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i dunno anything about them
so like its all kinda neat and new when i see a gun broken down
or almost anything, really
neat, tmpgf is here

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but they kicked straight back and cycled prob half the time
seem like neat guns
well like, youre supposed to hold them when firing, heh
no he was just demonstrating the compensation on the glock
im pretty sure he doesnt always fire like that, heh
dude its called a 1911 for a reason, heh
yeah but theyre neat guns, they were in service forever
prob go to shit if they get dirty
its weird i dont even like guns as a functional thing
but theyre neat mechanically
did he clean it up?
oh, well yeah
thats what i mean tho, theyre prob good if you keep them maintained
they look precision tolerance
gun parts are so weird and random

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pistols its usually the slide guide and spring
like, you slide the upper assemble over a spring and rod located underneath the barrel
i either want a compensated glock or a 1911
dunno, just neat
is like the AK of hand guns
but yeah i seen limp wrist firings of the compensated glocks, its pretty neat
they dont always cycle, but the kick straight back, they dont roll around dude finger
dude nothing he tested always cycled
he wasnt even holding them
he was like pinching them with his thumb just hard enough to pull the trigger
he just did glock, compensated glock, and a 1911

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gas return
on assault rifles

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test33: they do this sometimes
test33: sometimes i actually get the check before it ticks over to PAID column in the school db
like, its supposed to come in march

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omg they are like sitting on my pell grant
this is annoying
this is worse than fedex tracking

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hi, electrical arcs and fire next to acetylene and 2000psi cylinders, every tues/thurs
im not trying to stop sharks from eating me by carrying a 6000psi bomb on my back
sry, i dont think that will work
ur just gonna piss it off
also, youll run out of bullets
because you just blew away a shark
so other sharks gonna come to eat it up
people in deep water = retarded
im pretty sure it does
you just go thru some mad depressurization bullshit

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tell them you will give your free to someone else
timecop: charge them $20/hr
time is not free!
thats annoying it shouldnt ring on your end if its failing on the other end
what if you were a normal person and only tried once all the time
you would prob thing world was blown up or everyone hates you and kill yourself
i know what a regulator is

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my led weight .3g
wtf sideband compressor?
what you have a book on rebellion comm spec or something?
these are for octapus i guess
wow timecop that sounds like a waste of free

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dude im laughing cuz you guys are floating around shooting puffer fish with a rubber band
then BAM FUCK shark dead
blackmoon: wat
sry not you
i know your guns are mounted on your submarine
shark jerky
thats gonna taste so bad

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or do you hold the rod and use the rubber to launch a spear
wait explain to me which
omg fuck you im googling i dont understand
i dunno he wont explain well enough!
okay but is the rod the projectile
or the handle
k and launch something else
wtf is this for knocking out jellyfish or what
blackmoon: i might make the amps stereo
but prob not

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blackmoon: did you see my pencil h4x?
dude wtf why are you slingshotting stingrays
shoot at a stingray?
or like
use stingray ammunition
i thought you meant like, using stingray ammunition
is your submarine gonnja have hawaiian slingshot blaster cannons?
to blaster shit
wtf kind of a question is that
wkr4k4r: wait
do you hold the rubber and launch the rod which is the spear

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hmm, no i like girls more than fish
"Compared to a modded T-amp (extra supply capacitance; better input caps) the AMP3 installed with ac power is a winner by a huge margin. The Amp3's clarity is different -- it's like viewing a 8-12 megapixel image shot with a quality lens. Everything's clear and natural, with nothing sticks out."
when audiophools get real technical: image metaphors
thats a fish you
do you know how big barracuda are?
that shit like like 3 feet of spiky jaws and a tail
we have them here =(
great white too

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wtf my carpet doesnt have aids
well yeah because i cleaned my room so it must be very liberating for her to think of sex without the tools and electronic parts on the bed
im like bathroom is clean she is like COUNTER! im like AAAH because you can like hurt your nuts doing someone on a counter like that
i dont think ive flown anywhere with her
hmm, no she just picked me up a few times
anyway public bathroom is nasty
i aint no politician, yo
test33: ya
thats why she is ex/tmp gf and not just gf
school was hard with relationship when we were 4mi apart, 500mi is just like a wtf level distraction

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omg extmp gf still at her parents house
e waiting for her bro person
shes flaking on one bro person for me already
i was like 'carpet is so clean we can do it there'
shes like 'ok'
im like 'no its a figure of speech'
but i think she serious =(
no why wtf
no i think she got it, she just dont care
im like NONONO she like YES! i feel so violated
i will show her the carpet tacks
she prob wont wanna do it there anymore

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test33: no i mean like whic is your region

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okay done with application
actually that worked out quite nicely
sandi has to take her dad to TJ to see his dr
on saturday
so she can like drive 300mi, and i can go play in hollywood
test33: which are you going to?

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im filling out a guitar center application for someone in the middle of nowhere
cuz i guess interview is tomorrow needs to turn this shit in tonight

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my room is clean
and i got tall glass of cranberry juice
and a packed bowl
and extmp gf will arrive shortly
look no breaking
a complicated bjt
i didnt clean my bong
cmon, art student

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extmp gf is in southern cali
no that sucks
what you are saying
siatica gone but space legs back?
thats prob a good thing
oh its prob swelling then

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macegr: neat
stupid like debian
man i ate too much jew bread
but im stil chewing on some
i need some juice or coke or some shit
no but i might soon =(
i just cleaned the bathroom
i just have to vacuum one section
and my shit is pimp

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3 servos per leg
pretty neat

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^dx^: yeah they need to slant the font and anti-alias/age it
i would build myself a treaded tank scooter
that locked around my hips
with a little door for my wangthing
atari 2600 phoenix?
naw its neat ill be able to haul ass
macegr: aphex twin in the background
powerpill packman
bass is gonna drop!
oh no, not yet
oh i should be watching the vid huh

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watch this ima go nuts and trash all sorts of shit and be done
i wish it was raisin jewbread
man i need some ridiculously red wine
macegr: dude drive north like 100mi
i swear they exist
cant argue that
thats where my jewbread comes from
what it does crazy shit
omg its like trying to give me a siezure
^dx^: the label has a website
it was neat because when i was a kid, we got presents for 8 days
then we went to grandmas house and got xmas presents too

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i got weekend jewbread
okay my room is almost like the cleanest its been since i moved in
mmmmmmm, jeeeeeeewwbreeeeeeeeaaaaaad
they had it at costco, so my mom ganked me some because she know im a bread whore
no not blintz
blintz is something different, odd
its like a perfectly half-cooked pancake, or something
something between pancake and pasta
^dx^: see what timecop doesnt know that if he just mailed me a crate of croutons with a note that said " -timecop" i would prob do his stupid ARM shit
and no, i cant just use the money to buy a crate a croutons
cuz wtf what a waste of fuckin money

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um, because its an inductors in series with a load
its a LPF
analog filters have delay
the further past the roloff freq, the more the delay
it depends on your load
why are we doing your job
how did you get this job exactly?
my shop vac wont fir outside i dont think

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how you gonna spend $1K for shit
when thats like $1.2K
old like how
wtf does old have to do with it
i use a 22 year old scope
its 1GS/s
i dont see how you can justify chinky shit when that is few hundred more
and what sampling
if you buy a new tek scope, its more likely to be a 22 year old scope one day
okay i have to continue to convert dcument pile into document stack
then i can pretend sometime this weekend ill sort and file them

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gpf: for a couple hundred more you can get a 100MHz tek
twingys was like $1200
heh, with usb

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oh my god you actually use seperate accounts?
joellama: hi
acer is supposed to be a good cheap lappy
so get a laptop at use that at work
gpf: yeah because they want you to buy it
they have new lappies with serial ports/
gpf: xp
its actually a pretty good os now

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are you considering it or did you already fuck your computer up?
gpf: sounds like hell
dunno hit avrfreaks forum and do a search for vista
id get xp pro
get an oem copy from newegg, its like $130
yeah im sure most shit works
but id get xp anyway
people wont stop using it anytime soon
is it old?
pcmcia eth or wifi i guess
or usb
yeah dude xp prob has two or three left in it
thats if they all of a suddent make vista better
wtf i make my xp look like win2k
i cant stand teletubby ui
they prob all have vista preloaded
ac-130u: no the whole thing
thats shitty
they blew that one

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teh bathroom is almost clean

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is broken now?
okay i maybe cant work on it tonight
because extmp gf
but shes gonna be with her family tomorrow and weekend
well she is exgf
but tonight when she gets here she will be tmp gf
heh abbreviates
yeah thats why i cant work on board
i have to do like, work
no fun
well, actually its pretty fun nm

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yeah i like their later on drugs period
he said he was crying i think
he always says that tho i dont believe him
ntea i found the A/C remote

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its neat how when i clean my room i get all my pipes back
no, art glass
^dx^: dude someone attacking chicks at calpoly pomona
yes likely
i have welding
oh wait no
also some dude like grabbed a chick
then another chick got knifed, maybe
but maybe the chick stabbed herself
fuck knows they dont say shit
emos: stop grabbin chicks and knifing them
its not gonna make you any more friends

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okay when they said tighten the bolts on chair, they meant that shit
naw the bolts were moving around in their thru holes
making noise and shit, pissing me off
so i went and tightened all the bolts more
way more that i thought the threaded inserts would take
yeah i feel alot better now
also because of arm rests, my wrists dont rest on the edge of the desk
bang bang maxwell's silver hammer came down upon her head
bang bang maxwell's silver hammer made sure she was dead
du dudu du

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i found something that makes cleaning my room better
lesbian pr0n
i mean it was so obvious, i dont understand why i never thought of this before

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light weight, cost, ability to play broken files, non system dependent codecs
i just mpleyer files from cmd line
i cant be bothered to be clicking on shit
takes so long
in bash
hell yeah
couple letts, tab, couple letters, tab, tab, couple letters, tab

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you are paying for rep

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you need calipers then
man can someone pause professor
um, my $30 ones are fine
serious my school is stocked with $30 import brand calipers
and they all work fine
yes inches
" is inches
.180" is inches
gee thanks 5min late with that
hes prob gonna use it once or a couple times
he needs a $2 vernier or a $30 dial or digi mic
jezus fuck you cant add?
or move the dial?
you know you can move the dial
wtf like, 'i have the best calipers get like mine rarara' so professor
mititoyo is paying for a name
theyre good mics, but thats not why they cost so much

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make sure theyre dial gage calipers, not vernier calipers
for .001 precision, youre wrong
the vernier ones?
yeah those are okay but you gotta know how to use them
theyre odd
its slower too
you really have to stare and then like decide which one lines up best
yeah because a $200 mic is really gonna be useful for this guy professor
techsmurf: .180 mean .180 not .18
yeah because you or your client paid like $100+ for them

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ya rly
nice example

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^dx^: aaaaaaaaw jeeeeeeeeah
^dx^: what are the little transformers like?
does holding them turn you on like honkin titties?
its like xmas if xmas wasnt lame

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omg charles isnt even on the map
heirarchy my nuts

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blackmoon is important to stu
but stu not so important to blackmoon
thats what the data says yo
um, why would they put his relationshit important by your nick
ok because
who knew blackmoon was so important to avrfreak
see by your logic, avrfreak is more important to blackmoon
so i think ur wrong, sir
okay bbl
okay well show me data for your backwards intuitive conclusions

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you troll to be a troll
yeah fine but you waste hours looking like an idiot
its embarrassing
yeah, debatable, another time maybe
this all kicked off because you wanted to know why your name was brought up
to me that says you care what people think
i dunno, thats just my logic
anyway, you said respect was important
stop trolling
stop being part of the problem
when i talk about weed, im not trolling you
it just pisses you off because you got old or want something to instigate or some shit
i think ccfl_man should be an op
yeah blackmoon needs money
breaking all those bits and shit

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wtf are you talking about
why dont you say something real instead of a canned cliche
ya rly
okay so in conclusion: no stupid fucking deal, stop trolling because this isnt a troll chan
dude if youre the only one complaining, hell fuckin jeah
you can go fuck yourself, in this context
dude, at what point did you decide you just deserved my respect?
so stop trolling
end of discussion
i win
now stfu
no you dont

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because theyre so damn true alot
but i hardly thing its cool for one op to bitch about content and subject matter and trollishness when another one is like:
its hardly a unified front
okay, but wtf does that have to do with me? why am i the focus
you wanna bitch about the channel being like a troll/stoner chan, but you troll a person who tries to get along with you and help you, everyday
yeah thats kinda lame
thats prob why ill stop eventually
i dont
everyone should be able to bitch and moan about genocides
armenians still bitch and moan
russians still bitch and moan
maybe you just dont have alot of different types of people where you live
yeah right funny
so i have to stop talking about weed?
cmon get real

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see im like, weirdo networking stuff, probably useful
60 year old tube gear knowledge, prob not so useful
neat, but you can make things glow with LED now
dont need no tubes
just use an orange led
ccfl_man: want my tubetek?
panel rotary switches are shit
im prob gonna end up taking that shit apart and failing at rebuilding the switches
no fuck you stu, i dont troll you
stop trolling because this aint a fuckin troll chan
take it to GNAA or #bonghit or some shit
yeah, dude
because youre the only one to complain about it, ever
and i get the impression you just like complaining
are you done?
do you feel better?
dude eating it is weird
i dont suggest it if youre not used to it
teknique: me too

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also, my mind has been changed about a lot of technical things in this channel
and i know ive admitted i was wrong several times
so again i will categorize this as statement stu makes up to bolster a failing argument
i dunno i still wanna hear your justification for saying rab was my tool
because that seams pretty disrespectful to me
and like in the last couple hours, you seem to have a major problem with me not respecting people
so what gives stu?
dude i love rab
rab is like datasheet ninja im like, loading the pdf, hes like [30 relavent parameters]
so please dont try and insinuate hes is under my control in any way because he made an emote
see yeah stu, he wasnt even emoting at you
he is linksys cisco media network thing
plus his job sounds interesting

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er him banning me
well, to a point
but really dude, i spend a lot of time here
thats an investment, yo
like 7 now
sure man
stop trying to tell me you know how people are
no know how i respond to your trolling
which is what you do daily, admittedly, and then somehow try and spin it like youre doing it for the chan
yeah man just stop trying to justify loans for 60 year old tech
youll prob be okay
stu: then it disrupts the channel
charles: you wanna chime in or something? i mean youre the op, and this fool is like 'i troll you every day, hahah! i dont care! hahaha'
serious man show some fuckin spine
yes sometimes
but sometimes we all are, at least momentarily
i dunno im still waiting for you to respond to rab
im wrong enough to know id never say some shit like 'im always right' without being 100% sarcastic

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i am ready for school i have like an hour to kill
i hate that, you cant do shit because you gotta be stopping in the middle
path0s: yeah i wanna be there in 30 years
because i give a shit about #electronics
a lot
im not afraid to admit that
because i really have no idea why you spend so much fucking time here if you really dont give a shit
dude you are so lame
serious, you send time going off about people trolling
and being spammy
and look at your ass, fucking instigator
charles, ur protoge
we should write a movie
also, i dont have to justify what i think about charles further, i think yesterday and him thinking i 'got people to' mess with him over me banning him is enough

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why do you even give a shit what OTHER people talk about if they aint disrupting you?
serious man answer some real fuckin questions instead of just popping out with some canned stu shit
thats so lame dude
so i guess you were the best chanop
there yoiu go again
im not waiting for you to do shit
im expecting you to be stu
you can cry, its okay, no one will know
it wont matter
im fine with that
i dont want you to leave
i dont want charles to ban both of us
whatever dude
no im saying your statement is false
09:02 < stu> you cant insult me because of my electronics knowledge level
if you think i did, obviously your statement is false
no i was saying to rockshox
i was like, saying hi to him
hahaha, ok stu
who is paranoid now?
i have NEVER told you to go back to cars!
and hello i was helping you with you power opamp thing
find it in swish logs and ill apologize

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you actively troll
you try and instigate and disrupt
you are part of the problem
im not trying to hurt or bother anyone
i got no probs with dioxide or nico
alot of people dislike you
baby jezus prob never existed
go back to #cars or learn electronics
btw, hi
but stu, stop trying to act civil when you admit to actively trolling me, everyday
charles: maybe you wanna handle that
since like, youre the bouncer
and he disrupts, every fucking day, admittedly
dude you cant complain about the status of the chan, and then troll people, and they say you dont care
because honestly, the combination of all three is rather retarded
no actually its pretty fuckin awesome
i guess if youre an ass and lots of people have a problem with you aqnd you dont care about it but you spend ALL your time on it anyway
yeah in that case maybe its retarded, i dunno you tell me
okay well i dont thyink it is right that you take it out on regs in #electronics because you dont care about #electronics
why were you even an op if you dont care about #electronics

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yeah well maybe stop trolling people because you dont care because irc doesnt matter
see thats gay
why does strife entertain you more?
why does what someone else is doing bother you?
really dude wtf is your issue why do you care?
see you act like you dont give a shit one second but then the next second you act like you doing this for the greater good of the chan
if you dont care, youre trolling me
like youve claimed over and over and over again
you are admittedly part of the problem
i dont actively try and troll you
in fact i spend a good amount of time trying to get along with you
dude, thats not even relavent
you want it to be a non troll/stoner chan
but you sit here and troll me every fucking day
just because you can
even tho i try and help you
no fucking deal
there doesnt need to be deals
fuck deals
act like a man
weed isnt trolling
stop saying im hurting the channel

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also, the ops in here are just as guilty as the users
so its really hard to take shit seriously
stu stop trying to act like you care all of a suddent
it contradicts the i dont care about irc thing you so heavily rely upon
dude moon and blackmoon never say shit
and teknique is like gnaa banter all the time
er, kevtris and blackmoon
when the older ops are around, theyre pretty chill with anyone or any topic
the chanop, teknique
timecop is a user
also i find it amusing his spam is like fine but my spam is all of a sudden OMG
charles: ok man
dude stu stfu
why would i just 'take it on the chin' from you?
you dont want it to be a troll/stoner chan?
stop trolling and start caring
stop trying to act like youre instigating for the greater good
yeah charles is a new op
blackmoon and kevtris and joellama and ertyu are old ops
i have zero issues with them
i dont think charles matches the tone
dude blackmoon is an older reg

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yeah huhuh
no actually
i can tell for sure because i havent gotten dressed for school yet
yeah really
stop trying to 'fix' shit
which is what i was doing about the jew jokes
you never asked shit politely
so i dunno where you getting your data from
why who is it hurting
dude, efnet, cmon
well no give one reason
i never really tell you to stfu about the train
not here
so is software piracy
sure, but talking about your itching ass or anal sex or killing jews is okay
is a free fuckin network, yo
say whatever you want
its as free as anything else, stu
but this network and this channel have been known for its adult rating

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stu you know it dont work like that
in a perfect world right, so youre the law doing justice in this inperfect world, bahahaha
i didnt have shit
people pasted me shit
i was doing other crap
sure it does
i care about this place
thats why im bitching
dude, whatever
all people in it
like im mother teresa or some shit
i talk about more than stoner shit
who cares about stoner shit
serious stu, get over it
dude, youre being lame
okay do it
serious, you guys try and act serious, but you always disintegrate into verbal trash
content, logic, arguments, fuck this passive agressive and diversionary shit
right see
now its a troll move, my point exactly
because you dont care, amirite
well this aint a troll/stoner chan
is my point
/j #jewtronics
charles stfu
man this is so beyond lame now

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fuck you
fuck you
what this is like censorship now?
i dont give a fuck what you talk about
talk about whatever the fuck you want
hell stu, i even like having you around now
like i said, make some statements with some content
instead of just throwin insult and diversion
dude, stu you have a rep
thats all i gotta say
dude whatever
#electronics topics:
electronics, random shit that the electronics talk or silence led too, charles bitching
its not like im the only one who has noticed
and then count the lines of total talk
sure man
you a big man now
you make those delcarative statements like the @ makes it fact
he asked why i was banned
i gave an honest account
everyone knows how everyone feels know, so we can all stfu about it

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lilo told me to stay in my little channel and stop bothering ops
this was old school, tho
like, when lilo was alive
stu really, i dont have prob with ops
i have a prob with shit ops
just like everybody else
dude this chan isnt #electronicshelp
its for electronic people
dude, i talk about alot of shit
so do you
stop being gay
just stop so we can all go back to being a normal fucking channel
i didnt call you gay
i said you were being gay
you know i dont talk about it all day
because ive helped you out with analog concepts and shit for hours at a time
i call your bullshit
i raise you $2
stop insighting shit
yeah because you do this most of the time
'oh lets try and criticize ren over some stupid shit and not even realize im lookin stupid in the process'
yeah stu, rly
were adults, man
we dont need a fuckin leader
or a manager
because anyone is defined as you and charles
sure, even tho i try and help people when they put forth effort to learn

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its not like its a ton cleaner when its curly
omg massive air filter action
head and shoulders, the cool minty one
stu: hello yes im a successful student
why would i ever do what you or charles tell me to do
as lordpil put it so well: srs, who the fuck is charles?
when they deserve it
just like other real people
dude #electronics dont need a bouncer
dude thats so obvious the fact you are stating it is retarded
this is all on planet earth, of course
running what?
wtf do you need to run
when someone disrupts and trolls regs and on topic convos, ban that shit
stu: i once got all of rr.com banned from #slackware on freenode!

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because i dont know a ton about cars
you get trolled alot too
and youre long gone =)
no but you guys talk and hes in there and youre not
so its a logical conclusion, kind of a non issue
as stu?
okay yeah, so ops in cars hate me, even tho im autovoice and i race with ops online (i suck, they got like 4 or 5 sec on me even on smaller tracks!)
and thats like two channels on one network
no, you brought it up
and i responded
anyway, this is off the subject
you wanted to know why you were brought it, its because you were the old bouncer that served little purpose
charles is apperently trying to be the new one
charles: btw i did not bring this up
fault? wrong?
serious dude, say some statements with some content about shit that happened
or something
instead of just being passive agressive trolls
not helping people in here, or hours and hours of electronics talks
see i dont know how you know that
wtf rats nest
um sure
i just washed them
they stink like shampoo

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not on regs, fool
charles is a stoner
or a poser, pick
yeah not because i do electronics on the daily or help people or have amazing wit or anything
see stu, attitude like that is some bullshit
sure, dude
you and charles are like siamese twins
theres a point system in life, stu
i did
thats why it is effective
yeah charles, if you stopped fucking with regs so you could feel all like big charles
its subtle
ha yeah really
instead of interrupting other to tell them how lame their idea is or how off topic
or telling me 'thats why lordpil got banned'
when i pasted one chair link
really i have little probs with stu when hes not an op
and i have fine relationships with ops in this chan and other chans
so u r trippin
dude i play videosgames with tigeraid like everyday
what because teknique told you i get trolled all the time?

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okay i insult you because i love you
were are prob a year over this, arent we?
all i did was go on about how the people who hate jews so much
are the only people that talk about jews
also, charles bitches about trolling and stonerism
but hes fine with gnaa/jewhate spam and hes like asking me for help washing his bong in msg
i respect blackmoon and kevtris
and the old ones
as when theyre around, they aint trying to fuck with regs
because its an open unmoderated forum
stu: dude cmon
train rides and asshole itching
thats you man
anyway, teknique brought up stupid jew shit
so i went on about how like the amount of stupid jew shit in the chan is pretty ridiculous
so then charles is like OMG OMG and i pasted teknique making first jew reference so he bans
how did you get brought into it
why because i said he is stu2
he is
you were channel bouncer status
now he is

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rab: those prob dont go very fast
id think most bugs now would be tiny things doing many GHz
3GHz might not even be enough
bug = tiny, often custom tx
so id think modern shit would prob be 10GHz or some shit
omg rods
flg: you need something with wide bandwidth
so you can literally see spike in the time domain as you move the antenna
no teknique made some jew joke
and i went on about how they should make a #jewloves
because no one talks about jews in here
except the jew haters
so charles was like omg what are you gonna talk about religion for 30min?
so i noted that teknique kicked it off
and was gonna note this aint #jewtronics
but he banned =)
dude wtf aint no trolls here
and i aint really that upset charles gone and make himself look stupid again

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yeah exactly thats what EVERYONE is thinking when they read wtf youre saying
define bug, define scan
i still like my bug scanner
i hate bugs, fuckem
and spiders
everyone is like 'you cant kill all the spiders we will be taken over by bugs!'
im like fuck you, we can kill all the spiders we can kill all the fucking bugs too
loop antenna: $0.10
spectrum analyzer = $5,000.00
for a cheap one
mine only works for real bugs
who cares if people are listening to you, that shit wont bite you and give you diseases

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wtf is MJ-45
its not an env var?
rab: did you see link?
that looks correct, no?
3 omni mics
timecop: yeah thats what i need
naw youre having deja vu because in a previous life you made it this far but still killed yourself

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the commercial shit they sell online would be like 3x as silly for weed
herbs cactus and peppers
peppers is my old school plant research subject
backdated graphs and everything
music: total success
theres actually a good deal of research behind that
i plan on doing sensible research at some point
rock or classical
that aint no sine wave i ever heard of
Secret Life of Plants by Tompkins
its actually credible
because like, he didnt do the really crazy research
he just wrote about the crazy fuckin russians who did
so 8pin modular phone jack is ethernet
yeah but they dont call it that
y =(

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ask its prob not a huge diff
what do i do with the leds on the eth jack for grow leds
but the cheap ones at all have leds
i found some sexy shit
in black
heh, 2x8
stack like 4 of those
and now maybe youre lighting a grow op
i have lots of duals
for the psu
so i just need singles for the arrays
it would be silly for week

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how much are they in 100x?
oh fuck wow
so the unit is maybe $2?
cuz pcb and overhead bs
taxes shipping setup
okay i need to pick up laundry then document paper things
are you guys pumped up and ready for the excitement?
i thought so
#electronics BBQ 2009
we should start now

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i claim fuck them
teknique: okay you prob dont store your shit in it
well dont compare your bedroom
compare that
because thats what mine is, plus a queen size
wtf 20 computers
i dont even want an explanation
okay thats like a little bit more sane
i guess you live in a cold place and would have to pay for the heating anyway
i bet thats great for testing EMI resistance =\
teknique: we do our water heat like that
the apartment has solar water arrays
fuck that
athlon xp or first gen p4
if you wanna make a heater, make a heater
man where is china with those LED
hmm, i need single channel eth jacks anyway

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yeh huh
because maybe yours is clean all the time
ok i wasnt sure if you were being srs or not
mine is either like electronic golgotha or electronic PIMP status
the russians call it: Computer Graveyard [dun dun dun]
no one drives in SF
and in LA they just trying to move product fast

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man, fuck this barrel plug situation
i gotta clean up so i can vacuum so all the girlies think ima PIMP
man its sad when people come into my room and its clean they are like 'what girl is coming over?' =\

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like they dont that in chico just to kill the boredom

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