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wtf are you using a 100W iron and taking a minute per pin?
ive never burn an avr soldering it
actually i cant remember anything ive burnt soldering it
except some connectors because i sucked

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um, yes

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why dont you draw it

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apperently this guy is tone control pimp

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i can prob do that one tonight
can use the shallow conical cutter

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urmama claus

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a little bit why
dip to soic, no?

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volts in, volts out, done
okay i should do board for vfd clock too, this break
the preamper is working \o/

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macegr: orbital .22
sculptor: get a sense resistor
and probe across it
maybe have to use two channels in add/inv mode
get some .01% shit from digikey
even says how long you have to trim the pins!
rails are an opamps universe

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/win 12

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dude gold went up like WTF style

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dx^: no check your order
you mean you ordered 5 radial caps
and they didnt come?
then you should call digikey

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dx^: think so
there was bit more stuff, too
i think

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macegr: omg circuits are so much prettier bipolar

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this would be kinda pimp
take almost any input voltage
turn it into +15V/-15V
and use ps/2 minidin daisy chain for power
they sugarcoat it?
advil is tasty
i suck the coating off
beads, toroids
okay fuckit
going to bipolar design

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macegr: minidin-5 for power
just because its prob more common
just power, signal is gonna be miniplugs
like, VCC, VEE, GND, CHASSIS, spare thing
or maybe i dont need chassis cuz that stuff normally shielded
VCC/VEE/GND/SIGL/SIGR would be neat, but maybe bad for noise

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or you can tell it: start at 10Hz and stop at 10KHz, and show me the AC freq response
and itll sweep your circuit and show a bode plot

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timecop: R7, R5, R10, R6 wouldnt be neccessary with a bipolar supply
nor would C1
or R9
you cant use ground as ground
you have to use VCC/2 as ground
make more sense now?
timecop: what do you mean?
'random analog shit'
its spice
mostly transient analysis (time domain) and freq response (freq domain)
so like, you can put in a sine, and see if it come out without getting mangled
like thats three overlapping sine waves

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timecop: do you care about the bipoloar supply thing?

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then you live thru all that shit
if youre still friends when its over, thats a true homie yo
og course
my mom got me some special edition of pulp fiction for xmas
ive already seen the two longer cut scenes tho
you havent seen pulp fiction
what are you doing right now?
watch it now
now now now
im gonna call and tell them not to deliver the shit tomorrow
ima go pick it up
fuck them
i dont even wanna call and bitch

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i was gonna use 24s for something
yeah but then theres a connector issue
also how to generate it issue
ha, i wonder if i could use stereo miniplugs for power
id have to rev protect the input
no just a bipolar supply
like, it makes analog circuit alot simpler
if you single supply, you have to use a half supply virtual ground
or just float sections of the design
yeah totally
so im thinking ps2 connectors
D= D= D=
dx^: ^
if you value your buddies friendship, run away
do her
tell him
or tell her youre going to tell him
and shell maybe tell him

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Quad Flat Pack
not Quad Fucked-up No-pins
i am remembering the Way of Opamps

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smaller the reactive parts and antenna, the higher the frequency, the harder to design for

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i dont like tradition way to draw NI and INV opamp circuits
two rotating directional antenna and a transmitter
if you want it to go thru shit, its gonna attenuate
so you can just guess based on amplitude

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d0gzpaw: funky
okay preamp input circuit is new and improved, minimal
one opamp, input attenuator, precise 0dB-12dB gain control
you told me no remember
you said only edges matter or something
our new microwave sucks
i think the metal think is eating its nucalur waves

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okay i gone too nuts with my preamp and somehow strayed from minimalist zen
macegr: do you think it would be bad to troll the makefaire audiophools by doing an SMPS split supply?
and then i dunno, daisy chained ps2 kb/mouse connectors for power
okay but i guess pot on the input is less parts same outcome

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im gonna assembly grow lights, its only two prototypes
no chinese solder-ninja women for those boards
i always make way to much pasta
i wonder where my sure electronics stuff is

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blood and glory
my pasta is done

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split supply from DC h4x

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i hate single supply opamp design

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33uF is fine

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LTSpice has zoom issues

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dont youll get in trouble!
they will tax you more
go go go
do eeeeeeet
should i integrate the gain into the mixer stage?
um, because then everyone would be the same stuff
and itd create stock dropouts and angry manufacturers
and they everything would become more expensive
because everyone pissed at digikey
and the people who arent pissed ran out so they dont matter

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but i think ill use that or similar for the first stage of preamp
that way i can get lose noise, get rail to rail voltage swing, and put the vol pot after
so volume adjustments wont affect input circuit impedance
dx^: omg
hiZ input, lowZ output, etc
yeah but you prob cant do it as good and as small as them
and fuck if i know how i would do a rail to rail video amp
but that way ill still have a high input clip voltage, then you can cut with the pot to make it right for the rest of the system

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The machine was attached to a .22 semi-automatic pistol loaded with four bullets.
It was able to fire multiple shots into the man's head after he activated it.
what if he did it with cublocks
okay i got preamp and gain

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=( =( =(
its far if i tell them to hold it

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if you do an opamp you have to dual with offset voltage
depends what kinda of accuracy, resolution you want

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ok fuck balance
because you can do that with the amps anyway
vol, gain, bass, treble, rarar

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dude one of my white LED fucked me up
and its got a 135d lens

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my white ones are fucked up bright
ttmustang: maybe, know better by tonight
endmill should be here soon

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maybe next year
its not that hard, its a long tail pair, a gain stage, and an AB output section (usually)
liberal use of voltage references and current sinks/sources/mirrors and Vbe multipliers, etc
what would be cool is headphone and power amps with opamp gain stages attached to AB output drivers
elliot sound has something like that, but he used diodes
for bias, i want to use a Vbe multiplier so i can play with bias currents easy
for why
to set current?
15 is reg value

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yeh pretty much
its the input circuit for your audio system
so you do a bandpass to kill any high or low freq stuff that might mess with the amps
and you do voltage gain if the power amps need it
why were they in spain?
dx^: its usually also where you do volume, balance, and simpler EQ controls
im debating whether to do balance or gain

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input bandpass gain compensated
and input bias current compensated
because yeah fuckit, ill add a little noise and pcb space to be that much more technical

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i have a cdwallet of like 24 CD
er *had
so was kinda bulky, but it was more music than i knew what to do with
yeah my rio was shitty
the rio and the sony were like night and day
the sony went 90_ hours and made you look like a loon
because it would cache mp3 data in about 3sec, and then shutdown for a couple minute
and it had clear edges on the lid
so people would see your rockin out, but your cd not moving, you just look nervous and weird

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she says he try again today
sometimes they leave boxes on the truck and they dont get rescanned as out for delivery
dioxide: ogg is nice vbr
waaay back i had a shit Rio cdrw mp3 player, you could upgrade firmware thru a cd
and like, all the Rio forimware was upgraded to play ogg
except mine because the proc was too slow =(
okok, but my fav mp3 player is still the sony cdrw one that did 90+ hours on two AA, and would recharge its own batteries (it knew if NiMH AA were used) when you turned it off
ultimate long distance vacation thing
i went on long trip like prob 8000 miles planes and busses
and then somehow lost it between LAX and my house =(

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using mp3 at bitrates that high is kinda dumb
192+ is good for the ear
the biggest jump in quality is 128-160
yeah it all sounds the same above 192 to me
yeah pretty much
dx^: waiting furiously
doesnt play CD?
damn i think i had a dream i fixed my honda
yeah because its FFT based
tracking doesnt say out for delivery

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741 was the first one that didnt totally suck, i guess
daaamn that shit is ancient
is uA diff from LM?
nothing is older than avrfreak
speaking of old people, i wan dianora to come back
um, no
why dont you just use flac
then you can make all the crap mp3 you want out of it
ogg to even
i bz2 a bunch of wavs, and it gets close, but flac is always better

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same as tl072
yeah but im not doing singles
maybe, i check
maybe if i had more space and moneys
(i remember the LF411 being slightly better part than the LF412)
non issue tho, for sim
i could use a 741, itll sim the same
just audio =)
not even real audio is like, simulated graphs of audio
dioxide: i do
sim to confirm
it saves me time
if i just start dicking with resistor and cap values i usually waste mad time =(
nuh uh
you mean the circuits or the fab time
im pretty sure 741 came out mid-early 70s
and then LF41x and TL07x came out after

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but the tl072 data has a nice graph
and its THD in my passband range it like...
its 100mV on the tl072?
oooh yeah i see
lag sucks i cant see anything im typing
i bet charles is crying and DoSing dioxides box
rab: do they come in quads?
what do you mean exotic
i wonder what LF41x are for noise

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maybe no one buying and they overstocked and in crisis mode
ti datasheet for ne5532 has no charts
and shit data
1KHz, 5 nV/sqrt(Hz)
so, 25nV/Hz, i guess
25mV @ 1KHz noise?
so obviously im doing it wrong

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tl072b are cheaper, higher typical Vio, lower max
there is no gain on the opamp yet its in V follower mode
theres just negative gain on the input filter poles
which ima compensate for
k still checking
TL072BCD = $.57@1 and $.42@25
B are the good ones

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dx^: http://darkertechnologies.com/image/cs_preamp_input.png
analog h4x
generic opamp
circuit should act the same if you throw in anything
looks same
Vio and Iio are like comparable, bigger spread, tad better if you get lucky

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it takes a few years
and that was like, going to class 4 times a week
analog you just eventually learn little blocks

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i think winamp and foobar will do it with the disk writing output plugins
dunno tho
okay this is awesome
years and years ago i looked at preamp input circuit parts like 'whaaaaaaaaa'
total confusion, not i can pick -3db freq for the input bandpass and hit them like on the dot
input coupling is only 680nF
no stupid electrolytics, about 23.6K input impedance, w00t

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omg ti.lib wtf...
i think they made up their own ti.lib that aint no shit google knows about

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oh you guys are getting off on the eagle user origin?
a little prob not bad for you
i use user origin in autocad alot
ususually in eagle i can get away with h4xing alt grid to get shit exatly where i want
tho i route on like a .005 grid usually anyway, not usually a problem

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