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hey guys the salt water etching is maybe working
i think im making hydrogen too tho =\
why not

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rockshox: boiling isnt hot enough
(i just tested)

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im using paper from a catalog

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okay neat
the toner that sticks is good enough res
im having trouble peeling off the paper im using
ima boil it!

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toner transfer is kinda fun
hey guys how to get the paper off?
without ruining it
yeah im doing that
i figure 20min or so
ima try that saltwater shit
ima do a wallwart and a current sink

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rockshox: ok
ima maybe try this saltwater shit

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so half an amp he says

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where can i get usable acid now
will drano etch pcb?
i guess not because its for copper pipes
drano is fail
no cmon rly

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ozzzy: i transfer toner, and drop in after removing paper?
thatrs it?
temp and agitation and eration have an affect
or just bubbles agitating
will acrylics hold the acid okay?
i can over etch?
temp control and timing
so i need photopaper and chems
acrylic is okay to hold acid?
guess so thats what macegr is using
i need foods bye

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so what do i need for toner transfer method
laser printer, check
double sided copper clad FR4, check
what else
okay paper toner sucks at sticking too
what else
okay beyond that
what else
okay have that
yeah i can get one of those i bet
like my dad had to make bubble packs of pills at his pharmacy
yeah was cork insulated
okay what else
ima make this shit do .008 space/trace
yeah ima prob buy a tablet of photo paper
what chems
i never done this
is that uncommon?
okay but no preperation need besides transfering the toner?

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i need a 40K spindle

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pcb-gcode ulp for eagle
its quite good, yet quite shitty at the same time
this is the nature of software produced by and for machinists
but really
Machine tab
Feed Rates
X Y in/min is set to 8
Z in/min is set to 2
wtf is G01 Z-.005 F8.0
well its looks like a linear movement in the Z axis at 8ipm to me
mother fuckers
John Johnson Software, LCC
fuck that guy
thats a pretty big OOPS or total lack of forethought

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i check program
pcb-gcode generates 8ipm downward plunge
ignoring its Z set parameter
ccfl_man: some of it is really good
most sucks
i have it set to 2ipm
thats what it uses for drill plunges
i wanted XY to go 8ipm
and plunge to 2ipm
since it specifies its plunge as Z, i would assume it means all Z movement
but no
i means im a punk bitch
me being the program, and me being actual 1st person me, for trusting stupid machinist programmers
WTF F8.0
okay so i measured the broken half round
its like .015 now
wtf is a $2 tool
you dont buy machine tooling much do you
was like $40 =(
G1 Z-0.005 F8.0
i am so fucking pissed
no this is like godtiny endmill
2ipm was fast
too fast
but within sanity
8ipm is like, you bitch mother fuckers

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.005 endmill is fail
maybe because pcb gcode is fail
G01 Z-0.005 F8.0
do you know how much this angers me
it broke
because the shit plunged at 8ipm
instead of 2ipm
which was already fast
but not insane
it ignored the setting
Feed Rates
X Y 8 in/min
Z 2 in/min
well, im prob going to buy another conical
but fuck
what bullshit
i plunges at 8ipm
no etch on the XY movements
im like mother fucker

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macegr: nice

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ttmustang: your files are prepared, sir
preparing to drill and mill

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also pcb-gcode fucks up syntax for drilling canned cycles
which is lame because its set to EMC output mode
etch is faster, high res if you do it well
you shit is gonna take hours
also endmils are expensive
these were $55 for the pair
.005 and .020
but these are nice
gonna find out
carbide, mofo
it can do qfn

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dx^: im editing fucking drill files =\
but ive got it down to 3 macros and two mas deletions
the pcb
because i need them split into multiple files
or i need to figure out how emc wants me to do user prompt toolchanges

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with stuff for leds
i labeled it rev2
i do big hole in GCAM
i mill them, so any size above .0625 is okay
macro recording and playback and management in pspad is okay
so i am happy
has nifty integrated filetree

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i was lying i just wanted to make you say beep
nice, it has a char ruler
dont do it mufucker, no

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its like crimson feature set + hex editor, hmm
they almost all have that
im sure its not loaded all the time
omg fuck emacs
i need to edit text
not run my life
cmon vim is old school
serious i want menus and buttons and i dont like gvim like i like console vim
and i dont like console shit in windows
it fails atr consoles mostly
im trying this pspad shit
you have to go beep or he wont hear you

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i want suggestions, non-sense, not a redefinition of my problem
for doing shit
no like i hit record
it watches what i do
and then i hit stop, and can playback and save
oh cmon i know about vim im trying to expand
serious i :wq at the end of essays in word and Oo, =(
dont worry, we are jacking ur winpc in a responsible manner!
- execute external programs with proper arguments.
- ease your fingers with key stroke recording. (record & replay)
Crimson Editor is FREEWARE. You are free to download and use it.
no its not like a university rockshox its like a text editor

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he lives in bay area too
okay anyone
text editor suggestions, win32, not notepad++
not some $20+ shit either
isnt that money?
crimson is free, no?
does crimson have recording macros?

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its basically opamp diff and gain stage, and you do the low impedance output
so basically, some output transistors and a bias circuit
70s amps are neat tho
TO-3 is a sexy package
2.2 biatch neiah
dude for $600 id buy cheapo component system
lots of little parts to fuck with
not really

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yeah i wanna see how they are testing these mice for intelligence
isnt marants high end audiophool shit
like, so much money it has to be good else you have legal grounds to sue
not when precision chipamps are $5
precision AB
50% efficient stuff
hopefully =(
A is fraud
A with feedback is prob as low distortion as you can get
but its prob 15% efficient, too
anyway, i want to try the natsemi high voltage overture output driver
its like 200V spread rails, 4mA source/sink

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shit made me hurt under my foot and behind my knee and shit
aint nothing wrong in those places
okay well it hurt
elperdido: wtf
#electronics is not #consumer_electronics
#electronics is not #ancient_electronics
#electronics is not #ancient_consumer_electronics
unless you are ccfl_man
then like thats half of all your money
other have is random fuckin comm and net gear
wtf is that
i dunno
does crutchfield have a forum?
what if it also eats my brains in high dosages
please to find out more
macegr: beep
advanced notepad suggestions

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but you car killed the prelude
prelude was honda best car
civics are new era bugs
people our age will give kids their civics
like people 30 years from now will know how to work on them and shit
preludes arent tinfoil
prelude is prob hondas most rigid frame
those are nuts
but everything was then
no rab prelude
qualude is something else =\
workbench: i dont know
download panasonic FM FC NHG and TS datasheets
TS are just if you need big big shit
it was nerve thing
okay will that fuck up my big nerve

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you are channel pill guy from now on
good work, pill guy!
serious i have no sciatica this semester
i started doing it few weeks before
but also i got a $200 chair
thats prob helped
i need to get one of those spring loaded bike seats
no its like, leather with armrests
high back
and tilt lockout for racing games
racing mode = pull lever up to drop height, slide in to lockout tilt
my shoulder pains went away right after i got it tho
fat car, big engine
prob sucks way more gas than camry and accord but im guessing
fuck your car
your car = death of prelude and integra
i could give fuck all about the integra

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rockshox: you sell any?
rockshox: those were neat
dx^: ima force people to see again
my poo is same
good for heart and brain
fish is bad
this is cheaper
i do 4 a day!
for 180 gelcaps
dx^: almost done with my $50 bottle of glucosamine/chondroiten
180 triple strength tablets
dx^: please to research more useful supplements

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all big companies make good caps and shit caps
dx^: for grow leds
for array did you see?
100 blue (need 96), 100 red (need 96), i have 100 white (need 8)
yes from sure
im going to make bike lights
$40 shipped for all 200
yeag i guess

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make doesnt matter they all make all kinds
haha cockpit
workbench: 42
workbench: manufacturer doesnt matter so much as long as its not chinky knockoff shit
which will be sold as manufacturer shit anyway

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yeah i did your routing
it drc checks again
k i do work on ttmustangs board then throw that on
then i either do mine or yours
^dx^: i got china leds!
i need to clean my work table
check gleds

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do very long strings and like higher voltages
drop the eth cable
for the cost can do custom circle jacks or something
that shit would be massive
grow leds
digital option
oh hey i can use 8x2 char lcd for that
omg $8
but yeah i can do timing
thats like the last thing tho
thats why im not integrating into the pcb and doing the rails on breakouts with jumpers

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topbrite and sure hd44780 looks like same factory
you can fix with routing =)
ttmustang: beep
he needs to fix eth jack lib or he needs to confirm location and size of the silk holes
diff supplies
just route it bottom side

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they are like 'drive me both ways, baby'
yeah but i mean just to have as a part lying around
yeah, set up any way you need

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macegr: neat
harold_pa: how will they be overloaded?
wtf are you guys going on about
yeh but why
macegr: upgrade option #2
common anode or cathode is sweet

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thats double the light in the same format, tho
omg stop
pwm is for toy tricks in this application
like simulating sun movement
macegr: we need IC fab homebrew tech
tho fureal i want to make potted modules
not for secrets, for hardcore
macegr: run your module over with a tank type shit

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and throw in green for full spectrum
jezus fuck thats sexy you are like almost-genius
doesnt matter
fuckit, smps
how much per 100 led
more than $40?
well right there, you are saving on shipping
okay same price about
per element
but double the space effeciency
well we have upgrade option 1
thats def double side routed
yeah its comparable
maybe even cheaper, shipped
see the adventage is you have the green lights integrated
for visual mode or high efficiency mode
wide bipolar setup

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i dunno if its led backlit or what
looks like it]
small plant light
it has A/K pins hooked up to something
yeah im talking about my tiny char display tho
mine are just 20mA
two leads connected each side

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test leads came in dovetailed slide together mini bins with spring loaded lids
pull tap, pops open
macegr: omg char display in person is like, petlike

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100 blue led, 100 red led, 2 8x2 hd44780 lcd (cute), 80 ceramic insulated test points, 30 assorted 2- and 3-place screw clamp terminals
<3 china
omg they slide together so perfect
screw clamp terminals
ow no
too spiky =(

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other places will be boosted
rockshox: who wants 100KHz reponse?
here let me answer: no one without a db meter
not enough tab completion
okay ima check out my china stuff
mutherfuck where is my knife
$2 china aluminum handle switchblade $1

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macegr: i got them
china stuff is arrived
and dx stuff is here tomorrow or thu
so can maybe do like 1month of grow led testing with 2 units
ew it pops
thats a mighty big tweeter macegr
sound wave lengths start to get into bad ranges
like, signal coming from top will cancel out signal from bottom but only in certain random places

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mamals kick ass at smells
chlorine is safe to drink!
thats why they use it in pools
macegr: i bet her brains and nerve all fucked up tho
either that or she cut her latency massively
no =(
macegr: what happened to her feets?
macegr: cool

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thats about it
its not a very good pullup for most other things
too big
why do you need a manual
vagina = input, penis = output
okay well get out of the 80s
ttl based insanity
i think its standard for 8051
someone was trying to laugh at me for sourcing LED with sam7 instead of sinking
2mA per led
i think it was seravitae but im not sure i forgot
bet it doesnt taste like anything
i think its the oxide layer
dunno tho
taste is ion based
taste sense ie like mostly smell
i guess smell is like some sort of super database sense

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omg if i draw it, you owe me $5 no bullshit
thats cheap, because i like drawing
please stop telling us what electronics will and wont do
theyre like uber cmos i think
theres a circuit for io in the datasheet
you think avr is 8051 or some shit?
omg [sadfaces]
travellar: damn for sure aint programming 8bit uc =(
theyre quad state
because they have pullup and hiZ
avr = er33t.
1 = penis, 0 = vagina
think about it
pullup is for switches

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fm is the lowest standard electrylic youll find
everything else is exotic seamless can shit
that guy had a gpu in here
had some insano esr caps
get more resistors
get a or
why are you using 20K to 50K
use 1K
or 500R
do not use internal pullup as a base sink =(
no hes trying to use an internal pullup as the base resistor
which is like abover 10K i think
it has a stupid wide range too
dont use the internally circuitry actively like that =(
thats like the atmel app note where they use the protection diodes are part of the ZC circuit
you dont need a pullup really
just put a resistor in series with the io and the base
and its lowside

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i was mostly cool with him because he helped me figure out machine vs tooling Z offsets
he was a shit machinist tho
like all of his stories involved 'and then i cut that shit out at full depth!'
you can see it in his parts too
like, the faces will have wavy reflections from where the spindle was being pushed around by the steppers against the work
like fuckit why not use a cutoff saw and a grinder
the coolest part i seen him do was a IC insertion tool
which was stepped shaft in a block he machines with ball endmill straight passes
looked quite effective and rather sexy
but yeah, it was a counterbore and straight cuts, not exactly great CNC coding
go ahead

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if you want big, convert a manual machine
yeah or that
macegr: ima try and do grow led boards today
it was kinda an academic thing for me
like, i decided i actually wanted the CNC AS, so im like fuckit i need something at home to practice on
and then greycz shows up
and that adventure begins

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ttmustang: you didnt do the holes in the eth jack lib
i hope the circles you drew on the silk are accurate, heh
blackmoon: cmon
<- cnc machinist
thats too much manual labor i can do this from my chair =)
yes, trained to do all that
i can code raw gcode

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like, this is for an led?
you need 1mA on the base
2n4401/4403 or 2n3906/3904
440x = big, 390x = fast
okay i have to edit drill file bye

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you dont want to design for exact hfe, either
because then you run at the edge of linear
slower turn on
you want enough current to drive you load but not burn the base
and 20mA is pushing it for avr io
you have too
else youll drop out the io pin, maybe burn it and also xsistor base
its (Vin - Vbe)/I
like a led
but youre using the Vbe diode instead
no 20K sounds like linear region
lowside use npn, high side use pnp, generally
if you dont have matched rails, do low side
darlington is beta boost
same issu, but much less current required
just stick another transistor on your drive transistors butt

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then you need like 2mA
on the base, for saturation
the base current is the collectopr current divide by the transistor beta
yeah prof dunno shit
assume 50
no one does until they do
pretty much
the ratio is called beta or Hfe
its like 50-250, realistic values
common being toward the center of that range

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oh nm
workbench: ^
no shit
about you not being macegr =)
okay time to test putty tray reconnect after sleep
well, later
k bye

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macegr: weird, i dont trust random rail toroids
dual primary/secondary transformers is good shit to have
and $40 for 160VAC is a steal
also it fits on top altoids tin perfect
then we can have some real ultimate audio power
because these chipamps will do 10W into 2R @ 15V monopolar supply
car amp, w00t
bu i cant do inverting
not for that money
those are some of the cheapest toroids you can find
maqr: please to not message about electronics problems ty
maqr: okay, so speaker cabs, and a little box for the altoid psu
maqr: yes the channel not my priv message windows

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like 8 months
totally fucks wih harold (10 years and chill)
my cat does kung fu
macegr: okay that toroid will fit on top off of an altoids
i can put diode bridge inside
and maybe the three smps in that or another tin
well thats whats needed to run 4 stereo amps
yeah but i like having them
of course!
i maybe put in a clear box, heh
but yeah i dont mind having more toroids
i have 500VA one, pair of 250VA, a 160VA one would be nice

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i am on irc from the balcony
macegr: http://www.partsexpress.com/pe/showdetl.cfm?&Partnumber=122-610
are none
blue skies, sunny, 5mph breeze
i gotta sweep
my cat just sat down in 3" of leaves
outdoor cat
but we keep it indoors since moving to a main intersection
so yeah, loves rolling in leaves
and will only drink freshly poured or running water
i have best cat dont need no more cats
also my sister brings over the auxillary cat sometimes
little girlcat tabby

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nice i got clicky urls on eee
macegr: neat
board looks autodestroyed, tho
RA trces is so 1982 and i dont like my job anymore status
macegr: beepsec
no, my gf did
thats old btw check swishlogs
its how i now its easy to get fine detail without pressurization

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i should recap my epox and psu
maybe thats why it doesnt work at ddr 400 anymore
it was fine for like a year or two =(
fuck sleep
hard drives spinnin 24/7
thats how we roll
workbench: can you youtube?

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its mobo caps so you want esr = min
nichicons doesnt mean anything
it means cool colors in metallic finish
junebug green, spider eyeball yellow, candy red
blackmoon: FM!
black and gold actually are the best
navy and gold being #2 best
not really
i usually get the chemicons =)
same specs, exactly. and cheaper, always
brown and white
ima install putty tray on eeepc
low esr caps = caviar

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their lowest
FC is higher, but still very low, and they come in higher farad values per voltage value
NHG is higher still, but come in higher farad values per can size
i wouldnt use anything except FM, FC, or NHG, as theyre not usually super expensive
i basically reference everything back to panasonic caps
all the companies mirror cap families, i think based on panasonic parts
not if you need higher values
then you go FC
im pretty sure they make 1000uF 16V FC/FM/NHG
NHG are the prettiest
silver and black
ha, no not that high in value

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digikey search panasonic FC and FM
if its too much, find equiv chemicon
digikey is not that expensive
yeah youre fucked
ask moon i guess

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macegr: i think my page is like one of the higher hit sources for booting ISOLINUX on eee from SD
workbench: prob not
macegr: i tell everyone to wait, i wanted one for this semester tho
wtf too high
theres no such thing
only thing gets to high is pcb real estate and cost
okay, maybe 3 or 4 farads is too high
but generall, you go as many as space and cost allow
theyre ripple decoupling caps
higher caps mean less ripple for a given load
it also means more turnon thump to you psu
2200uF is likely okay
a bigg diff would be like, 200uF or 10,000uF

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so like ive had the eee this long this is the first time ive irc'ed from it
define low esr
panasonic FM are high esr compared to some mobo and gpu card caps
and panasonic FM are basically the standard in PIMP levels of esr
macegr: no she got one because of me
i had one since january
i use it for school notes
id prob use it for writing but i havent had much this semester
i have black 4G
she got a pink 2G Surf

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what is the name of this plant
yeah its like a tiny tree
well, that would be a whole tiny forest of tiny jelly leaf trees
sometimes the bottom leafs turn orange red and shrivel up and fall off
then more leaves pop out the middle
and old leaf location turn into minitree bark
like a palm tree

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dx^: check the output current handline on the inverter ic
and wtf thats all the way on the other side of the board =\
okay, so do 10mA
its cool
i just have to shove some shit on the speaker side

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no its not noon yes officially im still sleeping
a somewhat non standard rack unit
ccfl_man: heatsink, cards
if you have a fully integrated mobo solution, then heatsink
i bet most of the connectors specifically designed to go into 1U rack
i did buttons
and i did lcd rw

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i should just start a cali independence movement, or some shit

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her eyeball is okay now, apperently
ha, yeah thats the casual scientist
maybe if billary or mccain win i wont leave country
because thats like giving up on cali and LA

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thats dx's link
my mom did her cataract surgery

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i was gonna use glue gun or something like vaseline as a sealer
want it to be clear
it should mate tight tho
we have lots because my mom and sister smear their face and neck with it when they die their hair
funny shit to see
tho die is appropriate too think

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eth jack is like $.50
i dont need shielded ones
mta-100 is .1" pcb headers?
yeah, pc stuff
fans, yeah?
i need something external style tho
i need bipolar rails and a ground hookup, too
really the minidin is perfect its just $$$
ha, actually yeah kinda
low profile too, which is important
thats not a super bad idea really
its maybe even a good idea
because the connectors are unshielded
but plastic, so its like whatever
i can do the routed hole tight tolerance
and use dual RA headers to handle the daisy chain

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i see shielded cable alot now tho
not the assembled cables
but just the wire
or it doesnt seel and thats why i always see it
i was thinking doing cat5 power for my altoid thing
but i dunno elegant way to daisy chain them
2 position eth jack is too much space, and splitter on every unit is ghetto
but the connectors are 1/4" the cost of the minidin 4 i want to use
blackmoon: yeh =|
because ill prob have lots of modules
why i want to avoid a psu with multiple outs
so like, crazy splitter thing would be neat, but not elegant
minidin4 is sexy, but $2 for a pair of plugs and jacks
i need lots too

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like, youre prob not using a ton of acetone on your plants
mobilestu: hello, internal RJ45
thats why i need the grommet
it goes together with 4 hex head cap screws
so anyone can just pop apart and replace eth cable and put back together
i dont see how
itll prob be 4-8 cables per psu for anything production
because 4/8 eth jacks are easy to get
cat6 is tighter twists and shielding i think
or cat5e is tighter twists
yeah either cat5e or 6 interoduced shielding as standard
okay then maybe cat6 is the tighter twists
yeah i think cat5e is shielded

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yeah cant be that much
i gotta start designing the pocket for the acrylic chassis
i wish delrin was cheap
we did latex dildos in silicone mold
no pressure, just poured in
it caught every detail =\
im like, omg that is me =(
but yeah, if i can do stuff like that, making some gaskets shouldnt be very hard
pour, put on the topside mold, wait
i want these to be able to work underwater but ahave easily replaceable power cable
so internal eth jack, + grommet integrated into gasket
acrylic is pretty good for most chems
theres industrial solvents that will melt it
but most typical shit its like whatever

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yeah thin copper with good flex
yeah neat
but yeah the mount pooint basically gonna be 1" flat area with 4 small bolt holes
like #6-32 bolts
blackmoon: i cut some chunks of 1" acylic to work with
omg when i peel back the adhesive paper, shits finish is so awesome
the backplate is gonna be an Al heatsink
8 threaded holes
4 for bolting the front acrylic chassis on
and 4 for hookinh up mounting hardware
the mounting surface is gonna be 1x1" square of flat in the middle
with 4 bolt holes in the corner
bolt on any mounting hardware
yeah, the U clamp is prob first thing
a big hole in the middle of the mounting surface
for clearand on shit like ball joints and rotating joints
and then maybe something for clamping on thick wire
mobilestu: yeah possible
just bol on a steel plate and get some neos for the mating pieces
pcb is fully enclosed
i wanna do a silicone or latex custom seal

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no new infos or pics tho
i wanna put the eth jack on it before posting shit
but these make sense as i want them to be like on the plant
within an inch whenever possible
these wont have reflectors
maybe behind them and on the side
or i might just do topside of pcb in copper
charles: its 5x15, macegr did that =)
i dunno sketchup very well
take that and knock off 5 rows
and multiply by two
each unit is 2 arrays
$10 leds, $2 in switches and connectors
each array
and then psu to drive 23V at like half an amp
im doing a mounting point on the aluminum heatsink back
kind a universal hookup
at first, i think i gonna do posts on stands
maybe single jointed
or really, really thick wire
junkies, nice
blackmoon: or something flexible like it

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blackmoon: you see eagled led array?
ima try and force blind people to see with it
ya exactly
'but you are not dead!'
charles: like $10 shipped
theyre comparable to the single element high power LEDs
price and light per watt
but this way i get more distributed heat and light
theyre 130d lenses, its some wtf shit
also i think there are more power power led in same pkg
if i wanna go real nuts

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blackmoon: avr fpga core?
they didnt make an avr with fpga on it, did they?
because i was joking about that =\
its atmel 1st party not some hax shit?
thats a fast avr

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