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i dont even remember the parts from dx to start making the psu
k yeah time for cspan and sleeping

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better now
no origins
ha wtf
pip benders are neat
they make ones with tube cutters on them
so you can make perfect weld joints
just need a drill thing with tubular cutter
anbd a way to set the angles, way to hold the tube
thats the most important shit really
rest is just motor and something to hold cutter onto it

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thats not much better
oh wtf theyre RF drive?
i think fleuro and good led are like 110 now
led have benefits
color selection, heat and light source distribution
so i mean they maybe work really well
like, a watt might be way more than a typical plant watt
we shall see
wont happen for years
i wouldnt mind getting my shit in grow shops
but it needs work and friendly distributors
prob cheapo led too
people actually use those led ropes for bbq alot
just throw em up in their back yards and shit

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sry better link http://darkertechnologies.com/notes/2008/03/30/make-2008-grow-leds-array-prototype-design/
oh lame origins
not big enough except for bonsai clone mothers
unless it turns out to be really good
and even then, just a tiny bush
im gonna try little pepper plants and succulent trimmings
how many watts in the bulb
no man watts

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the little leadless level converters?

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.7 Vcc
like, .7 * Vcc
for input minimum
so say 3.3V
thats like 2.1V input min

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the resistors are 0805
those are digikey
cheap i think, too
i got tapes in red, green, amber
they cant be that much
im guessing .10-.20
hehe, i can do toner transfer silk on one sided boards
no idea
you can ignore the sensot when the led switches

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they were like afterwards (wtf is a tos) OH WE NEED YOU TO CHANGE YOUR DOMAIN TO US
so im guessing they wait for people to forget to pay and then they eat their domains
tho i dunno they are cool i guess im just paranoid
well yeah but then they dont have to host me fo $1.50
they have a 16mb script mem limit in the server config
fuck if i know
its cheap, unlimited, 1GB
at like 2mA

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timecop: where to register domains?
prefferable with dns hosting
better than dotster?
i have acct already
is godaddy money for dns?
dotster is a bitch
i want to get off my host

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and it outputs at 2.4V
alot of things spec Vmax(io) at Vcc+.5V
do maths for 1.8V Vcc
i didnt know they made hardware
i thought they just made software and casual sex without babies
no ze germans in general
oh wait my bad
anything deviant i think
i dunno what their #1 deviance is or anything
it could be shit vids
2 girls is brazilian, tho
i think they are current kings of scat

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okay sec

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those are what 200K?
those dont have wet tires yo
yeah now you have road skis
people drive thru it here
its nuts
hydroplane like 500 yards
just keep going until the freeway grooves start working again
we are so, so, so spoiled here
well, thats not so bad really
you kinda cant avoid arms fucked up, dont matter what kinda safety sht you run
he was into it
stu: i dont think i could drive a car like that on the street
i saw
he still seemed into it
dude that was HIS motorcycle, and he know he was looking cool
that was weird

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the rear is still hot but they went crack binge on the front end
i want muiras
lambo made a concept
if they do it i bet ferrari makes a dino
porsche has the hardtop boxter thing now
i would sell out to something and get rich to own those three cars if they happen
i fit those cars well
because im like stocky limbs
naw all those little things
that people dont fit into
yeah cant get into them any normal way
like, crawl on the pavement on shit to get in and out, haha
if i have like $3K and a summer i want a 914
summer will turn into 4 years, but whatevers

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little kids on bikes lookin and pointing and shit
naw, its cool
the trucks are toys
its mostly to drop them
so when you park they sit on the ground
but its very good suspension
semis use it
so its kinda cool to have
like, i think it drove better after he bagged it
my friend has avalanche on bags
dunno, few things have done it right
corvettes have good suspensions
i think thats about it, yeah
yeah thats a good deal
need something to match the tube beam frame and transaxle sex
yeah you meake real muscle there still
we got the ugly elise
im pissed about that
i thought the g1 elise was very handsome
now its ugly import monster thing
they are around
i dunno about popular
yeah but it was still good for what it was
you dont need mad power with that size and engine layout
it helps to win races, but to drive on the street, its even more fun
more gear shifting
yeah the new specs are cool but the styling is ugly
it looks like jap aftermaket bodykit

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yeah its 20 years late i think
they have the processors now
yeah but no talent i guess
yeah but its a viable racing tech
i did
it was
thats why im saying its 20 years late
because as amazing as it is, the technology involved isnt
car companies just wtf slow at catching onto tech
imagine a mustang size thing cornering like a honda?
stu: yeah but not like that usually
yeah thats major
yeah caddy from the 90s have active suspension
my dad is like santa fat
shit would level the car for his fatass
naw dude
sport truck
<3 bags
theyre neat
its cool to be in them
like, youre in a caddy,m in someone neighborhood he grew up in
turning corners on 3 wheels, looking at the sky
12 batteries and 4 pumps in the back
cmon that fun

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1k is a weird resistance to use
youre dumping 1mA into the base to get 2mA thru the collector
it seems mostly pointless, other than voltage boosting
we need to make a circuit catalog
is it good?
i skipped it cu it said bose
they mounted them vertical?

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looks sane
yeah dude because you never used them before

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did you put amps or mA in
okay its in K because youre using mA instead of A
(1.8-0.6)/(.002/25) = 15K
i try not to use shorthand values
you have to keep track
like i wont use 22uF
ill calc with .000022, if i dont have an engineering notation calculator
engineering notation is scientific notation locked to 10^(3*n)
so like, 10^-3 is mA, 10^-9 is nF, 10^3 is K
if shit throws me 4.324*10^-7, i wanna kill it
wtf is 10e-7

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so yeah, to be safer you can always make the resistance smaller
1K would pull about 1mA, so you would have 70mA available
but thats silly, because youre pulling the same current from the io as from the led
if youre using the switch as a buffer, might as well make it act like a buffer and keep the io unloaded
anyway, the 70 Hfe is a min value, so you can feel pretty okay calculating with it

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and youre not burning more power than you need
beta = Hfe
Vbe is voltage base referencing the emitter
in your case emitter is ground so its easy
maybe at diff temps?
still the mmbt3906?
sry yeah, thats the pnp
okay 5 values for Hfe?
thats good it means they deal in reality
because it all changes
with current, temp, voltages
so you want...
youre doing less Vce
but theyre just like 'yeah see we are burning power, this is a fureal test'
okay yeah its only 70
haha, okay i see why because i always look at the 100 one because i usually do 10mA for LED

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so you calc for a lower beta
giving it more current
gaurteeing its gonna try its best to push that current thru the load
but it cant because of the resistance
so it goes into saturation, Vce of between like .1-.3 V
depending on part and collector current
usually a graph
like, say Hfe (beta) is 100
and you want 10mA of load current
10mA/100 is the minimum base current you need to drive it in saturation
but Hfe changes based on temp and from device to device
so you want to have headroom
like if you calc 15K, using 10K prob wont hurt, and you get faster switching
theres an absolute maximum rating for the base pin
you just cant put more into the base than that
okay yeah
so like...
1.2V/10K = 120uA
is beta is 100, you can drive 12mA
beta is prob like 150
so 2mA is okay

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you know the angle and light output?
i dont know average light output offhand
but you want wide angles for indicators more than brightness really
not super bright probably
but very good radiation pattern for an indicator
dude i have those on the edge of the vfd psu
and the shine onto the table on the other side of the board, like within 3mm
they shine underneath and to the sides =\
he prob makes more money of this electronic shit he builds than most of us
before you get too deep criticizing
i believe its a proto unit
but to my knowledge he isnt selling at a loss
jezus fuck i hope you arent
for missile guidance systems
neat, huh
a low typical beta (Hfe) is 100
typical is like 100-200
ive never seen below 50, and 50 was somethng in a table for old generic parts
its the ratio between base current and collector current
you want to put more into it than it needs
to gaurantee saturation

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yeah i want to do like Al headstock, bore a big hole, press fit a spindle shaft
and just make it .125" specific
no extra weight
and get some fatter steppers for the X/Y
im not a fool
and i wouldnt accept .010 on a lucky day
with a CNC machine
yes that i bought
CNC arent free they dont just happen
base resistor to gaurantee saturation
between your io and the base of the transistor
( If[led] / 25 ) is assuming worlds worst transistor beta
k bye
not what i said
between the uC io and the transistor base
yeah thats not for the led
like .6V
because its the diode drop between the base and the emitter
you know the little arrow in a bjt symbol?
i got a deal, like $2K turnkey, shipped
2mA led?

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macegr: should i try doing grow led array tonight?
board is complete i think
no make board
all of them
i think few people do photo etch
thats why i didnt get into etching till now
but tooling is expensive
milled circuit boards
i really need a 40K+ spindle
i get it done in my bedroom
but yeah, i think i wanna get the fastest little DC motor i can find
add two speed pulley, rubber oring belt
and ABEC-ALOT bearings
they have 60K ones
it depends what kind of motor i guess
er, i get
but if it has no power, i want a downgear

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my sister got my tagalong gs cookies
look how happy they are!
thats the best cookie
red box, ph33r
do-si-dos are very good too

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blue and yellow i think?
thats why they have relatively massive Vf
some of them are higher than blue
like way above 4V
i wonder if they make them more than one way
its only 1a
im slowly routering
yeah that setup is so weird
im like, did my friend screw his gf up there or what
butts all bumping on the cieling
lots of roomies
doubt it
macegr: sweet

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like, 4401, 2222, 3906, i think 3906 is the fastest
and 4401 is the highest dissipation
i think 2222 was the dog
i think 4401 do more tho
theyre all diff technology
no current is just that led
and also color freq
those are basically your led comparison parameters
white are fake
theyr two led

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speedy2: no
i dont use it much anymore
i have if i need to do serious 2d cad shit
but im pretty into solidworks lately
and the 2d is okay
acad dominates 2d totally, imho
its not that same
just type trim
or find the tool
i do everying with xline references on a guides layer
so usually what i do is put a line if its not already there
then type trim, select the line, then select the objects i want to delete
those are good for 100mA i think
theyre fast as fuck too, if you ever need something like that
i think its one of the old parts at school we maxed out the 15MHz sig gens on
we built some simple 10 parts circuit, and the 3904/3906 shit would be like whatever al the way too 15MHz

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timecop: download ltspice and sim it =)
hes more worried about the base resistor
no need to burn more power than needed
itll saturate at If/100 for base current
so thats like 100uA
its like my fav gen purpose switch =)
1K is usually fine
i dont remember if he was on a micropower trip
but fureal, he doesnt need response time
just like he wouldnt need a tiedown resistor on a fet
circuit criticality = -2
speedy2: draw line, i use xline
type trim, select line to trim against, select what to trim
i havent really used acad in a yeah, but it will say in the status terminal

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you want to delete a circle?
or an arc
put a line across it and use the trim tool
that works
( 1.8V - Vbe ) / ( If[led] / 25 )
thats your base resistor

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bjt will work
its a normal npn transistor
bipolar junction transistor = npn/pnp
i dunno, 'good' is weird decription
autocad is like 100 diff trade specific apps
what are you trying to do
timecop: you do like this, fint the Vbe (voltage base to emitter)
subtract that from 1.8V
and calc a resistor for like .5mA into the base
that will give you at least like 50mA until it start running in linear mode
timecop: sec ill see if i can find a schema
yeah we dont keep timecop around for his analog skills
possibly his humor, but thats debatable
he cant
hes using real shit, 1.8V

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resistor and switch
you still need the led resistor
with a BJT, you need a base resistor
logic fet you can get away without pulldown/up
for an led
because you dont give a shit really
normally youd want to pull it to a known okay state
for poweron/off, programming hiz, etc
timecop: im pretty sure, checking tho
i think those are popular
they dont spec the part at 2V
in figure 1
but figure 5...
really you want 2.5V for those i think

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timecop: thru a buffer
a logic fet lowside
then the led connected to 3.3V or something
because youre shorting your IO pin
LED dont have resistance
thats why subtract their voltage from the supply voltage
then do the resistor calc
yeah, they have no resistance
just a voltage drop
yeah maybe
but you have to chec that the Vf min/max spread isnt huge
just calc for Vf(min)
yeah led are fat diodes
thats why im saying use a logic fet
or a bjt and a base resistor
normally you would want a pull down on the logic fet
but since its just an led, who cares what happens when it floats
yeah dude thats why have those
for low side

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yeah like you dunno if its say 1.2V or 1.5V
because at 1.8V, thats a huge diff
logic fet buffer to a larger rail
dude, thats mean you have to calc resistors for .3V or .6V
so like, you have a huge spread on led current
doing like 7mA should be safe

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you ever have shit drc check and ratnest=0 but you dont believe
no i have none =(
im like going thru and optimizing shit
i usually expecting doing one thing to fuckup everything else
no need resistor
unless its integrated, but itll be voltage locked
i have yet to see integrated current sinks on them
oh, damn haha
see thats a prob if you have inconsistent Vf

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slewing voltage takes time
got no time

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timecop: if you double the caps, ripple will cut in half
if you feel like doing better
no fool, parallel them
in parallel they add
inductors in series add
like resistors
well, its easy way to kill noise
yeah sam7 prob dont care very much
you can check
datasheet might have a max ripple spec
yeah thats sane
i think that setup if good, if you want less ripple, just throw more caps in parallel
remember you dont have to put them on
but id the pads are there, its an option
blackmoon was fucking with that for awhile i think
4700uF pls =D

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i think the linear regs were all like 25%
dude is a school lab
the fuckin air is noisy
like, if an smps isnt noisy, youre prob just not close enough to it
well, it was rippled
but thats normal
like, compared to a 120Hz supply, itll look like noise
just takes bigger caps
a series coil if you wanna get fance =D

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i gotta test with a bigass toroid audio psu
timecop: sec reading, thinking
timecop: prob dual smps
unless youre really bad at smps
because a 1.5V drop is still 1.5V * load current for power loss
smps its potentially zero loss
realistically 80%+
i dunno about at those voltages tho
yeah that works i think, timecop
if you need those rails too, drop the few tenths wont burn a ton of power
timecop: if you want efficiency, go slower
but yeah, big parts, space and money killer
timecop: yeah like you said
21:38 < timecop> so 3.3 and 1.8 wiht smps, and 2.9 and 1.2 with ldo?
if done well, yes thats realistic
we tested some psu at school dude like 96% in their sweet spot
and it was above 85% across the whole range

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macegr: im going to etch led grow light prototype
single sided, big holes and vias
should be total success
im doing these two with screw clamp .2" headers
pfft, my shit works, yo
all my digi shit and my alog shit workin fine for years
macegr: yeh
dx^: no i did not get pkg =(
oh cypress
natsemi it depends on the fab plant
also part popularity
for example overture chips were a 5 week lead time
everything else in the order was like 4 days
i hope pkg gets here money
i wanna make the psu for the led circuit

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russian buddy number two has left to stay with russian buddy number one in sacramento =(
we smoked bowls, now he is making his way north
also, jfur didnt get into chico grad program
she found out because the grad dep head told exgf before telling her
blackmoon: do you still need to rent a room?
but yeah, fuck that ass cameron
how you gonna tell someones best friend their admission status before telling the person
'hi we regret to inform you...' reply: 'yeah, i know.'
also i finished prototype spec Grow LEDs array
should be easy to etch

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er, machined
well its $$$
i believe
not on everything
dude 6061 is not so bad, its competitive
also alot of stuff is good shit, you just dunno cuz everything unbranded
thats just dacs then
or whatever its driving
no vids must leave make work bai

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it makes all sorts of weird noises
before i had it microstepping, itd make some crazy post-tron shit
yeah thats hard
okay fuck you guys
youve become less interesting and now i have to design parts and shit
kevtris: yeah once i get going its like that
kevtris: you primarily using eagle now?
wai wai
omg =(
you want them machines from delrin?

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so maybe i can get thru hole plating
and then its like, now what big board house, whatchu gonna do now
they are like 5 days rush!
i am like, one hour rush
i think im going to convert the taig into a lighter duty machine
with ludicrous speed spindle
speed controlled brush DC motor, 2 speed pulley
then when tinkerbelle drills she will be like
no im like not wanting to design a part in eagle
converting taig into a higher speed lower duty machine
you like macegr's blaster noise better =(
hell yeah!
see you get it
taig will drill like that
steppers like, neeeeeiiigrgrararararagaragara[g81]PEOWPEOWPEOWneneneneeeeiiiiiiiiiidddduuuuuuuuuPEOWPEOWPEOWPEOWPEOPWPEOW
canned drill cycle
its like 3 steppers doing curves

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no it doesnt matter
because soft, its not like hard plastic
thats why its easy
you can even do overhangs if you make a silicone mold of a positive and then do silicone or latex castings
because then you can bent the mold and the cast piece to get it out
because its fast
and because i can get resolution cheaper this way
its same results
CNC drill and etch
also its better results
because fills take forever
yeah that too
i dont want to pay $40 for a good endmill again
pcb-gcode pissed me off
and wait 5 days
pretty much the whole point of electronics in my life right now is the now
its all about the now, or really soon
i mean sure i can just get a perfboard and deadbug the fuck outta everything
but naw i was 3 hours lead time, CNC drilled pcb
also i think itd be easy to make hole stencile while drilling

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i have so many toroids
stu: i think im going to try latex and silicon castings for buttons and stuff
because it doesnt seam like itd be so hard so im like, why havent i done that

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haha nice
its prob latex + junk
they do weird composite rubber shit
every since i got thron proof bike tubes as a kid im all amazed
theres like fuckin metal in the rubber
it feels like flexible graphite and shit
maybe just the bottom of the trunk and lid
man im like all full
im like, bisquits, oooooooooohoohohhohoh

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stu: is it latex with stuff?
or latex?
latex you can get in two parts from chem places cheap
you can mix stuff in, too, its neat stuff
i dont think its super dangerous when mixing, either
but yeah gallon is alot
i forgot how much sandi pays for stuff
dude ceramics department is scary
its like, hai bomb shop
thats cool
charles: it was like 1/8 that for his car tho
thats no so bad if youre a shop
but yeah, wtf lots left what to do
how heavy is the gallon?
like water?

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its not doing that whole light speed transmission down the insulation thing like when used in proper RF mode
yeah the connectors are nice
jezus fuck
like, 'really nice' for me is maybe $20 for that length
wait no
thats 15'
fucking earthlings
tiny cables?
connectors is like only place i can justify extra cost
because thats a fureal failure issue
all the other bullshit is like wtf that doesnt matter
stu: whats that about

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yeah i wanna know how it works out in a car
everyones low end stuff is kinda chinky
nav is neat
id still rather use maps and planning
<3 google maps
oh oh i thought you had a vid head or something
yeah some device are decidely fail at that
like wtf every used a computer or perhaps the english language
i like that one, classic alpine look
which is better?
thats the good one?
other one looks like some 90s video game shit on an alien space shit
i wanna get a distortion analyzer
and do tests on RCA and connectors
buffered both ends by instrumentation amps and several source waves
maybe people will stfu then
(i usually get cheapo RCA, its just audio it aint using it like transmission line anyway)
only a little bit
itll transmit noise, but the audio is kinda unreactive

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stu: if its just positive rails, you can prob just use linear regs and a fuckton of caps and protection diodes
fuckton of caps on the signal level shit is pretty neat, not so much $$$
is this for in the car or like a test thing?
yeah dude its nothing
its just opamps and processors
stu: try the eq thing tho, its weird
like, move around and tune it in diff places, it actually works okay
prob fucks up the sound everywhere else, tho...
stu: neat
hehe, put the sound on the drivers head
you could have head buttons to focus sounds, heheh
stu: stu my friend loves his thing, tho
hes all into diyaudio stuff, so he uses it on alot of junk
the analyzer is sensitive as fuck to, picks up cars rollibng by on the sub bass

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omg i ate bisquit without liquid
ima choke and die
stu will prob dance nekkid in the streets
what FFT dsp on 8bit?
i dont know dsp
other than really simple nonDSP shit like scaling amplitudes
stu: do it linear =)
you just scan them
with mos or jfet analog multiplexers
those are awesome
my friend has that
has to tune it when cars arent passing =\
theyre very nice
i heard significant diff
the pink noise spray is cool
it does each chan then both stereo
naw dude thats that shit
try it
its valid tech
its signal power
dual smps if it needs bipolar
open it up and check the psu

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which is totally diff
those are usually current feedback
wtf that was my suggestion as the very right way to do it
13:00 < renesis> smps if you wanna do it right, or use bigger resistors so its not fuckable by software
at the very beginning, when you called me retarded
you also stated S M T
so i would think youd want smeller parts
yes i agree
possibly skype or teamspeak?
ccfl_man is less weird than many people here
haha @ 788

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well a circuit that burns resistors that cost more money and are bigger is pretty awesome, right?
dude, yes it is
its resistors and darlington arrays and leds
what youre putting warp drive and flux caps on it?
i was responding to the no schema comment
see now you take it away from electronics again, so typical!
yes you and stu, together as one
serious, im trying to talk about a circuit
wtf are you guys on about
sure ban, because stu and charles dont like me
thats flew well before
when you troll
serious, i suggested using bigger resistors
so theyre smaller
and so you dont burn shit
and can use pwm at full potential
you suggest pwm so resistors dont burn
who is retarded?
man serious, you guys are trollbitches
yeah i bet for brightness controll or with controller IC

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im trying to talk electronics and you guys are getting stupid personal
im telling you to test
and you like i dont live by irc
you do
get sane, yo
pls2chk ur hedz
you wanna know, test it
my way has obvious benefits
you way has failed parts
you took it public
testing is how you do
you got personal
i didnt call you a retard
you circuit is burnt parts
i didnt call you a fucking retard when my shit was pretty retarded, did i?
because youre dim
when you fuckin stop
i get along with damn near everyone in here
okay well this is a public forum about electronics, i feel to comment on your electronics
go test it or stfu
it either averages linear to the eye or it doesnt
you have a test setup already
yeah but you opened a can of worms
now you are fucked
it seems to be in the channel =)
you started the negativity
you cant just go, okay stop
make it so
you called my shit stupid
charles stopped once he understood what i was saying
charles agrees you should test
youre burning parts
i take it personal

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stu: double resistor size, if numbers are still same its .125W, you can use 0805 and maybe even 0603, and use 100% pwm resolution
and do a throb night rider
dont forget mesons
that guys cool i like him
no go learn basical electronics
datasheets spec brightness as a linear curve above like 1mA usually
go check and tell me im wrong please, i dont want too
hello, brightness is a human eye spec
its the same over time
this is old discussions, check swishlogs
yeah but your eye averages it
go test it
stu: hello, i do this shit everyday
so do alot of people in here
dis here #electronics, not just efnet or irc
dude, pin state steady means burnt parts in your setup
buy brighter LEDs if you think the diff is huge
i would test, it takes a few lines of code and a couple solder points
1 or 0, genius
dude because star trek is fuckin lame
i wanna see the concentration camps on earth in star trek future

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why would you pwm 50% just to keep shit from burning?
thats like, one wrong program, burnt resistors, lame
just do it right
because i could use 100% pwm resolution for brightness
and cheaper, smaller resistors
doing it right isnt in scope?
stu go away
go learn basic electronics
you can use 100% pwm resolution
you can use smaller resistors, less money and space
use the right resistors and stop being a tard
yeah late for kicking it here and routing two things onto a circuit board
than kicking it all day making my 50 leds work
current locked, biatch
$.07 a string
my shit is like:
oh yeah chinese Vf oh well yeh WHATEVER
then my shit plays guitar
btw i love all you guys and this place

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if you double resistor value, you will half current, and half the power
jezus fuck 10min late
my bad, 30min
his resistors were doing 250mW i think
so i dont even think 0805 are okay for that
wtf stop being a dick
your eyes average pwm
pwm to reduce heat?
cmon use the right resistor
and use your full pwm spectrum for brightness
theyll be smaller?
jezus fuck stu is behind too
yeah but you can duty cycle 100%
with the right value resistance
smaller cheaper parts
higher brightness resolution
less money
well regardless, you current/brightness limit with the correct resistance
and brightness control via pwm/multiplex
yeah but dont call people retarded when you got shit all wrong

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stu: higher value resistors = less current = less wattage over time = less brightness = same as pwm or multiplex
software pwm to not burn shit is a software hack to fix a failboard
hehe, ima maybe have plant leds by days end
hopefully i can find my mmbt3906 =(
hello, use bigger resistors and do it right
and use 100% pwm resolution for brightness
the fuck
are you talking about
how is a resistor of less wattage gonna cost more
and be bigger

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stu: you mean when i was making you look electronically stupid?
sry you dont get it =(
haha wtf convo
charles: REGULATE

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ccfl_man: i think its synthetic, maybe
stu: are you done, or do you have anything else retarded to say?

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thats like stu asking to remove nicks from lordpil.com, you guys are made for each other
anyway, you dont need to pwm to lower heat, just use higher value resistors
yes but you are the leader so its up to you, right?
when i said bigger i didnt mean like physically bigger
stu is calling people retarded, he cant work out the details for his led flasher
which would be zero issue if he uses a $2 smps
your switching LED, shit will be noisy anyway
omg that girl is evil

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um get a $50 heatsink
i dunno why it needs to be smt but okay
and you could drop most of it thru a resistor
haha ok stu
smps if you wanna do it right, or use bigger resistors so its not fuckable by software
okay is that smart enough, genius?
no dx he blinked lights he proved he had youtube
no im talking about your pwm so they dont die thing
well youre talking about it in channel
so its gonna happen duh
who are you talking about charles?
use larger value resistors and unload
dont use bigger resistors and burn
!quote 13:02 <@Charles> please excuse me while me and stu make sweet manlove
who cares?
man that was a weird response, you gonna go delete it now?

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its good for cutting heat
not so much
because you are giving each thing time to cool
uh oh my sister busting out the hair dye
!math .20*15*1.5
.math .20*15*1.5
welcome to reality
most cities
across three uln arrays?
so 1.5W
can they do that?
oh wtf drop the voltage hello
just burn it in a vreg if you need too

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and attach to an io symbol
stu: i dont know if you can do square pads in bvoard editor
you can do big vias, and name them the net you want them to belong too
lib editor for footprints you can
but in the board editor, i think you can only do via holes
but as big as you want so you can use them as mount holes or connection holes
but just make a square pad footprint
with >name on the names layer and >value on the values layer
whatevers everything in diptrace looks easy
also many things are slow
tho it does have a decent ui
dude eagle was a bitch to learn
its almost to220 i think
you dnt need it if its car shit
multiplex them

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is it in a car?
wtf testing
why would you need to test this
draw the schema
route the pcb
submit, recieve, assemble, light that shit up
dx^: yes
app notes?
kevtris: nice
kevtris: he is so enthusiatic to help us
stu: $100 i will do you whole shit today
darling arrays dont count
thats just transistors
just make a sqr pad

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sometimes within hours of the WTF level bug discovery
instead of etching
im etch my led array
sounds good?
just do it asm, yo
sure dude, lets do it in basic
show me that shit dumping samples out from ram at > 1MHz, forever
stu youre engineering like 10 leds
no im stating, just do it is easy when its 10 leds
thats breakfast, yo
okay cool
i think all you do is 15 leds right now, and some car gadgets
wtf gamble just do it
its like 5 parts
i <3 cornflakes
how is it a gamble
do you need efficiency?

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see none of this shit has to do with anything remotely related to a microcontroller
this is linux style failure
your eth interface is spi
dont start unit41
youre fucked because of gcc
not because of atmel or avr
whats your point
and thus is the lunix style save

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sculptor: are you out of witty things to say?
naw im bored kinda, trying to figure out what to do today
besides that im going to go nuts just doing that
i should do an LED array
so i should go to all and pick up those eth jacks i wanna use
or just use .2" pitch screw clamp headers
then i will have two distint revisions at make
ccfl_man: you live in the here and the dominant entity in here are the voodoos
hello, its 8 bit
do it in asm
seriously c just makes it harder
if you use proper coding conventions, asm is no less organized, modular, or harder to read
in fact mainloop are usually much easier to read
because you can do them completely in macro calls
like i said, proper programming technique, its no less organized
conditionals are simpler and more powerful
avrstudio uses winavr gcc

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when california is a free independent country, we will not have such problems, our economy will be awesome
our physical elevation will rise accordingly with our greater levels of PIMPness, and the americas and the europes and the asias of the world will be free california's bitches

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some accountant on cspan said theres a run on the banks right now
basically theyre not saying shit or acting accordingly so no one gets spooked
because then they know its gonna happen hard
so i guess were kinda in financial drift mode
just hoping shit starts working out

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so yeah, no random stocks, unless its some jauggernaut stock like sony or microsoft and im holding them for years, no savings accounts, just shit with a gauranteed or at least fairly consistent return over a year
that should pay for food at least
which i dont have to pay for because ill be living on campus
and i think its been very bad
for us
but its not even emergency style
dude zimbabwe has inflation
totally normal
we had a down spike even
now were recovering to sanity

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dude inflation is not 10% a year
youre fuckin mad
im not just sticking it in savings acct
obviously bank interest paid is less than fed rate
else theyd all be out of business
savings acct prob like 2% or something stupid now =(

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because id rather have something like 'yeah well give you 10% back at the end, just let us play with it'
im not trying to come up double every third day doing junkie trading
i know how its done, i know its easy to come up over time if youre half sane and invest in shit you know about
i just dont have the time nor the will to be distracted by something as consuming as moneys
thats like something you ride on until you do something stupid at 10a after no sleep for a day
watch half your money that day drop out
i dont need bad days like that
id rather be like 'if i give you $10,000 now you will give me $11,000 back in a year? k'
to me, $1k out of nowhere is alot of money
thats a new TDS or a pimp enclosure for the CNC
fuck i gotta change my fafsa to on compus

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but then after that, state thru a program for child protective services kids will cover apartment rent or at least furnish an off campus group home (less likely, but whatever i can deal)
plus ill be hooked in with system kids
system kids = hahaha drama
yeah ima do all the subsidized loans i can get
like, thats prob alot considering my financial and personal background, heh
i dont care if theyre stupid amounts of money
i will stick that shit in some sort of higher interest acount and make food money off of it
if i dont need it, i can just give it back when im done like 'HAHAHA FUCK YOU'
yeah probably
but it cant be stocks
nothing like that
because stock market is bad shit right now =(
yeah im not trying to be an investor im trying to be a hax0r
if i invest itll be in some large group buy fund
let someone else handle that shit
or even something just safe and gauranteed
i dont need to make mad money or anything
tho its basically my money
so possibly i use some of it to try and make money
but nothing where losing most of it would make me feel like end of the world
because i dont need the risk

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i need to take a break from this etching shit
get some other shit done
you using virtualbox?
ha nice
dx^: pomona is all gearing up for spring now i guess
fucking quarter system
did i tell you about housing?
yeah its awesome
you look at the BSEE and you know exactly what the program is
because all the classes are so specific
yeah i think totally
like, i have to live on campus for a year

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hehehe look look she making LA hands
shes from culver city
gang shit isnt predominant tribal thing here, now
alot of people think because of the rise in weed didstibution in the 90s
thats when alot of truces went down
culver city is a bit inland of venice beach area
like, santa monica if buffy area ajacent to venice
culver city is the urban area adjacent to venice
sandi LA city kid fureal, im just a valley poser =)
tho we have LAPD and we pay most the bills so fuck people who say we not LA
also much of the suburb sprawl converted to urban like a decade ago at least
you are not you are GA
eck0` is LA
but not lala LA like fucked up LA
but i sent him some juarez on a dvd
thats close, no?

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i think shes pretty exgf now tho, i cant deal with this, show up lets fuck bai shit
omg im stoned
i have a #000000 bg
so i never know if the aux monitor is on or off
user, usually
'userx' 'user_zero' 'us0r'

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poor sandi is the only brown person in her program and they all act weird about it
'no really i love mexican culture, can i like record your mom talking when you guys are on the phone? its just so musical'
sandi at stupid guy from iowa: ...
dx^: i have to make something to calibrate
the printer against the cnc
you can scale on the X/Y on eagle
haha look see making little LA sign
<3 extmp gf

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charles: it cant do realtime without h4x

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it did your board
what shit
my etch tank is a tupper in a frying pan with boiling water
its blue!
all has those cheap
digikey does too in the cat but i dunno how much is stocked
apperently none, heh

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charles: also thats not my board
oh shit nothing
the big ones?
i think ima maybve pressing down the iron-on too hard
and its smooshing the toner
also i think i can etch longer
also i need blank mag stock
most of the artifacts in the etch of from image ink on the mag paper transfering

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because not doing it right is failure
notice how the line up along the top edge and bottom edge
the line up in the middle offset opposite ways both sides
its needs to be calibrated
and it hit alot of the .012 dead on
most all of them in the middle

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kk sec being lazy scanning other side
expensive paper was fail
is all about the magazine paper
i can transfer and etch fine
i just need to calibrate and get good at lining up

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dx^: kinda i need to calibrate X and Y
i show pics of ttmustangs almost usable failboard

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dx^: haha
google turned black

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