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maybe its a .ca thing or i just dont read tha cans anymore
sounds neat
okay gotta go bye
timecop: its joke about ur game link
blackmoon: =\
see its how he gets to the peen from the balls
hahah at funky lines

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input is input DC ripple dependent
if you have a higher ripple input, you use bigger DC cap
or if you have tons of transient activity on the load, cap can help unload the psu
FC is a very good electrolytic cap
is prob panasonics best one because they come in higher values than FM
tho two FM in parallel to make an FC blows away the FC on esr
prob cost 3x as much tho
nuh uh
05:51 < Blackmoon> (the little explodeing house icon is by far my fav)
ive never seen exploding house warning icon, heh

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but you can get those seamless electrolytic cans TH instead of SMT
FM is lower esr than FC but lower values for every voltage range
usually more $$$, but not always by much
also parallel caps lower esr if you find something way cheaper with decent esr/farads/size

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er source
fuck its 6:30 why am i up bye
just get monolithic stacked ceramic if you dont want seamless Al can electrolytics (which i personally think are mad erotic)
can get them in goofy 1210 double stack up to like 47uF
timecop: im ganking that part for curiously strong audio system
FC cap
i didnt think they were chat cheap
i bet they make thru hole too
well i dunno if they make em for FC

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what shit
thats not really analog
thats like, an IC and a V divider and some smps bits
put a current source between the diode and caps/vdivider
ha wait no then itll saturate the sink and the thing might try and kill itself

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that cant be a real blue screen they are never that helpful
my fav is when itll load an error message from the hard drive and go: your hard drive is broken, sir.

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wait that doesnt have onboard server
aw i thought it had web2.0 built in =(
but yeah theyre prob gonna start making server hdd
because they make media hdd
jezus fuck
i have to view in an external fucking program to read
everytime you and stu have said that ive been using xp
timecop: its scaling to small to read
if i blow it up, i can only read like 4 words at a time
stu: actually i <3 windows picture previewer
i truly believe that was its major advantage over win2k
(xp over 2k, i mean)
timecop: haha @ line 2

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(because yeah thats pretty wtf)
see they will straight up laugh
by comparison, when pilosi (majority leader) goes to the white house or bush goes to the hill, theyre almost bust into oral sex pretending to like each other
stu: yeah those things are neat
i think those things are the future
because imagine how big with solid state disks
computer appliance [boom]

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stu: oh no shit?
i bet i get that live
stu: new guy (gordon?) doesnt seem as ninja at questions as blair
half the time i expected blair to walk up to reps and slap them
yeah i dunno because i only saw blair at the end
ok buffering
aaah, mr brown
you gotta be doin it wrong

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no idea

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macegr: wtf is that
thats crazy lookin shit yo
macegr: its not even just the lead
the whole inside of that shit is crazy lookin
how the fuck did they put 5 led in there

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rising edge, MSB first, latch in before rising edge after last data bit
latch out after a spec'd gap
the RGB is cheaper than i thought
i thought they would be more just because they so sexy
china still cost money for watts
at least they mounted the discrete thing for you
im gonna be a bronco
wtf i dont wanna be a big horse
at my current school we are a bigass bull sitting on its ass

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alot of shit dont even come in qfp
define pwm clock?
just a constant duty clock to run it?
rockshox: totaly wtf shit =(
soic = sexiest package alive
power of dip
size of soic
no wait
i just betrayed to-220
i shouldnt ever get married
sell it to clubs in SF
no shit?
those like $12?
i didnt know they had RGB
okay those like $7?

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WinAmp... [BOOM] It really whips the llamas ass.
macegr: how do i feed rgb blocks colors?
alternatively, what was part number
youre getting these assembled?
QFN is for torture
nothing that cool really does anymore =(

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i bet unit41 just uses single window bx and fucks up alot
thats would explain it i think
fuck bx
bx is compiled in kiddie script shit
test33: i believe bx is vanilla c
thats how ti.com did me
test33: its a compiled in full script
full scripts = kiddie shit
fuckin think has a cdplayer
haha so you can be like poking peoples in the data center i bet
console/shell/term, same fuckin diff
why the fuck does it need a cdplayer
macegr: IP entry times out too?

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PING www.flickr.vip.mud.yahoo.com ( 56 data bytes
64 bytes from icmp_seq=0 ttl=57 time=78.703 ms
-n is -c on bsd
haha yahoo mail
those fuckers canceled my mail acct
rockshox: your reasons are odd
is fsdafsd unit41?
if its not unit41 charles needs to be kicking his annoying ass already
like damn that guy is only good at banning regs
actually he does
hes just like 95% totally out of context

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id kill you
id warn your first
you realize youre just seeing this in some interalized port death conciousness
because youre already dead
no cmon -n 2 or something
fsdafsd: serious, fuck off and die
k thx
they maybe just dont ping back
or just ignored

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or at the very least cost someone with a bad data rate a fucked amount of money
(im just assuming they wont run that from a yahoo shopping server)
(but iunno)
yeah its flickr and yahoo stuff
macegr: wtf at ur tracert
thats prob yahoo
you got in their network
it doesnt look like comcast is doing anything
8 bas4.v206.mud.yahoo.com ( 59.946 ms v203.bas3.mud.yahoo.com ( 60.773 ms 61.078 ms
okay yeah youre prob right
because thats my last return too
whats a bas?

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when i asked for reason, you were supposed to splay out some of the funtionality of this 'anti-abuse' software
surely you have some general awareness
ti.com locked me out for a month
it wasnt my IP
it was just this install on this box
and it wasnt cookies
is a possibility
cable modems are usually capped
and uncapped cable modem is almost like a single source DoS cannon
but yeah, my shit does 40KB/s up, and i complain
because it changed to that from 80KB/s, overnight
so yeah, 10 of me prob wipe out a very small site

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neat i got dirty text msg
ti.com was like that for me, for months
the tolerance on the thru holes for my chair bolts is fucking shit
wtf why would he be blocked
because hes not DoSing flickr thats why not
hes not nmapping them either
rockshox: okay reasons
or stfu

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neat i turned sad anxiety extmp gf into happier hornier extmp gf
cats > babys
haha yeah i have a cow cat
cow cats and tuxedo cats are hella chill

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try another local box if you have one
i can get ti.com from behind my nat
but not from this box
i reinstalled
macegr: its not your host files if your ip entry dont work either
i think its a firewall block or your isp
no im saying its doubtful macegr got his ip block for normal use

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blackmoon: it works!
they dont always wirebrush hard
thats the hardened layer =D
it depends how deep your heat treating got
and who cares about colors
blackmoon: colors are pretty
or anodize it
macegr: ur dns is fucked
kevtris: probably, or its just not done
i cant think of magnesium ive seen welded
path0s: on crack?
linux ip config is two command lines
its faster than windows
btw i know you dont use linux ever, so ill just write of the comment as ignorant extremism
macegr: they blocked you
like ti.com vblocks me
kevtris: if it gets hot enough
O in the water like that might not enough enough to get the magnesium to burn up at that temp
when its just sprayed on it vaporizes immediate

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welding is hot
i did like a 6" pipe with 1/4" wall thickness today
did like a fat bead over the seam, then beads on the edges of the fat seam, then a huge bead over all three
yeah thatd suck
burn thru in a sec
er, beads on the edges of the far bead
mig is so easy
my welds are somewhat pretty
but not pro shit
naw man
naw none of them are that shitty
i tend to go deep/heavy
so if i dont blow holes in my shit, welds are usually pretty functional
im still getting the hang of speed/volts
just endmill the weld
macegr: front page working
20:22 < renesis> naw man

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kevtris: yes
kevtris: you can get a multicard reader with integrated floppy
theyre expensive tho, like $25
k gotta go
dunno, lookin retro
i needed one to flash my bios
and when i tried to start the flash util to maybe point at SD card or hdd
macegr: just find an industrial machine hooked up via rs232 to a 486 pc
those all have floppies
and win 3.11!
bye fureal

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leadless is the devil
ok fine bye
oh i dont care
ill walk in after lecture straight into my welding booth
teacher talks shit anyway =)

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use them as fuel for death ray
omg primitive!
should i be late for welding (had to make very important email)
or just stay home and h4x
no that was not an option moon

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you want SATA

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why does your grub take so long?

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theres prob two or three million now?
xp hotfix post sp2
i have an sp2 integrated cd
yeah thats what i do
uncheck the geniune nag bullshit, good to go
yeah you can kill the update backups

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hacked``: same thing, diff circumstances or level of motivation
ton of hotfix

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its like 1/4" diameter by 1" deep hole
i hate snuff
i get nasty stuff for extmp gf
er, i got
no im talking about the extmpgf related stuff i got on shopping mission
its not really dirty, its naughty
she dont smoke cigs
she did a little bit when she lived in chicago
omg wheel caster on bubble wrap =\

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i got a cig snuff
charles: its like an upright hole
metal or ceramic, for putting out cigs without breaking them
but smaller hole for cigs
smaller/taller hole

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now who is doing her after she is all used up and smelly and tired
pron is filmed on CCD based cameras
which use batteries
also fuckingmachines.com
totally a technology thing
LED vibrators
tho she still has the negative
can make more
its neat stuff tho, def useful for gaskets or grommets or something
hahaha, nice

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youre on irc why are you trying to save time =\
okay bbl, girly sex shop
( http://www.loveboutiqueparty.com/love/index.html )
it would be her buttplug, and im just getting goo
omg i have belladonna movie where girl has horse tail butt plug
Belladonna's Fucking Girls Again
haha shes pregnant, crazy belladonna
wtf who is nacho
also they all into their giant fake jewel buttplugs
like, 1" fake diamond butthole
belladonna had one with a little knocker ring =\
yeah i dont keep track
well, yeah of which ornamental buttplug she was wearing

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it reminded me of the worm things in beetlejuice
seen vid
haha, when i put 'synthetic rubber mold and casting experience' on my resume
really i mean when me and exgf made me dildos =\
hands and feet for presthetics
because i have a friend in prosthetics cast making
like, basically the positive models the techs make braces from
so i actually do have bit of supervised professional training
like, an hour
that time, my friend made a body cast of exgf
hmm, in junior high one of the older punker girls had no forearm on one side
and one of my quebecer friends friends has a club arm

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dude, they answer
its awesome
'so what sex goo do you recommend?'
and then it gets mad technical from there
rab: wtf
rab: my gf made two out of me with silicone and latex =\
actually i made one, its it green and skin tone striped
^dx^: hehe, i wanted to make a megnetic one
with a bunch of magnets
blackmoon: magnets or that my exgf has me dildos?
you do clear around the edges
rab: actually, no
but thats a neat idea
you could like massage them deep
rab: you would spin a fixed one and the other one goes nuts
but you do clear around the surface and let get tacky
and then you fill with alternating color latex

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models is the juice of LTspice
i had that shit for like 6mo
fuck that
wow i need single eth jacks
okay but first i have to go to girly-run sex shop
feeling awkward can be so much fun!

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rab: these are like 32 detents (!)
rab: also the panasonics are usually full grey cycle for detent
like they want you to use them step/dir style
i cant tell if these shafts are Al or plastic
def Al
scratched with exacto
no just grey plastic
either way the finish is nice

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and its load dependent
you should be looking at the current
i has standoffs, ph33r
ir assortment, looks mighty random
no old glass stuff
glass LEDs = wtf!?
naw dude
70s and 80s amps will have glass LED
its weird
its either glass or the craziest old plastic ive ever seen
these encoders are nice

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actually im not even sure
because none of their drawings look offset
wow neat
thats kinda cool
oh cute
i got tiny steppers
like .75" dealies
ha they have a driver schema inside
i can see XOR gates
tiny avr ftw
right and then couple the shaft to a dc motor
and pwm the dc motor
thats some afroteched shit
shit i wanna build that now
fuckit theyre #1
but they are #1 too
no try harder, ninja
1H is alot

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yeah thats not mouser or panasonic
tho bourns is good
thats not $1
dunno kinda the same
um, for $25 down
oh dual cat5 sockets
wow alot
wow all with fucked up pins, thanks
yeah they will backorder shit
its goldmine elec
wait rab
i win
thats not the pushbutton model
but you already have that
so nothing
Model PEC11 is a 12 mm incremental encoder with detents and push switch options.
if thats one with the switch, i dont think thats a pic of the actual product

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rab: plastic, no button, short shaft
and theyre not much cheaper than $1
these are metal + bushing + button
theyre mechanical grey code
you put on pin on ant int for event, and check the other pin for up/down
no, but theyre panasonic
ive seen the encoder datasheets enough
blackmoon: she was on bottom =\
but damn dude i seen her with a knife
she prob use em way more often for what she do
she always like cutting shit towards herself
im waiting for something to cut and her to stab herself in the chest
then maybe she will learn
women are little so its always self defence
wow i got longitudinaly striped heatshrink
clear, nice

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well really, wtf is the poinf of getting 1mV voltage offset amps if your grounds are fucked up more than that anyway
like, power and signal grounds you want to star ground
you can basically have two grounds independent to the psu ground
well, unless power is flying past signal on a long trace
then you get into weird EM coupling shit
and theirs not enough voltage (usually) or speed (ever) in audio to couple noise
so its always mad current
okay ima open my box!
wish me luck!
i dont even remember everything i got
heatshrink and those encoders
i cant find my china switchblade
hehe one time i lost it and me and exgf were doing it, and then i looked over, and we were doing it like 6" from my open switchblade

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well, not if youre cutting the plane to keep current returns independent
um, no
they discontinued the overture smps chip
its their power audio
the gainclone family are overture
its basically their flagship audio stuff
its basically like short runs, very short feedback, ground loops around input signals, and star ground
their recommendations for overture layout
primary decoupling right at the power opamp
2200uF FC caps are popular
like one big fat plane youre hopping that there aint enough current going thru it to create voltage drops
because if you have power flying past an audio ground reference...

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current going in circles for no purpose coupling magnetic fields
thats why you try and break up ground planes if routing doesnt already do it
and try and kill any loops
it will in a plane around power stuff!
not like massive style or anything
wow fedex called me
blackmoon: it can get high power stuff into low low power stuff
i got my elec goldmine
rab: natsemi suggests star grounds for overture
and things like grounded rings around signal inputs

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you can change the amplitude bias with a filter
if theyre far enough apart, you can maybe get the noise tone down to background noise
yeah decouple your ICs first
im trying to switch to parallel .01uF and 1uF for analog stuff
stacked ceramic smt <3
charles: ideally, i star ground everything
either ground traces sized for current or branches ground plane
well, broken planes
for the analog IC thing for the wwvb im doing split planes and like a 1R resistor to couple them
blackmoon: well for power sections it makes sense
you wanna bring the power and signal and digital stuff to the same ground independantly

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might wanna try and output filter
but you need to calc the cap for your speaker
matt____: does the noise tone sound consistent?
or just like noise
if it is consistent, and close to your high tone, output filter prob wont do much without fuckin up your circuit
matt____: do you know anything about music, heh?
matt____: does it sound more than an octave higher?
if the tone is high enough, you can try filtering it out
but yeah you need to proper decouple your psu and ICs before trying shit like that

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man who are you

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wow i bet i could write a script
that actually checks my posts for words like cant can do dont would could
and literally asks 'DO YOU MEAN THIS, RETARD?: [posted line]'
because wtf i do that alot
its like my hands freeze up because they cant decide to add 'nt or nt
maybe they didnt fix my kiddie dyslexia very well
i do it on purpose now

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er, cant live wtf
i need interactive contractions
[text text]<enter>
irssi: are you sure you dont mean 'can not'?
dude its vanilla spice
if you lean LTspice, youre better off when using any other spice based sim
(like almost all of them are spice)
most of them mask the spice, LTspice its all in the open
delay might be turn on delay
so tdelay would be the first part
ton would likely be the pulsing part
that way you can stop the pulses and watch how the circuit settles

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so really, a good linux experience for me takes time
ive used both, im doing being an advocate for either
your linux will suck unless you or your pc tech are good, so i honestly i cannot recommend it to the avg user
because i dont believe the benefits outweight the losses in terms of software and hardware compatibility and ease of use
kde and gnome are both worse than explorer
only osx wm is worse
serious, i like linux because its ninja, not because its easy (lie) or an osx alternative
and since i got into CAM and EDA way deeper, i can live without a windows box
and any dual boot box spends 90% of its time in one OS
MEG for M
else it reads as milli-

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my linux systems would do doom3 and quake and sci-fi mmo gaming fine
nvidia cards, nvidia binaries
eagle always runs smoother in windows
its usable in both
help is a yahoo group
but autocad and solidworks dont run in linux
neither do the really fun but not wildly popular games
and most my fav open src apps run in windows
like, if i absolutely need a lunix box, i have the CNC controller
games are not a waste of time
you should appreciate games
they are the reason computers are as powerful as they are for consumers
else sci/tech pc and consumer pc would be two totally diff things
supporting games is supporting future personal computing performance
right click or left click on the component
hey whatever i love linux
but default install, its usually worse than my windows after a fresh install
gnome/kde, might as well fucking run explorer

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(im srs)
gEDA docs actually recommend ltspice in wine
why are ou using linux to do electronics anyway
voltage, hit advanced
timecop hates eagle
i like it, i want it to go fast

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switch the same current thru two inductors, the one with more uH kicks back more
the kickback determines your voltages
switching faster decreases th size of the inductors
but a largr inductor at any freq will have more momentum, speaking in terms of current
i dont wiki electronics equations
use datasheets and app notes or text books
no fuck you
ill use it for tons of shit
electronic equations isnt it
whatever, sim it
equations dont mean shit until you got a circuit to apply it too
yeah and the sim will tell you

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with a high frequency, your transformer will be small
5V, mosfet, done
do it
wtf did you think i meant by VERY HIGH FREQUENCY?
200KHz or something?
you prob need like above 100MHz, the higher the better, for your wonky weight requirements
dude everything has to be super low
30KV will couple into your mom
it will couple into your cats brain
it will couple into your teapot\
like, even at low freq, you gotta design it sane or else itll just feedback on itself and maybe fail
large inductance gets you more boost
wtf why do you need 30kv in 150g
because its common sense

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path0s: i think both
anyway, i dont see how living by yourself and paying your bills makes you 'grown up'
plenty of people do that and still go nuts like 8 year olds at the hint of stressful situation with no win solutions
and yet some 8 year olds are perfectly fine handling money, telling the truth, and being responsible for their actions
and they are not grown up
you need coils
push pull is AC
the AC only revolves around 0V or its not AC thing is some bullshit
you want to do a boost smps
that requires a coil
a transformer is multiple coils
your working current is low

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also my exexgf called
the slutty one
no teh enuh unit
naw she too little
like, maybe
but her gine hole is like almost as small as a medium size girls butthole
naw its cool she more grown up kid now
when i dated her she was like 20 =\
now shes like, accepting of the fact that she really doesnt take sex seriously
dude everyone is still a kid
no one grows up
some people just act better than others
you will never become what you thought grown ups were as adults
because that doesnt exist
actually most my friends dont live with their parents
and they are of the same belief
i live my moms because im the smart one supposed to go to school and like, do something
so we can all be employed and rich without suckin up to the man, etc
tell the nerds theyre dumb
6000:1 transformer
you need coils
and a string of 1n914

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>NAME on names layer
>VALUE on values layer
in the device mode of lib editor, under the oin connect, PREFIX sets letter prefix
in pin names, GND#1 GND#2 NC#A NC#B will show up in schema as GND and NC
theres manuals and tutorials on their web site
online help from menu in windows programs is almost always shit
3 days an exgf converts to tmpgf
off wont show a value in schema
until you set one
actually i think ON means that
like, you are going to set a value
OFF will automatically use the device name as the prefix
those will bitch at you when you change the value, saying 'device has no user definable value'
wtf is fwb
i need to write a full eagle parts creation tutorial
or, privs, benefits, same diff

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but for personal, id go two 3886, because the pins are like 3x as fat
everyone loves that stuff you should feel lucky
jerry had a sex scandal?
okay i gotta go
spitz is ruined
his whole hook was crackin heads, cleanin up the city
deja vu right now
can you feel it?
how about now?

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so yeah, that x2 > single 10"
for sure
oh nasty its ported
you see it lag at the begining with the really low freq shit
that aint no sine wave response heh
4 of those
4 LM3886
and a linkwitz transform EQ
arrange however
like, for cost id go 4780

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i wanted to try the linkwitz-transform bass EQ thing on those
you put it in a sealed box
way to small sealed box
and it moved fs up more
then you run below the fs, active filtered
with an EQ to compensate for the roloff of the speaker
because the roloff is single pole, perfectly flat
yeah, speaker has to be able to handle sub-duty flopping
it would be nice to try like 10-60Hz with a pair of those
oh no shit?
i have to leave like right now
and he prob didnt do shit
except put it on the pc sub
btw im pretty sure xmax is one way excursion

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the other good place is literally hugging the driver stack
naw, you get lows
if theres enough lows
i dont really care about vinyl driver wobble so much
at that point im saying its heavily dependent on bathroom structure
but yeah, 40-100Hz sounds about the range
thats a good range for drum n bass!
rab: yeah good flat response is neat
but like, in car with couple 10" or in big venue with wall of vega earthquake 18", im like fuck flat
gimme that bass
stop jacking up my head with the shit highs
LM4780 with chans parallel is basically 2R 100W
oh is that the one...
that is the one
12mm Xmax w00t!
yeah if you get those lemme know how they sound

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whos prob like 23 and cant remember all the damn rules anyway
rab: yeah looks like a fun swap meet
i need a car or a motorcycle or something
like, one without 180K miles
i needs me a 100K mile honda car
rab: girl mode + linear slant eq mode = club bathroom
bass junkie heaven

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county and state will not prosecute
by order of the state attorneys
ive never been in for anything except pot, ever
cops once ganked a few grams of my sac to get it under 1oz
rab: neat i think i see seemless can SMT
they make those thru hole
some of them have ridiculous ESR
looooow esr
i will show them my pot
half the time they just tell me to go home
'do you have anything in the car?'
'officer, i dont think so. but if you find something, its mine.'
they usually wont search if you say that
no such thing as illegal search
thats some theoretical shit lawyers atalk about
you tell that to a cop with a beretta and a taser
and prob pepper spray and a beat club

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i just grabbed the wrong socks
black ankle sock, black calf sock
i gotta design sinks for the back of plant LEDs
im thinking one long fin that curves back on itself
like .1" base, .15" tall fins
i can prob do it with a 1/6" cutter
naw they know me
they wont prosecute you in court
in fed court, yeah
rab: plane trip to bay area!
dont take southwest
they got fined for flying with chassis cracks
im going to anyway
because i <3 southwest anyway
just fed
if fed is on you, youre doing massive shit

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like if headphones say 'Improved bass!' you need to douse that shit in ever clear and have a party while you light them on fire
well, not totally flat, but something like flat
if it were up to me all music would be 8 pole filtered at 10KHz
haha @ dc to daylight
i find 1-100KHz responses almost as funny
like, gee thanks for drving us def with shit we couldnt even hear
i hate it when youre kicking it naked and truck passes by but you think its an earthquake
high end is shit
= cymbal wishy wash, weird bass and guitar harmonics, and lots and lots of noise
and i really like the silk domes i put in the shit fischer cabs
live up to their non-ringy rep
yeah i dunno i havent been thru her bras much
sometimes my auxillary socks are hidden in there tho =(

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wtf is blackboard
the systems dont suck
the teacher usually suck at using it
well thats just sad
mine did
pissed mne off
changed it
treble 20%, bass 100%
depends on the system and venue and source data

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those are really fat pins
and the LED lens is alot of mass with decent surface area
oh definitely
top brite does that
someone needs to slap his web designer
oh i didnt even read the user name
haha, thats topbrites page
he did that once before i think
pretty sure it was him
but yeah you dont get much more distinct than the fucked up lateral format hidden LED specs
ebay msg or real mail?
ebay msg them

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like cayenne peppers and mint or something
no its not that
its not enough power
proof of concept
i need to get a medical card
then i can grow legal
but yeah anything serious would be like a dedicated space and like $500 in LEDs
like, $500 in chinese LEDs
figure 5W for $20
like only 125W
how much are those?
for mine
yeah, high output LED prices prob keep going down anyway
also im using those active current regs on every string
so i should be good even with total shit LED
theyre 10mm
ha, 40d is wide for those
i have like 12d ones

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thats not bad
i went in and talked to the hydro shop peoples yesterday
they dont do LED grow, because they know whats up
the understand that 6W is 6W and cant compete with HPS/MH for big planes
unless cost drops like maybe 1/5
theyre hot
and HPS is sodium
just go buy a bag?
actually they never sell it by itself at the big hardware nurserys
haha thats usually what i did
mobilestu: led are about the same as flouro
but with advantages
led are about same as flouro, efficiency wise
and i grew a tiny plant in my desk with a 14W coiled flouro
in one of the vertical cabinets for computer towers
(wtf im not gonna put a computer in that simulated oven shit)
so my system is gonna be pair or arrays for 6W total
im building two prototype systems
im gonna point one at a succulent trimming
and other at some tiny pepper or herbs

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im pretty sure core is like one acuumulator reg with ALU access, and then some working regs
see im covered, because i been dealing with shit like that by choice all my life
so one day ill just stop smoking ja and ill be normal for another decade or two
oh, shit i thought you were older
my B O N G is fuckin dirty
its sucks how theyre prettiest when theyre stinkiest
(fumed borosilicate, that is)
oh right youre like my age +1
thats prob great for shit like small business loans
your business doesnt require any real machines

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and i wouldnt be surprised if some just broke out the ram control and data lines to external pins
we learned with 8085 procs on a trainer board with bunch of ram and io and an interrupt system
heh, and hex key pad and 7seg user interface
but everything 8051 ive seen is coded pretty similar to our trainer board stuff
limited opcodes, limited working regs
prob just because theyre old now
i think theyre usually open drain/collector, so theyll only sink
like, the opcode and working regs arent optimal, but theyre totally usable

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its meant to compete with arm9
which arent pure uC, they need support hardware for full functionality
like a little computer with the io chips inside, ram outside
i think so (ive not done 8051, just read about them and seen asm and circuits)
like, im not really interested in building a tiny computer system and putting a dynamic process OS on it and then coding everything in c++ or something
theyre the original uC, theres a ton of varients with diff peripheral sets
no doubt some have external ram controllers

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fuck avr32
xmega, ph33r
mega, xmega, sam7
avr32 doesnt exist to me

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end of the worlds little section of the pacific ring of fire

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you would have to hook the controller up to a high speed driver circuit that kicks on and off your banks of fets
intro business and MIG today
tue/thu are such polarizing days
i really fucked up by taking intro business
teacher is good but subjects are buckets of obvious
should have done small business accounting or something as boring but more useful =(

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ha, yeah basically bigass output switches, coils, caps, and then an IC or discrete class-d drive system (pwm controlled with feedback)
so digital triangle or saw generator, comparator with the saw and the signal on opposite inputs
the signal you feed the comparator would have gone thru an error correction amp with feedback coming from filtered pwm output (ither its own filter or just using the pwn output filter (which has latency issues))
the hard part is finding a driver for all the fets
thats why you cant just hook a class-D IC to like 40 fets

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thats not bad
yeah that ones kinda neat
i gotta go thru and adjust my theme
its does dumb shit like orange text with orange links and orange visited links
like, gee thanks for the hidden mouseover-discover links
timecop: they all have stupid names =(
find an IC that does less and put some giant output switches on it

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