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nothing in life goes from 0 to 1 without hitting every possible value in between
digital is bullshit
im go watch cspan and eat taquitos and sleep or something

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analog = reality
digital = matrix fairy tale
fairies are neat, tho

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oh wtf 40
fucking assholes
well whatever
i check tomorrow and if it still says 40 ill be like whatever some more
get out the boonies

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theyre not just a popular thing
they are an icon and a standard
ikea is generally shitty
dowel and twist lock furniture
i ordered my endmills last night
tracking says here by tomorrow
reg ups ground
timecop: i dont need extra stuff to get code on it?
that looks really neat
hmm, well no more buy for a bit

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m$ vs google, no distractions
so im like, wtf are they doing
internet portal
so advertising
that too
google has a massive head start
and an iron reputation
like, google has armor
haha google clone
whatever, google is good at it
its uniform looking
you know what to ignore, basically
google everything is good

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timecop: you mean turn into more a mainstream corp?
it has no choice, now
they cant run on non evil anymore
they just have to build themselves around being good
im sure
never down
but yeah, they cant float non evil anymore
they just gotta be good, now
i think microsoft eating yahoo is a mistake
i dont think it will hurt microsoft a ton, but i dont think its gonna get them what they want
yahoo userbase will drop out, prob instantly
yeah but so does everyone else
theyre a userbase
it will drop out if m$ eats it
like, i really dont understand unless the whole point is to make this a one on one battle

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to get the traces lines up, not using vias
no wrap the traces around the ic to hit the right pins
better to just flip one IC to the other side, and run short straight traces and offset vias
also it will make routing other stuff less a pain
yeah isnt that nuts?
eagle is somewhat like that
but i couldnt explain it
you have to just figure out the tools and practice, its fucked up
but you can grab traces and pish them around and basically have that functionality, but it takes knowing typically unmentioned details about a few of the tools
ya rly
someone send an email or a billboard or some shit
their stock prob wont keep going up
well, long long term yeah
omg they must have tens of thousands
their normal box farm thing is a win

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you could put it on the opposite side, and via thru
but theyd be straight, and could be very short
the traces
other side of the board
you via, but you could make the traces as short as DRC will allow
its prob the smallest solution with least chance of noise pickup/emission
same side, you gotta do it hax
if its dual in line (dip soic sop) you can run the pins from the backside and wrap
if its qfp, gfn, you prob have to via regardless
or go all tha way around haha

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60s = sr71, 70s = f117, 80s = sats and drones, 90s = nanos in ur brain, 00s = mature UFO replicas
no man
its an acronym i wont even say on irc
its gov black projects
its basically shadow gov, shadow budget
try and wrap around the backs of the pins or something
depends on package and spacing and shit
i dont care what they say doesnt mean thats useful for the pcb
the machine prob jobs around at like .005mm incriments anyway
timecop: do they have to be on the same side?

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that might actually be useful
eagle just makes a backup of the board file and tries to do whats left
for autorouting, im pretty sure it wont even autoplace
error or insanity?
where is your origin?
and draw in your board dimensions
pls =(
they have nanos in our brains prob since 1997

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narc usually try and look cool, not dumb
like, we could be the narcs
that would make sense in a movie script, wkr4k4r wouldnt be the narc
he could maybe be a petty informant or something
blackmoon would be the ultimate narc
^ really is classic
timecop: can you do sections with it?
like, hand place the IC and connectors and xtal and see if it can do something sane with the passives

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i think the only hard one will b the eq
have to fit like...
12 dual opamps
i guess less because tl074 for all the 4 pole filters
(cuz stereo)well, not too many because then you phase fuck too hard
stupid efnet
got rid of wkr4k4r
dude he joined my tiny personal chan and never left
and we chill so we dont ban him or anything, but wtf
its like, ren and people he known for like 5 years to a decade
and wkr4k4r
hes one of those people like, if theyre a narc, they so good you cant be blaimed for fuckin up

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im getting miniature endmills tomorrow
no more conical bullshit
so i should be able to do .005 space
dunno about trace
i dont have 4mil drill
i wonder if they just hit it with a laser
what ranges were what method?
okay that sounds right
i have a .012 drill
done maybe 100 holes with it, im still amazed seeing that shit go thru fiberglass
have trouble believing
prob do it thru most metals too, solid carbide
well, mine are filled with .010" wire so prob not
hmm, should start schema for curiously strong audio

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GCAM and prob AXIS gui for EMC are opengl
if their photoplotters are actual NC setups, its a time waste
spend 2min on your board then 20min on your fonts
timecop: its gcode =)
lines and arcs
yeah but its hella simple
i laughed when i opened a gerber and what it was then kinda went oh duh, rs274
its easier than metal removal CNC because you dont have to compensate for cutter diamaters
positive description of a part instead of a negative
at some point ill have to try and manually code a board i hand sketch and send to board house for kicks

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maybe not autoplace
gEDA does
gEDA is sad
timecop: like try and place you IC and connectors and xtal and see if it can handle passive placement
if it doesnt do selective autorouting, its just as shitty as eagle, i would suggest trying ultiboard and ultiroute
timecop: 2 to 3 years before its even usable, i think
thats if theyre working on it
i really have no idea, and its a big project so a few guys on some of the apps wont cut it
like, you can do shit with it, but its a struggle
eagle goes slow in lunix but at least it goes
it didnt have vector fonts?
yreah opengl cad is nice
quick, pretty

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ooh, kk
stu thats not nice dont blackmail china
haha, nice
shit id let someone fuck up my silf for free work later
like, go ahead, take your time times two
wow f and k are like a hand apart
ya rly
medium size
timecop: time is usually in the fucked details
yeah dude if its not $1M per seat dont even try
it prob just put them on the board, maybe even so they dont overlap
connectors prob in the middle
timecop: okay stop doing it wrong and see if diptrace will let your autoroute/place sections at a time

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its either a unit or satellite group homes
we had 50 boys on the unit, and 3 sat houses with like 6 to 10 girls each
everyone goes to 'school' at the facility
me and my sister tested 12+ grade level when we got there
and the school is set up to handle special needs kids
so yeah we basically didnt go to school for a year
i kicked it with my school principle and talked about motorcycles and tatoos and books we read and shit
hehe, my work in progress tatoo is by her crazy name vet chinese husband (they booked to stockton for job before i could get it done)
you at least have schemas?
drawings boards is the fun shit i dunno why you guys are complaining
you guys prob dont eat the crust on the pizza either
how much extra is that?
wtf dip
pizza should be self contained
timecop: flat fee or for what youre doing?
thats pretty cool, tho, for half time turnaround

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haha mostly i remember him because he used to make fun of my bro because of his fat system gf
dunno i like curvy girl people, they come in very big and too skinny
stu: 95% of the kids on my unit were diagnosed as needing psychotropes to be okay
the one kid who wasnt on drugs was because a court order
the only other kid who wouldnt take drugs was written up as taking them anyway in his medical records, so they could collect the insurance
so yeah, absorb that and try and figure out how that is helping people and i dunno, research it and write and article and get back to me or some shit
a childs placement facility

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and the funniest shit was she had mad confidence, her last name was scary, as she looked latina as fuck but her brother was this little skinny as fuck dude
seravitae: quite possible
but the confidence was like, weird
because like, i guess in her hood, it was all about how much ass
haha this was like 12 years ago
her little bro used to sneak into my my room with baggies of herb
and cigarettes, and they would have me fill the cigarettes, and i got to keep they herb
they had no sense of how little weed fits into a cig
ccfl_man: i wouldnt be surprised if she was dead now
either that or babies and babies and babies with a man in prison and at least a couple sanchos
ha, no prob overdose or domestic violence
its just a guess tho
thats how tons of the girl people end up
its hard to keep in touch with people too
because often theyre still on psychotropes so theyre not always so good at keeping track of stuff, like people
selly =/ (location:?)

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you picked arguments, and got reactions, dont try and make this some personality thing
you wanna talk about serious shit, get serious
yeah well again, you failed, learn some tact
the fact that i have to tell you to learn tact is pretty ridiculous, but whatever
im sure most people will agree
but there is in intelligent convo
which you seem to not grasp
again, take it to a troll chan or something
well, people i respect disagree
so please excuse me if i dont think your statement carries much weight
um, teachers, department heads and admins, friends whos decisions i respect
so yeah, sorry if trollstu on irc dont impact me so hard
its doesnt matter
a system kid is a system kid, all should have a fair chance regardless of background
thats how its supposed to be
ccfl_man: dude there was this girl had to be 5'10" and 250lbs
like, normal on top, fucked up obese bottom
but she would fit into the small girls jeans somehow

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there is enough there, you just need to like, i dunno be human or something
put yourself in someone elses position
yeah its called, take a kid, put him in a hole, dont let him go to decent school
drug him up, abuse him physically, be disturbed enough at the sexual abuse that you turn your head
check their schedules, if they havent been to the psych hospital in four weeks, schedule them to return
check to see what kids need to be picked up because their two weeks insurance alotment is used up for psych
stu serious, get a perspective
just admit you dont know whats up, and stop
well im done with you because you show no respect
this isnt something real to you, its how to troll ren because i have no life
seriously, drop it
because this is serious shit to me
you dont care, cool, stop acting
well you fail
you define it
go fuck yourself for claiming a cause and being so foolish
i hope you dont damage anyone elses efforts
serious dude i dont want to talk to you about any of this shit in any serious form, youve pretty shown your colors one way or anothers
i dont see you as an enemy stu
dont be such an avrfreak

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listen to yourself so you dont make so many conflicting arguments
because it confuses people joining the convo
no one should have to sacrifice themselves for anyone else
it should be a choice and not something to judge upon
it is
i will choose based on a situation
not trying to win an argument with stu
im saying i would if i chose to
im saying your shit is pretty irellavent
im providing awareeness of the situation
im doing something
man you are dense
i know because youre privelidged bread
stu you dont want to understand, and thats the simple matter of it
no dude youre trolling for attention
you already stated several times you dont care
in several ways
ive had as proper one, youve had a silly one
go learn about the issue
i cant be expected to explain everything to you
as you seem to not find me credible on the subject
so its not a disdcussion, its a rather pointless argument initiated by you
i told you
scroll up and read until you understand

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if you dont care, stfu, because people do and their arguments make sense
i interviewed for a gov job last weekend
mil, even
i grew up wanting to be a lockheed skunk
thats about as established gov as you can get
i dont like most policeman
id work at a drug rehab
i dont really want to, but it would be rewarding sometimes
itd be hard work, and you take alot of abuse
ccfl_man: =(
i enjoy my friends
we all agree about the system
and im in school right now so i can be more likely to score a job i enjoy
or run my own
well that is a problem and hopefull cali can be a model for the world in one more area as well
you go ahead and criticize kids trying to pull themselves up from the mud
what you get of it, i have no idea
but it seems to get you off so im not gonna try and stop you
sure you are
you said it was their fault
cmon stu
natural selection?
fuck them because they are troublemakers?
these are your arguments
fuck them, choose capitalism

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kids die because of the condition
wtf homeless?
wtf are you talking about
okay cool
so whe a system kid decides you ass dont care about him
so he dont care about you
shoots you in the face to take your wallet cuz he hungry
well okay, natural selection
serious i spend most my money on school and related shit
dude im sorry iof you think thats what the system is, again you show your ignorance
what do you think happens to a kid if his family dies
car accident, terminal illness
i have
youre a loon
when you go someplace as a small child to be safe, and get ass raped, i think thats a big fail
i guess maybe no for you maybe ass rape is bonus for you
okay well that shit happened to the little kids all the time
haha ok
yeah because brit economy is on top right now
and your youth are lookin bright
yeah because your dont seem to be able to make simple logical connections sometimes
okay well i wonder why stu
yeah so if you dont care, why are you in the convo
to hear yourself talk?
dude you have the same argument for years, which isnt very relavent
youre trying to be a troll, which is understandable as its your main function in the chan

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i aint no PC fag, as much as you want to frame me as one
its not funny, you look dumb
youre arguments are those of privilegded people who dont know of strife
sure go for it
stop talking, do it
ive yet to see a good docu on the kids system
me getting educated, thats a big problem
me helping my mom pay rent while i go to school, that is a big problem
me paying for books and test gear and parts, huge fuckin problem
stu: yes, of course
shit ill take it all if they offer
they make the rules
anyone who dont take advantage is a dunce
well thats on you
sure, im the problem, i know
again, you dont complain about the money being spent on maintaining an environment where its not a big deal for kids to rape each other in the ass
or for older staff to pay on squishy minded young chicks
serious stu, get a fuckin perspective

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stu: the state is my mom and dad
so yes, if youre a ward of the court at 18, youre entitled to that and way more
oh, yeah it should all be public
its directly related to the health of the nation
the system is the probation department, mental health department, courts, and child welfare department
and the jail, prison and state psych institution system
theyre all linked
i guess everything is supposed to be perfect everywhere
bad shit happens, and everyone is supposed to overcome
education is sub par, especially in the places that need it most, but they are supposed to be successful anyway
how am i a bum
i have degrees i could prob get a 40K job in a week if i get a haircut
it fails everyone
it provides means to help yourself if you take them
i have
you be proud
ill take the resources i was promised and run with them
serious stu, stop being a stupid white kid
most everyone if not everyone is

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blackmoon: wow
nice justification

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for sexual abuse
for collecting insurance money
and you wanna be down with that
go ahead
no im not
kids die all the time
i have a feeling your whitebread ass isnt capable of understanding
omg hi
i dunno sourdough is awesome
and its white, so yeah i guess that was bad of me
yeah i know
charles got mad because i pointed out he acts like a bitch
stu stfu
you dont run shit
i like him when hes non bitch, but stu has successfuly shifted him to the other side
mine is calling up (my exex one)
dioxide: that happened to me when current gf was 500mi away
i dunno how i got outta that one alive

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but it needs to have oversight
black projects isnt so much the mil or the gov
they could glass that whole country with conventional weapons
and do it to the next one
and prob another
thats not why this war is a drain
its not a war
theyre not police
this isnt what our mil is for, obviously
all out ground shit is for wars in america and europe
stu: hello i do work hard
school isnt easy
and dude
if you try and defend the LA county system
i will laugh
i mean cmon, how stupid do you wanna look today, stu?
the one that kills kids before they have half a chance
okay so you dont care
so dont try and be having a convo
cuz youre just trolling
um, theyre not
theyre kids from fucked up families
most oif them arent probation, they didnt do anything wrong
no it makes it impossible for them to do that
dude, places get closed down for drugging the fuck outta kids

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'gimme resources or i will fuck you because this is obviously all your fault'
gov: hmm ok
its hush money, if all the ex system kids filed a lawsuit they could bankrupt the county
i dont think there are enough LA system kids to fuck the state tho, sadly
im not white im not anything
i said country?
no i said county
blackmoon: county has a budget and its own funds
counties cant just print money =(
they have to bust them or big sam get pissy
but yeah cities and states have to stay out of the red
its not like a national gov can just make up their economy as they go along, perfectly legally
black projects instead of infrastructure maintenance
i <3 the mil
but its got money issues
im down with the military

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so we not dead, we not institutionalized, we not vandalizing your private property (public maybe another matter), were not in prison
so yeah, statistically, we are anomolies
the ones that got away, i guess
unit41: sure but circumstances count 100%
i dunno maybe you know or maybe you dont
if you consider the system an experiment
i think its in full production mode, they aint testing shit
haha i found out my main placement got closed down, in the last year
so thats all of them
pretty much every facility i was ate has been closed down for child endangerment type shit
dude people complain about the money i get from the gov
no one complains that their money is used to fund abuse
thats A-OK
i wouldnt mind going somleace else to do tech work
and maybe teach
blackmoon: yeah really

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maybe not doing what i want but to secure to care
that sounds like a failed life to me
im not trying to be part of this corpy feudalism shit
not at all
giving up and doing that would be the easy thing
by far
so i see that as the obvious cop out
i could prob score a 40K job right now if i wanted
i pay cheap rent to my mom
tho i guess my name is on the lease so technically we co-rent
but yeah it is cheap, as that money dont even get you a room in LA anymore
fuck hustling
thats not my job thats up to other people
im like the smart one that goes to school
i dont need to do thast shit because other people in the family always gonna be 100x better at it than me anyway
whatever they got to, to survive
most of us from the system

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itas hard to type over a logitech steering wheel
my chin is all on the wheel
kind of
depends what you mean by home
i dont think the system was very homey so in that sense i was homeless for years
i was only like, bummin-it homeless for a few weeks, and in hollywood so it was almosr paradise status anyway
the system and the financial aid
like, it was by choice too
i had ended up at some system halfway house at some point and decided id rather go listen to music and hang out with punk squatters than crackheads
squatting in hollywood will never die
hollywood belongs to the streets as much as too the music industry
i dunno
being in an office making $60K working 50 hours
just bored, but dedicated, maybe not happy but to busy to tell

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but using non expendable paraphrenalia in the tourists spots is a burn in LA, likely anywhere else
like, if people ask you for papers on the street and you offer a pipe, they will walk away from you and not talk to you
clean shit is usually okay
tho they can claim is paraphernali for drugs even if its clean if they catch you with something
so as always, up to lapd
okay well good
well obviously the cops do
it does
flick a joint
'search me officer!'
'are you stoned?'
'not really. not anymore.
naw man, cop is not gonna search a beach or a dirty as venice street for a joint
and youre supposed to smoke with discresion in public anyway
point is with a pipe, youre leaving the scene of offense with evidence
and you will not ditch a pipe you love
you will be stupid and hope and prasy to voodoos
and it will get tasken and you will get fucked
ya rly

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you dont use them
not there
just joints and blunts
trust ive used pipes dozens of times
but its dumb
i knew what i was doing wasnt smart
like, if youre local and know whats up, you rollin in with papers and your sac
you will get your pipe jacked by popo, and youll get a ticket
which means you have to dick with the courts
and well, the system is hell in LA
you dont bring contraband to tourist spots
you dont answer to people who ask for weed or to smoke
if a narc talks to you, you tell them to stfu because there are narcs around
no legitimate company is involved with usenet
incubus[: trust i will walk down a street in the valley toking from a pipe
hell ill do it on certain little streets in hollywood
and def in any club

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because serious, i been thru shit in life where like comparitively, worst day at school is still almost-heaven
yeah when i started at school i had brand new little dreads
then i have great big long ones at the end
im not a rasta
im not judeo-xtian
im down with them tho
like, i never had a prob with a rasta
before or after i had dreads
of course 90% of my experiences are commercial transaction ones, so take what i say with grain of salt
take what i say with chunks of ions.
and no i dont mean herbs
i never bought herbs from a rasta
they have shops at venice beach
same dude for like a decade
dude always lookin late 20s since i was late teens
prob like mid 40s now, dude i try and buy from
incense, hats, pipe hardware
they got alot of reject stuff from other shops
i have enough respect not to ask
venice is a touchy plane
like you dont bring pipes
if you buy pipes, you dont use them
its tourist spot
its a burn
hollywood blvd, santa monicas 3rd st promenade and the pier, venice beach
you dont smoke out of pipes in the open

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the lib arts one just happened, heh
yeah its generally true with all technology academics
you either do it or you dont
doing it dont mean youre gonna be good, buts its way more likely than if you just trust the book smarts and act like you can figure it all out in realtime as it comes at you
like, i was generall considered top of my electronic dep class
it was also pretty well known i was showin up blazed every day
no one gave a shit, because i knew my shit, and it was known this is like all i do on my own time
doubt it
i gotta be like stoned into the pillow to get that bad now
because i have dreads and prob smell like weed and im as chill as a penguin under pressure

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heh, my little TI solar sci/eng calc is faster for any single line computation anyway
ive been at my CC for like 5 years now i never stopped
and now im going to pomona to do it all again =\
dude i have 3x two year degrees, if i finish one class this semester
you cant do any two year technical programs in two years
its impossible because they dont have teachers to do every class every semester
sure rockshox
dont ask me any electronics questions anymore
as everything i know is i guess worthless compared to however the fuck youre learning this shit
im sorry id rather learn this shit from ex military contracted techs than pretend with a calc in an engineering school
i get to troll you for life remember
or maybe you dont
but i do, i already justified it
any engineering or tech degree is useless unless you do the shit on your own time, either at a job or on your own
engineers and techs who dont get that usually arent very good engineers or techs when theyre done at school

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fifo is such a neat word
and TI-89 is a cheater calc
alot of classes wont even let you use one (TI-83/TI-84 are okay as much because you still have to like use your brain to get answers)
maybe prof is new at school or something

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did columbus have a remote?

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haha 1242 TV
dark ages TV
same diff
all 3 of you?

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loltrace juarez?
oooh, neat
timecop gonna be in ic friday
timecop: i dont think hes trying to get you burned =)
nico is smrt
burn is a burn is a burn
ttmustang: you can, but thats not the issue
my cutter broke
topside came out fine
yeah its no prob, do whatever you want
can do shit till tomorrow and tomorrow is a busy day

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timecop: k post hot chick pls
serious your radar is fucked if that looks like a guy to you
um, ooook mr timecop
ttmustang: it was a 1200dpi scan thru ziplock
its prob not gonna get better than that
heheh gave the loan back
'hi bank, i dont need that 60 year old tv after all'
is that why you went to japan timecop?

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yeah i took like .004 off the conical in the first 3sec of milling
i saw it fly away i was like ohnoooooz
yeah totally
i just rezeroed it and lt it run
hahah a ali with a dremel
i dont get it
sure show me pic
organic flux comes from mcmaster but it might eat your parts
blackmoon: i dont know if the flux messed up the throwqies or the alc/water i cleaned them with
those batteries hate water
sec people

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20 lbs can be awesome if applied to the right areas
it doesnt look jacked it is jacked
yeah sucks the conical finally died
i was a bitch and did fills with it once
instead of using the shallower angle conical
.012" drill
hair is like .002-.005
blackmoon: 80 wire IDE cables use .010 wire
pokes into the hole perfectly
no thats the same board =( =( =(
oh later

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dead blow would just take alot of shit out if it aint a machine tool
just dont lick your hands
the leads one will deform when they hit too
instead of bouncing
my mini endmills already shipped w00t

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i think hes just vice president now
yeah duh
i have a brass hammer
its almost the same color as copper
lead deadblows are nice
i also have this steel hammer with screw in plastic tips
but yeah for assembly type prodding, i <3 the plastic/steel hammer

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dude have any of you seen todays speech?
hes fucking unstoppable
ur dad is gay
blacks dont hate the n word
blacks dont like being called the n word
most people dont like being called names

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i think obama just locked it
youre wrong
so now you like her?
what kind of bullshit is that
someone shows up, okay lets vote for her

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okay i dont think i should weld tonight
wait damn i will be unlucky and he will have a test or some shit
wait i dont care this class doesnt count for anything

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rab: no
rab: theres about 10 ways to say it but thats not really one of them
well no we just think its dumb
like hello, can we be getting shit done already
situation: mex homie takes his black homkie to see some mex bros in LA
valley people going to LA< everyone skaters
mex LA people to to mex valley kid 'yo how can you trust that guy'
valley mex busts up laughing like 'haha wtf we dont give a shit'
serious, we dont give a shit
middle class kids in the valley in the 80s were all types of colors
bussed in kids didnt act ghetto because they were diff colors they acted ghetto because they had no money
youve had it few months now huh

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its like how gnaakids.jpg is better than racism, because the kids just look so damn cool
yeah whats up with the telephone fetish
dude i smile so hard when i look at it
the two on the ends make it classic
do you know about GNAA?
i guess not or he would get it
ccfl_man: trolling based on almost-famous 80s b film ghey niggies from outer space
dude it was a bad movie

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data is not precious to me
well, definitely not pr0n data
is like the only permanent pron on my box
because its just a really cool pic
like, the colors are awesome
brit clowns must be hot
fake shades of red = #1
rab: i dont remember the rest of the set being as cool
but yeah girlgirlgirl stuff
rab: its an amazing pic, its better than just pr0n

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there is something french for $50/mo
sounds painful
rab: i was thinking of running a server off a usb hdd from eee
like some media/file/http thing
rab: i made a partition on my usb hdd to try it
i think i want to try a bsd
it boots from usb no problems
freebsd or assholebsd
wtf at managing pr0n
delete pron, get new pron
pron managed

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wtf roofing
meh, fuck scratching
i dont have a decade to play with that shit
i just wanna mix
macegr: the singles?
which which
i want a dedicated dinky

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sadly yes
fureal we all talk like this
why do you think its called 'talking valley'
hehe if its for teac tapes its gotta be a bunch of units
fuckin nico
now i want to go buy decks
and a mixer

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5 years in school, the only thing i remember studying was BJT biasing over spring break in semiconductors class
so fuck everyone who says kopitz didnt teach BJT biasing
that shit hurt me =(
well, not usually for tech stuff
but the academic courses, sure
the english shit i usually wrote while talking to you guys hour or two before class
heh, and my writing is good enough to be used by teacher an a writing example
fuck shakespear
i cant stand that metered poetry bullshit
although the scene were benvolio dies in the new romeo and juliet
the one with decrappio
excellent scene
i was like: damn
haha then decrappio and leguizamo driving their cars around shooting at each other, funny shit
fuck you i speak californian

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ccfl_man: neat
i think maybe i should buy a truck
even tho theyre dumb
o, rly?
honda = terrorists?
what about toyota light truck?
ccfl_man: corolla and camry very good cars
my mom has had a corolla for years
even she cant destroy that shit
i want a 4 cyl truck
2 seat, no extra cab bullshit
i shouldnt be keeping shit in it
uh ac-130u
uh no
i know
id never buy one
im not trying to go on gas hunts
ac-130u: yeah, you do
okay stop
i can get a I4 toyota
and go to a gas station
stu: whats study?

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ccfl_man: did you stumble on a free audio rack or something?
that shit aint any cheaper than server shit
in fact its usually built overkill, and is more
no one goes gigging with servers
hello, FBI and cult spies

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okay i like new NIN
the 5GB dual xeon of course

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dx^: ty
that pdf has issues
macegr: <3 ircfanview

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omg trent = master of dischord

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ctrl alt numpad+ and numpad- for the ultra mindfuck
(windows boffins stfu, you can resize like normal with xrandr since forever)
okay ima irfanview all sandi pics
ha she was gonna get a one.com $1.50 thing but her lazy ass never faxed in her signature and they cancelled her order
neat they didnt jack her domain, i was worried the signature was just for the hosting and not the registrar service

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dx^: link to magjack
it looks okay, im going to look at schema and board and make sure everything is cool
if you got the pinouts right on the eth controller and the magjack, it should be cool
im trying irfanview

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okay back to new NIN
dx^: msg if you need anything on board changed else im gonna go with the last ones i posted

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and then we see how good the taig really is
its the violin and the accordian
not all the songs tho, theyre all over the place
theyll do like metal riffs, folk bass, carribean drums in the same song
total mashup shit, i really <3 them like the clash
i hope they go a long time
invisible something
dx^: anything on the board needs to be changed?
dx^: get off the floor yo its dirty down there

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like, they have 20 hard songs and a few slow songs
the little vocalist like leans back and jacks the mic into her mouse and yells as loud as she can
mic sticking out, arms back, chest out
er, mouth
but shes mousy, yes
and hard guitars
but mtv picked up the cute lovey slow song
soma def works
yes maybe soon
dx^: conical cutter tip failure =(
however backlash compensation = excellent
and i mcmastered .005 and .020 standard endmills
so none of this conical bullshit anymore
diamater too dependent on Z
also i looked at the eth controller datasheet, your schema looks cool its just drawn a bit funny
like all twisting at funny angles and stuff
but yeah is mcmaster so hopefully i get my shit by tomorrow

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gogol bordello is weird because theyre kind of without style
other then the russian immigrant playing other shit sound
naw madonna is a good thing
shes head of maverick
if she likes you, youre good
hell even before she was running shit
madonna made the beastie boys
without her theyd prob be some cool underground NYC thing that rick rubin never met up with and we never ever new anything about
also shes kinda hot in slutty, 'omg this is such a bad decision' kinda way
they always pick my least fav song to blow u on the radio
they did that with the yeah yeah yeahs too

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you can be saying new music and expect me to go to sleep
dickhead =(
hmmsao far new model army is 80s butt rock and late 70s punk into new wave/industrial
they dont seem to have girls either
meru_: naw you dont understand those are big shows
theyre 10x more nuts in a small club
the girls play marching band crash symbals and big bass drum
like, when it gets nuts, drum girl with throw her drum on the crowd
jump on top, ride the crowd on the drum, punching the drum in time with the music the whole time

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rab: listen for the bass, is kinda low on that recording =(
damn nm
fine bye
dude keep listening
its the punkest shit ive heard in 10 years
k bye nap fureal

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shit set list, bitched about people knowing the words to the songs day before release
that shit went gold or platinum like first couple weeks i think
have you seen them?
do it if you havent
immigrant russian NYC gypsy punks
a 133MHz cpu has limited use
so not not really
rab: best live show ever
rab: most insane small club crowd ever
and i been to some crazy old school hollywood punker shit
rab: sec i try and find good vid
no not at all never even heard of it
which makes me sad that sounds neat
ok neat
i like bungle
also i havent heard enough, so i can still have some deep bungle and similar phase i guess
rab: http://youtube.com/watch?v=r_IJU-wpb7k
best. show. ever.

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nothing what, about niggy tardust?
yeah im a bit slow right now
i was laughing about that shit for like a week straight
one way ticket to the bed
i either sleep or get second wind by 4p or im not going to welding
which is cool after all the walking and busses and biking im cool on being in a booth with metal and sparks covered in leathers
tho, i do wanna try the 2.5 magnification lens
fucked up
i always do that dude
i did that with gogol bordello and minibosses
festivals can be shit if youre really into just a couple of the acts
because you wont get enough to make you happy
and the artists might be frustrated or pissed
festivals seem to do that to them alot, cant imagine why
rab: i saw tool at coachella and it sucked

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yeah its supposed to be more visual
soundscape shit
i like reznor alot as a producer
he got all his engineering droogs, he look healthy
dude if soekris is 133MHz is like, might as well do it with an ARM9
prob 2x as fast and less power, maybe 2x the cost for a pimp devkit
rab: did you get niggy tardust?
and i kinda like reznor bleating
its definitive
no one whines and bitches like that mofo
okay hmm
about move-ins?
dude your comm services up their sound like shit

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soekris are under $100?
i thought nano itx were DC in
oh bastards
anyway i need sleepies
i hope new NIN is good

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it has usb
anything with usb can take any cards
it beats it on heat dissipation
unless its a backpack or long term system survival thing, i dont see how soekris has advantage
heh, car can prob be like 30F hotter
car = baby oven
on 100F days here im pretty sure cars get 130F at least
like, in the sun, many hours
it gets 110F here sometimes, inside the car is much hotter than that =(

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rab: well yeh duh
but newegg = newegg
i think i need a nap
i have to
too much walking biking not enough sleepy
wtf clows who cares
but it does everything

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what a waste of an char display line
why you guys getting a soekris
you need that many eth ports?

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i want to do an arcade machine controller pendant
or um
just program the cnc to do it
and go have some lunch

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thats a big project tho
ive been thinking about it for awhile
yeah but id need to adapt
i was just gonna make my own assembly
light loading, pcb and Al
it needs to have a .125" collet really
okay i gotta go
oh cmon into to bis not that bad
we get to buy stocks for a month, now
im doing asus boeing and southwest
no why
i was explaining current assignment in hell

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okay i already have erotic mini endmills coming
if .005 endmill works, i can basically do same tolerances as the board houses
i got a .020 endmill to do fills, too
not really
it wouldnt only save a couple min if im being slow
i can change a tool and reset a zero if its uncollared in prob about a min
i need a custom spingle first
er, spindle
want to do DC motor with oring on two speed pulleys
60Krpm bearings, and a .125" straight collet
or alternatively
something fatter, and i make NC style toolholders and mount my bits
thats actually prob the best way
then you can have the thing drop off and pick up tools from a little tool stand

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fuck this noon + night class schedule is fux0red
yeah asscones to china
we really need to stop saying mean stuff about them
you dont have a .001 capable cnc machine tho
so like, backlash on the unloaded X us godlike
i have it set .0002 for compensation
that value is not a typo
Y is normal at .004
they should be diff, but dayum
taigs are the shit, yo

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rab: i broke a $30 cutter last night
so like, now im doing it right
with endmills, that cost a ton
if i break these, its like $45 a pop
but i get exact dimensions depth independent, with the endmills, as opposed to conicals
so yeah, i try and get space trace of .005 .005 with this setup
but if i can etch .008/.010, itd be helpful for most requirements
gpf takes stuff seriously
but hes hardcore
prof is just a bighead
he old-new tech, tho
like hes not old-old tech, those guys are at the same time glorious and totally embarassing
i need .060
thats what i have and prefer
i might play with multiple layer later but seems like a pain to even try compared to get a multilayer fabbed
oh i gotta leave for school in 10min

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acrylic is okay to hold etch solutions?
well, its not 1 off
i have a cnc machine and like 95 dual side copper boards
um, over the coarse of my lifetime?
or what
i dont really understand the question
if it works?
all of them
hundreds to thousands
ill spend $$$ on a good setup
like, if i can etch .010/.008 trace space and cnc drill/route, im happy
because milling time compared to drill and route time is like ridiculous
and thats just isolation milling
if youre milling out the fills too, thats like hours for one side of an eagle free size board

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haha at agitatator
oh huh
okay where do i get etchant?
wtf is its fureal chem name
okay yeah to keep the levels consistent
as opposed to leaving it in now youre soaking in metal and used up etch solution
yeah see i clean pipes and bongs semi professional so i know about this stuff

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rab: i need a fuse roller thing
i bought endmills last night
mcmaster's miniatures were cheaper than useenco's
i got a .005 and a .020 for the price of a .005 at enco
ok ty
i dunno anything about chem board etching =\
i hope so
itd prob be a ton faster for big stuff
some peoples boards are so ugly
like, damn did you learn pcb from ur mom or what
rab: okay s temp control and maybe some ultrasonic agitation
if i wanna get pimp

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