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okay the joke about interactive contractions script is seriously becoming less and less of a joke

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engraving = sexy, permanent
maybe even blindman compatible
because it costs more
well, if the machine shops says they can do it same setup so cost would be much extra as its just like a single toolchange, and youre getting machine work done anyway
then yeah, it kinda makes sense
like, if you have plastic shit and you didnt have letters milled into the mold, or its some stamped shit, then yeah sure send it to a print shop

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so yeah
i need to get all the drills from .063 to .125
because milling little circles with .0625 endmills is kinda lame
this is the usb and f connectors and card slot one?
how much did it end up costing?
pretty much same?
neat who did the SW
pretty coole
k try hard not to die
yeah i couldnt handle that
like between the worlds loss of timecop and tweeker bitch fuckin with my best friend, i would just be totally bummed out this week
seriously, tweekers: get a brain

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asscones, takin all universes. are u rdy.
apperently in french asscone means 'seomthing'
like, timed precisely?
yeah i think he figured it out by himself

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its not for anything data critical unless youre doing mad backup
i was using it for system partition
me fucking with my system crashed that shit enough to know that if you have a raidtab backed up or you just know your system, recovering the array offline isnt a problem
yeah im just saying, raid0 = fast
no an foul one
with rust on the cap cans and flux stains
no stu will buy a card because hes stu

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mine did 70MB/s
was pretty neat
old drives, too
i get 40MB/s on my barracuda iv and 50MB/s on my 7200.7
yeah, sounds proportional
those were the drives did 70MB/s arrayed
i think raptors do like 90+, no?
just a single
the soft raid0 thing was weird tho
i thought it would last a weekend, shit lasted years, no probs
its fast

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see ive not had that experience
i seem to have the normal experience
like, slapping sata on a 10k scsi from like 2000 does strike me as especially eloquent
i think my seagate warranties are used up
the 40GB im pretty sure
maxtors were always faster than seagates
in fact, seagates are often 'slow'
if you wanna call like 5% tested performance differences actual significant differences
dude raptors are old
theyre older than SATA1, theyre scsi 10K era
timecop: ur thing works?
timecop: sexy
timecop: k now make it your bitch
dude dx you seem broken like that
i wonder how often they server warranties

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i said fuckit
i split my 120gb in half and let windows have one side
sick of having to move tmp or uninstall shit etc etc
stu: neat
yeah i dont especially like raptors but its hard to argue against them in raid0
theyre WD
or samsung, for my mom

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its more likely to be C:\FreeRTOS actually
most open src dev environments for windows will default to c:\
big commercials apps will also do it
dude ive never had a prob installing unix environments in other locations
they all work of env vars
i hate that

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okay i need to roll the chair by the cnc
this is obviously the problem

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dude m$ = download test
just pick a random file file big enough and itll pin to your max unles your connected thru a subway tunnel of optical
popularity kills service
naw its been getting worse and worse
eee is like a goldmine, i dont think they totally expected it
was supposed to be some africa pc shit
asus eee pc
go look at it on their site, thats most likely why theyre slow
9" are coming out soon
its a tiny-laptop
standard hardware except 2-8 GB SSD storage
and low res on i810 style hardware
its kinda the same, prob bit smaller

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thats how irc should look
fuck kde
okay but thats experimental irc
thats some pimp mass production irc
yeah was the reason i grabbed it, heh

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jezus fuck im amazed i remember all my random passwords
its like, i have to remember the password than the variation
so like, i have to remember an era, and some stupid fucked up tidbit of nonlogic
um yes its his blog its lordpil.com
charles wants comments too
fuck knows why
like hello you can comment right here

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do not forget leech/troll/stoner/junkie/lawyer chans
dude #lawyer is locked
i have no idea
i bet ircops just show up in their chan and contract them
and a bot generates the paperwork and faxes it to a county judge
ircspy was better
they prob blackmailed some fools in #eggdrop to write them something
think maybe some crashed or got shot and is now yelling
oh nice now someone is driving away very fast
damn yelling still
i dont use kde apps if i can avoid it
i use irssi in aterm
so id just want to kill it

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after investing alot of time
and then they complain of how it is becoming shitty, and that they remember when 4ch was good shit
i believe they are remembering when they wre n00b and didnt know shit and still thought it was cool
its random
dude efnet prob gets most of the good shit links
no dx
its just the sci/tech/os/programming chans

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dx^: old, in gif format
the long vid is pretty cool
you linked it
you have spent more time on b than me
i get my b from efnet
haha, i didnt talk to anyone on the net about going to CoS except personal people in case i got kidnapped by the cult or lapd and you guys
i get more 404 than anything else
the anon peeps who think its just about 4ch still are cute
they dress like anonymous, except they have heads, and kinda spook me like the metrosexuals of scientology
so i have a theory about 4ch
n00bs go there and think it is cool, because they dont know shit
then they get into it and eventually realize it sucks

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they be done by morning
and only because girl showed up and then lrons bday party
and yeah im prob cheaper than the chinks
tho they do a better job
wtf i should just make a CNC photo plotter with my taig
because the probs have to do with the cutters

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dx^: can you paste me link to eth controller datasheet?
also, there is a reserve int stub not connected to anything
this would have been done friday but tmp gf showed up
i know but did you want to break it out?
okay that answer prob means no
dx^: i might try CNC drill then chem etch methods
it would be quick
nuh uh
he finished like 3 days ago

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dx^: im sorting backlash issues so your board comes out sweet
i have this theory its not backlashing the same unloaded as with steel and aluminum
but yeah, ttmustangs has a few .010 traces
so if that shit comes out okay, yours should be fine
because its min trace is like .015

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im gonna ask my teacher to check out finance.google.com
because he uses yahoo and some other stuff
and see if he thinks anything sucks about it
whats bears stearns?
just some other finance company?
oh fuck
how many of those are even left?
like serious ones?
haha man that just sounds beyond fucked up
so rly, how many big banks are left now?
its like a one hand count, right?
monolith financers
those banks
okay yeah fuck
they should let them each each other
shouldnt shouldnt shouldnt
OMG *eat each other

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dx^: i had it at .003
and i tested with an indicator jacked in, and the dir change bounces are huge
im bought $10K in asus, $7K in boeing, $7K in southwest
on march 15, selling april 15
timecop: yes, but fakemoney
school bullshit
its like the only intro bus thing thats interesting so far
timecop: boeing and suthwest just took stock hits im sure
but theyll come back a bit over the next month, i think
dude i havent even check any of the prices
he said buy stocks, i wrote asus southwest and boeing in my notebook, and proceeded to draw stuff

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i saw that board you could have taught a kid pcb editing to do it
which is pretty sexy in a design sense
dx^: im tuning teh mill
i had backlash set to .003
damn, overkill
omg its sub mil
jezus fuck this little machine is awesome
mother fucking unbelievable
ima ask people in #emc if my test is dumb maybe im nuts

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blackmoon: over-unity tesla based EM models and anti gravity propulsion
so yeah, they could save the world
but they prob making UFO so they can fake an alien invasion

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i dunno
how old is that?
i think 747 is from the late 70s
ya rly
hydrogen bombs wtf
if its older im guessing its a dc10
SR71 is 50s design, 60s build
its some wtf shit
its like, wow so wtf are the black projects working on now =\
dude they still dont make production planes like that

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macegr: other chan

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no averaging i guess
it like, bends spacetime
sometimes get weird images but not blurry so much
wtf is up with phones with no lens cover
like, ccd lens in a hole
eee is like that i think
like, see all these people holes with dirt or lint in the hole or bust up CCD device
yeh i did good
probably by now
but they prob all up in the troll chans

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sec i upload other me pics
he took the pic
he had the best guy fawkes mask
its weird mine doesnt blur like normal cam

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you are the asian guys?
you are jamie?
thats makes more sense to me
tho i have it easy my windows is brand new
no its classic keep watching
yeah hahaha
i have some closeups i took of myself too, just headshots
i dunno how i am bad at sharp things
some other guy
samsung phone
the free one that does bluetooth, mp3, microsd storage
i think it is okay for the money
but i have some complaints
uh hi

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theyre XY photoplotters
gerber is just gcode for positive part definition
ha its funny i can read gerbers like english because the CNC training
you the fat girl?
thats me
timecop: no java
i dont wanna do it
i still havent installed java
youre right
java is telling me to get open office
wtf progress bar spam fuck this new era shit
i feel invaded

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gpf: you do chemical pcb etching ever?
how small can you get it?
everyone with good results says its a practice thing
like .01 tiny?
yeah but fab house has a machine
because milling takes so much time
so im thinking CNC drill, then do chemical etch
no milling
i mill PCB
no CNC milling
well, not for isolation milling
it takes a couple hours for big shit
but it takes usually many hours to do fill milling
if the board is sparse
like, functional boards dont take long

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oh wft

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thats the only shit i did at school i dont use alot
rename it to index.html

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the bios is fine
i can boot from SD card fine
and it works with usb hdd like any other computers
its a normal pc
it just has shit res and an SSD
yeah to boot from, sure
radio geek
i have to figure out an RF project
i think i wanna do something this summer

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those are old
they released those months aho
then pulled them
i guess saving up hardware for the 9" rollout
that might end up being the 9"
yeah theyre the perfect size
the 9" is scaled up like 5% with a way bigger touchpad
wait till at least the drop the 9" to get anything
if you wait till 3rd quarter, they will maybe be hyping a 3rd gen
yeah its neat
hopefully the SSD dont burn
2yr warranty
if it burns i want it to burn now
i want a new hardware revision
mines soldered onto the board
i wanna do a psu for it
like wide voltage input, prob two stage boost then buck thing
well, maybe
an 8GB card is a shit value
compared to 2GB

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wait tho
id wait till end of the year
or at least 3rd quarter
fuck dell
fuck their whole business model
fuck their stupid consumer hardware bullshit
fuck every stupid oddly named option in their custom bios
fuck their custom psu and mobo mounting and fuck their customer service
realtime restream woowoooooo
so vista is the fail prototype for whatever super DRM thing they put out in 2 years will be
i think its like new era ME
ME was horrible
for the 8G
you dont want that

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d0gzpaw: eh?
how can you get a new laptop for $500
a failure laptop
link one
starting price $499
for dells absolute worst
i have an eee
getting linux on it can be a bit h4x
fuck dells
i know
i have it dual boot
xp and slackware
i use it for school, for notes
and for movies
sure why not

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15:53 < Blackmoon> welders don't accidently burn anything.
15:53 < Blackmoon> they perposfuly burn everything.
hahaha yeah

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there are monsters in there
if youre getting dirty air the oil wont work well eventually
but yeah, 5 microns and 1 micron to me isnt a huge diff
maybe if youre trying to avoid some dickhead 3 micron particle
but besides that, yeah, either is way more than sufficient
even with painting tho, 5um and 1um seem small enough for any noticable particles
its like, effecitiveness: 99.997% vs 99.996% of anything that will mess up your paint job

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1micron filters better, you prob need to change more often tho
i almost locked myself out of the cnc computer
i always forget which password i use for it
like, wtf shell password from 2 years ago, random
prob depends on the tool
like, autoshop tools prob dont care
it helps keep em lubes right
dirty fucks everything up
but yeah, 5 microns and 1 micron aint a huge diff

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like the legs will be made up of a hex grid 1" or soo deep
and i want to used expanded steel mesh top
cutting is diff everyplace
yeah but im not going to bike it
i had biking places with big metal rods strapped to my bike
er, hate
i did that with some square rod to make stock for the shitty t slot nuts i made
oh huh
tennis balls =)

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nono, for steel
welder i get local
i have to find local
i dont really know where to get metal
i should ask
or i guess i can google and call a ton of places
i want long plates
like 1" by 6' of 3/16" or something
4' is fine
im going to cut it up with a blow torch probably
no but i need alot
like, i wanna do little hexagon sections for the legs
blackmoon: bribe a truck friend
3" lengths
i want to make little cells

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omg lathe style laser scanner =\
thats kinda neat tho
blackmoon: dont rush, just do alot of drawings and shit
oh neat
how is your MIG holding up?
yeah wtf steel
wow neat
how much was that again?
haha i remember the plastic bolt
but yeah i wanna make a table
but im afraid to order steel from mcmaster
i should call them and ask for a rough shipping cost estimate
test33: gokarts on street courses make F1 look silly
they dont slow down very much for tight turns, heh
and theyre like half the width

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you gonna have a trainer or just do it on your own?

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(he didnt pay the bill, my non credit turned into way bad credit)
that was the last thing he join our chan over
i think you may have even been there, he joined to tell us about your project and if we could help you
i informed him you could ask us yourself and that he wasnt really helping your situation
okay yeah, haha
you were there
maybe a year ago now?
yeah at least that im thinking
that chan about 3 years old i think
and some months
the image data output of something you linked too then was pretty interesting
looked like you had something working
dx^: feels better?
dx^: see was prob just intermittent swelling
because it prob takes forever for that to go down cuz you cant really immobilize your back
well, you can
but prob cant irc from bodycast
cuz then i bet it can heal awkward
so for you thatd be like, i dunno starting over or something

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l rons bday
thats why we went to the shrine
and had cake
CoS was doing annual bday party at the shrine auditorium
drwest: after he burn himself here, he moved to canada, acted like he moved other places
and started raising savana monitors
he tekniques and methodology were clearly abusive
then it was just typical greycz
revising his notes pages after people criticized him for it, joining under multiple nicks
like, its really not surprising
greycz would justify things to himself because in his LSD or whatever fucked little head, greycz had a plan
like, his plan justified the means
it never occured to him his plans might fail, even tho they always seem to
the sick shit is he reminds me of my dad
like i dont even think he gets what an idiot he is with other peoples trust
(for reference, my dad once got a burnout cellphone with my personal infos, his justification was 'well, i was going to pay the bill, so why does it matter'

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beck is a scientologist
how awkward
fuck greycz
he just killed one of his savs
just like everyone said would happen before he burn himself on all the reptile forums
yeah thats fine, find him
danceswit, danceswithsavs, dunceswithsavs, gabb13, juan gelt, kaffir[2]
take your pick
mind you those are just the ones i bothered remembering
i forgot the network he uses danceswithsavs on
tho hes prob ejected from the reptile scene
as hes pretty much burn himself and made himself look retarded

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i stared at the scientology boffins alot
my fave was this dude who had a sign just said CULT
and he stood with his back to the street, pointing it at the scientologists on L Ron St. for like 30min
im willing to bet i have more pics of both events than anyone else, but theyre all just 1.3Mpx
try a ton of the loons

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20MHz isnt even good enough for accurate avr work
anything will work
id get an old DSO before id get a portable tho
at times, i was mostly quite, especially in hollywood

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dude, dont walk in being an ass
seriously, go fuck youself mr psychological research thesis
lick it
no dude fuck off
your joke failed
like, you wanna talk about tech shit fine
come in talk bullshit, be treated like a tard
its on you
dx^: brb, i found pic tho

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im doing ttmustangs board
i got two pics of me
hehe, like 900 pics, only two of me
havent seen myself
i9 mostly stayed out of the way of cams
like im prob in them but cant find myself
im gonna upload my pics today
i wanna delete dupes and trash
actually i hadnt smoked at all that day
i ran out night before, i smoked some of my sisters herbs when i got home
herbs just called, they be right over
grey dickies double knee pants, black hoodie, welders goggles, dual can gas mask, navy face piece with grey cans
damn dude i have so many good pics

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broken LC tester?

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what is prof trying to do?
prof has made it clear he has clients with lots and lots of money

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phone interviewed with gov contractor person
he totally agrees, i should prob go and finish my EE instead of being research lab tech
but he said he will try and see if he can get me a summer internship position
and said that the gov itself (non-contracted) has some academic/work progtan where you like work one semester and then do full time school next semester
so yeh, maybe i get to spend time in a mil research lab AND go to calpoly pomona with badass level of financial aid

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