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macegr: how do i get a better grid in sketchup?
i found it
fuck this fractional shit

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joshua_: hi
joshua_: do you mean hardware or software?
or firmware i guess

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stu: =[ =[ =[
serious i think its just a free hand habit thing

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macegr: holy shit
sketchup is mighty powerful
so um
its amazing
because you basically design parts like you would machine them
and the guide based system is how i do cad in autocad and solidworks
it just did a poly arc for no reason
i had to delete one segment at a time
google wtf

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damn i lost white person name company =(

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yeah i bet
its prob very large part of their business
oh bpa 200 is another company
toroid corp of maryland
rab: they own toroid.com =)

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rab: avel
rab: how big?
mini like 30VA or what
digikey has more of those now
natsemi app notes always have parts from an LA coil distributor
some white person name company
BPA-200 app note has it and i think the disconinued overture smps app note too
i didnt say no
but thats what it was, white person name company in LA
so maybe if you need alot they can do it and shipping only 1000mi
but you prob need alot alot

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when i was trolling CoS, i went to fatburger and did the jukebox
and like, cops sits down and has burger
and curtis mayfield - pusherman comes on
weird situation

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psychologists always making shit up about me and my homies =(
herbie hancock and tiajuana jazz band
that means blue9 is on!
er, herb alpert tj brass
man wtf i need sleep
herbie hancock is prob a 70s pr0n name or something

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reebok and saucony
puma and asic/onitsuka for ev0r
haha, damn gap and diesel pants, and track jacket popular in rolling stone designer clothing pages circa 1994
those are some buffy as drawings, yo
Another says: "We've never seen all the urban tribes unite against one single tribe before... Emos, their way of thinking is for crap, if you are so depressed please do us all a favour and kill yourselves!
id move to mexico if it wasnt for the fuckin federalis

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timecop: fat pad, extra solder
and mount it by that
else it will break =(
hopefully you have more than one, else what im saying is suicide
oh wtf
haha i wonder what pin it pops up on
rock en espanol dont fuck around
80s 'hesher' variant rocker is still common there
and they are as metal as sweden
man fuck them
sporting work pants and 70s running shoes
thats local city stoner style, yo
man i want his shoes

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okay cool
then just grooves for assembly tips
how long do you think it takes to learn sketchup well?
i dont want to do make stuff with solidworks
i mean for concept drawings for chassis
ima hand gcode this shit
okay im going to try and toner transfer etch a couple LED arrays
with screw clamp terminals
yes im sure
timecop: they take thru hole parts and bend th pins out for alot of shit like that
because its just two leads, shield is one
macegr: if i start now we can get a month of plant testing in

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macegr: im going to try and etch one of the array pairs
macegr: tc says 10 real days
not like, business days
like, everyday
yeah wtf
macegr: im designing a universal preamp section with 0805 0R bypass option
so i dont have to think
macegr: you are good with this laser thing?
what are approx tolerances
no fureal
like, what is the actual part tolerance
not the machine reslution
my machine res is...
32000 dpi
macegr: okay so we can call it .05 to be safe?
macegr: what about depth precision?
scatterp: yeah i dunno pics, i couldnt make it out
to many foreign part numbers

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so he doesnt have to read the whole doc for you
everybody in here has ass burgers
like, 10min with you i can already tell you aint that bad
you dont understand
that fact that you even know wtf social skills are makes you like totally civil here
which pic

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scatterp: just stick around and try not to ask too often
freenode #electronics maybe
most the shit on this net is kinda redundant
kevtris and blackmoon can prob help
he means what pages are important
or diagrams or figures or whatever

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thats cool, they prob a real company then
maybe they even have a building (heheh)
hopefully at least lawyers and accountants and a decent amount of support techs or really fuckin lifeless devs
you guys are more down for your shit than the swede gov boffins
i was totally amazed at that shit
swedish geeker youth is the shit tho
americans wouldnt march on the capital with jolly roger flags

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timecop: did your arm realtime shit crapout yet?
ive never done someone elses libs on a uC
we did most the lower level shit except dma in c, be cool to see whats its like from the completetion opposite attack angle
wtf is willem programmer
dip switches?
if you past a device manual someone prob help you out if you ask nice
im kinda useless right now
timecop: interesting
timecop: this was gpl shit or similar, no?
whats the diff?
oh commercial use or support?
how the fuck does that work with a gpl app
oooh, ok
i think your paying them so you can sue them
tho damn theyd have to fuckup pretty hard

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serious, i think $80 for like 5 hours work stoned off my ass is prett fair
(its not like i was just routing pcb)
dude its like eagle
when youre routing, switch sides
t and b keys
autovias, sir
meh i used to, in eagle it creates issue
you get drc errors, double drills
have to delete an overlap via
because itll do them automatically
i read it in the tutorial
dude i only read 3 pages of it, heh
i want a gf like peppermint patty or jeanette from alvin and the chipmunks
i can deal with elanors
im like my sister and ms brown, overly nice/sensitive people weird me out =(
interactive_contractions irssi script fails again

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the archive page from yesterday no load for me
macegr: hai
macegr: i just paid for pimp connectors \o/
macegr: i routed timecops due last month board for $80
10 hours
timecop is a bitch
rab: hello, this shit is fun for me
i just got paid $80 to recreate
well i guess he comin up then

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i dont burn them
im just saying mini meatloaf burgers cant burn
i do them like red almost black
anyway biotech gonna blow up in nect decade
when were dying, we can just order new bionanos from digikey
i like meat with coal trim =)
thats carbon, yo
well, yeah thats pretty much where theyre black
everywhere else is deep red
it comes after brown before black
timecop: lordpil.com is crapping out
dude nasty stuff is good for you
it teacher you how to fight nasty stuff in real emergencies
my mom does that
wtf is jst
timecop: no its not loading

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i just routed his whole board from scratch no sleep and fucked up on bubba kush
i am hungry =(
my mom cooked some steaks but it wasnt enough
she burned them just right too
thing steak too, like maybe 32/8" raw =)
no i havent done shit
okay yeah i saw it in my emails
rab: eagle doesnt certain shit way faster
diptrace is better at trace and part shoving
like rotating groups of parts
how to do it
group tool, select, move tool, then it right click to move in group move, then right click again rotates
when you know how, its like no seconds to do
d0gzpaw: k rly im like medium well
but i like carbon taste
easpecially on the grill
dude i do mini meat loafs
you can burn the outside black, and 1/16" theyre omg juicy
rab: dude any idea how much ash ends up in my mouth every day?

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timecop: email
drc, schema compare, and connectivity check are clean
btw when did i start this?
what blog
for time
that module is pretty neat
they spaced the pins for doing the caps like that
oh, ty also
yeah i never done that
i dont even remember what you sent me =\
wtf are you talking about

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timecop: killed it
timecop: pour stuff =\
i figured out how to set via sizes
so im doing them all 12/24

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timecop: almost...

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