angelino
im a hybrid unit
we are the next phase in evolution.
dude wtf
the older tone latina body with a killer seductive personality is like an icon in traditional erotic stereotypes
shes not mexican bitch
shes white, trained!
dude she recorded the 'jenny from the block [SOUTH SOUTH BRONX]' in a LA recording studio
fuck J-Lo, she represents media money people
fuckers in designer suits and leased $0.5M sports car, who have nothing to do with music
those are J-Los people
small tortillas with shredded meat

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they are mujahadin, which were CIA trained rebels
they are a biproduct of russias war with afghanistan
we created a organized group of gurilla warriors
and then we left them to follow their own beliefs
and proved to them that the US was the only super power left to overthrow
US and mujahadin killed the evil empire, now there are just two evil empire left
wtf is an adam kid
rab: brits just follow along now waiting for the chance to kneel behind out knees
brits are in iraq, brits are in afghanistan
stu: out of control experiment
but yeah, we are you without th tradition or inbreeding
stu: im half mexican, with can be traced back to a pure spaniard and a pure native of the nayarit coastal area
like mayan and/or aztec at some point
on the other side, im at least polish, russian, and romanian

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(btw i been hanging with swedes on irc for like 5 years now)
ludde: hello, all complex systems do
thats gay
this aint a real war
not even as much as vietnam
where is al quedas fighter jets?
where is al queda SAMs?
where is al quedas tanks?
where is al quedas nuclear power backed arsenal?
bin laden is a CIA rebel
wheres hes black hat or white hate doesnt really concern me
oh no
it does
it didnt before other than in constructs by the CIA to manipulate policy
and no doubt mujahadin has an internation network sprung from it
however, it is very real now
self propegating myth
icon was created, and people made their own al quedas
it is indeed very real, now
however, it is a movement
it is not a mechanized army
you cant kill it with fire
4000 troops wasted for continuous failure
deaths for a future of sustained multilateral war
there is
myth becomes reality
people just have to believe
al queda is real

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cable is weird because its either awesome, or the lines are broken and open, and it sucks
spraying net out into thin air and shit
6mbit dsl is almost unreal
phone cables made of gold with steel shielding or some shit
yeah but youre lucky if you connection can actually pull 6mbit
youre prob like a block from the isp
tech job in central america starting to look real nice
i know about sweden
north europe, nordic history, very big on personal freedom
rather gentle, as far as european nations go
lots of darker (sillier) metal
a system of criminal justice that is more biased towards reform than punishment
also, sweden is americas bitch
proven by thr komrads at pirat bay
sweden getting more server busted by american laws than los angeles, likely
sweden = bitch of the american regime, enforcing laws they dont even have because we said so
because it is a social culture
sweden takes care of swedes, no doubt

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im either going to have a discrete power conditioner/breakout, or integrate it into the channel select component
i have to start make eagle parts to see what exactly will fit
still working?
blackmoon: hi, i mail you stuff soon as i has energies again
summer is starting =(
oh neat
is it like consistent hard cap, or your companies just give you all it can thru that line?
my shit like like 600KB/40KB/s, capped with a sledge hammer
call and bitch, they maybe hard capped you wrong
dsl is weird in rural
supposedly the best shit is cable in a rural place with decent system backbone
we new this chick couldnt do linux, so wed ssh in and help her
her shit would do 1.5MB/s down
her isp was like a slow LAN
but yeah she had cable in a not dense area

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bah where is moon
okay i go mail his stuff soon
macegr: kk
i will continue to develop site
if now we should crash
make our own damn booth, we can hide it from Make people
oh, bring your own surface?
thats not so bad
worst case is like $40 dropped at office depot
i have bunch too but its far to faire
so i think i have close to final spec for the audio system
(the analog electronics is actually pretty easy because i have the circuit blocks and schema from other projects)

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as soon as people bvecome passionate about electric sport, electric economy and luxury will take off
itll happen
and they will fix it
it will prob be the biggest thing to ever happen to battery tech
unit41: racing
not at all
when you figure out antigrav and overunity, get back to us
theyre waiting
they wont do it until a segment becomes passionate
when demand is there, they will retool
retooling for failure right now is their death
going full electric now is like medium gain, or full loss
tesla isnt alone
there are more electric car companies in cali than in the world
they wont have to be bought out
all of them will sell out
because all of them would kill for a chance to be the research house of a big 3 company
distance, awkwardness
get a hooker, she prob fall love with you if you dont fuck her
ima try and get troublemaker to do my back again
do 10min equal trade, do her first so she gets a better idea of wtf to do
and that way im not out $20
theyre already redioactive

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the roll out a killer app in the next few years, and their either gonna merge out one company to compete with te world, or they will be assimilated into the import market
chrysler is already benz
*or theyre gonna merge out
they have to do something big, or theyre gonna die
it would prob go on for 3 years and then not happen
toyota is never gonna die
its the new gen VW beetle
3 decades now
unit41: pretty much
ha yeah fuck you
we have the gas prices pimp
ford is shit
gm > ford
iu got no national ties
honda is the best engine manufacturer in the world
they dont just do cars, they do everything
ford can do trucks
but anyone can do trucks
stu: jezus fuck how do you move shit
first gen tech sucks
in 3 years there will prob be like ten full electric sports

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black chrome is neat
even gets dirty neat
you would need something in between'
silver and gunmetal metallic
if a car dont look good in shades of metallic grey, its not a good looking car
black looks awesome but the gloss makes it hard to keep the finish nice
like, you rub your pants on that shit wrong you can see it
metallics kinda mask little scratches and shit
unit41: the anodized oxide layer will pick up colors from dies
so you can basically do anything if you can figure out how to mask it
random splash/drip and camo patterns are popular
theyre mostly anodized
anodize, clear acrylic, color sand
tho yeah, lots of work like that, heh
hahaha wtf
its because they misjudged the demand
everyone who wanted one got them pretty quick, because banks hand out loans now

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stu: what is that for?
yeah but what is it
oh hmm
unit41: solidworks
yeah you would need to flatten surfaces on the inside
for good heatsinking
but yeah i never seen shit like that
pretty neat
those are nice
but yeah, big car amps almost always same look
extruded box, maybe clear plastic top
so yeah thats pretty unique
yeah its a machined part
mass production you can get something cast and then finish machine
but one off, you would just rought it out of an aluminum block
yeah for one of or short runs
just because setup on casts is fucked
yeah but casting setup will eat your profit untill you sell a bunch
ha i remember that
heh, look at paintball markers for ideas

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its inspection and tolerances
eduard0: try like $100K
kenetik: you dont
you get cheap shit
and make it works
if you shop at radioshack, you dont care anyway
for cables adapters and wallwarts
i wouldnt even use them for female connects
because it wasnt realy, its just billed info
no im here already
not that i know of

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this is me on my shellthing
i had to find and replace the registry location in my exported .reg file
its hard to do yourself
like, relaxing and working har at the same time dont really fly

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