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timecop: one ground left i think =\

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timecop: not done

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schema compare okay
timecop: connectivity says gnd is brokenbut it doesnt look like it to me
besides that, no errors
so im done?
same email addy
oh ty, wasnt so bad
finally learned diptrace

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timecop: drc no errors means im done?

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timecop: nearing completion
timecop: why is their still connection wires on my gnd pours
like, everything is linked up with thermals
but still connect wires
okay how to drc?
timecop: wanna know how to fix that?
properties for the edges of pours
connectivity tab
hide connection checkbox
gone now
doing other side to confirm

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timecop: comm lines to bigass smt is 4MHz
timecop: how fast is usb?
like, im thinking the usb more critical by like 10x
okay yeah
timecop: do i need the schema open?
ok bbl im scared =\

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i bet if freenode went down like dalnet, open src would improve 1000%
someone needs to convince the government to ask their script kiddie to point the mil spec DDoS networks at freenode so programmers cant connect and do some fucking programming

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More Better Lunix for timecop
ah, well that statement doesnt make sense to me
thats like going, connectors is garbage
okay no im sorry
connctors made with clear plastic is garbage
there that is more accurate
like, the core is good
package managers are very app specific, and some are complete trash
beyond that its like, app are amazing or total shit or promising or abandoned
and not even consistent from distro to distro
im kicking it before i attach the tqfp
i dunno windows users use firefox
dude normal computer dumb people
he was strong until the last statement
he got specific, and now is discredited in the 'community'
or 'freenode'

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thats pretty damn bloggified
but wtf can you blame us timecop?
rly, who wants to get nuked
bottom side is now
rockstar coffee drinks are shit
timecop: okay since i tried dicktrace
you have to try lunix again for at least 7 years
really dude, its alot better
and its only gonna get even more better

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i guess ill finish you board before i let the bios flash itself
i mean, it only fails like 5% of the time
and mobo reset almost always fixes
that one time tho... i dunno how the fuck it saved itself
redundant bios maybe
it is from the era when that was all the rage
mine is passive cooled chipset
the pic at epox is fansink, heatsink like as big as my heatsink
i should tell them maybe they will send to me
or i guess they will be like 'wtf your shit is how old?'
no this is notblog, it is not emotional
not like, suicidal or about girls or how i think im not pretty enough
well, except when we get political i guess

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amd either drops some amazing quad cpu + dual gpu thing
and pwns for like a couple years again
or they are fail
because they fucking kicked their best chipset and gpu maker in the face
they totally fucked up
i was down but now im like, if you die, its okay because WTF WERE YOU THINKING
nvidia were the good chips
okay ill stfu my shit dont work
tho my cpu is likely toasted because it used to be 120F ambient in my room
ha fans dont do shit
i aint got no kinda money to be saving no socket a shit
it still plays games
but yeah, this is the year, this setup is trash
turn it into a server thinger
i should just turn the multiplier down
im going to do that
maybe it isnt the ram

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dx is like, hi ok yeah this is normal why you happy
wtf is vista
that exists?
i thought they took all those back and burned them
m$ fotress bonfire
i did dx is good
but it locked up hard
well, not hard
but like, amber
def not pliable
well dude i have an socket a 3200+ and 1GB ddr400
and its all underclocked to 2500+ ddr333
because something is def not right
geil reprogrammed my mem tho so its not that... 'reprogrammed' WTF?
naw dude
4 years ago they were the best shit
they failed because they bought ati
they dropped flash
and they could have killed
but now theyre prob trying to do a monolithic cpu, gpu, ram/cpu controller thing
so they lost the parallel core edge
they gained a fail company with a bad gpu distribution model
oh neat he has that?

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dude i do isp at like 4MHz with wires all nuts
ill use 10mil traces and ground fingers and we can pray i dont accidently make striplines
dianora would call me creative in haha FAIL way
4MHzx is on a lucky day with scope off
1MHz and 2MHz are more realistic with funky wires
put proper pcb, prob do more
cheap fuck
that clock is like 30% accuracy or something sad
ok not rly but its not like an avr thing to brag about =(
its like 5% factory spec i think
yes i know i <3 avr
no fuck pic
pic is old skool this here new shit
pic isnt even a family of chips
its like all of them
that is mostly how it works
or you have to be like single minded project mode
haha nice
timecop: $80 if you wan walk in tomorrow morning with it done?
stu: yes is normal
timecop: k ty
timecop: diptrace is both fast and slow
compared to eagle and ultiboard
it is def a contender
dude opengl failed when i turned on dual screen monitor

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timecop: i think two more dc filter caps
k talk more laters bai
no fool thats like what fuels the gibson
it controls ripple
just like the rectifier filter caps on a non-regged supple
just psu noise
and most chipamps are like double plus with the PSRR spec
theyre dumb
because an audio amp wont even see 1MHz ripple
the chipamps are internally freq limited way below that
it kills efficiency
but fuckit dis audio
ur gonna find out, huh
what speed is it
oh wtf

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timecop: beep
timecop: cigs, fuel, and drinks, bbiab
chk msg
kk, bbl

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haha at big stupid module chip
its got some weird selection issues
and fureal, lots of stuff is quicker in eagle
tho this is 1 hour of experience talking
blackmoon: diamond tooling =(
but yes
and maybe just carbide will do some clays
depends on how they were fired i guess
blackmoon: not if you plan on firing it
i dunno i can ask sandi
i think like 10% or something
it depends on stuff, tho, of course
ceramics is worse than machining with all the stupid little details
it would
you could do like a cylinder
with a counterbore
and place some sort of nt inside
but yeah, youd be doing precision ceramic work
abet certifies ceramic engineers, heh

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timecop: its just serial data
timecop: you can do clock generation or sync on some internal timer
blackmoon: heh
we dont do quarter systems
winter and summer sessions are some 4 week suicide shit
this week
i think
yeah i think just this week
diptrace is not so bad
i got everything except the big stupid chip placed for easy routing

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macegr: maybe very coarse FFT
there are fast algorithms
then you can do color slow fades to the freq colors
fire and standard all about having 100 color schemes
we can do cool shit you cant do with normal VU
like have two running avg
one short, human time
and a long average floating in a diff contrasting color
or you shift colors from the max and low values to avg value

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timecop: basically eagle is a text based cad engine with button/mouse quick keys
so in a way its kinda like using old autocad in ninja mode
before good dynamic entry
macegr: sweet

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macegr: hai
timecop: diptrace UI somewhere between eagle and ultiboard in terms of ease of use
macegr: haha woah neat
macegr: i can bring eeepc
macegr: please to consider foobar2k too
he got, theyre bright
macegr: you need to drop color saturation from your pics
so they dont just look color: too bright
timecop: yeah multisim is too much, one app
i cant deal with sim and capture in one app
i dont sim like that
timecop: pics foo
macegr: sweet
we have to make standard VU, peak VU, fire VU (LM3916 style), and some sort of throb VU

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opengl took a shit when i enabled dual screen
dx mode still rawkin

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paper/pdf cat #1 for connects
and electromechanical in general

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what does it mean?!

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neat, tho
motherboard audio connectors
yeah serious if you find that shit cheap, let us know
actually yeah fuckit i might as well make them from delrin
salec: if you search for that, youre likely to get more hits
i think so, it seems like a jameco thing
the 1x1 headers are the shit
i have jumpers from some ebay guy, 6 lead phone cable and 1x1 connectors

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timecop: wtf is that giant smt thing
fit a whole fuckin circuit smt board in there
er, smt circuit board

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timecop: email files
this shit is simple
damn no wai
not loading...
there it goes
try now
damn thats not good
you would think with all the money they make they would have servers like m$

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timecop: damn 140 page tutorial doc, neat
blargh: positive is usually long
theres no band?
on the can, the band or dashes is negative side

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timecop: which gfx mode?
kk opengl
EMC uses opengl, and twingy uses it for GCAM
very responsive display for cad
(that stuff is 3d even)
ttmustang: yes
timecop: yeah zoom is nice
also i like the lib interface

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so maybe diptrace is like eagle with a sane ui
pcbexpress.com is something else
4pcb, no?
jezus fuck more than one company does that?
fuck them
dude their service is ass
they did things a 'prototype' board house shouldnt ever do

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they make coil packs just for eth
i saw them the other day in paper cat looking for transformers

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wtf tc thats like what 10 parts?
hehe, yeah i can prob do it, bbiab busy with something

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yeah is what im thinking
is this like, needs to be done two weeks ago shit or what?
also, that etch took like 3 hours
so im thinking thats prob worst case scenario as far as getting under the toner
timecop: =\
timecop: okay weekend is far
by friday or monday
oh nice
how much ching?
i dunno how much routing it is
but yeah prob $40-$80
depending how much bullshit

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well, timecop
have you?
very big image
dx^: okay so that board was depapered in a hurry
then abused by saltwater etching method
then etched with sodium persulfate
no heat, no agitation
so yeah, i think its doable with some tuning
considering that was my WTF AM I DOING attempt
no timecop its only minor fail
progressive fail
it means i can def do .015, and probably do .01
maybe, i dunno how long it take
never used it

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timecop: you waqnt to sell chink oscope?
25.4mm = 1"
timecop: possibly, prob not for one or three months
okay i have to go shopping for foods bbl
timecop: =D

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dx^: i have neato scan soon
my toner transfer etch
i did your board
it is ok, somewhat fail, but very good first try i think
dx^: you see soon
i am scanning at 1200dpi
no this was just shit i was testing
i need to do a heated setup
dx^: yes im sure

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so um, guys
how do we make the laser printers go right into the pcb?
fuck this iron on shit
'we need to find the cheapest 1200 dpi printer
teknique: dunno that seems like alot of drama
im like, put in copper clad on one side, pop out with laser printer pcb on other, drop in acid bath, go have snack, remove
i dont see why not
it works by putting a charge on the paper
prob works better with copper
yes also on the youtube

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oh i havent seen that
have you seen paycheck?
yeah thats how i feel about johnny mnemonic
because the story is really, really good
yeah but read the story
um, i think its otherworld, with the network disease
the movie was trying to be like those books
ccfl_man: movie based on phillip k dick story
its about a freelance hardware tech
no hes like the best freelance hardware tech
find movie, vide
but yeah, hes contracted to work on a machine turns out to be a time travel thing
and of course he is the best, so it works
so things obviously get nuts
ive never read the story tho

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burning chrome explains molly a bit more, and then title story is like cowboy/rigger hack run defined
im pretty sure the finn is in burning chrome
omg you dont know what happens to the finn yet =\
then one story is just industrial espianage/engineer extraction stuff
or rather the aftermath i guess
new rose hotel
they made a movie with walken and dafoe years ago i just found out couple months ago
hopefully neuromancer movie turns out like that
not like johnny mnemonic
there will be, its early pre-production
but i think they got a director and a budget
yes, hopefully

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nothing hardware level, and ive never seen cable techs doing anything besides turn the channel to the status page
which is like ip addy, freq, some other id info
$5 says he has one
its sco linux?
ooh, ok not the client box
i think
the one with minority report
book was better
rockshox: get burning chrome if you like gibson
its first appearance of molly in the sprawl
also three other sprawl stories, one is more industrial esponage tho
dude the end of johnny mnemonic is a paragraph in neuromancer

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omg cayce in the park thinking about her dad
omg caybe in the park refreshing her email
like, it has really good moments but i dunno, maybe its a transitional thing
kinda drags
rockshox: which?
ive only read the blade runner book and a couple short stories
he pretty awesome for when it was written
wtf @ $60K controller pc
like, x86 pc?
theyre charging $59,500 for software and a dongle?
yeah he wants to hijack it
he needs programmer software
heh, cable boxes dont do that
all config is software thru the tv menu interface

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if it cant maintain the current ratio, its clipped, or in saturation, or non linear, or switch config, or whatever
its Vce will go to about .1V in some transistors
.1V-.3V for saturation range, Vce can be smaller than Vbe
i cant do that shit tho
like, space sim mmo is cool, but fantasy is meh, and cyberpunker is usually pretty lame
its like, irc is more cyberpunker than mmo
rockshox: did you read count zero and mono lisa overdrive and burning chrome?
dude get another one
$20 says you get half way into pattern recognition, and youre still going 'when does this shit start'
it took me like a year to read
like, omg cayce in the park checking her email
omg caybe in the park refreshing her email

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ttmustang: 1.66 mil accurate
no but it shouldnt matter that much
they usually have gold fingers anyway
so they wont corode, and the contcats prob use enough pressure to cut in past any oils
no, but ive never actually esd'ed anything
have you?
its linear
and its ohmic
you design with voltage tho
designing with current = fail
well, a diode drop
.5-2V depending on device and current
because thats why its magical
its whatever i needs to be to maintain the current ratio

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ttmustang: definitely
its going slow but im not agitating or heating
but its not just outlines, its a whole board, and it wont have cutting burrs
if this works well i dont think im milling more boards will i get a 40K spindle

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dx^: write that shit down'
dude its like eating weed
its so subtle and in the background
then three days later youre like wtf what happened to my brains
macegr: etch tank = heat and bubbles?
i can make from acrylic?
i have lots
no dude, it makes everyone insane =(
your idea makes dx home stinky
your mom supports linux
srs, shes at our lug orgy every fucking month

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check out the new duds
if you buy, buy like those
timecop what is this shit
omg windows doesnt see 4gb?

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okau its working
no heat, kinda slow
n00b480: get the ones with the integrated fuses

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dx^: =(
and yes i heard

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rockshox: dependent on current, which is related to base current
transistor is current controlled variable resistor

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i dont need that shit mixing in with my herb resin film
okay ima do this shit
dude the bottle does
fuck a coat
scars make you look hard
fuck irritation
its concrete, dude
its supposed to get all stained and fucked up
thats why they use it instead of carpetting for parking lots
me oo
when you rent, the carpet is yours
in an apartment
they have to replace it by law
answer: undefined

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ttmustang: $40 endmill ate it because pcb-gcode is trash
it ignores a setup menu feed rate parameter
ttmustang: no, find and replace
ttmustang: ima try some toner transfer shit
i got the chems
else i gotta wait for new conical endmills
ima mix some shit up right now
ttmustang: i have one
dual can gas, d00t
with a respirator
if it smells bad, im wearing a respirator

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i got sodium persulfate
and i finished machwerk in one of the 60s touring cars

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i miss real phoenix/firefox
now its just mozilla
mozilla project hijacked little mozilla because big mozilla sucked

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maybe if i clean the digital board and recap it wont act stupid every few months

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i almost got a fluke 112
but decided against the backlight
110/112 have amazing battery life
oh nice
clamp meters are neat
like, for audio you dont care about sampling
shit anything above 80KHz sampling is fine for most audio
but you want display res
thats why i dont understand the handheld scopes, theyre only useful for like low and medium speed digital com
and like, switching application
like monitoring LED
stu: i didnt know the chinky tds were that cheap
maybe i will get one for the chan
he still have his?
maybe i just buy his
well, not for couple months at least
okay i have to go to the outside
but yeah if i have another scope, i can do work on the old tek scope

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do they usually just come with one?
stu: try one of the chinky tds clones
for audio clipping?
okay just other thing
yeah im like meh at logic analyzer
just get a newer scope prob does all that shit
try a chinky tds clone!
do it for the chan!
he said it was shit?
the genuine tds i mean
i think timecop is still just bad at scopes maybe
tds screens arent even backlit on low models
or at least i didnt know how to turn it on on the tds at school
im like, gimme some contrast, bitch
wtf is this grey on light grey bullshit

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stu: get the import tds, or fine an analog with least a 3" screen
yeh or check out a tek portable
they dont do bad scopes
you arent impressed with anything so far
yeah totally
i <3 my analog DSO
if i get a newer scope, ima take the tek apart and restore it
at least the digital section
it acts wonky, least needs to be cleaned i think
teknique: 2230
teknique: 70s/early 80s series with a digital vector based storage module
naw this is like analog almost everything
great big scary discrete digital circuit
i took that shit out when something was wrong with it
and just said wtf
and put it bgack
wall to wall dip
its prob a probe breakout
thats what it sounds like
buffered probe breakouts, neat

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new tds are like 3" deep
and light, its quite awkward
iunno, maybe
yeah like $400 new maybe
teknique: compared to a handheld?
id rather have a cheap import TDS clone
yeah man get that
and i dunno an inverter
its prob smps so doesnt care about mod sine so much
seriously youre doing audio, you want resolution more than anything
what you really want is an analog scope
but more pixels is nice if you cant have that
yeah kev has that little tek from the 70s
wtf 1"
but honestly, 1" clean trace is more useful for analog prob than a digi handheld
thats huge
get the chinker tds
okay then the screen is ridiculous
cute but wtf

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maybe by 'detect clip' you mean 'detect totally jacked the fuck up'
no you need to be able to see the exact signal level at which the sine distorts at all
yeah but im saying when youd see it on an analog or high res display digi, its still look like the same damn sine for awhile on the handheld
you dont have $1000?
what is budget
hand held is basically for slower digital comm stuff, theyre too coarse a display to do analog well
since like i dunno, 10 years ago
your tds is like 15 years

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i dont have ops here
you are opped
handheld scopes are trash
haha, have fun detecting clip at that resolution

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okay so i posted to pcb-gcode about why the script sucks
lets see if moderator posts it

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fuck el84s
fuckers burned my hands like 1000 times
if anything needs QA, its russian and chinese EL84
meh, chipamps
easy to hide
sculptor: you can use the EL84 as preamps =)
like 2 tubes
and then hook up like 200W of solid state
xtal clean solid state
and fuck with people
its 2 EL84 so they KNOW its a 40W system (i think 40W for a pair?)
dude they know

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i like the click in audio
like, hit power buton, half sec, click, music

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haha totally goofy
im doing that track in a lotus elise to learn it
i finally finished two laps (out lap + timed lap)
i only curbed it once, 8min fuckin lap

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metal etching chems on the bus, heh
couple machwek laps
then Fry's

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No store locations found
okay well home depot still looking like the best today option
its on the way where i have to go today anyway
tehyll have it for sure?
i dont think outpost links up with store stock
oh thats right mufucker lost his phone
i wonder if he hooked up my old one yet
i guess i can orange line it and be back by noon

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you can boil water and put it in a bowl and put the other bowl in it
wtf amateurs
i might do muratic and peroxide anyway
because most chem places local dont seem to sell chems
'no we do cleaning supplies'
'no we are makeup'
im going to buy bunch of tuppers
is it $$$?
i am still pissed off about pcb-gcode and my endmills
that was like, $40 in 2sec
double boiler is cheap and foolproof
hi i am ur 200F heatsrc
lemme call my radioshack
theyre gonna be lkike 'what? how are we supposed to know what that is?'

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heat is easy?

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solder lady put me on hold
damn solder master supply carries no etchant
i dont think all does either
i wonder if there are chem shops in chatsworth
ferric chloride
ammonium persulfate
these are my best options?
oh i need some acetone too

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wtf are you talking about did you make that up
georgia and oakland seem to know wtf youre talking about

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because epson salt works better than water so im assuming it works
solder master supply website is like 3 years, still half done and lame
woah check this out
if you dont know TJ, you wont get it...
in US, SOLDER MASTER SUPPLY, 6410 Independence Ave
etc, etc, Tijuana, Mexico
their shop in LA is on independence avenue
in TJ, independence ave is the bar strip for tourists
or wait maybe im tripping maybe its revolution ave
ok i guess only i am tripping

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thats what i said
man someone ban this fucker for being the avrfreak of the convo
rab: it pulled shit off
rab: i was doing it wrong because i didnt read hard enough
3a brain
yeah why are you former
ill tell you why because ur mom made you a bitch
we will find out rab
remember i have like a billion sheets of dual sided
ive already absorbed the cost
so to me its like its free!
ima try epson salt
ALL the salt dropped out over night
my board is 1/2" deep in salt xtals
rockshox: interesting
rab: because if i can do this shit with household or homedepot chems, im alot happier than buying special shit
sounds like a plan
professor: okay i wont be you

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oh that make sense more shit was happening when one side was one the board
dude i was so half asleep
boiling works tho
its not hot enough to lift the toner
like, i boiled, peeled back the majority of the paper, boiled the thin layer left, then soft side of sponge
well lemme do this right
and see if it works
i need more salt
will epsom salt work
seems to be working
but overnight all the salt fell out of the solution =(
why no
no its like MgSoO
okay so i need salt, k
we need bread and eggs too
rab: to eat not to etch boards
rab: hi, what at which
fuckit i just wanna see it work

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okay so last night i got toner transfer done clean
i tried saltwater etch with a sega genesis wallwart
dmm said was doing half an amp, too
it was kinda working, but it was depositing more weird shit onto the board than it was taking shit off
i wonder if that solder supply distributor carries chems for etching\
i need the right polarity?

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